Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 08, 1903, Image 1

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aALCM,meoN. Tuesday, December 8, 1903.
NO. 282.
i Youe Making Fancy Wok f
) x
Then you should seo our lino nf Sill nnrl fii;B vi..i.
; ! and Velyetecna, Cushion tops, Cushion core's, Embroidery silk,
J! Knitting silk, Ribbons. Pine lnces for handkorchief trim
! ! ming-. Fine linen by the yard for handkerchief centers.
Everything for fancy work. Flriacliera Shetland Floes
Yarn 00c per pound. Rubber doll heads and si! .inll hAa
J They look like bisque but the children can't break them.
uur Mill jinc ot
! !
is now ready
Doll?, gntue, picture book?, toilet ensep, collar and ouff !!
. . boxes, smoking sets, handkerchiefs, mulllcra. neckwoar. tnblo ! !
linens, napkins, stand covers, and ovorvthing you want in ree- !
ular lines for practical presents, shoe, clothing, overcoats, hatd,
i ' i . ii
' eomiorts anu uiariKots.
X We sell Holiday goods on the earao margin of profits as reg-
X ular lines, that's why Holiday shoppers trade with Salem's ; ;
I cheapest casti store.
r ' n
MHfrfr4te4 i o i v
m ii
Is KidHapped by a
Neighborto Prevent
Her Testifying
Kept Two Weeks in an Up
stairs Room, but Was
Treated With Great
est Kindness
Guard at Colorado
Coal Mines Fire
on Strikers
One Deal Twj Dying and
a Fourth Wounded and
in Jail, The Rer
Lincoln, Nob., Doc. 8. Boulali
Thomas, tho pretty lG-year-old daugh
ter of a York county fanner, who dis
appeared from her homo two weeks
ago, was found last night In tho houso
of Jqjm Blair, a neighbor ot thti
Thomas family, whoro sho had boon!
hold a captlvo, kidnaped by John ,
Blair, against whom In a criminal
caso alio had been tho principal wit-,
nosa for tho prosecution. Blnlr was
suspected when tho girl disappeared,
but bloodhounds failed to locate tho
girl. Nolghbors told tho shorlfT thole
suspicions, and lost night he, with a
posse, forced an ontrnnce to tho houso
and found tho girl In an up-stnlrs
room. Tho girl says sho was kindly
treated, but kept In the closest cap
tivity. Blair was Immediately arrostr
ed and taken to 'the" York Jail. The
farmers throaton to lynch tho prisoner.
E. T. BARNES, Proprietor
t iia4-a-e-foii9ieii-M)iaiH!)ioiciiBiia8e-iK
I Jessie Carr Dying.
J San Francisco, Dea 8. Josslo D.
Carr, ono of tho beet-known citizens
of California, who celebrated hlB 89th
birthday last Juno, suddenly col
lapsed last night, nnd Is reported as
sinking rapidly, with no hopes ot ro-
covory. He Is semi-conscious and 1b
aroused with difficulty. Mr. Carr was
ono of tho ploneor -star routo con
tractors wost of tho Mississippi. Ho
has largo land Interests In California
and Oregon.
Denver. Dec. 8. One report, glvlnn
dotalls ot tho fight which took place,
last night botweon tho Colorado Fuel
Company's guards and tho striking
Italians at Soguno. shows tho guards
woro patrolling tho plant, whon tho
strlkors rushed toward them, firing a
volley. Tho guards roturnod tho tire,
bringing down throe of tholr assail
ants, ono of whom died at 10 o'clock
this morning, and tho othor two aro
dying. A fourth man, who was cap
tured and jailed, was shot through
tho wrist Tho wounded man says
there were but seven strlkors In the
fight, Instead of 30. as at first report
ed;' thoy also claim the fight wao
sturted by the guards, without prov
ocatlon, and that the latter did all the
firing. All roads leading to the Se-
guna cjoke ovens are now heavily
guarded, as more trouble Is fen rod.
Tho dead, and wounded are said to
have been members of tho gnng whloh
fired on four strike-breakers from an
nmbuscado, shooting ono In tho foot.
Tho otrlke-breakors wero bolng con
voyed to I'rlmero. A eawod-off shot
gun was found on tho spot, whera ono
of tho strlkors fell.
American Consul At
tacked by Turk
ish Police
Turks Claim Davis Struck
the Police and Guards
and Smashed Jail
Constantinople, Dec 8. -Tho Amor
lean consul, Davis, has loft his post at
Beirut, and caused tho American flajj
at Aloxandrctta to bo lowered, In con
Bcqucnco of being Insulted and as
saulted by Turkish police. Minister
Lolshmau hat) made earnost protostn
lions to tho porte, nnd it is bollovcd
whon a more completo roport has
been received the United Statos will
demand the fullest reparation. Tho
affair has grown out of (tho arrest of
tho Armenian A'trlan. a nnturnllzod
American, who was Imprisonexl at the
Alopho, but reloased on condition that
ho Immedlatoly leave tho countryH
Davis was escorting him, when thu
pollco attackod nnd assaulted Davie
and rearrested Attrlan. Davis then
lowered the flag and broko off rela
tlons with tho authorities. 1-ntcr r
mob of Moslems mndo demonstrations
ngainit tho consulate nnd Christians
genorally. Tho Turks claims Davli
struck tho pollco nnd guards, and
broke tho prison windows. Attrlan
hnd 2000 In his pockets when arrest
ori Tho Turks claim they believed
him-to bo a revolutionist.
General Reyes Calls.
on the President and
Angers Him
Told to Transact Business
With the Secretary and
Not to Visit White
Washington, Dec, 8.- Clan, ltoycst
spealal roprosantatlvo of Colombia.;
called at tho Whlta Houso todny, and
It was given out later that, for fiver
minutes, tho Intorvlow was oxtrorao
ly pleasant Lator Information, which
Is porfoctly rollnblo. Indicates thorn
was no pleasure in It for Royes, who
ovldontly mado mtino remark which
aroused tho Hoosovolt fighting blood.
Tho latter wont for him rough-shod;
and his angry words woro heard in tho
adjoining rooms. Tho President con
cluded his denunciation with the-
statement that If Reyes had any tnoro
bualnoes to trnnsaot with America It
would have to bo with tho seorotary
of state, and ho wan told not to enter
the White Houso again.
Ambassador Recalled.
Paris, Dec. 8. Tho Russian am
bassador to Paris has boon recalled
thlB roaming. Ho presented tho op
dors for his return to Prosldont Lou-bot.
Family Durned to Death.
Clarksburg, N. Ji, Dec. 8. Flvo por
sons wero burned to death In a flr6
this morning, which destroyed tho
resldonco ot Clayton Flowor. Tht
dead nro Flowor and his wlfo and
thioo children; ono son oscaped.
WMmn!-T'siiJnm.'jnitfMi' m . i
Fesh Naval
Lemonci JOc
154 State at.
Phone 1871 Mfllrv
i rjasownnens'
Oflly t4 Shopping Days Before Christmas
Mid during these days we muot sell to almost every family In and around 8alem the Christmas presents which may be required. For much
more conspicuously than 'ever before Is this great institution this wonderful exposition of beautiful thlnnt the recognized and acknowl
edged headquarters of Christmas goods. ,
for money sovlng In our roady-to-
wear department.
Tho weather at prosont in fact
most any winter weathor calls
for tho convenient suits with
skirts thnt escape the ground.
And now you may buy vory hand
some sultu at unusually low prices
Oroy Cheviot will tailored, syllsh.
well finished i.in. worth $15.00.
Brown Cheviot, an elegant bar
gain at the ujual price of HM
During this pal a at
A fine suit of tan MeHo. finely
flnjshett and tailored, nicely An
lshed skirt, well worth IS8.W. Now
$ J 6.50
If Dolly's apartments aro not
particularly well furnished after
Christmas', It will not bo the fault
of tho big toy store. Thoro Is an
Incentlvo to attend to Dolly's
wants at once. Hero you will find
everything pertaining to dolls,
such as
Doll Houses
Doll Furniture
Doll Dishes
Doll Shoos
Doll Jewelry
Doll Go-Carte
Doll Heads
Dressed Dolls
Undressed Dolls
Kid-body Dolls
Cloth Doll
Btfl, B!e.
A great variety of dolls in all
suc .
For 'our 163d Wednesday Sur
prise Salo we are to havo an
by offering throo groat speolals
Instead of ono as usual. During
Uils salo you may select from a
line of Fascinators, colors blaok,
blue, pink and whfto, rogular 50c
We think that a Pendleton In
dian Hebo Is not only ornamental
about the home, but almost a nee
essary article, for it fills so many
long felt wants.
A limited supply reached us yes
terday by express, and are cer-
talnly beauties of the weavers'
tee n we
Never before hare the people of
thla elty or vIclMly bad h a
variety astf eowpletena tk
to select from, as we are show
lug at'th preet lime,
TlwwJ In all rtapee awl lgths,
blowa gkiM noveHlae. btewn ai
ballt, elBgly or In eirlags; Is fact.
all tke deeorattoM that so so far
toward maklg 7wr tree kk
28c each
Rbben In a great variety of
hade suah ai you use ovary day,
regular SOo value
28c yattf
lielts In the new shajiee and
styles, In blaok only, regular 10c
28c each
$4 75
Wm In &m idvtt a pleiHre.
Yoh'II never afain have etieh a
cttaitet to buy p4tre at Mih low
tuiam. Many will aatMpata thi
purchase of th4r JmlWay gj(ft
it will be a wise plan. Pletirea la
tested for holWay gifts will be
heM. and delivered when desire,
wtthwjt xtra charge.
We again Ittrlte you bn1 ymn
Irleads to meet with us, and spqiul
an eiijeyable evewlig luoklnx
about, and miofluf tho wutaleal
(trogram. which we bare mmwti
for your benefit.
Com and Mk youreolvee at
home, for we like to see you have
a good time.
A moving pan
orama. The
hundreds ot
h.-.ts coming
nnd going koep
everything now
and frosh, and
In such a wide
variety that
ovory man may
be fitted and
A fine assort
ment placed at
your disposal
from which to
make your, se
lection We ca surely
plea? )(Hi In
your' bat want
Ask for the
Thursday Night
Dec JO
, 7 p m. to
930 p mi
men's snorts,
TWe Is a shoe store fur the eo
Hie. A place where wfbwly Is
nml welcome, and tratel nicely.
It Ii ettoe store for the pent,
for folk Uist fwy at Uiey m. who
wait all Uwr ta Ht tor their
Htoey, and will take a Ultle Urn
to Nod the rtKht store, whkh "la
ue." W)ioo yoti feel you must get
the beet a Utile mfiMgr will buy.
there Is no place like Meyers'. Al
V" ;v JHBsHK''i.v PrHsHv
HinSduffMi 9R Nkw hi I
u Mm Bmm Vm I
iUndTuieftj Jrm ml I
0.(7l4kl if kr B"l XlMfUM HI
Keed not be overcoat Uva)ule,
for bo MHittor at what prl ym bny
a cum of M it will bf mado up la tbj
latest ttylo, Slh and wurkmaniMp
That's why our overeoal at what
ever prtee. have a tUetiriettve !
about thetn uit erdloary eonu A st
. '
iii.i inni'iw j )imiiniwniiweiHi""'W w"