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tish Forces Are
lof fleers and two Hundred
Men Butchered
Than 40 Escape, and
ims and Guns are Lest
ceremony was held 'In' Holy Trinity'
Church this afternoon, when the may.
or, the trustees of Shakespeare's
birthplace, members .of the Shakes
pearo club and various deputations
from schools camo to lay their floral
tributes on tho grave. This evenlnir
tho play "A Winter's Tale" was pre
sented by Mr. Dcnson's company.
Passing of Famous Playhouse.
London, April 23. lly a strango co
Incidence the day honored as tho
birthday of William Shakespeare sees
tho last of that great London homo of
tho Immortal dramatist's plays iho
Lyceum theater. Tho famous play
houso, which for over a quarter of a
centu,ry has dono more honor to
Shakespeare than any other In Great
Drltaln, was put up for Bale at public
auction today. Tho reason for tho
sale, which will Involve the destruc
tion of tho historic theater, Is that the
Lyceum Theater Company cannot seo
their way clear to carry out the struc
tural alterations required by the Lon
don county council If the building Is
to remain a theatetr.
S0L0NS .
Illinois Legislators at
Clubs, Inkwells and Cuspidors
Used as Weapons
n, April 23. An Alien tiis-
says a HKlrmisn, witn nenvy
es. has occurred at Navllodo,
Sue's from Sllado, Somallland, be-,
KjSTOrltlsh forces and natives. Tho
MJiyioBs Is placed at 200 men and
Stfcors killed. Somalia' loss Is un-
own. Tho war office confirms tho
(So fight occuned on tho 17th. Tho
BTy attacked a small reconnolter-
HEr under M;r WankrtL Butte- Mont" Al'r" "-S'kln
J59ft... n..t in .t.,r,.i tt,..m'moBenger boys and their friends
eojintered an overwhelming forcd among vnrlous lobor organizations of
Kko enemy, consUtlng of cavnlry'thls city yesterday afternoon mobbed
Sjllnfantry The enemy attacked tho western Union and American
District Telegraph offices, and for
Rub Butte
Off the Map
Speaker is Chased out
Successor Elected
tutkett In the open, fighting at closo
SBers I'lunkctt continued the
Mtag uiilll his ammunition was ox-.
over eight hours closed tho offlces.
d He then formed a hollow WindowB wore smasnou, doors uarn-
end unsuccessfully attompted caded, ulurks, together with tho Man-
onit Ills way cut. Tho oitemy nKor nun i0soy. of tho A. 1). T wero
overwhelmed tho squnre, nnd,fe0)t c.og0 nrlsonors, while a booting
ated all with tho exception of
lives who reached the main
Colonel rMitukett Is among tho
besides six rantnlns, two lieu-
two whlto soldiers, 8 Sikhs,
A Africans The rifles and
were lost
'report to the wnr oflleo further
Two hundred rami nml 1000
' with only four days' wntftr
under Colonel Cobbo. have
closely Invested ever since the
h - -
en to l'lunkett's rorcy. tiio
lave tost several, 'including
itennht killed. Colanc Swann,
In uimmnnd of the ontlro ox-
n win innirii to tno roller ot
Other rpKits received from
and today Indicate that Obblo,
puttie principal points, has been
JcjSlcd, and several lines tif com
inlcatlon. with large quantities ot
ireiT have been abandoned. It Is
dent the campaign Ih a failure on
jJSunt of tho lack of sulllelont forcos.
Sfjfresent expedition was sent to
jSflllaud In 190 to quell tho natives
djpunlsh the murder of tho Ilritlsh
brCoromlsBloner This latest disan
nul the most sovero of tho cam-
gnMand Is a great victory for the"
Springfield, 111., April 23. Tho
houso of representatives is, In a statu
of riot. Resenting tho passage of tho
Llndley municipal ownership bill 1y
use ot tho gavel and temporary ad
journment of tho houso by the sntnc
means. Supporters of tho Mueller
municipal ownership measure refused
to rccognUo tho speaker's declaration
tbut tho houso was adjourned, nnd ef
fected their own organization. Wild
scenes ensued, and personal encount
ers resulted, clubs. Ink wells nnd cus
pldoreti being used. Democratic Rep
resentative Cummlngs attempted to
assnult Spcakor Mlllor, but a police
man and doorkeeper knocked him
down. Miller rushed from tho house.
surrounded by friends nnd policemen
Fights are occurring momentarily In
tho corridors of tho house.. Roprcson
tatlvo Charles Allen, ono of tho sup
porters of tho Mueller measure, was
chosen speaker by tho Insurgents,
O tli or oHlcors were also chosen. An
effort Ib now bolng mado by tho Insur
gents to sccuro a quorum, nnd nullify
mob, armed with eggs and decayed
vegetables, surrounded the building.
Vftf ardfiv'n trntihla nrnaA m'ni- tint
ntlnmiil of t. T.dnirrntih pnmiinnv tn ! "' nctlon of tho Mlllor men.
Alter a quorum was secured uiu
'Undley bill was recalled, and sent
Ibaelc to Its second rending. 8lx
'amendments that had bean gavoled
through wero laid on the table. Tho
morrow. Rejoining the remainder
ot tho party hero the trip to St. Iouls
will bo commenced. After passing
through Livingston and Dllllngs, tho
party will arrive at Alliance, Vcb., lau
- V? oaiuruay aucrnoon. Auor a snort
'Ifi"1 I f I A I I III ! tP tero tho Journey wilt bo ro-
Vtt VVrllw VI- suraed to .Grand Island, Neb., where
jtlio party will spend Sunday. During
oCittered Shower of th nipr namcd """ "moid.
t , . (Fremont and Omaha. Ho will spend
mazing un
Probably Fifteen Killed
Bodies Burned
Office Force and Many Work
" pien not to be Found
- - i
Minneapolis, April 2. An explo
8lon of a tank of the North SIdo Oil
Company killed. It is believed, from
seven to IS people, and Injured as
many more, at noon today. Tho plant
Is In flames, and the bodies of tho
dead cannot bo reached. Only two
persons of the office force, composed
of 10' clerks and a girl, can bo found.
A tlozon workmen are also missing.
Ambulances and patrol wagons car
ried about 36 Injured to the hospitals.
The explosion was terrific, spreading
burnlpg oil all over the nearby build-
tho night In Omaha nnd reach Shcn
andoag, Iowa, early on tho morning of
Tuesday. During that day ho will
tnako a brief stop at Clnrinda, Van.
Wert. Osceola, Ds Moines, Osk&loosa
and Ottumwa. Passing tho night on
tho t aln, tho President will arrlvo at
Keokuk on the morning of tho 29th,
and on that day will vlstt Qulncy,
til., Hannibal, toulelana and Clarks
vllle, Mo., arriving In at 1miIs Into Iu
tho afternoon.
n ncEf MT
Inflammable Cargo
Caught Fire
Captain Led His Crew Through
Smoke to Vfctory
Passengers Knew Nothing of
it Until it was Over
Will Help
London, April 23. In today's budg
et to tho House of Commons the sec
retary of state fdr homo affairs an
nounced the total cost of tho war with
tho Hoors to he 1:217,000.000. With
ttthurtl to consols, whbjjr (uivo taken
i . Liverpool, Vprll 23 Tbn American
liner, Krlesland, which arrived today
from Philadelphia,, had n narrow es
cape from disaster on tho voyage.
fWhen three davs out her highly In-
nnmmaiiie enrgn caugui lire, .npiaiu
' AptWd. uilacoompanled. swung him
self tutri tho hold, amid blinding
I smoke, nnd then called for volunteers.
The olllcors nnd crow rosKndcd, and
after -10 minutes' hard work t,ho fire
wns ixtlngulsh..l. Tho passengers
know nothing of their danger until
(tin llamss wort subdled.
Ings, pand causing a shock felt all ovor a sensational dnip. ho said them was
tho northern portion of tho city. The nothing to excite nlarm, ns tliay aro
nrnen cannot control tho flames. , HnKland'B best security, now that tho
MlWapollB. Arll 33.- All the miss- wnr ' ,,vor- T,M' 'nX'K ot laco
Ins are now accounted for. oxcopt v,rovml nlTHl nH eoHt,' M' nmU,n
nlno. Thero is hardly any doubt but war' ro?nr,,,f thw ,nxo n" nnnouiipml
they aro killed, Two, according to eye- nn'' ,ho tl,,,y ,m ,,or" nbol''0'- This
wltnosses, wero blown to shreds. A
Thw Mormon Company lit linker
City, known as the Oregon Lumber
Po'iipniiy. has purchaMd tho Iwit
Lake Company' plant nt Htxxl Rlvor.
number of other corpses aro seen In
tho debris. 8oven of tho Injured can
not reoovor, being badly burned, cut
and bruited.
will be of groat benefit to Amorlcan
Judgo John Mcllrldu. brother at Or
egon's ex-senator, was married nt Spo
kane Wednesday.
employ men nt tho rate of G a day
to deliver messages and break tho
strike. Tho company had been using
girls, but they were Insulted nnd
SS Homage to Shakespeare.
KMktfonl-an-Avon, April 23. This
Jit," quiet town was tho scono to
rmSsf the customary curemonlos In
Tome oi me anniversary or mo
of Shakospearo. An ImpreBslvo
nbiiHeil r.t nverv turn until the Hllllii
Hon beeamu unondunible. Police, nro- InsurgontH say they Will hold posses.
trnllnn uiik rofuso.l. and vostonlav Hlon of tho hOUSO. despite Miller's at,
men were put on delivery service. Tho tcnl to nMn conln)l At 2:30 tho
m5n mussongers fared badly with the ,no'or wft" Woi to for police pro
mob. Those who ventured forth, after taction. Thoro Is so.jja talk, though
having 'daseS off eggs: broken oTor LunomclaloUcjUUnglJorttouMII
them, wero rolled In vogotablo refuse Sprlngneld. April 23.-Tho InsuP
and bombnrded with rotten applet. RonU a aftonioon drow lip a poll
Tho police stood Idly by. Indifferent on t0 M,ert uemnn,inK tho roll
to riotous acts, and laughing nt the falg nnd ayn(5 thoJ. wnll, rofllH t0
work of tho mob. vot0 ftm, bIock ixHntfon If It was
Late last night tho officers oponed ' ,,one, Ho thon AeoAci t0 glvo up
tin doors or tho tolograph office. re-tll0 chnr n a ,)Pftcofu, ma,inor. When
leased tho Inmates and service wiw M,or onlom, tho hou0 nt 2:30 ordor
resumed. Desplto ugly throats last hn(, bl(m rogtor0(1. He took Mp tho
night no wlr-s leading Into tho cltytRftVe, nml calIe(, thp Il0llto to order
were cut. Today tho companies have but , nilirBonU laughed at him.
abondonod aM offortB to deliver Jnos-I0ni, of ,,., movcl, t nt!Jm,rn un,,
agt with men, and reinstated the B:30 nil th(, monn Carrlfnl.
Tho Western Union officials threat- T.... XA
on to cut nuttooutof tho circuit If tho ' jjj U C IU
nosiiiiiy oi ino unipns cunimue
, Comlno Out of the Woods. The run if Smelt In the Sandy Is In-
Cinnabar, M,ont, April 23. Accord- crvaslng. Troutdale cltUons nnd poo-
Ing to program President lloosovolt plu from tho surrounding country aro I
ana his companions will cmorgo from dipping tho little fish out with all ,
tho solitudes of Yellowstone Park to- sorts of devices.
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St. Uiuls, April 23. Tho Humano
Rxlety ha taken two children, Oeo.
aud Florence MlRge, aged 8 and 7
y.ani. from the home of John Hart, on
Washington avenue, and Karl la In
Jail charged with mlatreatlnK them
Tho boy's back la Iterated to hl
hl)M, both eyea aro black, and four of
bis teeth aro uiIhhIur. Tho little girl
Is even In a worse condition. On tbe
Instep of her right foot Is a wound
onuned. It Is believed, by tho applies
tlon of a glowing poker. Tortlons of
her stockings had been burned Into
the flesh. Four fresh soars aro on
her left limb, and thero Is a deep sealp
wound on the top of her head.
Tho Humano Society charge that
Rarl Indicted tbeso Injuries as punish
ments because the chlldron failed to
perform acrobatic feats which he en
deavored to teaoh them. The wound
on the girl's head was oaused falling
from a tranozo. Earl and his wife
travel as performers with patent med
Iclno shows. Heoently they took the
children from tha orphans' homo for
adoption, and when one of the officers
ot tho institution railed to boo how
tb children wero getting slung, the
dlswvwry of their condition was made
& Marx
Hand Tailored
Governor Lord
Comes Home
Baltimore. April 23. William P.
Iord. ex-governor of Oregon, and
United States minister to Argentina,
has Just arrived here from Uiat coun
try. Ills return was mado neosar?
by a severe Illness. Ho will preeeed
to Oregon tomorrow.
There have been no new aasss ot
smallpox at Sbanlko for 12 days, and
it Is thought there will be no more.
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