Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 25, 1903, Section Two, Image 9

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Section Two -j
:! Pages 9 to 16
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NO. 272.
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Never put off until tomorrow what yoa can do today. You can't come and see as any too soon. We can please yot we know we caa. "Wc make It oar easiness to be ap
with the times, and are wide awake to the fact that we mast not miss a trick in buying everything strictly ap-to-date. If we tried to tell the story, it woald take the whole pa
per. Every department teems with Xmas novelties and our big, busy store is chock full from cellar to celling with the very prettiest and newest of old Santa's creations. It Is
a store foe both old folks and yoang folks', so bring the children If you possibly can. Below we give you a few pointers.
Have you investigated the splendid bargains in our second-flo(or garment store. Never before has the opportunity presented itself to buy hlghclass ready-to-wear apparel, right
in the heart of the season, at such low prices All the newest and most stylish garments from the leading manufacturers at home and abroad.
Our Phone Number is
Your wants crn be supplied just as
well, by calling us up when goods can
b? delivered to you Juit as tfiough you
came In person, anil your ordor will
receive the tame attention. When
you are too buiy to call juit try the
'phone system.
Out Holiday Goods
aro rapidly coming In, and are an rapidly being placed on display.
Don't put off your holiday buying until tho last week; ovorybody
Is rushed then. Another good reason why It's Important to do
your holiday shopping now Stocks nro complete, assortments
aro unbroken. We'vo gathered from ovary quartor of tho globe
tho most magnlflcenfllno of holiday novoltlos and toys under
one roof In tho Wlllamtte valloy. This storo fairly bubblos over
with Christmas novoltlos.
Here Is shown ono of tho
very latorostlng see-saws, which
nro so much onjoyed by tho
yourgstors. Can bo used on
the lRwn or In the parlor.
New Mechanical Toys
This section of our toy department Is very complete with the
latest novelties In mechanical toys. How life-like In tholr ac
tions, evory movomont so preclso that ono Imagine .they are al
most human. Look for
The -Pianist Street Sweeper, Meat Chopper, Clown, Laudres.
Violinist, Bootblack, The Drunkard, Flying Airship, Steamboats,
Steam Engines, Etc.
Here again Is a useful toy
for tho coming man; built very
strong, plalnted In bright col
ors and made for uso. aa woll
as a toy. A great variety from
which to select.
Magic Lanterns
. . .... I- nn nnmr nil nxnsrimuill. a him
This popular lujr in m ,..... . --
made on the same line as the most expensive machines. They
afford a very entertaining and Instructive evening.
We have then, In all atees and all have been tested aad prov
es factory. A fine assortment of tra slides In several
ILT c u- those who wish to add to their program of picture.
f kl All if V I tt&A' "i
Hero Is where young
America shines Give him a
wagen and he Is happy and
besides he can use it for
doing numerous errande for
vmi with nromntnese. Our
w... ...... .-- . m
stock of wagon. u. - eTP W l
complete we have ever . ..
tho waon line from tne wie u ..,- our toy depart
Don't fall io look this line ovar hen visiting our toy aeoa
U mont. ....
Baby Jumpers
This article of furniture ia a very
useful one. U Is a combination rock
er Mi baUy-jumper. How any
tlmee you havo wlebed for something
UK. tbto so that the MUe oae could
AtHUM iteelf. A very potwtar talag
a! mwt be sow to be apfefcuA
This 1 oee of tee nioet attraUv
department to tho MUte glrJa. on ac
eoHHt of oor Iwwoaao atoek of o
peggie and oarta. We araikow
.7Tl .t- rfiihoraoed of dot I
HK iu v www
buMteo and go-ewta aed too Moo
moat coasploto. Allalsoa. All prk-
Price "Reductions
On Evey Suit and Garment in the
Cloak and Suit Department
Great Sale
All thla season's goods. Every garment new. Hvtry garment at re
duced prices. Thousands of exceptional and money-eavlna; opportunities
In this great sale In the roady-to-wear department.
All Tfats Season's
Ladies' Waists
Waists mado of silk, wool, cotton and heavy moreerlxftd cottons; whlto
and colors, plain, ombroldorod, tuckod, hemstitched and plnltod aftecto.
All cotton waists undorprlcod.
Hogular 8Gc values at f 73 r-
Rogular $1 26 and $1.35 values at 1.05
Hogular $2.G0 and $2.75 vnlues at 2.10 ,
Uogular $4.00 values at A 3,36
Rogular $0.00 vnlues at 4,38
All this, soason's nt tho fallowing reductions
Rogular $9.00 values at $5.00
Rogular J12.G0 values at 8.8D
Urgent Price Reductions
And this aalo offers the beat made garnionte Uiai can Wo Uouakt anywhuto
In the United States. Kvory garment Is rodlio! In p.ico.
Regular $4.50 Black Cheviot Skirt $3.00.
Regular $8.00 Black Cheviot Skirt $4.86. ',
Regular $730 Black Cheviot Skirt $6.98. J'
Regular $10.00 Blue Venetian Skirt $8VB.
Regular $120 Grey Check Melton Skirt $9,87. , J
Regular $20.00 Blaok Silk Skirt $1240.
Regular $26.00 Black Silk Skirt $16.00.
Seasonable Satisfactory
Never before did fall and winter brio
it coot so little to buy them.
Thto orieos aro MkHtftmal invent
of o of these teller awlta.
Regular $10.00 Blaok Cheviot $64)9.
Regular $15.00 Cray Cheviot $8,50.
Regular $18.00 Brown Cheviot $12X.
Regular $180 Blue Cheviot $8.86.
Regular $36-00 Tan Melton $18.50.
Regular $26.00 Black Venetian $16X0.
tit im& el mm mm
reaeon for Umo early sotfetleai
iVv HoKcIay Gifts
It's llko growing young agnln for tho grownupa to go Into tho Toy He
partmnot on tho second door llko turning back tho hands of tlnia Thorn's
an Irreelstnbto charm about tho plaos. it's moamurlo. It thrills tho
youngsters makes tliom fairly shout with dollghL The biggest, II vol I eat
and host toy storo In tho Wlllamotto vnlloy. ToyB of ovory lwsslblo do
sarlptlon. Toys from all ovor tho world. A vorltnblo treaguro trove of
' Umbrellas
A wolldrofisod man or woman Is ns
particular nbout their umbrella rut
thoy nro about any feature of tholr
tollot. A tailored suit absolutely do
mands n trim, tightly rolled umbrilln.
Here you will find a inoro completo
line Qinbraalng nil tho now and fnsh
lonablo designs hindo oxprossly for
our Immmiio holiday trade.
Umbrellas with gold handles. '
Umbrellas with Sterling silver handles.
Umbrellas with Mother of Pearl handles,
Thero'a a style about them moat captivating.
Jtasy People
will find It most convenient for their
shopping Intorosta to watch far our
regular announcements of Haeangble
merchandise. We will endeavor to
placo It before you In a clear and con
cise man'.'ui, iiiuh ennuiing you to tr M i
know just about what you want for " Vi
each olio's gift, without the bother of upending too much timo in looking
over tho different departments. Hut wo aro more than plowed to Imvo
you spend ell of your time examining oeah and every article shown.
Cor lltllo boye and girls. They are
ettofm, made of steel with mblxtr
tired wheels, simple la coestruitlon
and are made to stand the strain and
hard wage usually given by young
tent. A gteat variety of them and
at prices that will plans.
A Full Liac Of
Horns, Trumpets, Swords, Guns, Games, Palnts( Plnp.Pong, Croquet, Drums
Railroad Trains Hverythlng to .".laddeti the heart of ld ou4 yeung.
Holiday Gifts
for Girls
Uvorythlng to delight the heart of the girl la shown
in thla department. Our stoek (e eomplete with
Dolls, Doll Dishes, Doll Houses, Doll Furniture, Doll
Clothes, Doll Shoes, Doll Heads, Toy Stoves and Ranges,
Animals, Eac, Etc
Don't fall to brlag them olon aa their ugjstJou for
gifts for the older people re often, very appropriate.
Urlng them with you for we like to see the Utile me
enjoy theniselvee.