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The children cross? No.
It's your liver that's cross.
Take awav liver tidiness
I with a good liver pill
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Members Northwest Afternoon N.
paper League.
Dally One Year, 54.00 In Advance, s.lddwnlks to school houses, control
Dally Three Months, $1.00 In Advance, of health, cemeteries, Improvomsnt of
Dally by Carrier, BO Cento Per Month. atreetB, croMWnllw, fire protection,
VYceKly One Year, $1.00 In Avance. elft
SOMETHING FOR THE TAXPAYER.' 18e,raP nm Ariilnw lliould be
liiuiuiou mr uie permanent improvO'
can there bo to oxtendlng the city
limits ovor the BUburbs? Can theN
suburbs always expect to remain out-
sldo or tho city?
Should not tho city limits be ox
tended ovor tho suburbs for sanitary
i reasons, such as providing -sowerngo,
ar$ syorn In ami orttor upon their
tofms tf oiyao hniMlttlo or no Juris
diction to fix salaries.
They know that fnllure to enart
tho referendum would not give the
poople the ptotoctloh or Dlrcrt Lg
lslatlon agaliiBt what Is bolleyod will
be a very oxtravagant legislature
Yot thoy dallboratoly, recklessly
and artor fullost notice and warnlnr
refused to take tho stop that would
havo led to keeping their pledges t '
tho people nrnilo In tholr own plat
form. Time will tall tho result.
pray-halrod votorans of tho Indian
sorvloo deolaro that tlio prosont week
will add to tholr stock or rocollec
tlons the memory of the greatest
scenes of popular onthuslasm they
havo ovor known. Tho curtain was
J0 f " eW. With Its present
.:ft !:IZ:ZZZ ;:..: ,,mlu tho clt' : lPl to protect rung up to day on tho gorgeous fun
uuu,uuu "" " , , "" " " iUolf In many respects,
LEvfai s0
ma If yl COULD i
WW'sk m
SJJ sieer ,
if ffrrhn inflniMi iii If"1 B 1 ... - . kSh
tMinn Hiiro la iIUwki! of tllft delicate
female organism, It Is only a question of
lime until the general health become NprvotiilieM. alconloMlieHS,
loss of appetite and "sinking si"-'"
produce suffering almost Indescribable.
There, can be no restoration of the gen-
,.ml limUli until the local health ol the
Its flro do- ctions which nro to bo hold in cele- womanly organism is re-established.
ioi not one oi um "''" partment cannot gq outside tho pros-. oration' of King Kdwnrd'a coronation Ot. Pierce's I'avorite Prescription
geniuses has arty plan to get anything mlU) tQ ch conflagration' and for a week to come tho ancient f '.llilti
In return for tho taxpayor. '., . , i. .. . i .. ,, .,,..,... . . drains, heals inllunimntlon aim uicera-
111 """ "-i'j'. flint mlelit aivonn nnnn tin nttv 'pltv nf rinllit will lin ihn rii. .. ... i- !....,. t.
a-- . i.w .. ..vj. -- "- - w v.. ....1. .. ll0.. niia cjires leinaie wcimiiooo. i
Streets should bo planned for tho n pngoant of unparallod mngnlflconee. encouruges the appetite, tmuquilizcs the
twunty years I Yesterday's contribution to the . vcs am i mauccs rei.csn mg ccp.
Probably most of thorn figure on ,
getting Somothing out of It ror thorn-'dt ng R wi, contrIbutIoll to tho nerves and induces reftcshlng alecn.
Bo.vuB m u.u tu iv VuuWu, uu hnne0 Ag ha ,,,. w,g,y nnil0,i ,iurbar program was tho stnto entry ' -. T ne ! eu i. Mini k cii itakW r ritrc.
1if lt Iftvimunti fre kt no linaf
.Ub ... lU,.,. .WV W. ... .M W- th0 c(ty forty yoars ng()i t) glyo )t lto Dolh, ()f th(J VC0r0y nml J,,,, ,.,.
. , . mi ,,..,. ,nno w,t, streota nnd rK",ar squarqs, lng chiefs. Tho route or tho pngoant, 'ota. i hl o nn;
ori ton doing politics arc .all optlnUats. ' 80 wo should plan now for tho future. ' oxtondod from the station a distance Wr J ni'ili'V
Yot wo know tho legislature Is al-1 .. .., ,.:-. ... . i, .,, ,M .i . . .,..,' h spent lot or mon
,..., .. ., nml.inniio it t.f ' '" uuuu maiiuunj ovuiy mi- . " ' i.i.uh m I'whuii'ui . was not one Milne (Hut I toot Hint ui it"
ways run on combinations. If Ioit- portant streotaff a residence. We thoroughfares of the capital to the r .f!Pj1Jvrt,a!!J,eri,eU XX
i..k.i.. .......A -.---". -- r .;
J Holland 'flolileii Metllctil I'Hcovery
for thcmsclvos.
Tho pumpkluvlno and squash
brained Inwmakor who will vote that '
sldo of two jjk'wirs by lnrransed roven
uou for the state Isn't fit to hulp fire
at a rendering tnt'k In a slaughtor
You can bet your sweet life the
Portland Fair jolh will go througlii
Tho fat place are all promised and '
tho taxpayer will get shadow soup.
It Is doubtful If the world at large
-or tho American poople themselvou
will over appreclato tho work of our
. army In the rocfmstructlon and civil-
latlon of tho Philippine Islands,
When tho Republican manngers pre
vailed on Governor Oeer not to call
a special session tills fall to ennct
the flat salary law and to not put tho
referendum Into full and Immedlnto
offset thoy took the first Rtep to do
Hberatoly violate tholr platform
It Is true that they had not promisod
tho peoplo to cnll a spuclnl sosslon
to enact those reforms promised in
tholr platform. Hut Candldnto Cham
berlain promisod It. and was olootod.
Governor fluer nubllclv ami m-lv-
boon ono of constant toly fnvor0l, cnlIlnR 8ocnl Ki8.
slon. to enact thosa reforms but was
ovor-perauadod by the Republican load
urs who had turned him down, and
by tho Orogonlan which was never
sincerely for rofoini.
Governor Geer and the Republican
Tho army has practlcnllly put It-
solf out of buslnoss In thoso Islands . have rlson abovo Utoso considerations
-and brought to a close forcvor military Thoy havo had In mind the beautiful
rulo In those regions wrested by tho Capital City of tho future.
linnd of providence from the despot
ism of, Spain.
First tho army occuplod and opened
Manila to the commerce of the world
nnd that port will bo kept forever
open u nil or tho Amorlcnn flag. Thou
tho army reached out anil subdued
nnd organized tho hostile, populations.
Tho Amorlcnn soldier Is a mnster
In tho nrt or conquering an enemy
, on tho field of battl when ho must.
Hut ho Is Immediately after victory
converted Into a schoolmaster In tho
art of government according to the
American Ideals.
Honco tho labor oT the army of oc
cupation has
training and preparation of the nn
tlvufl for ultimately managing their
own locftl a (Talis the Introduction of
civil rulo.
While the first shot In the war with
tho Filipinos was probably fired by
by tho Americans, It must not be over
looked that tho Insurgont government
was In Itself a dechuatlou of war
against Amorlcnn sovereignty.
Our constitution and tho consti
tution of tho Filipino Itopubllo could
not bo oo-exlstoiit. Rlvon the capture
. of Agulnaldo, though accomplished by
means of doubtful morality. Inspired
respect and comnmuded cessation of
Than the whole army was put to
work on administrative reconstruction
Local government by communities was
organised. Law and order were estab
lished. This work was done honestly.
auoceeesfully and expeditiously.
i n i
It Ib an Interesting question what
properly constitute a reasonable ex
pansion of the city limits? It was
proposed to make such on expansion
In the Republican city platform nnd
tho ' Gillian's ticket 1ms also rcom
mandtil it.
The Oitisen's administration lias
gono farther and five of Ita repre
sentatives have partlolpated In tho do
llbemtlnua of tho ' Creator Salem
Charter Commission and have Uelpd
(mine new boundaries.
The only question remains, nro the
proposed boundaries' reasonable? In
Uia opinion of the ten men compos.
lUfftlio ohartur commission the bound
arias are ronsnnablo as reported and
'tltoie men investigated tho matter.
Wjiat remains to bo decided T What
will guide tho loglslativo dologation
from this county la dotorminlng tho
nmttor? Vhat reasonable objection
lr? if .,, ci.iaI. ,.4h....m ...111 I.a ...aII... r.,1XM n ft .1 rw 1 1 . 4 .. l ., . rt ..1 ... .1 . m
Tho vlcorognl party, tho turbanned
chiefs, tho officials of stnto and mil
llltary oUlcors of high degroo wore
Included In tho lino, some on olophants
some on horseback and othois in car
riages. To an Amorlcnn tho procos
slon would suggest nothing so much
as n circus parade of tho good old-
fashioned sort nnd It Is just possible
beautiful city does not come by chancoj that tho comparison may have on
but ns a result of deliberate doslgn terod the minds of some or tho Amor-
on the part of Intelligent nnd public
spirited citizens.
If this Is to bo a benutlful Capital
City, as it should bo, every private
property owner cannot be permitted
to dictate the proposed boundnrlen
or lay off streets 'as he nlaasaci ami
close street here or vacate alleys
there. There must bo system nnd
design, Intolllgent and deliberate. In
stead of whim-nnd individual cranki
ness. The question or boundaries cannot
bo troatod rrom tho standpoint or torn,
pornry or pursonnl-lntorostH. Wo bo
llovo tho chartor commission, tho
City Council and Commercial Club
I in- or six mllos through tho principal
!"rjL m -hleh has been estab
, , , . ... A. , , ,ulnr street extensions ror tho future. llshed on tho plnln outsldo the city
appear to a legislator with tho brain Cta, c, Tho ,o cp I .aUfl nnU whch , tQ bo tfco sceno
power or a pussy ca hat ho could get tho greator wl hQ Qm dfflct,1Uo8 Lf Ul0 graml rcvlow anil othop ,oad
a flat salary aw a bill or tax rranchls-1 Wh0 brok(m am, ntorru t0(, 8t t foaturea of thc cei0braUon. Tho pro-
os, or something else that would set" ,,,, . .. nfntllWM,nllA , Jm,nn wna lru. m.i,ni i ,,u ,,,.
,.,ll .... !. ,.ll.ll l..n..l !. " " .-".i ....v ... u.. . w. w j v ..
IT VII lilt IIIU IUIlVlU(li l...llll Ul L11U
iiujrBUUIW v,.ueu.a. . f d . , ,,.
But nlnetonths of tho solons who. Thft r,tv UtnltB .,. . ... .,.., I ..... ,. ,,, r n ., .,!
don't get boyond tho pussycat stago ' ,.. . ,
, , , . ... ... 7 as thoy may remain ror twonty years,
of development can't soo anything In ..,, ,, . ..,..,, ,, ,
., ...i.. V nntl n" 1'ioperty plntted should bo tin-
such an opportunity but to grnb a ,,. ' ' . ,. ,
,, , , , , oer some competent suporv isioii.
mouso or a bird or a piece, or chooso onil. ,.,. ' 4.
""'""j luuuiuuuB, iiiu juuieuiiuu,
and proper plnttjng nnd laying out of
stroots should be factors In dotormln-
. Inr- fll llmlfu tf nnn.aM Qnli.m A ...1111.... ... 41... Tl.t I .-,- I a '- "ka ". V..U.HO, kJUIUlll. il
uuti uiiiiiuii iu ma i-uiuuuii mil
and not get back every dollar of It In-
medicine nml coulil nee mr now." write Mm
Tunc IfnrrU. nT C.nvvlllf. Villlkloil Co.. SO
ipeillt'i WH cjiiiinciviy
oiiircIi trouble for year
rotihl not lcei. We
moneviliKtoiliiir. lint llicre
ws not one tlilnc thut I took Hint .did me
In three
.lni- nflrr I cominenrcil laktnff hN medicine I
could ee n clnntr! Tortile txtfer. mid from Hint
time I have Htendlly been getllutt belter. Can
walk or ride to any place I wnt to, nnd I reel
like n new pernoti. rllnee InUltig Ilr. I'lerce't
meillclne 1 can Hleep all nlRlit and never net
up tired In Hie morning, can eat anything and
It don't hurl me "
Dr. Piercers I'lcaMtit Pellets cure bil
iousiietis and sick huadachc.
timperor of India. At tho stated hour
Lord and Lady Cursson will cntor tho
arena to a fanfaio of trutnpots nnd
tnko their seats on tho golden thrones
in tho canter of tho qrlmson dins. To
tho light or tho Viceroy will bo seated
the Duke- and Duchess or Connaught
and to tho left tho lending princes
In India, Including tho Nizam of
Hyderbad. tho Gaukwar of Ilaroda,
and the Maharujns of Jaipur, Mysore
and Travancoro. Tho ceremonies will
Includo tho reading of -tho proclnmn
ttlon In Hlndustnueo announcing tho
King's coronation and an address by
the Viceroy assuring the princes nnd
people of rndla that he will ovor up
hold tholr rights and rulo thorn In Jus
with people, occuplod I tlco,nml 'inIty.ho fostlvltlos-will
cuiii-iuuu wiui a eranu military re
lean women prosont perhaps or Lady
Curon herself, tho centrnl figure In
the groat show.-
The lino of march lay bonenth soas
of flags and bunting nnd wound undor
maglflcont nrchos adorned with flow
ers. Kvory housetop nnd window
along the way was occupied and
temporary stands, swnthod with bunt'
lug nnd filled
all the avallablo placos commanding
a vlow of the procession. I.nrgo num
bers mounted nnd unmountod troops
drawn from ovory part of India pltJ
ted tholr strength against, tho masses
of spectators who struggled for posi
tions In thc stroots.
Tho peoplo havo onlered Into tho
colobrntlon with nn onthuslasm af
moSt foreign to tholr rnco.and spirit.
Tholr mood Incrensod as tho ancient
capital took on frosh accessions of
rolor, nnd finally ovorybody appears
to bo lending his voice nnd prosenco
to tho popular rovolry. Tho city In
Allied oarly and lato with tho crash
and babble of voices. It Is like a
groat circus, a hugo picnic nnd nn
ondlosa succohbIou of street fairs.
Whonovor Lord and Lndy Curon or
the Duke nnd Duchoss of Connaught
apponr ono soos tho roponted acts of
the passlon'nto homngo which dis
tinguishes tho wholo affair.
Today Guraon will opon tho Indian
Arts Exhibition with pomp nnd cere
mony. For mouths tho bazars from
Peshawar to Cape Comorlu havo boon
ransacked, so that nothing worthy or
a place In tho great exhibition should
Now Year's Day will be' tho groat
day or all. At noon In tho nronn.
ew More
We will continue our
, . -I
' (
" i i i ' ' i ii i mm W..
l".-. i i,J i.nMl.r. nA t..i, ..l
J. nv uui&umg iuuv,uM xkk, wtxu pm q
our new location at No. 269 Liberty St'
And, Wlong as wc femain in out ptesen
location all prices in'; effect dicing oi
gteat and sttccessfwl Holiday sale will p
A splendid opportunity to fit out
Tl 1
398 Commercial St
Store at Salem and Albany.
The House
loaders know that the lobular session which soate 8.000 people. Edward
which moots after the state officials VII. of England will bo proclaimed
: ' m , '. ,
Itoforo New Year's day ovory hold
or or tho common stock or tho United
States stool corporation will rocoivo n
substantial dividend on 'his holldlngs.
Chocks ror tho nmounts duo wore
mniled this week rrom the gonoral or
flcos or the corporation nnd amounted
in tho aggregate to ?C,000,000. Largo
as this amount is. It is but a drop In
tho buckot to tho groat dlvldonds to
bo disbursed rrom Wnll slroot dining
the coming month. It Is ostlmatod
thnt tho aggregate dividend nnd intor
ost paymonts or tho big railroads,
traction companlos and Industrial cor,
pointlous within tho next wook or so
will roach tho figure or $200,000,000.
m yo".,nr?b,."loU8 nnu" serins advisors,
Take DeWltt's I.lttle Kurly illscrs
Jiut before itolag to bed,
J.mi will Unci on tho morrow,
r...",..nro.r1,1.ot yom sorrow
I hat s nil j Just enough unld.
mi..,"f.p a,no;", Mi's do not gripe, but
the Ivor. Tholr tonic elToct Rlvoa BtronctR
f.orIierK Pvntlng a return of the
V. O. 'lines, 00 State Street.
2 S
It Is wortji noting that King Edward
ilistrlbutlng a lot or medals to citizens
or London who hnvo not mlssod tak
lug a dally swim In tho 'lako at Hat
torsoa Iark ror tho pnst yoar. Thoy
took tholr bath publicly on Ch'ristmas
day In splto or low temjiornturo.
Jim Dumps resolres on New
Year's Day
That he'll not change last year's
good way,
But daily dine on Strength's sure
The braln-and-brawn-producing;
A brand new lease of life and limb
All can foresee for " Sunny Jim."
Too Iteadjdo-ScrTe Crl
Sweet, crisp flakes of wheat
and malt.
will malle
ALL the year hajlpy.
The Arrival of The Now Year
Will find us turning out hotter lnundry
work than ovor before, and that monns
thnt wo are doing tho finest work In
this lino thnt has ovor beon achieved
by anyono. Wo will mark tho Now
Year on your llnon In unmistakable
proofs or our skill In lnitmlorlng your
shirts, collars cuffs, otc.
Salem Steam Laundry
Col. J. Olmsted, Prop.
Qorous D. Olmsted, Mgr.
Phone 411. 230 Liberty St.
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" conn',, r
rm ma
sasta '-fl-"
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:vjr a
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II k r,
& '
Christmas Yule Lo
that wolcomod Santa Clans In ''y
oldon'tlmo" wltli Ita chcory blazo and
spluttor wn8 always tho best that
could bo found In tho foroBL Every
plank, board nnd lath, every Joist,
beam, shingles and shakos In our yard
are mndo rrom tho host timber grown,
and nro of superior quality, well sea
sonod and froo from knots. Our
prlcos niako our flno building lumber
nlmost an Xmaa gift.
Qoodale Lumber Co.
Near 8. P. Pas. Depot
Phone 651.
A Juicy Morsel for
Or dinnor you can onjoy from one oi onr
tonder and dolicioua mnatB, etenke, lamb
or mutton chopB. voal cutlets or pork,
Our meats aro all cut from tho fattest
and Drimnatcattlo, and we can supply
your table with freah, nutritions and
wholoaome meats at bed rock prices.
Phon 291
"" ! k
A Happy New Year j
Ana many 01 mem
Is sure to follow ;. rcaolution to
mako Salem bcor your standard bov
orago, for tho plain and slmplo reasonj
thnt It is properly aged and formen
od, browed pure and kept pure throu?
ovory pr.00988.
WORKS, Mrs. M. Beck, Proprietor
Will Be in Dmnd Hereiifter.
I bar ot Uta been almoit reuiectd by tho ate of your
70a mto rigour (JMig.
''I am fonildtrably utrtncod tow&nli eight; jtut of age.
'J 1
monUi or two we all hto
tt and new Ure of It. It nul be la demand
"B. OATTIRXOIJI, England."
I hare ot Uta been almoet reluiec
very excellent preparation whleh
natod ae 'Force.' For the Uit mc
In choice pieces. New shipment In
toys and notions. Ten per cent dls.
count on the Havlland China.
The Variety Store
94 Court Street.
Annora M. Welch,
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Parr's Jewelry 8tore.
ForSaUaM $&5
111 SVMkW
. Corfrl St:;silef 0?
. tTilJliSi,,