Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 11, 1903, Image 1

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VOL. XIII. 7 k- .itvir if , , i , . , iwr-rr- r., .H ...,,.. . IM .... u. Si.
NO. 285
;i A Credit Merchant
!! '
I; Cat ries Two Stocks of Goods
scat ered among his
One in the stere: The other
i credit customers.
Carrying customers on the books increases th
j; co it of doing business. Is't one of the things that cnv
!! pel merchants to get high prices from those who pay.
Why Don't You Hay Cash And Bs Independent.
? Trade where prices are figured on a spot cavh basis.
s a i 11 s.i i
I Is isalem s cheapest one price cash store. Qualitv is
aiTTujf.nik.iuoi k-uuoiuciutiuii wiui u. ivsiiaDiej ivicr-
;; chindise sold 15 to 25 per cent cheaper than at "r-gu-
;; lar stores" keeps us growing.
!! nave you seen our line f
; ; Holiday Novelties
We will sell them on the same margin of profit as
;; regular lines.
uvii i jjui ,u your nuuuay snuppiiig uu tnc last
j ; J ay. The assortment is better now and the prices will
; ; never be lower.
Two rooms full of goods suitable for practical pres'
? ents if you prefer therr to the fancy novelties.
Thee Is Now No Obstacle to
Building Portage Road
Right of "Way Available and Even the O. R. & N. Does Not
Control Necessary Gr otmd jThe Canal Can J3e Dag
LaterMajor Langfitt Says th Two Rootcs Do Not
Seriously Interfere With Each Other Business Men
Faror Quick Action Loolcoat for Secret Opposition.
Reports From Colon
Show Colombians
Are Busy
i i
E. T. BARNES, Proprietor i
Tho big corporation Influences nro
still fighting to delay the llttlo portage
railroad. There aro many wnyB In
which this can bo dono, and tho ap
parent friendliness of tho Orogonlnn
la that of nn onoray In disguise.
But tho business mon of Portland
Boom to be allvo to the dangers of the
situation, xnd aro not nlmlng to bo
'tricked out of that club over tho trtuiB.
Iportatlon monopoly on tho Colnmbla.
A break in tho railroad blockade on
the great connnorco of tho Columbia
means tho making of Portland, the
average buslnuBS man "knows It, nnd
will not llston to Intorostefl Bophls-
tries and "Greek gifts" from a corporation-controlled
Strong and sincere support has,
como to tho stato portage by Major
Langflt, and the engineering corps at
Portland. They seem toieoncedo that
the portargo and tho camtl can both
be built .-alongside of the O. IU & "N.,
anil they "will not 'crowd, except at tmo
or two jiolnts.
the portage can be built In tlmo to
handle tho fall crop of 1904.
Tho broadsldos of Tho Journal,
which wero sont ot all members of
the legislature, nnd to the buslnoss
men of Eostorn Oregon, at Its own ox
peiiBc, have aroused public sentiment,
nnd, as It now appears, swept away
every apparent obstacle to Immediate
construction of tho state portage. Kv
ery argument rnlwd against the atnte
Department Has Ordered
Vessels From Cuba and
Will Have Large
Fleet at Panama
Washington, Dec 11. A dispatch
from Admiral Olass, commanding In
Isthmian wators, says thoro Is a well
deflnod rumor on tho Isthmus that a
small boat of Colombian troops had
been landed nt tho mouth of the Arnto
Howard Amos, who last year mndo
a long report on tho health oondltlon
of Colon, and n trip up tho Arato
rlvor, whore It Is rumored tho Colom
bians landed, was at tho bureau ot
navigation this morning, closeted with
Admiral Taylor for a long tlrao.
Thoro Is no doubt both army and
navy Is aroused to unusual activity,
presumably upon express ordenl
from Iloosovelt, nnd that oxtreme
Montana Legislature
Adjourns Sine Die
- ...i -j m
Fair Trial Bill Most Import
ant Passed-Thought it
Will Prevent Further?
Helena. Mont. Doc llr-Tho extra
session ot tho legislature ndjoiirnod,
slno'dto today. Th.o fair-trial bill,
which provldoa for changes of rev-
onuo and ravlow by tho supremo court
In civil cnscB, was tho moat Important
bill passed, ob It provont n recurronco
ot Industrial trouble
porrnge nas proven to bo false, nnd i measures will bo Immediately adopt
was thrown oufby concealod nnd cun-d to forestall any movemont of Co
lombia. Hear-Admlral Sands, with
"Washington, Dec 11. Tho house
was In committee of tho whole this
morning, and considered the pension
appropriation!. ,
.-S fJH.iL.1-
Tho property ownors over whose
Washington, Dec 11. A cable from 'land thu stato portage Is to bo fcullt
rtoar-Adralral Baker, from Guantana- are almost a unit to allow tho stato to
(mo, saysr "Took formal .possession Iproccd -wlthont litigation, and with
of thlB port .at noon.' lout condemnation proceedings, so that
nlng onomlos of the proposition, who.
when drlvon from cover, admit that
thoy had no n-nl reason tor their op
position. Of coarse. It Is to be assumed Hint
tho big corporation Influences will,
from ambush, fight for delay, and try
to put the -construction of tho state
portage ovor another year. But tho
vigilance of Governor Chamberlain
and the other state officials, will guard
against deceptions or dilatory tactics
on the part of tho railroad monopoly
that has Eastern Orogon by tho thront
Read tho latest confession of friend
ship In tho Oregonlnn, to which It has
been driven by public sentiment:
JfUIA'l'.'UK,. .' ea .Tsr
(Continued on Third Page)
tho flagship Tomb, and a torpedo
fleet, has boon ordorod to sail for Key
West on tho 17th. This forms an
Ideal fleet for Isthmian wators, whom,
In evont of troublo, boats ot great
apcod and shallow draft will bo re
quired. Thoro aro nix vessels In tho
Acquitted nnd Arrested. '
Now York, Dec 11. Danlol Myers;
tried on a chnrgo of grand larceny
from tho Manhattan Plro Insurance
Company, wbh today acquitted by tho
Jury. He was promptly rearrested on
another ohargo, alleging the larceny
of J87.000. Ho gavo a bond ot JBOOO.
Hops Movlnp.
Hop shipments aro numorotis, and
about two carloads aro being carried
dally by tho Southern Pacific Tint
car shortago conditions nro Improv
ing somowhnt.
i . jl'hiuiw. JU'u.'jnajm
Among His Peers.
Washington, 11. A lnrgo batch of
petitions against Bmoot wero present
cd In tho sonato today, Piatt, of Now
York, introduced a communication
from Uio Arbuckles and others, re
monstrating against tho anti-Mormon
Ftfesh Naval'
Lemottdf iQc y
"'! "
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Phone 1171 Main.
Let Tflis Be Yoti
Christmas Stone
Holiday Goods for
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Reactions In
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