The Daily journal. (Salem, Or.) 1899-1903, April 24, 1903, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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fwiff hiubu taiwtwniaiiMif !
1 r If Pi
H h N M D
v f-M K r
Best qunlily Percales, Che-;
vmt; and iMnurns ciotns;
stiff bosoms.
Patterns inado for us alone
no danger of everybody
wearing your phirL
Making tho very best
roomier shirts, mqro com
fortable, neater nud stronger
tliau usual.
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is best
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W W- w .. -w0 ,
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1 1
I 9flf 0 9t4'449 HIGIdGi!1 0iB)IOiBwCM0ii0l9f0fGfGt0h
acquainted with this lair that It is
extremely unjust, and a fit subject for
tho referendum of tho people. In fact
tho mining men of Eastern and South
ern uroRtra, wno navo nouiy ica iue
way In an effort to repeal the corpor
ation tax and portage railroad I. '-'
have expressed a determination to at
once place In circulation petitions in fft
vpking the reiareadum of the peer'-0 S
on this laat most unjust tax law l is
the general opinion of those in t'ji"h
with the situation that the people will
woke the action of their mlsrepre
sentatlvee In tho last legislature in
passing the thrco laws referred to.
The handwriting is ou the wnll.
f- enxsRXTEO W
Scrlpps News Association Telegrams.
3 and 5 O'clock Editions.
Dally One Year, $4.00 In Advance.
Dally Three Months, $1.00 In Advance.
Dally by Carrier, 50 Cents Per Month.
weekly One Year, 11.00 In Avance
One Vk $ 10
One Month 35
Three Months 1.00
At Journal office.
At Daue's Grocery, South Salem.
At Dowenox Grocery, Yew Park.
Asylum Avenue Grocery Store.
Electric Grocery, East State St.
Illllll IHIHIIItmntW
Ukr fit) seems to Im the hwul
ceubtr of all imivvmunt to gat the
rofemtUuw on worfc of the last hslH
IntHr. A Mtlllon Iim bMit start! fur the
rfww4Hi wi tli new tax hiw thut
abolishes tha ItWI bottBtthahlvnT
If Ik tforwntlHHi can b secure!
the law will li Iiiiuk up, and taxation
lll he until rs heretofore, allow lug
each ponton a $M0 exemption on
housahohl and psixmul property
Tho llnkt Olty Democrat tins thin
comment mi the elianxo in the law.
which vs rotiHlly nn oversight, as
no otto iiniiKMwl such a clmnKtt, ami
tin uot IKlHlatur will unilonlitilly )r,
ro8t(K tho xuiuptlon.
(Iktkar City Dummrat )
The real meaning of the
Innocent looking laws passed
by the last legislature has Just
come to light. The sheriff can
take the bed from under your
sick wife for taxes.
It has been patent for some tlmo
that tho last Oregon legislature did
Itself proud In more ways than one.
Governor Chamberlain sat down by
his veto on some of the proud doings.
The people afterwords discovered
that ou top of the Lewis uhd Clark
half million dollar appropriations
taxwl nRalnst their iwcketbooks, that
a corporation capital Htook tax bill placed upon the statute books
ami that n portagV rualroad was or
dered built at the xians of thoae
who wore endeavoring to develop the
latent resources of tho stato, and now
It comes to light after tho Issuance
by the state printer of the gonornl
laws and Joint resolutions and me
morials enacted and adopted by the
28d regular session of tho legislative
assembly. A. I).. 1003. tho sheriff of
any county can enter upon the prlvnto
premises of any cltlsan nnd tnko the
very bed from beneath a sick wife
to satisfy the domands of the tax col
lector. The laboring man. who. by
the sweat of his brow, earns the
dally bread for his wife and children,
has no Immunity from taxation, even
to the hanl-bnttom wooden chnlr on
which he reta his tlrod limbs after
tn hours' work, ltven Illinois, one
of the' most conservative nnd close
tax.gnthertng slate In the Union,
give the poor manv head of a family.
$360 worth of household goods and
furniture exempt fiom tnxationaf any
kind. Oregon had similar provisions
until these smart people In the last
legislature slipped In ii change.
1 louse bill No. 202. entitled "An Act
to amend section 3020 of Uelllncor
and Cotton's Annotated Codes nnd
Statute of Oregon." Is n very Inno
cent looking document, but In Its
shurt six paiaarnphs It takos away the
protection of the working household-
Hereafter, the coat on a man's
Journal Comment
The people hare until May 15th at
3 p. m.. to sign tho petition for this
referendum, whon tho same must be
forwarded to Raker City. Tho secre
tary of stato holds that under the law
referendum petitions cannot be for
warded piecemeal, but must bo sent
to him properly verified, as ono entire
petition of four or flvo thousand
names, or whatever number Is re
quired. Tho Journal does not ngrco with the
Democrat's objections to tho portage
road bill, nor the Eddy corporation
tax bill, but Is willing they should be
given tho referendum voto, but we be
lieve tho peoplo should make an ex
amplo of tho unauthorized repeal of
the 300 exemption.
Tho Journal has posted this potltlon
In Its offices, and wo nlc tho people
who want tho exemption to stand to
come In and sign the same. Laboring
men and small property owners
should to n man sign tho petition If
they care anything about escaping
the sale of their little personal ef-f-cts
under tho tax-gatherer's ham
mer. Let us make an example of
such reckless changes In fundamental
laws, even If It was done under a mis
apprehension, as we have no doubt It
was a law passed IgnoraHtly and Inno
cently by thoao who voted for It.
Come In and get petitions to circu
late, as we have sent for a" lot of
them. One will lie constantly posted
at this office.
Or Your Hair Will Fall Out Till You
Become Bald.
Modern science has discovered that
dandruff Is cnusod by a gorm that
digs tip the scalp In scalas. ns It bur
rows down to the roots of the hair.
where It destioy's the hnlr's vitality.
causing falling hair, ultlmatoly, bald
ness. After Prof. Unna. of Hamburg.
Germany, discovered the dandruff
germ, all efforts to find n remedy
fnlled. until tho gront laboratory dis
covery was mndo whioh resulted In
Kewbro'a Herplcldo. It alone of all
other hnlr preparations kills the dan
druff germ. Without dandruff, hair
grows luxuriantly. "Destroy tho
cnuso. you remove the effect."
For sale by Danlol J. Fry. Send 10
oents In stomps for sample to The
Herplclde Co.. Detroit. Mich
JTo exrel the
tJsfrnns that
have aefmn
.aicdln 'lit rw-
i tn ui ii u t! c
Din'tr v n u
rnpli t she
LtBI -s. It
is the best
fsrlns" tonic
in d blood
Ctltlflcr Inform
UiM public It
Stoo3Ch Liver
Bowel ani Kid
ney Dlsotdcrs.
Try It and seo lor yourself.
made to rcmombor that they arc still
flying Uie American flag.
How's This?
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh 1
F. J. CHEKDY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned havo known F.
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able to carry out any obligations
tnado by their firm.
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gists, Toledo, O.
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sale Druggists, Vol do, O.
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nally, acting directly upon tho blood
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Has como to tho conclusion that all profosslon of the bcalinr
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without puro blood. ou will only And vitality in u,e
kingdom. .Poisonous drugs nor doctors'
Stm the Favorite.
For short ordor meals the Whlto
House Restaurant Is the lending
placo. Open day and night. Prompt
bark, tho bed he sleeps In, the cook
stove In his kitchen, tho deal tablo
on which he eats his moots, tho wood
en chair In his sitting room, the very
hat his wife wars nil must pay
It Is the almost unanimous opinion
of those who havo suddenly become
gj fPPjj nin iiiiiiiiiiinirin-ii ni
m VI JfKrWBrRr-sf 3
Suit LHV& fin Mtwir
rnmrn n-Ti " "-" 'T"'r m r 'ir'Mii 11 n
Keep a good supply of
Ayer's Family Medicines on
hand. It's so easy then to take
one of the Pills at bedtime if you
feel a Utile bilious, or if your
stomach is a trifle out of order.
Just so with the Sarsaparilla.
A few doses will bring back your
lost appetite, give strength to your
weakened nerves, and relieve
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And besides there are the
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The Squirms of Mr. Griggs.
There Is a lively little sand eel
known as tho grig, which Is called trt
mind by the squirming of Mr. John
William Griggs, former Attorney
Ooneral of the United States ovor
the decision In tho cae of the North
ern Securities Company, merger. Mr.
Griggs Is especially Interested In this
decision. In the first place as Attorney-General
he did about all he could
to nullfy tho anti-trust laws of tho
government; and, In the second "placo
he was the chief counsel for tho
Northern Securities Company In Its
defonso against tho proceedings
brought about by Mr. Griggs succes
sor at Washington. It Is not sur
prising, thoruforo that Mr. Griggs de
clares tho decision 'revolutionary."
a favorite term usod by the trust
magnates and their defenders tn
frighten the souls out of the timid.
Tho truth of the matter Is that the
ground upon whjoh Atorney General
Kuox proceeded In this oase was that
of established precedents procod
eats that were sighted by the Judgos
In maklug their decisions but what
had been ignored by Mr. Griggs while
he was entrusted with tae post or At
What does Mr. Griggs fear from this
revolutionary" deefoo? Not that
the peopta are to be Imposed upon;
not that there Is to be oppression;
not that Individual right are to be
trampled under foot He is looking
out for exceeelve divtdeitds aad water
ed stock. Incorporation fees aad attor
ney's feesk The Interests of alt) state
are In danger, for eertaUly if "rev
olutton" eomes In the watter
pollstlo arsantaattoa. New Jereey will
be tho only state te suffer. Al-
though' New Jeseyitea are often clas
sed as Mforolgners" to some extent be-
Wool arid Mohair Market Prospects.
Thoro Is ovory prospect that tho
wool growers of Southern Oregon will
have n prosperous year. Their sheep
have com through the winter In good
shaH. despite an unusually bad sea
son. Shearing began last Monday
at some of the ranches and the clip
promises to be large and of good qual
ity. The ptlce of wool Is much better
than It was last year. Tho price a
year ago was 12 cents nnd J. F. White
one of the lending Medford buyers,
thinks the price will go to IK conts
as soon at the market rainy opens
Muhalr has gono n booming slnco
last year, when it sold far 18 conts.
while this year It will readily bring
30 rents. As goats aro less oxponslvo
to feed nnd loss llablo to dlseaso than
sheep they nro becoming a very prof
Itnblo stock to tho farmers of this
section. Thoro Is ovory prospect In
sight that tho day for cheap mohair
Is past for Oregon, for It Is now n
proven fact that tho mohair of this
const rankH oven bettor than that of
the famous Angora district In Turkoy
for the American breedors havo suc
ceeded in developing a goat that pro
duce a liner nnd longorflbro and more
free from kemp than Is that from the
gonts of any other country In Uie
world. Southern Oregon will in the
near future tiecome a noted section
for goats, for thoro ore thousands of
acres of mountain sides and hills too
steep for cultivation that will moke
tho host of cheap pasture land. To
this ndvantago (hat of the ollmato
can be added, for tho mild, equable
climate of Southorn Oregon, together
with the pure water to be found everywhere-
In the hills Is especially
conducive to keeping goats In tho
best of health Medford success
.Knives nor thnnj..
f f -MW ,g
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disease in tho systom. You must not expect to bo cured In a fet
your sickness or disease has been a long tlmo coming on, and Ite
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mals get sick they will holp thcmaolvos to thoso horbs, for they bttift,
stlnct, and tho peoplo havo not, so we havo to mako a study of It kj
been a Hfo study with Dr. Cook. Do not get weary; this life Is too $
and too sweet to worry out of this world.
Dr. Cook Cures All Kinds of Diseases!
301 Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon.
It's Just a Cough
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consumption, or both. Acker's English
Remedy will stop tho cough In a day
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sumption, asthma, bronchitis, and all
throat and lung troubles. Positively
guaranteed, and money rofunded If
you are not satisfied. Wrlto us for
free sample. W. II. Hooker & Co.,
Buffalo. N Y. u J. Fry. druaelst
Proposals for Wood by School Dis
trict No. 24.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will bo received at tho office of
district clerk, with Ladd & Bush, up
to IS o'clock, noon, on Friday. May
Uth. for wood to be delivered at the
school kulldlngfi far school dlst,rlot
No. 1. Marlon county. Oregon, as follows-
Hast Sehool. TO cords fir and 10
eord8 oak.
Park School. 90 cords fir and 1
cords oak.
IJacola School. 90 cords fir aad S
eords oak.
North School. 19 eor& Ar and 8
cords oak.
Central Seltooi. It cords Ar and S
cords oak.
Oak wood to be of good split body
nr Inrra smh wwl tip tn Iia rf 1e.a '
best quality. aM eu( within the past
year aad free from rot To be dollv
ered before August 1. 1S93. and to be
subject to tho Inspection and approv
al of the supply committee.
Successful bidders will be required
to eater Into written contract within
five days after contract la awarded
aad give security for fulfillment of the Z
same, ins right to reject all bids Is
Have just received a new line of patterns in
both printed and inlaid.
Some fine things in Florals
Standard American made and unsurpassable
The House Furnishing Co.,
-Stores at SALEM and ALBANY-
Sell more Groceries and 'better Groceries than ANYB0DT
LETTUCE, RHUBARB, RADISHES, etc just from ft:
r?i frlnfin Wi
VI 14 1 ill II 3
... iti
Lome find see lor yoursoii old p. o. QRoccnj
The Monarch
Malleable hon
And Steel Ra&R
R- Wo WADE & CO,
Has been re op ned to the public and the FRESH
EST BEER in the city will befound on tap there
ll1) Cnmintrrlil Ct N.ip Duefi'c Rank
A SPECIALTY.! Harness Oils, Good Working Gloves. Axle Grease. n
felHHICHltl tBH.
Dated Salem. Ormi nrt 99
cause of their arrogance toward the. In. IMS. J. BAU.MCJARTNER
tercats of other state, they must be l-S4Stw!t v clerk.
Attention Hop Growei
Hop Fertiliser No. 0.
Especially fur your purpose, combined upon results
Garden and Field Fertilizers Nee. 1, 2, 3, 4. and 5 u
jouuu to suit nil requirements. juuu jni"i
Your ordors solicited.
w a. T .VJ W -- -- rrJtiM
9 Paa fiuul Ml PahIIw Cnnnllul S A I VEM . LtV I
ak -Vt "WWW aB4A . UUItt 1 KJU1'WVI --
aJmajf !! f lltlff lIO44M