Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 24, 1903, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Stockton & Co.
Stockton & Co I
, m i . ' ' ii- -'
They Need
a Chaperone
Tlio St. Louis Advocato nlong with
other papers published in the Exposi
tion! city, sends out tlto following
"Wo would ho very glad to Impross
upon our brothers of tlio country
press tlio groat dangers that llo
In wait for tlio multltudo of young
girls Umt arcr flocking to St. Loulu,
and notably at Oils tlinu Tlio coun
try proas Is a tromondous power for
ltoouv and if thoy would kcop this
matter boforo their rcadors, constant
ly warning all a to this opon door to
ruin, many might bo Bnvod who else
wwro lost,
"Tlio gntoway to St. Louis Is tho
nront Union dopot which Ih bosot
with a thousand snares for unwary
fcot Any young girl who comos
through tho gatoa Into the midway is
At onco allotted, and It It bo itosslbln
tho snnro will bo bo spread In hoi1
path that alio cannot oscnpo.
"No girl nhould coma horo unless
absolutely suro an to hor course And
many tempting ndvortlsernonts are
ofton muro bnlts for Ignaranco and
Innocence And If she comos to tho
lty rondy to ontor tlto first carriago
-whoo drlvor proposes to take hor to
jt cheap boarding place or to accept
the first situation offered whore "no
oxporionco Is required," sho may as
well bid ndlou to Inuoconco and hopo
when alio lenvoar hor homo.
"Ami no a matter of courso th
young man la almost equally exposed
so far as moral or even physical saf
ely In concerned. If tho country pa-
' ' 'i
Chicago, Doc. 23. Whoat, 82 8
Gold Dust Flour
MoVe by
Sidney, Oregon.
Made for family uio. Atk your
grocer for It Bran and shorts al-
nnjn on hand.
A. T. Wain, Agt.
Timely Suggestions tot i
Cht istmas Presents
Diamond Rings from 910.00 to 1300.
Ladles' Watches from S0.60 to 150.
Gents Watches from $4.50 to 150.00.
Boys' Watches from $1.50 to $&00.
Solid Qold Rings from $1.00 to $20.00.
Diamond Brooches from $10.00 and up.
Diamond Cuff Links from $3.50 to $25,
Diamond Studs from $11.50 to $200...
Watch Chains from $1.60 to $16.00.
Opera Classes ftrsm $6.60 to $18.60.
Qold Pens and Pearl Handles $1.50
to $2.00.
Stlok Pins, beauties from $1 to $1.50.
Match Boxes from $1.50 to $5.00.
8havlng Mugs from $3.50 to ".50.
wpectactes and eyo-glasses selected for Xmas presents will bo re.
fitted after tha holidays, Your selections laid asldo until you want
thfru,,' w
Cfias H Hinges,
Jaweler and Optician,
pern will only keep thoso things be
fore tholr renders they will servo Qod
and humanity."
of the bride's paronts, an Cottngo
stroot, Wednesday, December 23,
1903, at high noon, Ooorgo Oscar
Ollvor to Eva E. Stanton, Dlshop
H. L. Uarkloy ofUclntlng.
Tho contracting parties aro both
rosldcnts of Salora, and studonts of
Willamette Unlvorslty. Miss L. Belle
Darby was bridesmaid, and Mr. Rich
ard Wllkins acted as host man. Tho
young pcoplo will spend a short
honeymoon in Portland, after whioh
thoy will return to Salem and resumo
their studio.
Hotol, Wodnosdny, December 23,
1903, at 3 o'clock, Mr. W. X. Patton
to Miss Blanche Hunter, Rov, Heppo
of tho Methodist church, officiating.
Tho young people aro residents' of
A fire alarm from the Murphy block,
corner of Commorclnl and State
streets, this, morning brought out the
flro department In short order. An in
vestigation by Chief Johnson showed
Hint tho alarm was a falso one, tlio're
being no ovidonce of a blnzo about the
building in question, and tho depart
ment returned to its quarters.
To Visit Ireland.
Dublin, Dec. 22. The dally Ex
prow today publlshod a lotlor from
King Edward's socretary. announcing
that tho king and quean expect tc
pay another visit to Ireland noxt sum
mer. vaanHHraMBaananHWMiMra
Merry Xmas?
Do you pay your bills? m
We Collect
A ccounts
Van Alstlne Cordon ft Co.
257ttCom'ISt. PnoneSOl
A, R Morgan ft Co. Mcrrs.
88 State Street
. AT1,
Chicago Blue Coats
Ch'apercne the
And the Dead Man Was Not
Interested in the Mat
ters at Issne in the
Chicago Doc. 24. The first
hoarso to bo used at a funeral
slnco tho Btrlko of tho livery drivers
bogan was sont out this morning. Do.
hind the hoarse was a carry-all filled
with policemen, with. Instructions not
to parley with any one interfering
but to uso oxtromo measures immcdl- gott, of Pussy, Iowa, and C. A. La
atoly. Tho strikers woro warned in mont. of Vanduoky. Mont., wero fatnl-
advance it would bo dangorous to ston
them, so no trouble was experienced
Tho church also was undor heavy po
lice guard.
GLEDJROASTED (Continued from first pap:fl.)
are nil now m tlie morguo, plied in n
growsome mass, and it Is impossible
at this time to pursue tho work of
Identification with any success. It Is
presumed that many of the dead be
long in Conncllsvllle, but so disfigured
aro their faces that they would be
passed by unknown oven by their near
ost relatives. The clothing of many
has boen searched for some identifica
tion, oui mis means nns provou iruiiMWM tovma dead in bod this morning,
less. It Is probablo thn. at least half ,
dozon will nover bo Idontlflod.
Nevor woro more terrible scenes to
bo witnessed than thoso nbout the
wreck, tho ttcam frm tho cars fllllnij
tlio nlr. Many of tho stricken people,
climbing out of tlio windows, went
wild with howls and screams of dellr
lum In tho bushes, and it is thought
that many have not been found. Oth
ers, It Is thought, woro caught in tholr
wnndorlngsThjd cared lor. One" man,
nftor rushing Into tho woods, came
back again, wont to tho bacgago car
of tho relief train, and, after sitting
down, said, "My God." Tho uxt In-1
stnnt ho dropped ove doad without
anotnor word. There was not a scat
on him Ho had Inhaled steam.
Governor Is Busy,
The govornor has approved a num
ber of the bills passed, and n fow otli
nr hn mi (11ml wltlinnt his nli'titilnro
.. . . .... . 1
so mat tney win uocomo jaws m w
days. Thoy are:
Bills signed Ropeal of Phelps net, Jnavo noTf y had to tako ono back
r-onnctment of old titx luw, canal and furnish a vibrator In Its stoad.
bill, oxomptlon act, Multnomah coun- ebmo and boo thorn,
ty circuit judges' salary, approprla- Qur Cnrlstmfta trado on
tion for oxponse of sosslon, terms of ,
court In 19th Judicial district, amend-11"19 boon BPIondld- Somo of you hus
ing section 3132 af codo, amend sec- j hands drop in and we'll holp you sur
tion C030 of code, oxecution of Pleas- priso your wlvoa.
ant Armstrong. I a mlnaturo Studobakor wagon
men wiuiout signature cnartor
bills of Lebanon, Beaver Hill, McMinn-
vlllo; Bnlarlos of Josephlno county,
game laws amendment, amondmont to
4322-3 of codo.
No Hop Dream.
Chas. Livealey, plalnliff. vs. Farrow
Bros., defendants, la the title of a
caso filed in tho Justice court. ,ThQ
action is brought to rocovor ?C5.C7
alleged to bo duo as a balance of the
purchoso prlco of a quantity of hops,
138 balos, sold by tho plaintiffs
through Uio defendants, who actod as
Nobody Cares.
Paris, Dtic 24. At a special sitting
in tho Fair will case Faoysuror today.
Dr. Porrlqua, who testified at Paris
that Mrs. Fair survived her husband, (
was sovoroly cross-cxamlneuT The
witness gonorallred, hesitated and
Anally contradlctod hlmsolf, thus bo- j
rlously damaging his previous ovi-'
denoo. ;
Made the Dervishes Howl.
Loudon, Doc. 24. Dispatches today
report a battlo between 2000 Dervlshoa
and a British forco near Bodwln, So
mallland, on Docembor 18th, In which
the onoroy was completely routed, los
ing 82 killed and100 wounded. The
British loss was threo killed and four
Mania for Fires,
Cleveland. O., Doc. 24. Mrs. Dora
Robinson has been arrested at Obar
lln, charged with, arson. Seventeen
Incendiary fires qf recent date aro at
tributed by the officers, to her.
Fatal Collision,
Mexico. Ma. Dec. 34. Tho east.
bound Wabash posaonger train col
H Physicians prescribe it B
S for their most delicate I
LFor Sale by H
A. 8CHREIDER, Salem. I
153 State St I
lldcd with
unit Enclnonr Whltton klllnil CJ Hind-
ly Injured.
Burned to Death.
Cumberland, Md., Doc. 24. Throe
Itnlians woro burned to death last
night In a fire, which destroyed n sec
tion car on the Baltimore & Ohio rail
road, near Mountain Lake.
Cotton Goes Soaring.
Now York, Dec. 24. Cotton today
wont tho hlghost slnco tho war of the
robolllon, going to $13.91. Drokors
predict it will go to 14 cents.-
Cuba Recognizes Panama.
Washington, Doc. 21. The state de
partment has advices that Cuba today
! fPrranlly recognized tho ropubllc of
Kansas City,
rough, formor
Doc. 21. Philip Bur'
British consul lioro
Arthur L. Jaraosj cashier of tho First
National Bank of Baker City, accom
panied by his family, Is In tho city for
a week's visit with his fathor, Supt.
Jnmos, of tlio state prison. Mr. James
was an interested spectator at tho
capltol during tho closing hours of the
1'cglBlaturo last night.
White Rotary
Always plvoso tho womon folks.
When tho Whlto Rotary wna por
fecteil wo took It up and havo Bold
scores of them slnco. Wo soli thorn
tholr morits oa an cosy runnlntr.
high Bpood, convoniont machine, and
tlcklou tho boys.
Wo havo thorn. Drop In ana look.
And that "Irish Mail." It's a Bmall
(hand cart for tho stroot You bring
I thO hOV In. Ho'll nll If tr, lilmonlf
ADd a nic w,ntor bur robo foV
"tno mora." He gets cold when ho
has to drivo; drop In and we'll holp
you warm him
li tho robo won't do It wo have
eomo good buggy whips. ,
And eomo Juvonllo bicycles, Tljo boy
or girl will havo tho riding trick all
learned by oprlng, If you buy now.
Wo havo the wheols If you havo the
F. A. Wiggins'
Implement House.
255-257 Liberty 8L
Farm Machinery, Bloycles, Automo
biles, Sewing Machines and Supplies.
Sowing Machine RepsJrlac.
fHtH Hi Hlllil 8 -HI 1 1 1 H .
New Today
Lost or Stolen From my placjj, of
business. In. Salem, a shotgun .hav
ing a copper band around stock.
Proper reward for return of same.
M. L. Hamilton, Sa:em, Oregon.
Wanted.-At oiyie, a. girl foe eaoral
housowo;k. Call on Mrs. J. A.
Carson, South Salora. 12-Jt-3t
a freight near haro today,
Two Nights Only
Beginning- Wednesday Dec. 23
Mr. Harry W. Smith will prompt
And her wccellout compnuy in
the following plnye:
"AjJModern Magdalen.
"TliejDtfcness DaiBarry."
Prices 75c, 60c, 35c
Seats on Bale at box oIHcd
"Wednesday at 9. a. fn.
Grand Opera House
JOhiN F. CORDRAY, Manager.
Friday Dec. 25.
Eighth annual tour of tho
Stanford University GIcc
and Mandolin Ciubs
A night of fun, frolic, music and
merriment Now music, bright spe
cialities, collcgo stories, college stunts
collcgo fun.
Prices, $1.00, 7Gc, 50c and 35c.
Scats on salo at box offlco Friday
at 9 a. m.
Grand Opera House
Monday, Dec. 28
B, C. Whitney Presents The Ploe
Joe Kelly
and 30 others In the ls musical
"The Head WaSteis"
More Music than a Comic Opera,
Lavish InLevcliness
PRICES-75C. 50c, 35c.
Stats on sale at box-oflko Monday at
0 a.. m.
In retiring from my business career
in Salem, I wish to thank all my pat
rons and friends for tholr liberal pat
ronago for thoso many years, and to
the many clorks and omployos who
havo so successfully aided mo. I al
so extend to them many thanka for
their klndnoss and respect, and In
loavlug your beautiful city I assure
you that I go with tlio best of fooling
for your wolfaro and wishing ono and
nil a merry Christmas and many a
happy Now Year, I bid you adlou.
Tlio Fair Storo, O. P. Dabnoy, Pro
prietor. Tho host quality and tho lowest
priceo on Italian strings for violin,
guitar, mandolin and banjo, nt W. Cal
vot's, practical watchmaker, 1G8 State
stroot. cod
Football! Football!
Tomorrow, Dec. 25
Chemawa Seconds
Multnomah Seconds
Willamette Grounds
Game called at 2:30
Exciting game, decides tho cham
pionship of tho two teams.
Admission 25c
Grandstand iOc
Only Two Days More of the great sale
at the Chicego Store, The store is
crowded every day with anxious buyers,
anxious to get their share of the specials
otfered at such low prices, Come straight
no the Chicago store if you want except
ionally good value for your money.
The Cheapest Store
M'EYoy Brothers,
State open
Is brim foil of holiday
We're too basy to
write ads.
Do yowr Christmas
buying early. Come in
the mornings if you can.
Otegon Fite Relief
Ortcon's Great Mutual Insurance Co.
$15,440,588 Insurance at risk.
Safe, economical insurance for the
people. Head office, McMlnvllIe, Or.
H, A. JOHNSON, Agent for Marlon Co.
Salem. Oregon.
Wanted Potatoes
We Want
Burbank Potatoes.
Early Rose Potatoes.
Early Jackson Potatoes,
Peerless Potatoes.
Garnett Chill Potatoes.
James M. Kyle & Co
i 75 CommercialSt.
Edward Ellis.
144 State 8t
ia the Northwest
Court St.,Salem
J ' "
I Stof c
1 es