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More Britisli Troops Headed For
Free State
The Awful Scenes on the Line of March From Lady
smith to Colcnso
Cecil Rhodes Satisfied That Annexation Will Bring No Lasting Peace to
South Africa
In Free State.
Ilr Aa.oclnlrd Prat fa tha Journal.
London, March (I. The Uoers in
northern Capo Colony are In full retreat
to tho Orange Free State. Possession of
Stormberg puts Gatacre in railroad com
munication with Clements at Colesberc,
for tho railroad can be quickly repaired,
and thus entrance of additional llritlsh
troops Into tho Free State will bo facili
tated. Prom Osfonteln, where Roberts
is opposed by a good sized body of Boers,
there is no news except reports of minor
skirmishes. Tho position gained by
Brabant at Dordrecht Is reorted ex
ceedingly strong.
Brabant a Fighter.
DoitniiKcnr, March (1. General lira
bant has again engaged tho Itoers today
with advantage. There was smart
fighting this morning. The llritlsh cas
ualties durlngltwodays aro HO wounded
and 12 or in killed.
Scenes Leaving Ladytmlth.
London, March 0. White's garrison
has begun to leave 1-mlysmith and is ar
riving Mool rlvercamp whore tho troops
will remain for several days. They are
emaciated and exhausted and say tho
road to Colcnso presents scenes that ex
ceed iu horror those depleted In Dante's
Inferno. Dead men and animals are
lying mutilated and putrlfying In the
trenched formerly occupied by tho
In the Free State.
' A dispatch from Osfonteln says that
according to lloer prisoners an import
ant llritlsh success will canto President
Stoyno to (lee to Pretoria, leaving a pro
visional government at Illoemfontoin,
which Is likely to mnko pew overtures,
free Staters not wishing for peaco are
trekking toward the Transvaal, and help-
int? to mnko a stand which most military
critics point out will constitute the most
dlflicult and deciding feature of tho war.
Annexation No Remedy.
London, Mrrch (!. Tho Morning
Leader saps: Cecil Rhodes has mado
up his mind that annexation of tho re
publics will not bring n lasting peace.
Rhodes Is so sure of this that he is pre
paring to get to work at once on the
fortifications of Kimberley.
After MIdnlcht Cables.
London, March 0. The Standard has
the following from Ladysinlth, dated
Saturday, March :i.
"The Hoors conducted their retreat In
most masterly fashion, without the loss
of a single wagon or an ox. Only a few
small companies have fallen into our
hands. Iu point of fact, wc wore able
to make only feeble eflorts to Interfere
with their retirement. Stores aro pour
ing in today. Tho orogross of relief,
howovor, is slow, as only CO carts a day
can cross tho pantoon bridge."
Plumcr at Crocodile Peel.
London, March fli A dispatch to the
Times, from Hnlawayo, dated February
27, says:
"Colonel Plumcr yesterday occupied
the position at Crocodile Pools which
tho Uoers evacuated February 25. It la k
not known whether tho enemy bavo
taken another position or been ordered
to retreat, owing to the events in tin?
Independence or Nothing.
BitUHHKiji, March l.The Transvan)
agency here contlnns tho statement
that President Kruger is ready to con
cludu peace with Great Britain on tho
bttbisot the Independence of the two
Republics, and that otherwise the strug
gle will contluuo to the bitter end. Tim
agency believes that the Afrikander ele
ment In Capo Colony with Natal will
rebel rather than allow annexation.
Tho Dutch members of the Cape Col
ony Parliament will voto by acclama
tion in favor of lloer independence.
Relief ol Mafeklng.
I-o.n'don, March 0, 6 a. in, Mafoking
is to be relieved as soon as tho llritlsh
force already on tho way from Klmborley
can ralso tho siege. This force is de
scribed vaguolyas "strong." Tho Kim
berley Light Ilorso is mentioned as a
component. In view of tho fact that,
tho Klmherlcy Light Ilorso is under the, with tho Ninth division, Is on tho north
control of the Do Ilcors Company, Lord .bank. The cavalry brigade, undorGen
Robert's visit lo Kimberloy probably eral French, Is posted on tho left front,
had to do with an arrangemeut with
Cecil Rhodes to use this company ot
Mr. Rhodes and Colonel Kekewlch
have had differences ot policy, it np pears t
which did not end with tho relief ot
Kimberloy. "Whst shall I do with him?"
Colonel Kekewlch
Is said to have wired ,
to Lord Roberts, who half humorously
replied, according to a story circulate'
at the clubs, "Put him in chains." I
Fresh Intelligence as to what Lord
Roberta Is doing has ceased again. This
silence is taken to mean that something
has happened or Is about to happen.
'Iloer raiders are uncommonly active in
the northwestern section of Capo Colony,
where they aro stirring up the Dutch,
Martial law has consequently been de
clared, Mr. Chauibeilain's request for 2.VX)
Additional Australian bitshmen Is under
stood to bo explained by the faot
that tho war ofllce requires this
force for tho pursuit of Irrecoit
cllnblo Uoers, who, according to the
intelligence department, have been
quietly collecting great quantities of
ammunition and stores in the mountain
fastnesses of the Zoutpansberg district,
in the north of tho Transvaal, where
they thoy are preparing to carry on a
guerrilla warfare.
Tho mobilization ofu powerful ,lleot
began yesterday evening at Torbay.
Fill teen battle ships arrived.
PoVtlon ol the Armies,
London, March (). A dispatch to the
Standard from Osfonteln, dated Sunday,
March 4, Bays:
"Lord Roberts' army now occupies a
most advantageous position. The Sixth
division, under General Kelly-Kenny, Is
posted on the right, and holds all the
kobjes for a distance of five mills south
of the Modder.
The Seventh division, under General
Recommended By the
Br Aolld Praaa fa lb Journal.
Washington, March 0. Tho senate commltteo on Naval Affairs has ordered
a favorable report upon the bill to construct a cablo to Manila hy way of Hon
olulu, tho Midway Islands and Guam.
The Almighty Sending His Advance Guard
to Hasten Immigration
Br Aoelald I'raaa la tba JutjrnnL
Cuicwio, March (1. For tho past .111 hours, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, No
braskn, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin have experienced a series of storms
remarkable for soverlty.
Today the Ohio valley and lower lako region aro lining drenched with rain.
There is danger of. Chicago water supply being pt.rty cut off, all cribs and In
takes being hemmed In by ported mountains of Ion.
Tucker, is in the center, Immediately
south of the river, ami (iouoral L'olvlile,
and.the mounted Infantry, under Colonel
itmeieyoiartyn, on mo rigiu ironi.
"The country consists of wide, grassy
plains, broken only by ridges and iso
lated kopjes. A iKxly of the enemy has
taken up a position on ono of the latter,
a llat'toppcd hill, to tho north of tho
mites beyond General French,
who today took out horse artillery and
shelled them.
Another force, -1000 strong, holds an
isolated group of kopjes south of the
Modder and In front ot the llrltish
mounted infantry. Their oxltloii Is
surrounded on all sides by level plains,
oer which the Uoers must make their
way In order to reach the river. As
consequence their situation appeals pre
carious in tho extreme.
"The veldt Is now in a beautiful con
dition. Water is plentiful, 'supplies bo-
ing obtainable not only on the rivor, but
also .from numerous springs. The
health nnd spirits of the troops aroex
cellent. "The British cavalry and mounted in
fnntry have been reconnoltering the en
emy's positions. There has been little
fighting. '
A Cltlicn Discusses the Necessity
High Qrade.
KniTOR Jquknai.: Is it necessary for
the well being and prosjwrlty of the
City of Salem to.haw very high grade
free schools?
lately there has been more or less
commotion on the comment of tho above
subject and question, 11 a citizen ami
taxpayer venture to suggest a few re
marks, whereby to express his own sen
timents. We all know that for any thing
We have just received a quantity ot Dl'NNKS HOI. II) SPRAY8 and are prepared
to supply our patrons with all that they may new I.
Our stock of New Seeds
o All yourordr. A complete line of hpray Piiinj. Gopher Guns and Mole Traps
complete line of hpray Puinj. Uni
Kl tad 111
I'otaintrcl-I Elrrct
a good foundation Is necessary, and In
nothing Is a good foundation more ttr"
gently needed than for good clthenalilp.
A good citizen gives us a good neighbor,
and Is n needed quantity for the com
munity. That education is the founda
tion of good cltircnshtp will hardly be
disputed by anyone except ho bo a sav-
age. Yet tlioro is a limit In what is
right and absolutely indispensiblo in
public and free schools; perfect reading,
writing, grammar, orthography, arith
metic, goography, ancient and modern
history, and in addition to tho above a
littlo code or manuel of civility to im
press tho mind of tho scholar, teach him
good manners and polish his vulgarity
and rudonoss, especially when ho does
not got It at home. This last Item Is
badly needed in our schools.
Tho abovo seems to tho writer of this
to bo a vory good foundation for the ac
complishing and perfecting of citizen
ship, from tho farmer and laborer up to
the highest dignitary of the land and
a vory substantial preliminary for all
callings also.
Let tho school directory consist of
honest and able judges, and !o absolute,
ly freo from all political and sectarian
preferment In electing teachers. These
teachers, in addition to tholr ability in
scholarship and competency in teaching
to bo also honest, moral, mannerly and
capable to engraft good manners in pu
pils; such manners ate by no moans the
last necessity to orfcct good cltlzoushlp.
Givu Bitch teachers, subject to prescribed
rules, absolute control over the scholars;
and let those who have uncontrolablo
Senate Committee on
It Is to bo u government cablo.
children take them to the reformatory If
thoy prefer.
Ofcourso, all political and sectarian
Inllueneo should be debarred. And
dually, let the prpspectivo doctors, jour
nalists, merchants, bankers, preachers,
agriculturists, horticulturists, and the
whole hoat of tho various callings, who,
having received these preliminary ele
ments of education freu, look for tholr
respective additional and Mulshing, needs
It Is rather unfortunate that our dis
trict Is under such a heavy burden of
debt and Is a grunt detriment to the City
of Salem. If those bonds were contract.
ed to build somo catching attrastlous It
was a deplorable mistake, Tho sub
stantial prospective settler is not slow to
discover tiiireasouubly high taxation and
to avoid it. Tim fact is that the debt
exists and teaches or dictates to us that
we should lie economical and not so ex
travagant as to go beyond what is rigut
and reasonably necessary. P. V.
Badly Injured.
L, W, Achesoii salesman at Huron &
Ilamiltous, received a message last
night from Nowburg, Informing him
that his father met with an accident
that came vory near causing him death,
Mr. Achosnn was engaged In clearing
up some laud, ami while operating n
stump puller, the cable accldently gave
way causing the sweep to Hy hack and
strike Mr. Aeheson across both thighs
breaking both and Injuring liliu other
wise, L. W. Achesoii left this morning
for Newburg to visit his father.
I'uu Tomorrow.
The funniest comedy of the stmsoii
entitled "Who Is Who" headed by thoce
funny fellows, St. John I'usey will Imi
produced at the Reed tomorrow evening.
The company Is made up of bright girls
whose choruses and dancing adds much
to the sprightliiiiiss of this clever farce.
The action ot the pi we Is fast and
genuinely fiiuuy, never degenerating
Into horse-play. For good miutu and
tots ot tun "Who Is Who" fills the hill.
Hear Mrs. Hinges tomorrow eenlng
at the Fraternal Union entertainment.
Ycgetunie, r lower aim
Grass seed of all
kinds uh art readv
Nurlb of
l-u.l Ofttr
Roasts Carter, of Montana, in the Quaft
A Moses to Lead Our Country Out of the Filipino Wilderness
Says Simon to Carter.
Ilr Aiaocintad Pr la the JonrnaL
Wasiiinuton, March (1. In tho senato
at tho conclusion of morning business,
Senator Simon, of Oregon, called up tho
resolution on seating Quay. He ad
dressed tho senato in answer to tho
speech of Carter, lu tho course which
tho Montana souator adverted to tho
reasons which had Induced him to voto
against II. W. Corbett, appointee of the
governor of Oregon. He said Cartor
made the chargo that Corbett
corrupted tho legislature and defeated
tho deslro of tho people of Oregon. He
could. not permit this "unjust and
untrue" charge to go unchallenged.
Senator Simon took occasion to reply
to tho remarks of Senator Cartor, es
pecially so far as thoy applied to the
failure of the Oregon legislature to elect
a successor toJolin u. .miction. iuer
Carter's 8eech had been printed In the
Record, and each assertion laid- bare,
Senator Simon proceeded to take them
up and refuted those which woro Inac
curate. Ho said Senator Cartor was not
informed on tho .situation or he would
not have taken the course that he didl
In criticising Mr. Corbett and the action
of the Oregon legislature.
More Idaho Riot.
Ilr Aiaoelatrd l'rm la the Jonrnal.
Wasiiinuton, March (1. Ileforo tho
Ca-ur d'Alene investigation was resumed
today, the committee decided to not call
on the president for an allldavit filed
with him, relatlvo to the conditions
making tho country under martial law.
Andrew Dovlln, was the llrst witness
todav. Ills evidence was directed to a
showing that disorderly conduot pre
vailed and local authorities could have
dealt with the situation wlthoutjresort to
martial law.
Mexicsni Takes Kxcepllon.
Ilr Aaauolnltd l'r.. la Iba Journal.
City or Mkxico, March (I. The press
here condemns the policy nf tl,e '
States congress towurd Puerto Rice.
The papers printed In Kugllsh are so
veni lu their comments on the treat
ment of the annexed Island and predict
trouble ahead.
To Fix Up the Filipinos.
Wasiiinoton, March II. President
lleriiard Moses, of the Unherslty of
California, has accepted the place In tho
now Philippine commission. This com
pletes tho commission.
Minister Indefinite.
Ur AMUdaliil lr la lb Jouraal
London, March 0. The llritlsh go
eminent has decided that Iml Pauniu
foto will Jremalu as ambassador at
Washington hidotlnUoly.
Alaska Judge.
Ur Aiioelattd Vrf lo lb Juuraal
Wasiiinuton. March 0. The Presi
dent has nominated Mulvlllo l Ilrown,
of Wisconsin to he United Slates dis
trict Judge of the district af Alaska.
Socialist Democrats,
IjdiiAkAi-ous, Mareh (I, -Tim Writ
National eomentlon of the sooJal
Democratic party, for th purpose
of nominating euudtdateti for presi
dent and viue-prostdenU (met today,
.Yltout tlfiy delegates were present. Thuio
is some talk of fusion with the middle
road Populist.;
Mitt Returned,
Fiiuki-okt, Ills., March t!. Robert llltt
was renominated by acclamation (or
congress atlio Republican congressional
convention today
Is the Only Way an "Honest" Man Can
Get Office,
Appeal to Reason; Miwh is being
said In the press about Mr. Clarke, of
Montana, for bribing his way Into thej
United States senate. Why Mr.- Clarke?
Is It liecause he paid more money than
any other member? Or because he paid
It more openly? What ho did nearly
ovory inomber of that very respectable
body has douo. It matters not in final
results whether it w as dono by money
paid to members of the legislature or hy
money furnished to campaign commit
tees, or sleek iwlitlelans the senator
ship was tho object of the inducement
and do you not know that every inemler
has done somo of tltoo acts with tho
aim at getting tho senatorial . toga?
Urlliory Is not always with open money
It comes lu mora subtile forms aiul
therefore moro dangerous ones. Is It
any more crime to steal ono horse than
two? It la horee-steallng, and money
paid to advance a man to the senate Is
brl,,or.( wloUltr pa,(l , mmnbera aIu.r
thoy aio elected or paid to men before,
or paid to men who aro not members on
the supposition that thoy havoinlluences
that will help towanl tho desired end.'
And that Is what all tho members ot
tho senato have done. Clarke is not
worse than tho rest-ouly that he has
been moro open about tho matter and
had more ready cash to buy the plnco.
All these are things men will do to get
Into places of "lower over their Ignorant
fellow men that they may control. thcin,
Fraternal Union Kntertanmcnt,
The first ot a series ot entertainments
to lie given by the Fraternal Union of
America, will bo given tomorrow (Wed
uesday) evening, in the Foresters' hall,
In Turner block, All holding Invitations
present them at the door.
The Homeliest Man in Salem
As woll at the hundbomest, nod others
are Invited to cull on any drugglBt
und got freo u trial bottle, of Ku nip's
Hulsuiii for the Throat and Lungs, a .
remedy thai Is guaranteed to cure and
believe all C'liroolu mid Acute Coughs,
Asthma, llronchltlH and Consump
tion. Prlco 2.'k. and 60c. cod&w
Try Allen's Foot Ease.
A powder to be shaken Into tho shoes.
Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot,
and get tired easily. If you have smart
Ing feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot
Kane. It cools the feet and makes walk
ing easy. Cunts swollen, sweating feet.
Ingrowing, nails, blisters and callous
spots. Relieves corns and bunions of
all pain und gives reit ami comfort, Try
it today. Sold bv all druggist and shoe
stores (or i!fiV, 'Trial leakage FRfiU.
Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
San FitANf-Bco, March tl Cash 05."
OiiiuAOO.IMari'h May tM Cash ID.
If you i watch won't
vou have a talk with
If you are in nhysica dis
tress you call a physician,
If you hoiibe is outwardly
rusty, a painter will brighten
It's a case ol every man to Ms own
trado.and then your work wt)l be well
done. A watanmker cannot mend im
palred health! nor un a physician set
tho wheel of a broken watch in motion.
No more van evory man fit classes, or
remedy eye ailments uccosfully.
It Is only that man who has studied
scarchlngfy, Refraction, Physiology and
Anatomy of thjs eye, who can adjust
glasses to a certainty.
Sclontllle Optician
UH Stale tit
' te
.. yi