Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 29, 1903, Image 1

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    DAILY f A pt
i VOL. Ail"
lierica Cannot As
'sntne That Murders
' Will Be Done
lo Ask the Czar to Prevenl
His Subjects Committing
; a Crime Would In
sult Him
Washington, Doc. 20. TJioro was o
Dcclal meeting of tho cabinet lato
liU afternoon, tho flrat sinco tho ad
journment of congress. It Is sup.
nosed Panama -will bo the chief tonic.
ilthough a number of minor depart-
nental matters may bo considered. It
j likely also tho proposed masanclo
Klshlnoff, on
Armstrongs Attorneys
Have Yet Another
Card to Play
May Appeal to the United
States Court-Is it an
Ex Post Facto
linker City, Or., Dec. 20. George
J. Dentloy, of counsel for tho dofenst
In the Armstrong murder case, has
gone to Salem, presumably for tht
purpose of securing a stay of oxecu
tlon of tho sontonce of tho court.
Notice of appeal from the order of
JtKlCS Kali 111. flxlne the ilnto nf nroi-ii.
tlon, was served on District Attomoy
NO. 299.
patch didn't stato tho results.
Must Not Defend Jews.
Berlin, Dec. 29. Solokoff, tho lend
ing Ilussinn lawyer, son of tho Czar's
chaplain, has been arrested on ordorj
of the Russian minister of tho Inte
rior, Plovno, because ho represented
tho Jaws at tho KIshlnofMrlal. Plov
no has decreed that Gentllo lawyers
hall not bo permitted to rcprosont
Jews In tho law court?.
To Prevent War.
Home, Dec. 29. The Popo Is ad
dressing all Catholic heads, to uso
their utmost endeavor to prevont war
In tho far East.
Log Cabin Creams Pep
perment Chews, Chocolate
Chews and Peanut Candy
MB 9
154 Stato 8t.
Phono 1971 Main
r .Tiuva at Klshlnoff. mi .Tmvluli
Christmas, will bo brought un. Tholwlllto immediately after the last
n.Mnn( lo rnnntvlnir ntinnnto rVn. hearing before tllB 0011 rL In thin man
organizations to Intercede with tho bllt no furtho" move ha been made so
Ciar. It Is bellovod tho only thing Jur "" "ow-
that can bo dono by Amorlcn Is to dl Mr Whlt0 W,M PP,e nnV motion
t t,n nmiiniDfrin nt at ti -,.i, ...... for a stay of execution, and will In
to acquaint tho nusslnn foreign offlce 8lfrt on n liearlnB of Uio enso on ap
with these appeals. A request to the ne' before the wwm court at once
Car to tako action on the prodlcted ln caso nn nltem!'t to "re a stay
outrage would glvo sorlous offense of execution ! made. Mr. White says
without any gain. Simon Wolf Bain- lnere ' ,lent' of tlme to henr aml
brlth called at tho Btate department determine the nppeal from the de-
this morning and porsonally present- cUlon ot Juis EaUln l,efore the tlm
eJ a petition. Tho state department sot 'r Armstrong's execution, January
lut night received a dispatch from 2M- There ' a m80n to b,1,0 th,at
n nttnmtit vttttl tm mmln e Ytflnrr flirt
Minister Buchanan, at Panama, say- "" '"""" ""' uu """" " "'"
IBS that novor boforo had there boon ca8e boforo JuJbo CelllnSr on a pe-
uch an election as that had for del- tltlon for a wrlt ot hab,eaa vcorpus ' "
eratos to tho constitutional convon- a matter of last rosort In the event of
fnll.iHA enmiFA A na r rntiff'Q TO
tlon for tho now republic. Tho dls-i" ","u, ,lu """" 1 "-"- -
Brown has not nindo any movo to
ward tho preparations for tho oxecu
tlon, nor- has ho placed tho death
watch on Armstrong, nor will ho do
so until tho matter of tho appeal to
the stato supromo court la disposed
Armstrong's attornoys still Insist
that ho will not bo hangod, but up to
tho prosont tlmo have not disclosed
thoir course of procedure, save to give
notlco of appeal. It Is known that
somo positive action Is contemplated
nt nnro hut tho exact naturo of the
attack Is unknown to the prosecution.
It Is hlntod that tho next move in
Armstrong's behnlf will bo of n start
ling nature, and that It will spring n
surprise on the precaution. Further
developments are awaited with con
siderable Interest.
Want the Canal.
Jacksonville. Fla., Dec. 20.-Follow-Ing
the action of Pensncpla and otlf
er cities, the board of trade this af
ternoon holds a meeting for the pur
pose of calling on their senators to
vote for a ratification of the Panama
canal treaty
Gun Factory Burned.
St Dennis, France, Dec. 20.-A fire
this morning partly destroyed and
greatly damaged tho Hotcbklse can-
non factory.
San Domingo Now Has
Three Revolutions
in Eruption
A Few More and it Will Be
.a Case of "Six and
Six and Dad's
Washington, Dec. 29. Minister
Powel cabled the state department to
day that there Is throe sepnrato revo
lutions ln progress In Son Domingo,
and the warship Newport is inade
quate for the protection ot American
Interests. The navy department Im
mediately instructed the South Atlan
tic squadron to sand one or more
ships to the scene.
Votes Unlimited Cred
it to Sustain the
i Government
It Has Made All Arrangements
for, War and Calmly
i Awaits Russia's
Tokft, Japan, Dec. 89. Practically
unlimited credit for military defense
was voted to tho government nt tho
meeting last night. Three othor ordi
nances provldo closer ofllclal control
of thofeeoul and Fusan railway; a ro
vlsIonT of military headquarters In
war time, and tho creation of a war
council Japan Is now prepared for
all emergencies.
Six Shocks Required ;Miss Curtis Files a
to Kill Frank White
at Auburn
Waiting for Perry to Explain.
Washington, Dec. 29. Thoro Is
gossip here over the dutes mentioned
In an Interview by Perry Heath, nt
Utulivllle. Heath Ir quoted as saying
President McKlnley told him In the
White Hoube, n few days before his
assassination that he hoped Hanun
would bo his successor Now, It ln
said, McKinley left the White House
July flth. and never returned. He was
ihot at Buffalo September flth.
Friends of Heath are awaiting his re
becoming moro valuable
She now supplios half
tho sahr.on of the world
every Jrear
Seventeen Hundred Volts
Made the Sparks Fly and
Burned Wool but
Failed to Kill
Auburn, N. Y., Dec. 24). Frank
Willn nnlnrnil. VIM oloctrocuted tilts
(morning for tho murder or- his em
ployor, Ooergo Clnro, a farmor, ln
SonUmbor. 1901. Six shocks woro
nocossnry to kill him. The first ono
carried 1700 volts. Tho head olec
trodo omlttod sparks, and thoro was
an odor of burning hair. Just as the
sixth shock was being glvon Dr. Stoln,
of Buffalo, fainted, and pitched for
ward from his chair, almost Into the
oleetrlcnl box.
Claim Against Es'
Principal Item Is for Enter
taining Deceased and His
Friends for a Period
of Thirty Years
Manchester, N. !!., Dee. 29. Pre
llmlnnrv lifinnrn wuro filed in a Stilt
.hero today In which Miss Doiana Our
tls, n promlnont society woman, on-
tors n claim nisnlnst tho eslnto ot tno
late Frank Jones for $400,000, tho
principal Horn being for board and
entertnlnmont of Curtis and his
frionds for a period covering 30 years
prior to his death. Jones was a brow
or, nnd left nn oetnto valued nt $10f
000.000. He was an nrdout ndmlror
of Mlsa Curtis up to tho tlmo of nU
Robbed the Safe.
West Point, Va., Dec. 29. Tho
nleht.wntnhinan Inst nicht wns held
up by three bandits, who bound and
gnggod him, marched him to tho post
office, and compollod him to witness
tho blowing of tho safe. Tho robbors
escaped with ?2100.
I ttrrfca.i
'ijmmimnmu him m i n nniinnirriTrnTnri " .-.tMiuiiBiiMM
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20 Percent
e i
On Men's and Boys
W. d assortment - t
ii fa Wh2sr-"" - w'coat' now,s tbe :!
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llThe New Yo!k
fC l,CKvt
Z exactly Uisc"- - . . .
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Cash Stoe.
o T. RARNES, Pop.
3Jt " Lmaialftltf
finei Sudden v Insane and
Will Be Sent Back to
fa.iH.i. Dec. M. Cuban minister
to Spain. Merchan, became suddenly
Insane today, and Is under oonsiuiu
,morviion. According to the pre
ent program he will be plaoed nboar.1
a steamer, and taken to Iimar, wwrn
bla, Friday, from which jiolnt he will
be returned home.
Later arrangements have been made
to take the Insane Cuban minister to
Hat ana direct "
lee Gorae Broke.
Cincinnati, Dec. SO.-The Ice gorge
broke here today. Warning nas uew
.... . .ii nninu dawn the river, but
... .. . nHtdiated. A fleet of
loaded coal barges of tb Clnclwuitl
Coal Company t1"1 "'
m '
Will Be Tled Together.
CbUago. Dec. . -Ju Kereten in
...- .i,i-,i onutt this morning do
!nled the moUoa for separate trials of
'the car barn murderers, nd set the
case for January li. rtoeakl's trial
'to follow Immediately after.
Evidences of Gowth and
Reasons o It
..ftetlorSr'tailn.- subt'erfuae. can never take the place Of experience. The genuine- growth of ur
b.ln.u come, from a 0enu.ne cau.e-an ...ert.on of oreatneM an. m ... u . y -
theoretlchl, Intsnolble or mystical about the success of Meyer., noir,,n0 sn y.- ," '-,";"" "" "
-rh-..nnHin.. of course, are built up to please, entertain and Inform tho ever-
7 . ,.. . .u-nh mJ eonsunt nrsctlcal experience In commercial center of the
stt-; - - - -------' .:-'ii"ir."L'i ?;
like. Every day makes this store more practical, more to ne PPreC.u, ...u ..., --, - -
Meyers more to your advantage.
j FHea niB ni-'
Norwich. Cenn. Dec w.-aUU
Stoddard Ledard. vha 1. undr r
... ,hnrd with stealing M2.00O
worth of securities frera the Norma..
eetate, broke Jail laet nisni,
the bars, and eecapea.
To Hang a Woman,
neminston. Vt.. - "r
Rogers, coavlcted of killing her bu
band, was this morning Hlueid to
be hanged February llh- l" "
k, h.r self-eonfeel acw.Mce.
'wiw seBltci for f-
' u- nnn't llemember Him.
Hartford. Conn.. Dee. 30-J. Allen,
.j... t, Hartford Steam Doll
. itiBB and Insuranoe Co., ana
a pioneer of that eJaes of !
InAmertea. eled this morning at the
i age of W-
uniiah Not So Mad.
n M. TUB Meesagew
vs the Mad MHau has appealed to
the Italian!, to use their endeavor, to
secure peaoe betw-a the tiOmmim
and Entland.
Jti st Received
Another shipment of th- H'Oit
perfoet fonii-8lt'ng lnvllbl busil.
and hip fom. The moet iwpulai
and eatlofactory butl and hip
form tr put on the warket
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