Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 25, 1903, Section Three, Page TWENTY THREE, Image 23

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Do you know under what star you
Bore born? Perhaps you don't caro a
snUnontal, but If you think you
jn't, right there you might begin to
fet busy with tho Idea that a Great
aony people whom you would least
nspcct of caring, arc not only con
erned In astrology, as it bears upon
jclr own past, present and future,
at that right hero in Chicago they
ro mixing astrological guesses with
satorial fact in tho conduct of their
kofessional business. Hero Is a sue-
sstlvo story In Its practical applica-
A mother of two children in Chlca-
m had becamo enamored of tho doc-
job of Mmo. Tlngiey, and was at-
ictcd to her colony at Port Loma.
allfornlo. Tho father of tho children
as an Unbellover In tho TInclov
chool, and ono day ho returned home
on empty houso to find that the
(other with tho two children had gone
Mb Point Loma to deliver to Mmo
"ingley tho two children upon which
fcer school of training might bo
Brought to Influ nco.
io father's first thought was as to
Itho possibility of bringing tho law to
sear upon tho return of his children.
i consulted an attorney, who at onco
riaw tho loonholcs throuch which nn
1,0ml, . , , , .
forainary uaucaa carpus migni oe
KSorvod. The two men departed for
California within 24 hours.
3ut in the courts thero it was dls-
overcd that certain proceodurcs un-
lor tho rulos of tho court body made
Jhoxpected entanglpmonts that prom.
fed delays. Tho attornoy especially
Boemcd doubtful and uneasy.. At an
repportuno moment ho turned ono day
Upon his cllont and asked, with cloud-
faco and brew:
"Let mo see what Is tho date of
lour wlfo's birth?"
Tho client, wondorlngly, replied that
Eho was born Octobor 2, 1870. At the
fords tho lawyer threw both his hands.
into tho air with an exclamation.
"Wo cau't do a thing! Wo can't do
17 thing! Your wife is a double Capri
Icorn!" Ills client, doubting tho sanity of
Itho man for a moment, insisted upon
an explanation of tho meaning of tho
term "double Capricorn."
' "It moans that she id a winner," ro-
piled tho lawyor In tones of cortalnty
Uhat admitted no question ou his part
jThoro's no uso of proceeding in this
fihattor sho'il beat us at every turn!"
End with tills the, discouraged lawyer
Returned to Chicago.
.But tho father wasn't so euro, hav-
Dng a doubting knowledgo of Capricorn
fen In Us geographical sense. Ho
employed a new adviser in tho mattor,
tlth a result that a way was found to
bring tho writ at onco boforo tho su
premo court of California, whero the
custody of tho children was given to
tho fathor, almost without a question
on tho part of tho court.
'mo father and tho children are in
Chicago today, as Is tho attorney who
stropped his Dlackstone and all his lo-
Rial training at tho feet of a "doublo
KJaprlcorn " which didn't seem to work
fter all.
Chicago has boon roferred to as ono
of tho cities of tho counhy which suf
fora widely from a lack of apprecia
tion of tho logical reasoning- It has
pbeen spoken of 'as tho stamping ground
Wort tho cheat and thofaker of all
ipes, Among these fakers nono has
Mwidrr swing than has the astrologer.
"is tho opinion of one of tho leading
eurologtsts of tho city that tho bo-
sf In astrology permoatos all classes
society to an extant that few un-
Bllovers might be led to suspect.
iien tho belief goes no further than
mero probability In tho llfo of one
arson who pays tho fakor for the hor-
copo, It Is sometlmos atToctlug the
idlvldual for tho most part; when It
comes a matter to bo brought Into
c professions, and to he a part of the
fesslonal advice for which the un
ispecung unbeliever has to pay, It Is
naming a community question
fcThere are few profewlonal men
i. tii .i,.n... th arartlon that
leir profusions began la asirekigy:
E r ..- .. .
iore are many who will aasert inai
ing ago, these profeaelenc would
ive separated from the parent m
arstUion They have outgrows Moth-
Shlpton and her prophecies, as titty
ive outgrown tne lavome phkw
the astrologer In ail Owe that the
ad of the world was in eight
fcThat medlrlne had IU birth la ae
alogy Is a fact carried to thU day on
So faco of the preecrlpiloa whleh you
Ike from your physician W the drug
are for filling. The BMhUy altared
Ix" of the prescription rhrk m wij
I slight departure from tha io4iacal
en of Jupiter.
IThat astrology has affected almost
rorythlng In the language may be
iggested by a study of Its poeslblHUea
literature and the art The paa-
gods of the Grek bear a tee-
to the effect upon art There
are Apollo, Mars, Mercury, Venus and
Jupiter. Each of these are interpreted
Into types of men stood for living man
types. To this day wo sneak of the
"Jovial" man, tho "martial" man, and
or tno "saturnine" typo. Men whom
wo know havo a "mercurial" disposi
tion; tho prettiest girl we know is a
"Venus." Huyghons has been quoted
In tho contention that thero "arc on
earth men of cold tomporamont whe
would thrivo in Saturn, which is' the
farthest planet from tho sun, and
thero are other spirits warm and ar
dent enough to Hvo in Veuns.
On tho farms and In tho backwoods
of tho Central West, however, the re
mains of astrology aro considered in
great seriousness in some of thelt
bearings. In many of tho duties of the
unlottered farmer In his occupation or
tiller of tho ground and as breeder of
Uvo stock, ho looks to tho signs of the
zodiac as pointing to tho success ojf
his endeavors. With him "tho sign"
means everything, and from this sign
of tho zodiac ho passes to tho phases
of tho moon as conditioning tho plant
ing of seeds and tho harvesting of
crops and tho killing of his winter's
But tho beliefs of tho unlettered
farmer In this ospect do not com
paro with tho beliefs of tho citizen
who may bo surrounded by tho mys
ticism of which so much capital Is
made by tho fakor, and in touch with
so many of tho complications of civil
ization. Thoro is scarcely a crlmo In
tho calendar of tho Ignorant that may
not nt tsome time involve tho counsel
of the astrologer and seer. The crlmo
Indeed may be traced to tho astrolo
ger, who In his generalizing wny, may
have Dferrod to tho problblllty that
"you havo a secret enomy" a sug
gestion to tho Ignorant that In more
cases than ono has caused him to fix
his suspicion and to attempt murdor
as his recourse. Criminals proverbial
ly arc suporstitious, and tho knowl
edgo possossed by astrologor and
clairvoyants and card readors, with
roforonco to material crimes In all of
Uio gr.'at cities could bo used by the
police department In tracing criminals
with far more certainty than the mys
tical knowledgo of thoso falcors can bo
used by tho escaping criminals 'them
selves. Thanksgiving
in Washington
Washington, Nov. 25. Tho raachln
oryo f govornmont In the notional
capital will como to a standstill to
morrow, tho Panama affair, tho Cuban
treaty and other momentous ques
tions will ba forgotton for the time
being and ovoryono from tho Presi
dent down will unite In tho observ
ance of Umt most characteristic of
all American holidays Thanksgiving
Day. Tho day Is usually a quiet one
In Washington, socially as well as of
ficially, but congress being In seeolon
this year things may b different. Thf.
turkey dinners, at least will bo more
numorous than in previous years
President Koosovelt believes In eel
ebratlng tho holiday in tho good, old
fashioned way and consequently it Is
sure to be a Jolly Thanksgiving in tho
White House. The Roosevelt child
ren are home from school, and they
are bound to have a romp, In which
their father and roothor will Join. No
buslnoss whatever will be done at tho
executive mansion during tho day
The clerks will not report for duty
and all official engagements will be
postponed until the following day. In
tho morning tho President and his
family will go to churoh and in the af
ternoon they will receive some visit
ore in a social way. Dinner will be
'at 7 p.m.. ad several friends will be
Invited to share It.
The President's steward give him
self bo concern regarding a Thanks-
I . . . M .. .. Al.,..
giving imr) iur m. ...,- -.
For more than 15 years Moraee voe.
of Westerly, u. i- oas nu ue pnv.
t..! ,1.A Iluuliluil'a fur.
lege of supplying the President's tur
key. This la In purswmee of a ette
tOM which wae eatabUahad by ieaa
tar AaihotLV when Preetdeat (Iraat
wae th ealef eiaouUve Aa ton
as the Seaalor lived he bought tur
keye for Um Presides, and whea he
died. Mr, Voaa kept MB the custom.
aad each yc seat the beat bird he
could find la hie home county. Ttw
eirtoaaal fowl which will satiety the
apaetitas ef Ut ItnoeovoK txHtaahoW
toworrow aad AH the White House
kitchen wth Jt fragrant aroma
welahs la th Belghherheod of 34
Bouade. H was hatched last spring
aad as tenderly raised as a young oolt
destined for the race track.
The meau far the Thankseirlng din
ner a always a simple one. Mr.
Voee'a tarkey la the pleoe de reIs-
Uace. aad the ether
dishes served
aro typically American. Tho dinner
lnvarlibly bogins with Chesapeake,
oysters. Flaky rock fish from tho Po
tomac, terrapin from tho Eastern
shore and cranberries from Capo Cod
are Included in tho menu.
All tho membors oMho cabinet will
cat tholr Thanksgiving dinners at
their Washington homes. Secretary
and Mrs. Hay will have a family par
ty at tholr board. Secretary and Mrs.
Shaw will dine at homo In Massachu
setts avenue, and will sharo tho holt
day feast with their children. Tho
nttornoy genoral is fond of his own
flresldo and profers a Blmplo home
dinner to any of tho feasts In which
ho might participate. Tho secretary
of agrlculturo has llttlo to buy for
his Thanksgiving dinner as turkeys
and other gifts come to him from all
over tho country. Tho secretary of
tho Interior, Mr. Hitchcock, and his
family will dlno in their homo in K
stroot. Tho secretary of tho navy,
though tho recipient of many invlta
lions, will probably follow his usual
custom and dlno with his bachelor
cronies in the Worden houso.
Impretalveness the Object
A group of well-known Southerners
was standing In tho lobby of tho Now
Wlllard talking of Democratic pros
pects and swapping stories of llfo in
Dixlo In tho party woro tho Hon.
John S. Williams, tho minority leader
In tho houso; Attornoy E. U Russell,
of Mobllo; Representative Dowore, of
Mississippi, and Representative Un
derwood, of Alabama.
"I was traveling In a private con
veyanco through Hlbb county, In my
district, ono of tho hottest days of
tho past sumraor," said Mr. Unilor
wood "and whou I got to tho llttlo
town of Brlarvlllc was so full of duBt
that I looked rather on tho order of a
tramp. Somo of tho principal men of
tho place camo up to greet me, and,
whllo wo woro talking, a gentleman
whom I had novor met drovo up-In a
carrlago and Immediately an introduc
tion was affected betweon us. Ho was
so full of business that I don't think
ho caught my name, and I didn't !ook
vory Impresslvo in my dust-covore'd
"Pulling out a roll of papor ho pre
sented It to mo, saying: 'Friend,
won't you please sign this; it's a pe
tition to havo Miss Dlank made post
mistress at Urlarvlllo. She Is a nice
young woman and ought to havo It in
preference to a man that's trying to
get if
"I looked nt tho petition, which was
Inclosod In a big envelope, addressed
to 'Hon. Oscar Underwood, Washing-
ton, D. C 'My frlond,' I replied, 'I'd
When Mrs. Green decided to tako a
young girl to help her with tho work
she did so aftor grave deliberation.
Maids bad como and maids had gono
In tho Qreon household till Or eon de
clared that that his. pneurao gastric
norve was becoming petrified from eat
ing so many kinds of cooking. Susan,
the last cook, had been a tyrant When
the Greens wlshod a roast for dinner,
Susan served a stew, and If Gruen re
quested French fried potatoes with
It1'0 oold Joint ho was served with po-
tatoos boiled In their Jaekots. Finally
Mrs. Green's r bolllous spirit awoke,
and she discharged Susan and adver
tised for a young girl "who wanted a
good home."
The first applicant was 17, sho said.
She chewed gum and wore a rat In
her pompadour. Mrs. Oreen hired her,
however, In spite of these drawbacks
The new girl watched Mrs. Oroen do
the work, and made occasional futllo
attompts to Imltato her. Sho read
the Duchess' novels In the - evening
and played "Hiawatha" on the piano
when Mrs. Green was not at homo. Fl
nally she took to weeping, going noutnot a" cont as Norah. He know
with red eyes and doleful lips. ,the lwWlng was designed to lost all
What is the matter. JeBle?" de- winter, but he quietly ate on.
manded Mm Graeit one day when she I Thf explosion eame the night before
found her dropping tears Into the dish Mrs. Green's luncheon. She had made
water. "I'm so lonesome." sniveled . Vaear ftidgw ami macaroons enough
Jeanl. "ThU la the NUtet howee I fur eight tadleu. but when she went to
war saw. The wet ntaeu I warned
we had maala every evening The
gentleman of the Ihhw ha sung und
his wife played the uhmUi organ, and
we had real pleasant avealnna. But
It's a toawaata hard."
Mr. Oram eofiaHKad with her hua-
band aad ha advlaed bar to mi rid af
If It's owning to thd point where I
have to turn wyaatf Into a vaudeville
show to annua tha maid In tho uvun
lags. I think wad bottw hfaak up aad
board." growted Gee,
So Jeaale departed.
The Mtxt was a girl of It, and Just
over from Ireland. Shu whs pruity a
a picture, with the native blue uyas
and Uac,k balr, and as innocent as n
lamb. Ih had never seen a furaasc
mot a gas stova, and ska bad strange
aaaee far thlaga that kept Mrs. QrceH
Hko -to obllgo you, but you seo I Hvo
in Birmingham, out of this locality,
henco It would not bo proper for mo
to tako a hand in this contest'
" 'Oh, that's all right, ho answered,
Just sign anyway; wo'ro getting lots
of names of peoplo who don't Hvo
hero, and havo put In a lot of floaters
to make a big petition. It doesn't make
a partlclo of dlfforenco, for when the
paper gets to that fool congressman
up .yonder; ho won't know a d 1
thing about It "Washington Corre
spondent Jacksonville (Flo.) Times-Union.
' Modern Girl's Big Foot
"Athletic excrclso Is undoubtedly
adding cubits to tho staturo of the
modorn girl, but," remarked a shoo
merchant "It Is llkowiso increasing
tho length of her foot. Increasing,
indeed, into such wonderful propor
tions that tho perfect mlno of small
Jokes wo used to'hoar about tho pedal
oxtremotlcs of Britain's daughters is
entirely exploded.
"Having paid thoso young ladles tho
compliment of imitating their train
Ing, tho humorist now finds that his
countrywomen's feet havo developed
tho proportions ho onco found so lu
dicrous. "Tho tlmo when to possess tiny
feet was a thing to bo doslred, Is
past, tho athlotlc girl having changed
all that Tho proper and beautiful
thing nowadays Is to bo of classical
dimensions. As It Is shapo, not size,
that makes or mars tho beauty of a
foot, the sonslblo woman halls this
evolution with delight, proving that
tho chango is owing to the wholesome
outdoor llfo of the really modorn girl.
"And I may add that nover has
footwear been prottler than now. It
Is really amusing to hear tho athletic
girl order tho size of hor foot Wo
soil Nos. C and G now, when only n
fow years ago we rarely had a call
for a shoo ovor No. 3. that bolng con
sidered a largo choe." Wsahlmtton
Hot Mackerel as a Weapon.
"Sho slapped mo In tho faco with n
hot mackerel, Judgo."
Well, Bho said I was no lady, and
I was going to show hor. Sho broko a
kotchup bottlo on my head."
Hattlo nilmoro, 122 Superior street,
and Ella Snow, Orleans and Krlo
streets, engaged In similar repartee
for half an hour at Justtco Mayer's
Chicago avenuo pollco court yester
day morning.
Mrs.ailmoro alleged that Mrs. Snow
had called on hor, and a fight fol
lowed. The caso was dismissed. Intor
But probably the most remarkable
thing that Norah saw was when Mrs.
Green intido tho annual plum pudding
Bho sampled the dates, citrons and
rns!ns approvingly, but whou sho saw
them mixed with molansiM, milk eggs
and suet, to say nothing of tho othor
Ingredients, sho Bhook her head, and
remarked that they had nothing llko
that In Klldare.
Mm Green mndo an oxtra large
quantity of pudding. 8he wanted It
to last all winter, and sho exported to
serve It whenever she had guests for
dinner. Green declared It was the
best she'd over made; so Mrs. Green
decided to send some to her slstor for
Meanwhile Nora, with the zest that
IS years gives to sweet things, had
become Inordinately fond of plum pud
lag. She was steadjly eating It when
ever sho felt hungry, whleh was most
of the tlmo. Jimmy Green, aged 13.
followed In hor footsteps. He would
got a largo, heavy brown sllee from
the pantry every afternoon when he
camo homo from sshool, Jimmy was
.o at utem wkh were wranRwy ue-
plated. With l h king heart and
awakened etiaplelons Mr Green In
spected tha placu where the plum
pudding had been kept There was
scarcwiy a mouthful left And she
had writtan to her slater to expect
pudding far Thanksgiving (Hanur. iWie
accused Nora, who coufiased Ingaau
uuely. and ateo Implicated Jimmy.
Mrs. Orune wept out her dlaap
aoiatmaat 10 Qreon In the library.
"Why It hasn't killed them I don't
know." alio ended. "Just fancy eat
tag plum pudding at that stage, net
steamed, and without sauce. Why.'
it's heavy as lead."
"You ean't kill anyone through the
stomach at their age," said thu dys
peptic Oruon, enviously. "You'd better
get a full-grown servant, my dear; it
will be 1(mhi wearing en everything
including previsions." Chicago News
8HtH9rf'Piq'f-tt9'tf ltf ,1
Webfoot Land.
Tuno, Bculah Land.
I've reached tho land of mud and rnln.
I'vo struggled long' this land to gain.
And now that I have' reached tho spot,
I often wish that I had not
Oh, Webfoot land, wet Webfoot
As in my houso I sadly stand
And gaxo without thro' dripping
And long to seo tho sun again.
I surely wish that I could fly
To lauds whoro it Is sometimes dry.
It rains at morn, it rains at ovo,
It ralna at noon, there's no roprlove;
Day after da It's Just tho samo,
I wonder why I ovor came.
It does no good to kick or swear,
To throw your boots or tear your hair.
You cannot chango that sky of gray
To sky of bluo a slnglo day.
You wish to go and soo a friend,
It always rains, on that depend,
And If you wish to go to town
You need to wear a rubber gown.
Sometimes tho mud Is rather' wet
And so you think a cab you'll got;
And when you've rodo a mile or two
You wish you'd walked, Indeed you do.
And If you slop nn hour or two,
And old King Sol tho elouds bents
Tho peoplo say, "Well. I'll allow
Wo'ro going to havo good weather
Thoy wouldn't Ho, oh moroy nol
They simply have forgot, you know.
And when dry weather cornea ng.iln
They say, "I think wo'ro neodlng
They fold tholr hands upon tholr
And laugh and talk and take tholr
Thoy loavo tholr ajjplos In tho trees,
And dig potatoos whon thoy please.
Peoplo rldo nbout In-bucks
With groon moss growing on tholr
And umbrellas on tholr noso.
And rubber coats down to tholr toem
With greon moss hanging on their
And on tholr feet, so Ivo been told,
(Porohnnco I'm iruo, porghanoo I'm
A sort of-wohby substance grows.
iSn tired and slok and very oross,
I hato Uio sight of mud and moss;
My bones thoy none, my Joints thoy
TIs rheurnatlx I lnow full well.
If ovor I do got tho oush
For eastern land's I'll mnke a dash;
I'll live whoro I Uio sun oan vlow
And havo my clothes look nloe and
Oscar Donaldson, of Oregon.
Hero's the original of that poem
the Nebraska man turned into a var-
ody on h-w it rains in Oregont
I've reached the land of drought and
Where nothing grows for man eo eat:
The wind that blows with burning
O'er all the land Is hard lo beat
0, Dakota IjjihI, 8wet Dakota Land,
Ah on thy burning soil I stand,
I lok away across tho plains.
And wonder why It never rains,
Til Gabriel blows his trumpet sound,
And says "The rain has gone around,"
We have no wheat, we have no oats.
We have no corn to feed eur shituts;
Our chickens are too poor to eat,
Our pigs go squealing through Uiu
Popular Olub,
Dr. Ildward Uedtoe, ell I sen of PJiH
adelplUa and the work) at latge, Is
soon to up ply for n dlspeneatlun
chsHglHK the name of the oalebiated
"Seveaty-elx Million'' club to the
"Mnhly Million" club.
The Seventy-elx MllUen alub la an
oisnnlsatioN formed by Dr. Bedlou
when he lived in China. It ban a
simple code of bylaws, as fellow.
"I Any American cities sojourn
ing in the far Host Is a member ef the
levenly-elx Million club.
"2. It Is always In order (0 take n
drink when a quotum ef the olub la
"3. Two members of ihu olub shall
constitute a quorum.
"4, No mirrors or other mMhaalaa)
devisee shall be used la establishing
a quorum." Philadelphia Post.
Our horsea aro a broncho race,
Starvation stares them In tho face,
Wo dl not live, wo only.stay;
We are too poor to go t away.
Our fuol Is tho cheapest kln'd.
Our women aro nil of ono mind,
With bag In hand and turned up taoso,
Thoy gnthor chips of buffaloes..
A Heply to "Webfoot Land." '
This tondorfoot ho had It bad;
It ho'a gono East t'wont mako us sad.
We'vo soon too many of his kind.
And heard tho way they kicked and
whined. Thoy seo so llttlo whoro thoy're raised
That can bo lovod or ovon praised, . t
That pessimism holds them fast
And thoy'll be klckore to Uio last ,
No mattor whoro tholr homes may be,
Tho good at hand thoy novor see;
But always sing with mournful faco'
Tho praises of Bonio othor place. '
To this fair -land thoy- Bometlmco
como, '
With fretful tones and faces glum,
And o'ro thoy oat their first square
They're looking for n chanco to squeal.
If they arrive in early spring
It Is for thorn a fearful thing.
For half a year thore's no qxquso
Thin lovely country to traJucol
Tho ellmao Is tho vory host
In all this nation, Bast or West
North, South or middle -where you
please, x
You neither roast, nor do you frccce
Tho soil Is rich; crops novor fall;
No blight or blizzard, giant hall,
Cyclone or lightning, drouth or flood.
Makes harried fannora sweat tholr
Cattle upon n thousand hills " ''
itango frou from fnmlno and tho lUr
Which sore bosot loss favored climes1.
Tho farmer seldom feels hard -tiniee.
d' -
,As o'on our critic In ono verso.
Acknowledges in language torse:
"Thoy leave tholr applos'on tho
trees -t
"And dig potatoes when ihoy please."
Contagious sickness, fovors, "shakos"
And oiioh. aro hero considered fakes.
Etnplnymont plenty, wagon fair; ,
Hopo permeate tho vory air.
The "chronics" coming to tho yest.
Month after month kcop up tho quest
For something about which to howl
And whlno and caterwaul and yowt
Tholr search Is fruitless, efforts vain,
'Till winter conitsa and brings the rolu,.
At last) at lastl Tholr ratios thin . .
Are lighted with umlonlo grin.
With ono noonrd they tune thg lyre
And sing of oloud and rain nnd nifro;
Then they tako breath, tuna, up ogaiu,
And sing of mud and oloud and rniit; -.
With dirges growing yet more loud.
They sing of rnln nnd mud and oloud;
And In on iiuver-etidlng song
The dUnial chorus thay prolong'.
Well, let them pass; suoh folks nw
i In ovary country 'neath tho sun.
The gootl Ixril mndo 'em and . must
Home reason why He, bull t 'em so,
But ope request we mnke of these:
Just stay "Imok Itast" mid roast and
Htay where there is some sane excuse
Jn yiHir surrounding for abuse.
pon't come to tills, (lie fairest land
That ever left the Maker's hand,
And here set up your senjejsca oty.
Stay where you are, and live or die.
P. q Levar.
' ii i ii - .. "jt
Rseelves an Appointment
Governor Van Haul, ef Minnesota,
wae iinueuully amused this week to
received a letter from a constituent
asking for an appointment to a politi
cal ufNee. The letter read:
MI want to be an ofnoo Itoldjer. I
am not very particular as to the of
fice. Anything within your power to
confer will do; any old thing left
This so amused the Governor that
he nt once made eut a eewmlseleli u
pointing the applicant a notary pub
Jlo, and flharged him. 3 for It'Nw
York Times.
He whom a oh I Id lakes by (be band.
Uvea close to God.
' ' e -"
, When Jealousy sleeps, Jove is dig'
giDg her grave.