Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 25, 1903, Section Two, Page THIRTEEN, Image 13

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(Washington Star.)
A fow forenoons ago a perspiring,
rodfaced fat man, at the head of a
poreplring, rod-faced fat family, con
sisting of a wlfo and four little girls
with nmazlngly starched skirts and
with pigtails pulled so taut that thoy
didn't appear to bo ablo to wink tholr
eyes, started through tho gato at the
Baltimore & Ohio station loading to
an accommodation train that was
about to lcavo for Maryland way
"Tickets," said the gatoman. unen
thusiastically, as tho fat father of tho
fat family started to hurl hlmsolf
through tho gato.
"Huh?" said tho fnthor of the family
a half sheepish, half chopfallon ex
pression cro33lng his dripping counte
nance. "Tickets," ropoatcd the gatoman,
yawning dismally.
'B'Jlng," exclaimed tho fnt man,
dismally, "I forgot tho tlckctB. Clean
fo-got to buy 'om. Say, can't you lot
us through, and I'll pay tho conductor
n cash for our rides hoy?"
"Gainst tho rules," said tho gate
nyin. "Don't block tho line, plerac.
Hnvo your tlckots ready!"
Tho fat man squirmed back out of
tho Hue, oncountorlng as he did 30
tho collective glaros of tho pushing
people behind him. and tho much
ruoro Interesting glaro of his wife.
"Forgot to get tho tlckots, Bosannn,"
said tho fat man, looking foolish, to
his spouso. "Got 'em In half a aoc
ond, though bo right back. Walt
right hero with tho children."
And ho dashed through tho swing
ng doors at a lumboring waddlo, while
litis wlfo dropped all tho hand-bag-sago
with a thump and tho four highly
tarchod llttlo girls picked out grips
and suit cases ujlon which to squat
until thole pnront returned with tho
Ho roturncd to his family In about
'four minutes, holding tho tlckots In his
left hand, and agonlzodly mopped his
faco with tho handkorchlof In his
right. His fat faco contracted Into an
expression of acuto misery.
"My dear girl," ho said, edging
apologetically alongside his wlfo, "It's
& mighty good thing I stopped to tako
a glass of wntor at tho cooler Insldo!
Derby & Willson
Stock, Ft uit9 Gtain Lands and City Popety
If yoa have a house to tent ot sell, leave it with Deby &
Willson. If yoa have a fatm to rent ot sell, ot if you want
to buy a house ot a fam, see Derby & Willson.
We Have Special
in Hop Ranch One in aJJPtisne Otch&td
and several in homes in the city. JS w!ob
Derby & Willson
'Phone 2 15 i Black
244 Commercial Stseet - - Salem, Oregon
Just now a mighty good thing In
"Well, what Is It now?" she asked
him, In a tone filled with prophecy
of trouble.
"Now, don't be annoyed, my deal
Rosnnna," said tjio fat man, more
miserable than ovor, "but I fear that
we shall bo slightly delayed but only
until the next train, you know. There's
nnothor one going In only two hours
nnd forty-flvo mlnutos, and I'll bo
back long before that."
"Back from whero?" she asked
him, acridly
"Now, ploaso, I bog of you, do not
mako things worse than they aro by
an oxhlbltton of tompor, my dear
nosanna," moaned tho fat man, hopo
lossly, "but my taking that drink of
wntor at tho cooler Insldo just now ro
mlndod mo that I loft tho cold wrtor
turned on In tho kltchon sink when I
left tho house. Just you wait with
the children In tho waiting room
Ill buy you somo papors and mag
azines and lot's see I can get out
to Tonleytown and bock In an hour
and a half, say, and that'll glvo mo
plenty of tlmo for tho noxt train. 1
couldn't bo comfortable, you ksow,
away for two weeks with cold water
running full blast.
Ho Just Went Home.
Tho durncd sink might overflow and
It 'ud cost mo all tho money I could
mnko for tho noxt ten years to pny
for tho damngo. Now, don't worry,"
and tho fat man darted out of tho sta
tion at a waddling lopo, while the
wlfo of his bosom gathered up the
traps onco moro nnd led tho way to
tho waiting-room tho four little starch
ed girls trooping gloomily nftor her.
Notlco that?" said the gattman,
dismally, slamming tho gato loading
to tho accommodation train aftor tho
lajt belated passengor had cantorod
through. "That's tho wny they're
drifting along all tho tlmo the for
gottors, I call 'om. Another ono of
'em Just lllto that fat old party camo
catapaultlng toward this gato only an
hour or so ago, with his wlfo all
but hanging onto his coat tails
Ho was racing for tho gato at ouch
u clip that oho could barely keop up
with him without maintaining a strong
clutch on his apparo). I picked 1.1m
out Instantly as ono of the forgctters,
and whoa ho handod mo his tickets
to punch I noticed that Mb tickets
dldr't have tho 'B' baggago punch
mark In them.
" 'You've checked your baggage, sir,
I eupposa?' sold I knowing, of
course, that he hadn't.
'"Why, no, 1 havon'tl' ho sung out,
giving his thigh a whack. 'Say. It's a
good thing you romlnded mo of that
" 'Did you wait at tho house for tho
transfer man to call for tho beggng
James?' his panting llttlo wife ln
quired of him In a tone of suspense.
'"Well, no. I didn't!' ho oxclalmcd
again. 'Was that the arrnngomont?
thought you'd attend to that.'
The Trunks Were 8afe.
"'Now, don't you romombor she
plaintively said to him, 'that when I
enmo down town ahead of you to do
that little shopping that I had to do.
nnd loft you to closo up the houso. the
last thing I said to you was: Now,
Jamos, bo suro to wait here until the
transfor man comos for tho trunks-
he promised to bo at tho flat at 10
o'clock, prompt" don't you romombor
that that was tho vory last thing I
Bald to you, Jamos?'
" 'No, I don't romombor any such a
thing,' Jamos brazened out, 'I thought
you'd at least havo tho consideration
to attend to tho trunks Instead of hik
ing down town to got a dinkey llttlo
veil, whon you'vo got olovon million
veils already and horo we aro with
the trnln duo to start In four mlnutos,
nnd thcro aro our trunks locked up In
tho bed room of a house -iG minuter
ride away on tho fiery, untamed un
derground and overhead trolly enrs
oh, It's nil off, that's what It Is
there's no use In talking about It at
all, It's all off!' nnd he galloped to
ward tho oxlt, with his tlred-looklng
llttlo wife hanging onto one of his
arms with both hands nnd bolng
Jolted over the bonrds and up tho
stope llko a rag doll In tho hands ot
a pickaninny. They haven't got back
yet, nnd I guoes by this tlmo James la
hurling tho things out of the trunks
and Jawlngly announcing that Ilia
trip is still all off and that It's going
to remain all off."
Cairo na o Health Ileaort.
Cairo Is tho city of malaria and lies.
Physically It Is ono vast sewage bed,
which poisons no smnll proportlou of
tho people who visit It, and while Kng
HhU doctors send their patients to re
cover in Calio, honest doctors there tit
onco assure them that thcro Is no re-
I co very except by leaving It.
round ngnln," snld Itobort
Kcnipton to his wlfo. "1'Ienso
don't make any difference this
yonr. Mnbcl. We have nothing to be
thankful for. Bob snd Ulla hnvo spoiled
our lives."
"Wo should be thankful that It Is no
worse," replied the wife, with a pn
tlonco that never deserted her.
But this Is not the beginning of tho
Years before Mnbol Lnthrop. much
to hor father's and mother's chagrin
married Robert Kompton, n wild, reck
less fellow, nnd he would hnvo beon n
ne'er-do-well had not Mnbol saved him
and uinde him a successful man. Rob
ert knew nnd admitted that she had
turned him from a worthless life.
"Mabel," ho snld to her, "I owe nil I
am to you. God forbid that 1 should
ever treat you with tho slightest harsh
ness. On the contrary, 1 pray that ho
may send me sonic unusual opportu
nity to servo you, to suffer for you,
perhaps to dlo for you."
"You are doing nil that Ii needed In
malting mo hnppy," snld the wife.
Thon en in e Hobble Kompton. n bright
eyed, sunny disposed little chap who
was his mother's darling nnd his fa
ther's pride. Mabel fed him, bathed
him, clothed lilin, gnvo him his airing
during the dny, nnd before he wont to
sleep In the evening his father romped
with him.
When Bob cnuu to lie about fifteen
he begun to Hhow signs of thu procllv
Itlos his father had shown In his youtl
and thus brought mirrow to his par
ents. Mabel ui iMtleut with him
nnd so was his father for it time, bill
Bob grew more unruly, more reckless
and his father's putleuco finally gave
out Whon Bob was eighteen ho got
Into n fight with a man and camo vory
near killing him. Bob was arrested
nnd held to wait tho man's recovery.
When ho wns released from custody
his father received lilin in augur. Bob,
who felt his disgrace keenly und with
al was high spirited, declared that ho
would not rcmuln at home to be taunt
ed with his faults, to bring discredit
on his fnnilly, but would go whoro they
would not bo troubled with him. Kill
ing his mother, ho strodo down the
walk leading to tho gato. With hi
hand on tho lateh ho turned Irreso
lute. 'Call him back, father," pleaded the
"Ho will only bring new dlsgrueo
upon us,"
"This trouble Is a lesson to blm. He
will do bettor."
"No," sold the father. "Let him go
We ore well rid of blm"
That was the lust seen of Bob Kemp
Ion In bis native village IIIh parent
had no other child, nor did any other
rhlld como to them. Mrs Kemptou
grieved constantly for her son. but nev
rr mentioned his name to her husband
Finally ono of her friends died, leav
lug a llttlo girl unprovided for. Mr
Kerupton took the child and adopted
Kiln It nice for n time wus all that a
daughter should Ih, but when she wus
nun-teen she received the attentions of
u man uuuewptHblH to Mr and Mrs
hempton. and when they elihled her
six showed the only dlpoUloit to re
bellion that stye had cvei displayed
Nevertheless she gave up the lover, and
for a year It was supposed that she
had forgotten blm, when suddenly she
disappeared. j
"Well, wife." said Kempton, "we've
had hard luck with our children. We
must be content with each other." I
The wife said nothing, but as seen as
her husband left the bouse went to her
room to weep, to weep for her son. for
since ttlla's departure her craving for
him had come back to her with double
strength, fthe read bis boyish letters
over and oyer again.
A year passed, and nothing was
beard of Ella. The man for whom she '
was supposed to hare left her homo
appeared la the village, but declared .
that he knew nothing of her where
abouts. His story was not believed
and confirmed 3 suspicion that she bod
run away to Jln lilin.
Mrs. Kempton grew wore and wore
low spirited till finally her health be
gan to droop. Her husband knew the
cause, though she did not tell hltn, and
often wtifced that be could recall bU
ui l iy ,!""' "j
25, 1903
son, though he feared that ho had con
tinued In a downward course and the
sight of blm would kill his mother.
This wnB the condition of Hobert nnd
Mnbol Kemptou just before Thanks
giving. Thure was uo need for Bober
to reuuest his wife not to make the
usunl preparations, for she wns uti
able to do so. She bad been losing
strength rapidly nnd finally took to
her bed. However, tho day brfore Hie
anniversary she got up and pave mine
directions to the servants In order Unit
It should not be entirely lost sight of
'ihe next morning she lay on a lounge
In the living room before a cheerful
lire Her husband at down beside her
smoothed her hair and took her shrunk
ru baud In his.
"Wife." he hmU1. "you rumminer thai
when we were married 1 asked for
toniu opportunity to serve you 1 be
Hove It has
come, t am no
lug to try to tlud
"The opportu
nity has passed,
Hubert," replied
the wife "It
en me to jou the
dny Boh vent
nwny I saw
contrl.lou In his
f.uv If you bud
en Hit' blm tmik
be vv oild luive
h-K'in anew."
The husband
nnd father bow
ed Ids head
"Never mind,
Itobort. The pint
can't li- undone
Let im be tl.nnk
fill that we are
surrounded with
every touifvrt
And some day
Hobble m a y
come back to
While t h e y
wore talking two
person h had
stolen Into the
back yard nnd
under rover of
t h o outhouses 8"K n"L"l L"0Y,BU
on to rod tho "rrnwa.
houso. Suddenly tho sitting room door
opened, and a young mini uud n girl
entered tho room.
"Bob!" v
In an Instant tho old people were In
tho arms of thu recreant son and adopt
ed daughter.
Then camo explanations. Kiln, know
lug of tho secret Unit was eating at
Mrs Kempton's heart and breaking
down her health, resolved that she
would repay tho kindness she hnd re
ceived by going In search of Bob Kemp
ton After considering tho best course
for her to adopt on leaving sho con
eluded not to mako known hor quest
to Mrs. Kompton, fearing that tho bus
IH'iiso would Im) detrimental, It would
Im better, she thought, to uy nothing,
but bring tho son homo If possible. If
sho fulled there would bo no disap
pointment. Sho traced" him to a dis
tant city and found htm absorbed In
business. Ho had long Intended to
communicate with his parents, but n
remembrance of his father's last look
and worda had always caused him to
defer uctlon. Ho hnd mado money
easily, but had not kept It, bis natural
ly rookies, disposition interfering with
"Hlla," said tho 'atlior, aftor all had
Ixmui explained, "you hnvo done for
mother that signal service which I al
ways wished to do for hor myself.
Whon tho opportunity occurred I did
not recognize It. When t camo to you,
you recognized It ut onco. Do now for
Boh whut mother hnH done for mo
savo blm from his reckless disposition
and make a progressive man of him.
Marry him "
ttlla blushed, and young Hubert said:
"Hue can't do that, father, for she
did It early this morning."
An hour later, us the reunited group
tat at table, the father gave this toast!
"Blessed be those who recognize
their opportunities!."
Til first TtntllU.KlTlHK Vr.
The first nation 1 Thanksgiving day
was proeJaluitd by 1'resldettt Washing
ton on the Xd day of October. 17MI.
setting Thursday, the 34lh day of No
vember, aa the date. In honor ef the
adoption of the ooiistltutton ef tho
United States. Tho second national
Thanksgiving day, was also proclaimed
by Washington, but was In February
of 1700. Subsequent presidents sailed
upon the people of the country to ob
serve such a day of thanksgiving, but
it was not until the presidency of Abra
ham Llneoln that the observance be
came a fixed event and the last Thurs
day of November was recognized as on
annual public bolhlar.
H3pl $$
MtBlSLm V Ms
DIC man who'd sot a h'ar trap In
his chicken houso on ThnnVji
glbcn oho nin no Christian an'
nobber will be.
Hero's no plnco In hohbon fur -de
man dat steals. Jess do same I 'snecht
do coon dnt ain't got a cent nn' yet
brings home n turkoy fur Thanksglbenj
will go to do good place.
Do American peoplo donu git half
miff sleep, an' I 'spects dat'a Jess why
most ob 'om am alius complaluln' ob
feolln' run down. Do white matt
oughtor git to bed early, 'speshually on
Thanksglbcn ebe.
If any ob my fnm'ly glta to nllln I
donn nobber git no doctor, 'knso dey
do n heap ob lm'in. When my Undo
Julius was tooken sick ono Thanks
glbcn nn' do doctor said ho couldn't
dun had nono ob dnt fo'tcon pound tur
key dat was hnnglu' In do kitchen
what was do result? Why, when Ju
lius studied dnt bird, all brown an'
Juicy, nn' hoard do fnm'ly smncktn' dor
lips, lie Jens gib ono groan an' died.
Yo' may s'nrch through do almanac
nn' do dlcUonnry nn' nil do histories oli '
dls kentry, but yo' won't find no men
shun mndo ob a cull'd man boln' Mcct
ed president ob do United States. I
reckon It am Just ni well. If a cull'd
man held dnt otllco ho'd kill hlssolf on
Thnnksglbeu tryln' to eat nil do tur
keys dnt nui sent to do Whlto Houso
on dat occashuu.
I allun Htlck up fur do Xllhlo nn' be
lleb ebery word In dnt good book, but
Vto kinder a leotlo bit 'splclous 'bout
Mtstah Nmih nn' his nrk. Dnt man
might hev let all tie birds an' nnlinuU-s
In Ids nrk, hut did dey all git out
WHB1IB I OUT IMT llljtl)'
again? Doau yo' 'sposo dat de turkeys
was dun mtHsIn' 'bout Thanksglbou
When ThaukHglhon comes an' I tako
du head ob do tablo an' do olo woman
an' chlU'on gather round nu' smnok
ddr lips nu' roll der ayes, whon do hoiir
comes dat I stand up wld knlfo In
hand to begin carbln', whon do mlnlt
arrovM dat I reach out wld onv hand
to cotch dat turkey by do latg an' hold
blm solid while I slice away, If ono ol
my chlU'on should look up nn' imiunr
whoro I got dnt bird den, I'm tcllln'
yo' dat slch a calamitous snrcuni
stance would perspire dnt dat child
would romombor do ovont nil do rest
ob his bo'n dnysl A. II. U5WIS,
The President's Tariff' i
For tho past thirty years the turkey
which has graced the White House ta
ble on Thanksgiving duy has eouio
from Westerly, H. 1.. tho gift of Hlntiu
Vose. In 1HTO Mr. Voso sent a thirty
six pound bird to 1'resldent Grant It
was received with such favor that he
has continued to supply tho yearly
presidential turkey, and hU sons after
him will keep on sending turkeys to
Washington aa long as the raco holds
out. Ithodo Island turkeys are not as
numerous as they onco were, but their
iunb"ty has not deteriorated. Bronze
and NarrauaiiNott Krays are tho stand
ard breeds. No change hits been made
in the methods of breeding turkey an
the yenra have gone by, but In vlow of
the bad luok fanners Imvo had recent
ly In raising large Uoeks Mr. Viwe.
whoso turkey market Is n eloarlng
house for ull the country round, s try
lug to dlseovor some mean to prevent
the iiHttonal Mrd from beeomlng ex
Unt. TlmnUsKlvlnir Ir Abruad.
Wherever two or three American
are gather wl together on Thanksgiving
lay tlwe t aure t be an elaborate
ohservMiiee ef tit epteMrtmn holiday
lu every foreign capital a Thapksglv
I ng UNiuiuet at the AnierleNU legation
Is owe of tho llxturw in the rmImsm
dor's or Minute' eertrtiwnkil ealendur
ami to hie olflelal reeeptlen ure wel
eomed all of hi countrymen ruddlng
abroad or teiuiHjrnrlly uwuy from their
own firesides. The Amerieau uburabtt
hold religious servlees, where there are
American cburebes, aud la their ab
sence the natives usually offer their
plsvee of worship to the Arnerieans for
the day Hven In I'ektog Thauksglvlng
day U a notable event, Its observanM
shared In by ChrUUaiOd Cblnassen
and the members of other etabtseta
than our own.
- :1