Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 15, 1903, Page TWO, Image 2

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HimiaiiiiiK iipumim iiinii ii i I nil mi i iiuim til- 11 i . mh.im.ii. i.i i i i i j .. i .jl, ; " ; 7. TT - Hyg,
On December 28 we shall commence taking our annual inventory We have lots of stock on hand that we do not want to
inventory. Rather close it out and count the money. We never carry over goods from one season to another, when Low
Prices Cut Prices Cost Prices or any other kind of prices will sell them. So we will now commence a
and continue until that date, Of course you can stay from this sale, if you want to, but you will lose money if you do, Note a
few of our prices. Everything CUT,
$ J 0.00 Suits o Overcoats reduced
2.50 " "
5 n u it
$ 7.00
$ i 7.50 Suits and Overcoats reduced to $12.50
ii .
f Remember you have the largest stock in Salem to select from. Don't miss this opportunity.
Commercial Street
Hcrlpps News Association Telegrams.
3 and S O'clock Editions.
Dally One Year, 14.00 In Advance.
Daily Thro Months, $1.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, 60 Cents Per Month.
Weekly One Year, $1.00 In Avance.
Oue Week 10
One Month 35
Throo Months) 1.00
At Journal office.
At Daue'a Grocery, 8outh Salem.
At Bewertox Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Grocery Store.
Electric Grocery, East State 8L
nintn nmnniHnit
Dairymen's association, Conralils,
Daoomber 15-16.
Poultry nnd pet stock show, Salem,
Docomber 17-19.
Special session of tho legislature,
Snlora, Dooerabor 21.
National. livestock., convention,
Portland, January 12-1G.
Angora goat show, Dallas, Janu
ary HIS.
The Weather.
Tonight and Wednesday, cloudy,
with occasional rain.
Thouo who vroro praying that the
special Boaalon of tho legislature- bo a
very brief affair, and conflno Itself to
amending tho tax law, aro liable to
bo disappointed.
Trouumdoua internets are struggling
for advantages In Oregon. That au
daaiouit and long-sufforlnK person
known as tho ordinary business man,
may be heard from.
While the governor has primarily
called tho law-making body together
to remedy a defect In tho tax laws,
other Ubli are frying.
Gigantic inlrU will seek to ro
peal tho srnte lvortnge law, will Beek
to repeal the new tax law, will seek
otlier special advantages.
In this they will overreach, and tho
producers and the shippers may' be
heard from. The time In past when
a fw hired lobbyists can run the
vhol law-making iower of the state,
aa a kind of sideshow to their "bull
MENT. Property owuera on Court street are
figuring ou au asphalt or vitrified brlok
eUtwt pavement.
If they would arrange their oemeiit
vnlki ttud parktut on each side no aa
to UUe about M feet, altow Ave feet
for a cement eurb nud brick gutter,
they ootihl afford to lay dowa a -1Q-foot
asphalt street.
At an expense of Ave dollars per
front foot, distributing the paymentB
over ten years, the nsaeesmeut would
be about thirty dollar por lot each
year for ten yearn
Pranerly on an asphalt street would
rent at an increased figure of double
that amount. Hence the Investment
wade would be Immediate profit
The owner of huslneee and renting
nrotwty wuuld be Immensely beaeut
tad. lteuldewte on such a street would
ejijoy freedom from dual and mud,
and a great deal of moral satisfaction.
Durlug the past week the principal
business streets of Salem were
"cleaned," ns well as that Is posslbla
under the circumstances.
Now a week of rain makes them as
sloppy and as muddy as before. It Is
mud, mud, mud, slop, slop, slop, and
ever will so remain
Until the streets are built upon a
different plan, and of different mate
rial. The grinding of the unassorted
gravel producos mud, mud, muih
In two wooks they will be roady to
he cleanad ngnin. Hundreds of wngon
loads of pulverized gravol and sand
and mud can bo removed.
This Is tueful to give soma ono em
ployment. To give some ono""choap
lining for their vacant lots, to uso up
public taxos, otc.
Dot will the enlightened readers
pleaso tell us for what othor purpose
It can he commended. It would tax
his thinking apparatus..
Can Salem people learn from the
past? Does It pay to build any public
street In a city, but a permanent ono?
It Is understood' that the Republi
can mayor and city council will not
taKe olllce until required to do so by
law that Is in January.
In taking this position they will
have the benefit of more time to poet
themselves about their duties, nnd to
formulate plans of action.
Hy waiting, they will know .better
whether the city will have, revenues
on the assessment of 1003. Great
property Interests will still seek to de
feat tax levies on this year's assess
ment. They will soek to defeat tho new tnx
laws that have been adopted by the
Inst legislature. The groat financial
Institutions always profit by disorder
ing the state and local rovonuos.
All Jhe big banking fntorosts of tho
state wero socrotly averse to calling a
special session. So wero tho great
The Republicans by waiting will be
hotter able to do what Is right undor
tho circumstances than by going Into
olllco before tholr time.
The problems of tho Watora admin
istration have only begun. Thero aro
a groat many demands for placos
more, than can be filled.
The Republicans have been out of
ofllco for five years, and many of tho
party workers have fared protty slim,
politically speaking.
The Young Men's Republican Club
has noted wisely In refusing to on
dorse applicants far places In the city
livery Republican has a right to
apply for any oftlce he thinks he bj
fitted for under the Incoming adminis
tration. This Is not saying that competent
men In any department, may not be
retained In otllce. If the Republican
administration see fit to do so.
No oue will pretend that because a
mau U a Republican he is not as well
qualified for any otHc as the same
man would he If he held some other
political belief.
Hut merely being a Republican doee
ao qualify a man to make a . food
pollceiHHU or street eontmlaeloHer.
The RftmibUraH city administration
will not lower the tauda.N of plHeleu
ey for party' rewards. I
URES. There haa beett a great deal of com
plaint oh account of buyers of fuel
getting short measure. The. Greater
Salem Charter contains this, us among
the enumerated powers of the city
n. To provide for measuring and
weighing hay, wood and othor com
modtties bought and sold .in the city.
If there is no ordinance on this sub
ject, there should be one enacted;
The people wno buy met nave a
right to have one hundred cents worth
for a dollar.
The Incoming city admlulstratloo
should Investigate this, and give thq
' AnnBiimora nil ftio lAti.aflf tt thla nra
An effort also should be made to as
certain' If tho milk sold to the people
of this city is puro.
In most cities, whero thero is no
milk inspection, there is a groat deal
of water and other adultorants used.
All municipal vlco is not confined to
tho gamblers in this wicked world.
British Railway Accidents.
Tho English Bureau of Commorco
hns published a report covering tho
railway accidents of tho United King
dom which shows that 1171 porsons
woro killed and 17,814 injured in 1002.
As compared with 1001, tho killed and
Injured wore as follows:' Of ovory
9,211,002 passengars ono was killed In
1002, against ono in 9.G84.414 InlOOl;
ono was lnjurod of ovory 46G.700 pas-,
songora in 1902, against ono in ovory
5IG.511 In 1001. Tho total mileage of
the railways of the United Kingdom
at the close of 1902 was 22,152 miles.
Most of the roads have doublo and
triple tracks. Philadelphia Record.
Climatic Cure.
Tho Infiuonco of climatic conditions
In tho euro of consumption is very
much overdrawn. Tho poor patient,
and tho rich patient, too, can do much
hottor at homo by pro por attention to
food dlgostlon, and a regular course
of Gorman Syrup. Freo expectoration
in tho morning is mado certain by
Gorman Syrup, bo Is a good night's
roflt and tho absence of that weak
ening cough and debilitating night
sweat Restless nights and the ex
haustion duo to coughing, the groat
ost danger and dread of the consump
tive, can bo prevented or stopped by
taking German Syrup liberally and
regularly. Should you be able to go
to a warmer clime you will find that
of tho thousands of consumptives
there, the few who tro benoflttod and
regain strength aro thoao who use
German Syrup. Trial bottle, 2Ec; reg
ular alze, 76c, At all druggists. At
Dr. Stone's drug stored.
Marvelous Escape.
"The fact that I am a good musi
cian." said the lady from a country
village, "was tho means of saving
my life during a flood In our town a
fow years ago."
"How was that?" asked the yonug
lady who sang.
"When the water struck our house,
my husband got on the folding bed
and floated down the stream until
he was rescued."
"And what did you do?"
"Well, I accompanied him on the
i n
Social Forecast,
The wedding bells are due to chime
la this vicinity e'er the new year ush
ers Ir. aad one of the trio of good
"oW boys" will have a helpmate to
milk the cows and make the butler
weU Leaf River (IIJ) Mirror.
Primo hops are going close to the
25 cent mark again.
If that cougar gots Into the limits
of Grcator Salem he will bo liable for
a 3.00 road poll tax.
Tho tltlo of tho" I'lay tonight Is "Tho
Two Sisters." Thero couldn't woll bo
loss than two.
Tho Young Men's Republican Club
will glvo a very Democratic dlnnor
50 conts a plato, and nil pay for tholr
own plato.
Considering that thoy are such a
bad lot of people In the oyes of the
Clltzens' managors, It is a surprise
that tho Citizens' council should have
beon so anxious to swear in tho Re
publicans, and bo in any rush to force
their wickedness on the unfortunate
tnxpnyors of this. city.
A writer about the city election he
walls the defeat of the Citizens' ticket.
He says the reason they were cleaned
out was because so many of their
voters sold their votes to the Repub
licans. If thaLJs true, the question
of responsibility arises, and we nre
all reminded of what a distinguished
Polk county politician said) on a sim
ilar occasien: "It is not half so great
a crlmo to buy an ofllco as to sell
Export Excess.
From 1S07 to 190. inclusive, the
total axceee of exports amounts to
the almost incomprehensible sum of
?3, 119.000.000, aa average of the somo
$810,000,000 a ybar.
Province of Louisiana Made a Gift
by Louis XV. of France.
Uudor authority of M. Delcasse,
Minister of Forolgn Affairs, E. Spon
cor Pratt, ox-United States Minister
to Poraia, who la now residing hero,
Is making oxtonslvo rosoarches In the
archlvoa of tho Foreign Offlco rolatlvo
to tho transfer of tho Provlnco of
Louisiana by Franco to the United
Tho investigations havo brought to
light all tho clrcumstancos and do
tails of the transaction, including
tho confidential letters of tho Fronch
Minister at Washington advising his
governmont as to the various stagos
of tho negotiations and tho letters
and docuinonts signed by President
Jefferson and Secretary of Stato Madi
son. Many or those hitherto have
boon unavailable, owing to tho rules
of tho Forolgn Offlco which havo pro
vontod tho copying of documents in
tho archlvoa. In speaking of his In
vestigations to tho Associated Press.
I Mr. Pratt says:
I "One of the most curious documents
I found in an autograph letter of Louie
XV, giving away the vast Louisiana
territory to hl3 cousin, then King of
Spain, ns a present. The fact of this
I gift has heretofore been known only
In a general way, but the text of the
letter discloses the casual nature of
the gift, and also the fact that Louis
,XV previously offered Louisiana to
(Great Dritalu, which refused to ac-
'otut it'
I The text of the letter relating of
the gift is a follews:
"I have caused the Marquis de Grim
aldi, subject to Your Majeaty pleas
ure, to sign a concession of New Or
leans and Louisiana to Spain. I had
offered It to Kugtand in place of Flori
da, but they refuted it I would have
1 ceded them other. Twaeeaetoas to have
spared. Spain having to cede thU
tatter one. but I fear that any cession
In the Gulf of Mexico might lead to
serious consequences.
, "I feel that Louisiana but poorly
compensates Your Majesty for the
Hair Vigor
A splendid dressing for the hairt
keeping it soft and glossy. It
prevents splitting at the ends,
and cures dandruff. iSit'iS!;:
lossess you have sustained, but In
ceding you this country, I consider
less its value than the good accom
plished in uniting the Spanlsch and
the Fronch nations. Union is aliko
necessary for our subjects and our
The letter of the Kink of Spain,
accoptlng tho prosont, said Mr. Piatt,
refers to the further strengthening of
the union of tho two nations by n
number of royal lntormarrlagos.
Later documents show tho re-cesslon
of Louisiana by Spain to Franco and
give mlnuto details of tho salo by
Nnpolcon of the province to tho
United States.
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E. C.
Meats and Provisions
Established 1884
Signs of Renewed Activity 1
In the real estate -world IndlcsU i
creasing building oporatloni W
Spring, an prompt tta to remind jw
that our faclllUeB for aupplying
and soft wood, lumber, lath, sahyJ
and other building materials art
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to furnish estimates on contrtf
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shingles received.
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HOP GROWERS SUPPLIES. Crnde and stick Sulchor.
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W fcWrt