Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 19, 1903, Page SIX, Image 6

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Misses' and children's red felt
slippers $.40
Children's red felt, fur-trimmed
Juliets 65
Children's red felt, fur-trimmed
Juliets t,. 1.00'
M lasts red felt Juliets 1.25-
Bargains In children's and' misses'
red felt slipper, 6 to 8 .85
81, to 10'2 90
I 11 to 12 1.15
Infants' soft shoe, shoe for the
n.. e dears 50
Ladles' red felt slippers, a bar
gain 50
Ladles' black felt Juliets, fur
trimmed 150
Ladles' brown felt Juliet, black,
furtrlmmed 1.50
La velvet Juliet, fur-trimmed,
silk bow 1.75
La kid Juliet velvet top, fur
trimmed 2.00
Men's pat. kid blucher, seal top,
Elk toe 4.00
Ladles' blue felt slippers, a
snap .50
Ladles' red felt Daniel Green
make 1.50
La wine colored felt Juliet, black
furtrlmmed 1.50
La kid JJullet, black quilted top
fur-trimmed 2.00
La green felt Juliet, gray fox
trimming 2.00
Men's Walkover shoes, exclusive
agents for Salem 3.50
Men's black dongola everett
slippers 1.25
Men's black dongola Hamlet
white stitched 1.50
Men's black Columbia, pat inlaid 1.75
Men's black opera, kid lined.... 1.75
Men's tan opera, white stitched
leather lined 1.75
Men's red seal, white kid lined 2.00
Men's tan seal, white kid lined,
patent leather Inlaid 2l00
OREGON SHOE COMPANY, 275 Commecial St. j
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8G47 Indiana Avenue.
Chicaoo, J li,., Sept. 27, 1002.
t have been a sufferer with almost ovcry kind
of female troublo for years, but as long aa I
could get around and do my work I would not
try patent medicines as Iliad no faith in them.
About eight months ago I had to take to
my bed, suffering with prolapsus of tho uterus,
with bearing down pains and intenso pains
in tho back. My aunt,who como to nurso mo
told me of Wino of Cardui and sent for a bot
tle. I am indoed glad that elio did, for that
first bottlo started mo on tho road to recov
ery. In a few weeks I was out of bed and in thre months I was
in belter health and stron'
gor than I hail been
years. I taken dose now
occasionally, of Wino
Cardui and am kept in
perfect health.
m- 1
Sec'y. Woodman s Circle No. 70.
Wino of Cardui brings certain relief to women sufforing any symp
tom of female weakness ond jHirfectly regulates tho monstrual llow. wino
of Curdul stops bearing down pains by permanently relieving tho irritation
which weakens tho ligaments holding tho womb in place. Ton need not
sulfur ovory month it you tako this medicine. Tho periodical dischargo
will bo painless and healthy without continual weakening drains. Wino
of Cardui will mako your health right and you may treat yourself privately
in your own homo. Secure n $1.00 bottlo of Wino of Cardui from your
druggist today.
ly that tho court will innko a ruling
until after tho special session.
Thoro has boon n belief that, while
tho county of Clatsop is really liable
for tho money paid In for recording
deeds slnco 1895 a sum, by tho way,
that would probably exceed $25,000
tho county clerk might protect tho In
torosts of tho county horeaftor by de
clining to record deeds, unless tho
foes woro tondorod by the porsons
offering tho deeds for record Judgo
McOrido was asked about this matter
todayv and replied that tho clerk
would have to accopt and record deeds
without receiving the fees.
The matter Is ono of pressing Im
portance, and thoro Is no question
that It will bo disposed of at tho forth
coming special soselon. Astorlan.
gO0ggfaC 8999999Q99&9G998Q1MW9999Q fr WWf gj
Proposal to Remedy Defect In Present
JiiiIku Thomas A. Mcllrlile nnivod
in Astoria an the noon train today.
Ho conn down for tho purpose of con
sulting with District Attorney Allon
regarding tho now recording foo law,
which I to bo framed for presentation
nt tho special legislative session, In
the event that some other general bill
Is not ottered. Judge Mr-Bride said
this afternoon that he was of the
opinion fees could not be legally col
lected under tho existing statute, tho
law of 1805 providing for fees for re
cording deedB having been Inadvert
ently repealed. A suit for $200 has
boon brought In Columbia county In
Judge McUrldo'H court, but no decision
has yet been reached, and It Is unlike-
New Range In Use.
A new rungo has ooeu added to tho
fixtures of tho Modol Oyster Parlors,
No. 110 Court streot, and tho manage
ment announces that special dlnnor3
can bo sorved any day. Oysters and
stylo and short order meals. Tho dol
Icaclos of tllo season nlways served.
Crowded Out.
Tho full roport of tho proceedings nt
the Salem Kopubllcan club dinner can
not bo given today, owing to domand
for advertising space. It will nppoar
4-HPfrKM 0CtM-fr0-WMHfr-N 100181 0H-CS4O4.
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1 1
Closing Out
at the Faif Sto?e
Rvorythlng, Including general racket, store goods of every descrlp-
Uon; also tho largest steck: of toys sad holiday goods la Salem.
Than all other houses In Salotn combined. I moan business, and,
realizing that, whllo It will be a loss to mo, It will bo your gain. Must
bo sold within two wooks.
Iluslnosa olsowhoro demands my attoutlon, and ovorythlng must
bo closed ouL Do not miss tho groat opportunity to got your holi
day goods and wlutor supplies. Tho rilr Storo. 274 Commercial SL
O. P. DABNEY, Proprietor.
r tfrHfrHDfr3-rN OtlailHH -HM-ft 80
25 Cents
2 3 lbs Fancy Dates.
I 35 Cents
9 2 lbs Walnuts or Almonds.
35 Cents
2 lbs Mixed NuU.
35 Cents
2 lbs cans Solid Pineapple.
50 Cents
1 Dushol of Good Applos.
5 Cents
1 Packago Darnum Animals.
10 Cents
1 Packago Noah's Ark.
Fuller & Douglas,
142 State Grocers Phone
1 -Geat tnvento
A Determi
nation Sale
Ever hoar of ono?
Wo call it a Determination Sale because wo are
determined to carry over no winter goode, if cut
prices will niovo them. Profit is lost sight of, This
is your month you got tho profits. Don't think
about this sale too loug wo can keep it going but
a short timo.
A Thrifty Man's Opportunity I
Cut prices on all suits and ovorcoats and we aro
determined, fully determined, that Winter woar-
ables must go
Lome, got your simro of the good
i 2
y 5ale
will continue until Dec. 28. Of course you con stay from
this sale if you want to, but you will lose money if you do.
Note a few of our prices. Everything CUT.
$10 Suits m
12.50 Suits
1 5.00 Swits
J 7.50 Swits
20.00 Suits
25.00 Swits
Overcoats tedveed to $ 700 1
o Overcoats reduced to 8.00
ot Overcoats reduced to 10.00
ot Overcoats tedttced to J 2.50
ot Overcoats reduced to 15.00
o Overcoats tedveed to 16.50
Remember you have the largest stock in Sa
lem to select horn. Don't miss this opportunity.
issisisMisswssiBsiiiiMiisisiSiisssiiiWssssMsssiMi mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmammmimm
B s iftl S H H
257 Commercial St.
KflH m9RU19BB
cl S
And Almonds, 1J4 Q for 25c.
Special prices In large quantl. I
Walnuts J Mixed Candy ij Out
:: Chocolate
We keep the best pure goods
No gum drops.
Come Inland ceo what a
sackful 25c will buy.
Candy Canes l Automobile I A Box
In fancy boxes are the bead
Ideal of delicious confections.
These are a delight to both
young and old.
They caught the popular
Candy boxes for the children.
A nice gift filled with candy,
15c each.
See our Christmas bell boxes.
Of Spa Candy will please
more people as a present thai
any one thing In Salem.
Are fresh and home made.
This means much to buyers.