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ftre Yod Keeping fiodse ?
A Large Attendance Attests Ungual
Interest in Our Public Schools.
An-Elegant Line
df Damasks
in varied assort-
M went, such as has
never been shown
for the prices we
ask for them.
How about Towels
Our ,line can't be
beat for Qualify or
25, 40, 50. 75c, 51.00, 51.25, 51.50.
51.75, 52.00 per yard. It will pay you
to look at our stock before buying.
New Cottons
Tho filmy, Huffy, dainty cotlon
beauties nro tnmbllnjtln Jay by
day, milling their grace and
iharm to tho collection
They aro tumbling out, too, for
foroalghted folks are snapping
them up eagerly.
A word of some of tlm sorts :
Silk stripe rcphyrs, as dainty a
silks, and wnsbablo too. A nice
assortment of patterns. Color
Ing, plain, and fancy gingham
8 13 to 50c a yard
Seen the
Over One Hundred Cititena (No Ladles)
Attended the School Meeting.
Treat, Thos. Jlrucn called tbo annual
meeting to order, and Clerk Jos. IJaum
partner read tho annual report, of tbo
director, and Ma own report aft clerk.
Iloth adopted.
Mr. I'retnall offered a resolution that
tho board be authorize! to rent the
Polytechnic school. A. X. Gilbert
movcI totablo as It was a matter prop
erly Icfttothedlscrettonof tho Directors.
Conalstant with tho plan adopted by tho
city K. llofer offered n resolution to mi
thorie the board to borrow f 10,000 on
tiopular loan to refund tbo dobt against
the F.aat Balora school falling duo ,Oft.
I, an not to exceed four per cent inter
eat. Tbo resolution wan na follows and
adoptod on motion of Capt.T. 8, North
cult: "Resolved, by tho cloclora ol Salem
sjhool district No. 21, in annual moot
ing assembled, that wo authorize the
school board of this district to refund
tho debt of 10.000 against the Kaat
Halcm School in n popular loan nt not to
exceed -t per cent inicresi per nnnum,
to borrow tho aatno nt par under thu
seal of the board, and without Isautng
new tmnm."
.No names were presented for director
at tho annual meeting. Quito n mini
lor of friends of A. E. i'urkcr, of
KtiKlewood, wero preaont to urge tils
name. The other iiamos mentioned are
ox-Alderman J. M. Lawrence and II. O.
Fletcher, of North Halem. Following
etitlon and ncceptanco of Mr. Fletcher
is submitted for publication :
Business Being Transacted at the Court
Tbo sale of the realty belonging to
Newtonla and Alice A. JMcCaulcy, min
ors, has been confirmed.
James F.. Hurley, executor of tho last
will of Eliza O'Connor, deceased repor
ted the sale of realty belonging to the
estatc,and the time lias been confirmed.
To the Pen.
'lvd Flanagan was brought to tho pen
itentiary yesterday from Multnomah
county to tervo 15 months for grand
To the Asylum.
Sheriff Llnvllle brought A',
to tho asylum today from
A coljitnn a doy about moldy hops or
anything cle will not help sell an Or
egon product.
t t
A jiopular loan to refund the Salem
School district debt will be Just as pop
ular as the city loan.
It looks as if the McBride iople were
in the saddle so far as the machine In
Marion county la concerned.
Horticultural co-operation f'JOOO and
f.TOOO a year. Harry Miller.
. .
.loo II. Miller, of Walla Walla, alter
Shoes and Dry Goods at
Less Than Wholesale Cost
Giving the Dairymen in One 'District 525.'
875 Cash for this Article.
The annual meeting of tho Tillamook Dairy Atsociation was held in Tillamook
Clly when Claude Thayer was cabled ujwn to preside, there being o good attend
ance of stockholders. Tbo first bublness to come before tho aaeoclation was the
oloctlon of tbreo directors, which resulted as follews: Messrs. F. M. Trout,
Henry I-ach and T. Jenkins. Mr. Thayer was elected treasurer.
The secretary's (Mrs. Frank Boverance) rcwrt was next read, which allowed
some interesting figures, tho most important of which are:
ardent supporter of the Pasteur thor les.
Ho says': "When n man spends bis '
in sterilized clothing, eating sterilised
grapes off a sterilized tabic, washed
with sterilized water, and dried with a
sterilized napkin, and then dies at tho
early age of sixty-two, I My bis life Is
uelees from a sclentinc point m ....
His mind and time are occupied In j
dodging microbes." " " " "
Apropos of which, we are happy t
announcing to the (scientific orld that) ...Lie I iifill. Rm.
the microbe of old aee has at last been, ClOSlUg Ollt (Jie Stock formerly WllllS I3l0S.
JTS". Si' r .n .,uUt Auction sales Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 2 p. m.
legs. t Only a few days more in which you can buy goods at
The mii text of til parody of Kipling! your own price, for our license has nearly expired, and the
by Secretary licit of the Transvaal la ns cj(y C0UUCil, acting UpOll the SllggCStlOll Ol jealOUS merchants,
refuses to issue me another or allow me to sell my own goods
at auction unless I pay 5400 per year.
Now is the time to buy good, latest style goods for less
than wholesale cost. Fine silks, velvets, dress goods, corsets,
eloves, underwear, hosiery, laces and embroideries.
Amount of milk received during 181)9
Mutter matiiactured during ibiw
Average of butter to ovory 100 lb. of J milk. .
Cash received for butler
Price nor lb., for butter
1 1 1 ,:K 1 lbs of butter fat per II) to patrons.
Original slock subscribed
KxH!iidcd in Improvements, etc .'.,
Ilalnncu on hand
Dividend recommended by stockholders....
2,701,122 pounds
128,502 pounds
. 41 lbs. 00
125.870 05
20ctaand2 mills
23 cts and .'I mill
l,205 15
.'I.5II 47
1703 07
12 per cent
Sumpter 'Mines,
wlrits. llaggago ehcckod n ii ilwY'
.money Uuy M. Power'. ?,Jr
uostreoi. 2-8-lm. ni... w.if...
llckolstonll mining towns Spokane,
Maker City, Moscow, San Francisco ami
it uiuur ixwiifl. liaggagn
iiiruuxii saves
A N Gilbert
(loo J Peorco
W F lloothbv
J A llaker
) K Lamport
Arch K Crosby
olllco foot Trad
V,?. '-.??
-jv-:, ."-: zs
bnvwii. die uiiauhkh. niioibva
tiouiItfUDt ObtkUll Th fttlftlira ut ailluilliitf
((dm la lb iUhl li t cuiu4lrij't Sn4 iimiIui
WUV. A nuuracil vllllllf MINI IllorUUJtU1
Jr. , I MM h ! Out of p4ln In maklusj
miHODi, i pnoM w biuiii rar rrpuuilnn
u lb Mtliftrtluu 1 air my imitoni. I will
ex nsirf or uigui mj uuurr snjr cirrnm.
iuom. lsuinntTrf p4lrorlMc m
MIL 1 m mIIIih lull unnin.
iattadnTOt a kwmI lt ut slKiilIln to it
l.lrlu Wot or uroio liu of icUrl..
You Mill SnJ tajrcbtritt ititvnMx
Twautr-ou jrtan siiiUur
kxrritr oitician.
aon'coMMicnciAt. etr
Next door In llolverson's,i ....I
WwlutMKhty ocoaloiiAl
U. M. Wrlly. New York.
Wm. li Morrlion, Haii FranclMu.
Oto. l'blppi. St. Paul, Minn.
11. V. I). Mricer, Portland.
II. W. Oliver. Oakland, Cl.
Jlrt. Geo.T. llsllJr., Hugene,
M. II, 1jwonburir, Port Is nil.
Geo. J). I.unt, Olilcaeo.
K. U. Whitley, Beattru.
II. Westbaii. Chicago.
K. It. Maiiulug, PortUiHl.
Jnu. Amlrew, Portlend.
Tbo P.llte Ktudlo innlca a siweialiv ol
pdrit-claM wrk. lteoont addltleiu to
- apparatus ensbit- us to sun turtiier lm-
"prove our urae ot previomiy nm rhui
Mllo .Mallheus has gone In lloieburg
for short vacation.
Mrs, M. K. Smith went In Portland
n huilnoM this morning.
MIm Uurn Howard went to Portland
mi htiMncNH this morning.
(.'. P. HiiUler, took tho north Itoiind
Hhaila HxprcM Inst uvenlug.
ov. W. A. D.ily, rector of St. Jweph'ii
Cathollo church Is sendliig n few day
In Portland.
J. Him Foster, salesman furT. Hob
veraon A Co,, win a pnssengrr yesterday
for Portland.
It. J. Mnoh itsrtisl for Itcno, Nuv., on
last night's California Kxpn-is to visit
nuico wnu lives tlirre.
is In
KptClil UMVtM.
At the Uapllit clmrrli art, nmliuuHl
Hiiilg)it ami Thursday night. Tills will
r .cloMthofcrU.J mntl at Um jin1-
, out time.
Mrs. IVdin IUJJy, ( ttauburi;, who
Ua ncu la the tlty visiting it tha home
ivi n win i,ts iumi. iriHiwnj nomr
itlU IllOllllHJ.
A. lvy, who was hero on a visit
with his brother F. Levy, ilarle.1 for
pan Francisco yesterday.
It S. Moure, of Klnmath Falls,
the clly visiting his brother.
Irntsiirur.Olias. 8. Moore.
Mrs. I., li. Nation, of Now York Cltv.
is iu tbo city, visiting ut the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Hal P. Itillmi
XI.. I (I 111 .. ..... .
.nm iiamuioii nm ioiiay lur i;orvailis,
where be will send u few days Wsltlhg
Ids sons, who are nttendlug arlinol.
Henry 1. Iteuts, mvrelary of the Hop
Urowors Auoclatlon, camo up last night
and registered at (ho Cottage Hotel.
Prof. T. J. JaokMii and wife started!
far Pyrmld Ue Indian mIioqI, last
ulgbt where bv UVi poslllor. ns
0. V. Uuvlng ietirMxl Items last
night frm the upXir erUHlry, where bu
has been far some time In tbo InleiM
of lilt uurwry.
ailir Imv,; Ht evpivsKwau. tuts
tnken M lw llnflumn stable.
and Mill mnkelttw tusiilniinrl.H-. fur
hlaexprvs ktsiHes.
Harry Handle wlw bat Ihhhi In Um
uity attending mllml wheel, Ml tlili
nuiriilng for rtlaml wlwre h v ilt
male bU (Hluie Ihmm,
To Mr. II. C. Flelther:-
Wu, thu undersigned voters of school
district No. 21, of Marlon county, Ore
gon, reusing confidence In your ability
and integrity, hcrohyroectfully request
that you become n candidate for the
olllco of bcIiooI directors nt the cnaulng
election, and we pledge you our hearty
OO 6a age
it u ijpioy
Mart l'eiiter
I'll Kay lor
John M Payne
(i W Putnam
A N lliisb
Asahol lluah
.1 llaiimgnrtuer
Win Ilrown
.1 J Dalrymple
II M Ilrauson
J II Camiiliell
II II Itagau
T Holvsrson
Dan J Fry
.1 P Frlitull
.1 A KullwrKMl
PA Whlto
W II II Darbv
i: U Million
() O llrewstur
Win Waldo
Win fiimyil
It P lloiao
.1 M Forsythe
Amos Strong
W A Cuslck
II F Itoiihain
W W Skinner
K Kokerleii
UP Taylor
tl S Donning
i: O Cross
S S Martin
A Mollllt
S T Norlhcntt
F A Turner
A It llurcn
.1 Chntimaii
Thus tlurniws
W Ureymaii
F P Tulkinglou
II A Thomas
W It Andumm
l! rt Hamilton
Max O llureu
I Meyers
O K Kniiu-i'
J Purvluu
.1 It Kraiihoo
K llofer
P McCullv
W II Paney
diss Welfer
Chas Claggclt
II Htnploton
(loo P Hughes
John Hughes
i: M l.u Fore
K P Walker
W P Moliuey
O I) Oarblelsiin
John Mlnlo
John Bavagu
F Levy
lv F Parkhurst
J It Falrbunk
M I. Wiln.o'
Win Kuglaiiil
Frel Hurst
John Molr
A M Clough
1) 8 Walker
W(l Westacott
II W Savage
U)tt IVarco
Isaac H Hlelner
( Stelner
C A Whale
V W Znii
J I. FriHilaud
tlco W Pavla
TO Iwrt
Theo Nolf
H M MuihI.'II
W A Alderman
Annie Neal
O i: Hilton
I. F Marrs
W I. Wade
I m I w Itydur
Hlmer Nishllmiu
Mary i: Tiuheuor
Mary K Wlrke
P II Pickens
(loo Ksihttutb
Anna Strayer
M K Walker
this Frvulard
A Wlrth
O laUill
OF Taylor
K W Wllkliis
Oco S Itetd
KuailUh Offlcf r Wr Armor.
Many officers of the British nrmy
nro wearers of armor. A a general
rule tlio mall Is Inclosed In a leather
casing, which Is sewed Inside tho
tunic, so as to be Invlslhlo unless tho
garment Is picked to pieces. And the
sumo with helmets a similar dovlco Is
llxcd In tho lining, so as to glvo addi
tional protection Iu case of need. Soma
officers are not above wearing mall
vests underneath tbelr tunics and per
fectly oblivious of their comrades, who,
although they may scon In times of
pence, would only bo too glad to don
oue themselves when In tho middle of
hostilities. Tho majority of tho mak
er's customers are officers, becnuso the
suits nro very expensive, costing about
10 guineas each. Itcglmcnt.
ixon's Best Family Flour
Su.KU.Oru.. Martha. llXXi.
Mers. A. N. Gilbert, Geo. J. IVurce,
W. F. Ilflotliby, H. P. Ilolte.undmanv
tiimtlemetii Ittfrdylug to ymr pell
tlou ropunting me In Ikmoiiiu a vundlikMc i
tur llio oirico 4 dlrev'Uvr iu iwhool din
trUl No, 'it, of Markni vmuly, Orvgen,
I hereby RMoiit the iiuiulueiiou as r.
luemisl, and de.lge iny1f, If hImKwI, to
eie lb dlstriet lu tU lit
aUlliy In the Internet of uitlettnt n1mm4s
nd the eeMnowieHl mKMtgomeHl el the
Vr rwHNtfully,
II. O. Punviiim.
A Curium llaltlc,
Au Interesting spectacle was wit
nessed the other day on the banks of
the river Hoar, nenr Ilntjicru, by n gen
tleman resident In tho district Ilclug
attracted by a peculiar cry, he turned
aside and camo upon n young otter nml
a huge eel engaged In n dendly utrug.
gle. Tho otter hnd evidently caught
the eel, which had retaliated by wind
ing Itself tightly round the former's
neck. Tho fight lasted several min
utes, the otter eventunlly freeing Itself
and making off with a part of the eel,
which It hud bitten Iu two.-lndon
A Shark to nolun.
All Hngllsh womiin, n visitor, grieved
nil lloiton by Irreverently asking a clt
ken, as she wnlked through the Com
mon anil saw tho cherished glided
dome of the stntehouao, "Hog pardon,
sir, but what building Is that with the
braAi topr-Nuw York Times
"Vou haven't nny smokeless tobac
co, havu your' asked the smart young
"Lots of It," said the matter of fact
person behind the counter, producing a
box of ami IT. "I low much do you
Three Mote.
Nicholas Gooding, u native of Prussia,
Stephen Merten, a native of Pruaaia,
and Joseph llromlerjrir, n native of
IJavaiij, l.axe been admitted to liliten-hip.
being married only a month had his
wife arrested for hitting him In the no.
And Miller is a home mover.
. .
Many people are anxiously inquiring
what the Itepnhliran county central
committee did with llob Hendricks' re
port of what ho did witli that campaign
. .
Why not eatahliab a department of
Kxtenor omi to have charge of Alaska-
Arlrona, Porto Ittco, tho District of Co
lumbia and other territory "outildn the
Constitution?" (taker Democrat.
t t t
At the People's Church Chicago, Pope
Wi attitude for peace In South Africa
was eulogized, and .Mr. Thomas wild:
"There aro millions of Proteatunts In
America who rejoice over the stand
bu has taken. Would it not, then be n
gracious expression of appreciation to
vend him n memorial or an uddrces
signed by representative men and women
In all parts of the United Slaten""
Ikiurke Cochran at New York (aid:
"In his siecch hist uiuht, President
McKlnley mid there was no alliance
with ICiigland. I believe that. It is
not an alliance. It's a surrender; a
surrender of tho control of our forelan
policy into tint hands of tho foreign
olllce. Wo do not get anything. We
give up and the Government discharges
a Consul at Pretoria because he com
plained that his mall had been opened.
A boy 21 yenis old Is put iu his place,
the con ol our former Ambassador, ami
more than that, be gets bis hut Instruc
tions, not from the Government nt
Washington, but from the foreign olllce
in nudon,"
(Dedicated to 'Mr. Mudyard l'IplUK.)
Goda of tho JliiRO-rl'raM nndOo'uY
Lords of the world by"IUghtDiv tie,"
Under whose baneful sway they bold
rift.ntntnii nver "Mine and TIllllC.
Such Lords' as these have made them
rotten, ,
They have forgotten they have for
gotten. The Nigger or tho Chinee die,
Tho Gladstones and the Pitts depmt;
Dut "Uiggcr Englandere" arise
Tn tntii-li tlm n-nrld thn Haiders' art.
Such Irds as theee bae made them
They have forgotten they hnvo for
They've "got the Gold, the Ships, the
Ami urn the Masters of Tomorrow.
And so mankind shall fee again
Tho days of Sodom mid Gomorrah.
These are the Lords that made them
Tbev have fonrolten they have for
Drunken with lust of Power and Pelf,
Tney hold nor man nor God in owe,
Hut care for naught but only self,
And cent, per cent's their only Law.
Theie aro their Lords, for they are lotten,
They have forgotten they have for
gotten. Their allant hearts have put their
In Maxim guns and Metford r I lies,
To knock the Niggers into dust
And such like "unconeidered trifle,"
For Ixwatful brag and fooliali fake
Th' Imperialist shall i"tako the cake,
Isadore Greenbaum
1st Door South of the Post Office.
Our ?? ?
66 cream Freezers
Notice lo Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received by the
lioar of directors of School District No.
17, of Benton County. Oregon, until .'I
o'clock p. in., of .March 22, IWO, for the
erection uud completion of n four room
school building, according to the plans
and specifications prepared by CIiuh. II.
Ilurggraf, Architect, Albany, Oregon.
I lie I wan I win consider mils us follows
I. Complete according to plans and
salifications. 2, Complete except the
Heating, nans mav bommiii die olllco
of tlio clerk, W. II. Hole, Philomath,
Oregon, nlsont the architects olllco Al
bany, Oregon. F.ach bid lo Iks iiccoiii
imnieil by ucertilieil check for fifty ilol-
iars ijjiomo ue loneiieu in mo ininct,i
if bid is accented and bidder falls to him
contract, and give catiafactury bonds for
tiieneriormance, ot tnu on me, otherwise
to be returned to the bidder. The;
nouni reserves i ne run to re eciunvum
nil bids. V. H. IJot.iis.
l.'hllomatb, Ore., .March li, WOO.
R. M. Wade &. Co. Hardware.
Cash Premiums what most people are looking for, but sel loin receive
However, there is u place whero they are
Paid Every Day
li he form of superior goods, full weights and low prices,
Nich Is the les Iniony of our oldest customers. Try is for
Groceries, of nil kinds and you will bo convinced.
Hanitt & Lawrence,
nr.ii iiniiTnvvinii ninvwim '
Following i from Wet L ly New York-
Life, tho leading American illiutrntrd
humorous paper:
Dr. Foster, of Chicago, Is not an
What was you anying nlwut thwo
I said they were the lxt I ever ent.
oit will find them at the White Hoiue
Itealaurunt, which is open all night ami
meals served at all hours. Oysters n
McKiuop .V. IIbhkiiuit
Proprietors. 100 State St.
f. r. I H ''H
Vzl Vr f el asim
PATTO.N HllOa . !. hu.I r..
I do Good Paper
?C Hanging, Decorate
ing and Painting us cheap as
you can have second-class
work done. Leave orders at
my shop, 153 Court St., or with
Huren & Hamilton, on Comc'l
Nate Jones,
t rD
-' -- a
tiii. KKtir.iD o ji:m mm
We will be conv
plctely closed out.
Fre.. Lecture under the Hii.pnvs .,f the!
Salem fl.nrch of Ohrbt Si,-nti.i l,y '
Jmb llf. G. Mm
Fine Wines, LiQooRb, CiGflRsl
: 160 S'lVIE STUEEI,
niimlnnmnmnnr."! at a" t"rtas' .'102 COURT
( Cbiitgii
lixpnV Hest Wholu Wlit Plcnir, SO lb, wt
0Ul' R5 cent.
Ten Pound Sacks, 2S venls.
In Bulk, a cents a pound,
-OUK BSTM Collins AUlli Flour, made; from
old wheat, qvwy $u;k parajUoct oj- jnone $-
fund! f4'Qt wtfsfactpryt Tjy .
x.x k
Sz Grrabe-r
124 Statt Sircel
JIim J.melti IHItttrtl. yf Kuiwe, who
nas iieen in me illy vl tiling Mr. ami
Mrs. James Galfivy wu a p unman f
r mu in khsjkm this rnuwu.
MrfcU. W. llHutphrey, oi J-snM.
uevww, wnw ims hh Ih tlm Wty visit
Ing returned to her Itowo UtU mormnsj.
J. W. Wvrwv.v ehiemW, wIm ibb
Mi vl.tUug Ms wife, who U bvKMtMtb'
III at the HaWm Vsotoiul
. W . YuHtl. left ihi worMiHg (or
OshUU. wkirie U(o a alMtHl ik
MOmluf RsliJt WilktOI.
mm tot Morning h!w iUr Wh.,.
MMMriplu Ibis vltj.
lion. VUmm 1km, of Xsm,
mwriMr tl Uw U bto, iH
W. J, Perry, Ike fcMKlrtfW Mw a
nMOr MtlUl Uli HMlMiliS! OH Uni.
U. Y. JoktMOH. srf Jeffurasu. U ... n..
t ! it
mso. rr,twr, m S4vtwt, U
'y um botittm.
U wwi't take Ut u week or twt more
like tbelost ene to wind up the Uit of
our ik ot slrtKW, furulahlng goU, no.
low . r kp mi oemlng and yoo w III
Slid tklttiM )on ouu liw at tsct oat
every time nml In many en tees.
Some lielis at loan than cott.
Udttm' porses, mhu very eM. one
yet to sell,
A few very gee,l liandkercbwU
VtHH ullmm and toilet ret
ladle' liuest ettlUrs.
Yarns mmI mltleiw.
FatoUwtow, Uiotts. and IWibv's lint
Anl lot ol iiottotts. alwHM .I...I.
wwcktiiteslMa as., at exort oosi.
Smalt feet 5 per cent. off.
A sprint ItMitXAlSHKMl to buiss, mil,
leeUKst Uku taK uU. nil)
allot r ttu Isss lisuit enst.
vor- Urjoo.W ym k, rWI
The Iver Johnsons Arc Now in
TUB TIHIHINKS Won't 1 much
longer, we think this week will la ml
them. It's disappointing but we oan't
help it. The weather nm't exactly all
you'd wish, but It's in our favor.
WAIT for the easiest iiinniiw wlil
you ever saw. THK TRHH'.NK.
The S25 Folks
See tho jo out on display every duy.
Kverseo thettp.ialT IgOtMitot.
Ilsllaway crank hanger.
TboI steel bearingi..
Felt washers,
Spalding tlala.
hidlanapotis ebalu.
ToixISf'wooJ rims.
HxVelstQr skes.
What elkodoyou want
Por $25
llmrsilay. Ilnrcli I
S p. lo.
Hay. Flour, Mill Feed, Building Mnierial
Lmw, Omenl, Piaster etc
Grain, Hayd Straw stored
!wii.rfM ,,., ,.. V.afin bcaIcs -etc.
",w '"-'"very of goods to any part
0. 1 llovt
luUv .
" li'ffertee um
b-y nn iriA
307 Commercial Street
"" WHIM. HiMWh
6n niout oni.v."
The Great White Car
Of All Pun Shows
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The Racycle Bicycle
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DO TV: Bottled Beer.
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