Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 25, 1903, Page THREE, Image 3

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felephoning Across
the Atlantic Will
Come Next
-"" ' - ,
the BAu:V'junrM; Salem? presSm. Wednesday; November w, ik
ystem Said to Be Perfected
By Which This Result
Can Be Accomp- .
The moBt striking part of the pre-
lictlon concerning great feats about
b be accomplshed In the transmission
Intelligence to and fro across the
Ltlantlc is that which asserts that
Ithin a year we shall be telephonl
illy talking with our friends in Lon-
ua as freely as wa now talk with
iose across the East or the North
The difficulty that stands In the way
the accomplishment of the predlc-
n is the compar- 'vol slownoes of
sals duo to tho retardation of the
trie current In the cable. Owing
the fact that a submarine cable
U as a condenser of electricity,
ough current must be sont Into it
charge the cable to a considerable
tcntip' before any signals can be
ivod at the other end, any this
icuples a very perceptible time In
je case of a cable 8000 miles long.
few years ago Professor Pupln,
Columbia University invented a
hod of overcoming the difficulty,
t it does not uppear that his meth-
has yet been put into practice
fessor Pupin claimed that his
Of taADnnlnir iko JL-i,' . I
4 cable by mwns of iHduatances-fnwwt
"i c certain Intervals In the Una,
wnld enable tho Atlantic cable to
wve as a telephone wire,
'f the promts are fulfilled tho Ini
portance of the step cannot be exag
gerated. It, may have a strong bcertn
on the development of the wireless
telegraph as a means of transoceanic
communication. A telephone across
the Atlantic would, for practical vses,
leave the Marconi system of signal
ling through the ether far astern.
Thomas A. JMfoon was seen tonight
at ins home in Llewellyn park, "West
Orange. N. j., regarding trans-Atlantic
telephone report from London. Mr.
Edison smiled at the report, and said
he did not think a scheme probable
at present and seemed to doubt the
possibility of such a project. Owlna
to the fact that the report gave c
lacte Mr. Kdlson declined to make a
statement Mr. .Kdlson sand he had
onen thought of a trans-Atlantic tel
ephone, system, but had taken little
or no Interest In it himself. The wl.
sard declined' to answer several quea.
tlons regarding tho matter until ho was
more enlightened as to the msthods
of the English syndicate.
Evacuation Day Observed.
New York, Nov. 26. Evacuation
day, which Is the anniversary of the
evacuation of New York by the British
soldlors nnd their allies on Novem
ber 26. 27S8, and the triumphant re
entry of General "Washington nnd his
army, was observed today. The day
was observed at the battery, where
Old Glory was run to the top of the
monster flagpole, One Hundred and
sixtieth street, Washington Heights,
where General Washington had his
headquarters before before the re
treat of the British from the city.
When You Want
Something to eat. Just try the Whits
House. They can serve you nt any
hour of tho day or night.
In what it is nnd what it dooa coil
tabling the bast blood-purifying,
altoratlvo and tonic substnncos nnd
effecting the most rndiool and per
manent oures of all humors nnd all
eruptions, relieving weak, tired,
languid feelings, and building up
the whole system ia true only of
Hood s Sarsaparilla
No other medioino acts liko it;
no other medioino has dono so
much real, substantial good, no
other medicine has restored health
nnd strength at so little cost.
"I wh troubled with wnwful nnd fame
near losine mr Teeht. FVw four nwntfea I
wmld sot to do arthtBff. After taking
two bottta of Hood'a SararrllU 1 cmM
to wlk. and whrn I had talcon eight bottles 1
eoold h aa well m ever." Scsia A. Hairs
tox. Wither. N. C.
Hood's Snranparllln promlsos to
euro and keops tho promise
Oakland Has a Ren
aissance of "Joe
Houseboat On the Yu
kon Battles With
the Ice
Love Lauglis at Ice Floes,
And Braves the Terrors
of the Great North'
ern River
All Cooks Delight in using
Economy Brand
Evaporated Cream
Never sours, always roady, never causes disappointment at the last
moment when meals are ready to be served, x our cook
will be delighted because it is so handy; you will be
delighted because it is tho purest and most appetizing.
We are placing the cap label reproduced herewith on
overy can of our product. 1 his is done tor your protec
tion. Our name on the label means that it is the bett,
richest and purest. Ask your dealer for Economy Brand.
" laryt rruluctr o'wrpoiMl Cram. ' O
BaM-wTtTBsga-mpsisKaBisiiwiwif n'inwi hwimhii bTnwrnfflwimMrniri
Have You Seen
The Baf gains
At tho great sale, 14U State Streot?
T&ey Ate Waiting Fo Yoc
Ovorcoats that wo warrant give you good wear
Punts guaranteed not to rip nor tear,
Fringes nnd pnssomentrie, jet trimming and lice,
Am thing from a pin to a dres Mlit es.
Umbrel'us aixi gum boots for the mud and the rain,
Dollar hliiria for lialf, sweater at ilia Mine,
Unbuild fine suits that will liiyou so neat,
rjorselsforlS, good underwear cheap.
One more short mouth and we clow this great ale.
Why not bo wise and the bargain avail?
When there are goods that ou need in our line,
Just follow upstate Stnet to 140.
A thrilling trip down the Yukon
river from the White Horse to Daw
son was ended October 31st, when
Major MeLollnn, ot Denver, arrived
there aboard a boathouse, bringing
with him two bridal couples and 11
others, making a totnl ot 10. The
trip was sensational in many partic
ulars, being made In five days with
Ice floes and masses of running Ice
on all sides. Many times the house
boat was surrounded and It seemed
probable that' the craft would be
The Troubles of the Lanigans
Are Over and David
Neeles Will Be When
He Pays Up
Mary Lanlgan wna given a verdict
at Oakland. Cal.. last Saturday for
?S000 damages against David 'eely,
a wealthy Berkeley nureeryman. The
Jury were threw hours deliberating
over the decision.
Tkte vertlci closes one of the most
interesting lawsulU tried in the Ala
meda county superior court the'piw
ent yoar. Some of tho toetlmony was
of suelj nn amusing nature thnt Judge
and Jurymen could with difficulty con
trol the miiKles of thtlr faces while
the witnesses were responding to the
questions of counsel. Man- Lanisan.
tho successful plaintiff, Is 38 years
old David Neoly Is 0. Th lnti.
and Mary's mother were neighbors
in their native land. Ireland. Neelya
wife died in 101 at his Berkeley
horns, and for a while after that Mary
i-anigan acted as housekeeper for
Ncely. Her mother. Mr Dougherty,
had attended unon Mrs. v.lv ih.r.
Ins the latter"s hut llltieas. and hon
the bereaved widower found himself
alone In hi home he willingly accept
ed the services of Mary Lanlgan to
"tidy up the house." Mary remained
at Neely's home for upward of fifteen
months iThon Neely decidod thnt he
did not longer want a housekeeper.
So Mary returned to her mother's
home In San Francisco.
From Soptomber. ISO, until Febru
ary. 1903, David Neely oookod his
own tntals. Then, ono dnr. he wbb
served with suramdns In nn notion
for W&Q0 llamas.. Mary I-anlan
was eompUlnSnt. Sho alleged that
Dai Id had promised to marry her on
various and d Ivors occasions while
I , r i i '
&NGlBFmmmm'mmaK'm'&aBBmmBMmmMiammmmnmtmnmmHmmmmmnmammmmmmmM JZLt&mmmmmG
, ,
bsssH HHIbbsssssW 9 ssssB ISSsssiflr
bbssssH BbsV ssssB K ssPbKsbsssssssssI
bsssssH asssssa JHK Hf ssSsssHiBi
she was serving as his houssKoener.
She ftirthor ehnraatl tlmf 1,0 i..i i.
crushed between the heavy masses of .j., h mdw pMBU- of ,
David denied "all.
The trial owine on last week, and
Mary LanltX& produced a red-haired
baby, six months old, and declared
wuw ivm was the child's father
W.s. Dougherty teettfled that when
sl knew David Neir In Ireland hit
hair was red. The old nurseryman
told the Jry that be could hardly re
member the precise color of his hair
when he was IS years old, but his
best recolleetje was thst It was no'
auburn, but was dark brown. Whon
pressed to describe th- color of "au
burn." he ooHreased that he thought
It was -a Mad of red" This issme
with others In the case, was submit
ted to the Jury. They decided that
David must pay Mary Unigaa SO00.
rapidly moving Ice,
Mayor McLennnn's scow was kept
m motion day nnd night. It being
feared that the river would frees
solid before the trip oold be com
pleted. Strange to say the houeehoat
did not once run aground, though the
passed numerous steamboats and oth
er scows ashore on Islands and rutd
bars. The good luck of the craft was
attributed In laeg part to the pres
ence of the brides on board. The
scow was covered with boards and
canvas, making It comfortable for the
long and dangerous voyage. It wai
manned by six Yukon boatmen, en
gaged especially for the trip.
Mayor McLennan, and nine other
men were at White Horse late la Oc
tober anxious to get down the nver.
The last steamers bad sailed, and
rather than wait for the stags lines
to open, they decided to try the house
boat experiment The Interior of the
boat was provided with banks, mat
treeses. stoves, tables and chairs.
Prim White Horse to Yukon crossing
the houseboat was covered by the
steamer Caeca, making- th remainder
of the trip alone.
The bridal couples aboard were John
Sale Ten If Eillion Boxes a Year.
sB mBs en Tsar r1 nmwt tt " r H
ssssB sf&tisssssMteh-- - Va - t A A p JKssnsfflssTO ssssB
PrWTWsssy!lTAJ!PfMTtfl 'y, I "TH SesHtl ill Ml "M I fci nTsssBWsirsssssgslsVTssssssssnTs
A curious attracUon at a pnbliu
near limmler. Knnland. la a
second-hand oottln. It was made by
the village .oaruenUr, who frequently
made case for Darwin's cotlecthm.
One day, work being searce, the car
penter aahod for something to do, and
wan told by Darwin that he could
make him a oofSn. which be did. Tin
body of Darwin M said to have lain in
n ror two ay before bis burial In
The Cause Must Be Ftemoved, Same
Way With Dandruff.
Kill the germ that cantos dandruff,
falling hair nnd baldness, you will
have no moro dandruff, nnd your hnlr
must grow luxuriantly. Newbro'a
Herplcldo not only contains Uio dan
druff germ duetroyer, but it Is also a
most delightful hair dressing for regu
lar tollst use. No other hnlr prepnrn
Iton Is on this scientific basis of de
stroying tab dandruff perms. It stops
nil Irritation, keeps tho scnln sweet-
pure and wholesome. Remember that
something claimed to be "Just as
good," will not do the work of nnulne
Ilerptetdo Sohl by leading druggists.
Send lac in stamps for sample to the
lIerplode On.. Detroit, Mlah.
Daniel J. Fry, Special Agent, Salem.
' 0
Lord Dason and the Beef Trust.
The beef tmst might erect a votive
statute to Inl Imom aa the Inventor
of tho Idea of preserving meat by the
froson process. Huron brought about
bis own prematura death In experi
menting with his notion. Driving In
Hlghgate one day, be loft his carriage
to oolleet some snow with which to
stuff a fowl by way of noting the affect
of cold on tbo preservation of Its flesh
In doing this he brought on nn attaok
of bronchitis from which ho died In a
few days. Itefrlgerntor cars nnd "cold
storage" are the same Idea.
A Thanktglvlno Wedding.
At the Herman Bnptlst church, on
North Cottage street, will be sol
emnized Uio marrlngo of Miss Kntlo
lteddekopp to Mr! Km II Qrnbor, at 6
p. n on Thanksgiving day, Itov. F.
Hermnnn oinctatlng. Tho groom Is
tho woll-known young grocer of tho
firm of Roth & Ornbor, of Stato street
Mies Marguerite Ileddekupp and Mr.
Olms. limit will attend the onntraollng
parties, and Miss Lydle Illch will play
the Mendelssohn wedding march. Af
ter the ceremony rufroshtnents will
be served In the Sunday school ropm,
and there will lie a musical program',
Mr. and Mrs. Oraber will go direct to
their pretty furnished cottage on 13th
street. In University addition The
bride nnd .groom have host of friends
In the city who will be pleased over
this announcement. Mr. timber Is a
storllng young business nmn, and hla
bride Is an acoompllshod young !ady,
who will make him n splendid rom
per, ton for life.
The world's verdict In easier to
overrule than that of OHeVi connolenuo.
VaiM-iimM nt 1 aa IhbaIm ahaI wiir l imfA .. t ... , ,.. .. .
.-.-.. . ..- rm " nr laiiniitr Aiiumw wu tlarldMl m.
! ana Henry Lamb and wife, qf Sulphur , or. A row eeftla was (hen orovldi d
ar i th-- first mensd Into the nossession
i Creek.
Grand Clean-up
Our entire stock of Show and Rubber goods to be jj
-sold at sacrifice pfi5 in order to adjust our new !!
goods. Bargains for aU, call early and get the ;;
cream of it.
Successor to Jacob Yugt. 265 Commercial Street
Only English. Psp
Adrian IV was UiaWbly
ever elected lope. Ho h4 woat stav
gular name XU holes Bwhsapenre.
He Is said to have left MMl m a ,
beggar, nnd to have becom a sonrnnt
or lay brother In a ssoonatery neur
Avignon, hi Fraaeo where he stndiod
with such dlllcnw thnt la ltf . at Uw
age of 17. he was elseted Abboh Pone
Rugnins III. tiMt brilliant aseeile.
soon discovered his osorila nnd hm4s
him a cardinal bishop. la,Utl he was
elec ed pop agnlMt hit own IneHsa
tlon and received the forsMl eogrnt
latioo of Henry IL U wen Adrian IV
who forced Frederick I. of Qormay.
to boid his silrrnp while he monnted
his liorsf, thonch It took days to nwko
the emperor yield the desired hosnf
It Is snid thnt Kroderick prtistrsAed
himself before the pope, kissed hie
foot, held bU stlimp and led tho whHt
palfrey "Q which he rode.
B i i
Say, Misses, Don't You Knew
j'l That yon raa't get a good Thanks-
giving dinner unless yon have ood
! !?gtocorie. Now just go to Branson ft
llnngan's nnd nee what they can do for
or tne rarpoHtor. and. at bis death.
was tNjiifht by tle publiin.
Ft I'-m's are boot by slLe
conflJ'-n s.
ii'H hy
tbai D--d l-nliig U outlier
Renunciation to giving up what wr
can't have,
The cough thnt holds on
in spite of all rcmedie needs
energetic and above all thor
ough twtnumt. A mere
cough mixture won't do.
Root out the cold that causes
the cough.
How? Scott's Emulsion.
Why Scott$ Emulsion?
Because It stops the irrita
tion, soothes the tissues) and
heals the affected membranes.
When? Right away.
Scott's Emulsion begins to
help with the first dose,
W.ii mm rm uli b sew iteit
St uTT n I v f - '. Kw YL
At Sale Prices
VYe luvr luci a biK run thi wetk on the nbov hunand
S havedecid-d tocenumi: wle until after Thanksgiving.
S Title saiftiNd oHpoftHni'.y to Imr a ChriMntss weoi. Wh will hoM
$ Kood ld ihw nun Utirilms II yon ssv tl word. It w.ll y yon te
look hi huiI jtt our pruxM.
Buren & flami ton
D. S Bentley.
Wholesale Mi Retail.
Roche Karbor Lime Alsen Cemcnti
Lath and Shingle Sand and Gravel
AnJiIlKlBHef liulWlfisr Maltrtsl. AUKIaJsef Heavy H4ullH(fsfi3Trc?jr
Work (Jose o short BOllce I8M83 CowmercUI SttHrt.
I Bl
' j U