Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 14, 1903, Page FIVE, Image 5

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That Proves
A fountain pen should prove a pleasure, not a frequent provoker
of profanity. If It has to be taken apart when It needs filling or
cleaning, It Is going to cause delay and trouble at the most Inoppor
tune times. The self-filling Conklln exempts Its user from alt foun.
tain pen difficulties. It never needs to be taken apart. It has no
separate filler to be loot or mislaid. It fills Itself from the Ink well
whenever It runs dry, without a moment's bother. It cleans Itself
by dipping In water. Under no circumstances does It require taking
apart It Is a practical solution to a perfectly perplexing problem.
8eo the Conklln, study well Its merits, and we are not at all afraid
that you will buy any other make.
Corner State and Liberty
ft Local
Social Realm: ;
9 Events
e iu mt . i
"i i iiiiiiiiiiiiimiiii
W P Lord wont to Portland this
mnrnlnP Oriiantl "8
wS -i...m ,.,., t Aihnnv t,i0 '
-L u!Zn Y
TKiX S mnin rnr '
short visit In Portland.
Mrl "" .R-,rfuWu.,ir0n nlchC8' of,liood. which 18 an auxiliary of the
Turner, nrn In thn cltv.
C. II. Cuslck, tho Jefferson druggist,
Is In tho city for a short visit.
Arthur West, formerly of this city,
camo down from Seattle Sunday.
O. C. Ovortor and Chas. Port wero
passongcrfl for Philomath today.
W. A. Taylor, of Macleay, was a
passonger for Portlnnd this morning.
W. T. Riches, of Tumor, enmo down
this morning for a brief buslnoss visit.
Mrs. Harry A. Green, of Portland,
Is visiting with Mrs. Av C. Lawronco,
of this city.
It. I.. Thompson, of Portland, spont
Sunday In this city with his family,
returning to his work this morning.
Mrs. II. B. Wright and daughter,
'Bortha, have returned homo to Jeffer
son, after a few days' visit with
friends horo.
Miss Klllgoro, of Spokane, who hns.bls salary at $7 60 per day, for each
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Long. y actually empioyeu
on State street, has gone to visit rela-1 Mr. Hr xon Is a Snlem contractor,
fives at Brownsvlllo wno 'ms "ve( ner0 fr so"18 13 years
Dr. Anna Barr. who has boon visit- He built the Capital National Bonk
lng her mother. Mrs. A O. Barr. of this . building. .and the Odd tellows' tern
city for a fow days, roturned to nor "1. in this city, and has done consld
homo In Portland this morning. 'omblt work under the state boards.
J. T. Janos, formerly warden at tho Ho also built a number of the build
ponltontlary. is In the city for a lni at .-o Chemawa Indian school,
brief buslnoss visit. Mn Janos will, Mr. Erlxon was the candidate- of Mr.
In a few days, open a fine cigar .tore
In tho now theater building in Eugene,
whoro ho will bo located neroarter.
South Salem Personals.
Andrew Hansen, of Albany, is vis
iting his fathor, O. Hanson, In South'
8alem. . M
George Vlcsko has roturned from
fait Lake City, whoro ho has been the
past summer and fall.
Glory Cards,
llarriago licenses wore today Is
sued to Anna Van Clove and W. M. Mo
Morris, J. A. Van Clovo, witness. Bos
tilo Kenworthy and C. S. Townsond, A.
TU. Kenworthy. witness.
A clear Havana 12J4c cigar. For
stein, Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
Is a necessity in rosklnp yoar Hit of
purchases for gilts Here you will find
the largest variety, the blebest quality,
the lowest prices. We hav alebes
with reliable movements, in the atost
style of cases, 2.60 to $80 00, obstelafni.
rings, earrings, brooches, all kinds o(
fine jewelry.
Joweler and Optician, 2S8 Com. 8c
Give Us YourOrder For
Ptimpktn Pies
At the CalUomla Bakery.
" " BSswBHpHHBgmBPjjB
a Pleasure
Salem, Ore.
3XXWSCtStStSStSZatSHUKiM iltil'il
Interestlnn Services. I
At the First Presbyterian church I
last ovonlng n most Interesting and
uurucuvo service was noiu, and n
large nudlenco was' In attendance. The
service wag under tho auspices of the
Brothorhood of St. Androw and Philip,
and Mr. Will Ketehum had charRO of
ule 0X"cl8eB- will uailard, a young
n,a( who ,g tota,)y btu1 rmul ,
scripture lesson from his own Dlblo
nnd Secretary E. T. Prescott. of tho
society, pave a brief account of the
rn,iv nnnm.,ii.,i , i, i .
rrosuytorlaa church.
Ono of tho alms of tho brothorhood
Is to furnish the pastor a tralnod
body of consecrated men to whom
leases of special Intorost nnd need may
ue assigned supplementing his nub
ile nnd prlvato offorts for tho salvation
of Individuals, and provtdos a corps
or men who may be usod In church
ushering, visiting the sick, conduct
Ing local missions, etc. At tho close
of the sosslons two now mombers
woro admitted Into the brotherhood.
Salem Man Chosen.
The state commission for tho Lewir
and Clark Exposition met In Portland
Saturday afternoon, and elected Fred
A. Krlxon. of this city. na superintend
ent of construction of buddings, fixing
. a inert a memoor ot . com
mission from this city, and he was al
so warmly recommonded by tho stato
board of building commissioners.
You never have any doubt
In buying
fUrainf Htraca
with Schilling's Best; no room
for doubt with them.
Al uf pvcn'i iaoMjrkW.
by all dealers. Aug Hucken
Litigants Are Told
What Is tlie Matter
With Them
The Regular Batch frf De
cisions Handed Down Re
versed Affirmed or
Tho supremo court this morning
handed down four opinions, as fol fel fol
eows: S. Hamilton, respondent, vs. U.
Fluorney, appollant; on appeal from
Jackson county; M. A. Hanna, Judge;
mldlfled. Opinion by Justlco Wolver
ton. This was a suit to remove a cloud
from a title to real proporty. The
plaintiff secured his deed from n
former purchaser from tho stato, who
had defaulted, and tho land was latoi
sold to defendant. Appellate court
holds that the state's deed to dofond
ant for two-thirds of tho land is good,
and awards the othor one-third to
plaintiff, whoso title Is good that far.
J. H. Ward, et al., nppellants, vs.
Annie S. Warront, rospondont; appeal
from Douglas county; J. W. Hamil
ton, jutlgo, roversed. Opinion by Judge
This was a cross-bill filed In an nc
tlon by dofondant to recovor 6n n
Minnesota Judgment. Tho demurroi
to the cross-bill having been sustained
the plaintiffs appealed. Tho nppel
la'e court holds that the plaintiffs hnd
turned ovor the land for which the
original note were given, nnd defend'
ant nml 80,1 the same such action waB
n goou ueiense on mo part or the
and the demurrer to the
complaint should be overruled. The
case was romand.d for further pro
Chnrlotto Danfleld. appollant, vs. F.
Banfleld, respondent; an nppeal from
Multnomnh county; reversed. Oplu
Ion by Chief Justice Moore.
This was a divorce case, in which.
the defendant hnd defaulted. Tho su
promo court flndB from tho testimony
9 Look and wonder, and do not know what to think of It, as It W
PI Is a known fact to them that we are selling "Celluloid Novelties" H
of all descriptions cheaper than they can buy them. They may say a
we are having a "pipe dream." Anyway ask the prices on eel- w
H lulold goods anywhere you will, and come here you'll see the H
1 difference. We offer glove and handkerchief cases, Ink stands,
f tooth-pick holders, stamp boxes, hair receivers, photo holders, In
H fact anything you like that is made In celluloid.
2 Pattern's Book Stote.
that the allegations of the complaint
have been proven, and enters a decree
of divorce, and awards to the plaintiff
one-third of tho property.
Agnes Kalyton, a minor, appellant,
vs. Mnry Kalyton, reapondeut; appeal
from Umatilla county; W. II. Bills,
Judge; reversed. Opinion by Justice
The plaintiff wos an Indian child,
the daughter of a deceased Indian,
whose relatives nttemptod to secure
his proporty, alleging that ho was not
legally marrlod to tho mother of the
child, which was born aftor his death.
The supremo court revorsos tho de
cision giving the relatives tho propor
ty, holding that, under tho testimony,
tho marrlago of tho paronts was legal,
and ontors a docroo giving the ostatc
to tho minor child.
Burglary at Brooks.
Some tlmo last night the storo of
M. L. Jones, at Brooks, was entered
by burglars, and a quantity of mor
chandlse was stolon. Tho thloves, it
seems, drove up to tho store In a bug
gy, backed up to tho door, and loadod
what goods they wanted. This was
shown by tho tracks mado by tho bug
gy, which led Into tho road, but
whoro later travel had obliterated all
The Roods taken Included a number
of pocket knives, valued at JJO, a
half dozon pairs of shoes, No 5 nnd
7 ladles' and mon's, a number of suits
of men's underwear, Noe 34 and 36,
and a quantity of smaller articles.
Judging from the goods taken, it is
t supposed that It was done by some
I parties living In the nelghbordood
who were laying In a supply for in -winter,
and waa not the work f
tramp, for the character of the good
stolen was not that usually taken by
hobos. Mr. Jones, on discovering that
Ills store bad been robbed, this morn
lng telephoned the sheriff, giving a
brier description of the goods stolen
nnd asking the officers to keep a look
out for the thieves, as It was supposed
they caiae to Uils city.
i n
Who Knows J. Miller?
Tbe city recorder Is la receipt of
a letter from Mr. 8 Aataloe, of Silver
dale, Kltap county, Wash., Inquiring
as to Oie Identity and whereabouts of
. v
V t Wham It Miv Concern!
Adverse to general opin
ion In regards to pain In
dental operations, I can tru
ly say that I had two gold
crowns put on by Dr. Wright
wltout uny pain.
Salem, Oregon.
one J. Miller, who camo to that placo.
I claiming to bo from Snlem, Ore., and
uougni property tnoro. with a tlew to
building a home. Ho also started the
foundation for a house', and bought
lumber, but, feeling 111. bo wont to
Bremerton to secure medical treat
fment. and since that tlmp. has dlsan-
inmivu. unxious inquirers rrom silt
verdalo having bson unnble to find
any trace of tho man. Tho writer of
the letter said that Miller had no
friends thoro who knew of his former
residence, except one or two had
heard him casually mention Salem as
his formor homo.
The missing man's trunk and othet.
belongings aro at the Jonathan mill,
in ouveraaie. anu me writer Is anx
ious to havo th man's relatlvos or
friends. If any there are In Salora, to
take note of his disappearance. Ho
describes tho man .as about BO years
old. small In stature, nnd gearing a
full gray board. Ha Vas, JHle, and a
quiet and pleasant Blil'&entloman.
No such man can bo locnted In this
city, and It Is possible that, ho did not
bolong horo. Howevorv if ho has rel
atlvos hero, and they.-Mow of his
whereabouts. It would bfrYoJflo noti
fy the authorities at, tlto city hall, or
write to tho Sllvfirdale, Wash.. Au
thorities, and glvo Cbeb tho Informa
tion desired.
O i
Thomas N. Murphy.
Thomas N. Murphy, of Iji Grande,
a member of tho legislature from
Union county, died at St. Vincent's
hospital. In Portlnnd. last night, nf
tor an Illness of two weeks, from In
flammation of tho plourn. Ho hnd
been In tho hospltnl about two woeks,
and for tho last few days had been on
tho mend. whon. at supper last night,
ho suddenly oxplrcd, without warning
to tho attondnnts nt hie side. Sovoral
visitors had called during tho after
noon, and thoy had left much oncour
aged as to his condition. Tho nurse
In caro of him, was Borvlng his sup
por. whon ho asked for a glass of
water, which she turned to get. Ap
oronchlng to plnco tle water on the
able, sho found him unconscious. Dr.
A. K. Hockey, who had charge of the
"aso. was nonr by, nnd tho nurse sum
moned him Immediately. But the doc
tor arrived only In time to see him
brentht) his last.
Mr. Murphy was a Union Labor
momber of the present house of rep
resentatlves of Oregon, having been
elected from Union county by a largo
majority. Ho hns lived for about 11
yoars In l.a Grando, where he has been
ongased lo tho hardware business He
was a natlvo of Oregon, born at Ger
vals 40 years ago. For H years ho
was a resldont of Surague, Wash-
where he was also In tho hardware
business He had a largo acquatntauco
i ull over Oregon and Washington, hav-
lng made friends wherever he went.
His wife and daughter are nt Ia
Grande, and his parents and sisters
reside in Portland.
The funeral Is to be In charge of
the Hike, of whtoh society the de
ceased was a prominent member. The
remains will tonight ba sent to La
Grande for burial.
Governor Chamberlain was asked
whether he would order a special
election to fill tho deceased re proton
tatlve'a placo. "No," ho said; tho
tlmo Is too short before the special
Mr. Murphy was the solo- ropraen
tatlvo from Union county, which will
bo loft without representation in the
hoiiso In tho coming special sosslon.
ozcopt J. A. Burleigh, who Is the Joint
roprcsontatlvo from Wallowa and
Union counties,
Broke the Record.
John W. Richardson and J. Y. Gib
son killed 106 geeso In three hours'
shooting on tho Long Tom a fow days
ago, and the boya say that If they had
bad COO shells, like anothor hunter
bad, thoy would havo killed more, but
the ammunition gave out. They then
ramo to Uugene and laid In 4000 shells
for a 'campaign against the birds.
They say Bud Kompp'a rerord Is not
In it a little bit with this score. Hu
gone Record.
Osslnenlng. N. Y., Doc. 14. Wm
Bnnls. the Brooklyn policeman, who
murdered his wlfo two years ago. was
successfully electrocuted at 6 o'clock
this morning.
Hazelwood .
Is positively the best butter
you ever ate. If you aro not
using HAZELWOOD you are
not using tho beet. Itvwy pound
sold with a guarantee. If not
anUreJy satiefaetory your
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funded. 36c per pound.
70s per roll.
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if Its warmth you'ro aftor,
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OtW Hints for Xmas
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Overcoat Sale Still
A Progressive Conundrum.
They woro working tho conundrum
racket nt a small soclablo tho othor
evening, whon a provlously sllont
youth put In his oar with the curAmt
"I've got ono." ho said.
"What Is It?" asked tho crowd.
'Why Is boavon llko a baby?"
Thoy wrostled with It for ten min
utes, and tliun gave It, up: then ho sub
mitted this answer:
"Because boavon Is homo, homo Is
whoro tho heart Is, whoro tho lioart Is
1h tho cUost. a sliest Is a small box. a
box Is n small troo, n small troo Ib a
bush, a bush Is a growing plant, a
growing plant is n beautiful thing, n
beautiful thing is a primrose, tho
primrose Is a pronouncod yoller, and
n pronounced yellur Is a babyi."
He Swore Off and Out.
Kd. Lnng was Inst night arrested liy
OilU-r Murpny for being drunk. Judge
Juduh released him upon his oath, be
fore witnesses, that he would not take
a drop of liquor for one year, begin
ning December 14, 1003. The follow
ing were also given beds In the olty
Jail: J. W. Hay. Tho. Caufleld, H. IS.
Lynch and Johft Worn
Cllr In In the state boohbtndry at
Olympic. Wash., are on ptrlka On
piece work they have been making
11.36 to $1.60 per day. A cut was
made to 10 cents an hour, and the Rlrls
quit work.
I Bay and Sell
Mortgages 1
To Loan
I Salem Abstract
and Land Co. I
1 F.W. WATERS, Mgr. I
Three New Shapes
InBluoliorand Hal shoos
? New last, best fitter on
See our new enamel and box.
calf shoes at
99 State St. $Um, Oregon.
Sweaters for Wee
Also sweaters for larger boya JF
aud sweaters ror won, In all X
colors. Our'u aro mado of all-
wool yarns, In both plain and
mncy weaves, ana in tho new
est strlptngs.
In prlco thoy rango from
75c to $5
Cases, fancy Vests, Umbrellas,
Neckwear. Blankots. Indian Hobos,
On. Don't Mlsi It.
Estate Closed.
County Judge Scott this morning
heard the flnnl account of Laura L.
Roth, administratrix of tho ostato ot
Joseph Roth, deceased, and, no objec
tion appearing, tho administratrix waa
discharged, nnd her bondsmou oxon.
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Chocolate, Beef Bouillon, Tomato
Bouillon, Vl.erol,
The Spa
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A complete lino of umbrella
covers to select from, prices from
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Footbafi Supplies
7jQ A t