Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 02, 1903, Image 1

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iDowlo and attorneys for the rponivorn
land creditors, It Is safe to assort the
belief that Dowie, If pronor business
methods are pursued, can par all
NO. 277.
lowie is in Debt
Oyer Three Million
Creditors Have Attached, and
Dowie Asks His Follower's
to Put up All They
Chicago, Dec. 2. Recolvors In
bankruptcy today took actual charge
pf Dowle's property In Zion City,
fpowlo assorts ho Is solvent, although
His liabilities exceed $3,000,000.
Aftor an all-night consultation with
jnla lawyers, Dowlo this morning is
phis morning trying to borrow ?1 000,
5&0, ponding the results of tho receiv
ership. Tho court has issued an or-
Jigr restraining creditors from proso-
Salem Student Injured.
San , Francisco, Dec. 2. Honry En
nis Savage, a Junior student In neol
ogy nnd mining at Stanford, who reg
isters from Salem, Oregon, was seri
ously Injured in a bicycle acdidont on
tho campus yesterday. Savage was
riding a wheel to his boarding house-
on College Terrace, and took the
wrong side of the road. Ho mot an
other bldycle rider coming on tho
same side, and both turned out to
ward the center of the road at tho
same moment.
In the collision Savage was thrown.
Having only one arm, and bolng un
able to savo himself, he struck heav
ily on his head, and It is feared that
tho bono Just abovo tho temple Is
fractured. Savage was removed to
tho Student Guild Hospital, and later
takon to n sanltorium at Watsonvlllo.
The Injured boy Is tho son of Henry
H. Savage, of this city, and has many
friends hore.
Three Meet in,New!
York and Agree
This Beings the Case They
Declare There 'Is No
" Friction In the Re
publican Paity
Now York, Dec. a. Piatt, Odell
and State Chairman Dunn lunched to
gether today. Odell dictated tho an
nouncement that all had arrived at
a satisfactory conclusion, and there
is no friction In tho Republican party
In the state of Now York.
of the rioters wos reported. The gov
ernor Issued ordors to quell the dls
turbancc. and started to take personal
charge of the troops when I.oewondat.
twhp was BtandlnE by. interfered.
They withdrew to another room for
a (conference, at tho close of which
Van Ilaaben countormanaod his pre
vious orders, ana miule no attempt to
quoll tho disturbance.
' ' It is stated that Von Ilaaben Is now
to bo-made tho scapogoat In the trial
a ;protrrs at Klshlnef, 'And that
'oQwendal has disappeared.
To Prison for Voting Twice.
UurW. Dec. 2. Dr. Joeeph Hen
celdt, a Social Democratic membor
tot tha Reichstag from Rostock, Meok-
Ienburg. was condemned to a short
tin of Imprisonment in Berlin to
day for voting twice nt tho recent
Bates Makes Report.
Washington, Doc. 2 Under date of
November 20th, Gonorai Bates, who
e44M4etvi-a-t-t--fei-9e&o-f co-mh-ch-9q
Candidate for Alderman from the fourth ward, on the Citizens
years. He doesn't believe In mixing up politics with the city busl- 5
ness, and wears nobody's collrr. If elected he will be his own boss.
He Is the worklngmen's candidate, because he Is a worklngman
himself, and an employer of woklngmen. Why are our worklngmen
not entitled to representation In the city council?
He Is the business men's candidate, because he has made an evl
able record as a successful and honorable business man. We need
such men In the council.
l-frO-M-frfref44-g-Kg4 0-frO-H-g4-eC-i-frK I tot Of M-gH6Ct?4
utlng suits for debts. A monster
eeting of the Dowleltes is to be hold
n Shlloh tabernaclo tonight. Posters
'announcing It, aro scattered all over
Zion and portions of Chicago today.
owlo will appeal to tho faithful to
givo all they possess to save tho city
from creditors. Among tho stories
current is ono that when his wlfo do
parted for Australia sho carried with
ior 17,000,000 of nogotlablo 6ef:uri-
Tho Dowloltos admit great ills-
nppolntmont that tho $300,000 crusade
to Now York failed to dovelop a now
reasury. It appears to have been
Dowlo's Waterloo. Dowio owes $300.4
pjOO, due January 1st.
Chicago, Dec. 2. As a result of tho
formal Inspection of Zion City, Its re-
ourccfl, factories and pledges from
was sent to Colorado, to Investigate
the strlko situation, reports to the
war dopartmont that a state of Insur
rection exists at Tellurido and Crip,
pic Crook, inasmuch ob business 1b
susponded by intimidation, tho civil
officers bolng unable to maintain or
der. Ho says, federal troops, however,
will nqt bo required, as there hriB been
no Intorforenco with tho malls, nnd
tho state militia affords amplo protection.
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Dutler, Pa., Dee. 2. Sixty nursos
arrived on a spocial car from Phlla
delphla this morning. Nearly 100
physicians are here now. Tho typhoid
has been traced to Beaver river, from
which the city taken its supply
Health bulletins have been eent to all
towns down the river. Physicians
say there will probably bo not lees
than 3000 cases before tho epidemic
New Version of Massacre.
Berlin, Dec. 2. Reports from pro
vincial newspapers toll a peculiar
story of tho happonlngs nt Klshlnof
prior to tho massacre of the Jews
there last summon It states that
about three months prior to tho
commencement of the massacre
Baron von Pithy dispatched to KIrJi
inef Baron Loewendal, head of the
army secret service. Tho lattor was
In Klshlnef when the massacre broke
out, according to report, and wan
with Governor Raaben when the work
Rome Feara a Flood.
Rome, Dec. 2. Tho Tiber has risen
alarmingly, nnd it Is feared that tho
lower parts of the town will bo flood
ed. . Much snow hns fallen In tho
north, and thoro has boon an ox
tromoly heavy rain In other parts of
tho peninsula.
President and Senate
Arrive At 4n
Senate Will Take upthc Mat
ter as Soon as Treaty
Is Returned 10
British Squadron Not Going.
London, Dec. 2. The admlrallty of
flaials liore deny the stntomsnt cabled
yostorday from Port of Spain, Trlnb
dad, that the Brltleh West Indian
squadron was to leavo there Thurs
day far La Gimyra, Yeneauela.
Chllsburg. Ky.. Dec. 2 Henry Gray
and Ivouls Skaggs had a duel' on tho
streets this morning. Gray was In
stantly killed and Skaggs was mor
tally wounded.
Washington, Dee. 2. Senator (Jul
ten, chairman of tho commltteo on
foreign affairs, aftor a long consulta
tion with Roosovolt, said ho believed
tho sennto would take up tho Panama
treaty immediately when it was rq
eolved Monday or Tuesday, and ratify
it without delay.
Considers Sale of Battleships.
Sontlago do Chile. Doc, 2.Tho
Chilean government hat not made
any decision as to the sale of tho
liaitnthlp Ubertnd, which Is now un
dtrgalng speed trials on the Clyde,
and of tho battleship Constitution,
which Is now In courso of construc
tion there. It Is understood that of
fers for these ships have been re
ceived from the governments of Jn
pan. Rusela and Turkey. Tho highest
bid made for both vessoU has been
J9.000.000, though It Is not announced
by whom this bid was made.
Exoects Britain to Get Thibet.
Toln Tsln, bee. 2. High Chinese of
ficials hero attach groat Importance
to the British expedition to Thibet,
and even oxproea tho opinion that the
ultlraato outcome will he tho handing
over of tho whole of Thlbot to Great
The Panama Farce.
Panama, Dee. 2. The Junta this"
morning signed tho Panama: treaty
without amendment. There Is groat
satisfaction among tho people, and
the treaty will bo returned to Wash
ington Immediately, whore it should
arrive Monday.
a Fire
AH Over The Store
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If QtSGHJ? JB JS IL&JfS mAZffMS Jritr S m
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njr itijr? Vffii? vJrfjji 7fsIJM JftYSP yr -jrnX GCmX TKtXJjSmmmmmmmr
Ottawa, Ont., Dee. 2. Tho Ottawa
University was completely destroyed
by tiro this morning. It was a Roman
Catholic institution, valued at a quar
tor of a million. Although many stu
dentH jumped from the fifth story.
nono woro Injured. Father Boyon waa
probably fatally Injured, In Jumping
from the fifth story. Ho fell on tho
vernuda. Kathor Pullinm lnhdod out
side of tho firemen's net, In a Jump
from tho- fourth story, nnd wns rerl
ously Injured. An aged servant was
badly hurt In Jumping from the fifth
floor, and nnothor domestic, Miss Du
puis, wns badly burned.
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A Tiresome 8u.bJecL
Paris, Dec. 2. The council of re
vision, which will consider arguments
favoring the reversal of tho sontonce
against Dreyfus, held a sitting thin
afternoon with closed doors.
M4WtetKHW4qllIOIteieVeiitliaiICIelia8 .
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