Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 07, 1903, Image 1

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ieet With Overwhel
ming Defeat by the
ussians Loss Was Only
Fourteen but the Brigands
Were Almost Animated
I Port Arthur, Manchuria, Dec. 7. A
liapatch today reports n flerco on-
punter between 600 Russians and sov-
ral hundred Huan Chauser robbers,
Manchurlav Tho brigands suffered
overwhelming defeat, and enor-
ftoiis loss, whllo tho Russians lost but
killed and wounded.
16.000 the previous year. Alabama
had tho greatest numbor, New York
and Arizona had onjy two cases, No
vada and Porto Rice thrco each. New
Mexico four, Alaska six, Hawaii sev.
en, and Wyoming olevon. The report
says the law, In times of financial de
pression will do 'much to prevent a
NO. 231.
Germany Wants Trusts.
Dresden, Dec. 7. Loaguo Saxton,
the Industrial capitalists, are holding
a meeting horo today to consider
moans of defense ngalnBt American
commercial competition. Millionaire
Potschow, In his speech, declared
Germnny would soon bo completely
beneath the yoke of American capital,
largely due to the magnificent organ
ization of the Amorlcan consular sor
vice, which spies out everything
profitable, and issues trade bulletins,
which thoroughly inform American
manufacturers of foreign demands.
Ho declared tho only method of fight
ing would be the formation of' im
mense Gorman trusts on American
Polltax Restriction Attempted in Most
Wards at the City Election
Killed His Wife.
San Francisco, Dec. 7. George De
cs, a linoman from Los Angoles,
hot and mortally wounded his wife,
ad then put a bullet in his own neck.
Kit is not fatally injured. Mrs. Do
les left her husband two months ago
Los Angeles, and camo horo. Do
tes followoJ, and discovered tho wo-
Ban tills morning. Ho besought her
return, and, on hor refusal, shot
Bankruptcy Laws.
1 Washington, Dea 7. Edwin Dran
lenborg, who is In chargo of tho bank-
jptcy affairs of the department of
wstlco, has submitted his report for
e year ending Soptoraber 30th. He
smphnslzes tho valuo of tho law to
both debtor and creditors. Tho num
ber of voluntary petitions In bank
ruptcy Is approximately 14,000 against
tesh Naval
emond J 0c
ino s
Takes Some Money.
Washington, Do. 7. The book of
estimates for appropriations for tho
fiscal year ondlug June, 1905, pro
pared by tho secretary of tho treasury,
want to congress today. Tho total la
$624,502,146, as against $589,189,11.'
for tho yoar ondlng Juno 30, 1904. It
Is divided approximately as follews:
Legislation, $5,250,000; oxecutlve,
$30 000,000; Judicial, $900,000; foreign
Interior, $2,250,000; military, $77,
800,000; naval, $00,964,000; Indians..
$7,600,000; pensions, $138,000,000;
public works, $67,300,000; postal, $8,
500,000. The balanco Is miscellaneous
nnd pormnnont annual appropriations.
Princess a Murderess.
Borlln, Doc. 7. Tho actress, Clara
Zolgler, who was shot by Princess
Elizabeth, died today. Tho prlncoss
will probnbly bo compolled to stand
trial, as sho sacrificed all hor privi
leges when she married Prince Otto,
in opposition to tho wishes of her Im
perial grandfather, Emperor Franz
(54 State 8L
Phone 1971 Main.
New York Hotel Bums.
Now York, Dec. 7. Firo this morn
Ing destroyed tho Wynnoko hotol on
9th and Fifty-third streets. It was
occupied by 50 families, but none arc
bollovod killed. The firemen made
sovoral thrilling roscuos.
Recognize Panama.
Washington, Dec. 7. Count Casslni
has formally notified tho stato depart
ment today that Russia has recognized
tho now republic of Panama.
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if Sl IuaS
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Many Legal Votccs Being Shot Oat From Voting by the
unconstitutional UULtens Charter If the Rcpab-
'Hcans Win the Opposition May Question
the Legality of the Election and
Try to Count Them Out
on Technical Grounds
A vory oxcltlng city election is
closing at 4 o'clock todny. Tho cam
paign was carried on sonio on Sunday
oven, the Republican press committee
(totting out a scorching cnmpalgn ox
tra, charging that all the saloon inon
In the city had gone solidly to tho sup
port of P. S. Knight for mayor.
Dill Anderson had the usual amount
of fro advertising In tho "Bxtrn."
This was scattered all over the city
by carriers, and created a sonsatlou,
as It was road on all tho street cars
and by people going home from
church. Tho church feduratlon re.
doubled tholr efforts to counteract Its
'offoct, nnd nearly every pulpit poured
forth distressing sermons about the
need or moral purification of tho city.
I At the Flrt M. B. church Ilov.
Heppe discoursed on "Tho Gambling
Bvil of Our City Shall It Continue?"
Ho charged that tho prosont elty po
lice editor dared not onforco tha
I laws, nnd, therefore woro violators
themselves, or were ignorant of tho
I laws and Utolr duties, or woro moral
cowards, nnd Indifferent to tholr du
ty. Most of the pulpit rang with de
nunciations of vlco. and pictured Sa
lem as another Sonttln
No Poll Tax Restriction
Wag tolerated In the seventh ward",
ono of the Gltlsens' judges Joining
with tho Republican Judge, and allow
ing nil legal voters to voto undor tho
constitutional provision. Tho Repub
licans woro out In full forco and olect
ed Alex. Daue Judge of olcctlon, to
fill the vacancy caused by the Illness
of V 11. Simpson. Two county road
supervisors woro present by order of
the city officials, but mnde no effort
to Intorforo with any ono voting.
Fourth Ward.
Hart a hot fight prevailed over tha
poll tnx restriction, ninny being turned
nway from tho polls for not having
pnld the tnx. The Republican judgo
protested, but wnti overruled by tho
two Citizens, who, with Jos. Albert ns
chnllonger, drew tho list furnished by
tho street commissioner, on ovory
voter who had not paid. It yns Bttuul'
nnd dollvor, or not voto. A small voto
will bo pollod thoro.
In the Third Ward.
A man who has lived In Salem SO
years appeared to voto but, as ho had
movod from some other wnrd to tho
third only 15 days boforo, was dented
tho right to voto for mayor, boeausa
he hnd "lost his rosldoneo."
In the Fifth Ward.
No offort wnn mndo nt enforcing thu
poll tnx restriction, and thnra was gen
eral protest at tho plnn of hnvlng tho
county snpervliors como into tho city
and determine who should vote nt nn
eloctlon undor n city chnrtor. In the
sixth ward tho eamo was true, no chal
lenges being ontortnlned on Uio
Countess Russel
Wants to Shake Her
Coachman Husband. .
Drew Two Blanks in tntf
Marital Lottery and
Pines for Freedom
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Londou, Dec. 7. Oountess Russell
today applied for a dlvorco from hor
coachman husbnnd, William Ilrown;.
nlioglng cruelty and misconduct, Tho
hearing will bo held Thursday. Tho
countess, marital oxporlenco has been
vory unsatisfactory. Sho was di
vorced from Kiul RurboU, after emitt
ing his punlshmont for nn alleged blg
anions tnarrlngo with an American
Shortly nftorward she mot Ilrown,
who wan masquerading as Prlnco
Athobald Stuart Do Modona, Whoa
exposed Rite hnd htm wont to Jail.
Tliiy were reunited but n Bhort tlmo
The Qas Exploded.
Madrid, Dec. 7. ICIuvon were Killed
ami four Injured by a gas explosion
nt tho Mlore coal mine todny.
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