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Tlie Isthmian Town Was Calfedl Aspinwall Daring the
Daystof Railroad Construction and Before it Was Given
the Name of the Great Navigator Who Discovered the
Chango scorns to bo tho law of tho outsldo world Invariably wroto of tho
latin rnco, for most of tho Sauth Panama city ns Aspinwall, whllo tho
Amorlcan countries liavo transformed . Colombians as diligently roltoratod
tholr names bo many time slnco tho i Colon. In 1872 an agent of tho United
flrst sottlomont that old generations ' States asked for an oxequator as Con
of geographical Btudonts aro often bo-jsul at Aspinwall and was coromonlous
vrilderod by current names mado usojly Informed by the Colombian Mlnls
of In dispatcher. "When tho Anglo- tor of Foreign Affnlrs that thoro was
Amorlcan company bognn tho oxplol-1 no such seaport within tho Colombian
tatlon of tho Isthmus of Darion or (dominion as Aspinwall; that If he
Panama by tall, tho port on tho Car-1 meant Colon, tho document would bo
ribbenn sldo of tho nock of land was remitted to him forthwith Hamilton
known ns Aspinwall; during tho Civil, Fish, who was then Secrotary of Stato
War that -was the only namo usod, was angrily put out by what he ro
although tho Colombians had long bo-1 gardod as dlscourtosy, but as statos
foro christened tho settlement Colon have a right to change their names
In honor of Christopher Columbus and their bordors, tho matter war
Colon In tho Spanish tonguo. Tho satisfactorily adjusted and tho town
town was fourdod In a swamp, sup-1 thence forth beenmo Colon.
J.lDUU IU UU JMll"-ilUbiUUIU IU J11UI1 Ui .
beast; roptlloe and monkoys alono re
presented llfo and It was novor sup
posed that the scono could bo trans
formed Into nn eutrcport, oven by tho
onorgotlo Yankee who flocked to tho
coast to take ndvnnteto of the now
railway. During tho tlmo whan tho
plnco was emorglng from Its hog state
into the crowded tormtnus of a great
cntorprlso, It wns known by various
names; whon tho road was comploted
tho exploiters gave a great banquet
nt which all the native magnates wore
present as guests, among them several
mombors of the Colombian Cabinet
from Bogota. While the champngno
was in its most loquacious phases,
some ono Jorulnrly gave the name
Aspinwall, In honor of the lending"'
stockholder of the company. Dr.
iiiriuiuH, mu uuiumuiiui jmiiinier ul
Forolgn Affnlrs, promptly adopting tho
namo and making an eloquent speech
In accepting It. Years nftorward,
whon Colombia had changod Its own
jianio from Now (Ironda to Its prosont
form, dissatisfaction nross and tho
patriotic Pannmoso domauded a
ehnngo which should assoolato tho
great Admiral Cristobal Colon with
tho point of land ho hlmsolf had dis
covered. Tho Colombian Congress
formally changod tho nnmo from As
pinwall to Colon, but novor wont
through tho form of limiting tho
change known to the Outsldo world
Tho confusion went on for years, the
I We do what
H Appro!
-llFIi atfll (Til
'Physicians prescribe It
H for their most delicate I I
n .i-.. i
VB For 8ale by H
m A. 8CHREIBER, Salem.
H 153 Stato St. I
We kill and remove cancers and tumors without the aid of a knife.
Read the testimony of a prominent Salem man:
! ! TO THR PUBLIC. In justice to Dr. Cook, and that the i ;
! ! world may know w hat great work he is doing, I wish to i ;
' ' irtfM-t tUnm till! I K lta haati Ifibiniy 4ianim.i.ti m U?
I 111 ui 1(1 I ilk l II ilia lIMTV- uik.ll ltlllll II Cil I IMC III IIUUI III III
! ! for the past fifteen months and in that time he has re- ; I
! ! moved from my alimentary canal three tumors of can' ! i
1 ! cerous growths, as large as a man's hand, all from the J I
. ' larger intestine. Also another cancerous growth from i I
! ! off my right right foot and another from my right i I
; ; thumb. This lias all been accomplished through mtdi- ! !
; ; cines Klone, they killing tle growth and the spider like ! !
; ; roots and nature itself casting them off, without the ! !
; ; aid of knife or surgery. I do not believe 1 could have ! !
; ; found equally successful treatment anywhere in the !
; ; world and cheerfully recommend Dr. J F. Cook, the J
; ; Botapical Doctor, to all who read this testimonial. !
; ; R. J. Spencer. We c?n do as mnch for you or more ! !
it- iiaii aaW a mV I t
n II jruM uccu it.
;. F. COOK
Deutscher Botanical Doctor, Cures
Climatic "Cures.
Tho lnfluonco of climatic conditions
In tho euro of consumption is very
much ovordrawn. Tho poor patlont,
and the rich patient, too, can do much
hotter at homo by propor attontlon to
food illgostlon, and a rogular course
of Oorman Syrup. Froo oxpectoration
In tho morning Is mndo cortaln by
Gormnn Syrup, so Is a good night's
rest and the nbsenco of that weak
ening cough and debilitating night
sweat. Restless nights and tho ox
hnustlnn due to coughing, tho great
est danger and drend of tho consump
tive, can be prevented or stopped by
taking Germnn Syrup .liberally and
regularly. Should you bo ablo to go
to a wnrmer cllmo you will find that
of the
thousands of consumptivos
there, tho few who are benefitted and
regain strength aro those who use
Gorman Syrup., Trial bottle, 25c; rog-
lular slzo, 76c. At all druggists. At
Dr. Stone's drug stores.
Blinders, Check Reins, Curb Bits and
Tho horso, tho most usoful of all
anlmnls, Is tho ono mnrkod for tho
niot of mon's lll-troatmont. For the
most part housed In Ill-lighted, lll
ventllated nnd Ill-smelling quartors,
.worked to Its full capacity, cared for
only to the dogreo that solflsh Intor-
est prompts, the nnlmnl 1h dollvered
over as tho unprotected object of tho
tmrostralnod passions of men. Tho
averago man falls to apparently un
derstand that animals have nervous
jsystems, among them a mnrkod do
greo a horso, and that wore he to gov
ern his own temper ho could, with n
(little pntlonce, get control of the
horse's nervous systom, nnd mnko out
of It a mrvant vastly moro efficient
than It Ib under the system In which
ho hentB and Jerks nnd drive It to
d traction.
V Oi.rt walk In any city will dls
c r many blind horses. Why?
Tin ro are no blind cows, comparative
1 Ami yet the sight or one nnturnl
ly Is ns good as that of Uie other.
I he difference Is simply that the
horse from the beginning has been
abused. Ill-housed, overworked and
worked under such conditions thnt
jhave driven him blind. His eyes are
shut In by blinders nt each side, for
which there Is no uie but to satisfy
the cnprlco or fashion of man. So,
his vision Intorforod with and de
prived of air, the wonder is that with
other treatment ho gets he 1b not
iMHMOHMHf 4tt-gfrj
We Claim
all Diseases- Salem, Liberty St. $ I
blind oftoncr. Besides this, In other
cases, his neck is almost pulled out
of Joint by ovorhead check rolns, that
raise his face to the nlr and turn his
oyoballs to tho glaro of tho sun un
protected. Or, on tho other hand, de
prlved of chock roln, ho is bitted with
a curb that pulls his Jaws' to his
breast, and tortures him In this fash
Ion. And then, according to thr
spreading fashion of tho day, he is
subjected to tho most cruol of all
practices, docking, which not moroly
tortures In tho practice, but loavoo
him to tho tonnont of lllos for the rest
of his llfo. It Is tho merciful man
that Is merciful to his boast, and it Is
tho merciful that obtain morcy, wo
hvno, as a people, some way to come
bofore wo got that Mossing InSlnn
apolls News.
How Staff Statuary Is Made.
"Tho process of crontlng the large
pieces of statuary out of Btaff Is very
Interesting" writes Katherlno Loulso
Smith, In tho January Pearson's. "Af
tor the sculptor has sent his accepted
model to the fair, the work of onlarge
ment begins, and ono of several
plecos, as occasion requires, aro
flnlshod, oach of which Is an exact
counterpart of the model on an on
Idrgod scale.
"Stnff Is simply a long fibre soaked
in plaster of pads, mixed thin with
wntor. This flbro, which Is gonorally
Mexican, comos In balds of 100
pounds, nnd on Its nrrlval In tho rope
stage Is run through machines to
loosen It. ,Mndo with this hemp fibre,
stair can he snwed, hammerod and
Whittled like wood, whllo various
forms can be mndo as offectlvoly as
with plaster of parls alone.
"A staff modeler proceeds exactly
as though his work was to bo execut
ed In Parian mnrble or enduring
bronze, Instead or porlshablo plastor.
A framework of wood or Iron with
flexible lead pipe for tho arms and
nock of the figure Is first mndo, cor
responding to tho modol which It is
intended to copy. A huge pointer,
somowhat llko tho pentngrnph usod
by art students, is used in obtaining
tho correct onlnrgoment, one point
rostlng on tho modol, and tho other
dotting tho enlarged counterpart. Ev
ory Inch of tho statuto In process of
making Is thus accurately measured.
"The man who executes tho first
procoas In tho formation of staff slaps
hugo handfuls of wot staff on th
woodon framework, shaping It crude
ly with thumb and fingers, and In
cossantly using tho hugo pontngraph
for mensuromontB.
"From tho man at tho pontngraph,
tho shapeless Imago passes to tho
modolor. If a largo ploco Is under
construction it is placed on a plat
form with rollors, that tho modoler
may turn tho flguro oaslly as he
shape the ploco with staff, using his
hands to put on nocossnry additions,
smoothing rough plncos with his
lingers and with spatula, and cutting
wire, doing nil, In fact, but the last ro-
lining and smoothing process. During
respites of labor, while the figure Is
at this stags It is covored with n damp
cloth to keep it from crncklng.
"The last procose Is tho work of the
sculptor, who Is nn expert. He fin
ishes the staff ropllca exactly llko the
smaller model from which It Is tho en
larged counterpart coating the staff
with shellac, and adding rellnlns
touches, until ho Is satisfied with It."
Mistresses Need Training.
(Brooklyn Eagle.)
"Schools for the training of mlst
resses are as much needed a? schools
for the training of maids," said a
wnmnu whe Is active!) Interested in
philanthropic work and is frequently
callod upon to secure place for
worthy young women In seaich ot
ompleymen: ns domestics. "Some ol
tho estimable women who come to
mo with tales ab6ut the Inefficiency
of Borvantb would probably conslde.'
such speech rank horosy on my part,
but I do not wonder thnt so many
girls prefer factory nnd shop llfo to
domostlc service. In the factory or
shop Uiay have certain work to per
form In a cortaln tlmo. Then thoy
nre porfectly froo to do as thoy llko
In domostlc service the hours of sor
vice aro mighty elastic and the hours
of freodom rigidly defined, nnd in
many housos whero the mlstrosa
thinks horeolf ami Is thought by
others to bo very charitable and
broad-minded, her servants lead a Ufa
of drudgery. Of course, thero are
homos whoro the mistress Is a troa
uro and tho maids likewise, but this
pft-dlscussod sorvant problem and tha
nronesed regeneration and refor
mation qf the maid Is not the one
sided question so many consider It."
Tub Night In Finland,
Ilathing in Finland, whero it is al
ways cold, is a queor ceremony.
In the first placo it la very, very
cold in Finland and the bathroom is
not in Uie house at all. but In n
budding quite separate.
It Is a round building, about the
size of an ordinary room. There are
no windows, so light and air can only
como in when tho door is open.
Insldo bonchos arc built along the
wall, and In tho conter is a great plla
of looso stonos. Early on Saturday
morning wood is brought in nnd a
great vossol standing near the stones
Is filled with wntor.
Then someone cuts over so many
birch switches, and these aro placed
on tho floor of tho bath room. Next
the flro Is mado under tho stonos,
and It burns nil morning. In tho
afternoon, whon tho stonos are very
hot. the fire Is put out, the placo is
3wept clean, and all Is ready.
Tho boys undress In tholr homes
and run to tho bath house. As It Is
gonorally 30 below zoro, you may be
sure thoy do It In double-quick time.
As soon aB they aro In the bath
house thoy shut the door tight nnd bo
gin to throw wator on tho hot stones.
This, of courso, inakos the steam
rise. Moro water Is thrown on and
there Is more steam, until tho place
Is filled quite full of It.
And now comes the pnrt that
American boys would not llko at all.
Ench boy tnkos n birch switch and
falls to whipping his companions.
This Is to mako tho blood circulate,
ant' though It Is real hard whipping,
no ono object., but all think It gront
fun. At last, looking like a lot of
bollod lobstols, thoy all rush out,
have a roll in tho snow 'and, nake
for homo.
Stopping High Speed Cars.
While much hns been printed re
"My In jexrnrd to the high spe-id
trials on tho Berlln-Zosen electric
railway, where the cars attained a
speed of over 125 miles per hour, but
llttlo nttention has beon given to one
Important, factor In such rapid movo
ment. The momentum attained by
these cars is a factor which can be
Imagined with difficulty, and It Is Im
possible to bring them to a stop whon
running at full speed under a distance
of one mile. This is what has ac
tually occurrod In the speed trlnls
abovo mentioned, the car having run
a mllo after tho brakos woro applied.
Tho full meaning of this is not ap
parent until comparison Is made
with our railway trains, whoro the
block slgnnls aro not placed vory far
apart, and a train enn readily bo
brought to a standstill in tho dis
tance covored by two blocks. If this
lino Is to maintain this rnto of speed
It will moan that the cars can only
bo run at long distances apart, and
that Uio slzo of tho semaphore arms
and lights will havo to ho Increased
until thoy aro readily distinguishable
at a dlstonco of nearly two miles.
Purifying Milk by Ozone.
An npparatus In use in Gormany for
the purification of milk by ozonlzatlon
Is so constructed that the milk con.
tnlnod In a vossel flows thenco In n
thin stream Into anothor vessel placed
beneath. Tho wires and carbon points
of a strong oloctrlc battery are so ar
rangod that tho aro formod by the
Jumping of the current from one enr
bon point to tho other passes through
or In close proximity to the stream
of milk. The ozone which Is there
by engendered from the oxygen of
the nlr Is said to be sufficient to kill
nil micro-organisms contained In the
milk. While no reference has been
made to the use of this apparatus
for the purification of wnter, thero
seams to be no reason why oxone
could not be applied to this end, un
loss It bo tho difference In cost be
tween the milk nnd wnter, the price
obtainable for tho latter possibly not
permitting the use of this purifying
A Man Who Could Keep Silent.
The late Hugh Stowell Scott, fa
moiig as Henry Saton Merrlman
author of "The Sowers." "The Vul
turts," and other novols. was a man
of extraordinary reserve and solf
command. Tho following story lo
told of him: His father, who was a
director of tho London Graphic, had
an unaccountablo objection to his
son's following a literary career, and
trlod to make a business man of him.
His son wrote In secret undor a pbou
donym, and. although his work was
Buceeasful. ho nover betrayed hln
lltorary Idoutlty to his fathor. On ona
occasion his father placed before him
one of the young author's own stories,
saying, "Now. If you could write n
book like this, it would bo anothoi
thing altogether" And stlU the son
kept slent .
" o.a.i5xo:ei3:.a..
3earta Ifo tM, Yw Uw Atari BogT
Utile Wing Sang Co
Fancy Dry Goods
Mado up in a new lino ot heavy
wrappers, all colore. Whlto under
wear. All kinds of waists, fancy
goods, silks, gents' and ladles' fur
nishing goods, silk handkerchiefs,
chlnawaro. New line ot winter goods
for sale cheap. 100 Court street, Sa-
lein. Or. Corner of alley.
Was Always Very
Pale and Thin.
Nervous Prostration
Faint Spells.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Saved
My Llfo.
There Is creat danger in a run down con
dition. Overwork, mental itraln, the caret
and worries of business and the borne, all
have a deleterious effect upon the nerves,
which In their devitalized condition readily
fall prey to the attacks of disease. Aside
from the danger there is no condition at
tended by so many disagreeable symptoms;
such as loss of appetite, indigestion or nerv
ous dyspepsia, headache, tired feeling and
loss of ambition together with the agony of
sleepless nights spent la tossing restlessly
about, only to rise exhausted in the morning.
Dr. Miles1 Nervine Is a true nerve tonic
which, by strengthening the nerves, restores
health and appetite and brings sweet sleep.
"For six years I suffered almost constantly
from a complication of troubles which culmi
nated In complete nervous prostration. I
had no nppetitc, I could not sleep, I suffered
from indigestion and nervousuess. As Is so
often the case In nervous prostration 1 Ire-
auently had weak, fainting spells. Doctors
id not help me. They said my blood was
very poor, and I know my face was always
very pale. The very first bottle of Dr. Miles'
Nervine I took gave me noticeable relief and
I felt stronger than I had in years. My
neighbors in Puyallup, Wash., where I then
lived will testify to this. I also used some of
Dr. Miles' Restorative Tonic nnd Anti-Pain
Pills. I believe the Dr. Miles Remedies
saved my life." Mrs. J. C. Bnkimct, Tuck
er, Utah.
All druggists sell and guarantee flrst bot
tie Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nmous and Heart Diseases. Address
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
S. C. STONE, n. 0,
The storos (two In .lumber) nro lo
cated at No. 235 and 207 Coramorclal
stroot, nnd nro woll stocked with a
complete line of drugs nnd modlclncs,
toilet artlclos, perfumery, brushes,
Has had somo 25 years oxporlonco in
tho practlco of medicine, and now
tuakos no chargos for consultation, or
examination or proscription.
Your Stepmother
la stlU here, and no busy as over.
Whon, your clothos aro worn and
dirty, or tho buttons off tako thorn to
her, at tho Salem Dyolng and Clean
ing Works. Ropalrlng and rollning;
now volvot collars put on overcoats;
also four suits a month for $1. Called
for and roturncd.
MnS. C. II. WALKER, Prop.
105 Commorclal Streot.
' llMIT-. A i I.tuJI, IU Iftlf1fl
frr mmtt tidies i;yoi4Su
U HKO kui Cultl Euetkiltfl tiM lettX
H. imi i Mn Hir a other. Cei
ltjffrtu KliU'itulln ! I mil
tlm iuj f i li'ifyi.t r HiHe.
"-,'fcr l' rile? wUnv TtlmonlU
tM'lWIIt fnrl.t(l,"tftitirr,' r
tui-B iill. lO.tHHt TMtltrels,ls. ReLl kr
all f ... L.I-1. .i. . .-y
0wti UU ow HdUt UfaMre. J'tULsY. Jr"-
FlTtf Vim AetrtfnuulixlliTxai b
ILES RU- suppusitoiy
CIri44 Fttwli, B'.mtllU, N C , rlK I ta l7
imj ot m rj utua wr ib vt h u if?.
foftaftMl t W.wrlUI! -TtMrtt.tarlr.ritlitiU-
I rMMM. rr II i' Ali 1. curiifcarf. Trfia . wrt
"Wftl -ur " r. , SO Cuts. SiajplM rrt. W.
1 v '- . ,rH ft IDT. LANCASTER. PA.
' 'IT,
Sold In Salem by 8. C. Stone,
Call for Froe Samples.'
Corvai lis & Eastern R R,
No. 2 for Yaqulna: .
Loaves Albany 12:45 p.m.
Loavos Corvallls 2; 00 p.m.
Arrlvos Yaqulna 6:20 p.m.
No. 1 Returning:
Loaves Yaqulna C;46a.m.
Leaves Corvallls 11;30 a. in
Arrives Albany 12:15 p.m.
No. 3 for Deroft;
Leaves Albany 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Dotrol 12:20 p m.
No. 4 From Detreit:
Loaves Dotrolt 1:00 p.m.
Arrives Albany 5:55 p. m
Train No. 1 arlvos In Albany In
tlmo to connect with tho S. P. touth
bound train, as well as giving two or
throe hours in Albany boforo depar
ture of S. P. northbound train.
Train No. 2 connects with tho S.
P. tralnB at Corvallls and Albany giv
Ing direct service to Newport and ad
Jacent beaches.
Train No. 3 for Detroit, Breltenbush
and other mountain resorts leaves
Albany at 7:00 a. m., reaching De
troit about noon, giving ainplo tlmo
to reach the Springs samo day.
For further information apply to
T. COCKRELL, Agent, Albany.
IL H, CRONISB, Agent, CorvaUle.
.- fit
From Iortland, Or,
8.60 a. a
Tl Hani
Ington ' ' Atlantic'
1:16 p. in.
rla Hunt
Vnm Mall
7 43 p. hi.
Salt lke, Dnnrer, Ft
U.HB.W i..t... fr...
..Villi. IMUBIIH, Ekau'K
CUT, tit. LOIIlK, (,blCMK(l
ana kasi
titll I.ake. Denror Ft.
Worth, Omaha, Keuias
10 a, i
I'llT, hi, uum, i-nicagti
and Uatt,
WaliaTwiilla, LewlVtotT
dpokaiiu. Wallaoe, 1'ull-
man, Minneapolis til
Pr.nl. T)ti1utlilllwAukr
, Kttt'
Chicago, ami Karn.
No Change of Cars
From Portland
All MxllliiM datue subject
to Chan no
Korean Franclooo
Sail every 3 dars
p. n
8 1 m
ToAitorta tn1 Waj
I p. a.
ox. flnn'n
Ba turd ay
Stoamor Ruth leaves Salem fo?
Portland and way landings on Tuea,
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, about
10 a. mi M. P. BALDWIN.
For Corvallls Mondnys, Wcdnca-
days and Fridays about 5:30 p. m.
A. L. CRAIO. ActO.R.&N. Salm
Oon. Pass. Act Portland, Or.
Offors a cholco ot THREE gatowaji.
OMAHA, to Chicago and points Eut
Through "Standard and Touriit
stooping cars dally between San Fruv
Cisco and Chicago via Los Angeles
and El Paso.
Through Tourist Sleopor each
TUESDAY from Portland to Chicago
via Salt Lake and Colorado Springs.
Through Standard Slooplng Can
dally botweon Ogden and Chicago.
Lowest rato in effect always avail
able via "Rock Island System."
otfect, on July 12, 13, 15 and 16, and
August 18, 19, 25 and 2G; 00 days re
turn limit.
Bo suro that your ticket roads vl
tho Croat Rock Island Routo.
Tho best and most reasonablo din
ing car sorvlco. For Information,
L. B. GORIIAM, Gon Agt, 250 Ald
stroet. Portland Oro.
From Tacoma, Seattle, the Puget
Sound country nnd Spokano to Mis
souri river ttnlntn nn.1 .thn RnnthAflJit
tho Burlington offors quick service.
-wirougn trains Soattlo to Kansas
City equipped with big. free chair can
standard Pullman sleepers, and last
but not least, tnnrlm nlnnnnrH cloan.
comfortable and cheap.
Why not tako tho Southeast special
via Billings nnd tho Burlington? You
gan't do better, and you might do
A. C. 8HE-DON, General Agent-
and Altooa leave for Portland, Monday,
Wednerdar and Frluay at 10 a, m.
TueeJay, Thurcday and fiiturdiy at 7 a.
m. For CorvallU, Tuesday, Tunraday
and Saturday at Op m
For Indepeudence dally except Buudar
at p. m.
Deck: Foot of Trade Street
Capital Normal School
First National Bank Bulldlne, Sales-
The fall term of twelve weeks opcb
bectcmber 28, Aaaress.
J. J. KRAPS, Salem- Or
J. Brownsteln & Son.
54 State street. Ulehest cash price
Mid for Hides, pelts. Wool. Tallorr
B4fors; also general dealer In ola
IroBi Robberand Metals.
,n ,,..i m ' s-' iir lenst nn n pieyliti.h.- ijt lui.rTjairwj d . f wi.Mii-J----J- 7nfm-t'ja.ji.J1 J" --iran n n iiihi .n., ,-- .aiMrtMBBI