Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 30, 1903, Image 1

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I VOL. XIII. ' : -'" ' ' - ' ' - . ' ' yn n.
Two Yeung: Chicago
Women the Plaintiffs
Of Men Who Enjoyed Their
Conffdpnce Only to
Betray Their
Chicago, Nov. 30. Two sensational
damage suits wero Instituted hero to
day. Bessie Morrison, an 18-year-old
actress, sues Daniel Vanbrunt, a
wealthy young clubman, for $100,000.
She alleges that he gave her doped
champaign after a theatro dlnnor, and
avers her appearancoa caused great
mental and physlcl suffering, nd tho
loss of her engagement with "Tho In
vaders" company. A second plaintiff.
Katlo Sebost, a governess, 22 years
old, suea John Churan, a millionaire
real estate dealer, for $15,000, for a
breach of promise
Of Carbarn Bandits' Grand Jury Takes
From Chicago
They Have Desperado Friends
in Idaho Among the
Famous Hole in the
Wall Gang
Fact Express Train Wrecked.
Parkersburg, W, Va., Nov. 30. The
Baltimore & Ohio fait express was
wrecked in tho Belpre yards, ncrose
tho river from hero, today, by an
open switch. It struck a freight train,
and tho entire passongor 'train Is re
ported overturned. Engineer Whortor
is dead beneath his ongine, and five
r others are reported dead and sovoral
Th vyagos of 20,000 cotton textile
operatives was reduced today, making
a total number whoso pay has been
cut in this city 40,000 to date, with no
protest of operatives.
Chicago, Nov. 30.Four of tho car
barn bandits wore placed under ex
tra guards at tho Harrloon-streot sta
tion tills morning, to prevent a jail
dellvory. There Is an armed patrol
through tho corridors, and only Im
mediate rolatlves are allowed en
trance. The bandits nro being treat
ed as though thoy wero undor a dealth
watch. Evory visitor is searched, A
speedy trial, onvlctlon nnd oxecutlon
is expected. Vandlne's sweetheart,
Mamie Dunn, Is exploiting horself In
a museum to gain funds for his de
fense. Vandlno admits that he was a mom
ber of the Kid Curry gang of Idaho
desperadoes, and he has friends and
accomplices In the Holo-In-tho-Wnll.
Roeekt, who Is least given to boasting
of tho quartet, says Vandlno will bo
roBcued by his frlonds from tho far
West, If a chance offers. Rooskl was
the first of the bandits to wcakon. Ho
passed the morning wcoplug in his
cell. Tho pollco give sufficient cre
dence to possible nttomnts to roscuc
to organize a patrol of Jail guards,
whoso rounds aro around tho outer
walls, to provent posBlblo attempts at
Quick Action in
Their Cases
Cognizance Not Taken in In-
diana Crimes - Thugs
Operated Separately in
Several Instances
I Strong Organisation Request His Nominzation At the Re
publican Primaiy Tuesday
There will bo a hot contest at the
Republican primaries In tho third
ward Tuesday, whan the tie between
Otto Wilson, tho progressive young
bicycle dealer nnd automoblllBt, and
Hon. Alonzo Gesnor, former state sen
ator, and old-lino Republican poli
tician, will be voted off.
Tho direct primary permits a square
contest between the two aspirants for
the Republican nomination Mr. Wil
son has been endorsed by tho Citi
zens', bu . as that gentleman was first
brought out by the Republicans, he
must naturally prefer the Republican
nomination, and if nominated will
stand as the Republican candidate.
It ts stated that a representative of
the Young Republicans appeared be
fore tho city Republican committee,
and suggested that Mr. Oeener with
draw, but that he decllnod to do so.
asking that the matter of a candidate
be submitted to another primary. To
this Mr. Wilton's friends consented,
and the voters of that ward will havo
to doclde tho matter Tuesday from 3
to 7 p. m. The primary nil! bo held
at Simpsons new livery stable.
Chicago, Nov. 30 Indictments
wore votod by tho grand Jury against
Harvoy Van Doln, Potor Noldor
motor and Emll Rooskl, tho throe
young bandits. An Indictment was
also voted against Gustav Marx, who
murdered Officer Qulnn, and was with
the others in a majority of their
Cognizance cannot bo taken In Illi
nois of tho murder of Brakerann
Sovoa In Indiana Friday, nor tho
I shooting of Detectives Drlscoll nnd
Zlmmor in Indiana. The Intention of
State Attornoy Dlneen is to bring the
men to trial as quickly as possibles It
may take two trials, as all four of the
men worked togethor, but It happened
when the greater crimes wero com
mitted that one of the number was ab
sent. Rooskl was not at the robbery
of the car barns, nnd had no pnrt In
tho murder committed at Hint tlmo,
Marx was alone when ho killed Officer
Qulnn. nnd was In Jail yostorday when
tho murders were committed In Indi
ana. Rlthor one of hoso two, horo
foro, will probably havo a separate
trial, unless a gonornl plea of guilty
is mndo by all four mon.
Confessed Other Crimes.
I'otor Noldormolor confosscd to
night that he had been guilty of rob
bing trains in addition to his other
crlmos. He admitted that ho was tho
luador of a gang that hold up and
robbed the Dnltlmore & Ohio pas
songor train near Mlllor, Indlann,
about two yoars ago. Tho robbory
was committed near tho spot whora
tho threo men wero discovered yes
terdny by tho pollco and Noldermole?
said tonight tho dugout In which ho
nnd his companions wore found yes
terday was the oxact spot whore he
and his partners In tho train robbery
had hid before holding up tho train.
Remarkable Record of a Crim
inal Now Under Sentence
of Death
h Prices
Chicago. Nov. 30. Chief O'Neill hns
received a copy of a confession mndo
by Charles Kruger, under sentence at
death' at Greensburg, Pa., whleh ad
mit of 18 murders, lacludlng two po
licemen at Chicago, whose deaths
have long been a mystery.
Aro generally the result of extravagant huunoss inanngomont
nnu me unavoiuauie meson
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i! E. T. BARNES, Proprietor
I Owensboro, Ky.. Nov. .- Mnbel
McKlnley, a alee or the late Preet
'dent Is to dangerously III here that
J I the vaudeville eoMiMRjAof which site
was the bead has dlebasdcd ami left
for New York.
1 1
Preparations for a
Hotair Banquet go
up in Smoke
Where Beecher Preached,
Wendell Phillips Orated
and Old Abe Lincoln
Now, York, Nov. 30. Tho famous
old Acndomy of Music, In Brooklyn,
was destroyed by fire this morning,
duo to a doff ctlVo fluo. Tho flro broko
out from wlros In tho fllos of tho
stage. Thoro wore oxtonslve decora
tions for a political banquet tonight,
which caused tho fire to Bpread rapid
ly, nnd It was raging; until noon, when
only a portion of tho walls was left
staudlng. Tho loss Is over a qunrtor
of a million nnd uninsured. It was
built in 1SG0, arid was first prominent
u n meeting plaoo far the Unionists
beforo tho Civil War. Deocher used
It aB an auditorium. Abraham Lincoln
spoke hero, as did other groat abo
lition lender,. It was ono of Ameri
ca's historical playhouses.
Sheriff and State Mllltla Begin Evle
tlon of Miners In Utah.
Salt I.nljo Nov. 30. By a collision
of two Btreet cars three prominent
citizens woro Injured badly here to
day. Tho nccldent occurred on Stnto
strcot, nnO was duo to slippery tracks.
Injured: W,' II Worthlngton, Dr.
lliinfnril W Wnlitnnhnlm
I Deputlos Rhorlff. nldod by state
mllltla, commonced evictions of tho
striking coal diggers In tho Utah Fuol
.Company's camps today.
Has Two Fires in Rap"
id Succession in
(Ontario Argus. Nov. 27th.)
A clover counterfeiter struck On
tario last Tek, and scooped up a few
dollars In ahang for his bogus
So far as learned hs got $10 from
the It. J. Gtone Drug Company, $10
from Mrs. I. B. Oliver and $10 from
the Midway saloon
The shover of the queer tried his
game on Iko Blaynoy, who mixos fan
cy bevorageti at Carter's Klk saloon,
and no soon as tho bill was plaeed on
the oountor Iko eeplod It. and said:
"I know nil about Brunswick billiard
tnblos, but bank notes of that nnmo
aro a mystery to mo. I am not from
Missouri, but from n stnto that tricks
onto Missouri, and don't wish to bo
shown. -Tako a drink with mo." That
setUotI.lt. and tho stranger mndo him
nolf scarce.
His gtmo Is the snmo that has bton
worked In Sonttle, Tncoma and Port
land, nnd nil along the coast towns,
nud the cla of spurious monoy hns
been advertised In all tho pnpers.
It Is nn old Issue from n New
Brunswick plato, which buenmt de
funct sevarnl yoars ago. The platos
were thought to have been dostrovod,
but a gang got hold of them, or at
(least ono of them, and havo been Is
suing largo amounts within tho Inst
year. They havo but ono plato, how
ever, and by taking two Impressions
from thU and pasting them togothor
mnko a vory poor Imitation. Many
havo bon fooled all ovor tho coun
try, howovor, by tho schoino. nnd
promlnont business mon havo keen
among tho number duped.
Ho was about 20 years old, clean
sbavon nnd woro a dark shirt and
dnrk clothes.
One Thousand Workmen Had
a Hairsbreath Escape
in an Under-ground
Paris, Nov. 30. A flro this morning
In, tho Metropolitan underground rail
road causod great excitement Tho
llrst roported casualties woro nlmllar
to Inst suimsr'B disaster. None vorn
Injured, howovor. At noon a second
accident, almost Identical with tho
first, happened to a car In whtoh woro
200 pnsBongera. Tho cur was ahlnxo,
nnd nil Bprnug to tho tracks and
rushed for an opon point. Nono woro
Injured, as tho fumes escaped through
the opening. Tho first train had 3000
worltmon, who owo their escnplng to
the fact that tho car took flro Just
beneath on opening.
Dr. Albert Itohln, or Paris, n ills
tlngulshod specialist, has boon called
to Potsdam for consultation with the
kaiser's physician, lloliln nttended
the Gorman emperor's father.
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Choosing Citizens' Mayor Candidate.
I The eownittee of the Citizens' par
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Dootbby, are try!? to agree on a
candidal for mayor, to be submitted
to tbe city convention tonight.
A BHmber of gentlemen are being
eoseldered. and a wmber, who have
heretofore acted wftb tbe Ottteeoa.
have declined tbe Jwmer. At tbe boer
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