Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 29, 1903, Page FIVE, Image 5

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IpTfie Citclet
W -- A&C,7
' w
than an
hero are few possessions that are more Drld -mi -u..,.L .
B.. ,n rlno the little elrrlof ,.4 ....... "nieo
c , - -.- -y-M .,T,r.MXKr'
store ukc. - H. u. ..u pcwre in wiling engaaemenl .,. "
,-part from purely commercial considerations, f0P We fM, .t T
Servw sell a beautiful and worthy ring for hat puose it ?en"
, store in the minds of two persons with one .? I"' 1'S ".
fSfe' event-the betrothol of two loving heart.. TherefoTe le J
alrw to carry at all times a choice and beautiful stock of tnLr.
bracing an Immerse variety of settings and precious stones
a hteh L
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem, Ore.'
Local n:i irikrti.
f events .MIL id llXCd X
iMI I ! H 1 I I 1 ifrH-K-t-
h, P. Dosmarals, of Tho Dallos, Is1
4he city.
w, P. Lord went to Portland this
renting on legal business.
H. L. Hochort, of Portland, Is In tho
dtjr for a fow weeks visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wllloy, of Port
Uad, aro In Salem (or a few days'
Prof. Seloy, II. S. Gilo and K. J.
Damon woro pnssonBars for Toledo
W. J. Culver was a passenger foi
Portland on tho Albany local this
Dr Geo, H. Rusaell, of CoquIIle City,
u In the city for a fow days' visit
irlth friends.
Judgo E. P. Morcom, of Woodburn,
Is la tho city on buslnoss beforo tho
circuit court.
Mrs. W. A. Cnrtor returned to hor
iomo at Gold Hill, nftor spending
Christmas with rolntlvos horo.
Mr. and Mm. W. P. George returned
list evening from Portland, whoro
Mrs. Qeorgo Is taking troatment.
Mm. Anna Nlplinl nf flnnn Knmo.
I Alaska, who has boon visiting in Sa
lem for a fow days, dopartetl for Ev
fe.M( MT.hIi Inn- ..-..l
.vfcv, iimu., mat. uvuilllitj.
Speaker Harris camo down from his
home at Eugene Inst evonlng to as
sist In the correction of tho house
Journal, at tho stnto houso.
Mr. and Mrs. John Forguson, of
West Salem, havo returned from a
Christmas visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Josph Cordlngly, at Brownsville
Miss Gertrude Hlrsch has returned
from a visit to Portland. Her slstor,
Miss Leona. who has boon a severe
sufferer from poritonltls, at tho Good
Ssmarltan hospital, la vory much Im
proved. Dr. B. V. Hoover, of nosoburg, was
TMterday afternoon appointed physl
dan of tho hospital at tho SoldlorV,
Home, near Itoseburg, to tako offeot
t onco. Tho placo carries with It a
lary of $4Q por month, and tokos
only a small portion of tho physlclan'6
Mrs. Anna NIchol, of Nome, Alaska,
formerly manager of tho local office
of tho Pacific Postal Telegraph" Co.,
Il III h -It.. -- -- nrlnniliul vlfilt
lth friends, and is stopping at the
fcomo of Urs. Ida M. Habcock. Mrs.
NIchol has been in Alaska for a num.
bor of years now, and is prosperous
and content to rimnln in w n.
northern country.
Attorney Morcora ami Rev. Loves
que, of Woodburn, were in the city
South Salem Personals.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Achoson havo
returned from a visit with relatives In
The Head Walters.
The Letter That Pro
bably Led to the
Young Murder
Murdered Man Lied by Note
ana Ear to Protect
Mrs. Van Houten
and Himself
AdYance Spring Styles Just la. I
I Largest Line In the Valley.
Beautiful Willamette!!
Pours in and Sinks
David G. Van Houten, slnyor of Al
bert Young, his wife's alleged ivara
mour, now occupies a coll in the city
jail, undor a charge of murder In tho
first degree. . Ills capture was offeot.
ed shortly after daybreak yesterday
as no entored his stablo at Montavll
la, whoro Potico Sergeant Hogeboom
and Officers Price, Connors and
Vaughn woro lying In wait for him.
He offered no resistance, holding out
his hands for tho handcuffs, which
were placed on them. Ho nppoaretl
mentally unstrung and badly exhaust
od wnen taken Into custody.
Whon searching at the pollco sta
Hon a lettor was found In Van
Houten's pockot that le believed by
'thft nnltrrt tn Imtfa ntnitn.1 . in--.-. . .i
Tho Head Walters" played to a' " Zl , Z' ."7. " 1 ."""
nuent and hearty applause indicated iwlfe and of ft comromlgIng nn.
h -, 7'78l"V. The letter was written under
the worth thereof. is about as , lat0 of Apr 21gt nnd flg gent fron
unuij iiiiALu u nruiioMiion as was ov
er placed on a stage. There Is no
plot no conseeutivenees, no promises,
no sequence, no nothing only a hodge
podgean olla podrida of fun there
is lots of that. Charles Durkhart, as
"lazy Cohen," has r. slide that
evokes wonder as voll as laughter.
He, with tlie "pipe dreamer," are the
features of the show. The dreamer
is all right, old Smohalla himself be
ing Inforlor to him. He always np
penrod at the right time, with Just
tho right dream.
Thoro woro some vory good volcos,
and, perhaps, good songs, but they
woro spoiled by Indistinct enuncia
tion. It may well bo doubted It any.
thing sang by anyono was understood
by anybody.
Tho costumes wero olegnnt, nnd tho
drills and exorcisos by tho girls very
protty, which might also bo said of
the girls thorasolves, only Salem has
a high standard to measure from in
that lino.
The one marring feature of the play
was tho two big bruisers, who, as
Izzy's partnors, tooic up too raucn
spaco. Tholr make-ups wero villain
ous, tholr words Indistinguishable, and
their acting wretched. If tho com
pany could got thorn "vagged" some
placo It would Improvo It greatly.
Aberdeen, "Wash, to Marshlleld, Or.,
where Mrs. Van Houten was staying
at the time. Van Houten say ho
went to Marsh Held to see his wife,
and got this letter by calling unex
poctedly at the postofflce for her mall
The letter Is tig follews:
My Dear Minnie: I hae Just re
ceived your most kind and welcome
letter. Mlnnlo, at the snmo tlme(
Dave came In just wild, hunting for
Accident Occured at the Bend
About 2,30 Yesterday
"Afternoon --No Cor-
vallis Boat Now
The Oregon City Transportation
Company Is having nioro than Its
sharo of trouble. A fow days ago n
collision put Its steamor Altona out
of business, nnd yesterday tho stoam
or Pomona wont to tho bottom.
Tho lattor boat was wrecked by
striking a sunken snag at Carey's
Dend, about 45 mllos south of Port
land. Sho was coming down from
Corvnllls In command of Captain
Spong, and had a good list of pas
sengers and frolght cargo. Itctieh
Ing tho Bend at 2:30 p. m., proceed
ings wero brought to a suddon stop
by an Invisible snag tearing a gnplnu
holo In tlie stoamor'B hull. Tho Po
mona quickly filled and sank. How
evor, ns the rlvor is vory shallow up
that way, tho wator only covored tho
lower deck of the vessel, and the pns
sen ers escaped a wetting. The
steamer Leona, of the samo line, hovu
in sight about two hours after the no
cldeut, and, after standing by awhile,
took on board the passengers of the
wrecked boat and will bring them to
this city.
Wrecking barges with pumps nnd
other apparatus were brought up the
river today, and tho boat will lie
raised and taken to Portlnnd. As the
repnlrs will be quite extenslvo. there
will be no boat on tho Corvnllls route
for some time. It requires a boat of
3LJ d
Better than money are Schil
ling's Best
lea UVin povdrr
coCm IUvmUs mcU
and moncyback nobody takes
the money.
At your grocer s.
S Not Too Late
EH To think about that office outfit. For the Mew Year, of course
Qt vouhaye many necessities on your list It's
Ledgers. Day Books and the like, or a fresh quart of Ink or Mud-
esx inirc. frra.ir man v have alrcidy made their office oarchascs end
3 pronounce Jheerade far superior than they could flnl elsewhere.
PATTON'S Book Sto eo S
If yoa wore to examine the hats that are fcelag
worn by the men of Salem and vicinity, you'd find
thai more of them come from our store than from any
other three or four stores. Yo see We not onlv have
I ! an assortment largeenough to suit men of all builds, of
! ! all taste, and of all pursts, but we are also the first to
; show the new things as they come out.
It you want a good hat for the price of a cheap one
here's a snap. Some broken lines of our fine S3.00
Hats now
Half Price
We must clean up our stoefcto make room for the new
lines that are beginning to arrive dlta P"" 0. X
Come before your sUe Is sold out, jife I
you can't often get a $3 hat for P
J On House Coats. Don't Walt Till They're Gone,
Salem Woolen
Mill Sto e
Watch Thursday's Ad. You Can't Afford to Miss It
M-ett-M-i-9 8-H-ta19-M4H
you, talking fight all tho time To
convince hlra I hnd to show him every
room in the house to satisfy him. IIu
accused you of being horo with mo.
I changed his mind beforo he left. Ho
accused mo of sondlng you an expreea
package, which I did not own up to.
Ho said ho got posted in Portland
about you being hero with, mo. I
think ho has changed his mind now
about licking mo llko Lindsay. I had
no troublo with him whatovor. Talked
vory nlco to him, and took him up to
Lulu, and sho told him tho letter she
got from you was from Marahflold. Ho
was a Httlo quieter aftor that. Now,
Minnie, If he goes to soe you, ho may
try and tell you I told him that you
lived horo with mo. Do not let him
got anything out of you. for I throwed
him off on overythlng. Now, my
Wholesale Tobaccofljstanj
Qgay Dealer
i. ciir i Willamette Valley
3 i-argesi-oww salem, Oregon.
.. Lli..-1f.n.
all dealers, muo .--'
door. 11 I was you, I would go 10 rorv
......iiiiiiiiiillilllilliffn .i i ..n illt-nrra nt onco. for
0111111 ib" iot; of trouble for us
both. I know you Know now io Han
dle him without my telling you
To show you how excited he was,
he never saw your picture on my vost.
He thought to scare me right on the
start, but I would not Boare for hlra,
so he changed bis mind. When I se
vou I will tell you the whole. Now I
am writing you right away, so as tc
'post you when he goos.
Now, dear, he wanted to kuow ir I
eer was to bis house in Portland. I
told blm I was not. Well, that was
no He. That was not his house, wad
it? I vas just a smart as him. 1
am glad you got that braealet. IX
nut tell him who seat to you. Tell
him it was Lulu. Do not let him get
any tatch oa us. I am going to try
and see iulu aws Wll her to tail sun
ebt it. II claimed Uat he had hU
forum told, awl you was here with
men, and I swt you U package, and
that I snt you th paenago, ana
that I was a married maa and was
kpiag you, too. He was bound 1
sbwiW show him my wife. I told blm
ha was up against tho wrong tblpg
now, awl that some oaa was making
a fool out of blm, wblen is the truUi.
Now, honey, try and settle the affair
if you can. After the dlvorfeo I will
show him that, not write now. I will
close, hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain as ever, your old fellow.
A clear Havana 122c clnar. For sale by
eln, Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
Jewelry iot
lfts Is best selected ahead. We have
aid in a splendid Btock for tho holiday
kado, which it will pay you to ex
mina Wo havo a magnificent stock
rlnsa la all tho latest settings, solid
0ld rln. f 1 Kfi and UD. YOU Can
ttake, your soloctions now, and we
M hold them for delivery.
Jowelor and Optician, & 0m- 8u
very light draft on that run, nnd, as
the Pomona and Altona are both out
of commission, nono other Is avail
Tho Altona was disabled last Wod
nesday morning In a collision with
tho O. R. & N. steamer Modoc off
Jones' mill. Sho Is now at tho yards
of tho Portland Shipbuilding Com
pany, in South Portland, but will
probably bo ready for service Satur
day. In tho meontlmo tho llttlo
steamor Leona is attending to tlie
company's business on tho Portland
Salem run.
Lots of love and kisses.
To Register Voters.
County Ciork Iloland is preparing
his blanks and books for the biennial
registration of tho voters of the
county. The sovoral precinct regis
ters aio now ready as Is tho largo
office register, and a largo quantity
of blanks Is held In preparation to
send out to notaries public and Jus.
tlces of the peaco (or tho purposo of
registering those voters who aro un
able to oomo to tho clerk's offlco to be
listed. The registration begins on
the first Monday in January next
Monday and continues until Ma)
IS. when the books close. This Is
two weeke before the election and all
voters who have not registered up
to that time will be oompelled to
bring wltneeees at the timo of the
etecllon and swear In their votes.
Tills is alwayn troublesome and
eumbersoroe. and It Is much easier tn
register than to make proofs at the
polls, and proper registration of all
voters within the time llmle May 16
relieve the Judges of election of a
large amount of work and prevents
a blockade at the polls.
It Is expeoted that the registration
will be greater this coming year than
In the peet. owing to U fact that
the trorUkma at the law are now
better undewood, and tke value of
this regulation Is appreciated by the
voters. A full reelstratlOB before the
hooka clow Jn May Is greatly to be
desired, and with an offleer In eaeh
of the outlying preelaets to register
those who eanuet personally come to
the o&UHly seat, there should be few
men left In the county unregistered
wbea the eouaty clerk flalsaes hU
work on May 16 next
Salem's Select
A largo gang of tramps, numbering
ovor 35, Is encamped In the pasture of
a. P. Litchfield, In the southwestern
portion of tho city, nnd during the
day time the gang scatters through
out the city begging and stealing all
Hint can be secured. The camp In the
woods Is deserted during the hours
of dny-llght, but after darkness oemea
the hoboB gather there, and propnre
a feast from tho remains of their
stolen nnd begged plunder. Yeter
day Tlie Journal stated that Captain
lloss, In Yew Park, had lost a mini-
bor of line ohlokena at tho hands of
this gang, and this morning the steal
ing of moro chickens nt various plaoos
In the Yew York neighborhood Is re
ported, and one sheep Is known (o
havo been taken by the knights of
tlie cross-tlo and brakebeam.
The victims of tho band of Idle loaf
ors are getting as weary of theso dep
redations, as aro tho tramps them
solves whon work Is ode rod thorn.
Bfforts aro being made by tho resi
dents of Yow Park to rid themselves
of theso unwolcomo' neighbors, and It
is possible that tho crowd will bo
rounded up and made to seek other
Quarters. As their camp Is situated
within tbo limits of tho city, It might
bo posslblo to run In tho crowd, and
placo them on tho work gang on tho
streets scraping up mud, and tho In
vostmont would be a good one, for
their board would scarce cost tho city
as muoh as their work for the good
of tho community would amount to,
asldo from the faot that the depreda
ilonB on tho hen roosts of Yow Park
would ceaso, and the residents of that
section would be relievea irom
further troublo at tho hands of the
tramps A doso of work on the streets
or on tho rock-pile would result in a
decrease of the visitation of tramps
to this elty, for they would shun Balem
as they would a plogu spot
For tits Celllo Canal.
Governor Chamberlain left this
morning for Portlnnd, where lie today
met nnd consulted with Major Lnng
fltt, the government engineer officer,
regarding the matter of the right of
way for the proposed Celllo ship ca
nnl. The legislature, nt tho apodal
session, appropriated $100,000 for thq
purchase of tho right of way, nnd.
while tho state board of commission
era of canals, orsated by the snmo act,
has not as yol been nblo to organise
for the woik In hand, tho governor
will attempt to secure as early a
meeting between the ommlsslou?r
and the federal authorities as possi
ble, In order to RQt the work of secur
ing contracts and deeds to the prop
erty desired for the right of way ns
early as pooslhle, so thai tho govern
ment may begin the work of o?n
strtictlng the canal nt one.
O i I
Bend Approved.
The official bond or Charles M,
Phillips, constable of Seotts Mills
proolnot, for JMO, was this morninjj ,
filed in tlie county clerk's olDae an
I Bay and Sell
140 Court Street.
Oysters any style nd short orders-
OtsUtLqmw, Chicken lamsles, Shell
Flsb.KtcJn seswn.
25 cents.
dinners every dsy,
To Loan
I Salem Abstract
I and Land Co.
2 Tfuee New Shapes
In Bluoher und Hal aliooa
New last, best fitter on
J Seo our now enatnol and box
calfeuoMi at
V no etM qr. Sliest. OftBOB.
" w-r ' --' - ji.--A-L-l
-J5m; iJ6Z