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no first timo hero tho charming young emotional actress jjj
Supported by the well known character actor
Mt . Ed. JVI. Kimball
'Aid a Select company of Players,
By J. Rush
s Produced "With a Wealth of Special Scenery.
Prices: 75. 50,35 and 25. fi
Seats on sale Thursday at 9 a. ra.
Grand Opera House
ggSnday, Aptil 27.
nESSwrdlnary Attraction. The Com-
LfMntln2 Sydney Rosenfeld's scream
Incr Comedy
Absent Bov.
Cfcs, 7Sc, BOc, 3Gc'; box Beats," $1.
It The Event of the Seasonl
'One Lone Lauchl
(Remember the Date
hi on snlo nt box ofllco Monday
Of Sun Francisco, Col.,
Lecturer and Organizer
JfHthe Socialist Party
Something About Wllklns.
lklns earned his reputation as a
speafcpr ns far back as 1801, whou ha
yrytstlvo for tho People's Party, of
whTKjho wns ono of the original or
cnnlr.ers. Ho was a membor of tho
Pcoplo'a Party National CotnmUtoo,
tmSlfecturcil for that party ovor a
iwldgTstretch of territory.
Hklns was elected to the Nation-
allPoople'a Party Convention at Cln
jclanati, May, 1891, tho National Cou-
YtfHtlon of Kami and Labor Orgunlza-
tto5; St. I.ouls, February, 1892. ana
SSlNatlonnl Convention of Peoplo'H
l'rty. nt Omaha, July, 1892. Ho was
p3Tof tho famous middle-of-the-road-owsft
tho People's Party Convention
Louis, 1S9G, and left that party
fusion occurred, becoming a
ber of tho Socialist Labor Party.
has edited seven dlfforont rad-
-papers in his time, and turned
r his paper "Tno now unartor,"
tho Socialist movement In 1896, re-
Ing It "The Class Btrugglo." and
i editor until October. 1899. Was
lallst candidate In Third ConBres-
al district of California In '1902.
doubled tho vote.
Ilklns has always been Identified
tho no-fuslon. ro-compromlso
cy in tho Socialist movement, is
pry able speaker, has a thorough
ledKO of Socialism, and as an od
or and campalRner has hardly bis
csjmI anywhoro. Subject of lecture:
C" .. - . as a
laiisms Message to .auor. ai
tall, Salem. April 28th. Hon. J.
agio, candidate for congress, will
too present.
Your Stepmother.
still horo, aud as
busy as
are wore
When your clothes
BQ'J uinjr, or wo ouiions
tako them to. ber, at the Salem Dyeing
nil Plonnlnf? Worba. TJpnulrlnr n,l
freilnlDK. new velvet collars put on
vercoats; also four suits a month for
pji Called for and returned.
195 Commercial Street
Tot Infants and Children.
KM Ym Ravs Always lsght
3Beara the
itnre of
V iy"
220 fitter Itbr gutts jarmiano tm
pen 3uftantx. 1-10 tfcr fluglanb, I
eft Ko. 1 Mlfalfo Canb, iffialb uno
aflurt. Crop bring! $2500. 3b
ufj gu!3, t&trteS 8ottomX!ant; gute
!baubf. fan, etc. 4fc fflWIen norb
liA ton atem. SJieHe nxfind) ben
paijer acttom SdmUiau?.
tfrtb. SldjiU-r altm. Ere
- M
April 30tH.
presenting the dramatic success
The Famous Mt. Shasta m
The Beaatifal Yosemlte 3
The Santa Barbara Spanish Home jjj
Everything to Make an In
teresting Combination
And a Splendid Company
Portray Them
Mention of Harry Corson Clarke nt
once brings to tho mind thoughts of
comedy of fun or laughter, loud
long pleasant metnorloa, It may bo,
It will hu welcomo news to all that
tho iopiilar comedian will appour
hero tonight presenting his selected
cojnpnny In bis latost nml grentost
laughing hit "His Absent Hoy." Tho
comedian lias been so long before the
publlu now that It seems suporlluous
to sing his praises dr those of the pro
duction ho will give. His name
stands everywhere for the best there
Is In comedy and stage management.
Sufilco It to say that In ovory city
critics aud public have united In re
garding this latest play as, If possible,
the finest fun-mnkor Mr. Clarke has
yet produced. As to the play Itself
It Is a good plain story that runs right
through, and has tho merit of bolng
perfectly Intelligible through all the
maze of complications that ensue.
The principle character, Pennlo by
name. Is ono of thoso unfortunate In'
dlvlduals who ore controlled, together
with the rest of tho household effects
by tholr masterful wives. Pennlo Is
so far undor her thumb as to bo do-
pendent on hor ofr tho pockot money
he rocolvos, which, It Is easily seen,
is absolutely too small au allowance
for his pleasure-loving nature. ,Ho
has. therefore, resorted to a diplomat
ic moans to 'Increase his slender rev
enue, and to this end, has Inventod a
son by a formor marriage for whoso
support ho noeds $100 a month. This
sum, bis wife has unhesitatingly al
lowed him. and at tho start of the
play, ho Is feeling perfectly secure,
when for some unknown reason. Mrs.
Pennle suddenly takes It into hor
head to have her husband invito tho
abseut boy home. It Is then tho fun
begins, and tho complications follow
thick -and1 fdfU until It seoms na If a
solution roulS nevor bo reached. Ono
conies, however, and Its unoxpectod
nature causes not tho least of tho
amusement. In Pennlo. Mr. Clarke
hu a part which gives hjm magnifi
cent opportunities, and ho extraoU
every posslblo lota of fun from tho
piece. Tho whole, presents an even
Ing that is full of laughter from start
to finish. ,
Strong's Bakery
And restaurant is Salem's best eat
ing bouse. This house Is patronized
by everybody. The best service that
can bo bad.
No Strike.
New York, April 27. A canvas of
the labor situation makes it appear
that there will be no strikes here on
May 1st, The labor situation is more
peaceful than for many years.
T1TT jRFS RSc suppositom
A A Vtu nnw. J4. I
QnAU Muh, v ' I
lMpt iff' llH'tMHMtrMl
m. v r-a. t. W i va ftm sW4 J
firruv kitiu wnrt, iahcaitth. r.
Sold In Galcm by 8. C Stone,
Call for Freo Samples.
e t m
t -
No Young' Man is Protected
Against Them
The Pickets on the Gate Not
a Fair Culinary Saihpie
"It la stated on tho authority of
tho head of tho Chicago board of
charities that during tho year 1902
four hundred deserted wives who
applied to tho bureau of charities for
assistance, and later obtained divorc
es, admitted they could 'neither cook
nor koep house,' and , of course, they
could not keep huBbandn. Dad cook
cry and slovenly housekeeping wore
tho direct cause of thoso marriages
being fallureo. For theso unhappy
marriages, the men were themselves,
In a great measure, to blame, and
theynecd not poso aa objects of pop
ular pity. Why did they marry wo
men Ignorant of tho first requisites of
n happy domestic llfo?" Housekeep
er (Minneapolis).
While I do not feol disposed to
wnsto sympathy on men who dollbtir-
ately Install In their homes nn wives
women with no prcetlcnl knowledge
of the "first requisites for n happy do
mestic life," I do not altogether lay
tho blrimo of th? dlsnstrouB results of
such lll-ndvtsed proceedings entirely
upon the mnsucllnc shouldors. In tho
present condition of things, how Is
the average man to know the extent
fr tho culinary education of the girl
ho "falls" In lovo with? His own la
mentable ignoranco along such lines
disqualifies him from recognizing tho
'signs" of domostlc culture, and It Is
usually the girl with tho soft whlto
hands the- ono who "tolls not" that
attract tho Improsalonnblo ami possl
blo mnrrylng man.
Tho gist of tho matter lies In tho'
fact that neither tho young man nor,
young women am tnught anything
about the duties and relationships np-;
purloining to the marriage relation,
but are allowed to enter wholly un
prepared Into tho "Holy of Holies,"
to waste or to win. ns their native
good sense, or tho lack of- It may or
der. The fault lies far back of the
wooing days. It should bo accounted
criminal. In this enlightened day. for
a girl to be nllcnvsd to marry while
unablo to "read the riddle" of plain,
nutiltlous cookory; nnd It should lx
consldorod nn oescntlnl part of her
education to havo mastered at least
tho elements of dpmestlc science
Girls should bo tnught tlint, to make
a pan of light, nutritious biscuit, or a
loaf of tendor, appetizing bread is a '
much greater accomplishment than
to know how to turn out the most de- j
llclous "Angol Food" cake. Cako may ;
bo Reed, but bread is Immeasurably
bettor, and good bread, llko charity,
covers n multitude of sins and oil
lnary sboil-comlugs. Ex.
"An Officer's Honor."
Artilleryman Hartmann, of Horlln,
killed in cold bloo.1 by his school-
mates and "friend," Naval Cadet
llussnnr may not havo died In vain If
his martyrdom reveals to all Germany , ry and enlarging the plant to a ca
tho absurdity of a peaceful and pros- paclty of packing &0.000 casoa this
porous nation organized from core to Bpa80ni f t)0 fmit can be secured,
circumferenc uKin mediaeval mill ( .Manngor Holcomb was before tho
tary Ideals, says tho New York onu,m Fruit Orowora" Union Saturday
World -f nd stntinl that ho expected to be
The parties wore boys together. ajjl(J j)ack Rlt 0l0 0,erTlw grown
Thoy were sUII boys in years, ttiougn
soldiers, when Ilussnor struck the
other through with a sword for run
ning away Instead of submitting to
arrest for the heinous crlmo of falling
to salute him as a "superior officer
To tho angry crowd who gathon-d
about tho poor lad gasping-out his
llfo In tho street. Hussner said, with
that strange. Incomprehensible pride
of one who has killed his man and
brntner. "I bad to derona an omcer s
houor at all oosts." And to tho grief
stricken mother of the murdered lad.
ha dared to nen. ovan aftur rotloctlon
these amazing werds: Uwton. April 27. The Olobo an-
"It Is in tho deepest dttreM and nouneod yesterday that Dr. William
sorrow for your son that I address 'Thomaa Counselman. of Sbattuck,
myself to you to give you proof of professor of pathological anatomy In
my heartfelt sympathy for you in the Harvard medical school, has dlscov
loss you havo sustained through my 'wed tho germ that causes smallpox.
action. lie assured that I did not art
out of hatred or Ill-will against your
son. It was my hard duty as a sol
dlor. I was obliged to enforce obe
dience to myself, and, to tar bitter re
gret, fata dl roc tod my steel In this
unfortunate manner. A word of for
glvenesa from yon, honored madam.
would be Incomparable consolation,
for If the mother forglvft. no honor
ably minded person
can ontlHue to
bear a grudge."
The "word of fomiviHitMs" may b.,ly coalajstous disease, will on Tues
but It need not l. withheld. It was 'day evening be furnished lo medical
not the boy otRter vein did this mur jma by the discoverer, who refrains
dsr. bat the evil system in which he from making a public announcement
had be trained the system whose 'aatil he bas unllKbUiaed the scientific
apologists are even now praising him
for maintaining at such terrible cost
an officers honor"
700 Yards Fancy Silks
Monday, April 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29
98 Cents yd
Putting in Larger Machines
for Larger Pack
8. J. I.ommons, who has boon with
;tho Oregon Packing Company for 10
yolin hn? ,ak(m ,, th() work of ro.
con(ltnlct tho Sal)m canmry and
mlWlnB ' " lho "Woil maohln-
n Marlon. Polk and Yamhill coun
t0B nmj nii iha HtrAwburrI that hn
C,0U,i jjUy, The Union Is gathering
Htatlstlos as to how much fruit It will
t,0 auj t(j frnBi,t and tho prices jmid
wjjj b0 based on tho total amount that
ca b Dnx,Un.d. tho larger the vol-
l)mB ,ho i;rttor jn0 ,,rCo.
At tno cannwy n tenm derrick hss
,,,. . u, . , .teaming vats
doubled In, size, as well as tho syrup-
urg a)j tui uoenl nnj jwwer ar
ranuemunf nut In first-class order.
Smallpox Germs Found.
The discovery Is pronounced uy pny
slclans who havo been made aware of
Dr. Counselman's achievements to be
ono of thu really groat on in medi
cal history, and tho roost Important
made In Boston, rivaling tho discov
ery of ether as an anesthotic.
Tho details of the investigation,
bow each successive step was taken,
together with valuablo sc-lontlflc In-
formation epncernlng the ptola.
; th wxanlim that produces that high
world. Tuesday's meeting ft physf
ftlana will b held at the Harvard
medical sbool under the auspices of
A Wonderful
Silk Sale
ltefiiilnr$1.2r, $1.50, $2 nml
$2 00 Fancy Silks on solo for
3 tlnva at i
Also flOO yds of bonnllful tlro9
Groin Silk block only, worth
S2.B0 o ynnl for
$J.60 Yatd
All block Tnlloto Silks i( j;rcot-
i ly reduced pricos.
thn lloston Society of Medical Science
nud tho notices merely state that Dr.
Counselman will have nn announce
ment to mnke upon the etiology of
Is Proverbial. Salem Women No' Ex
ception. How much wu owe to the sympa
thetic side of womankind. When
other suffer thoy cheerfully lend a
helping hand. They tell you the
means which brought relief to them
that you may profit by their experi
ence. Head the testimony given hero
by a Salem weman:
Mrs. Needham. wlfo of W. 8. Need-
ham, painter, residing nt the corner i
of Fourth street and Jefferson avenue,
North Haloin, says; "I.Ike almost all
painters my husband has beon trou -
bloc! with his kidneys lor years. Tho
exposure, tho reaching, tho stooping,
combined with the .turpentine and
materials In thn paint, all tending to
put the kidneys out of ordor. His
back often ached badly at night whun
he came home from work nnd when
he caught cold It always aggravated
the trouble. Ho read au advertise
ment about Doan's Kidney Pills nnd
procured a box at Dr. Stone's Drug
Store and uso them. They did good
work by helping blm at once and ho
continued their use until relief was
For sale by all dealers. Price CO
cents pur box. Foster-Mllburn Co.,
Iluffalo, N. Y., sole agents for tho U.
Remember the name, l)OAN'S, and
take no substitute. 3
Socialists Hold a Rally.
The Salem Socialist Club held a ral
ly at I-nbor Hall Sunday, at 3 p. m.,
when Martin Qulnn, of Portland, who
ran for congress once on tho populist
ticket In Uio second district, addressed
about 40 of tho disciples of colloctfvo
ism. Mr. Qulnn made bis point forcJ.
bly, and will be heard all ovor the dis
trict in tho canvass ror J. w. eogio,
or corvai is. ror congress.
M. W Wllklns. of l-orln, Cal . Is tho
uMt ,,nVr and the Salem Social-
Ista Issue a challenge to any speaker.
Democrat or Republican, to- meet Mm
In Joint debate on amU Saturday C
nlng in this city. He is a big gun
among the Socialists, sad they are
anxious to have some one go up
jaK!nt bis Maxim-sun. style, of pra.-
Hangs Himself With Piece of
Baling Wire
Theodore Odonlhul, a (lermau, 51
years of age, commlttod sulfide nt his
home near Sublimity lata Saturday
Coroner Qlough was called, and ar
rived In Sublimity curly Hunday morn-
Ing, and
Immediately Impaneled a
Oduuthal was found lu his barn
j hanging from a ladder by a pleco of
baling wire about throe fimtJ'mKt he
had twist! one end nrotiud tits neck
aud thu other 'round thu laddqr. and
was hanging so low that his knees al
most rasted on tho floor. Many peo
ple advanced the theory of foul play
but tho position of the body pointed
to suicide. No motive ran be found
for the decvl. The deceased was a
man of peaceful habits, and had nev
er been In any trouble, as far, as
known. Ho had been In Stuytou
with his bndhr-ln-Iaw Saturday af
tunioon, passing through Sublimity
about 0 o'clock n tho evening on his
Way homo where ho stopped to not a
glass of ber. This was the last seen
of hjm until ho was found hanging In
the barn. His horses had been fed
and watered, and the harness put In
tho usual place.
Tho Jury returned a verdict of
"strangulation by n wire with suicid
al Intent, during a lit of temporary
Oldenthal loft a wife and seven
children. Ho owned his own fann
and was consldorcd woll-to-do.
th Mt flreMeo- and deadly of all
diseases, as well aa pneumonia, and
all Lung Troubles are relieved at once
iau cureu uj tr tnumn i.trai.;
"the king of all Cough Cures " Cures
Coughs and Cold In a day J5 cents.
Your money back If dissatisfied
' Wrllo tor trf saicnle. W If HnoVr
Ca, BoffaJo, N. T, p. J. Fry, Drui