Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 28, 1903, Image 1

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VOL- XIIL '' .!-.. 'wiiLumti .w- ... - .1 ii.-- -- hi;. i.
NO. 298.
Were Arrainged This
Morning for Their
Colombia Gives Uncle
Apostle of Church of
Latter Day Saints
May Quit
Zlon Prefers That Too Much
Utht Be Not Thrown
Upon Church
Washington, Dec. 28. It is learned
from an nuthoritivo source today that
throe alternatives aro presented to
the United States in the note regard
ing Panama, which Reyes submitted
to tho state department. First, that
the status existing prior to tho revo
lution on the isthmu3 bo restored.
faecond, America to keop hands olf
while- Colombia tries to whip Panama
Into submission. Third, If tho United
States will accopl nolthor of tho pro
ceeding proposition sho should pay
Colombia damagos for the Injury In
flicted through tho-loss of territory,
the amount to be fixed by submission
to the Hnguo. No publication of the
toxt of the Reyes note is oxpected
until It is sent to congross with the
othor documents bearing on tho Pan
a ma case. It is a lencthv communt
Tiie reasoning 01 on. oiuulb ., , , ,
opponents in tho senate Is that hlsM1; based onUrely on the Colon.
Washington, Dec. 28. Tho bollof
Is gaining ground hero that Reed
Suoot wil resign his seat in the
United StntOB senate, rather than un
dergo tho rigid investigation of his ro
llglous connections that Is expected.
Tho belief Is based on the theory
that the powers behind Mr. Smoot aro
convinced that tho presont fight is di
rected ngalnstf'the Mormon church,
rather than tho principle of polyga
my. Thoy do not caro to havo tho re
lations betwoon tho church and the
control of eculnr mattors by the ec
clesiastical authorities laid bare, and
would forco Mr. Smoot's resignation,
In proferonco to such disclosures as
would follow an inquiry.
The reasoning of Mr. Smilt's
Sam the Choice of
Three Things
And in Case He Takes Neither
She Will Take Her
Dishes and Doll
Baby Home
Marx Lawer Puts in Defence
That Father Was Brute
and Marx Had
to Be
One Hundred and Fifty
Men and Forty
rpnlv. now bolnc nronnred in Salt
City, though promlued to havo been
filed a wcok ago with tho senato com
mittee on privileges and elections,
will bo revised and approved by the
church officials. They say It will un
doubtedly not disavow beliof In tho
doctrlno If polygamy, but that It will
bo a dofenso of Mormon rollglon. If
tho Smoot opponents guess rightly,
the anBWor will bo unsatisfactory.
Each member of tho senato has re
ceived a statement sont out by tho
Ministerial Alliance, of Salt Lnka
City, roplying to tho attack madp by
a Mormon apostlo on tho practices of
Christian ministers and tho accusation
that unborn children aro murdered by
thoso bolonglng to orthodox churchos.
This and othor charges aro donlod,
and in return tho morals of tho Mor
mon rollglon aro attached. A copy of
this defenso wus also sent to tho com
mltteo on prlvllegos nnd elections.
Log Cabin Creams Pep
oerment Chews.
Chews and Peanut Candy
9 1
blun Interpretation of the troaty of
1S-1G. The note carries a throat that
the failure on tho part of tho United
States to hoed Colombia's protests,
or accopt tho proposition submitted,
will rosult In tho sovornnco of dlplo
matlo and commercial relations be
tweon the two countrlos.
Engaged in Herring Fishing
Carried Out to Sea, Five
Men and the Hor es
i Drowned
Crazed by LiqnorWH
liam Sliepard Com
mits Murder
Citizens Who Die in
HaSte May Be Bur
ied at Leisure
154 State St.
The Strike at Tellurlde.
Tellurlde, Colo., Doc. 2S. Col. John
Williams, an ofllcor of tho Western
Federation of Minors, who 1b In
charge of tho strlko hero, was waited
upon Inst night by tho civil authori
ties and ordored to leave town this
morning. Ho refused to do so, nnd
will bo nrrosted today. Formor-Attor-
noy-Gonoral Engloy counsol for the
miner was. arrostod was arrostod
this afternoon, charged with vagrancy
nnd causing a disturbance. It is gen
erally understood that wholesale nr-
rostB of strikers will bo bogun with
in 24 hours.
England Getting Ready.
Portsmouth, Kng., Dec. 38. Tho nd
ralrn'llty today issued a request to all
reserve men to name an addroee from
which they could bo summoned to ac
tive service by telegraph. The action
Is considered significant, In view of
the far Eastern crisis. A special
iirir nrrlved today from St. Petors-
nu f rjuns with Important offlelal dispatches
UnOCOiaie . .,aiaan ambassador.
Cotton Is Soaring.
New York, Dec. 38. Cotton Is open
ing with great excitement, 50 points
abovo Thursday's closing, being tha
highest price since tho Civil War. It
. . . ... rn (nv flnllvarv.
nu... 1071 M.ln stands ai n .-.----"-.
Chicago, Dec. 28. The car barn
bandits wore arraigned this mornlnc.
The four prisoners woro nitlv
dressed, nnd woll groomed, but minus
the air of bravado that marked tholr
conduct Immediately aftor their nr
rost. Thoy wore placed In a row be
fore tho Judgo's bench. Vnndlno nnd
Noldemoier wore a sorlous look, but
Mnrt and Itoeskl soemod unnble to
realise their plight. Marx smiled con
tlnuously, and Itoeskl looked borci
while the Indictments wero read
charging Vnndlno, Mnrx and Nolder
meler with the murder of Johnson
and Stew ait In tho car barn raid, nnd
Itoeskl with the murder of Bauer In
the saloon hold-up. Mnrx's attorney
asked a two months continuance, on
the ground that presont public opinion
would prevent a fair trial. He rend
an affidavit showing that the line of
defense would be that Marx was a
victim of parental influences, his fath
er bolng a man of low, vicious and
brutal Instincts, and now serving a
term In Jollet for criminal assault on
a 14-year-old girl: also that young
Mnrx Is furthor Irresponsible by an
Injury to his head, Inflicted by his
fathor. who struck him with a broom
stick In his Infancy. A similar pica
for a continuance and hereditary In
sanity will be set up for Vnndlno.
NoldoTmlor and Uooskl aBked con
tlnunnco for tho same reason present
ed In their affidavits, pleading mental
Irresponsibility. Tho court pnssod
their cases until tomorrow.
nriduin Tliiualn Ddn 9fiAn Inn fin
In Soreka bay broko away, carrying
4b ho'res and 160 men, who woro hor
lng fishing, out to son. All tho horses
nnd five of tho men were drowned,
and the others woro saved only aftor
desperate efforts.
) Spain Still Sore.
Mndrld. Doc. 38 Merchants who
propose to exhibit nt St I-ouls are to
day planning nu appeal to the govern
ment to reconsider its action, whore
In ltdecllned nn appropriation for a
Spanish exhibit.
Shoots His Wife and the Baby
in Her Arms and
Kills Riley
Mayklng, Ky., Dec. 28. Whllu
crazy with liquor William Bhophord
entorod hl homo this morning, nnd,
without provocation, shot and killed
Itlloy Wobb, who was standing talking
to Mrs. Shophord. Ho then tired a
shot whloh killed Mrs. Shophord and
passed through her body, killing tholt
10-montliB-old baby, which sho was
holding In hor anus. Shepherd oe
capod to tho mountains, whoro later
ho was surrounded by a posso. nnd,
nftor his ammunition was exhausted,
was captured.
Corpses Compelled to Have
Chapcroncs in tho Shape
of a Cordon of Police
men Chicago, Dee. 28 Doeplto tho
teamstors' offer of arbitration, mado
Sunday, peaco In tho llvory drivers.
strlko la as romoto as over, Tho llv
orvmen Bay thoy havo nothing to ar
bitrate. A number of hearses wont
out today without lntorfoiunco. Nop.
man l.nrsun, n union teamster, who
attempted to out tho truce of n team
drawing a hearse. wne $60 In tho po
llco court thlB morning. Ho may hl
prosecuted undor tho state lnw whloh
makes Interference with a funeral n
What You Get
flU i. aB imnortant a. the amount you pay. A low price without quality does not constitute a
th. ,. .niv .tore, tho merchandise that we sell must be nood or It don't get In here; that's all.
This Is why we can and do guarantee perfect satisfaction to our customers. It I. a policy that ha. succeeded,
taoand has made ours the largest business house of t. kind In the vicinity.
20 Pet cent
Salem's Cheapest One Price,
. Cash Mote.
Aeronaut Suffocated.
1 Boston, Dec. 28. A Are this morn-
ling destroyed a rooming house on
court Sir.
the aeronaut, a well-known Wostern
character. was suffocated, ne nan
been In Boston for several wonni
working on an airship model.
" Elevator Burned.
poria, III., Dee. 28. A nro partial
ly destroyed an elevator of the Corn
mi? Distillery this morning. It was
presumably Incendiary, and the lose
,was (0.(HM).
Aid for Panama.
Philadelphia, Dec. 28 Tha Dixie
.n tnAnv for Colon with 600 ma
Reduction j
On Men's and Boys
II Overcoats
W We a aood assortment of j
; ; fot you to sefcet from. overcoat now's the J
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U"W. o"jT,rw4. TTAT W PKlCrl. I . ltiii. Ul. Father.
J exactly uxmc-w- "
Strike Will Fall.
Stockton, Cal., Doc. 28 Tho Iloy-
al Consolidated Mine at Hodson has
succeeded In smuggling 22 strike
breakers through the lines of the
strikers, nnd are now working In the
mlno. The strikers are afraid to tres
pass on the mine property or Inter
fere with non-union minors, because
of the federal Injunction Issued by
the federal court In San Francisco.
BuslneM men at Milton and other
Calaveras towns have refused to sell
provisions to the strikers, nnd It looks
as though the strikers have lost.
A Charley Ross Case.
New York. Dec. 38. A general
alarm was sat from pc-Hce head
quarters today for the son of Mrs.
Charles Hendricks, wife of the phy
slclnn who figured a year ago In the
Laura Bugger suit to gain the Ben
nett estate. The missing boy was
kidnapped this morning by a man
whp drove In front of the renldence
In a cab. seised the cimu anu es
The Utah Strike.
Winter Quarters, Utah Dc. 88.
Deputy sheriffs attempt to evict the
'married coal strikers prtflipitawii a
l riot The armed guards of the Utah
Fuel Company withdrew, returning
with a company of militia, when the
'striker went peaoefully.
M w tZ t
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I s
Killed His Father.
inrfinnnnolls. Dec 28.-3Iarry Cbap-
iMB, aged 18. eolored. fhot and killed
... a !!., A. f.ruvanaia til A lilt
bis fataer iaw bibuk --
ter struek his mother.
The pope tne head of 0Ter 2M'
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