Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 04, 1903, Image 1

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Torpedo BoatMoccasin Police Discover a Hnn-
on the Beach at
Adder Towed Into Port by
Peoria- Crews of Both
Boats Were
Washington, Doc. .4. Itear-Admlral
Harrington, commanding at Norfolk,
(sent a cablegram to tho navy depart,
ment this morning that tho submarine
boat Moccasin Is on tho beach five
miles BoutU of Carratuck station. N(j
lives were lost. Tho Yankton haj
gone there, and tho woathor Is now
moderating. near-Admiral WIbo tele
graphB from Hampton Roads that tho
Peoria ha3 arrived with- tho Adder,
band all of the crows were saved.
xnei uif saving station at Carratuck
this morning wlroe that the Moccasin
Is aground, but with nobody aboard.
The boat Is In good condition.
Norfolk, Deci 4, Investigation of
tho stranded vosscl Moccasin today
I shows sho did not ship a drop of
Iwatoi, and is completely Intact, dos-
plto tho torrlflc bnttorlng of tho
wavos and bolng hurled high on the
dredPoundsof Dynamite
Fear 'It Is Caijcer.
Borlln, Dec. 4. A report Is pub
lished today that Prlncesr. Charlotte,
tho oldest slstor of the kalsor. Is
' suffering from a cancerous tumor on
tho Jaw. Apprchonslon regarding the
kaiser Is intensified today by publica
tion In tho official newspaper, Prcus
elscho Corre'spondonz, that the kais
er's condition is far from satisfactory.
Ho cannot talk, whlspors but a fow
words, and ubob a slate for convcrsa
"tlon. Ho looks aged.
Under Martial Law.
Dccvor. Cold., Dec. 4 Tho gover
nor has declared Tailor county to be
In a state- of Insurrection. This is
practically a declaration of martial
law, although troops have not boon
ordered out.
Will Take a Rest.
New York, Dec. 4. Tim McCarthy,
walking dolegato and associate of Sam
Parks, was this morning sentenced to
jono year in tho pen.
Fesh Naval
hemond iQc
154 9tate 81
Phona 1971 Miln
Think They Belong to a Big
Gang, That Will Try to
Set Them at
Chicago, Doc. 4. A hundred pounds
of dynamlto, stored away by tho car
barn bandits, was found In a houso In
tho northwestern part of tho city this
morning by tho police, after a search
lasting several days. Tho police are
now convinced that tho four arrested
have accomplices still at lnrgo, who
may nttompt to llborato their com
rados. Twenty hold tips within the
past few days, and the murder of Law
yer Fullerwelder aro attributed to the
gang, .who are bellovod to bo making
dosporato efforts in bohalf of tho pris
oners. All efforts to sweat Informa
tion from tho latter aro unavailing.
The police dragnet was out last night
In tho dljtrict whoro tho bandits for
merly loitered, and it rosulted In 40
arrosts. The guard ovor Noidermelor
tills morning Informed tho chief that
Noldormelor had oSored him $25,000
cash for his Uboratlon. Ho did not
eny whero ho would get tho monoy,
but assured the guard that It would be
handed to him tho mlnuto ho stood
outside tho prison walls. On hearing
this, and discovering tho dynamlto,
tho ofllcors arrived at a firm conclu
sion tho prisoners aro moroly part of
a big organized gang, of desporadoes,
and have again doubled tho guard,
both inside and oututdo of tho prison
whoro the criminals aro con fl noil.
They aro now kept In soparato cells,
and widely soparatod from each other.
Union Guilty of Contempt.
Chicago, Doc. 4. Judgo Soldon to
day decided that tho union of pross
feedors wns guilty of violating an In
junction Issued by tho court to pro
vent vlolonco In tho rccont strlko, not
as Individuals, but as an organization.
He will tomorrow dotormlno tho
amount of fine which Is to bo Imposed
on the president and secretary of tho
local Frnnklln union. Tho minimum
Is $1-00, the maximum 5000. The de
cision Is considered important by tho
union men.
Lieutenant Burbank
Will Not Have Such
Easy Sailing
Officers Who Marry Filipino
Damsels Will Find the
Marriage Contract
Follows the Flag
Leavonworth, Kan., Dec. 4. Judge
Kllpatrlck today recolvcd a cablegram
from General Wildo. In tho Philip
pines, regarding Mrs. Conception
Vasquoz, and thoreupon granted hor
an oxtonalon of tlmo to answer in tho
divorce suit brought by Lieutenant
Burbank. Tho lattor calculated on
getting a dlvorco by dofault, as Mrs.
Vasquoz could not possibly answer
within tho 50 days' limit, provided by
the statute.
NO. 270.
Still After Llge.
Chicago, Dec. 4. An nddltlonnl
claim of $15,000 was Died against
Dowlo this morning. Tho rocolvor
and custodian now bollovcs Dowlo will
bo ablo to pay his dobts. Sovonty-flvo
thousand dollars aro duo In tithes bo
foro January 1st.
Refuses to Accept
Chairmanship of the
this Undoubtedly Means
That He Desires to Be
.In Position to Accept
the Nomination
Liverna'sh of Cali
fornia Introduces
a Revolution
Washington, Dec. 4. It Is reported
thnHIanna has definitely decided not
to accept tho chairmanship of tho na
tional committee for arifjthor tortn,
and will so Inform the Presldont this
evening. At a meeting thin ovonlng
tho President and Hanna aro expect
ed to agroo on somo ono for tho chair
manshlp. It Is gonornlly bellovod that
Hanna will .insist on Hoath's retontlon
as secretary of the com initio until
tho olose of his torm, which will be
at tho national convention
Smuggling Chinese.
Buffalo, Dec. 4. In nn nllogod at
tompt to smuggle 11 Chlnose ncroes
tho line from Canhdn this morning a
covered rig broke loose, ran Into tho
canal and drowned. Tho survivors
wore arrested, and are being held for
It Force Congress to Declare
Its Position Between
Colombia and
Washington, Dec, 4i Llvcrnash, of
California, union labor ropreaonta
tlvo, Introduced a resolution today,
reultlng that tho present revolution
has endangered transit across' iiina.
ma, In violation of treaty obligations.
It resolves, thoroforo, first: It la tho
duty of tho United States to demand
that tho governments of Panama and
Colombia, In their relations to oneh
othor, retrain from Intortorlng with
tho froedom of tho Isthmian tranBlt.
Secend: Tho United States hereby
disclaims any Intontton to Impair or
limit tho Bovorolgnty of Colombia, dis
claims any Intention to support tho
ropubllo of Panama against Colombia,
or to intorforo with their relations to
each other, further than It shall ha
nocaswiry for tho protection of Its
rights and tho dlschnrgo of Its duty.
Yielding to Decay the
Roof of a Cathe
dral Falls
One of the Grande t Build
ings in Spain, and Four
teen Hundred Years
Madrid, Dee. 4. Tho roof of tho To
ledo cathedral, tho most niagnlflcnnt
of Its kind In Spain, fell today. It
was founded In year 687 A. D., and
was 400 feet long and 200 foit wide.
They Met and Adjourned.
j Washington, Doc. 4. -Tho houco
mot, Bworo In Hunter, of Konttioky,
and Novln, of Ohio, and adjourned tin-
I til tomorrow noon. In tho senate pe
titions against Smoot woro received
from Now York, Illinois, Toxas and
Connecticut; It adjourned until tomorrow.
Typhoid at Butler.
I Ilutlor. Pa.. Dee. 4. Vow death
'last night and this morning, making
'a total of 40. Competent I'stlmatos
show that tho city needs 1100.000 to
fight the epidemic.
- I III! Ill I . . I - .. Tl"-rT------ llll-TI . ,
I I Irl4 m
' Goods
to bring down thochiuniey. It's, uvmlo .
puzzlepuzzle think think think my,
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know what to huv. Tho b-st way to smooth out tho wrinkles of perploxity is to corao to this great store whoro id displayed tho
hroadestand richoat collection of gift things to bo found in this city. Gifts for evoryono from grandparouta down to' baby.
Good ThingsTFo Santa
The Canal Saved Them.
Schonoctady, N. Y.. Doc. 4. Owing
to an accident, the city has boon with
out water the post 24 hours. A fire
this morning; totally dostroyod the
Now York Control frolght warohouse
and 76 ears with their frolght, Tho
loos Is $300,000, and a general confla
gration was. averted only becauso the
freight house was on tho bank of the
canal, from which tho engines pumped
I Holiday Goods 1
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