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    U of-Little Benefit Unless It ls Do
nested. Nearly everyone will admit that aa
a. nation wo eat too much meat and
too little of vegetables and tho grains.
r Dusinoss men, offlco men and
clerks, and in fact everyone engaged
1b sedentary or indooc occupations,
groins, milk and vogotables are much
noro healthful.
Only men ongnged in a sevens out
door manual labor can livo on a heavy
jnent diet and continue in health.
As a gonoral rule, moat onco a day
is sufflclont for all classes of men.
women and children, and grains, fruit
and vogotables should constitute tho
hulk of food eaten
But many of the most nutritious
ioodo aro difficult of digestion and it
io of no use"to' ttdviso bralti "workers
to rat largely of grains and Vegetables
whoro tho digestion isMoo weak to as
nlmlldto them properly.
It Is always best to got tho best
results from our food that Bomo aim-
; jrio and harmless digestive should ba
; taken after meals to assist tho re-
miod digestive organs, and several
years' experience have proven Stu
! art's Dyspepsia Tablets to bo a vory
fe, pleasant and effective dlgestlvo
t seraody which may bo taken dally with
Itho best result
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets can
hardly bo called a patont ,modtcIno,
as they do not net on the bowels nor
any particular organ but only on the
food eaten. Thoy supply what weak
BtomacliB lack, pepsin dlnstaso and by
stimulating the gastric rlands increase
the natural secretion of hydrochloric
Feoplo who make a dally practice
f taking ono or two of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets aftor each monl aro
sraro to havo perfect dlgostion which
means porfect health.
Thoro Is no danger of foimlng nn in
jurious habit as tho tnblots contain
absolutely nothing but natural digest
Ives; cococalno, morphino and similar
drugs havo no placo in a stomach
modicjno and Stuart's Dyspopsla Tab-,
lots aro cortalnly tho best known and
most popular of all stomach remedies.
Ask your druggist for a fifty cent
ilMickago of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
rets and after a weok's uso noto tho
improvement in health, appetito and
nervous energy.
Asks for Canteen.
Washington, Nov. 21. In his first
! These shoule interest
?;they do a place for hats, coats umbrellas!
"j and rubbers. You
! best advantag of
iTlie House Furnishing
Salem. 269 Liberty
I We do what
We kill and remove cancers anl tumors without the aid of a knife.
Read the testimony of a prominent Salem man:
TO THE PUBLIC. In justice to Dr. Cook, and that the
world may know what great work he is doing, I wish to
inform them that I have been taking treatment from him
for the past fifteen morrlis and in that time he has re
moved from my alimentary, canal three tumors of can'
cerous growths, as large as a nun's hand, all from the
larger intestine. Also another cancerous growth from
off ntv right right foot and another from mv right
thumb. This has all been accomplished through medi
cines 'Jone, they killing the growth and the spider like
roots and nature itself casting them off, without the
aid of knife or surgery. I do not believe 1 could have
found equally successful treatment anywhere n the
world and cheerfully recommend Dr. J. F. Cook, the
Botanical Doctor, to all wno
R. J. Spencer,
if you need it.
We C2n do
DeatscBcr Botanical Doctor. Curts
annual report aa chief of staff, General
Young makes an urgent appeal for the
canteens. Ho' says ho "hesftatW to tiko
the matter up, becauso congress failed
to take action on their re-establish
ment, but ho doesn't feel at liberty to
Ignore a measure which is unani
mously advocated by all tho offlcera
having tho best Interests of tho army
at heart, and their recommendation is
ontltled tq consideration. He saya the
canteont promote morality, sobriety
and discipline
Ho says tho work of the general
staff, so far, shows tho wisdom of tho
authorities in promoting the measure.
Ho also pays a glowing tributo to the
army in tho Philippines. Doth togu
lore and volunteers hnvn nhnu-n .
markablo efficiency, devotion, pati
onco' forbearance and humanity
throughout tho entire campaign in tho
island. He says, under tho clrcum.
stances, whero tho Bovorost mtosurtsa
wero JuBtifled, offlcors and soldiers
woro both rogular, and showed for
bearanco to tho utmost possible limit
Instances of misconduct woro very
raro, and generally aroso fron mis
crodlted zeal. Under tho now law, the
organized militia has attained a dlgnl
ty and standing never hnd before. Tho
growing dignity and efficiency of the
forco is ono of tho most encouraging
features, and shows tho intorest tnk
en. Ho recommends tho coast army
bo increased on tho lines suggested by
Gonoral Chaffco, and invites attention
to tho necessary increasing commuta
tlon for offlcors and soldiers, ospeclal
ly In tho East, whore the cost of living
is high.
A Great Jag Producer.
Nltroglycerino Is occasionally vsed
In modlclno, and it now appears 'hat
soldiors of the British army have be-
como nddltcted to cordite which is
more than hnlf nitroglycerine as n
stimulant. An Investigation by Major
Jennings shows that oven a vory small
tiunnblty produces vary powerful
offect. The taste is sweet, pleasant
and pungent, and whon a llttto Is
sucked by Itsolf from a strand the
offect Is a strong tondoncy to sleep,
with a vlolont headache and noises in
the oars, for thirty-six hours or moro,
Tho worst rosults follow its uso in
boor. Intoxication follows at ence
dcstructlvo and brutal, soon falling
Into deep slumbor. The cordfto vie
tlms ago rapidly.
Sun tha ,4 Th Kind You Han Alvwr BoagH
you, combining as ;
Han Trees I
andflall i
can get them to the
We Claim
reaa mis resumoniai.
as mnch for you or more
all Diseases 5ale, Liberty St.
Brights Disease
Not Rnrc, but Common All Kid
ney Dlscnao U Bright' Disease
Tho 8th to 10th Month It Be
comes Chponlo and Incurable by
All Known Alcana Except tho
new Fulton Compounds, which
Record 8Ttf o! Recoveries.
Wa fcata before at a llttla work on hlflnej
leaw br JosephF. Edward, M. D.. of Phila
delphia, that coutalns coma IMoc that every
one ought to know. Many peopla Imagine
Brtght'a DUcaso ta rare, whea, la faet. It
TulibeoK aela out tbat thoktdneya hare but
oua faietloo. Tit, tho elimination et the ura
Ju'Ti"" '?no" arecauea urlgat'a Ulieaa
Ur Edwards add "For the benefit of phnl
elanj wLo may rd tbli booU I will glrn a lUt
of tho ea-ea which 1 attribute to IMshl's
Utvue, Tlx. t
Uiomi tlon of tho Kidney.
le.-nrntlon of the Kidney.
Tatty Destuieratlon of the Kidney.
Inflammation of the Kidney
Ulaeaae of tha Uldaey "
Thua, all kidney dlxtta fcolof Drlght' D!
ease, toe eenoua qutition li. le It aaule, or
chroalof ta other worui, It it la the primary or
VP&Kl ,ue' w Artor " el" to tenth
moDth It bcoomea oaronlc and li theu Incurable
by all known manna eieept the Fulton Com-
ioi Kjaneya are noi aonaittte. The
rha kldneya are not aonaltlf e. Tt
8 oo n B notlo ( tho trouble till It hai
klrodr faitefiaJ. !rTAuhii LftM,Ai..t.
i .1,. ... 7..-...Z. ... -;,".-.?- -"i v..-"-"
In the flrit ataita tha Renal Componnd will cure
It QUlckVf If It ta of mora tKaii a m tn ,..
ttamllaKltla tha only Ihiaf known that will
SV.'tlLi 'opwof thamathtm elie will wtcltn
all mcdltal worka aaarldaaet that tolhla time
K Vt.J1?., ,w,u "S.10111? h 0UrM ChrunU
.If0.1 ul"e- The irookhotderi ef tha Jchn
1 Fultoa Oo , butlaeas ad pifeailonal men ul
j?aa rraaclsoo, ara tha first reople In the world
to announca a poeltlto euro, preaentlnir a
flcflolto pnrcantaje of reooTerles (7 per oant),
and lTlnt out tha llita of the cured, all amon
P" g etronio wall-deflned oaiaa. If you hats
; lnd of kidney trouble, there li only on
thin, to take. Tha Itenal Campbnnd far Brtihfa
UlaeaaelallitorDUbetei.ll 10 John J mi ton
U..4(M Waahlngton alreet. San Frandaeu,
folo compoundera. Free aaalyaaa for patients.
lispalcl free We are the nolo ateata.
Palace Pharmacy, 118 State St.
Daily Journal Will
Give Away Hun''
dredsof Magazines
And Makes a Special Sub
scription Sale Day-
Reduction on
Nov. 26th.
No. 1.
Journal subscribers will this year
bo given a special bargain day and it
has boon not for Friday, Novombor
27th. On that dato you can got Tho
Daily Journal for ono year, cash in
advance by mall, for $3, or by cap
rior for 5. This is a flat reduction of
ono dollar, not only for tho uso of
your cash, but to savo us, as woll as
our subscribers tho tlmo and troublo
of numerous payments during tho
year. It saves us work and it saves
the subscribers cash. Itomembor tha
dato, Novomber 27th. All who pay
up arrearages, If Uioy havo any, can
on that dato got tho benefit of this
offer. Even If your subscription Is
paid up to tho present tlmo or in ad
vanco, you can got tho benefit of an
additional year on that data If you
can't come to tho office on that dato,
send it In sooner, and tho credits will
be made on that date, November 26.
No. 2.
To new subscribers we will give n
sample subscription to The Daily threa
months for one dollar, and in addi
tion present them with the great
Metropolitan Magazine free for that
period. This Is one of the greatest
magazines in America and will be
given free for throe months to now
subitoribera only.
No. 3.
To any of our subsarlbors, old or
new, who pays a year in ndvanao, 0
by carrier or ft by mall, this great
magftaiat will be gives fre far one
year. 8m tke anMMineementa qf this
wonderful wsgasine elwhere n this
iwpr, and prepare to preUt by our
great offer.
Beware of Olntmenta 1er Catarrh that
Contains Mereury.
As wrcry will sursly itestroy the
sense of smmU. awl cowpiately de
rang tks whole system, whoa str
lag It thnmah Ot mucous sorfaeea.
Shtch articles siioukt sever be used ax
eept oa preMriptton from retwtalite
payelciaaa, aa the ttamage they will
do is Ua-feid to the good you ean pos
sibly derive from tham. Hall's Ca
tarr Ottr. BaaaufaetHred by P. J. Che
wy St Oa, Toledo, Ohio, eontaJna no
HHury, aad t takes lotarnally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mu-
eoua surfaces of the system. In buy
Is? Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure yen
get th geauiae. It Is taken J a Urn al
ly and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cbeaey & Ca Testimonials free
Sold by druggists. Price 76 e per
Halt's family pills are the test
I lS I
l)J.-t . "N i.i! T A
XMakaStlim a OcwdjoatWtrftfr "X1
Capital City Mills 'Quotations.
Bryant & Pennell, Props.
Wheat 76c.
Buckwheat 80a
Poultry at etelner'a Market
Chickens 8c
Eggs Per doson, SOc
Ducks 10c.
Turkeys 12WCPH0.
Hop Market
Hops 1620c
Potatoes, Vegetables, Etc.
Potatoes 30c. f '
Onions lHc
Dried Fruits.
Poaches 10c "'
Apricots 10c
Apples 10c
Pctlto prunes tc
Italian prunes Dc
Wood, rence Posts, Etc
Dig flr-44.00. ,i
Second-growth 1 3 BO, , j
APO-3,UU tO 93.7D. . 4
Body oak J4.60.
Polo oak $4.00. ,
Codar Posts Oc. '
Hides, Pelts and Pure.
Green Hides, No. 1 i"c
Green Hides, No. V 1S6.
Colt Skins to Be '-
Sheep 7Ec.
Goat Sktns 25c to Sl.Oe.
Portland MarKit
Wheat Walla Wnlla, 71c
Vnlloy 75i0i7Cc.
Flour Portland, boat grado, J37G
$3.86; graham, $3.75.
Oats Cholco Whlto, $1.070,
Barloy Food $20 (por ton; rolled,
Mlllstuff Bran, $20.
May Timothy, $1C.
Polatoos E0G0c
Bggs Orogon ranch, 3032c
Poultry Chlckons, mixed, 10104o
par pound; spring. lOHfllo; turkeys,
llvo, 1501GC
Mutton Grose, 4CUa
Pork Drossed, CHB7c
Beef Gross, GCWc
Voal 88c
Hops 1903 crop, 12022c
Wool Vnlloy, 17018c; Eastern
Orogon, 12Q15o; Mohair, 35Q37HC
Hldos dry, 16 pounds am. upwards,
15 to 15UtC
Buttor Boat dairy, 20c; fancy
uroamory, 27HG30c; store, 16c.
Grain and Plour.
Wheat, Snlom Flouring Mills 07c
Oats 32c.
Barloy $18.50 per ton,
Flour Wholosale, $3,70,
Live Stock Market
Stoors 2Wc.
Cows 2 Ho.
Shoop $1.50.
DroBsed voal (J He. .
Drossod hogs 54c.
Livo hogs ic
Mutton 2c per pound.
Veal 6Cttc
Hay, Feed, Eta.
Balo choat $10$11.
Balod clovor $0.50$10.
Bran $21.00.
Shorts $22.
Creamery and Dairy Products.
Oood dairy buttor 80025c
Creamery buttor 32V4c
Cream separator skimmed, at
Cora. Creamery, 32Vio, set.
Pedestrlanlam as a muscle-develop-
Ing oxeroise Is popular with some till
letes, but It Is not viewed with over
much fuor by the average Chlcagonn
theso days.
AArtrilatffltati, flv Uses or It. U this toloreo
littrttdthrtt Umttfot 2c. iHciVtHe. Sl.HO
Boaib. All oyer five lues tt I bo um rata.
Position Wanted. By a young Japan
we boy; will do saloon porter work
or offlco cleaning. Address "F.."
Care Journal. 11-IIMwk
Girl Wanted. To do housework in
a small family. Good wages. Ap
ply forenoons at 352 Church street
Wanteds WoodehoppersN li raJl.B
nerthwMt of Brooks. W. II. Kgan.
Wanted, At the mute school, a wo
man to wash and Iron. Apply to
TO. P Clark, gupt 11-12-tf
For Sale Or trade, a Use 19-aere
thleksfi or fruit raaeh; flrsNtlass
bnlhMRgs aad ImprovemeBts; close
Ui sehoe), postotllce, store and rail
way station. Will trade for city or
unlwjHeved farm property- Address
"W. J.,M Care Journal. UC
Far Sale, O. K. Grabbers. Best In
Orogon; throe Mate premiums;
oae horse has the sower of &; oaa
grab aa aera a day. James Finney,
IlrooHa. Or. le-Mlm
For S.ale Iomprored and unimproved
btoek proporty la South Salem. For
(formation Inquire of B. liefer.
Journal offleo. 10-9-tf
For Sala At a bargain, for a few
days, a nlee 2 sore chicken rasoh,
fair bouse, barn, eta, with pleaty of
fruit Priea $650. See Kraa Co.,
123 8Ute street 10-JHf
For Sale Or trado forjown proporty
COacro farm. .Inquire at 25 Mill
street. l-ifelwH
For 3ale.-At a bargain, a 2J4-Iricu
heavy Kuahford wagon, almost now,
'comploto with hayrack, also sot of
double work harness. Inquire ot B.
W. Shydor, corner of Summer nnd
Bollovlow, opposite vinegar works.
Cholco Farm For Sale, Throo mllos
northwest from BrobliS, having
dwoltlng house, barn and two hop
houses, with 30 aares of hops, bal
ance farming land, with running
wntor, cacopt enough cholco tlmbor
to supply Uio place. M, J. Egan.
For Sale. Bargains. Sororal cholco
plocce of property, both outstdo and
insldo. Call and bo eownor, 407
High stroot, 24 blocks north of city
hall. lM2.1m
For Sale Eighty acres of
Washington "county, for
land In
$40. A
bargain for somo ono wanting to
mako a home Some Umbor on tho
placo; Bomo cleared. E. Uofor, Sn
lom, Orogon. 10-C-tf
For Rent. 240 ncro farm, near Salem
For particulars, address "II ,' V. O.
box 208, Salem, Ore. H-2Qtt
For Rent. Largo doublo storo on
State Btreot, 50-foot front, 80 doep
Apply to M. Kllngor. 10-7-tf
Rooms for Rent Up stairs, Cottle
block, by day, wcok. or month. Al
so light housekeeping rooms. Elec
tric llghta Opon nil hours.
Commorcltl St., No. 333.
Phone: 2065 Main.
MatUo Hutchlns, Prop.
Muslo Lessons Qlven. A specialty of
beginners. Miss Lena Molsan, 430
Commercial stmit. 11-18-lwk
If you have property to sell Or rent,
or want to buy or sell, trado or ex
change for othor proporty of any
kind, or if you want a loan or Insur
nnco, boo It. )L Ilyan & Co 10-20-tf
Dalm of FIqs Remedies. 332 Marlon
stroct (from 3 p. in. to 3 p. tu.)
Bright lady assistant wanted.
Motor's Dsrber Colleoe Of Salt Iako
City, offors advantages In teaching
tho trado that cannot bo had Uao
whero. Avoid schools tho Oregon
and California harbors' now lawn
aro apt to cloao at any tlmo. Wrlto
today for our special offer to dis
tant students. 11-10-lm
The Proper Thlno Tho popular
drink for family uso is G. S. soda
nnd carbonated bovoragos. Every
body should koep thoso goods at
their homos, Call up Gldbon Stolz
Co. 'phone 421.
D. F. Jerman. Dealor In now and sec
ond-hand houso furnishing goods.
Groat bargains in stovos and row
furniture Highest prlcrn paid foi
secondhand artlolos, 210 Commor
olal street
Say Havo you tried Edwards &. Lusch-
er's for meats. We havo tho best
naucngo '.i town. Como and try It.
and bo convlnoed. 410 Kant Slate
Salem Truck and Dray Co. Oldon!
and best equipped company In Sa
eom. Piano and furnlturo moving
a specialty Ofllco 'phone, 801. W
W. Brown & Son, proprietor. Office
No. GO Slate street 0-1-1 m
Dr. Z. M. Parvln At 207 Commercial
street, upstairs Singing sohooL
Iludlmental and sight reading class
es. Begins Wednesday ovonlng, Oo
tob4r 14th. Class every Wednes
day evening to May 1st, next Tul
tlon, S1.Q0.
Unique Cleaning Rooms Shsw A
Jebnsou, tho oleanors, aro now lo
cated at 209 Commercial street
They do a general pressing and re
pairing business. Specialties: Skirts,
silk waists, kid gloves, gents' olotb
Ing. eto. Phono 2614. 5-28-1 yr.
Marshal Sale.
Notlco It lieroty lvcn that under
Uio provisions of ordlnanco No. 200
1 will on
at 1 o'clock p. tu. at tlio pound In the
oltyof Suloui, sell nt publlo auction,
tho folluwlnu denerllxtd linpoundod
animal, to-vIU ,
Onn large red. muley oow, tag on
oar with Initials "J. II. McK."
Unless the above dawrlbed annual Is
laluied before vald date, sale will l
williiHji rerve.
City Marshal.
Halem. November 17, 1008. 1 1-17-5 1
Dr. W. S, Mott Will hereafter b
found In the Ilrey block, 276Vi Cora
merelal street, over Oregon Bso
Co, Offleo telephone, 2931; reel
deuce phone. 2761. Offleo hours I
to 12, and 3 to 6
New Sweet Cider. Seed your order to
the nearest grocery, or call up
phone 421. Otdeon Stole k, Co.
Mrs. L. Campbell Dos dressmaking
at her home, on tho car line, sear
tha South Salem cemetery. Country
trado sellout!. IMMn-d-w
W C. Calvet, Practical "Watchmaker.
158 StatS'otrcot, makes a spoclaltr
ofropnlring watcfio, clocks" anuT
joVolry, artd guarantees' good work
nt reasonnblo prices. 11-12-lyr
Ferrjuson's Restaurant 95 Stata
street Opon day and night Our
20c meals aro bettor than any 25o
house In tho state Six 20c meals
for $1.00; 31 20c meals for $3.00.v
Valley lodge No. 18, A. O. U. W. Meeta
' In their hall In Holman block? cbr
nor Stato and Llborty, evory Mon
day ovonlng. Visiting brothroa
wolsowo. Boy Mclntlro, M. W. A,
E. Aufronco, Itecorder.
Central Lodae No, 18, K. of P. CaaUa
Hall in Holman block, corner But
and Llborty Sta. Tuesday of each
week at 7 s 30 p. m, A. B. Btntas
O. a, R, J. Fleming K. tt It aa6B.
Foresters of America Court 'Sher
wood Forektora No. 10. Moots Fri
day night In Turner block. 8. W.
Mlnturn. O. It; A. L. Brown, Boa
Modern Woodmen of America Or
Ron Codar Camp No, 5246, Meets
ovory Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
Holman Hall, Frank A. Turner, T.
0.? A. L, Brown. Olork.
Protectldn Lodne- No, S, Ancient Ot
der United Workmen, moots every
Saturday ovontnc In the Holmaa
Hall, cornor Stata and Libertx
streots. Visiting brethren woloom,
J. a arahani, M. W.; J. A. Sellwood
Dre. M. T. Schoettle, Frank J. Heir
nn nna m. uarr. Graduate
American School of Osteopathy,
Klrksvlllo, Mo., successors, to Dr.
Graco Albright Omo" hoJ 9 to
12 and 1:30 to 4:30 o'olock. Odd
Follows Tomplo, Phono Main 2721r
roaldenco phono 3808 red.
Ryan's Shavlno Parlors Seven nrs.
olast barboro engaged. Finest baUn
rooms In city. We uso antlseptle
storlllxors. J rtyan, Proprleton
Evan's Darber Shop Only flrst-class
shop on Stato stroot Evory thlnff
now and up-to-bato. Finest porce
lain baths. Shave, IGo; haircut 25o
baths, 26c. Two Hrst-class boot
black, q W. Bvnns. proprietor.
IIop merchants, 07 to 00 State
stroct, Salem, Oregon, Iteprosontod
by Jos, Harris.
WM. DROWN & CO. Hops, Mohair
wool, hop growors supptlos. No,
229 Commercial street Salem, Ore
Ron. Phono 1301.
SQUIRE FARRAR Hon merchant
and purchasing agent No. 210)4
Commercial street, upstairs, Salon,
Oregon. Phono 1051.
T. A. LIVE8LEY A CO. Dealers la
hops and hop suppllos. Phono 121L
nOIco room 18 Oborhelm bldg, Sa
lem. Orogon.
J. CARMICHAEL Hop buyer. Office
In IliiBh'Ilroyman building, Bales,
Orogon. Samples or choice hops so
llrltod from all growers.
CATLIN A LINN Hop buyers. Itooa
8 Bush-Broyman block, Salem, Oro
gon Phono 1431.
HUDOAno A CR088AN Hop buy
em. Iloom- 2, Murphy blook, Salem,
Ornson Telephone No. 371.
For wator servlcd apply at office,
mils payable monthly In advance.
Mao all complaints at the office.
Hop Wire Woven Wire Fencing.
Place your orders now and get re
duced price. Car of fencing to arrive
October 26th; car ot fenolng in No
vember. Write and get prloes.
CO Court 8t, Salem. Or.
Successor .to Dr. J3. M. KJsene!' In
White Corner, Balam, Oregon. Parties
desiring superior operations a) mod
era t fee In any branch are In eepeciaV
Express and Transfer
Meets all, mall and passengor trains
Haggage to all parts of the city.
Prompt service. Telephone No. 241.
yAnJ E.T.x tp.".6.
Lrg Mia, paint) Blu and Ooid, ll.W
(aboH Hlua n. Waiu 31 iHiiao at pf
Urluttr ltviltbk to Hf,
The Vaticty Stofe
94 Court St. Aooora M. Welch, frop
203 Commercial Street
Regular Dinner at Noon 25c
Meals at all hours
Service a la Carte
E ECKBRLBN, Proprtetcr