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NO. 296.
VOL. XIII. 7" "
if 1.. Jl aa B fe M 1 W
14 rai .Nil
- I
Seventy- Lives Go Out Like a
Candle in the Wind
Cannon-Ball Train Proves to Be Ver
itable Meteor of De-
Oonnollsvillo, Pa., Dec. 21,-Thg the embankment to tho edge ot tho
.tinmiM of deaths in the BaM Wouiaiy rlvor.
UUBW vow'"'"
A Wild Scene.
The moment tho car1 stopped roll
lag there uas a wild aceno. Many per-
sods wore pinioned beneath tho wreck-
ace, and tho screams and cries that mollshed and tho big 7000-gallon tank
white, nnd two' , . . ' ,. . .
ill an v nuiu iujiuvu in tiicit niuu u.v
timore & Ohio wrecic at Laurel last
jljht plnco tho numbor of kill at 70,
jnly 20 of whom have boon Identified.
Four arrests woro miulo at Dawson
thU morning on charge ot robbing
tho dead: two woro
Most of tho foreigners killed were
toind for Europe. At noon Is was
lKortalnod thore wore C8 deaths, with
three dying in tho hosiiltnU. Of
theso 53 aro Identified. Thoro worn
fewer foreigners In the wreck than
was at first supposed.
A numbor of the victims will novor
be Identified, as they tiro burned be
yond recognition. Tho injured nro
being attended to by a scoro of doc
tors from near-by points. Dusinoss at
Conncllsvlllo la entirely suspended.
Oonnclbvlllo, Pa., Dec. 24. With a
terrible crnah tho Duquosno llmltod,
the far'.cst through passenger train
from Pittsburg to Now York on tho
Baltimoio & Ohio, plowed into a pile
of lumber ot Laurel Run, two miles
west of Dawson at 7 MB o'clock last
night, nnd It Is estimated that 03 llvos
cro lost, and' 30 porsons were in
jured. Tho train loft Pittsburg that ovon
log, runnlnga fow mlnutos lato, In
. rtiilt TlinrnlflV
lUurBO Ul IUBlutui ......" -"-". ,.. ,, lll.fntn,! nnS
ot Connollavlllo. Whon approaching is m.nuios u",u "-""""-;;
their seats by tho llghtning-imu im
plication of tho air brakoa, nnd a mo-
thnt nt least 40 of tho dead were Id
tho smokor.
Trainman Proves a Hero.
BaRRQCemaStor Thnmna .1 Ttnnm nl
Hnzolwood, who wns on tho wrecked
trnln. Droved hlmaoir ii hum with
his head and body frightfully cut, ho
managed to crawl from tho wreckage,
nnd groping his way along in tho dark
ness, flagged the west-bound passong-
or train, No. 49. Ho had nothing with
which to flag tho train, oxcopt match
es and those ho maao ubo ot in his
desperation, taking oft his coat and
setting lire to It. Ho stonned the train
Just In time to prevont it from plung
ing into the wreck and adding furthor
horror. Daum collapsed whon he saw
he hnd succeeded In stopping the
train, nnd when tho engine stopped
he was lying within a tow feet of It.
An operator at "VR" towor on the
Pittsburg &. Lake Krlo railroad, across
tne rlvor, was the first to sond word
of the accident nnd to sond for ro-
lief. He was watching tho Duquosno
limited as it was speeding along the
Baltlmoro & Ohio tracks ncross the
river. He saw tho cars pile high In
the air, and then sink back on the
tracks. Tho screams ot tho' Injured
and dying woro plainly heard. In an
I other second ho was somltug word to
1 the railroad officials at Dawson and
Inspectors Think He
Leases Quarters to
Iday. In nearly every brokerage house
In the financial district tho omployee
wore made happy by tho gift of a
week's salary. whlk In others tho
Christmas boxes woro much largar. It
is ostimnlod that over two ana one
hnlf million dallnrs was thus distrib
Contracts of This Kind Are
Illegal and Would Be Im
" 'mediately Can
Washington. Dec. 24. Postofflco In
spectors aro Investigating tho chargo
thnt Senator Warren, ot Wyoming, is
the lbssoo ot tho postolllco quarters at
unoyunno, nis noinu iuwii. mu omi
utos prohibit nny mornbor of congross,
directly "or indirectly, onjoylng nny
contract ontered Into in behalf of the
United States, and provldos such con
tracts bieomo void. It has beon dls-
closod that Ueavors mndo n general
nrnctice of ontorlng Into such con-
Racing at Los Angeles.
Ix Angeles, Cal., Dec. 24. With
ample capital nt Its back, and with the
stablos filled, with good horses, 'Ascot
Park will mnke IU bid for tho favor
of horsemen nnd rnco followers to
morrow, when it will open for tho
winter season. This will be tho Ini
tial meeting nt tho trnck, and, unless
nil signs n nstrny, it will bo n highly
successful one. Tho accommodations
nro tho best to be found anywhere on
tho Pacific coast, while tho track Itsolf
Is pronouncod superb by the owners
nnd tralnors who are gathered horo
In largo numbers to attend tho nteuc
Ing. Tho mooting, according to pres
ent plnns, will continue until tho laBt
wook ot Mnrch.
Steamer ErastusCor'
ning Wreck onthe
For more than D00 foet both the tracts with members of congress, but
Bant nnd wrwthnunil tracks nro turn Inasmuch ns It couldn't be shown that
up. The engine was completely de- any loss resulted to the govornment.
It was ordored that all sucn conirncis,
whon discovered, should bo cancelled.
cltoment and plunged Into the river.
Others, pinioned beneath tho heavy
timbers, pleaded in agonizing tonos for
release. So terrific was tho forco of
the wreck that nearly ovory pas
senger sujfered n momont's uncon
sciousness, nnd many of tho able-
bodied men wore unnblo to assist In
helping tho Injured from the wreck on
account of having fainted.
Tho killed woro mostly foreigners.
who wora In tho smoking car Just back
of tho bnggage car. They woro liter
ally roasted to death, tho baggago and
smoker telescoping tho engine Many
of their bodies aro lying burned to a
crlsn in tho baggago room of the Bal.
tlmoro & Ohio depot, to bo removed
later to tho different undertaking
whons of tho city. A peculiar feature
of tho accident is tho fact that not a
woman was injured, excepting a few
Cause of the Wreck.
Tho wreck was cnusod by tho break
ing of castings on a car load" of bridge
timbers on a westbound frolgnt wnicn
had possod Laurel Run not moro than
on the tender was chrown 100 foet
ahead. The baggage car was thrown
Into the river, but was only slightly
wrecked. All tho cars wore derailed,
and the trucks of all oxcept the diner
wore torn completely from underneath
tho cars. Few peoplo wore sorlously
Injured in (he Pullman cars and the
diner, although hardly any oscaped!
Will Bo Accepted In Exchange for
Government Securities.
Washington. Dec. 24. Shaw author
Izes tho statement that tho Phlllpplno
land purchase bonds will bo acceptod
The Cleveland Family's Christmas.
Princeton, N. J., Dee. 24. Suround-
ed by their ftvo chlldron ono moro
than at tho Christmas colebratlon a
year ngo ox-Prosldont nna Mrs.
Clovelnnd will pass n. Jolly Christians
tomorrow In tholr homo on Hayani
Lnno. Tho holidays will be obsorvod
simply, nttentlon bolng given chiefly
to making merry wlUi the ohlldron. A
big Christmas tree stnnds In tho li
brary, nnd pnekngea havo been dsllv
ord thick nnd fast, containing pres
ents tor the little ones.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 t-H-M-H-H-W-H I M't
V ?
HC2. 04.
Seattle. Dec. 24. George II. Grace,
a prominent Shrlner, nnd member of
tho Qrace-Wolsh Commission com
pany, committed suicide with a revol
ver, shooting himself In tho head, thlij
morning. Ho wns despondent, and
hnd beon drinking last night.
Passengers Take to the Boats
in Negligee Costumes,
One of Which Is
Norwalk. Conn.. Doc. 24. Tho
stonmer Ertwtus Corning, plying bo-
tw'eon Now Haven nnd Now York, run
on Copp's rock early this morning.
Thirty passongors took to tho lioats,
mostly olnd In tholr night garments,
ns tho stonmor snnk almost Instnntly)
Ono boat, containing four womon and -
two mon, Is missing.
Six Rescued.
Westnort. Conn.. Dee, 24 Tho re
port renohod horo that tho six missing '
from the steamer Corning wreck wore.
plokod up this afternoon. All nro
nllvo. but sufforlng from exposure.
High nolllng Democrat i
Ilerlln. Dec. 2t. Uryan arrived to
day. nnd will havo nn audience with
the knlsor tomorrow.
We wish yot all
A Mey GMstmas
11 aad A Ps?ospeotSiNew Yea f
A Royal Pair,
norlln. Dee. 24. It Is learned today
that tho dlvorco granted yostorday, nt
Drosdon, In tho enso of Prince nnil
Prlncoss 8choonbiirg. wan based on
tho guilt of both sides. Tho prlncoss
wns found guilty of ndultory, nnd the
pilnco of cruelty.
We have about 2 ton of
candy and nuts that we"
want to sell in the next 2
days. Call and inspect our
1M State QL
Phons 1071 Main.
$w4.Hm inillllW44444444-mW4HW4W
sent later thoro wns a torrlflc crash
Tho train was made up of two bag
sage cars, two day coachos, one sleop-
and ono dining car, and at tho time
as carrying, nt tho lowost ostlmate
150 nnnsonimra. ' Thb train plowed
tlom? for n. nnnsldorablo distance, and J
..i, a ble At antic-typo engmu
plunged Into tho timber at a velocity
of GO miles an hour. Tho onglno
plowod Into the ombankmont, nnd the
baggage car was tnrown im -Youghloghony
Tho smokor followed tho engine,
nnd landed squaroly on top of iL This
.. .i , BBcnnlnE steam from the
iho car. ino
without nt least some slight injuries.
Phvslclans to Scene. ,
a a nnn ns the wrecK was reported
In Connellsvllle all the avallablo phy
sicians wero summoned, Including
Baltimore & Ohio physicians, anu a
special train was mado up, nnd takon
in charge by General Hupormiuim.i.i
Sims nnd Superintendent Irwin, of tho
Pittsburg division. Tho rollof train
wns run at full speod, nnd tho scono
f ,h wreck wns reached nbout 0
. nn ik rnr. ino Biuunui I . , ,.i -f.
tto cn oro torn to ploco.. p- ' "',":,,", cK. "" Tl8 """'"', " . w..
IUUUO - . .... ,
They wero loaded onto tho relief trnln
nrt thn nnniinn niunced down ovor
Store Closed AH Day Tomoww
from tho wreck as It tore along. M" 'Not a B,nglo passenger in this
neniy u,0 engine sworvuu w - , . ,. and t la esumaieu
. .i,itn nvnr rui -
Hare you seen the crowds
of Holiday Shoppers at the
iiThe New Yoifc
j j They all know where to trade when
I ; have a splendid assortment of
I Holiday Goods
!! Ev.o- Itom I. mrkd .n 'W" ""
h . & inavii u - r.
, ; Picture Books, Drees u-.
they have cash to spend.
!! Handkerchiefs, Perfumery
Slippers and
margin of profit Dolls,
Collar and Cuff D.
all kinds or raertH- -
I! suitable for Christmas Presets.
Salem's Cheapest O P
Casli Store.
tTbARNES, Ptop.
and taken to the Cottage hospital hore.
The dead were placed in a long n
on the embankment oppoeiio i
wreck, nnd la a iilngle line 38 forms
lay on the frozen Krcund. Anchor
age contaln-id U. and scattered here
and thsre through tht underbrush
were the ded bodies ur m.ny w..
I had been able to cmwl from the
!.... ... ,iii bsfore aid could
reach them Under his "
nmrineor William Thornely. dliem-
toweled and mo1 d almo beyon..
recognition. H iw,-Hle at th
tlme to extricate bis body, and it will
. , .., Wor the wreeklng
crew will be able to re.aove the en-
ia which Dlulou his rernunw uu.
tbe huge mass of steel.
Thieves Rob the Dead.
.. .... ....i i.o iiias of tho dead
tt'en removed from lb. coaohs. until
thieves bega robbing -"
iwelry and money, apecm, v.-
'. deoutised. and, with the aiu
'the Daltlmore & Ohio Pillee force aa
Iconnemvllle officer., the work of tho
. .'otnnnail. HWVWIO.I !-"-
Je und.suron. and arrests will
?o,low tomorrow. It U barged that
I tbe foreigner who wapea -.
iaSrob.ns their more unfortuna
'countrymen, and me , o -
.ii,. ftered were robb of their valu
utiles. .. . ,.i.ltMj,vi
leK It was definitely boown that
gg,'.1 dead. Te, dead bedle,
(ConUnued on Msta P)
nt par as security for deposits for pub.
lie monoy. should further doposlts be
mado, and may be substituted for gov
ernment bonds now held ns security,
on tho condition thnt the bonds thus
rolensed be used ns security for nddl
tinnni rirnulntlon whenever, In the
secrotnry'B Judgment, it Is desirable to
stlmulnto nn Incronso of the nniionni
bank circulation.
Christmas ve In Paris,
naria nv 24. No matter whnt
rony be tho state of Its material pros
perity, Paris believes In maKing
Christiana a season of general rejolo
log and gaiety. As n conswrnenco of
this belief, the capital Is today wit-nMin-
the usual characteristic Christ
mas fetes. Dense holiday uironm
ui ,. QtrMiA and stores, ami me
boulevards were lined with booths
from which novelties, wero vended. At
the Madeline and other lending enurwi
es midnight mass will be celebrated,
tjsjftjsaaaga&cgiiJiiiii'''i'11"111' .
Gt and Clean Up
Last Day Before
with orohestras, nnu woii-hho
i.i. r.t th oiuira narWclpatlag. The
restanranU and cafes are permitted to
keep open nil nlahU
Colombia Protests.
.i.in(nn nc. 84. Tho brief, set-
im mrth Colombia's position, In ref
erence to tbe reeogniUon of Panama
by the stnte department, is now in
hand4 of Secretary Hay. h - v"
sented to him personally last night
by Senor Iteyes It M an imww
document, on which Itoyea and HCn
apent three weeks In preparing It, as-
sleted by Wayne wcveagn. iv
.! mJuI nnd anneals for a reeon-
atderatlon of'reeonlUi extended ths
new republic of Panama.
Beaupre's Departure.
Washington. Dec. !.- ww
.. ... .... HonnrlmanL datod IJOgOU,
.o- ioih Knnouneos Minister
Uwvviauvi - ,
neaupr98 departure, ana u
fairs of the l8tlon are new In ebarg
of 8ereUry finydor.
ttanU Will Visit Wall Otreet.
M v,v Dec. 24-Wall street
,..a .. i husineis this afternoon,
eiw uv '- , ........ .,i
not (b rme until nwt c' -
Unkers ''?'
heme filled with the 1lr!tet tbe bg.
Except Special Priced. Goods
' M