Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 15, 1903, Page FIVE, Image 5

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In heistsAy Comfort
Come and choose your Christmas gift, now, before the frantic, final
rush begins, and make your decisions In llesurely comfort. The Barr
Store cannot supply you with the penny trinkets or the little trifles
for Christmas giving; but when It come, to "the worth while sort
of presents, no store In town offer, so charming a range of choice.
This store Is fu of the kind of gifts the husband will wish to give
his wife and the lover will wish to give his sweetheart-or the other
way around. Beautiful Table Silver, In all sort, of pieces at all sorts
of prices; Cut Glass superbly sumptuous and handsome, In very great
variety; hundreds of fine watches, Including th proper kinds for
both sexes; hosts of fine clocks In new designs and decorations; all
manner of rich and novel things In Rings, Brooches, Pins, Fobs,
Chains, Charms, Lockets, and the llke-these and many other Christ
mas features await your Inspection.
As Is always the Barr policy, prices are preeminently modest, con
side ring worth and beauty.
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem, Ore.
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In he
Social Realm:
II. 0. Qouloy Is In Portland today.
Vernon Ramp, of Roseburg, Is visit
In? his father hero.
Hon. Jv M. Shelloy, of Engonc, came
down yesterday aftornoon.
Miss Kato Horgan wont to Portland
tills morning to visit frlonds.
Q. W. Johnson was a passongor for
Portland yestorday aftornoon.
Judge I3olso wont to Corvallls to
day, to nttond tho dairy convontlon.
W. I. Vawtor, tho Medford banker
and attorney, 1b In the city tor a brlof
Oswald West was a passengor on
tho Albany local for Astoria this
Hon. Jnaper Wllklns, of Coburg, is
In tho city, to attend tho sessions of
tho stato board of agriculture
Mrs. J. H. AcUormnn roturnod from
Portland this morning, hnvlng attend
d a mooting of the Eastern Star. J
Governor Chamborlaln wns n pas
senger to Roseburg this morning,
whero ho will Inspect tho soldiers'
Mrs. F. Rrodemlor, of Portland,
spent Sunday with her son, M. Bdede
mler, in this city, returning home on
last night's train.
Robori Itoss was arrested by Of
ficer Johnson last night for vagrancy.
This morning, after appearing before
Recorder Judah, he was floated.
P. T. Wrlghtmnn roturnod last oven
ing from a fow days' visit at his farm
near MUlersburg. His Intontlon wns
to return yostorday morning, but the
train left him standing on tho pint
form. South Salem Personals.
Miss Vera Snow, of Portland, Is vis
Utlng friends in South Salem for a
few days. ,
D. C. Minto loft on last nights
oarerlnnd train for Red Bluffs, Cal.
Miss Lillian Lewis has returned
from n. week's visit with frlonds at
Tho poultry will bo thero In large
umbers and fine specimens, too.
Whero? At tho Poultry and Pot
Stock Bhow this week.
Gray Bros. Sell,
Salem Is soon to lose two of Us most
popular business men, W. T. and Geo.
13. Gray, who for years havo conducted
a hardware business under the firm
name of Gray Bros. Arrangements
havo bpon completed for the tranBfor
of the business to P, V. Spencer,
who was ongaged In the hardware
business In McMlnnvllIe, and the
transfor will be made this week. Tho
Gray Bros, will engage in buslnoss In
Sonttle. Mr. Spencor Ib a wlde-awako
buslnoss man, and wo can welcome the
coming guost, even as wo spoed tho
parting. Gray Bros, have many frlonds
here whose best wlshos will follow
thorn to tholr now field.
An Important Meeting.
Govornor Chamborlaln yostorday ap
pointed throe dologatos to represent
thlB stato In tho National LIvostoek
Association, which will hold Its sev
enth annual convontlon in Portland,
Jnnunry 11th to IGth, together with
tho Wool Grafters' convontlon, which
also meets there during that weok.
The gontlomen named to attond this
convention nro among tho most prom
inent breeders of lino stock In the
state. They are:
Cha's. K. Ladd Portland
Jr 0. Kd wards, liny Creek,
V. F, Jones, Jefferson.
Will Sell at Auction.
The state land board has decided
to hereafter sell swamp lend only to
the highest bidder, after proposals
have been ndvertlsed for, and In the
case of unsurveyed swamp lands ap
plicants for thejmrehase of the same
must have It surveyed by.the county
Hear tho cocks crow and tho hens
cacklo, the dogs bark and the cats
purr at the first annual oxhlbltlon
glvon by the Salem Poultry and Pot
Stock association this weok. Single
admission 15 cents.
Common "vanilla" is tonka!
not vanilla at all.
Schilling's Best is trut
vanilla, rich fine dainty.
Same of all Schilling's Best;
at your grocer's. .
A clear Havana 12',o cigar. For sale
stein, Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
by all dealers. Aug Hucken
Is a noceeslty in making your Het of
purchases for gifts Here you will fled
the largest variety, the highest quality,
tho lowest prioea. We hav Walshes
with reliable movements, in the stest
style of cases, 2 60 to f0 00, ebatelalns.
rings, earrings, brooobee, all kinds of
fine jewelry.
Jeweler and Optician, 288 Cora, Be
a r t
Elects New Officers
and Adopts Some
Want the Laws Enforced
More Stringently Against
Various Aoral Offences
-Talk About Anarchy
The now ofilcors for tho coming
are: Mrs. C. Smith, master: Sister
Boar, lecturer; Slstor I. L. Hllornry.
Tho Installation Is opon to lnvltod
guosts. Master of ceromonlos, Wm.
M. Hllloary.
Tho following resolutions woro
warmly discussed and adopted.
wnoreas. Tho codo of Ororon nro-
vldes for tho protection of Its com
monwealth, by placing thoroln string
ent regulations for th' betterment
and safety of the people, and
wnoroas. By tho open violation of
law, wo bellovo youth to bo cmbold
oned to disorderly and lawloss nets;
that It la a factor In tho cause and
growth of tho tramp element, anarch
istic In tondency, and
Whoreas. The Amorlcan flair.
though wrapped about tho whisky
barrol. Is not , wrapped about sin.
therefore, bo It
IteeolvcU. That tho laws prohibit
Ing tho sale of tobacco In any shnpo oi
rorm. or whisky, to the minor, and
protecting him from tho sin and shnrac
of the disorderly nouse bo onforced.
Resolved That since thore Is a
stringent law prohibiting gambling by
minor or nny other person, for monoy
or Its equivalent value, with cards or
dlco or other devices; that we are still
further protocted by Its being consid
ered to even rent a building for gnmb
ling purposes
Resolved. That section 3B29 pro
vides thnt action, may be Instituted by
tho district attorney, also a further
provision mnkes It tho special duty
of each district attorney to Inform
against and diligently prosecute nil
persons whom they have
Dr. Wright's Method
painless dentistry Is
talnly a blessing. I had
several teeth filled, the
nerve killed and a crown
put on one tooth and must
admit that It did not hurt
me at all.
Salem, Oregon.
Will Hold an Important
Wednesday Evening.
The executive coramltee of the
Greater Salem Gommerclal Club, com
posed of J. H. Mcfs'nry. J. G. Graham.
Fred Wiggins. II 11. Thtejson and K.
Hofer, met yesterday at tho office of
the secretary, and decldod to hold a
special meeting Wednesday evening
at 7-30 p. m., December IGth. to dis
pose of somo of the Important busi
ness matters. Pledges for street Im
provements havo been secured by tho
oxecutlvo commlttoo from the S. P.
Co., and the time Is ripe to take no
tion on the proposed extension of the
olectrlc lino to Chemawn Tho sec
rotary has a number of letters. Uiat
will bo read, from Eastorn partlos.
who want to locate In nnd about Sa
eom, that will Interest real estnto
mon. Mako your plans to nttond tho
mooting Wednesday night, and do
your part toward placing Snlem In
the front rank of Paclflo coast cities.
Oregon State Reform 8chool.
To one not In eloso touch with af
fairs of stato. a visit to tho Reform
School Is both entertaining nnd In
structive. Ono ilny Inst week tho
writer and another citizen docldod to
see the Instdo of this Imposing struct
'ure and lenm what manner of spirit
ulod thom Wo arrived at the noon
hour, and received a cordlnl welcoms
First wo woro taken to the big central
dining-room, where more than one
hundred uniformed boys Woro gather,
id round attractive tables onjoylng
with keen appetites an, abundance of
wholesome food, nnd observing all
the essential rulos of good breeding.
Those boys restless, good-natured
brimming with life appeared In
nowise different from boys elsewhere.
Many of thom hnd an air of culture
and of more than av.-rag Intelligence.
Other faces woro marked with shrewd
noes merely, nnd still others were
unprepossessing. Wo were shown
through various departments, the
Work In each bolng done by Inmatos
reasonable undor competent Instructors. Every-
of Dooko this season, and have thousands of volumes tucked
away In all corners of our store, on "account of not having room
to give them a proper display. Dut we are going to make room,
and we have made a strong determination to clean our picture
department, doll department, vase department, and our exquisite
line of toilet cases. Our prices have been marked low at the be
ginning, but, as we have decided to discontinue these lines here
after, you can get 20 per cent reduction. Why buy elsewhere and
lore all this good money?
S Pattern's Boofc Stote. g
Give Us Your Order For
Pumpkin Pies
At the California Bakery.
fausp to believe guilty of tho viola
tlons of thcprovlslons of the above
Resolved. That Surprise Grange, of
Turner, demands the enforcement of
these laws, likewise the Sundny law,
or, If iwptilar opinion has so far out
grown Its swaddling clothes as to con
sider the above laws a dead-letter,
and not neceasnty to Its protection,
that we demand 'heir elimination by
net of congress.
Resolved, That wo bellevo It to be
dangerous to the morals of the com
monwealth to burden tho state's code
with provisions nnd sections meaning
less in Intont, thus Inculcating con
tompt for law, encouraging tho spirit
of anarchy In so much that privacy
and ownership of property, II fo and
purse, aro not safo In city or on public
highway, all because of tho woaknoss
of public opinion, and tho consequent
corrode of tho public conscience.
Resolved, That wo Inculcate a re
spect for law by Its enforcement.
The Jury List.
List of Jurors to servo at January
term, beginning January 4, 1904. at 1
Branson. H. M, Salsm.
Koster. Milt, Hubbard.
Potter, C. N ProspeoL
Bolter, P. J., Brooks.
Hicks. C. P.. South Sllvertnn.
Hnrtman. Charles, Seotls Mills.
Bernardl. Joseph. Salem.
Rutherford, R. H., Marlon.
Anderson, Sol. South Sllverton
Tate. W. II. Sublimity.
Cutsforth. J. M-. OervaU.
Marsh, C, Salem.
Gllmore, J. 8., Ralem.
Savage. John, Jr.. Selem.
K ratis. Geo., Aurora.
Miller. Jacob. Womtburn.
Weetley. J. Tt. Sutem.
Orator I'eter, Jr Ifcmtewood.
Hartley. H. A.. North Mlverton
g. Fred, Salem.
Walker. Jams T., AummtIII.
IwU. Abner, AwMrUle.
Dlmlck. J. A.. Wo4brn.
Klrby. T. M.. Bglwoo4.
Rowen, C. I). North HlvtrUw.
Porter, H. C, Atinnvtlle.
gteusloff P. W., Setem.
CorMUiM. 0. II., Turner.
Nendel, 0. A.. WowitwrM.
IetrOR. Sow, Monitor,
aoutawlch, B. P., ifahHH.
Both May Die.
St Iyls. I)e. !. Fwr ar4
UaAdlts MNrtaratMlr aseatmea Man
ager HantiNg aaut Porter Daseen In a
lodging howee oMm at 4 o'clock thU
Monileg. They Wew the ?'"
got away with $eW The stalls of
both ea were fractured, and thdy are
probably fatally hurt.
It will b your duty to attend tho
lcomlBg Poultry a4 Pet Stock 8ow
I IB the Kttnger tuMUlBg. 8te street,
the lost three day of this week.
whore system nnd cleanllnuis were
emphaalKod. even In the kitchen, n
plnco that that Is least likvly to be
In the two schoolrooms was nothing
to siiBgMt a depressing environment,
nor mil we see nnywhore a sultan
fnoo, or any expression of Ill-fueling
hetwoou tho hoys nnd olllcum In
M'ost Interesting of nil were the
departments In handicraft.
These furnish an object lewon In
mentnl evolution, and make mnnlfost
tho bonoflts of practical training,
cooking, tailoring, shoemaklng cat
pontarlng, farming, etc., nro taught
with surprising results. Looking at
the work of those young lads, the
garmonts. tho excellont shoes. one
can easily bellevo that tho only pro
per wny to train a child Is to discover
Its aptltudos and mako the most of
Lateut power, developed nnd put
to Us right usea, Insure progress
and harmony. Tho superintendent of
tho Reform School Is entitled to much
credit for good Judgment nnd oxecu
tlvo ability.
Tho position Is one of grave re
sponsibilities, beset with trying de
tails. So much so. In truth, that the
ofllco should bo stricken from the list
of political Bjolla
Now Imported French harps, In any
koy, for sale yery cheap, at W. Cal
rot's, practical watchmaker, IBS State
street. ood
la positively the best buttr
you over at. If you ara not
ufttKff HAZELWOOD you ara
Hot nalag the bL Ifcwy Jwd
sold with a guarantee. If Hot
entirely witWaetry your
iHoaey wlH be urfully re
funded. 3Sc per pound.
70c per roll.
For sale by
Fuller k Douglas
142 Stata Street 'Phone ttol
, ' t"-
I fl-
Our Gloye Stock
Is Complete
If Its warmth you'ro oftor,
our lino of wool glovos will
suit you. If you would mako a
present of a ftno pnlr of Dress
GloveB, wo carry tho very boot,
Inoludlng tho gonulno Dont'a
mako. Our lino comprises val
ues at from
75c to $2
Sweaters for Wee
Also sweatora for larger boys
and swoators for mon, In all
colors. Our'a aro raado of all.
wool yarnB, In both plain and
fancy weaves, and In tho now- t
est stripiugs.
(n prlco thoy mngo from
75c to $5
Qthes Hints for Xmas
iiouso Coats. Suspondors, Suit Cases, fancy Vosto, Umbrellas, I
V.UU uuuons, aim unnuKorchiors, Neokwoftr, Ulankots, Indian Robes,
ee II 8
Overcoat Sale StUl Oa. Don't Miss It.
Secretary of Treasury Asks Money
for Salem Public Dulldlnn.
A Washington speolnl says: Tho
secretary of the treasury today roc
ommondod nn npproprlntlon of 15,000
for grading nnd Improving tho grounds
and approaches of tho Salem public
Lincoln School Lighted,
Tho ladles of tho Lincoln Public
School Union hnvo raised funds, and
todny nro hnvlng InoandoRcent oloo
trlc lights put Into the Inrgo hall,
whom thoy glvo entortnlnmnnta for
tho library fund. Drop lights nro In
stalled with shniles, that can bo turned
off with a switch, nnd nlso provldod
with colored light for tableaux. There
will he ono school house thnt will not
be In dnngor of burning down from
oil lamps, nnd It Is tu be honed thnt
the other school houses can be simi
larly furnished.
Court Street Improvement.
The projectors of the Court street
Improvement have entered Into corre
spondence with several cities about
different kinds of street jmvlng, nnd
hnve ashed that the meeting cnlled
for Friday evening at the city hall bo
postponed until Monday evoulng, De
cember 21st. at 7:30 p, m. This Is al
so necessitated by the Republican
Club banquet Prldny ovonlng, that
many of the Court street pcoplo will
'' "i
Collected It All.
Last Tuesday Sheriff Dunlap re
turned tho 1002 ussossmont roll to
tlm county dork, having collected
ovury dollar thnt was logally duo on
tho roll, and that, top, without soiling
a dollar's worth of' property or In
curring ono cont In the way of ox
ponse for advertising. This Is tho
best record over inntlo by nny sheriff
of tho county. Lnkovlow Herald.
i i i
ISvoryone likes to soo good poultry
nnd put stock. Go to tho Poultry anil
Pol Htoiik Show this week.
1 Bay and Sell
To Loan
i Salem Abstract
and Land Co.
Our Winter Business
A complete line of umbrella
covers lo nolect from, pricca from
gi.uu up. iituuiios 'im up.
To fit illl makoa of whcols,
Shipp & Hatiser
Opposite Capital Nat Bank
Football Supplies
40l fWHWIHIltllttft;
I Three New Shapes
InUluoherontl I3iilhoea
New tist, best fitter on
gee our now enamel and bo
calf shoes at
oo stile st, SiJea. Oreron.