Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 05, 1903, Page TWO, Image 2

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Seripp Mows AssoeiaUen Telegram.
I S and 5 O'clock Editions.
BaJrr On Ywr, S4U8 In Advarre.,1
Daily Three Mentha. 81.00 In Advance. 9
Daily by Carrier, SO Cents Per Merrth.
Weekly On Year. 81.00 In Avanee.
One Week $ 10
Ou Koala SS
liiM Ueaths LM
At Journal office.
At Daue's Grocery, South Salem.
At Bfox Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Average Grocery Store
Electric Grocery, East State 8L
HI)HHMmmHH i '.
Interstate Y. M. C. A. convention.
Forest Grove, December t-6.
City electloas. December 7.
Executive committee meeting of
American MWi; Ceagress. Portland.
December 19.
Dalryae' association, Corralttt.
December 1S-I5.
Poultry aMf pet stock show, Salem,
Docomber 17-19.
Special twilw of Um legislature.
ScJdea. Doeenibir 2L
XMtoaal.. Hresteefc.. eeereatio.
Fortta. Jeeuwry 12-1S.
Amaee at eT, DnchM.,
ary IMS.
Th Weather.
Tonight aad Suaday, partly deamy
A vary aaergetie city campaign ha
about atotei. The Brat battle far th
eoatrd of th potltiral deetiaW of
Greater Salem will ha fought Maamay.
Th BbbuwBuib ar wt orgae-
huv made aa eawraetic
oa progressive Baas, for th
Brat Oca la th ettjr'a history.
U pcogr a aad dvapiniiBt of
Oreeter Salem la to be voted down. It
eaa oaty be do by dfaUag the
IaaaaVMeaa candidates.
The (Ml uana haa ba
femaht oa tbair record for good but
an administration. Thy daim atoo
t ataad (or ptograes.
Thar do rlaha to stead lor morajJ
puriieatfM of the city, aad have ttafteei
with law aatl ealoea or law oatorc
uJwll aVJnavr&
A laador of th Crimea party say
titer taped to carry two f th old
ware of th dty. aad all th bm
toatoa, aad Una esotroi the oaewdL
They swum that th bow warde'th
are atroasdy Demeeratlc. aad that the
church rot la thai ward
wfU be
aaalaet th RaaubUeaas.
K to rep w ted oa good aathorlty that
tat th Sooth Salem ward th aaU-e
M vote I to be onaeeatrated oa A.
Vaas. KaaabHcaa. aad Joha Bayae.
Th league has also aa-
Mr. Jory. bat ely two ar tc
b rhwua. aad they thlak thy eaa do
feat Le AicJsuoa. Th Keaublfcaas
claim they win elect both Vast aad
la la Korth Salam ward th ruH
la admMfd I be yery do, the for
awtloa of th ward redudag th N
aaatkiMi majority aha oat to
Th pisali of Htojklaad hare
to rally for th aatl-ealooa
the charter.
there eaa awr b a saw stab
ahd there, aad th Kepublkaa win
rar Ttoatt that hiiUib of th caao
tr. bsraaaa ihoy asjr. If k Is trae that
thar ar oa (rtaadty tanas with the
ta ta eny. ta Maw tam-
aarr warn a romponnoa la tae au-
la the Bast 8aim ward It wulu like
a walhnrer lor ChurrhlU aad Smith, taaa a wild lahhU. Two of th la
ta oimosttioa loaders betag reported earn f Au aahaal ar BamJ oa the
aa eiu-ij roeapnoa m ami wm
would favor UUaatioa to defeat the
eaaner aaa ungauoa o carry oa
charch craeadaa that waaM larorre
th Htr ta deot. aad gala aetata. '
CeseetaUoa! j
1 Ddta oaatg. Jaat after retara- '
m a ran ...I . mmmmm hm UU
a. the eorrovlas widow -Qoodyhy. i
Mr 1 hU a toreU ride "-Be I
arptu !
" " "- i
thiag doth
hart ta aatat
Are You Lazy ?
If jnm would have tie kpjpi
of health, with the oUaUc
stop aad cloar bright skia, &e
your dlgostive organs aad Hvor
rjght by using
. SMlhi want. Xa basts He tad Xc
Endorses the feftowtna candidates
zens Tlcketa:
X FIRST WARD J. H. Campbell
THIRD WARD O. J. Wilson.
The Law Enforcement League is a non-partisan organization of
citizens, who believe in the enforcement of existing laws. They
? arvnoil In thi eltlrfnm ef KalMn
i ,
X moral welfare of the dty at heart,
Z candidates above named.
The Clumsy Blowpipe
of the Natives of
Arrows Are Poisoned and
Cause Death Almost Instantly-
Have a Range
of 100 Yards
(Loagsaaa's Maaaata.)
There ar two ktada of bsowptp la
aaioag th laalaas of Oataaa.
Th Brat, called the pooeooa. Is
of th oorah rood. This re-
rkablo roeed la oaly foaad la th
Orlaoco rrrr aad there oaiy at ear
tela apots. The oorah grows to the!
haaaht of at
feet, aad
the Wow-
baal joist.
piae Is
hi foart or aftea
foot loag, straight a aa arrow,
without a kaat. Th laatd of th
Is as smsoth as
th fadUty whh which th dart
timrareoa K. Vry lltU of th road
Is eat away, so that th pipe la about
twelve ft loag. aad to atraag that
whea held horiaoacally thee to aot
the least bead la K.
Th read bavtas beea eareraOyt
estt aad araaaMri tm mi.
la a maalL tala. pah traak.
which to split oaa for th aoraoM.
acraaed tala a .a wafer, aad taea
rejoiaed with th reed to th eeator.
That palm, for lestgth stralga tapes
aad Mghtawaa to as Temerlrable as the
reed. The whole pip, wheat aatoaed
ar welsh mar taaa a poaad
a haa or a poaad aad tar-
Both th mouth aad th
aad the atooch ar
Thar ar treat
the latter formed af ta earrad tooth
'of ta Daayproeta aroarel. a
of. rodeat sosaewhat laraor la
broath of the pipe ar meaas of
Trm ,, g ff poel
tjt atgat to
Wrtantmw th fminalsjhl to xsad ta
mmm wjr- or 9ttm tam
ta tooth of a
- It tw BWCOd ahOttt foot back
tnm tte
" fw,r ,art J
t"11 H to a roftsiderahle dlataace
rroa the eye whea atmiag
Th misoel aaed with this tube ta
mtoaaaaid aa arrow. It to realty a
(dart, scarcely biggs r taaa a bwa
.daraiag aeaam, mad with
euite a ta. Ta dart to maao at
ta rib of th roacnatsete aahm tot
to ta heavy thai It win atak ta
It to ahemt aeeea sncha ta
leagta. thjsjmr taaa a hug
th asms! aamawr that
arrlea wh him when
to team WlslaX ready
hat aat prepared wtth the
eocta luums. Theee darts
are atraag tomathar iiemathlnc like
th titdah sft ehsmss are
pate a. aad thee, reeled ea a stick.
aad carried la a eatvar, peiaM up-
FIFTH WARD J. G. Jacobs,
Enos PresnaM. H. O. White. !!
SIXTH WARD J. N. Skaife, P. J
A. Thomas.
SEVENTH WARD-lno. Baync,
H. S. Jory, Ames Vats.
lrnt - fllv, of nartv. who have the I I I
to make their selections from the (
K betag reaahtMe to
the frota aay cbaaee of
broke or dolled. To protect
head whoa haadltag these th top of
th stick U farataaed with a
wkoaUlk shield.
Th iac potate are Jva
to th
darts by saeaas of the
of th
from both RepobHean and
derllBah (Scrraoalaias pintra). aad P asodora legal pto
the cottoa with wale they are "" ltogother a strong aoreL
ptasjaed before aae la found growtag
wild. It b hoaad to th baa of th
dart with thread atede of aWt jras.
this thread, with wax obtataed from
sereral trees, being largely vt-4. in
aaakiag the blowpipe. The skill
need la blading the plag of cottoa to
th dart mast be great, or it w u aot
ay trae aad far when shot. Th lit
data aerer carries asoro- than' St or
six reedy ptagged. aad when tav
ar lost he meat draw others from the
qairer aad plag them. He a wavs
tries them repeatedly before use and
perhap acror aaeceeds la getUng
oa to iy perfectly trae. Bat if ir
Is oalr a few laches oat of fligM
Hke a liBoaaaa. la atmiag he make
aUowaac for this toaccararr and it
arTs to be of Hula moment. ,
Th dlataace to aad the accuracy
'With which fWn-il tlfirte ir that -iro
Isimaly woadrfal. though the darts
'do aot sufho with aay great force
The death of th gam is occasioned
aot by Impact, but by the poison
with which the dart to tipped. This
aoiaoa htdmm am a tier znore mt nr
,-tw ,ak-j t. a a .w-
, I ...-. .. ., u.v
of aflordtag It a lodgment.
aad also ta
th notch cut aear the
So aaety potated to the dart
It win peaotrnt th leak oa a
aad If aay animal, such as a
IrvttaMd by th prick, oa-
dearer to draw ft from th wooed. K
break at th notch, aad leaves the
fatal Jag bohlad.
There to a haadt la blowing the
art from the pipe. I have ae
eaeded la pcoaoPlag thea about 1M
yards aad I hare aer seea a Bar
aeaa seadnhem aay farther, but the
paC thma double that dto-
at It to lea yards win
alt a mark oaly a few laches square.
I hare seea aasfr mArkmaaa who
coald alt parrots aad toueaas at th
la two or three
a dart has beea shot. If
It mark, the Indian
great pates to tad ft, oa aecowat af
la eager ft Is ta person watttaff
aear ta aaot, tar If trodden oa tt to
lutoty ta he as fatal as the oft tl Afthoagh Hur" praetically
the most vaomeus aaake, IhaTe.kiBod th baaiwim of De Woaf rfop
forased the oataloa that tho womrall ar U "Mr. Pickwick." aad "The
potooa used to tip the darts emwISsosks' la Portlaad. th week before
IU great Tln;lace to the veoom of, ft arrived, the atfadaae at the
a saak; vhtoh. t thlak to
with It; But I need ao dietu
matter h?r.
Although it to m tight the btew
Pipe to a ehMaey woepca to a&adla. aa!
acccuat of lu great Icagth and ft to ,
astry aamwaxm; The High tost wreewa
or kaoek reader It oacieas. aad th
ladira to mem earorul to avoid oed
dau of tius klad. He carrie th
tab la a vertical paattioa. avr
toaaa ft aiaat a trae or ptoc. it oa
th ground wtthmat besag sure that
ft will Be portactly Bat. aad whoa ft
to aot ia use ft to aaipi iidcd la aa
aright parities, to the bough of a
treo o- no a pet erected aer the
bet for the purpose.
BBaaaaaaaaBT fBamamsmaBBmE
Baaaaaaaaaac jaaaBBBaaaaaaaV i
BsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH MjSJaaaWBaaaaaaaBBal
bbbbbbbbbW .'m Baaaaal
IBBBBBBBBBI iMm-- -Ibubb '
aaaaaaHalrSs' " BBaaH
BaaaaaaaVBf"r'-'4f ' , BBBBaaaaaa
1 BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaaaaBal
i BBBnBSBanaBBBnKBBnaa&aBBaiBaaBfeBaaaai .
Frederick Trevor Hi'J author of
"The web wbicls appears in ooor
form after a soccessfnl senal ran.
was at one time a law clerk la the
.late CoL Robert G. Iagersoll's office.
aad as ataaagiac; clerk helped him is
j aaay lasportaat cases. Mr. Hill Is
j still a yoaag lawyer certalaly sot
jorer-oM, for he was oace a daaeatiite
of Robert W. Chambers aad Is wM
J)taoTP . -.j- wofoaeloB. thoh bet-
'tM. nw-kaat a tbo aathor of uranl
J aatboritattve bools oa aorrogate law.
His preWms pobUahed rotaase of
short stories was aot only oatenale-
protect lag. hot they save a reaaarkaMe la
betag sight into the ways of th law that
fw people roattac. "The Web" is
the story of a lawyer, a big-beartod
oat dearly igalaot
I the taagted backgroaad of ahlrU.
Tloas. trickery, political "pair
aad abootatc diaaoaesty which aosae-
aa a great aaraace orer iu lonaet
work, it U pabllahed by DoabMay.
Pag & Company
ProfMsor WlJUam H Pickering of
Harvard University who has at last
completed his much-discussed "Atlas
of the Moo," published by Double
day. Page & Cempaay. is not only.aa
astronomer, hut a mouatata climber
of aote. hartag aseeaded over a haa
dred peaks, lacludiag 74 Mhrtt at aa
akitud of la.l0 feet, la Peru. He
was director ta charge of the party
from Harvard Ualvereity which made
la Jamaica th meet complete aad
valuable series of mooa photographs
ever secured. The pubUcatloa of the
Alms, which has to do with every
thing from the origin of the raaar
sataattU- to Ms arseeat-day TgUtioa
aad aaow. was delayed for a year
h areata, dartag Ha1 preparatioa. the
author mad euito Imaortaat dl
eovorles which nareasliatad a re
arranaemont of matodal, hut which
Kade it eve more valaaal aad
tmpertaat. AH aae thar. tt alls a gap
that ha loag existed ta our popular
arieatlac Uterstate.
I The Baker Always Popular.
Baker Theater held it owa There
are seearal reaaoas advaaced tor this
BMC Aaeaag thorn may be
ta haeaenaa popularity of th
staadard plays U a trst ckus
t reaaeaahl prices.
The wicked ruler must feel aad fear
that public oasalea which adaat a
w th frost aad thaw tth
A good
to a good thsag. hut
the thsag Daniel
the verdict
Cherry Pectoral
Cures coRsuRiptioa. Not all
cases, but very tnaay. Your
doctor will tetl you more about
this cough remedy.
Baau9w att'aattaamwmai
aas9yaamV e mmaaaaawSaammm
BTaaamsaT jialsm jianaWaWeBamBwmBaj
memaamaftT SoaauF'msmaaaal
mmaraw 9aWaaERsaamaaaa9
aaaBUaaC 'iaaaaWmmmuaamal
maaHsDBsrJT -JmrnaavlmBaaaaaai
BwpmNri J9mmaasvT9aal
KjSJHf auKsaaaMvaaaajafsaaaD
maaur rmsAsmfJsBEimamsf
if JUUiinAL A-IrtiJ I
'5 $
tt lBeBaBlaaBIBBa
) Blood la thicker aad walr. asd fer
'that reasmi It is harder to stir.
I ' '
j "Sobscribe Mberally for the organ
asd hack factory. It will kp thisga
Hjoriag." AJbaay DeaaocraC
J Tra. afaa! too trae osooctallr the
Th Cktammf caodtriatos mar
argafc. hot they ar aot teaeer
esgh to toar aador the wtoga.
If Rt. Kahjht is elected aaayor, will
hf be a asfht-Btajorr"
Whea the RbBcaa eaadidat for
mayor la elected, the city will hare
Its owa Waters; warranted pore, too.
The aaotto orer the election booths
should be: "Yea pays yoar moaey.
aad yo takes yoar choice.'
I "Reader Mato Caesar the thlBKS
tfc4t ceamrt.- if jo doa't he
win steae them aayhow.
Vote are worth three dollars each
la Salem, the dty being the recipient
of the parehase price.
A mas with a poll tax receipt ought
to feel as iadepeadeat as a town dog
with his license paid.
Jdgs of eiectioB aad ex-officio tax
collectors, wowtd be the proper official
a rah off."
, ..i
i nw kubB
If this weather hoMs. the supply of
-.4 win h. m-,iA wm dM.tiM
The pr eat dty admlaiatratioa
ctafms to hare sared WJSOQ la the
SATINS Bright colors worth
CUSHION CORD Aercerized, brighr colors, only lOcl
PILLOW TOPS With backs, new designs, only 25c a sell1
NECK RIBBONS 2 3-4 inches wide, only 10c a yard
SILk RIBBONS up to i 1-2
LADIES HOSE Fleece lined. 12 U2c a pair
MUSLIN Bleached a yard wide, only 6c a yard
LACE CURTAINS 2 1-2 yards lor g, 50c a'pair
See our Stand Covers, Pillow
and Table Covers, all new (jesirable goods.
Rostein & Greenbaum
302 Commercial Street
Meats and Provisions
Established 1884
A Condition and not a Theory
CoafroBts the fastidious man that
has soiled linen, and deal knew
where he can have it laundered with
out injury and ia an irreproaahable
manner We eaa reHare his mlad
right aow by assuring him that his
shirts, collars aad ouOs didst leek
better whea irst purchased than they
do kB seat home from the
Salem Steam Lacmdry.
Phone 411. S20 Liberty St.
zl.yj r
tntuA G E N
I GR A JN'buyirs and
Oats For Sale.
HOP GROWERS SUPPLIES. Craie aad stick SbIbbbT.
$ j. u. uraiiain, Aient,
past Are years oa Mghtlag coatracu
bat, by their actioas, promise ntrttu
Mayor Wllti&ms, &f Portl&ati, Jl
femma 1&2X sis petUta U "top of rwj
ama next to readiB rriatter" q J
ttriMra 4fan f4tATUF 4 la aw t. 1
,- . ra W pp yj
Bae is prist an use time,
Wood Hatch, is Botr huntiag nil
crobes la the pobHc schools of Po4jj
Jaad. Oh. that he might be lac'j
tated. iu tse geras ot wisdom'
It Is a qeeeUoa whether the fflM
who preside at the polls of the clj.
eieetioa Moa4ay will act as Juagt,
etecuoB or tax collectors.
BTea the md la front of The Jo.j
aal oace has beea scraped up Ujl
cieaaed oh. ere me Citzons' oa
dais afraid St would be thrown u
The Yeang Republicans propose u
parade the ctty oa a loaded ht-l
wagon, draws by a male team, wi
Hoaest Rabe driving the rig and ti
Hayseed couacil ndisg and the Hi
iioaes oi tne rggregauon for once Uei
behiad the whole outfit, with Gtstnl
Secretary OHver Jory as specIU p
llceman to keep order among the bon
of the seventn ward.
What does a moral Cltltens' nujaj
like C. P. Bishop mean by taking J
frpat seat at the very lightlr-aiiird
comic opera last night where the xk
boaes of the young ladies were Tls!b
at each end? If that had been
baM-beaded editor of The JcnrnUi
would be paraded in the Ci-Ji
' campaign coluraa, but as long u Ji,
r immacatate uiuzen mayor It
pas aaaoUeed by the law enforj
;mt leagae. Of course th?y rnj
j all ale, slender built p- rty girij
We doff our bat to Charley
50c a yd, now 25c a yard
inches wide, only 5c per yard!
Shams, Doilies. Bureau Scarfs,!
Signs of Renewed Activity
In the real estate world lndlctUM
creasing building operations
Spring, aiu prompt us to remind !
thai our facilities for ouppljtas i
and toft wood, lumber, lath. talEf!
and other building raatoriiU an J
ceotlonally good. We will be pl
to fnrnlah estimate on eoatrtrtB
Urge or small. A, car of IUH
shingle received.
, Near a. P. P
Phone tot.
C Y O Fzrn:
shippersof GR AlN
297 Cuwumii stt SuIml oh
i t ,