Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 29, 1903, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Now for the
,l ir ' '
", We have moved nil our
dress goods up to the corner
atoro and find wo havont
-k ' near enough room to put
them away.
" Our jackets, Skirts and
suits are crying for room also.
In return we aro moving
our immense stock of fur
nishings for men, to our old stand 298-300 Commercial. Wo
will run two exclusive storos until our new building is com
pleted. By having Uio stocks thus classified ho will be bettor
able to sorvfl our customers and givo thorn bettor valuos for
their monoy.
Our Great January Clearance Sales
and Sale of White Goods
will be tho event of the coming year: Come to us for betfer
goods for less money
Clothing and Slioo store 208-300 Commercial Streets.
Dry Goo Is Corner Court and Commercial Streets.
Will Fight Reduction.
Washington, Dee. 20. Qompers, In
tills month's American Fedorntlonist,
urges all unions to resist any reduc
tion of va8W
Tho average age at which a man
marrios In the United States li twenty
l and a half.
Chicago, Dec. 20 Wheat, 843
Gold Dust Flour
Mde by
Sidney, Oregon.
Mado for family ubo. Ask your
grocer for It. Bran and shorts al
ways on hand.
A. T. Wain, Agt.
Oregon Fire Relief
Oregon's Great Mutual Insurance Co.
$15,440,588 Insurance at risk
Safe, economical Insurance for the
seople. Head office. Mcninvllle, Or.
H. A JOHN ON. Arcnt for Marlon Co
Salem. Oregon-
Aro the Mushrooms tho Cauae?
CorvnlllB, Or., Dec. 20. During the
Inst 10 days Kdwurd Blake, of Soap
creek has lost 36 goats out of a Hock
of 200, which he Is pasturing on his
fann In the northern part of tho coun
ty, which have either died from eat
ing mushrooms or boon killed by
cougars. Quite a lot of mushrooms
grow In the fields whore tho goats
roam, and they have hoen seen oatlng
thorn. Mr Dlnke sont In this woolc a
quantity of the mushrooms to Prof.
Pornot, hatorlologlst at tho colloge,
for oxamlnntlon, to dotormlno wheth
er or not thuy nro poisonous. Moan
while he has romoved tho remainder
of his Hock to anothor locality, and
Is kooplng a sharp lookout for the
suspected "varmint." With tho price
(V goats nt $4 and $5 por head, Mr,
Bnkor's loss Is considerable,
After the Railways.
Washington, Doc. 20. A case In
volving tho right of railways to
charge demurrago on prlvntoly owned
enrs was fllod by tho Clarke Oil Co.,
of Cleveland, against the Cincinnati,
Chicago & St. Louis railway today,
with tho Intorstato commorco com
mission. The decision will settlo the
Can't Find Accommo
dations for its In
Yited Guests
A Splendid Outlook for Fair
Visitors in 1905 Vis
itors Must Bring
ho will go back to his homo In Win
lock. Mr. Rhoados was for years one
of the prominent mill men of Wash
lngton. Ho has for some years been
colsely ldontlfled with tho Christian
Science church of Wlnlock, having
boon ono of the first membors and al
ways ono of tho most loyal support"
ors of that church In his home town.
Wanted Potatoes
We Want
Burbank Potatoes.
Early Rose Potatoes.
Early Jackson Potatoes.
Peerless Potatoes.
Qarnett Chill Potatoes.
James ML Kyle & Co
i 75 CommcrcfalSt.
Cdward Ellis.
144 8tte 8t
Annual Taxpayers' Meeting.
Iffvorybody nttend the nnnunl tax
payers' meeting of school district No.
31, at the city hall Wednesday even
ing, December 80, nt 7:30, to levy n
tux for the ensuing year. 12-29-2t
A sorlou3 dllomma now confronts
tho local executive commltteo in
charge of tho National Llvostock Con
vention. It is a shortago of available
quarters for tho accommodation of
the dologates and visitors to tho big
meeting. The, attendanco will cer
tainly joxeeed 3000 and may roach a
figure nlmo'st doublo that. Up to this
time but 375 rooms havo been listed
by tho commltteo, and, based on tho
lowest ostimato, about 1000 more will
be needed. Tho&o aro in addition to
tho accommodations offorod at the
big hotels, which aro rapidly bolng
resorved by mall and wire. Sonator
Mlllls has gono to San Francisco, to
bo absent until after tho Now Year,
and Max M. Shlllock, of tho pross
committee, is acting In his stead. Ho
has established an ofllco in tho PresE
Club rooms on tho sovonth lloor of the
Mniquam building, whoro he may bo
found between 11 a. m. and noon, from
12:30 until 1 p. m. and from 4 to fi
p. m. each nay. All persons who have
rooms to lot in their homos or room
ing houses aro requested to communi
cate wltli him by mall or tolophono,
giving the numbor of such rooms and
tho price por day.
The committee feels that tho city's
roputatlon Is at stako In this matter,
and unloss Portlaud promptly re
sponds to tho duty of housing its
.visitors alio will suffer lrroparalilo In.
Jury. Tho convention will do much
elthor for good or evil In advertising
the city, and ovory cltlzon. should take
a kcon Intorost in seeing that only
favorable Impressions shall go abroad.
It Is absolutely necessary to provide-'
a sufficient numbor of sleeping rooms
at reasonnblo prices If this result Is
to be attained. Tho visitor cannot bo
required to sloop in tho streets or
horded in undoslrablo lodgings. Oro-gonlnn.
New Military Board.
Governor Chamberlain this morn
Ing appointed his military board, dis
placing the ofllcers holding theso po
sltlonB since Governor Geer's time.
All of tho appointee are residents of
Portland. They are:
Gordon Voorhlcs, Is Inspcctor-gon-oral,
succeeding Col. Jamos Jackson.
Cecil II. Bowor, Judge advocate
gonornl, vlco Col. S. C. Sponcer.
Dr. Chas. T. Chamberlain, surgeon
gonoral, vlco Col. A. D. Glllls.
Al. Waddle, commissary-general,
vlco Col. D. M. Dunne.
Gloomy 1'iuil Ivrutccr,
Paul Krugcr, once the "Lion of South
Africa," Is now living n life of scclu
slon nt Mcnton, France. Ho looks old
sick and disheartened, and he lives w
quietly that he might bo ut Utrecht toi
'nil Mciiton knows about hlni. TIu
Boer ex-president has taken two sint",
villus, ulinot mean In appearance
overlooking the sen. Ho has been our
side tho garden only once sluco 1-e ar
rived. Although he never goes to any
place of public worship dovotloual ex
orcises and Bible reading tnko up tho
greater part of each Sunday.
Dogrce of Honor, No. 10, gives a
dance In Holuinu hull Saturday, Jan
uary 2d. Sccuro Invitations of mem
bers or committee.
-IU llettvr to Smile.
The sunniest skies are tho fairest,
The happitat hours aro best.
Of nil life's high blessings (lie rarest
Are fullest of comfort and rest.
Though futu Is our purpose denying,
Lt each )ur his part like a man-
Nor sudden the world with his slghlnc:
'TIs better to smile If we cuu
Each litmrt has Its burden of sorrow,
IBecli soul has lt hudow of deubt:
'TIs sunshine we're yenrnlns to borrow
True sunrfilne within und without.
Then let us wtnr the faces of pleasure
The world shall be happy to scan
And H1U to the Wfalth of Its treasure;
'TIs better to smile It wo oan.
Nison Waterman In National.
Heronftor to place our nccounts
for oolleatlon with 3
Van Alstlne, Gordon & Co, m
Phone, Main 801. fi
A. R. Morgan & Co., Mors.
to all our old mid now customers, to prospective ones wo
will sity that wo will continue our roputntion for low ptices,
good goods, and good work. If during tho coming yoar you
aro in need of anything in our line or need work done, you
will flud it to your nd vantage to consult us first. Reuiouabor
wo nro tho pioueer optioiaus.
C&as EL Hinges?
Jeweler and Optician, 88 State Street.
KUH8fiBa t$MKMW4rHftft44
A Prominent Waihlngtonian.
A. J. Rhoados, Esq., of Wlnlock,
Washington, who has been visiting
Mr. A. Prosoott of this city for the
past wtek, returned to Portland by
this .morning's train. After visiting
there with bis son Charles, who Is
pc-stal clerk on the Northern Pacific.
Because women are not angels is
no ronson why thoy don't like to have
people say thoy are.
Second Hand
SPRINGER. At the homo of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Spring'
or, at Brooke, Monday, Decombor
28, 1903, Nottlo May Sprlngor, aged
17, of tuberculosis.
Tho funoral was held this morning
at tho family homo, and burial took
placo this afternoon at the Odd Fol
lows' cemotory.
DOLE. At tho family homo, on 18th
street, near Mill, Salem, Oregon,
Dccomher 29, 1903, Cornello A. Dole,
aged 59 years, of paralysis.
Deceased has been a railroad man
all hisjlfc, and but recently came
horo from his old home In Colorado,
In tho hopo of restoring his hoalth
In tho mtld climate of tho Willamette
valley. Deceased loaves a widow and
five children, Nina M., Edwin E.,
Charles C. and Mrs. Elma Skinner,
Uio lattor a resident of Colorado.
Tho funeral nrrangemonts will be
mado lator.
Undergoing Court-Martial.
Seattle, Doc. 29. Llout. Oscar, C.
Haino3, of tho revenue cuttor Man
ning is being caurt-raaitlalod today on
a charge of conduct unbecoming nn
officer. It Is alleged he seduced, tin
dor promlso of marriage', Mrs. Fannie
Falls, a prominent socloty woman,
who has sued Halnos for f!5,000 fo.
breach of promlRo."
W. W. Johns, the Harness Maker,
9C Stnto street, Is confined to his
homo because of sickness, and W. I.
Gadwa la conducting tho placo In
his stead, and will fill all ordors
promptly. It
Wo have continued to accummulate
so many second-hand sowing machines
by taking them In on sales of now
machines that wo havo a great many
moro than wo wnnt. Wo can mako It
worth your while to visit us, for wo
will tell you a modem, high-arm ma
chlno of most any standard mako at
about your own prlco.
Drop In, and you'll seo wo'ro right.
Needles for all machines, Excelsior
and Howards, best mado, 25c a dozen.
Bost grades Nyis sporm oil, "3 lu 1"
and "Big Four" oils, all prlmo sowing
machlno oils, and warranted not to
F. A. Wiggins'
Implement House.
255-257 Liberty St.
Farm Machinery, Bicycles, Automo
biles, Sewing Machines and Supplies.
Sowing Machlno Repairing.
Treaty Approved.
Paris, Dec. 29. The council of min
isters today approved the Franco
Italian arbitration treaty.
new Today
fH-I-H ! H I I H i H-H-4-f-H-fr-fr-r-
For Rent A five-room cottage. In
qulro of H. S. Jory, near Uio brick
store, South Salem 12-29-3t
White Sale
Is a Big
The store is trimmed
n in white from top to bot
tom Ladies who came
yesterday pronotmced
oar showing of muslin,
underwear the prettiest
ever on display in Salem
a s r
:: n
tl, - inmi.iiiiiiiniiiffF
Found Near Rosedale a ladles hand
bag, containing somo money. Own
er enn havo same by calling on A.
M. Bllnston, Route 4, nnd proving
property, 12-29-3t
W. O. V. Ball.
Leap yoar party at Tioga hall Nmr
Year's night. TIckots and Invitation!
to bo had of commltteo. Bost of
music and a good tlmo assured. All
come. Admission, gentlemen 60c,
Ladles 25d ' WM-Jt
V '' 1-
Prices Recklessly Slaughtered, Investigate, it Will
Pay You
1 he Cheapest Store in the Northwest
M'Evoy Brothers, Court St.,Salem
Court Street, Salem.
Tin Moxt Ilciuurkntiln Suicide.
The most curious miloido In tho an
nuls of wlf destruction occurred at Chi
quete. N. II.. In tho spring of 18110. Be
fore committing Uio deed tho self mur
derer, who m as ntimeil W. It. T. Joum,
dug hta own gnivt nud placed a rough
colllu of Ills own 'inii! work nt tho bot
tom. The dirt from the owning was
kept from rolling back Into the eiccnvn
tloii by boards held in pUieo by u trhs
ger to which a string wh ultncheil.
Everything lu redlnow, the Oidluomti'
Mr. Jones, as Hultsoquont develupmouts
revealed, got In the co-fln. took a dose
of poison nud then pulled tho string,
burying hlmsolf beneath tons of eurth.
Thui has been put down as one of the
mwt uulque nud successful cases of
snlf dostructloc on recent.
The i:rly .Mttine Sc-lioola,
Tho first Mchools In hoiuo Maine towns
have beeu uttunded with romunUc cIp
cumstanciw. The first school In Gull
ford, for want of n better place lu
which to fertilize the youug Idea, was
hold "In the loft over Captain Ben
nott's open shed." In Dexter the first
gathering of urchins for Instruction
was In "Lieutenant Stafford's barn."
lu Corinth the first school was held In
the oiton u Ir under n large tree.
The first schoolroom In Uxotar was
porhaps as unique as any. Ctptchod,
polos were set In the ground back of
Mr. llnrker'J burn and on those other
polos were laid, whllo around tho slde9
loom boards wore sot up on end to In
close the space whoro the school was
hold. Scholars of the present day
would look uskunco at audi conveu-len'K.
Owing to an tinavoidable delay in
manufacturing the latge edition of
the January number of the
Metropolitan Magazine
Stibsctihets will probably not receive their
copies by mail until about January' 1st.