Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 28, 1903, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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i . ..-.I. ntnmach and You'll H.-iu
a Santa Claus Face.
'if there is one thing more tlian all
that will glvo a man a forlorn
iid friendless appoarnneo and main
M morbid and "cranky" and dl-
(rteftble, that thine Is dyspepsia. It
tk8 ono iorgoi in uiuuus unu ue
.a moroEO and Irritable. Ho in
wrapped up in his own misery that
M g inconsiderate or ovory ono else
M;ieed of this torrlbla and depress
K ailment, ho again becomos a good
ijllow and a man among men.
Qhiflrt's Dyspepsia Tablots aro be-
Li question tho most offectlvo and
popular remedy over onerou to tne
safferera of this torrlblo disease. The
thousands and thousands of cures
39&IY havo brought nbouc an,d the enor
luoas increaso of their salcsl fully
ittest tho truth of this statement.
They are, nbovo nil, a natural
rtnedy. They possos oxacty tho
jae properties thnt the gastrh
juices nnd other dlgostlvo fluids of
tie stomach possess and thoy actually
jo tho dlgostlvo work of tho stomach
U4 enablo thnt organ to rest nnd ro
tuperato and becomo sound and well
Tkey act In a mild, natural mannor
ltd causo no dlstutbnijco in tho ill-
or stomach. In fact, undor their
" , , , l . l t, l ,
loCuence the subjoct forgets thnt he
; , ... ...
1.. olnni.if-l. nnil Ms rrttitimnir rimer.
.-. -,-.. n rrrnf
kit former dejection.
Millions of boxoB of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets nro sold annually
ud they aro but In the dawn of their
popularity. Every mall brings letters
tt thanksslvlng from grateful onos
giving irom grateiui onos
wto havo toon cured of this torrlble
., -..., . - .
ino iouowini, is un? vi iiuu
ireds received oar-h wek:
Rev. J. R Hoag of Wymoro, Neb.,
vrttee: "For six yoars I havo been
troubled with dyspopsln. Last fall
i uecamo vory mucn aianueu, iu BU"'e
to bollevo thoro was a sympathetic
relation botwoon those two diseases,
or rather, tUat tho stomach trouble
was the causo of tho henrt disturb
auen, I hit upon Stuart's Dyspen
sla Tablots for a romedy nnd Invostel
a dollar and a half for threo boxo
nhirh lasted mo throo months and I
ran oat any kind o' food I want nnl
havo a good, vigorous appatltp Al
though I am 77 years old, I now feel
Pffectly woll'nnd without being n
.uted by anyone I make this state
ment as a complimont to the vlrtuei
of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets."
What Its Effect Will Bo In Theatrical
Children aro not permitted to par-
tlclpato In any thoatrlcal entertain-
Bent In Orocron. owlnc to the Child
Labor Law, which was onncted at tho
legislative sosslon last winter and but
recently hommn onoratlve. Tho at
tention of local mnnagors was brought
to tho law when thoy received notice
jimu. .u. w nnd
the boys who distributed wator. This
was compiled with by tho managors
of tho Mnrnnnm Omnd. tho Dakor
Wth. comm,..ta.r. m ot.Pt
uiai. when "lion liur" nrnvcu .v
fnmi, , . . ,nPhnrce
luai. when "non Hur" nrnvuu iv
of a dozen youngstors who woro ns -
. i
Wing ln tho making of a stage Pr""' F Speclal Agent.
tare. Tho noxt stcn was the removal Dn'e' J Ty v
hh ta-ietn)tanw
We do what We Claim
We klll and rcntove cancers and
n-j .... x-: nf o
: ! TO THE PUBLIC ta iJ0 .a d ,haU e ,
:: for the Jflfteen.jttemth tjn Jf
;; movea irom my uii"..f
!! cPrn5 o-rnurhs.as large as
i ceious growths, as Marge a n . -. h f z
;; larger intestine. Also anoiner u right n
omy right right 00, an anohe5riefjomon.y s
thumb. 'This has a been
1 1 inumo. 1 nib - "::"''tu flnd the spider iiKe -ii
cinesilone, they killing the growth and tn
m roots and nature iibcu -'''c.-... j couid have
I aid of knife or surgery. I d nt M neve e
I found eauallv successful treatment any wiic
world and cheerfully re commc.u u .. -.
if you need it.
J. f. cook
"i juvonio nrfnfm. ...
,inv.i. ,. ' "H" in the
.V....1U nuugg.
What tho na mn, ... .
agers would kft m u
will affect a numlmr f ... 1
IntT llltn Pnt1-J ...
cuuns com
Stat. f,w tnrou8hout the
XI !. -that malt8r' " " commls
-"" correct In their
r . 6Ct ln Uielr and
refuse to make concessions
Tlio t,n. ...
"uul avenue Opera Com
Pany, of Australia, which tilled several
engagements during tin past thrni
years, will i,n nff-.., .... . r '
. "" 'wu senousy, un-
IfMH Inn. 1 i.-.. ...
.uo .UU1)I1U18 IR uncovered. Tab
company had li.on .,i..i ....
. . wntxl u manager
George L. Baker, of the Baker Knter
..--., ivi roruanil, the company
coming to that ritv nf(. ..?:
a tour In California, where the or-
.i.uion is at present In less de
gree, it will Interfere with Mr. Stod
dard In "The Bonnls rtri... n.i. ...
the Marquam Grand, to say nothing
Of Several niml drnrnn. n t. -
to the Paclflc coast, and the number
less "Uncle Tom" shorn. ti, i.h..
may oscnpe, however, as "little Eva"
Is KOIierallv snnnn(l n i .nn, i.
near fifty years old.
Tho case of the Pollards, however,
is particularly Interesting as it may
Involve International law and treaty
rights to some oxtent. Mannger
Baker says that ho do?s not know
What ho Will do Vot In thn nrwmlana
Ho Is willing to oboy t!ie law, and if
the playgoers of Portland do not want
to seo tho Australian children, then
ho Is willing to cancsl tho contract,
but in the ovent of a demand, the
manager will probably have the right.
oi tne Pollards Investigated by law
' ,' .
public appears to beiieve that tn
' , . . , , . . ,
Pollards are protected by treaty, and
,M for B8tOTn compaiucs, the IiIkmt
commissioners cannot Intbrfere with
them without violating Interstate
It was not the intention of the
.legislature to nave tho law annoy the
theatrical business, but under the
1 . . . , . ,.
, . ,,,,. ,,,a ..,. M
" iv,,iii...u...o, ... "i,. ....
about the only place where the com-
mlislonors are fcceklng for violations.
Should tho labor oomralsslon b
correct ln tholr stand, It will neces-
iMiaie scores 01 iiietuncui i;uuiiiuhh
nvodnB nny town ln Oiegon and will
causo such companies to jump from
California to Washington without a
Alcohol and Us Effects.
(From Harper's Wookly.)
Tho committee of fifty scientists
which has for ten years been studying
tho llouor question has issued its
'fourth preliminary icport In two vol-
umos. The following nro tho mam
conclusions drawn: Meets of modor
ate or occasional use of alcoholic
,irinU-B illffer with Individuals, age,
occupation and climate. With the
majority of occasional and moderate
drlnkors no special effoct upon health
seems to be observed by themselves
or their physicians. In some such
-. .. i.m. t. tn nlrlnir It
ouch Trlnt
There Is only ono test toy which to
luase of tho efficiency of any ""'
'""V", 1- by its ability to do that
on4 l"' .i8...Li . di Many hair
wwen u j "Vrv..; nn mnli nice.
tho point nln'halr?
druff and stop talllnp wui
I J,,,, lt goes to the ' th'e
, and ""0J5S;c8 the hair Beta Us
i,f .
SSSJ., L''
m "",;..,.
,r" nil or irrease.
nd free from oil or grwe.
lManlpS for sample to The iierpicmo 1- .,
rt.i-Mt Mien.
Mil k
ta - on without the aid of a knife, j ;
nromment Salem man: ;;
" nic unf4 a from tne o
a man s nana, an j
acco ,.,.. .--
.... ivt... saien. hpci
.... .i.-
v PKnion . .
! I
' '
. .
"I am so thankful for what Dr.
done for me." writes Mrs. John T.
uiiuui, ui oiocan, a. v.., aox 50.
"It cured ine of a disease which
was taking away all my strength,
neipeo. me tnrougn uie long montns
before bahv mm? mid T Imw n hi.r
strong baby girl, the most healthy
ana nappy 01 an my uiree."
cases drinking Is harmful; ln a few
It Is thought to be beneficial. Klghty
per cent of the loading brain-workers
of the United States use alcoholic
drinks occaalonullji or regularly or
in moderation. The use of such
I drinks to rilmulate mental effort gives
on the whole, bad results. Ifieven oc
casional or moderate use Is likely to
be harmful to young persons, mainly
because of the danger of Its leading
to excess. Among diseased or In
firm persons over fifty years of age,
alcoholic beverages, while sometimes
useful, should be taken, If at all, with
the last meal of the day. "Pine ojd
whiskies" and "fine old brandies" are
as likely to produce Injurious effects
as nro tho cheaper sorts, If taken In
the same quantities. In moderate
quantities, wlno nnd diluted whiskey
havo a certain food value, but they
are seldom used tor food purposes
rather for tholr offsets on the brain.
In large quantities, and for some per
sons oven in moueraie quaimim,
they are a poison. Alcoholic drinks
In moderate quantities may bo useful
as restoratives ln fatlguo after work
is dono, but they often produco do
presston and harmful results, when
used Just before and uurmg wuor,
physical or raentnl.'
How's ThlsT
Wo offer ons hundrod dollars re
ward for any case or caiarrn iui
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Curo. F. J. CHENEY CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known
v t PhMiBT for tho loot IB years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transections and nnan
elallr ablo to carry out any obliga
tions made by thoir firm.
WEST k TRUAX, Wholesale urug
gists, Toledo, Ohio.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taxon inier-
'.rT'. "T7j M W
.... -- -
io Bold by all aruggms.
Hall's Family P r0 tho bo"L
Englishwomen wIoTng a Crusade
Against Time Honored Article.
Perhaps It U too much to say that
the "new woman" has Inaugurated a
campaign against feminine traditions
but It is certain that from Iods and
Birmingham blasts have been soun
upon the trumpets of the antlcorwt
crusade, while In Hw and " "'''
urtis the new rainy day rt, which
within the last fw months has lnefl
teen In lar numbers. Is almidy
working a inform l UiachtBg wimwb
to be cawrttl how th.y walk, says U
New York HsraW.
IeaffUM bav been formed for tk
.uppres.io oT that llrst Up r-
M MBtial to tmM d
me hf 11bC Ul
That wohw n bad wallwrs
many bnff t f- dacta'a
to be ou rvlUoii of i w -
Physical culturtoU. weumtm
quio say tk imus offwuUr Is
the as.i.l W wb0M att",,t
aaMitM wasr-s aas ad frtlo Is
abswd lmery. Wath a wtwan
twtBg up sialrs at a saltway statKw.
U bIm eausoatof tn thr will
ptod laherieusly ur, thaJr ftf imIU
tnmd In-
rned in.
In sitting, too. wemen are gwllty
Blwl; mm
W '-ktiynC- J
mi: m ml
.,. .. , 11 . 1 . 1
Advertisements, five lines or
lew, In this column Inserted
three times for 25c, 50c aweek
$1.50 a month. All over five '
lines at the same rate.
Wanted. At once, a girl for general
housewo.'k. Call on Mrs. J. A..
Carson, South Salem. 12-34-31
Wanted. To buy, a horse to weigh
1300 or more; good life, for buss.
Willamette Hotol. 13-2G-tf
Lo6t or Stolen From my plnco of
business, ln Salem, a shotgun hav
ing n coppor band around stock.
Propor rownrd for return of snmo.
M. L. Hamilton, Sa:em, Orogon.
Money Found. Anyono would feol a
thrill of pleaauro to pick up a sllror
half-dollar on tho highway. Thoy
aro lying around ready to pick up
(no capital roqulrcd) if you aro
willing to rustlo and can talk only a
llttlo bit Good for olthor box. young
or old. Addroes or call at Journal
office 12-10-tf
Market Quotations Todays
"Make Silea a Good Home Mirket" a.
'xr yyyTyvivr
Capital City Mills Quotations.
Bryant &. Pennell, Props.
Wheat 76o.
Buckwheat 80a
Poultry at Stelner's Market
Chickens SiJOc.
lOggs Per dosen 21c.
Turkeys 12 15c
Duoks 9 10c,
Hop Market
Hops 19022c.
Potatoes. Vegetables,
Potatoes 30c.
Onions IVSc.
Dried Fruits.
Peaches 10c.
Apricots 10c.
Apples 10c.
PoUto prunes 4c.
Italian prunes Be.
Wood, rence Posts, Ete.
Dig fir K00.
Second-growth 13 60.
Arh JS.00 to IS.7S.
Dody oak J4.50.
Pole oak J4.00.
Cedar post 12V4c
Hldeu Pelu and Pun.
Oreen Hldoa, No. 1 Be
Oroon lllaoe, No. 2 lo.
talf Skins 105c
Sheep 78c.
Ooat Skins 26o to S1.0I
drain and Freur.
Wheat, Balera Flouring Mills 7Bc
Oats 32c.
Darley $18X0 per ton.
Flour Wholesale, ?l.eO.
Live Stock Market
Stoera 3c.
Cows 2 Ho,
8heA a
Dreesod voal Hc.
Droottod hogs c.
Ilvo hogs 1C
Mutton 2c per pound.
Hay, Vvri. Et.
Baled cheatIll
Dale clover ?10OU.
Bran J20.
Shorts 121.
Creamery and Dairy Products.
Good dairy butter 2025c.
Creamery buttor 30c.
Cream separator sklnuosa.
Com. Creamery, 30c, net
Whtat Walla W-Jla, 71o072o
Valley 78c.
Flour Portland, best grade,
3.85; graham, SS.7B,
Oats Choice White, $1.10
Barley Food, 20 por ton;
MllUtuff Bran, 11 A
Hay Timothy, $1
1'otatoee B00c
Iiggs Oregon ranob, l'ie
10V4e Pr pound; spring, lie turkeys,
live. 12Gna
Mutton Dressed. 60c
Pork Dresswl, 6Ha.
Beef Dressed, BCc.
Veal SsJS'c ,ei
Hope 1904 crop. ISO"0- .
Wool-Valley, 17018c; Eastern
n,.n 116: Mohair, 85017Hfi.
VtVOM w ' .
Hides dry, 1 ponds ani upwa,
"n.ruait dairy. 20O22V4c; fan
cy creamery ,30c; store lSQltc
a number of slas of awkwardness. A
tout woman Invariably alts squarely
with bsu- feet planted twelve nM
apart. The least woman winds her
(Z. uymt tne m of U enalr or
to ere her m ""
... . 1. mat of her. wall
.wall woman etthw XU with her
dall la a hepm way er per..
..r M . hlnh seat with oae feot
tMWhlsg the nreuad and the other
ukad aronad the ankle of the first
w heetcea w
For Sale. At a bargain, a good house
and lot, with suitable Outbuildings ;
seven-room houso; 18th nnd Hlne
street, two blocks south of Yew Park
schoolhouso; Vi block from straot
car lino. O. U. MIIm. 13-2G-3t
For Sale. A few cords of dry onk
wood. Anyone wishing same leave
orders at D. A. White & Son's feed
store, Commercial street. !MC-3t
For Sale. Twonty-flvo goats. Inquire
or Chns, Batt, Houto No. 3, Salem.
For Sale Or trade, a lino 10-aoro
clilcken or fruit ranch; first-class
buildings and Improvements; close
to school, poatofflce, storo and rail
way stAtlon. Will trado for city or
unlmirovol farm property. Address
"W. J.," Caro JcnirnaL 11-6.
For Sale. At a bargain. For anyone
wanting a good business location,
largo sture and houso combined;
good chance to carry on a goneraJ
morchnndlso business on ono of Sa
lem's boat Btoree. Address Ira
Towno. Salem, Oro. 12-16-lm
Buff Recks For solo. SoTertU trios
of U10 best Buff Plymouth llock
chlckonn. A. F. Hofor, Jr., Koaj. Sa
eom. lMD-3t
Vetch Seed for Sale. I have a quanti
ty of first-class vetch seed for solo,
both varieties. Call at place or ad
dross F. Achilles, halt mile west of
Kalicr school honse, four miles
north of Salem. 13-10-lwMwk
Fop Sale. Hoiuufiold furniture;
stovofl, etc.; cheap; If takon at onco.
Inquire at 410 Churth streot
For Sale. -O. K. Grubbers. Rest In
Orogon; (live state premiums;
ono horse has tho powor of OD; can
grub an acre a day. James Finney.
Ilrooks. Or. 11-36-lm
For Sale Inraprovoil end unimproved
block property ln Soutt Saleai. For
information inquire of & Hofer,
Journal office. 10-9-tf
Choice Farm For Bale. Throo inlloa
northwest from Brooks, having
dwelling houso, burn and two hop
housoa, with 30 ncrea of hops, bal-
anco farming land, with running
water, oxcopt onough cholco tlmbor
to supply Uio plnoo. M. J. Kgan.
For Sale Eighty acres of land In
Wftnhlntrton countv. for J tOO. A
bargain for somo ono wanting to
inako a home. Some Umbor on Uio
placo; some cleared. IS. Hofor, 8a
lorn, Oregon. 10-8-tf
mutmi for Rent llu stairs, Cottle
bloclc. by day, wook. or mnnU. Al
so light housekeeping rooms. Bloc
trie light Open all hours.
Commercial 8U, No. 33J.
Phone: 2906 Main
Mattlo Hutohlns, Prop
Mrs. U Campbell Dee drcswnaklnc
at her homo, on tho car line, near
tho SosU Balsa esiaotery. Oouatry
trad solUlUid. ll-ll-lns-d-v
ta fu r
Meier's Barber Colleoe Of Salt Lko
City, offers advantages In teaching
the trade that cannot be had ciso
hnr. Avoid schools the Orogon
and California barbers' new laws
aro apt to close at any time, Write
today for our special offor to dis
tant studeaU. 12-10-lm
The Proper TWng j popm-i
drink for family use is u. o-
and carbonated bevaragss. every
body should keep thee goods at
their home. Call up Gideon Btols
Co. 'phone 421.
n.v-tliTi tou tried Edwards Lutch.
ejs for meats. We have the best
sausage In town. Come and try it.
and be convinced. 410 East BUU
Sslem Truck and Dray Co Oldest
and UM equipped company In 0.
n. Piano and furniture moving
a specialty Offloe 'phone. Ml. W.
W. Brown Bon, proprietor. Offlee
No. 0 Btats stroet -l-lro
Dr. Z. M. ParvlrAt 297 Commercial
street, upstairs. Blnglng acnooi.
ItudlraenUl and sight reading ohws
os. Begins Wednesday ovenlng, Oo-
tolw 14th. Class every wnane
diy evening to May 1st. nexL Tut
Uon. 11-00-
Unique Cleanlnfl Rooms Shsw
Jensen, the cleaners, art. now to
eated at H Coramwelal street
Sle? 71 . ,-.i nrMslns: and re-
g" bslU..BpalUr:8kJ,
nine waisui. u sri:"' v.i.
etc. Phone zbm.
KJ-1" '"
Dr. W. S. Mott-Wlll hereafter
found n tne urey p. -' rr
mwoUl street, over Oregon Bhos
So Office tetepboo. 29S1; re
!&cn0pn. 2761. Offlee honr. 1
to 1 nd 1 to 8.
Ncv 6weet Cider 8d your ordsc
"X wsmt grocery, "
ow,42L (MdeonBtoUfcOo
W. Calvet Practical Witch mkei
IBS Stato streot, makoa a specialty.
of repairing watches, docks and
lowolry, aud guaronteoa gowl work
at reasonable prices. 11-13-lyr
Ferguson's Restaurant 95 BiaXl
stroet Opon day and night Oitf
30c meals aro bettor than any 2So
houso ln Uiq state. Six SOc meal
for $1-00; 21 30c meals for $3.00.
Valley lodge No. 18, A. O. U. W. Moots
In their hall In Holman block, cor
ner SUto and liberty, every Mon-j
day ovenlng. Visiting brethren
wolsome. ltoy Mclntlre, M. W. Al
K. Aufraaco, Recorder.
Central Lodge No. 18, K. of P. Oastla
Hall In Holman block, corner StsUi
and Liberty Sts, INseday of oaolt
weok at 7:30 p. m. A. B. Btna
a P.. It J. Fleming K. of It and P.
Foresters of Amirlcti Court Sfts.
wood Foresters No. 1. Meets Frt
day night ln Turner block. 8. 7.
Mlnturn. C. It; A. U Brown, Seo.
Modern Woodmen of America Ore
ton Cedar Camp No, 6310. Meets
every Thursday ovonlng at 8 o'cloeSj
Holman Hall, Frank A. Turner, V.
u.: ,a. u. unmn, mort.
Protection Lodoo No, 2, Andeat Of
dr United Workman, meets every
Saturday evening In the Holman
Hall, corner Stato and Libert)'
streets. Visiting bretkren vrelocmie.
J. a nrmiam, M. W.; J. A. Sellwoofl
Dre. M. T. 8cliocttle. Frank J. Barr
ana Anna m. uarr. uraauatee
American School of Ontoopatky,
KlrksYllla, Mo., successors . to Dr.
Grace Albright OBlc- hourn 0 te
12 and 1:30 to 4:30 o'olook. Odd
Fellows' Temple. Phone Main 3T24(
rosldNice phone 21103 red.
Evan's Dsrber Shop Only nrstalaH
shop on Stain street Rvery UUna
new and uivffM.ate. FlncM poww
laln baths. Shave. lSe; hair-cut 26a
baths. 2Bo. Two flrst-olat boo!
blacks. O. W. Bvans. proprietor.
Hop merchants, 07 to 90 Stats
streot, Salem. Oregon. Represented
by Jos. Harris.
WM. BROWN A CO Hops, Mohair,
wool, hop growers! supplies -No.
229 Commercial street, Balom, lOn,
gon. Phono 1301. .
SQUIRE FARRAR Hop merchant
and purchasing agent No. Jiffa
Commercial streot, upstalrn,' Balers,
Orogon. Phone 10S1.
T. A. LIVE8LEY A. CO Doalern la
hops and hop supplies'. Phono Uil
orflco room 18 Oberhclm bldg, Qv
lorn, Oregon.
J. CARMICHAEL Hop buyor. Offloe,
In Bush-Brsyman building, Sateu,
Oregon. Samples of choice hops so
licited from all growers.
CATLIN & LINN Hop buyers, noons.
8. Bush-Ureyman mock, aaiem, wa
gon. Phone 1431.
era. Boom 2, Murphy blook, Balera,
Oregon. Tolophone No. 371.
ror water sorvlcw apply at otto.
Dills payable monthly In sdvanea.
Mae all complaints at the offlco.
Express and Transfer
Meets all mall and passMgec UalM
Baggage to all parts of the elty.
Prompt service. Telephone No, 3L
Jut Arrived.
. ,. ,.f an.an wlr fAOGlBK.
Bpeolal price till Dewuitwr 18th.
Poultry NetUng, Bblngles ana 1: .
roonng. WAiyriuv .
(0 Court Btreot
8uccesor to Dr. 3. M, Keeae In
Whit Corner, Balera, Oregon. arJi
deelrlng superior operations &
erat fee in any nnuum " -
reouwit 1 ii -j
208 Commere'al Street
Regular Dinner at Noon 25c
Meals at aunours
Service n la Carte
E ECKERLEN, Proprietor
Pnr TnfknU nad Chlldxea.
T!i KW Yob Havj Alwajs BcHiglt.
Bear the
i -
MtUBSH " " '"' ' '""'Nlislsa -