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Jae From San Francisco
to Puget Sound
b see if Land Communica
tions are Favorable
A prominent railroad man of Seattle
(1 another gentleman whoBO luentl
Is not dlscloucd, are on the coast In
t i -i .!.. Mntvtnnt Wlrftlnaa
e lnieruaiB ui m ""."" ....v
legraph company. Tholr princl-
object Is to look over available
cs with a view to estaunsmnff a
relcss telegraph station.
t has been announced several times
lato In dispatches from tlio East
t tho Mart'onI company has dccld
to open operations on the Pacific
st. Seattle anu san rranciavu uio
bo brought Into communication by
ans of wireless telegraph. Tho two
ntlomen abovo montioncu navp
lent sovcral days In Seattle and have
vcral sites Bolected, any ono oi
Ich would bo available for tho pur
ses of the Marconi company. They
cldcd to look over Tacoma boforo
nklng a dennilo ueciBion. ino in
stigation is bolng carried on In a
let way, and tho Marconi roproson-
'tlvia declines to dlvulgo his Identity
to admit that he Is here for that
It s n well known fact that tho Mar-
ni company hns olabornto plans for
o lEinDiisnmeni oi an iiuuruuiiuuui
relcss system. At the prosont time
ry ate not over anxious to eommonco
crations on the Pacific coast. Most
tho larger steamships In the At-
!ntli service nio equipped with Mar-
nl mstruments, and not a. fow of
mo that ply in the Pacific are also
ted to reoelvo and dispatch inos-
cs at sea. At tho present time
st of tho latter vessels run Into
n JTnnelsco, tuougu not n iew oi
m linvo called at Puget Sound
The owners of thoso voBtols hnvo
tight pressure to boar on tho com-
y, and as soon as sttltnblo arrange-
tts van bo mado stations will bo
bllslied on tho wost const.
Overland wlreloss telogrnph hns
never, btyon given a thorough practical
orKiug i,"8i. ii is ior HUB ll-UOUU
afflho company has docldod to mnku
SSwttempt to put Tacoma and Seattle
nlcommunlcntlon with Snn Francisco
giylthe wireless system.
ho Marconi representative when
BUroacneu y a roponer, m urm
ly denied that ho was looking for
for a station. He, howover, ad-
led that tho establishment of a
n In San Francisco In the near
juSTo Is a certainty, and also said
Aufoverlnnd experiments will be
ado'lictween that city and one of the
KUles or i'uget aounu.
iTmlglit also add," ho said, "that
ffpr tho purposes of mnklng both land
nndjivater experiments as to whethor
anjtiniiroken message can be sont sev-
ralliuindred miles overland and then
across a stretch of salt wator. that a
fetation will be established at somo
on Vancouver Island. An at-
will be mado to got direct com-
tlon with San Francisco with-
n Intermediato station on tho
If tho cotnpnny's full plans
tied Into effoo', a station will
abllslKHl on the West Washing-
st, probably at Noah hay or
to comimutloato with vossols
on tho Pacific. It would be
Secret Sounder
is In Use
The Western Union has provided Its
operator at tho state house with a
"secret sounder." This is a Btnall in
strument which is hold to tho opera
tor's oar by a spring. over the top of
tho head. It contains a small sounder
which checks off tho telegraphic
signs in such a low sound as to bo
inaudible oxcept to the operntor.
While tho ordinary sounders wore bo
lng used aii oporator could stand a
fow feet away and hear the message
received. Now there is no opportunity
for eavesdropping around tho tele
graph desk. One of the operators em
ployed at the capital during the last
session said: "If my buocs could talk,
what secrets Utey would tell." Now
not even tho operator's right ear
knows what his left car hears. This
Is tho only secret sounder on the
If you are troubled with Impure
blood. Indicated by sores, pimples.
headache, etc., wo would recommend
Acker's Blood Elixir, which wo sell
under n posltlvo guarantee. It will al
ways euro Scrofulous or Syphilitic
poisons and all blood diseases. GO
cts. and $1.00. D. J. FRY, Druggist.
For Larceny
ofji Watcli
Chief of Police Gibson last night, ar
Tosted . II. Detlor, a stranger In this
city, who is wnnted in Portland for
the larceny of a watch from a dwel
ling. Detlor will bo held here until
an offlcor arrlvos from Portland.
Dandruff Germ Thrives In It, As Well
as In all Greases.
A well known Chicago hair speci
alist Invited the Intor Ocean reportor
to coma to his office and see, undor a
microscope, how tho gorm thnt causes
dandruff thrives In vaseline The
specialist said that all hair prepara
tions containing grease, simply fur
nish food for tho germs and help to
propagato them. Tho only way to
euro dandruff is to destroy tho germs,
and tho only hair preparation that will
do thnt Is Newbro's Horplcldo. "De
stroy tho causo, you rcmovo tho ef
fect." Without dandruff no falling
hair, no baldness. Ask for Horplcide.
It Is tho only destroyer of tho dandruff
For sale by Daniel J. Fry. Send 10
cents In stnmps for sample to The
Horplcide Co., Dotrolt, Mich.
A Saloin married couplo sent their
two children to church tho othor night
whllo thoy themselves nttonded a
tnasqnenulo ball,
' o
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cttrod by using Mokl Tea.
A pleasant herb drink. Cures Consti
pation and Indigestion, makes you
eat, sleop, work and hnppy. Satisfac
tion guaranteed or money baok. 25
cts. nnd CO cts. Write to W. H.
HOOICKR & CO., Buffalo. N. Y for a
free sample. D. J. FRY, Druggist.
S. O. Swnckhnmmor, recelvor of the
La Grande land office, Is In the city.
Children Cry for
Fletcher's Castorla,
An Objectionable Sign Taken
From W. C. T. U. Building
Two happier men probably never
lived In Snlom than H. S. Jory and
3on, Oliver Jory, will bo when they
have completed tho task of painting
over tho whiskey sign on the old post
office building at tho cornor of Ferry
and Commercial streets. Tills proper
ty was for years occupied by the local
postofllce department, nnd for some
time afterwards by a saloon, nnd of
course tho stock in trnde, "Cyrus
Noble Whiskey," was advertised In
glaring letters on tho sido of the build
ing. When tho saloon went out of
business the structure was rented and
occupied by, a creamery plant, but the
management was too busy making
butter and drinking butter-milk to pay
any attention to tho necessary altera
tions In the sign to harmonize with
tho business than then occupied the
building. Recently tho property was
acquired by tho W. C. T. U. of this
city. Their ideas, along the, lino .of.
suitable beverages would not tolerate
tho further life of tho whlskoy slgu on
tho building, and tho Messrs. Jory
wdro given the work of effnclifg" tho
glaring lettprs from the wnlls. It was
no small undertaking, for tho lnrgo
letters of tho sign covered tho entire
sido of tho building, and it fins re
quired several days of hard and faith
ful labor to complete tho undertaking,
In fact tho work will not bo entirely
finished for nnothor day or two.
In a Restaurant.
foolish for me to dlvulgo tho compl.ato
iot the company at this time, but
J say that I came from tho East
over all westorn cities bo
JEvcrett and San Francisco In
orcsts of tho Marconi company
- .
Our LaCorona
cut cigar Is tho kind that suits
very smoker. Ask your doal-
!B'lB 8ncIal brand.. Aug. Illicit-
jjjjMOttii'iii, uro.
Tho contract fpr converting tho
transport Grant Into n drodgo for use-
on tho Columbia river bar, has boon
lot to tho Rlsdon Iron Works of San
Francisco, for $267,000.
Is tho auso of more discomfort than
any other nllmcnt. If you eat the
things that you you want, and that
aro good for you, you aro distressed.
Acker'a Dyspepsia Tablets will make
your digestion perfect and prevent
Dyspopsia and Us attendant dlsngreo
nblo symptoms. You can safely eat
anything, at any time, If you tako one
of thoso tablots afterward. Sdld-by
aY druggists undor a positive guaran
tee. 25 cts. Money rofunded If j-ou
are not satisfied. Rnml tn im fnr
freeample. W, H". HOOKER & CO.l
r..fir xr v '
uuutuu, , i
Free Evangelistic Meetings.
Major Hilton addrossed a congrega
tion of men numborlng nt loast .100 In
tho gymnasium of tho Y. M. C. A., yos
torday. His thomo was "A Spiritual
Athlote," and his text was "Watch ye,
stand fnst In tho faith, quit you like
mon, bo strong." It was a taking
themo, and was handled In a mastorly
way. Last night tho Methodist
church was filled to overflowing to
hear his sermon on "Lost Opportuni
ties," and It mado a great Impression.
Today Major Hilton addressed a mo6t-
Ing for women at 2:30 to 3 p. in. In tho
Methodist church, and this evening at
7:30 ho will preach again, It being tho
last sorvlco of tho series of meetings
ho camo to hold. But Tuesday even
ing ho will lecturo for tho Y. M. C. A.
on "Character as Capital," and Wed
nesday evening ho will lecturo again on
tho "Rovenuo of Ruin." Both of thoso
lectures will bo in tho Methodist
church, nnd admission Is free.
Defeated by
Large Score
Tho men's bosket hall toam of Wil
lamette University on Saturday night
defeated tho team from tho Chemnwa
Indian school by tho unusually largo
scoro of G2 to 4. Tho local toam was
superior In ovory 'foaturo of tho ganio.
nnd scored nlmost at will agahiBt their
White Bronze,
'' can seo no good reason why
tlioao monuments should not Inst as
long ns tho pyramids, of Kgypt."
BrofoBSorsQf ; Chemistry and Geology,
gtnte Normal School, Frodonla, N.
Y. Sea add. d-w
Lecture Deferred,
The lecturo nnnouncod for this ev
ening in tho college chapel by Prof.
W. C. Hawloy'fm the "American Mer
chant Marino" Is postponed, to naxt
Monday ovenlng, on account of the
servlcoB this evening In the Metho
dist church.
Branson & Ragan ,
Have just rooolved a new shipment
of Preferred Stock canned vegetables.
Guaranteed tho beet on the market.
Phono ijs your ardor,
Otr Annual
A physician puts tho query: Hnvo
you never noticed In any lnrgo restau
rant at lunch or dinner tlmo the largo
number of hearty, vigorous old men at
tho tables; men whose ages run from
CO to 80 years; many of thoy bald
and all perhaps gray, but none of
them fecblo or senile?
Picrhnps tho spectacle is so common
ns to have escaped your observation
or conlraont, but nevertheless it Is nn
object lesson which means something.
If you will notice what these hearty
old follows are tilting you will observo
that they aro not munching bran
crackers nor gingerly picking their
way through a menu card of now
fangled henlth foods; on the contrary
thoy seem to prefer a Juicy roast of
beef, a properly turned loin of mutton,
and even tho deadly boiled lobster Is
not altogether ignored.
Tho point of all thlB la that a vigo
rous old ago depends upon good di
gestion and plenty of wholesomo food
nnd not upon dieting and an ondeavor
to live upon bran crnckors.
There Jsji!crtaln class of-jfood.
'cranks who seem to bollevo that meat
coffee and many othor good things arc;
fhnlc poisons, and theso cadaverous,
flFckly looking Individuals aro a walk
ing. condemnation of tholr own theo
The matter In a nuUholI Is tliftt If
tho' stomach tWretes tho naUtrnl dl
gostlvo JuIccb in sufllciout quantity
any wholesome food will bo promptly
dlgosted; If the stomach does not do
so' nnd certain foods causo distress
one or two of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lota after each men I will remove nil
difficulty because they supply Just
what ovory weak stomnch lacks, pep
sin, hydiochlorlc acid, dlslnse and
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet do not
aot upon the bowols nnd In fnct nio
not strictly a medlclnu, as thoy act
almost entirely upon tho food eaten,
digesting It thoroughly nnd thus gives
n man needed rest nnd giving nn nppo-
tlto for the next meal.
Of people who travol nine out of ton
uso Stuart's Dyspopsia Tablots
knowing them to be perfectly safe at
any tlmo nnd also having found out
by experience that they aro a safe
guard against Indigestion In nuy form,
nnd eating ns thoy havo to, at all
hours and all kinds of food, tho trav-oIIiib-
public for y,enrB havo pinned
tholr faith to Stuart's Tablots.
All druggists soil them nt CO cents
for full slzod packagos nnd nny drug
gist for Main to California, If his
opinion wero asked, will say that
Stuart'u Dynpepsla Tablots Is tho.
most popular and successful remedy
for nny stomach trouble. 19-21 23
Has Some
Money Left
In contrast with tho heavy deficit
at the State University, thoro Is a bal
ance of about $100 In the treasury as
a result of tho football campaign nt
O. A O. during tho past soason, says
the C'orvallls Tlms. The total re
ceipts, asldo from the student tax,
which was oxpondod on the grnnd
stand and fonco was over $1200. About
one-half the nmount was paid nut for
the 'xponsos and share of tho gate re
ceipts to visiting teams. The receipts
from tho- grand stand were sufficient
to m about ono-tlilrd the cost or thnt
structure. Tlio Indications are now
for a very successful season next
year both financially and otherwise
M ifV Ml I Ml M
m m I m -
M 5 m J ft Kf I U' ' t
ta In im & if if if I S llll 5
aa. nn m m .w m mm m. m m jhotm sr srrt 2:
S ' M
m The Janaary Clearance Sale has been very 5
gratifying to us for several reasons; Principally
$ because the simple announcement that we would
clean up all winter stocks met with such a cordial
S response. We made no great hurrah and roar of g
5 giving everything In the store for nothing, we ?
5 offered no halts at less than cost, with the hope that
S It would deceive everyone Into the belief that every
S article in this great stock was being sold in the same
m way. In the words of Abraham Linceln:
'You can fool some of the people all the time, jJI
j of the people some of the time, but you can't foolALL
the people ALL the time."
g We told you that we wanted to close out all
$ Cloaks and Suits, Silk Waists, some lines of Men's
Suits, Shirts, Hats Overcoats, etc. We say it again, -
and guarantee it will be dollar savings, not pennies fi
Tailor Made Suits
To buy now means a
saving to you of from
$2.00 to $10
Up-to-date styles, new
est materials, made to fit.
silk waists
S The same prices we quot
ed last week noid good
for next. If your size is
here, don't miss getting
one. '
$3.65, $4.60. $5.90,
$7.60, $7.95, each.
Men's Suits
We arc cuttlnc down those ble
piles of Clothlntr during the
Clearance Sole. In fact, we have
to do It to make room for Serine
stuff. The special prices arc
$4 85, $6.50, $7.50, $
$9.00, $13.50,
$17.50, suit.
Getting them down about where 5
wc want them. too. Some fine 5
values left. Better look at them-
$10 00, $11.00,
$12.00, $15 00
You won't have such a chance
again In many a day
At Special Prices.
The past sea
son was the
biggest ever.
Must have had
the right stuff.
Some smart
styles at mod
est prices.
$1.50 to
Read the
Journal's Serial
Begun Jan. 17.
Clearance aJfe
Began Thursday, February 15 and continues for 30 day.
20 Pet Cent Discount
Delayed Shipment of Jardiniers arrived andthey are.included in
the s"ale.
Push Club
To Meet
An Important meeting of th Or-at-w
Salem (mmprcr&l'Club liax been
calM by Mrmtumt Tfimn, to be
hflil at the city jxillce court room on
WxlnB(lay evening. Mntteni pertain
ing t thg oity chart a, the dlatrlbu
tlon of (ho advertising wniphleU ami
oUht Imitortant uuflnlfiliwl IniMhifiae
awaif-. the consideration ot the club.
Tin' trainees to ba trflhwicua Ih of
real intitortanW nnd It U urgent that
there )e a full attendance of member.
The nieeilng wjll be oonvHd jirompU
ly at 8 o'olook.
Phone 24l1Bliick
Fine Coffees a Specialty. M.
Free Delivery.
4 '
jFpr 8ale.
A rldonca In East Salem that roet
H00o tp hjJ!ldlor JSOjQO.
1-M-tr - ; PBIUIV & WIM.80N.
' ItHdyajj.KJuJing haa refused to al
low the Ladles Helief Society of Oak
land ( a., to iHiblleh a. ralendar con
lalninv mQdrittom hja verka. The
calendar wag to' be Wild for the bene-1
lit f the QJ4 hsul' Jliyne at A Wen
IIiilbfO la to have an 'electric llbt
ulaiit nS4agtjHjj,Hil44iwBaK
at once, WWtyMti ft bill to ImhwI the
How Can I Keep Up with
the Times ?
IT is pretty hard to keep well informed on the
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I consider it a very valuable addition to my library."
The Review of Reviews Co.
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