Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 04, 1903, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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der a Musket to
Figlit Saloons
Has a Much More Peacable
Way -of Extracting Re
sults From His Moral
Cnpt Mahono who -has organized
the church federation and anti-saloon
Ieaguo at Salem, and Is tho hero ot
threo wars and ready to Bhed blood
for th6 extinction of what ho calls
internal foes, Is not working for puro
lore of humanity, as tho least sum
tor which ho will permit people to
join his movement, Is threo dollars
a year.
You cannot think of our tempted
boys' for loss than 2Ects., a think, on
tho platform of this political party,
when you becomo a member and Jill
out tho b'anks thnt range all tho way
from $25 to 25cts., a month. Ono
rfollar of this goes lo what is known
an "Tho American Issue." whatever
There is always a fight
going on in every human
body between health and dis
ease. Un one side are poor
food, bad air, over-work,
worry, colds, accidents. On
the other are sunshine, rest,
cheerfulness and nourish
ment. The reason Scott's Emul
sion rights so powerfully for
health is because it gives so
much more nourishment than
you can get in any other way.
Get in the sunlight and try
Scott's Emulsion.
Wa'll tend you umple free upon requttt
SCOTT & DOWNE. Pearl Street, New York.
oe woo pewgtw wgeawa
Dressers And
Dressing Tables
2 o ofcr c I
The House Furnishing
I Salem. 269 Liberty
I We do what
We kill and remove cancers and tumors without the aid of a knife.
Read the testimony of a prominent Salem man:
':! TO THE PUBLIC. In justice to Dr. Cook, and that the
i ! wnrld mav know w hat threat work he is dome:, I wish to
t!! inform them that 1 have been
for the past fifteen months and in that time ne nas re
moved from my alimentary canal three tumors of can'
cerous growths, as large as a man's hand, all from the
larger intestine. Also anomer cancerous gruwm i rum e
ofT mv right right foot and another from my right J
tfiumh This Tus all been accomplished through mtdi- ?
cines alone, they killing the growth and the spider like
roots and nature itself casting them off, without the
aid of knife or surgery. I do not believe I could have
found equally successful treatment anywhere in the
world and cheerfully recommend Dr. J. F. Cook, the
Botanical Doctor, to all who
We can do
R. J. Spencer,
if you need it.
Betitscfeer Botailcal Doctor. Coree all
twmiunwwwHftrwwmtm w
is. The amount la xniinni.j
quarterly and goes to tho state head
quartors at Portland. As ho is going
to reside permanently in Orogon,
and there are about two thousand
churches, If only halt of them got
him flvo members apiece, at tho low
est price, tho not result will bo $15,
000. Tho cards are practically a
noto for tho amount, payable ovorv
tnreo months in advance.
Capt. Mahono Is bettor dressed
than tho avorago minister or pulpit
workor and his systom and method of
arousing support by threatening to
go right to war and clean out vice
in Its strongholds is vory alluring to
thoso who bollevo In that way of re
forming Individuals off tho faco of the
Tho plan must be a success from a
financial standpoint, or tho class of
men llko Mahone, who says ho threw
up a J2400 Qovornmont position to
work at this porllous business for
$800 a year loss salary, would not on-
gage in it. Thoro must bo a good
many "asides" that swell tho income
lmmonslcy, and after a few weeko of
agitation leavo tho morals of the
community Just about whore It found
It Was Loaded.
Yesterday Herbert Estland, a prom
lnont U. O. student, met with an ex
perlcnco which ho doos not enre to
havo repeated soon.
Whllo engaged In hanging a picture
In his room ho was obliged to work
near whoro a loaded rlilo was hang
ing by its trlggor guard on tho wall
A misblow with tho hammer struck
tho nail on which It was suspended.
In some manner the weapon was ills
charged, tho ball striking the young
man's coat near the right pocket and
ranging across his black eloso to his
person, and passing Into tho floor nt
his feet. Eastland says It did not
make tho hair stand on his head, but
at the same tlmo It wns not a vory
pleasant experience. Eugene Regis
tor. A Few Pointers.
The recent statistics of the number
of deaths show that the largo majority
die with consumption. This disease
may commence with an apparently
Harmless cough which can be cured
Instantly by Kemp's Dalsam for the
throat and lungs, which Is guaranteed
to cure and relieve all cases. Price
2Bc and 60 cents. For sale by all
AnicciaU. 1 -
Tho recent storm on tho Atlantic
was rough on tho govornmont snakes.
Tho Moccasin and Addor each had n
closo call.
New ones in
Birds Eye Maple
Quartered Gol den Oak
They Will Please You
We Claim
taking treatment from him
read this testimonial, ,
as mnch for you or more
Dlstiwa Sale. Liberty St.
"A Mg 71
In marriage onlv when there is equality
of health as ell as affection. Affection
may be the basis or unity in marriage,
but the superstructure depends lamely
on the womanly health. When Uic wife
is tormented with backache, distressed
by headache, and racked by nenous
ness, she has no ambition for exercise or
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong and sick
women well. It cures headache, back
ache, and othtr womanly ills by curing
the diseases of the womanly organism
which cause them. It establishes regu
larity, dries weakening drains, heals In
flammation and ulceration and cures
female weakness.
Weak and sick women are invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, by letter, free. All
correspondence is held as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
The dealer who offers a substitute for
"Favorite Prescription" does so to gain
the little more profit paid on the sale of
less meritorious medicines. His profit is
your loss, therefore accept no substitute.
"My wife commenced to complain twenty
year, ojo," write. Lewis A Miller, ex Chle" St
rollce.M Prospect Street. WeUaport, Vm. We
have tried the U1I of twelve dlherent doctort
She took gallons of medicine during the time
he wns ill, until I wrote to you ami ou told us
What to do. She ha tafcrn flu lit hr,1il. r.
Tk'ty ?9v?.r1lf fffriptlon "1 lx of the
'Golden Medical pUcovery.' She can do her
own work now and can walk around again and
is quite smart.
ou can mihiich tM tit- ir.. t.i. ..-
ia.: rcvcivcu ucn ueucoi mat we wish eery
sufferer could derive the same amount of good
My wife1 complaint seemed to be a complica
tion of dUrarca-so the doctors said. We will
ever remain your friends. Hay Cod bleu you
and your Institute "
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the most desir
able laxative for delicate women.
,....-- "ir .".:;: -.-" ;:".- -.- j w- -" "
Food Eaten Is Worthless Unless Di
gested Some Stomachs Must
Have Help,
Food taken Into tho stomach which
from tho naturo of tho food or tho
condition of tho stomach, is not di
gested, is worao than no food at all.
This la a truo statement as faraa It
goes and a groat many dyspeptics go
only this far with thomsolves that
bocauso tiiolr stomachs do not do tho
work given them, thoy must bo Elvpn
loss work; in othor words thoy muBt
bo starved. It would bo Just as son-
slblo for a business man who is un
ablo to do all his own work to cut
down his buslnoss to hla own capacity
as it Is for a man to starvo himself
to rollovo his stomach. Tho sonsl
bio buslnoss man ora ploys holp and
goes forward with his buslnoss. Llko
wlso tho Bonslble dyspoptlc will cm-
ploy holp for his stomach and giro
his body proper nourishment.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablots actually
do tho work assigned to thorn. Thoy
rollovo weak and overburdonod stom
achs of a great portion of dlgestlvo
action. Their component parts aro
identical with thoso of the dlgestlvo
fluids anrt socrotions of tho stomach
and they simply tako up tho grind
and carry on the work Just tho samo
as a good, strong, healthy stomach
would do It.
On this account Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets are perfectly natural In thslr
action and effect They do not cause
any unnatural or violent disturbance
In the stomach or bowels. They
themselves digest the food and sup
ply the system with all the nourish
ment contained In what Is eaten and
carry out Nature's plans for tho sus
tenance and maintenance of the body.
How much moro sensible is this
method than that employed by many
sufferers from weak stomachs. Dy
this means body and brain get nil the
good, nutritious food they need and
the man Is properly nourished and
j equipped to carry on his work .and
I perform hla duties. He eould not
possibly bo in proper working con
j dltioa by starving himself or employ
ing some new fancied, insufficient
food that does not contain enough
nutriment for a yeaisiM hairy. A
, strong man doing strong wprk uust
; be properly fed and title applies to
' the brain as well as the body.
Stuart's Dyetieyeta Tablet, by re
lieving; the stomach of tU work, en
able It to recuperate ami regain IU
normal health and strength. Mature
repaint the worn as! wasted tisanes
Just as she beahi and knits the bone
of a broken limb, wbie hla, f eonree,
ot weed during the eroeees of re
pair. (Heart's Dyapeeela Tablet are for
sale by all iJruiwMe at M ceeU a
box and they are the one artlele that
the drsg!t does not try to sell eoae
tblBg In the plaea of that's "J Hit as
good." Their unqeaMned merit and
sueqeM and the universal demand for
them has pkaed them within the
reaes of everyone.
You aro cordially Invited to j two
days mootlnc at tho First Presbyte
rian church, to bo hold on Tuesday
and Wednesday, Dec. 8th and 9th. Dr.
XL A. Walton, of New York City, will
speak on Tuosday at 2:30 p. m. and nt
7 s 30 p. m. Dr. J. Wilbur Chnpmnn.
alsq of Now York, will speak on Wed
nesday nt 2:30 and 7:30 n m. These
brethren will also hold a conference
for ministers and othora who will
come, nt 10 a. m.. on Tuesday and
Wednesday, In the- lecturo room of
the Presbyterian church.
Thoso men nro of distinguished
ability, and are visiting the cities ot
this coast from California to Wash
ington. Do not fall to hear thorn.
Thoso mootlngs nro for overybody. Lot
us help to mako them a Pentecost for
Snlem. 12-4-3t
A girl for goneral housowork, at
good wages to right party. Small
family. Apply at 189 Court atroet, or
call up Main 1281. 11-30-tf
When You Want
Something to oat, Just try the White
Houso. Thoy can servo you at any
hour of the day or night
Market Quotations Today J
Capital City Mills Quotation.
Dry ant A Penntll, Props.
Wheat 76c.
Buckwheat 80a
Poultry at Btelner'a Market
Chickens 8 c
Eggs Per doscn, 33o.
Ducks 10c.
Mop Market
Hops 16020c
Potatoes, Vegetables, Etc
Potatoes 30c
Onions lc
Dried Fruits,
Poaches 10c
Apricots 10c
Apples 10c
Petite prunes ic
Italian prunoe 6c
Wood, r'snoe Posts, Etc
Die Cr $4.00.
Second-growth 13.60.
Arh 13.00 to SU6.
Body oak J 4. 50.
Pole oak 14.00.
Cedar Posts iQc.
Hldsa, Folts and Pure.
Qreen Hides, No. 1 t7c
Oram Hides, No. lMO&.
Calf Skins 4 to 6c
Sheep 76c
Ooat Skins He to 11.01.
Portland Markst.
Whoat Walla Walla, 72c.
Valloy 78c
Flour Portland, bMt grade, $9,710
$3.86; graham, $3.76.
Oats Choice White, $1.07Wc
Barloy Food, $10 per ton; rolled,
Mlllstutf Bran, $19.
Hay Timothy, $150$16.
Potatoes 60 10c
gs Oregon ranch, 36c
Poultry Chlckons, mixed, lo per
pound; spring, lOo turkeys, live,
Mutton Drossod, 6 Mc
Porlc Dressed, GH4c,
Uoof Oross, 606V4.C.
Veal 8o.
Hops 1903 crop, 12022c
Wool Valloy, 17lc; Eastern
Oregon, 1215o; Mohair, 360$7Hc
Hides dry, II sounds am. upwards,
16 to lBttc
Buttor Best dairy, 2022Wc; fan
cy creamery, 3W3Ztta; store,
Qrsln trC Flour
Wheat, Salem Flouring Mills 76c.
Oats 32c
Barley $18.60 per ton,
Flour Wholesale, $3.00.
Live Stook Markst
Steers 2Nc
Cows 2 Wo.
Bhoep $1.60.
Dreeeed vtal IHo,
Droeeed hoga 6Kc
Live hogs 4Hc
Mutton 2c per pound.
Hsy, Feed. eta.
BaBIed cheat $11.
Haled clover $10.
Bran $10.
Shorts $21.
Oreamsry and Dairy Products.
Good dairy butter 20026c.
Dreamery butter 32Hc
Cream separator skimmed, l
Cora. Creamery. 32 He, net.
Adertletst. rive Bar f lis. Is tati flat
UiiUrled tsr rises for 25c. SOts Wctk $1.30
m(u, ao svtr nvsiMte iiimubi rsi.
Wanted. To purchase a hop farm or
land suitable for raising hope, with
in a tew milea of aMteas. Address,
with particulars, "K. II.." care Jour
nal oMeu.
Wanteds Wood eheppera good pay
and easy timber. Isqulro at ISO
HUUe street lt-24.2w
Found, A large gray Seoteu hound.
Owner eall and pay for same. Cba.
nnau, 4T Trade street, 8alio,
Oregon. U-S-jwge
Three Choice Young Qcre-Regtiter-ed
Berkshire; weight 200 pounds;
terms reasonable, Those pigs aro
from, tho flno brood sow I purchased
of Mr. Ladd, paying $50 for her.
J. W. McKtnnoy, Turner, Oro.
For Sate or Rent Flvo-room house
no 26th street. Inqutro at 94 State
street. 12-l-3t
Overcoat Bargain. Two good over
coats, nearly aa good as now, for
one-fourth tholr cost Mrs. O. II.
Walker, a Salem Dyo Works.
For Sale Or trudo, a fine 10-acro
thicken or fruit ranch; flrst-class
buildings and. Improvements; closo
to school, poatofflco, storo and rail
way station. Will trado for city or
unimproved farm property. Address
"W. ;.," Oaro Journal. 11-6-
For Sale. O. K. Grubbers, Beet In
Oregon; th3e state premiums;
ono horse has tho power ot 9t; can
grub an acre a day. Jamee Finney,
Brooks, Or. 10-JG-lm
For Sale Inmproved and unimproved
block property In South Salem. For
Information Inquire of El Hofer,
Journal offioe. 10-9-tf
Choice -Farm For Sale. Ttireo mlleo
northweat from Brooks, having
dwelling house, barn and two hop
houace, with 30 acres of hope, bol
anco farming land, with running
wator, except enough cholco Umbor
to supply tho placo. M. J. Egnn.
For Sale. Bargains. Sororal cholco
plocoe ot property, both outsldo and
Insldo, Call and ne eownor, 407
High ktrcot, 2H blocks north ot city
halL IMMm
For Sale Hl2ty acres of land In
Washington county, for $460. A
bargain for some ono wanting to
mako a home. Some Umbor on the
placo; some cleared. K. Hofer, Sa
lem, Orogon. 10-t-tf
For Rent Largo double store on
Stato stroet, 50-foot front, 80 deep
Apply to M. Kllnger. 10-7-tf
Rooms for Rent Up stairs, Cottle
block, by day, wook, or month. Al
so light housekeeping rooms. Elec
tric lights. Open alt hours.
Commercial St, No. 333. I
Phene: 2966 Main.
MatUe Ihitchlna, Prop.
Qlven Away. 400 yards of earth to
bo glvon away. Inquire of Dr. Jr
H. Brewor. 1 2-2-3 1
Strayed Largo gray Scotch hound;
has boon soon In town, with a now
cojlar and lock on; following a
roan. Pleaso roturn to Mrs. K.
Kingston, 14Ut and Marlon streets,
Snlora, Or. 12-1-31
Molar's Barbsr College Of Bait Lake
City, offers advantages In teaching
the trado that cannot be had ttao
where. Avoid schools the Orogon
and California barbers' now laws
aro apt to close at any time. Write
today for our special offor to dis
tant students. 11-10-lm
Tho Proper Thing The popular
drink for family uno Is O. 8. soda
and carbonated boverages. Every
body should keep those goods at
their homos. Call up Otdoon Stolt
Co. 'phone 431.
D. F. Jerman. Dcalor In now and second-hand
houso furnishing goods.
Or oat bargains in istovos and row
furniture. Highest prloro paid for
second-hand articles. 210 Commer
cial street.
Say Have you tried Kdwards & Lu sell
er's for moats. Wo have tho best
sausage in town. Como and try It.
and be convinced. 410 Itast State
Salem Truck and Dray Co, Oldset
and best equipped company In 8a
Ism. Piano and furniture moving
a specialty Office 'phone, 811. W.
W. Brown ft Son, proprietor. Office
No, 60 State stroet 9-1-1 m
Dr. Z. M. Psrvln At 297 Comrasrelal
street, upstairs Singing school
Rudiments! and sight reading o bus
es. Begins Wednesday ovenlng, Oo
tobor 14th. Class every Wednes
day evening to May 1st. next Tui
tion, $1.00.
Unique Cleaning Rooms Shsw A
Johnson, the cleaners, are now lo
eated at 200 Commercial street
They do a general pressing and re
pairing business. Specialties: Skirts,
silk waists, kid gloves, gents' cloth
Ing. eta. Phone 3814 6-2$-lyr.
Dr. W. S. MeU Will hereafter b
found In the Drey block. 27&V& Com
raerelal street, over Oregon Shoe
Co. Offlce telephone. 2931; reei
deuen phone, 2751. Omco hours 9
to 12. and 2 to 5.
New Sweet Older. Send your order te
the nearest grocery, or ostll up
phone 421. Old eon Slots A Co.
Mrs. L. Camchell Dee dreesmaklajc
at her home, oa the car llne sear
the Boat galea eesasiWy, Coast ry
trtie eesterteaL ll-l-lBsd-w
W. Catvet Practical Watchmakes;
158 8tato street, make k specialty
ot repairing watches, clocks aaet
Jewelry, and guarantees good wwrfe.
at reaconablo prices. 11-lMyr
Ferguson's Restaurant 5 Stats
street Open day and night 0r
30c meals are bettor than any Xer
houso In the state. Six 20q tneaw
for $1.00; 21 20c meals for $$.00.
Valley ledQo No. 18, A.O.U. W. Meeta
in tholr hall In Holman block, cor
nor Stato and Liberty, evory Um
day ovenlng. Visiting breUsron
wolsoniN Boy MclnUre, it. W. A.
K. Aufranco, Recorder.
Csntral Lod0s No, 18, K. ef P. Caattt
nail in iioiman blocK. corner State
and liberty Bts, Tnseday ot eaesi
week at 7:10 p. nt. A. S. Sliug
O. C. K. J. nemlnK K. of R. and B,
Foresters of America Court Bfcerv
wood Foreetere No. 19. Meeta JTrt
day night In Turner block. 8. W.
Mlnturn. O. It; A. L. Drown, Bee.
Modem Woodmen of America Ore
gon Cedar Oamp No. 6141. Meet
every Thursday evening nt 8 o'clooJj
Holman Hall. Frank A. Turner, V.
P.; A. L. Brown, Clwk.
Protection Lodge No, 3, Anoleat Or
der United Workmen, meets vrerr
Baturday evening In the Holmaa
Hall, corner Stato and Liberty
streets. Visiting brethren weteoeae.
J. a araham, M. W.; J. A. Stdlwooa
Dra, M. T. Schoettle, Frank J. Barr
and Anna M. Bsrr. Graduate
American School ot Osteopathy,
Klrksvllle, Mo., successors to Dr.
Orace Albright Offlrr- hours 9 to
12 and 1 SO to 4:30 o'clock. OdJ
Fellows' Temple. Phone Main JTStj
residence phone 2808 red.
T0N80mL .D. .BATHS
Evan's Barber Shop Only flritoJae
shop on Stato etroct ISvory talaa;
new and upto-oato. Finest porce
lain baths. Share, 16o; halr-out Ha
baths. 2So. Two flrst-olasa boot
blacks, a W. lCvans. proprietor.
Hop merchants, 07 to 99 State
street, Salem, Oregon, noprosenteel
by Jos. Harris.
WM. BROWN A CO, Hops, Mohair,
wool, hop growers' supplies. No.
229 Commercial street Salem, Ore
gon. Phone 1301.
SQUIRE FARRAR nop merchant
and purchasing agent No. HtW
Commercial street upstairs, Baleek,
Oregon. Phone 1651.
T. A. LIVE8LEY A CO. Dealon bk
hops and hop supplies. Phone 1211,
office room 18 Oborholm btdg, Sa
eom, Orogon.
J. OARMIOHAEL Hop buyer. OStee
In Bush-Breyman building, Salem,
Oregon. Samples of choice hop so
licited from all growors.
CATLIN X LINN Hop buyers. Room
a, uusu-iireyman diook, uaiom, Ore
gon. Phono 1431.
ers. Room 2, Murphy blook. Salon,
Oregon. Tolophono No. 371.
For wator. sorvlco opply at offlea.
Dills payablo monthly In advance.
Mae all complaints at tho ofOoo.
Express and Transfer
Meets all mall ami passenger trains
Baggage to all parte of tho dlty,
Prompt servloe. Telephone No, 34L
Dolls. Dolls. A grsat number ot the
Xm supply ol dolls for this city are
making their home at
The Variety Store
for a short tine. Callers slwaya wtleome
94 Court St. Aonora M. Welch, Pmib
Hop Wire Woven Wire Pnclng.
Placo your orders now and got re
duced prlees. Car of fending to .wire
October 2fitb; ear of fonslng In No
vember. Write and get prlees.
(0 Court St, Salstn. Or.
Sueeetsor to Dr. J. M. Keese. la
White Comer. Salem. Oregon. Parti m
deeliiag superior oporattoss at mod
erat fee In any branch are In ospeeUs)
203 Commercial Street
Regular Dinner at Noon 25c
Meals at all hoars
Service a U Carte
HV"ri w