Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 18, 1903, Image 1

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ODse Wants Papers
in the Recent Pos
tal Frauds
tesolution Calling For Them
Is Introduced-Will Be
Thoroughly Investigated
I Washington, Dec. 18. Senator Par
ana, of California, prosldcd over tho
cnato today during Fryo's nbsenco
DolUvcr presented a petition refers
ring to ho Isle of Pines. UponLodgo's
objection that it should be presented
in secret session, It was withdrawn.
In tho house about 60 wero present
when tho session open.d. Wognor, of
Pennsylvania, offored a Drlvllocn rn
olution calling upon Postmaster-Gen.
eral Payno to transmit to tho commit
too on postal expenditures all the pa
pers and reports In tho postofflco in
vestlBaUon. Williams objected, and
asked tlmo to debate and offer amend,
ments to tho resolution. Wagner re
fused to commit himself, and said tho
papers properly belonged to the pos
tal committee, as It was authorized by
tho rules of Uio houso to pass upon all
accounts, and, report all atmso of ap
propriations, Wagner's resolution was adopted by
a vote of 109 to 100. Tho bulk of the
papers are clready In tho hands of the
committee on poatofflces.
In the Senate.
Washington, Dec. 18. Senator Pen-
(Continued on oigth pago.)
KJovemor Chamberlain Replies to Dilatory Pleas of the
United States Engineers.
, Governor Chamborlaln Is Hi receipt
f a letter from Major Lnngfltt, corps
K engineers, regarding tho richt of
vny at Tho Dalles, suggesting that
10 stato should provldo tho required
light of way for tho government pro-
Beet Yesterday afternoon Govornor
and roleaso from damages, but It is
presumed that, as tho ,vork Is located
In tho stato of Oregon, this would nat
urally dovolvo upon that stato, or at
least the officials of that stato would
bo tho ones to look after tho matter.
"Should this view bo correct, and
any official of tho stato bo proporly
toamborlaln mado reply to tho letter, designated to tako tho matter In hand.
Major Langlltt'a letter Ib as follews:
Major Langfltt's Letter.
"Dear Sir: I havo to inform you
that tho board of engineers, author
zed by tho river and harbor act ap
proved Juno 13, 1902, and continued
toy par. C, S. O. No; 19, 1902, hoadquar-
iters corps of engineers, submitted Its
report of modification of project for
improving Columbia river between
'tho foot of Tho Dalles rapids and tho
rfheau; of Celllo falls., Oregon and "Wash-
pngton. This board recommended that
Ijtfno work .should bo begun until tho
right of way and rolenso from darn
rages had been convoyed to tho United
States free of cost.'
"This recommendation was con-
Icurrcd In by tho chief of engineers, and
io acting secretary of war, undor
Sato of November G, 1903, approved
I should bo glad to cc-opornto in any
manner possible with thorn in desig
nating tho rights of way needed, and
facilitate their work as far as may be
The Governor's Reply.
Tho governor's reply to this letter,
Bont out last night; ib as follews:
"Tho legislature at lte last session
passed an act providing for tho 'crea
tion of a board of portagu coramlslon
ore, and providing for tho acquire
ment of a right of way and tho con
struction of a portago railway around
tho point referred to In your letter,
and mado an appropriation for that
s) eel fie purpose, and much as I .fool
Interested la seeing tho United States
tako chargoW thla Important work, I
havo ,no powor to do anything In the
promises, nor has the board referred
o Toport 'subject to tho condition to authority, undor tho act creating
at no work shall bo begun until the them, to appropriate any monoy for
ght of way and roleaso from damag- any other purpose than that specific
have been convoyed to tho Unltod ally mentioned in the act.
tntcs free of chargo.' "I regret this exceedingly, but until
"Nothing Is said as to who should further legislation wo are compelled
ecuro and convoy this right of way, to prdceed In the mattor of acquiring
a right of way and constructing n
ortago railroad. In the vory nature
of thlngi Oint can only be a temper
nry expedient, whilst a government ca
nal would be pennanont, and would
do more than it Is poselblo for the
stato to do to relieve conditions in
Eaatorn Oregon and Washington, and
I slncoroly hopo that the gotioral gov
ernment may yot, through its proper
authorities, see ita way to tako the In
itiative, both la the matter of secur
ing tho title to n right of way, and In
the work of construction of a canal."
'torn now on
special prices on
Candies for Xmas
'tees, Etc.
954 State 8t
Phone 1971 Main
Have you seen the ctowds I
of Holiday Shoppers at the
PanicStricken at a Fire
They Jump From
Fifth Story
Elevator Man Loses His Head
and Life --None Were
in Immediate Dan-
Dayton, Ohio, Dec. 18. Pour yo-.
men, employed In a dressmaking es
tablishment In tho Canby building,
wero panlc-Btrlckcn In a Arc this
morning, and Jumped from tho fifth
story. Minnie Troxoll, two Lovicou
sisters, and Mrs. Frank Hughes nro
probably fatally hurf. ,
Ellas Uoeder, tho olovator man, be
came excited, lost control of his car.
and fell five floom Ho Is fatally hurt.
Ellas Saundars foil three storlon
from n flro escape, and -Is seriously In
jured. All could havo oaenpod easily, as
the lire was confined In the storioa In
the basement. Smoko filling the build
ing caused tho panic.
Stops Funerals in the
? Windy Street
Cabs Deserted
Undertakers Ask for Police
Protection to Protect
Drivers of Funeral
Chicago, Dec. 18. Fiftoeu hundred
llvory drivers struck today. Tho busi
ness is tied up. At noon 400 stable
mon quit in sympathy. Tho drivers
demand $14 a week for J 2 hours a
dayi A funornl at St, Procopius
church this morning was interrupted,
whon tho mombors of tho Coupe and
Cab 'Drivers' Union, who hnd been
Impressed to drlvo by tho liverymen,
wero called out by their business
agent, whllo tho coromonles In tho
church wore progressing. The pall
boarors. who started to place tho body
In the hearse, wore notified that thoro
wero no drivers, as all refused to pro
coed to tho cemetery. Tho body wrb
finally convoyed to tho cometory In a
light undertaker's wagon, while Rev.
Neurel and. the mourners proceeded
in street cars.
Another funeral, to havo taken
ploco thlo morning, was postponed,
and tho body will bo taken to the
cemetery today In an express wagon.
This afternoon many liverymen are
agreeing to tho scale. Tho union pre
dicts an early victory.
An undertaker this afternoon, who
succeeded In getting non-union drlv
ore, called upon tho police to protect
tho funeral. A detail of officers ac
companied tho carriages and hearse,
and stood guard around tho church
whllo tho Borvlces were being hold.
Has Trouble at a Junction City Church
and U Abuted by the Pastor.
Eugene, Dec. 18. (Special) Rev.
Swackonhamop, tho colored preacher,
In now having somo troublo down at
Junction, claiming ho has been abused.
Ho statba that a prominent minister
at Junction Invited him to hold re
vlvnl sorvlcca, and when ho camo to
start tho revival tbo pastor rofuso.1
Rov, Swackonhamcr admission, and
called hist colored brother a liar, Im
postor, a robber and everything but a
Toward Russia Is at
the Boiling Point"
War Talk
Declaration Would Come at
Once if Left to Popular
Vote-- Government
Toklo, Japan, Doc. 18. Tho popular
feeling toward Rusdta today Is at the
hlghojt point. It Is believed, If put tor
a popular voto, Japan would almost
Immediately declare wan Tho gov
ernment l showing great steadfast'
ness, although tho pressure Ib onor
moiis. Tho cabinet ham't yet eont n
reply to Russia's communication.
An 'Armenian Revolution,
Vlonna, Doc. 18. Reports received
horo show that largo quantities of
arms and ammunition have been sue
coMfully smuggled into the Armenian
dlstrlotB In Southeastern Kuaela by
the Armenians, and nil Is now In rend
InoBs for a goneral Insurrection In the
CaucuBus In the spring
Without Foundation.
Galveston, Tox., Doc. 18. The" re
port that ovldancus of a plot against
President Roosevelt wore found In tho
possession of Charles l'lorron, a latnl
anarchltt, who wan arrcBted yesterday
for making an Intemptrnto Bpeeeh, Ib
without foundation.
Judge Tuck will give a public oxhl
bltlon of dog judging tonight at the
ehow. Everybody come; 8 p. m.
Grand Prize for Boys
Police Patrol
Valued at
M Mr A
Grand Prfce for Girls
Doll Go. Cart
Valued at
Christmas Is Rejuvenating Time
We all feel as children and enter Into the jplrlt of "Peace, godd will" to the bottom pf our hearts. The little folks enjoy Christmas shopping. M
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