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!'.'. KKUU!
comes I
't cough much tiirougn mc uay. a wumi .&
at he coughs so hard. H
1 Don't let these night cougns acccivc yu. " 'w" 1
mnu wake ud to the fact that your boy is thin, pale, weak, 1
rven seriously III. You can't safely trine wim any uuuui ui
lung trouble. Cure the cough quickly with
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
It's the same medicine your old doctor gave you when you
were a child. The young doctors Indorse It now, too, for
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, consumption.
TirMlie 2fc.,M,II.M. i. C. AYER CO., Uwitl. Mm.
.. . ..... .. i..i la Aitt't rtirrrr Wclaul I ;i '.'?'?. ""1Ui ol
rmi "ioA l BtVfV kM -it w toll u uik up . eoia."
Members Northwoit Afternoon N
paper League.
Dally One Year, 4.00 In Advance.
Dally Three Month, 1.00 In Advance.
Oally by Carrier, 60 Centt Per Month.
Weekly One Year. .00 In Avance.
Thee ought to be no letting up in
the flilil for the Greater Salem char
Iw, drown by the non-partisan
barter cmMtiilMlon, ami now In the
hands of til Marion comity delega-
Above nil. there should he no cbanp
ItiK of Urn boundary ltnH a drawn In
that charter In tke liitvnMt of any
wealthy property own. Take In the
rich man on eqiial ttriui with the
In th past attempt havo been
made to extend the city limit and
leave out thin mnu of great wealth or
tluit iiihii. unil the liourer people In
tliu suburbs hur always righteously
objected to eueh a akin-gome.
OenUomen unit hunest men know
that if It war roKl to extend the
rity boundaries ami some une or more
poor men asked to have their lot or
lamia left wit. they would be laughed
Hut to change tke boundaries, awl
allow certain few him of greater poe
aesetoas to eecupe their share of city
taxes la erlouely proposed, let the
delegation not he Influenced by such
uiidentocrotie pleading.
The rich man as n rule, gets nearly
all the betteila acontlng front the pro
gress and development at the city. As
h rule be e(a more of the proceeds
f public (Mies than the poor wan.
The city of Salem has beep run too
long Hit uarroM, restricted bouudnr
lee. One-half of Uia populaMou and
one-third of the territory properly be
longing U the city baa borne the
whole burden of city taxes.
T ilty should be run oa the lln.
of getting all the revenues poeetble by
assessing all tne wealtk ami ttrooerty
that is properly part of the city, ami
then tanking all the Improvement
With Ue large rnalr road Uu that
Will come to the city from tke eubur
tan property toeMtltMl street en be
letflt. That money la now all apeet
en tMiatry ran by tb ronJ ettner
It the tHunritt are Uli la. there
will be a constgHL uretNltiiH on Im
iirorueu streets. Invma. Woeeea
and walka win be ImproreU, a4 Sft
lem will ao !hkci be a wl4aea row
The uM mil teut'.-e arauej elty prop
erly will littae down, and ae rasj
ilences win go up in every ttredtk,
iMH-fvuee Ue will he able to get City
water and H) I'sht
The laspMls iif the Otentr Balees
pirlt Is alieed) belug felt, aud the
proawity owners m at leaat ne street
are Uklag Miep to put town tuahstlt
in tace of the present aoc t'tm of
IX k OlHM lUUd holtM and trug Q4s
elled a eireet ih rough the ti.-art of j
1 be Csuital t'ii
Hp the enactnwiii rf the Oiai .
irm charter the firet sup will be
ukM 10 adtaece Ike su berks tu
viiaal tone with ihe rest of the city.
d all nnierty tastde of ve yeai"
will doable " alu
An ahaoliiii ti"e.r aduiiuitiratum
4 ejgy rereii in- u auamnteej fur the
next two yesra, mi Out tejesg will be
Haniled over to Kew Baleai with the
teajaeet illy noernuieni ta (he )'a
' a. .i
IK tki. w.tuh ahiiagi for, a4 Is
1 hot in the ar thtc teery mmWi
u. wui ke ennkkli asal tNhled
a rem of the great forward more-1
meat begun b the yuenger blood that
-umahlh i h.tu.i, .....,. .. ..
will not put up with the primitive con
ilitlona of tliu past? Thon let ub stund
by the charlei an it wan drawn by the
ronimlaalon. ami permit no tampering.
The recommendation of Governor
Chamberlain regarding the appoint1
ment of a committee to conalder the
question of light and water Is now oc
casioning considerable discussion.
It la considered Imperative that It
should receive Immodlitte attention.
The physicians at the state Institu
tions consider the poor water to he
cause of the recent prevalence of die
Tnnfocc that vou were
p-frr -ii- im wore
It will show that you
s WATERS, The Ogag Man
- "
case there The majoiio of them
na.M were tvuhold fever there be
lag l& cases at the prison, about 50. declined to do so. He has never de
al the asylum ad l at the rwform J scended to tralllclng for personal sue-
school. From tats number tJier were
but two deaths, Imt a recurrence of;
such a sIluatioH doubtkMM would be
'wore seriowe.
goon after Ike last seaeloN 0 tb
legislature, the boring of an srteetan
well was commenced at the state pile
on. grounds, but was abaudiMNd at a
depth of about Tt feet In some of the
auuual reports, the erection of an
electric lighting plant at the prison
wea recommended, the work to lie In
charge of coarlcu. This dlepoelUon
of the rase seems to be tke most pop
ular idea, as It woebi wean ul the
aame time a groat saving in the mat
ter of expense,
Kepreeeatiitire 0111, apparently In
furtherance of tke Oeer-Woood sena
torial combination, on tke tecoed bal
lot mat kla vote for O. K. Wood the
Dowoeratlc coaventlon nominee.
Mr. Wood Is a scholarly wan of klgk
Ideals, and wortky of any Demoerat's
vote as tke regttlar nominee of kls
party Hut Mr. Wood, fur very power
rul reasons, ekoubj never receive a
Republican vote
He la a free trader of moot pro
aounced type and he la an extreme
aatl-eipansloAUH. la fact one of tke
Weglera )ut wko believe Is drop
ping all American control over the
Island poeseealoos
Ar tkla reaaoa he ild not get the
full IVmocraUc vie. and tkiMisaada
did not vote for kirn who would oral
nartty vote for a moderate advocate of
the views of Jefferao aad Jacksua
The nolitMU mlarefeaatloa liable
t result from aurk a cohabitation, bf
Heoubllraaa and Democrats will pro
duce a kasurd breed of sUteamaaahlp
that tkla country nor sjiy otker has
any use tor
t is probable that Oregon has pro
ceeded tor oa the Uuoi of political
I'rxwtltuUon that this caMblaatlOM for
the oMee of aemUor wfU gain nan aid
erabl strength, bet aU ahmshi be
wsiumI that it has no merit thnt is of
ai .-luhulug character.
a ' -
Tke sltlo of Seaatot Meno as
ute land agent fu the I'kamberlaln
administration 18 vory wan reccieu.
and his management, wo predict, will
be up to the standards of tho appoin
tee and his previous public record.
Mr. Morrow, In the sonnto,, gained
a reputation for being a clean and
conservative Democrat, nevor mmnB
up with any Republican faction, at the
carrlUc of principle.
Mr. Morow has also exerted a sain
ary influence In the councils of his
own party, and will be a safe adviser
for the governor In all matters affects
in his department of the public er-
If (lovwrnor Chamberlain Is as hap
py In his seleotion of all man,, to All
places under him for the naxt four
years, the people aro oortnlnly going
to have little sorlous catlap fpr com
plaint to start with.
Unfortunately there nrt$ 'powerful
factions la the Democratic, a woll as
In tho Republican parties, and In Ma
rion county there has been for some
time past strife and rancour, con
stantly fomented by Republicans and
These factions are arrayed In the
bitterest kind of a fight for the con
trol of the stato prlaon and Its pat
Vonafio for the next four yonrs.
The principal aspirants for the of
flco of superintendent of tho stato
penitentiary aro lining up their
friends to force Governor Chamber
lain to nppoint one or tho other, nnd
It Is presumed lie will give this office
to Mniion county.
In the event that he dooH, tho ap
pointment of Honry Downing would
be very satisfactory to tho straight
and loyal elements of the Democratic
Mr. Downing is a Christian gentle
man of good habits, anil of an old and
respectable family. He fnrmer.
and has never held offlce. has
once been a candidate, and came very
near being elected county treasurer.
He ran m a Democrat, and could
wrnntr vesteroaYi z
wrong yesterday:
are wise today.'
. id
have won th offlce Vy a trade with
the Mip;illMtM or the Republicans, but
lie has always supported his own
party, and has never built himself up
by sacrificing as good and better men
on his own ticket That Is a certifi
cate of Integrity, which he. as a gen
tleman, is entitled to wear.
In these days of grasping for place
and enrichment of politicians out of
the public service It Is an honor and a
pleasure to gtv expression to suoh
fheta In favor of any ntau.
To Representative Oalloway of
Yamblll belongs the credit of making
tke brigkteat political hit of the see.
sUa. e
He made tke point tkat the Demo
crats had been perfectly consistent
In nominating a candidate for the
United State Senate in their State
eonventloH and Is now as representa
tives voting for him.
He did not Intimate that Democrats
would vote for Oeer for Senator-lils
attitude Is rather to strengthen tke
Democratic lines.
Follow! m, la a report of hU bright
hit aa made to a Portland paper:
"When the people elected Demo
cratic presidential electors they ex
ejected them to vote for the Democrat
ic candidate for President: when tke
people elect Kepubllcan presldeg-Ugl
sectors they expect them 10 vote for
(lie Kepubllcan candidate for prosj
eat. When the people elect Demo
cratic SerttortaJ elector they a.
pect them to vote for the IVmocpaUe
candidate for Senator. But " rnihUd
the Yamhill gentleman when tew
people elect Republican 8'natoftal
efcHtore. Qod only know what tkey
expect them to do."
This la well aM and ouht to rsutag
a great deal w those who are nlaatiltig
to uoiirer the Democrats in the )
kfeture to this Republhan or Umt
There hag keen a great deal of tlte
tMselon In the state over the critical
aiiituoe of the Marlon Count Bar
Anoootattoa towards the Judges aerv
teg In UUa dtautot
The Bar Aaaodatlon aecnu to be a
unit in condemning the niHl.ods of
coudiK-tlug trials and boMuis court
of one of Uie. Judges, and almost a
unit in approbation df tbe omor juugv.
It should be sold that Judge Boise
and Judge Burnett are by nature of
temperament and difference in years
and political and legal training bb
nearly as possible at antipodes of de
velopment. This unusual contrast
has worked unfavorably to the Junior
judge- . ,, ,
ijin service as n juuge me ih
est In the nato-and a natural toler
ant and Judicial turit of mlrfd. and his
democratic training, hnve made Judge
IJole patient and kindly toward all
men, and an Ideal Jurist.
Burnett had but a limited experi
ence at the bar. was of Republican
marhlne strine of politics, was young
In years, strongly imbued with the
necessity of reforming logal practice,
and keenly attentive to winning pop
ular favor, without which a Judge
cannot remain on the bench.
The people appreciate a Judge who
docs not allow tho lawyers to run his
court, but Burnett has gone too far
In this direction, and his onomlcs have
been able to turn this against him.
While his Intentions wer- good, his
Integrity, Intelligence and devotion to
his profession unquestionable, he had
not the wide knowledge of humanity
and of the traditions of tho legal pro
fession to make his manners In many
casos acceptable to the lawyers prac
ticing before him.
Nothing could bo farther fiom the
truth than to nssumo thnt Judge Bur
nett had over Intentionally tried to
humiliate any member of tho bar
practicing before him, nnd yet thnt
has been the resldium of the Impres
sion he has left on tho mlndH of many.
That he Is another Judge Jeffreys.
or In any way disposed to play tne
tyrant on the bench Is too far-fetched
If the true and lasting analysis of his
own mind could be had. although he
has produced that Impression, and lias
furnished oconslon for those who are
not disposed to glva him any credit
to make that accusation stick ngalnst
Judge Burnett has been strongest
as a politician with the people nud
weakest in his relntlons with tho pro
fession, and as the latter are a large
and Influential factor In elevating men
to public positions. It Is doubtful
whether Judge Burnett can hold his
place agnlnst the pressure of the bar
On the other hand, there is a strong
t-ndeiicy to demand that Judge Boise
be ve-elected, without opposition, as
Oregon's veteran lawgiver and pion
eer presiding Judge..
Important bills to tax corporations
are pending at this session of the gen
eral assembly, and there Is a strong
tendency to imiiose indliect taxation.
Every snort-order statesman Jumps
at the (hance to tax corporations but
some of these drastic reform bills are
calculated to have the vry opposite
effect and relieve, the octopuses more
than It cinches them.
Probably the best bill before the
session is by Eddy, of Tillamook, nud
yet that seems fragrant with some
bilge-water and possibly contains an
ethtoplan concealed In the galley
wood box.
The HMdy bill proposes it tax on
the basis of capitalisation, and this to
tie an annual tax, and there comes In
tke danger. There la where the kinky
wool of the African protrudes above
tke fuel pile
There are two ways permitted of
taxlug 'rporatiiuis -on the capital
Isau adjective which seems to have be
come moiKMhil by the joiing lady at
the typewriter It is astoundiing what
an array ot leutiful women are found
iu stores sud uiB-
cws. I u fact, the
typical American
InMUty will be
found sitting at
tke t pe nier
rather than lolling
ins carriage in tbr
Ami et thi
pretty vouug xtrl
needs slw i u ie
remimlcd tkat
" beauts it ui.'.
ikin deep, uu' , ;
It ruou in iieauh
When the hrallh
is undermined h
wouual) dlkcak.
the luster aooii
passes from the
ye, the cheek
pow tktn the
body loci iu
Dr. Pierce's Va
vorile Precrtptwm
corw diMwrs which weaken women
Mat which destroy their trengtk aud
, It esuhlidjes regularity, stop
weaktednt drains, besis luAamoutioe
n wnnuua ana cures (emale weak-
fc Mann.
Mill ..I llM M tr Hbl w
h lit k. nptkm I ha
aiuubrr oiu LJ ti'
l try a ltl aal i .
II I ill lu K 1 tbr .
1 I -irrlvlrv 'Km
1AI f-
ew a m a
f at I
(cy aiwka
lr IHcive's PWnt Itleu ,ur k
rrrrhaT f .'
sPltjW-v J
a -r tJa av
(tct - write Vmur l,.k,.rjB.:T
i"l u a SA ".I a riM lu
A few more day's we
The finishing touches are being put on
o new location at No. 269 Liberty St.
And so long as we remain in ou present
location all prices in effect during out
great and successful Holiday sale will pre
A splendid opportunity to
home. "
The House Furnishing Co
308 Commercial St
Store at Salem
stock and on the property. But you
cannot tax in both ways. Would not
tho Eddy bill, as an nnnual tax on tho
stock, rcllovo all other taxos?
It would be a double tax to tax both
the capitalization and the property.
You can't tax both ways. If Uiat is
true would not the Eddy anvual tnx
rollevo the corporations of their pres
ent ptoptry tax, or bo Itself declared
If our reasoning Is correct tho coun
ties will logo thousands and the cor
porations gain millions.
The Eddy tax on organization should
also be closely scrutinized, as it pro
poses to take from $26 to $100 on0eorgo
each filing 01 articles, 'mere are
many small development corporations
that are a loss of money from start
to finish like oil boring companies,
The Hell Telephone Co. that takes
thousands out of a city like Salem ev
ery month, should be on a different
basis from the Independent company,
thnt is trying to bring competition in
to the flold against the Dell systom.
Of course, those matters w'lll bo con
sidered and Mv. Kddy Is a gontlomau
of ability nnd logal acumen to go to
tho bottom or theso matters.
He will pnrdon an ordinary, unen
lightened nowspnpor man for expos
ing his tneaBuro to the blasto of pub
licity, but considers that thus alone
can these matters be sifted, aerated
and fumigated.
SUCCESSOR TO TONGUE. siiccossorship to the late Hon.
Thos. Tongue Is being made polltlcnl
trading stock already, and the earth
has barely settled over the grave of
the ablest man this district ever liail.
Roth Democratic and Republican
politicians are seeking to make deals
Involving the future representation of
this district, but they are reckoning
without the people.
It Is even proposed to leave the
nomination ot n candidate to the con
gressional committee of each party.
As theae committees are mostly ln the
third house at Salem, the people can
seo what Is proposed.
The people are not to be consulted
about tills nomination. Even If the
Direct Primary Law passes the mo
nopoly of making a candldnte Ib to bo
grasped by the machines, ami who
ever can name the nominee makes the
Let all theso senator-makers and
congressman-makers not promise too
much to the cohorts of the free-lunch
counter, and political corruption in
general. It don't always pan out.
General Odell wears a peculiar smile
these days, and his hat Is cocked ln
a way tkat savors ot belug wise with
out guile.
When Multnomah gets ready, she'll
let you know who may be seuator,
boys. Until then, please behave as
well a you can.
So far Senator Booth ha been able
to avert the deadly faUl comphmeu
tary vote for United State senator
How does he do It?
80 far the decent newspapers have
not published the usual bluennlal
grist of insinuation:! about committee
clerks. Learning manner.
; vrrnor Fletcher has been doing
iu.' hunioio'ii act for The Journal in
the absence of tke editor. There's
tots af fun in the old Jefferson farm
er. Lilt Is uot without IU rewards when
yoo AM cool your keels ia the rotunda
of fc gret commonwealth, and get
someJjjody to coast a complimentary
vote for you for seanior.
U would be a terrible disaster if the
city boundaries were extended and a
beautiful boulevard built to the state
fair grounds, with a Sd-foot, solld-as-a
rock, driveway In the center parkings
will continue our
fit out a
and Albany.
Next to P. 0
on each sldo, and a good cement walk
all tho way on both sides, and some
tiling besides big, dirty spreading
maplo trees for an ornament. It would
Jar our Bonis, nnd ought to bo stopped,
Mr. Fulton showed good taste In
not being present In tho Benato when
tho first voto was tnkon on his sena
torial aspiration.
Urownoll deserves one long credit
mark for not having made Hre'r Kuj-
kondoodlc chairman of tho ways and
moans committee. Wo can forglv
thee a multitude of sins for thnt.
Some of the Rubes who nre at Sa
lorn in the third house like it so well,
begosh, they put in wont of tholr time i
at the imhee club, even In the day
time. For a strictly male Joint It Is I
the most attrnctlvo plnco.
Seattle got along without a EmA
Jury for four yoars. Now the city and
county nre soothing nnd lolling in the
Bllmo. and n grand Jury has been
culled as a last resort. Oregon bitter
restore the old grand jury.
The Journal's groat aerial story.
"Tho Roformor," Sholdon, Is attract
lng wlilo attention, and is being foA
lowed by scores of now readers. It u
the ntitlior's strongest story and com
mands success overywhere.
Snlom was nevor so woll cartooned
as during the presont session of tfc
leKlslntuie. It usod to be tho thing to
get your mme ln tho paporf but now
I you nro not on onrti, uni08B you hsre
been pictured, nnd tho power of thi
' gkeUll n,.tl8t Krowoth nnnce.
Hon. Schiller I), Hermann, the gent
lemnn from Coos, has with him soai
samples of quartz from a mlno h
owns In company with two other
Southorn Oregon men. Tho mined
but newly dovolopcd and tho asun
so far nro unusually rich,
Thore aro members so slmplfr
minded as to think Senator Dootk
will never bo the recipient of merely
complimentary votes.
Rut what shall wo think of a nun
who cools his heolB in tho legislator
corridors soliciting votes for himself
to be sent to tho sonnto?
Some bills aro In to raise salarie
it certain county offices. It Is bo
said that an oftort will be made to
reduce the omolumonts of the &erlB
While there is a necosslty for a ralte
In certain quarters, It Is to be loptd
tho effort is not bolng made to cut the
shorlff's offlce because it Is Democrat
ic, nor to ralso others because they
aro Republican. Let thore be a squ
. lal whatever is done.
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tuallr dextrors
ino wiHw
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it uot only makes dandruff wy
ing hair thlpiri ol uie ?' r,rft k"
qmtea tho Hair roots, canting
thick growth to iuPP""11."1" V'u one
and brittle one. Mere i w"
happy woman wys: a,.
.misi?:iA r. "..?:
for Sale at .11 rlrt-a.M Pf 5'
1 ..iiiiwilllsllWIi"1 ill
For sain by Daneiel J. Fry
-enta In stamps for sampic
Herptclde Co., Detroit, Mich.
I of iKsauty, l now (N, ' 1
tsjt pattM ihm w trl
la 1Wji waa enUrdy tJ?' 2c,7m " lrf
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