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New York Husband
Makes Habit Ground
for Divorce
Eastern Paper Discusses the
Question of How Much
, and Who a Married
. Woman May Kiss
(Philadelphia Inquirer.)
In n. divorce suit In the New York
eourts, which has achieved consider
able! notoriety, tho question of kiss
ing Ib predominant. There nro a
mumber of correspondents figuring In
too caso, but tho evidence bo far Is
largoly that tho accused wife's Indis
cretions consisted In kissing other
100. Tho attorneys for tho plaintiff
havo closely cross-questioned the de
fendant, who admits tho kissing, but
Justifies It. Their purpose, evidently,
is to Bhow that a married woman may
kiss no man but her husband and re
latives without ovldonclng a moral
laxity sumciont to break the mar
riago bond.
It does not need tho lawyers to tell
ua that kissing Is or may not be a
aioral act Thoro aro more sorts of
kisses than of lies doscrlbod so suc
cinctly by Shakoepearo. Thero are
Innocent and wicked kisses, good and
bad ones, thoso of love, of troachery,
of conventionality, and , somo devoid
of any physical charactor. One must
know tho mental status of the partlos
In intorost beforo the oxact moral
quality of tho kiss may bo determined.
On this subject there Is a wldo d iff or
nco of opinion, not only botwoon
nations, but botwqon individuals, In
our own country. Somo wives kiss
ing whom they please, providing tho
husbands aro not limited In tholr own
osculatory oxcurslons. Thoro are
somo men so Jealous that thoy can
hardly pdtmlt tholr Wives to bo de
cently pleasant to othor mon, let alono
kissing them. This seems to bo tho
caso whoro ovoryono should bo por-
uaded In his own mind and in his
pa wwooeMBw cq a
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et ittig iet niiimiPiaiiiniaiHnyii8wiiitn
We do what
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Read the testimony of a prominent Silem man:
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2 DeBtuberBotaB.cl Doctor. Care
wife's If ho can.
On general principles It may be
said that the wife who promiscuously
kisses other men, particularly If not
on good terms with her husband lays
hersolf open to suspicion. On tho
other hand, the most devoted and
faithful of wives somotlmos kiss
other men with affection and satis
faction without disturbing tho har
mony of the family flrosldo. It can
ho said that whon a wlfo prefers to
kiss othor mon than her husband, the
rocks aro pretty near the hearth's
boat, but It Is not fair to draw too
wldo conclusions from Individual In
stances. Thero may bo much vlrtim
In a kiss and there may be much
tragedy. It Is better to err on tho safe
sldo, and promiscuous kissing by wo
men is not ostemed a desirable habit
by mon for tho reason that they want
to havo a woman all to themselves
whon thoy can go' her. and some
times several of them. This Is, when
wo consider tho wnywardnoss of men,
a solflsh view, but It undoubtedly
May n married woman kiss whom
sho pleases? She may, and sho also
may regret It.
Is Consumption
That consumption is n horedltary
dlseaso was claimed by all of tho
oldest wrltors on this subject. It Is
only recently that any medical writer
has seriously attompted to deny the
hereditary charactor of consump
tion. Why is it that physicians havo
suddenly reached the conclusion that
consumption Is not hereditary that
Is to say not ontnlled by tho parents
upon Uio children? Why Is It thnt
tho doctors have reached this con
clusion In contradiction of alt human
The mass of the people bollove
that consumption Is horoditnry. They
know vory woll that whon fathor or
mother or both aro of a consumptive
tondoncy, or have had consumption
that tho children or at least somo of
them are liable to havo tho same dis
ease. People all know this. Tim
doctors used to believe It. Not only
tho pcoplo, but thoso who manngo In
surance companlos bollevo consumpt
tlon to bo hereditary. No ono Is con
sidered a good risk In any reputable
lnsuranco company today If It can be
in Chain, Rockers and
Couches. Will you cousidtr
one as an Xmas gift?
With the proper pressure
brought to boar Santa Claus !
might present you with ono
We Claim
all Disaases. . umih a.
Of health, we say of a perfectly health
ful woman, and ft is a picture everyone
loves to look upon. All the pictures of
an me artists wuo uave ever painiea the
glory and beauty of womanhood, are
only copies and imitations of this picture.
never artist
mixed a color
on his palette
thnt can vie
with the hues
which tint a
healthful worn
ati's check,
Why should
this chnrui be
sacrificed to
sickness ? It
need not be
save in rare
cases. Th6 gen
eral health of
woman is so
linked with the
local womanly
health that
wasted cheek
and sunken eve
are in gentral but evidences of womanly
diseases. Cure the diseases and the phy
sical health is restored.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the ills of women. It establishes regu
larity, dries weakening drain, heals in
flammation and ulceration, and cures fe
male weakness.
Mm. Mry . Lenin, of Tanner. Gilmer Co.,
. Va , writes I shall always recommend Dr.
Pierce's Favorite rrcncrlptlon. 'Golden Medical
Discovery ' and ' riessaut relicts,' for tlicy cured
me when doctors and other medicines failed.
For fifteen years t suffered untold mLerv
When I commenced taking Dr Merce's medi
cines, I had given up all hope of ever ctttlug
well I could not He down to sleep, nndeverr
thing I ate would almost cramp me to death.
Wan very nervous and could hardly walk across
the room I onlv weighed ninety pounds when
t commenced taking thene medicines six years
ngo.now I weigh one hundred and forty pounds
and am having lietter health than ever Iwfore.
My friends all My they can hardly helleve that t
am the same person : alter being sick so long I
have changed to be robust and rosy checked."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate
Etouiach, liver and bowels.
shown that his fathor or mothor,
or both, havo died of consumption.
This bolng true, we repont tho
question, Why Is it that the doctors
aro today almost unanimous In de
claring that consumption is not he
The answer Is this, thnt the doc
tow nre trying to defend the ge'rm
theory of dlsuota They try to show
that consumption is due to n gorm or
mlcrobo; thnt no one can havo con
sumption unless tills particular dis
ease germ gets Into tho system. They
call It tuborcular bacilli.
Thore is not n word of truth in
this gorm theory, not a slnglo word.
It is puroly Imaginary and has no
rollablo Justification.
To bo ouro, tho doctors find bacteria
In tho sputum of consumptive pat
ients. Thoy could also find bacteria
In tho sputum of any othor person.
Any and all sputum contains bao
toria. In case of consumption tho air
colls nro especially clogged and load
od with retained sputum. Thus It
hnppons thnt moro bactorla could be
found In tfio sputum and secretions
of consumptlvo patlonts than in
othor people.
Hut thoso bactorla, or sd-called dls
easo germs, do not produco consump
tion. Thoy aro an effect, not a causo.
Thoy aro to bo found wherever re
tained Bocrotlons aro to bo found.
Evory hollow tooth contains myriads
of them. Thoy swarm In tho bron
chial tubes and lungs of every per
son, sick or woll. In healthy tissues
thoy do not And such pormanent lodg.
mont as In diseased tissue
Hut, Instead of looking at tho min
ute organisms as an affect rathof
Uian a cause, tho doctors havo sot
out to show that thoy cause dlseaso;.
that ovory Individual disease has a
special microbe or germ which causes
It. Therefore, In consistency, they
are obliged to pretend to bellove
that consumption Is not hereditary.
' To admit that consumption can
jiass down from generation to gener
ation is, of course, to undermine the
germ theory tfbe doctors cling to
the germ theory with a death grip.
They have been obliged to give up
one by one every rational theory to
support tho administration of drugs In
the oure of disease,
Tlmo and experience have proven
ovory theory which the doctors have
conjured up. The germ theory was
formulated at a time when the whole
medical fraternity was In utter de
spair as to being able to have even a
rational excuse for drug medication
It Is their last hop. They Iwv hews
driven back from fortress to fortress
until In the grni theory they have
taken their last stand. If defeated
her the prsetle of 'humMcIr Is In
chaos, and the protons aw) claims
of the ralial fraternity ar a Rsbtt
lous mass M4r eonvietimf xperi
enrss. No wonder they fight to malu
UIh the germ theory.
They are quits willing to approve
of the marriage of eonstimptlv) peo
ple raUisr than fir up the gorm
theory. Not long ago the doctor
were Mylog that it was a rim for a
consumptive person to marry; that
there ought to b medical exports
so as to prevent the marriage of all
people suspected as being consump
tive. Dut now, slnee the germ theory
has risen to suqIi Importance It must
be defended at all hazards. The
doctors have not only left off saying
anything against the marrtge of con
sumptive people, but are actually pro-
m-tumiM-Lu iff 'itt-wi wuiwl
nounclng upon such marriages their
boriodlctlon and doing all thoy can to
allay the fears of tho people concern
ing the hereditary character of con
sumption. Markct Quotations Today X
X. "Wfc St s Pes ttoat marxst" X
Capital City Mills Quotations.
Bryant A Psnnsll, Prop.
Wheat 75c.
Buck-wheat S0&
Poultry at Gttiner's Market.
Chickens to.
Eggs Per dozen. 3Gc.
Turkeys, 12 Ho.
Ducks 10a
Hop Market
Hops 16010c
Potatoes, Vegetables, Etc '
Potatoe 30c.
Onions mc.
Drltd Fruits.
Peaches 10c.
Apricots 10c.
Apples 10c
Petite prune 4c,
Italian prunes 6c.
Wood, runes' Posts, Eto.
Dig flr 34.00.
Second-growth II 10. '
Arh 13.00 to IS.7&.
Body oak 34.60.
Pole oak 34.00.
Cedar Posts i0c.
Hides. Pstt sod Fur.
Qrn Hides, No 1 itjic.
Ore-m Hides, No. i lflt.
Clt Skin I to Bo.
Sheep 76c
Goat Skins I5o to tl.Ot
Qraln anc.' Flour
Wheat, Salem Flouring Mills 7Bc.
Oats 32c
Barley 118.50 per ton.
Flour Wholesale, $3.00.
Llvs Stock 'Market
Steers I c
Cows 2 Ho.
Sheep $1.80.
Dressed veal SWc.
Dressed hogs 54 c.
Live hogs (He "
Mutton Ic per pound.
Hsy, F4d. Eta.
BaBIod choat 111.
Baled clover $10.'
Bran $20.
Shorts $21.
Creamery and Dairy Prodoets.
Good dairy butter 10026c.
Croamory butter HVaC.
. Cream separator skimmed, at
Com. Creamery, Sltfc, set.
Portland Market
Whoat Walla Walla, 72c.
Valloy 78c.
Flour Portland, beet grade, $9769
$3.86; graham, $1.76.
OautCholce White, 1.07 V&e.
Barloy Foad, $10 por ton; rolled,
Mlllatuff Bran, $10.
Hay Timothy, $1G$16.
Potatoes 60OI0c
Egga Oregon ranch, 36c.
Poultry Chickens, mlxod, .9 per
pound; spring, 10c turkeys, live,
Mutton Dressod, 60 4c.
Pork Dressod, C0CHc
Beef Cross, l0Hc
Voal 8c
Hope 190$ crop, 12012c
vTooI Valley, 17l!c Eastern
Oregon, 11015o; Uebalr, UOHHc
Hides dry, II sounds am upwards,
16 to 16H.
Butter Boat dairy, 2022Hc; fan
cy creamery, 30Q32Hc; store,
JiirMVfemtmtM. firs IUm er ItM, If til cjliaa
Ustrtcdtkrt tiats for ISC. SOcs Wctk 91.50
s or. AU em fir Ban at tfas css rsti.
Salesmen Wanted Kvoroywhero to
solicit ordors for genoral lino of
nursory stock and seeda Brown
Bros., Itochoater, N Y. 12-7-3t
Wanted At onco; a housekeeper on
farm, eight miles south of Salem;
no family. Address S. It. Jones, It
F. D. No. 8. 12-7-Ct
Wanted. A froah milch cow. Jersey
preferrod. O. W. Poarrolno, It.
It 8. lMl
Wanted A good frosh cow. Part
Durham and part Jersoy preferred.
Call at shop of II. Poblo. corner of
Forry and Liberty streets. 1 2-4-3 f
Wanted-A hop yard by a rontr.
Addrnws "F. M." Fairground, Ore
ma. lZ'-3
Wanteds Wood choppers good pay
and easy timber. Inquire at 180
State street ll-24.2w
Lost A sliver lwacelet. Under leave
at Journal office. 12-7-St
Found, A largo gray Scotch hound.
Owner call and pay for same. Cha.
rraace, 4T Trad street, Balem,
Orsgon. U-8-lwk
Lost Last Sunday, ilr of silver
rimmed glasses. Leave at Journal
offlca Mid recelvo reward. 12-4-1'
Orspe Plant for 8ale-For bt plants
at fl.00 per hundred, best varlctiot,
all on Stefaa Umbocko, at Au
Voro Park, ut of Balen, or ad
Jrss him at Salem, Or. lt-s-St'
8, 1903.
Fr Sate Or trade for town property,
lo-acre farm. -Inquire at 260 Mill
street 12.4-lwk
For 8ale. Ono fullbloodod Shorthorn
bull. 3 years old; solid dark red.
Will sell choap, If token soon. Bull
Is not broochn Inquire of M. A.
McCorklo, Salem, Or. 12-4-3t
For Sale. A span of good thrro-quar-tor
brod Porchoron maros, coming
3 and 4. Apply to B. F. Tuckor,
Turner, Or. 12-4-31
Three Choice Young Boars Register
ed Berkshire; weight 200 pounds;
terms reasonable. Thoso pigs aro
from, tho flno brood bow I purchased
of Mr. lAdd, paying $60 for her.
J. W. McKlnnoy, Turner, Ore.
Overcoat Bargain, Two good oven
coats, nearly as good as new, for
one-fourth tholr cost Mm, O. H.
Walker, at Salem Dye Works.
For 81 Or trade, a fine 10-acre
chlckea or fruit ranch; first-class
buildings and ImprovenaeaU; clooo
to school, poeienllco, store and rail
way station. Will trad for city or
unimproved farm property. Address
"W, J.," Oar Journal 11-6-
For Salsw O. K. Orubbers, Best In
Oregon; thM state premiums;
one horse has the power of $1; can
grub an acre a day. James Finney,
Brooks, Or. 10-35-lm
For Sals lnmprovsd and unimproved
block property In South Salem. For
Information Inquire of & Hofer,
Journal offlo. 10-l-tx
Cholo Farm For Sale. Threo mile
northwest from Brooks, having
dwelling house, barn and two hop
houses, with 30 acres of hope, bal
anco farming land, with running
water, eoccopt onough choice Umbor
to supply tho place, M. J.
For Sale.- Bargains. Sovoral cholco
plocea of property, both outside and
Inside, Call and se oownor, 407
High strooL'IH blocks north of city
halL. 11-lMm
For Sale Eighty acres of
Washington county, for
land In
$460. A
bargain for some ono wanting to
make a home. Some tlmbor on tho
place; soms cleared. B. Hofer, Ba
lem, Oregon. 10-4-tf
For Rent Large double store on
State street, 60-foot front, 80 doep.
Apply to M. Kllnger. 10-7-tf
Rooms for Rent Up stairs, Cottle
block, by day, week, or month. Al
so light housekeeping rooms, Elec
tric lights. Open all hours.
Commercial St, No, 331,
Phene: 39(6 Main.
Mattlc Hutchlns, Prop.
Meier's Bsrbsr Collofte Of Salt Lake
City, offers advantages In teaching
the trade that cannot be had ttso
where. Avoid schools the Oregon
snd California barbers' new laws
aro apt to close at any time, Write
today for our special odor to dis
tant students, ll-10-lm
Ths Proper Thing Th popular
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Bay Have you tried frlwards A Luseh
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and bo convinced. 410 Knit State
Salem Truck and Dray Co,Old4
and bcH equipped company In Sa
lem. Piano and furniture moving
a specialty Office 'phone, 811. Yf.
W. Brown Son, proprietor. Offlos
No. 10 BUt street -Mra
Dr. Z. M. ParvlnAt 207 Commercial
stroet, upstairs. Singing schooL
JludlraenUl and sight reading class-
Begins Wodnesday evening, Oo-
tohor 14th. Class every Wednes
day evening to May 1st, next Tui
tion. 11.00.
Unique Cleanlnp Rooms 8hsw A
Johnson, the cleaners, ar now lo
cated at 209 Commercial strt
They do a general pressing and re
pairing business. Specialties: Skirts,
silk waists, kid glve, gents' oloth
Inx. etc. Phon 2614. 6-28-lyr.
Dr. W. 8. MottWlll horeaftec bi
found In the Drey block. 176 Com
mercial street, over Oregon Sho
Co. Offlc telephone. 2931; res
dene puon 3761. Offlc hours t
to II, and I to 6.
New Sweet CldorvSend your order t
the nearoat grocery, or sail up
phon 43L Oldon fltols k Co.
Mrs. L. Cn4ll Do dressmaking
at br horn, om th ear lln. neu
ths BonUh SaJam MSBtftssry. (Xmatty
' taUa sastett. ll-ls-lsa-4-v
W. Calvst, Pra16al WaUhmaKs
158 Stat streot, make; a sItiny
of repairing watches, oloclr aa
Jewelry, and guarant good werk
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Ferguson's Restaurant 06 BU,t
street Open day and night Oar
20c tneaU are bettor than any 35e
house in the state. Six 20c meals
for $1.00; 21 30c meals for $1.00.
Valliy ledge No. 18, A. O.U. W. Moots
In tholr hall In Holman block, cor
ner Stato and Liberty, ovory Ma
day evening. Visiting brthr
welswne. noy McInUre, M. W. A.
B. Aufraace, Recorder
C'-J'ILodg No. 1t, Kif P-Oatl
Hall In Holman blocks corner Ut
and Liberty Sta. Tnesday of h
wk at 7:10 p. m. A. B. Strama
O. P.. It J. riscalnsr K. n. and a
Forssitsr ef Amsrlca Court fhetv
wood rorssUr No, 18. Mtts Frf.
day night In Turnw block. S. W.
Mlntwrn. O. B.; A. L. Browa. Rm,
Modern Woodmen of Amerto Or.
goo. Cedar Camp No, 6341. Me
very Thursday Tnlng at 8 o'clock
Holman HalL Frank A. Turner. V.
0.: A. L. Brown. Clerk.
Protection Lodg No. J, Anoleat C
dtr United Workmen, meets ovrr
Saturday venlng in th Hols
Hall, cornor Stato and Liberty
streets. YlslUng brethren wolwwa.
J. O. Graham, M. W.j J, A. SsUwoofi
Drs. M. T. Scliosttlo, Frank J. 8 air
and Anna M. Barr. Graduate
American School of Osteopathy,
Ktrksville, Mo., successors to Dr.
Orace Albright Orflc hours to
12 and 1:30 to 4:30 o'clock. Odd
Follows' Temple, Phon Main atllf
residence phon 2002 red.
.T0.? ?0mAL. .NP DATH8,
Evan'a Barber Short Only flrstrctass
shop on State itreot Rvory thl
new and un v.ata Flntxnt porce
lain baths. Shavo, 16o; hair-out o
baUis, 2Cc. Two (lrsUlass boot
blacks, Q. W. Iffvans. proprietor.
' Hop morchants, 97 to 69 Stats
street, Salem, Oregon. Represented
by Jos, Harris.
WM, DROWN A CO-Hops. Mohair, ,
wool, hop growers' supplies. N.
229 Commercial street, Salem, Ore
gon. Phono 1301.
SQUIRE FARRAR Hop merchant,
and purchasing agent No. 219
Commercial street, upstairs, Bat,
Orogon. Phone 1651.
T. A. LIVE8LEY A CO, Dealer la
hops and hop supplies. Phon 1111,
office room 18 Oberhelm bldg,
lorn, Oregon.
J. CARMJCHAEL Hop buyer. O0
In Busb-Breyman building, Bale,
Oregon. Sample of choice hop so
licited from all growers.
CATLIN A LINN Hop buyors. Boom
8. Bush-Broyman block, Balem, Ore
gon. Phono 1431.
ers. Room 2, Murphy block, Salssa,
Oregon. Tolophono No. 371.
For wator sonic apply at oflee.
Dills payable monthly In advaaoe.
Ma all complaints at ths office.
Express and Trausfer
Moots all malt and paM&ager trains
Baggago to all parts of the city.
Prompt service, Tolophono No, I4L
Coat llADgers-UI China In sets or by
the plc, In msnf styles,
The Variety Store
94 Court St. Aaaora M. Wtlck. Pms
Hop Wire Wovsn Wire Fsrwlnfl.
Place your orders now and get re
duced prlees. Car of fencing to amre
Ootober 20th; car of fencing la No
vember. Writ and get prices.
0 Court St, Balem, 07,
3C3E13Xr,aL? xsti?
fliiKOAionr to Dr. J. M. Kftllt, 1
Whit Corner. Saleoi, Oregon. Partle
desiring superior wnUonM at uw
rat feo In any braneh are la peeal)
208 Commercial Btrsat
Regular Dinner at Nooi 25c
Meals at all hours
Service n U Csrte
a EOCERLBN, ProfHetaf
yiiiiwiw-i''l'B"''ll'''lJ'''"',Wl'fr'"T V"