Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 11, 1903, Page TWO, Image 2

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On December 28 we shall commence taking our annual inventory We have lots of stock on hand that we do not want to Si
inventory Rather close it out and count the money. We never :arry over goods from one season to another, when Low 1 J
Prices Cut Prices Cost Prices or any other kind of prices will sell them. So we will now commence a
t t
and continue until that date, Of coutfseyou can stay from this sale, if you want to, but you will lose money if you do, Note a 1
few of our prices. Everything CUT,
$10.00 Suits o Overcoats reduced to $ 7.00
J2.50 " " 8.00
J5 " " " JO'
$17.50 Stiitsanci Overcoats reduced
20 u
25 " "
Remember yon have the largest stock in Salem to select from. Don't miss this opportunity.
Commercial Street
Borlpps News Association Telegrams.
3 and 6 O'clock Editions.
DaMy One Year) 94.00 In Advance.
Dally Three Monthe, 81.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, 60 Cents Pr Month.
Weekly One Year, 91.00 In Avance.
I. I II II i is-- i I I i i I in Hissrastsae
Ono Week $ 10
One Month 35
Three Months 1.00
At Journal office.
At Daue'a Grocery, South Salem.
At Bewersox Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Grocery Store.
Eleotrlc Grocery, East State 8L
iiimiii niminnnn-
mtn hhiiiiihiiii t-m
Rxocutlvo committee ineotlne of
America Mining Congress, Portland,
Docemlicr 1.
Dalrytnon'r ausoolatlou, Corrallls,
Docombor It 16.
Poultry and pot etoclc show, Salem,
Decetnbor 1T-1.
Bpoolnl suasion of Uio legtulature,
Balom, Docoiuber 21.
National., livestock., contention,
Portland. January 11MG.
Angora goat shot, Dallas, Janu
ary H-15.
The Weather.
Tonight nml Saturday, cloudy with
occasional ralu. s
A lady who has hoard that the mil
torlalu on this paper aro generally
written aftor the alitor comas to the
olllce In the morning wants to know
what he eats for that meal.
Such tiuostluns give a man a tlrod
foellag, hut it sh will be nny hap
pier we do not know as wo have any
right to refuse the Information.
He always eats some fruit fresh
strawberries about thrss months In
the ysar canned strawberries the
rest of the year.
He drinks about a pint of coffee
made In a tin open bucket, camp
style, and net tie I with a little cold
water n harmless beverage.
On top of that he eats half a doseti
griddle cakes buckwheat at this time
of the year, ami ordinary wheat flour
It's Wonderful
Tho antolutt of good you'll receive
from a few dosoa of Ho tetter's Stom
ach Hitters, oepeolnlly when tho stom
ach la disordered or the liver Inact
ive, It on row Losa of Appetite, Sour
Stomach, Heartburn, Dyspepqla, ln
digestion, Chills or Malaria, lie turo
to try It. also a oopy of our lllustrat.
ed Almanac for 1904 from your drug,
gist It U free and contains Instruc
tive readlHK matte that Is vroll worth
cakes In summer.
Of courao, along with this goes tho
nocesFnry cream and sugar for coffoo,
nml the butter and maple syrup for the
Ho used to suffer from tho bullet
Unit maplo syrup to ho fit to oat had
to mine right from the trees In Ohio
or Vermont.
Hut ho has found that the aitlflclnl
ly manufactured innple syrup Is Just
as good, and helps tho corn farmors of
Illinois to sell their product to tho
glucoso factorlos. If tho lady wants
to know anything furthor about our
habits, wo will bo glad to grant liar an
Interview, during olUco hours.
The boy or girl who becomes fond
of good books will grow up to bo an
economical citizen.
That Is not saying thoy will grow
up to he closo or stingy, Ilut ono who
Is happy lu the socloty of n good hook
U getting hnpplnoss at the least cash
outlay. -
Tho socloty of HosweU's Johnson,
Forsyth's Cicero, Plutarch's Lives or
Trovalyan's life of Charles Jamos
Fox Is nevor oxpeuslvo.
Plonsant and profitable occupation
of the mind makos a parson loss of a
boro to othoru, less of a nulsanoo to
The book-lover Insensibly turns
away from other stimulants and Intox
icants, and lustlnctivolr bocomo
more humane and culturad.
The greatest criticism of modern
education Is that It does not produco
ladles and gentlemen In the hlghost
nud broadest sense of the term.
One may have education, wealth,
and oven social position, and be a
church member, and not have the In
stincts of a lady or gentleman.
Good books make Indies and gentle
men qf young people.
tho most valuable members of tho
John Iinyne Is a good lawyer, and n
good business man, and a man of
clean, moral purposes In his public
and private life.
Ho was a member of tho commis
sion who drow the now chnrtor, and
wns public-spirited hoyond tho control
of influences that fought tho charter.
Those samo Influences that fought
tho chartor wore dictating tho man
ngomont of tho Citizens' campaign,
and tholr success would hnvo boon
claimed as a victory against CJroator
So far as Mr. Dayno's election has
any political significance it is a vic
tory for tho progrosslvo olomonts of
tho city, and nn ondorsomont of
Qrontcr Snlem.
How's ThlaT
Wo offer ono hundred dollars re
ward for any ' caso of catarrh that
cannot bo curod by Hall's Catarrh
Curo. F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wo, the undersigned, havo known
F. J. Cheney for tho lant 15 yearn,
and bellovo htm perfectly honorable
In all business transactions and finan
cially ablo to carry out any obliga
tions mtido by tholr firm.
WEST ft TIIUAX, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, Ohio.
Wholosalis Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is takoa intor
nally, acting dlroctly upon tho blood
and mucous surfacos of tho system.
Toatlmoniala asnt froo. Prico 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggist.
Hall's Family Pills aro the besL
Do the father and the boys keep
Uie woudbox well filled and plonty of
good kindling rnily to light the
Is there a comfortable room for the
children to attend the long winter
evenings, with some good reading,
ami not too much tolmocu iiiuikeT
lias the horse been given a clean,
comfortable place to sleep, ami a few
apples or roots every day, when there
Is no green feed?
The cows that are expected to give
milk should not be turned out to aland
In u cold wind and rain, without shel
ter. Have you examined the poultry
house to see that Uu roosts are not
alive with vermlu? Look after that It
you expect early lariat Uem
The dogs aHd Uie rata at this time
of the year weed to be fed at least
once a day on all the goot, olsoii,
warm food thoy will tat.
Some things like these aro as Im
portant niMH of grace as long prayers
ami regular attSHdnncs at church and
prayer meeting.
lu the recent olty election the Re
publicans elected all their candidates
but one. One Democrat was elected
on the CIUhus tiqkat.
The Journal takes pressure In ear
ing that this Detnoorat will be one of
Berlolz, the Ungallant. t
Mme. Adelalna Patti, at the height
of her celebrity, kept an album, in
which nil the notnble peoplo of her
acquaintance wero expected to write
or paint, or sketch, or cgmposo some
little telling frngmont.
nerlloz had already refused a dozen
times to have anything to do with the
volume. One ovenlng. however, see
ing that ho was In nn unusually gen
ial frame of mind she wont up to him,
book in hnud, and sugared his request
with a bribe.
"Master, if you will wrlto one little
thing In my album, a line even, I will
give you your choice of two rewards.
You shall either have a kiss, or you
shall have a wonderful pate de fol
gras which has Just been sent to me
from Toulouse."
Uorllos smiled, and was sjhtit far a
momeat. Presently he said: "Give
me your album." lasuaUy he was
provided with writing necessities.
Thsa he wrete: "Oportet pato"
"What does it meant" asked Mine.
Patti. pitaaled. "It means, my child,
bring the pate," answered Ilerltox
Mme. Patti pouted and then
fetched the promised pate. Is An-uales.
1 ee0exeaa
Tho holiday season makes a man
sometimes hositato as to whether he
will part with his wifo or his pocket
You can savo a dollar by taking ad
vantage of Tho Journal bargain day,
and use that dollar to buy somo nice
stockings for your wife
Street Commissioner Qriswohl has
tho thanks of Tho Journal for clean
ing away tho mud from tho stroot car
Junction, and thus obviating tho con
stant necessity of men and women
I holding up tholr nether garmonts in
navigating from ono car to another.
A solf-clasplng, tlmo-locking pocket
book for your wlfo Into which you
throw a dime ovory tlrao you' play one
at a slot machine will make a good
Christmas prasont.
Smoot insists that ho has only ono
wlfo, nnd Smoot ought to know.
Tho Winchester, Ky., Sontinol
boasts of a little girl not yet four
yonrs old, Eva Morgonson, who doos
half tho milking for tho family. Hora
in Orogon, owing to our climate, tho
avorago kid, "whon a weok old, doer,
all tho milking for tho family. Maybo
though, little Eva is half of a pair, and
not woanod.
Politics 111 Kentucky aro getting
down to their natural love!. At tho
Inauguration of Governor Beckham,
Wednesday, his political enemies
turned looso twenty skunks in tho
capital square. The nnlamls wora
killed, but the evidence' of tholr hav
ing been there, wns present, though
not visible.
An exchange asks: "Who Is the
happiest, tho man who possesses $100,-
000 or tho man who has soven daugh
ters?" To which another exchange re
plies: "The man with the- seven
girls of course. The man with tho
manor Is not satisfied, and wants
more. Tho man with the seven girls
Is satisfied he has enough." North
Head CitlMii.
A California Jury awards Mrs.
Carrie Vernon JS7.S00 or the loss of
UK husband, whs was kilted In a rail
road awsldetiL It Is a bad ursesdeut,
for the married womeu of our slstor
fate are llahje to go Into ths train
wrecking business. The pronU are
'I O i
People's Party Committee.
Morephls, Doc. 11. Tho national
cowmittos of the a Mod nsools's par
ty Jast night lssaod a rail for a moot
ing of the central commute at St
Louis, February JJd, for the purpose
of naming a date and place for the na
tional convention.
W Sale Ten 1 Eillion Boxes a Year. 1
BL EilXSiS,,,,? bowels M
Cherry Pectoral
for colds, coughs, bronchitis,
consumption. We have been
saying this for 60 years. And so
have the doctors. i&iU'lES:
that are useful as well as ornamental, Um
brellas, gloria silk, black or colors, handles
neatly mounted with sterling silver. Look
like $5 value;, our price $1,75 to $3,00
Shawls 25c each that are worth 50c, we have others ranging
nriPP tin fn H2 0. Millinprv InfVstvle nr trnnA rmiltrv
Af LV Ji A dt U a. i I sk.
tu pci uciu icuuLtiuii rts nat cuMing oniy jii.iiu.
A $3 Hat costing you only $1.80,
A $4 Hat costing you only $2.40.
50c Satins only 25c per yard, bright co'ors.
Rostein & Greenbaum
302 Commercial Street
Meats and Provisions
PHONB 2503a.
Established 1884
-,.,. '-.-rr-S'
i TwiV t u
jij.iF ry
V -i I.i i v. .
Signs of Renewed Activity
In the real estate world indicate In
creasing building operations tail
Spring, an prompt us to remind yoo
that our facilities for supplying hard
and soft wood, lumber, lath, shlnglo,
and other building materials are ex
ceptionally good. We will be pleased
to furnish estimates on contracts,
large or small, A car of Mill City
shingles reoeiyed.
. . . Near e. P. Pas Dsptt
Phone 681.
t KiKiirAGENCY OF:::::::: ;;
' Oats For Sale.
HOr GROWERS SUPPLIES. Crude and stick SnlphDr.
I J. G. Graham, Agent, 287 Commercial St;f Sjdna, Oa