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Concurs in Push
Permit Provision Is
THo Salem city council, nt n Hpclal
meeting Inst night, concurred with the
Greater Salem Commercial Club In
some slight changos made iu the pro
lasCHl amendments to Salem's city
a)uutr, wltfi reforoncc to the employ
rndht by the city of unskilled labor,
the compensation for th same to be
flxjjd by tho city council and the
utroot commissioner. Tho charter
commission was also directed to In
corporate Into tho bill to bo presented
to the stnte logislaturo a provision
covering tho subject of tho granting
by tho city of building permits, and
-another making tho minor lien docket
of tho city a public record, having tho
samo forco and effect of tho ordinary
lien docket, In enforcing tho payment
of all delinquencies owing tho city,
Jlrs. J. A. Monroe, whoso proporty
-was damaged In the recent flro in Chi
natown, nppoated by her agent, Win.
Stnlgor, and asked permission to make
certain Improvements to tho property.
Tho matter was roferred to tho chlof
of tho file department and Council
man K'ggs, chairman of tho, commit-
too on streets nnd public propoity
with powor to act.
Aldormau Grlawold suggested that
sumo stops should he taken by tho
council to preserve and keep the
toolB nnd other personal property
of the city, nnd guard against Uie
promiscuous appropriation thereof by
individuals. Mr. Griiwold was of the
opinion that each of tho city ofllcer.
upon 'ontorliig tho service of tho city,
at the beginning of his term, should be
required to glvo a receipt for nil of
tho propoity of tho city that ho re
colvos, and bo hold personally respon
sible thorofor, nnd bo mndo to account
for tho samu on rotlrlng from ofllco.
Tho suggestion rocolved tho endorse
ment of tho othor councilman, nnd,
after somo discussion, a motion by
Stolz was Buccossful. Tho motion di
rects tho chlof of tho flro department
nnd the ohaiimau of tho commlttoo on
sfeots and public proporty to make
nn invoice or nil mo city a tools ami
Tbey take txmeuton of the body, Rod
are Lord of Misrule.
They arc attended by plmplea, bolls, the
Itching tetter, salt rheum, and other ca.
tnneous eruptions; by feelings of woakntts,
languor, general debility and what not.
They cause more tuflerlns than atiTthlnr
Health, BtrenRth, Peace and Pleaanra
require tholr expulalon, and this Is posl
tlvely effected, according to thontanda of
grateful tettlmonlala, by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which radically and permanently drlrw
tbem out and builds up the whole ayiUm.
Mr. II. II. Tumor, tho subject of
tho abovo is a young attor
ney nnd counsclor-nt-law, located at
No. 290 Commercial street, Salem,
Orogon. Ho lsvory rollnblo, onorgetlc
nnd has storllng buslnosfl qualities,
Ho gives special attention to tho col
lection of notes nnd accounts. In ad
dition to his nice law practlco he doos
a real estato and loan business; largo
or small loatiR may uo nna or mm
upon ronl estate or chattel security.
Percentage of Poor Matches
is 5 per Cent
During the first six months of Coun
ty Clork Roland's torm, covering- the
porlod from July 1 to Docomber 31.
there were issued In tills county 148
man Inge llconsos. In the same time
there wero Instituted In tho equity
department of the circuit court 20 dl
vorce proceedings. Tho percentage of
divorces as to the number of marriage
licenses granted Is 6.01 per cent.
During the half-year ending today,
divorce suits were begun In this coun
ty as follows. July, 7; August, I,
September. 4; October, 0; November,
1, December, -I. Some of these cases
are not yet disposed of and nro still
on the docket In Judge Bolso's depart
Prove That Old Cases of Chronic Ca
tarrh can be Cured.
A Medicine That Will
Cure Cases of Catarrh
of Long Standing De
serves a Very High
Place in the Annals of
Medical Discovery.
Such a
Medicine is
No Journal
THOUSANDS of testimonials nro
pourlug In ovory day of old casos
of chronic catarrh tlnit havo re
slated all treatment fur yearn, being
promptly nnd permanently cured by
Thoio reports do not nil eomtv from
obscure places, signed by olneuro peo
ple. A largo proportion of these lottcrs
aro written by men mid women promi
nent in business nnd profo-wional cir
cles and many of them well known from
ocean to ocean.
Ac nil i.nnln.K In thn pltv will ho' '-'olonol John Franklin Waters occu-
closod down tomorrow, and owing to' un Prontnont poHtttoi. , among the
., . ., ii i . i in leading trial lawyer ct Chicago. Ho
tho fact that no public business will ,,. ..,,,.,,- n,,'illlM ,,. vrHi.-
bo transacted anywhere In tho land ngulnst.-orpunttloiiHln suits for personal
on New Year's day, Tho Journal will. I injuries than any man or his ago la tho
In hooping with Its custom, publish ' Culled State, nnd during hit prnntico
no papor on thnt day. It wishes all Its of owr fifteen years lie hat not lost a
rtmdeis a happy New Year. I J"10, $ iMho Supreme Courts of
j Illinois and Mhirourl. IIo is a hard
The Beautiful Rain.
(By T. L. Davidson.
A. N. Gilbert Arrives from
Denver and Chicago
uorkur nnd ban the energy of four men.
Tor a uuinlKir of youra he had boon
ml lie tod with chronle calarrh and hav-
Ins roruntK- llill tlini-iiiivlilt- niirml nf
0 COld . ,j ,., nirnnllnn nil In f.irt.l....- ...,. ..I.
i ..-. ....., ,. iiiiuiiivii ,?in uu-
This poem was written aftor
torm, when tho beautiful rnln came tallied with lilin by one of our loportors
lt.HI.lHM .1....... ll.n. 111.. TXTrtllrtrtl- ' 1. ..Iitfili l.d .... It... ..11 ... f.. ..A..
in u mi'ii no tni ilia lUllinMUK MIHIO
inent to the public:
dancing down do choor tho Webfoot
era, who, liko the frogs, lovo to sing In
the water. It was wrltton December
81, 1871.
The rain; the rnln, the beautiful rain,
It comos to cheer our homos again!
To soften tho cold of this lnnd of ours
.-iitii - i t - t i i i i i i i , , , ,,
E I ' i Til 'jSESCTTm
1 1'. "f&J&fflglm "r ;JttH"Mh
(f7 fflTii) w " ii Vi-r " ' y ' "' m I
.: ff ) Tfn'a
.. I
CiriOAoo, Ir,r.., Aug.0, IWX).
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.:
Gentlemen "II gives mc great
pleasure to testify to the merits of
such a worthy remedy for catarrh as
A. N. Gllboi t returned today fiom a
flvo weeks' visit iu Donvor nnd East
ern points. Ho reports hovcto weath
er throughout the Eeast with the re
sult that railway transportation Is ser
iously Interrupted. Particularly Is
this condition true on tho linos of tho
Union Pacific, where In nddltlon to this
natural rauso tho management is con
tending with a strike among Its op
orntlvos. Mr. (lllbort snout two weoks-
othor portnblo proporty, and report wlth hlH 8on Warren, tho successful
tho samo at tho next mooting of tho cnrtoonlst on tho Donvor Times, and
council. This form of notion wns do-
aided nonossnry to got a basis for
further action iiIouk tho line hiik
They toll us of Ice, and cold and snow
Inn tho vnlloya away, whoro tho
corn doth Brow;
Of tho long winter months, of 'the
.slolshlng bells,
Whoro the north forever"
Thoy say It Is there thoy lovo to stay
Whoro tho snow drift storms nnd
tho hiirrlcanos piny.
And tho night winds sing of the Aro
tic zone
And the starlight glows like tho sot
ting sun.
And molt the Ice In Its froon bow-1 your Peruna. I had suffered for a
ors. number of years from this very
agreeable disease and had tried many
.io-cjllsd remedies, but until I used
Peruna none had the desired effect. I
feci that l am perfectly cured and can
cheerfully recommend Peruna to any
one suffering from catarrh."
12011 Randolph St., Chicago, Iff.
Another caso equally well-known In
Chleatc"i b reported through a lottor
from u voxiran man.
ji i hi 1 1 nimi h i ihiuhhihii imiihiiihi ; 1 1 h-
following lilllt wore ordered
paid: I
Capital Lumber Co ...rT. $ S7.7S
Salem U P. & T. Co '. . . . 21.08
Capltnl Drug Store r 2.85 1
uvn.i i in-lr v q 'ir. i
Alien Peck 0.00
J. I). Conn ....'. 10.60
W. W. nasoy .... 5.00
Drnnt Hi os 7.2ft
Capltnl Imp. Co 1.20
Capital Drug Store 1.75 1
Salem Gas Light Co 7.50
Salem Sentinel 5.00
Salem Gas Light Co 3.36
Recorder Judah was directed todiaw
thu salary wananta for tho closing
month of tho year today, In order that
hj may bo onablod to balance up his
bQokH for tho year.
- . . i
Stands ready to trreet you this week with an enchantine array of
articles for the New Year as well as for office use- Our whole store
has now resumed It's usual appearance and we are ready to start the
New Year rleht by offering our patrons a complete stock of office
Arm Rests
Blank Books
Bend Baskets
Copylntr Books
Desk Pads
Flllne Cases
Rubber Stamps
Ink Stands
Fountain Pens
Fllln? Cases
Thousands of other ihlnrs rule In this line, which we sell at lower
prices tnan eisewnere
4H 1 1 if h 1 1 h-i mum i i-m iiiimniii hii ihhii
Captain John II. Lyons, of Chicago,
....,,.,. passenger
I T5i!SQi. agent for
I A MAlW..Jv T Vi4 Itf rtli Mlf
vuiiuiia mu-
r o a d com
past twenty
four years,
with tho
for six years,
tho Pol loo
for six years,
and at pres
ent connoctod with tho Grand Trunk
rallrond, hud a similar ee. He Is a
c& .&m
-TBI i Ylw.Jznt-lEr
.&;asr msi
I J. II. Lyons,
voteran soldior and a prominent mom
Dor or O. A. 11. Camp No. 102.
Captain John II. Lyons, 1012 Pralrla
Ave., Chicago, III., writes:
Tor twenty years I HUffon. -"ltU
chronlo catarrh but thanks tol .
am now entirely cured. .
"It affords mo niueh iiloasuro iv(h,
a statement In behalf of your mer.jf-Jl
remedy, Peruna. I havo used sia
catarrh and havo found it to bo aSJf,
claim for it. I had suffered for twenty
yoars. l clicerfully recommend Porun
to nnyono suffering from catarrh, as I
bollovo that, as iii my ooho, It will prov
a sure cure." Captain John IT. Lyons,
Address Tho Peruna Medicine Co.,ot
Columbus, Ohio, for instruetiv m. 1
literature on catarrh.
Thero tho weary tiavoler, with his
f i O7.on form,
Falls asleep In tho snow mid tho
furloiiB storm,
And tho mother weops by the blazing
As tho little on ofl call for tholr ab
sent sire.
ox tended his vlnlt ns far Ivast as Chi
cago. Mr. Oilbort lolatos an unusuul acci
dent that befoi the fireman on tho O.
& N. train yosterday In coming
The meeting last ; down tho Columbia rivor to Portlnnd.
night wn the final sosalon of the old a rock weighing several pounds be
eounoll. On next Tuoadny ovenlng.'camo dlslodgod In tho cliff that bord-
tho nowly-olected mombers will take. ors tho railroad track somo distance
tho oath of olllee. and enter upon their above Portland, and camo dashing .., .,..,...,. ..
down tho hillsldo and crashed Into the. ,,,
" " " I nnK nt Aliv I in n9 tit ik ninulnn f I
MINOR MENTION """ . '."' ' " As tho broaUi of winter
tlinm nrntula
DI.AIW Olli.... 1 . I VIM1R,
muuiiu oiliuii mid fcuiuu, iu i nui fv
ll 1 11 ftftimtV tl TlKkOilnl niini.d.
v'hiv t n 4 uuauu; 01 Wiling
brought Robort Arthur, aged 71 yenra,
to tho stnto Insane asylum
Oil nu cuniinltte for Invitations.
terms of ofllco.
Tho star rail to from Goi'vall to Pair
flojil will ho discontinued Pebrunry
Ut A rurnl free delivery servloolias
boon Ofitabllshed. and will go Into ef
fect on the above dnte.
Mrs. W. H. Chatten has returneil to
Portlnnd, aftor having spent the holt
days (u tlilp city with her parenU, Mr.
nnd Mr. Qeorge Collins.
In their log.
I cnb of the, window of tho moving on l
Bine, breaking tho leg of the flromnn. j
l.lko tlin nvthnn'tt onllo 'ivmn.l l,n (Ir..
Woodman Ball. , .
M. W. A. ba . Ho man ,,... ,..,. .. ., ... .
hall, New Year's night, January 1st. .
r ii .. i fi. it vol IlUIir
Hut glvo mo tho clouds and tho dano-
ReirentaUvolect Jtidil rettirned ' lng nv,n'
to AwniBvllle today, aftor attending a' And Webfoot shouts with Joy again!
iiimUur of the Marlon county loglsln- And tho Br" hills look llko tho sum
tlve delation, thnt was hold In thlB mor'8 novtl1 ,
i When the cold hns gono and tho
I' Hprlng comes forth.
city yesterday.
Armory Skating Rink jpen all day
fw Years and until Saturday. It I
ask not sights of Aurora's light
- - - , .in, -i, -.,...-, , iiih.hh.wj iwui.iwiiwwiiimaaaeK7ewwBfWMmMiiiiiiiii
' " mi rwuguL LIMX.-J' J- -Liv shm v.
ur 'S-J' A-mM
Or the bhlmmoilng haze of tho Arc
tic night;
Or the open seas of tho Polar zono,
Or tho laoherg's glnro llko tho
mountnlu lone.
But tho rain, tho rnln, the southern
That comos to choor tho homog
That brings tho clouds from tho torrid
And mnkos It spring in tho winter
time. Thursday
Thursday, Now Years Day, will bo
very generally observed in Salem as
n legal holiday. All offices of tho
state house, court house and city hall
will bo closed, and tho hanks will bus
pond public business for tho day.
Many of tho storos will romaln closed
all day. nill collectors will dofor
their rogular monthly visitations until
the following day. Tho overworked
bookkeeper, who Is usually swamped
with work at this tlmo of tho year, will
havo an additional day In which to ad-,
just his accounts, preparatory to opon-'
ing up now books for 1903. Thero nro '
no attractions Tor tho dny othor than
the production of "Richard Carvol," at
tho Grand tomorrow evonlng'. This is
ono or tho host attractions thnt has
boen soeurod for Salem this wlntor.
and tho prospects are good for a largo
j Christmas Greetings
Now Fo
The Holidays
WRh tho passing of Thanksgiving our thoughts turn tow aid that
grout Olft-glvlng day CHRISTMAS which Is only a few days away
Wo'vo been pro, arlng for tho Holldny trade for weeks and weeks
brought tho host hero for you to seloct from useful articles nt prices
thnt aro suro to tempt you. No, trouble finding Just what you want
at Just tho price. Novor havo selections boon moro beautiful. We
urgo early buying tho otoekH aro nt their bost now, and many of
tho flnost fancies cannot bo duplicated.
For - Man's or Boy's Christmas buy what he's going to buy fqr him
solf, If you don't. Duy it whoro ho buys at a man's store.
Cn.-o nnd see our Christmas Haberdashory.
G. W, Johnson & Co.
i V
Chthlers to the People,
257 Commercial St. Salem
H. M. Edgar, Lessee.
A good line of patterns for housework.
Columns, Lintels, Gratings, Steps and Finials,
Also General Founders and Machinists.
done in Oregon. Promptness our
. U i i. i
William Jordan, a son of William
Jordan, residing on tho Santlnm, Tues
day was using a 22-eallbre, whon tho
weqpon was accidentally diBchareod.
and the bullet went Into young Jor- Best WOrk that Can be
wound. Doctors aro attending htm. "1 mott' Only best mechanics employed.
yfa.ffle'." simple Innocence really is absurd :,4 wtia luimuu iTaciccr is a mite Dira,
itvn V VVW
Fun to cook- fun to eat gingerbread
made from thama$ca!
P66 0
r?' ft
i i.'.
iQ 1 oiJf j Company
(Better than flour)
PRESTO Oingerbread from the oven lUerallyburstfng with good
neos. Light, soft arid'noXpalnlnti!nanful.
Don'l $ut ettrtfMJ,-trek I7andjyoi!Ti'fioSrrooe.
l !
. - ' j
"'iii tSt''