Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 01, 1903, Image 1

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VOL. XIII. ,ii. . - -
NO. 276.
Little Band of Whites
Surrounded by
Fight Their Way Out Killing
Ninety of Their Enemies,
and Losing but Two
Claims Her Noble Hus
band Used to Chas
tise Her
Washington, Doc. 1. The war do-
Ipartment this morning, by mall, ro
helved news of a fight between the
jconstabulary and the head-hunters
i)( tho Gallnga trlbo, In Nueva Via-
Kaya, In Central Luzon, which took
Rlaco on October Cth, 7th and 8th, and
Bvas nearly as Important as Wood's
battle, which was promptly cabled.
rTwenty-elght white constabularies
voro holding n seemingly friendly
conference with tho natives, when
Dhey wero suddenly attacked and hem-
Eied In by vastly superior forces. Thoy
fought tholr way to tho hills with pis
bis, whero thoy used carblnos so ef
fectively that, though the enemy wore
.armed with Remingtons, Krags and
miausers, tney wore compelled to
vlthdraW. October 7th there was a
running fight of two and a half hours
vith COO Qalingas. The lnttor again
retreated, leaving 30 killed and
pounded. Octobor 8th they wore
again attacked by a force of 300 head-
hunters, whom thoy whipped off, with
loss of nine Killed nnd seven wound
ed. From October Cth to 10th tho con
stabularies wero without food. Tho
lighting was so closo at ono tlmo that
Lieutenant Vnlasqucs, who was com-
Imnndlng, engaged in a hand-to-hand
(fight with soven headsmen, by whom
She Is Indignant at Stories
of Her Elopement Which
She Lays to Her
Royal Consort
Berlin, Dec. l.Prlncess Alice has
instituted divorce proceedings against
Prince Frederick, at Dresden, indig
nant over the story of hor elopement
with her coachman. She says tho re
port was circulated by hor husband,
because she refused any longer to pay
his debts. She threatens to bring suit
against him for slander.
In Its Efforts to Sidetrack t&e State Postage Ra!Ioad Appro
priation Bill State Board, It Thinks, Should Have
tie Option to Build the Portage
State Portage Railroad Project Meets Strong Support-Change of Law Opposed-,
Jrortland Chamber of Commerce Committees Pass Resolutions--Construction
Would Hasten Government Wort Rather Than Retard-Relief
Sought Is Worth More Than $ J 65,000.
Are Warring With Smoot.
Washington, Dec. 1. Tho national
congress of mothers' club assembles
In convention today for tho avowed
purpoio of making a bitter fight
against Smoot's soatlng In tho sonato
The first action will probably bo a
memorial petitioning congress not to
seat tho Mormon senator, not on ac
count of his religion, but because he
is a polygamlst. It will bo handed
to Burrows, of Michigan, who Is chair
man of tho commltteo on privileges
and oloctions. Mrs. Schorr, of Philn.
itelphla, provident, will proslde. Rev.
Paddon, Proabytorlan dlvlno of Salt
Lake, has signified his Intention of
being prosont and taking active part.
Refuse to De Fried.
Xo wYork, Dec. 1. Through prom-
Inont bankers this morning financiers
whoso lntorosts aro associated in the
recent railway mercers nnd tnmtH.
10 was surrounded. Ho killed six with! havo let it beconm known ihni if
his rovolvor, nnd finished tho seventh " Roosovelt "is renominated, they won't
.vlth a head axo, which he seized from contribute to tho campaign fund un-
5bno of tho fallen. Tho total fighting . less some word Is exacted from Room.
resulted in 00 Gallngas and two con- volt that ho will go slow In tho Inves-
Btabuliirles killed. Tho men capturod tlgatlons of combinations of caultnl.
and destroyed great quantities of am- ( Rliss this morning declined to dls
munition, 130 head axes and a pile of cuss the matter.
bolos. Tho constabularies made their
No ono with Intolllgonco enough to
road between tho linos can doubt
that tho Orngonlan is the mouthploco
of tho Tran-Atlantlc corporations
who do not want a portngo railroad
built at the Dalles.
The Oregonlan staited In to have
tho act of 1902 dellborntely repealed,
but could not stem tho tldo of con
trary opinion raised against that nnd
then hedged nnd advocated that the
$105,000 be used to buy tho right of
way for tho Oovornmont cnnnl.
A storm of objection was rnised to
that but tho discussion rovoaled tho
unusual omission in tho net of cong
ress that provides money to bogln tho
cnnul. There is no provision to buy
or condonm right of way.
Now tho Oregonlan tnkos nnothor
turn and wants tho law amonded so
that It will bo optional with tho state
Ilonnl of Portngo Rail road Cominls
jslonora whether they build the road
or buy tho right of way for tho cnnnl.
An African In the Fuel Heap.
Thla plauslblo proposition 1b now
insinuated into tho mouths of mom
bors of tho legislature n fast ns thoy
show up nt Portland, and is the last
trap set for (lie unwary by the cor
porntlon push at Portland.
"Glvo tho stnto board of portngo
railroad commissioners tho option
'and lot thorn build tho rond or buy
tho right of way for tho canal." That
Is tho plauslblo ory now sent forth by
tho Oregonlan. Rut it Is a trick anil
for this rensnn:
Tho low ai It stnnds is mandatory
and the alnU portngo board raUBt
build tho portngo railway. Thoy must
open th Columbia basin by taking
th farmers' grain nnd products and
freight for murchantn around Tho
Dalles of the Columbia nt cost.
The state portngo road must de
(Continued onpagoslx")
Let The Big
Get Yo Ready For
Winter Days That'll
Soon Be Here
This la To Be A
This Year. TheXmaa
Novelties are Coming Fast.
final escapo unmolested.
Run Down In a Fog.
Mnhone City, Pa., Dec, 1. A spe-
The Yacht Is Safe. clal onglno and private car, carrying
Orleans, Dec. 1. John Gates' . Philadelphia & Reading oQlcIals. this
Steam yacht, Roxano, which it was
Reared had boon lost, with all aboard,
Has arrived safely at Port Arthur.
Made Today
Chocolato C&ramolB, Chocolate
Chews, Chocolate Wafers, Popper
mints, Chocolato Wafer Wlntergrecns,
EValnut Top Chocolate Creams, rig
Rontor Chocolato Creams, Peppermint
BVafora, Wlutorgroen Wafers, Log
Cabin Creams, nt
aftornoon, In a fog, mowed through a
gang of track mon, near Gllberton,
killing one, and fatally Injuring two
The special brought tho injured to the
hospital hero.
MM 8Ute St
Phone 1971 Mala
The Tuqs Collided.
New York, Dec. 1. Tho tugs Hen
culos and Idlewlld collided at 5 o'clock
this morning, off Liberty Island. The
Idlewlld was cut In two and sank,
drowning vthree of the crow.
The Eighth victim.
Chicago Dec. 1 Sergeant Driscoll,
who wns wounded In the bnttlo Friday
with the carbarn bandits, died this
morning, making tho eighth victim of
the murderous trio.
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woeefro-i(neiiieic 4eee8
f? TJ" a
n rricesi
Aro generally the result of extravagant businoss management
ami the unavoidable losses
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mark, hut is usually aid by a
secend parson wlioao ideas in
regard u blark sucm to coin
oTe exactly with those of hor
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ont th Uck- No HUttUM- how UUWt
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