Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 16, 1899, Image 1

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VOL. x.
NO 142.
: You can get
Full Value
When You
They do cash business and mark every article in
the store right down to bed rock. You don't pay your
neighbor's bad debts at a cash store,
You ought to try the spot casli plan in your buying
for a while and notice the result. If you do you will
never go back to the thirty-day credit plan again.
No merchant can buy goods cheaper, and not one
merchant in a thousand will sell at as low a profit as
E. T. BARNES, Prop.
Salem's Cheapest One-Price Cash Store,
Cor. Commercial and Chemeketa Sts.
" ""i " "! a "ta "nf, " - t " "" - " ""4
LAL.Y o ' ' '
rf mS
Wc are not
Not making Low Prices on Dead Stock, and blowing about it as a marvel,
but wo are
Howingdown a clean, livestock, leol with the ilirt which in associated
with cheap prices.
Kvory Shoo in tho house subject to the 20 per cent reduction,
tioodi marked in plain figures.
O? ?wro"yRPntrthoofmLoFr,oo9
etik"iA EW siio:e storjs,:
TTC "T" " I T
- ii 1 II
V y g V I V 1
'. - -
Do Htire to got our prices if you
Model 57
The fines chain wheel ever turned out of a factory.
Hartfords, strictly high grade, S35,
Videttes, fully guaranteed, S25 and S26,
Oor. State and Liberty Sis. Salem, Ore.
Trade With
Cent. Reduction
All Shoes,
Red Cross Shoes
Our hospital and nurse Shoes,
also ux torus, nave arrived. 1 ry
a pair if you want solid com
fort. Our big" Shoe sale is still
on we are cutting prices right
and left we buy bur goods 10
per cent, cheaper than inexper
ienced ODDOSition. hence can
and do easily undersell them.
Krausse Brothers
275 Commercial St.
& White,
W urw ,,ow handling suit, and ut pricon
,nat n,n'x0 JK-'oplo stare. Never before
Iiuh Halt iK'eu sold m cheap as we are
r-ullinj it. Wholesale and retail.
hho salt.
Carpenter's Tools.
Blacksmith's Tools,
Fine "ools
For Evory
Trade at
Idaho, Wasaington
and California.
Troops Receive the Highest
Aguinaldo in Command of Insurgents
is Driven Back By Americans.
Ily Aumiclnteil l're (a the Jnurnnt
Washington, June 10. The report of
Brigadier General Clni". King, has been
ninilo public. His brigade wan com
posed of tho First California, First
Washington, and nun very hard light
ing. General King rails attention to
tho fact that the kwes of his brigade
were greater than that of any other
brigade in tho corps.
General King pays a high tribute to
Ids regimental commanders, Smith, of
the First California, Wholloy, of the
First Washington, and Figgins, of the
First Idaho. Major Woisouburgor, of
the First Washington, vai an example
of soldierly bearing.
Captain Fortseo and Captain Whit
tingtou of tho FirHt Idaho won admira
tion for the daring assault on the
fiercely defended position. Captain
Otis, First Washington, with cheek and
ear scored by u mauser bullet led his
company from the start to the finish.
Lieutenants Irwin and I.ulin, of the
First Washington, were notably cool.
Privates Clay G. Mills, of Co. I), and
F.dwurd C. Huudford, of Co. K, of tho
First Washington, were mentioned as
being constantly under heavy (Ire and
aro soldiers their state manv muv bo
proud of.
Washington, Juno 10. -The war de
partment received the following dis
patch from Gen. Otis today, announcing
the ropuli-o of an insurgent attack upon
our forces at ban I-oniHiido. The at
tuck was made by a bodv of rebels
under the direct command of Airulnnldo.
The relx'ls were driven buck with heavy
Washington. June 10. Tho last cabi
net meeting before the president's de
parture for New Knulund was held to
day. General Otis' dispatches, chron
icling the repulse of Aguiualdo's force
at San Fernando, was read with a good
leal of sutlMUctlon,
Washington, June 15. A new treaty
between the 1'uitcd States jiud
Great Britain, covering the reciprocity
wltli tue indies iJrltlsiiuolouiosuud jtar
Imilos will Iw signed at the state de
partment tlds afternoon. This is the
llrst reciprocity treaty under the recip
rocity claubeof tho Uingloy tariff
Annual Concert at the First M. K. Church
a Brilliant Success.
The First M. K. church was filled to
liu iidiwiut luiiiniillit Itiui ..ifii.. i in. .In.
occasion lwiic tho concert given by tho
class oi vi college oi .music, i no audi
torium was plainly but neatly decorated
with flags, evergreens, palms, etc. Tho
ehiMi motto "Look Up, Lift rp," hang
ing In a coiupfcious ltoKitlou among tlie
decorations on tue cuurcu orguu.
Tho flrfct number on tho program was
a oeautllui rendition oi rcnumuuu s
"FurfchingSN'huunk Aus Wion" by
Florence Tillson. Her action and touch
was very pleasing wlnlo her expression
and touch in nunc of the more difficult
xiihuoi showed great taste and study.
Miss .luuiatu Laufinun rendered
"Storm and Sunshine," by Dudley
Buck. She was accompanied by Mitw
Genevieve Hughes. Miss Ijiufinuti bus
a rich Contralto voice but iter selection
did not iipoar to Is- well suited to it.
Hor Itlgner noten wnn very lull ami
Mr. J. I". Miller was to Imvo favorud
thonudience with a violin Kilo but wus
culled away from the city.
On account ol an accident .MIh Alma
Wagner failed to render a selection from
Chopin, while illness prevuntcd Mr. J,
W. Bickford from singing 'Isrufel," by
Oliver King.
Miss Gertrude Brwwor played with
lmautifiil expression Mozart's Sonutu in
F. Her execution showed sterling
ability and hard study.
Mi Ktlwl Haymoud followed in her
usual graceful manner with "My Ite
deomer and My Ixjrd," by Buck. This
was the gem oi the evening. Her rich
Hipruno filled the church uitd hukl her
hearer with the cloeuist attention till
her hut note was reached.
Mis) ItuymoiHl lutx an extremely
elwiraml ihhukmI tone and wan tomltirel
u hearty encore to whkhbhe rMwindil
uithalKiw of ucknowhfgemtHit. She
was at-AtiniKiitUHl by Pnd Sle.
Mi mi Ixtto Mckllu did justice to Mil
aid's Conwrt Waltz. As a vtolmut Mum
Nleklin iihoukl rank Well. Her exprwt
elon ami feeling sliows great study iu
ttireful preimration,
lt I W" Il.-l ,.1. ,.s fillli.n.l t lilt ..
PIT. J. . dvkiivi ia.ii nw ...-
encwith "For All Kteniity" by Ma
lieroii, with violin MipU by M1m
UJoNickiin. ilbjrtcli rMtul tenor i
too wll kwown to nmul ouwmwt. H
rBlriWUMl to a diwnrd mhhkm witk
"Tall m iQirjBHlihNi whr will vom ma.
Mr. R.w.Ti)kH mm mmfm u
VtM ft waster of the kry IxMtnl. Iff Urn
rendition by Beethoven's Sonata In C
sham minor On. 127 No ''.
The Cardinal Quartette consisting of
Misses G. Hughes, Mathews, K.
Hughes, and Collins blended theirvoices
most beautifully in an arrangement of
Sullivan's "Ist Chord." Their voices
wero well balanced, while the harmony
was perfect.
On account of illness of Miss Drown,
the violin duett was replaced by a violin
solo by Miss Lelo Nickin, hor selection
being Do Berost's 7th concerto for violin
which sho executed with a remarkable
display of expression.
This number closed a well selected
program and one that showed a great
deal of careful study and hard work on
the part of the students and also re
flected a great deal of praise on Prof.
Francesco Holey whoso ability ifs a
teacher is already po well known. Wo
nro happy to congratulate Prof. Seloy on
the success of this annual concert and
trust that another year w ill nrovo to bo
equally if not more successful tnau
past one has been.
.. ... . -i . .
The Presidency of Willamette and Will
Take a Professorship.
It wus announced on Thursday that
W. C. Hiiwlev, president of Willamette
University, has asked to bo relieved
from his duties in that capacity. The
trustees have taken no action as yet.
and it remains to bo determined
whether a change w ill be made Presi
dent Hawley does not Intend to sever
his connection with tho school, but
asked this change in order that a minis
ter might bo placed at the head of the
bohool. He has two reasons personal to
himself for making tho request. Ho do
sires to devote more of his tlmo to tho
subjects of history and economics, and
incase tho question of national expan
sion should become the paramount issue
in tho next cumiialun. he desires to Im
free to take tho stump in support of tho
policy of tlie present nilnilnistratfon.
Djpattment No. t in Session but a Few
Judge Burnett convened his court this
morning long enough to make tho fol
lowing docket entries, and then ad
journed until 10 a. in., Monday.
J. K. Whito vs IJ. P. Taylor; action
for money. Judgment for defendant on
Three anneals from Justice court in
which F. II. Lcchlor is plaintiff and A.
I). Hall, O. Pomotoy and C. 0. Hall, res
pectively, wore defendants, were con
tinued. Fred Hurst vs. Fred Achilles; appeal
from Justico court. Judgement for
plaintiff on verdict against defendant
and surety on appeal.
W. T. Jonks vs A. I. Wagner; action
for money. Settled.
In ro estate of S. It. Hammer, de
ceased ; appeal from county court. l)o
muner to complaint sustained and
cause dismissed.
Tlie Dreaded Aypendicitis Drlngs Two
More to the Hospital.
Miss Letltla Abrams, who has Won
attending tlie college of oratory, and
whot-Ctgruduutiiig rouitul Iiuh boon twice"
itostiKjiicd on account of hor illness, was
taken to tho r-'alem Hospital Thurs
day evening. This, Friday, morn
ing an oeratlou for appendicitis
was performed, from which the
patient's prospects of recovery are
not so bright as could lie wished. Miss
Abrams' iiiuny friends will be very
sorry to lea in of her critical condition,
A little lxjy, Lavern Curtis, ton youn
of age, was also ojMiratcd upon for ap
pendicitis tliis morning, and has a fair
chance for recovery.
Forty Mm Doomed to Destruction- u
Have Been RecovercJ,
Halifax, N. ,S., June ID. A dispatch
from (j I u wo Bay, C. B., says an explosion
accompanied by a terrible loss of life oc
curred today. More than forty men
were In tau initio pit and it is believed
nearly all liavo perished. Twelve bodies
havobcon recovered.
Halifax, June HI. This afternoon
all the miners hud Ih'cii accounted for
except 11.
Thirty Persons KcporteJ to Have Went
Down With the Ship.
Sthttin, June 10. Tho jmsMiiigor
steamer Blutcher was run Into and sunk
by the steamer I'oelitz today. Thirty
ersous are reiortsl to have been
The Dutch In the Philippines.
Nnw Yoiik, Juno 1(1. According to
the Brusfeis corrosKindent of the Her
aid, a company has been formed in
Belgium for the purKwe of developing
the Philippine inlands, the cajiitul
stock being IIximI at 3,000,000 francs.
TlielKjard of directors incltiilus M.
Melot Burgo, Master Namurdo Hrojiio
vllle and M. Thieiipout. memliers of
the Ikilgion clmmbor. and M. Andre,
IWdgian consul-generualut Manila.
An Invitation of Oold.
San FitA.vcihco, Juno lfl.Tho Ohio
Society of California huve trsluy sent
to Prosiduut MeKiuloy an invitation on
gruvwl on a plate of gold, asking him to
beoome tho guest of that orgaiiiuitiou
in this city. Tlie society Is already
raining a fund for his eutertHiuinvnt.
it being generally blleved that the chief
wJcwtitio will visit the Pacific coast later
In the year.
Sc'red the Legislature.
IANHi.s, Mich.. June 10. (ioiernor
Pingreo marked the elosiug day of the
legislature by sending in a veto mewwgH
which hotly criticized the legislature for
the alleged lailurt to carry out the -ile's
Wallace Troubles.
Wallace, June 111. As boon as com
ptiny I), of Twenty-fourth infantry left
Ikirke, the union Immxiiih more defiant,
TmUy CHiiMuy I), returns to Burke,
and troop I,, of the First eavulry eommt
back Iwre. Tlw court has done nothing
Uibt utoroiitg.
Oot t4 year.
Nbw Voak, June 1. leo. B. K.
Barrow, the priwij! m th kklnapiiiHg
of Marioti Clark, waa MnttmtMid to four
(MNt yettra aHtl Uti HMHith iHiitriiMHi
mmU Carrh Jimm, wtui Aim
i8tr and UtrwtA stotoV ide wus
gtftwtawl kMr years. The trial f
Mr. Barrow will h4hw.
Reported Assassina
tion of Aguinaldo.
Thl Troubles at Foo Chow
Political Situation at Bluofields Ex
tremely Quiet.
Ily inlntrt Vrraa to llif. .Iitiirunl.
Nr.ty Orliwvr, June 111. Passt'iigers
from llluoflclils report that nil iMilitical
affairs in Blucflelds are oxtrnmoly quicf .
Tho gunlsvit Vlxon hns taken up n po
sition commanding tho bay and town
and south of Blueilelds river, and has
the Klwirngunn cuslom house and army
pol at Its mercy.
RitANOitAt, Juno 1(1. A dispatch from
Foo Ohow pays : ''Antl-foroign troubles
have occurred at Cicnginfr. Pit, Ngan
lhvnl province. Cliuroli nnd mission
burned, but the mlssionnrics escaped to
LoynoK, Juno 10. Tho missionary
society conllrniH tho report of troublo
at Kjcng King Fu, niidlng that two
native missionaries have been killed.
CnrrAfio, June 1(1. Tho Trlbuno to
day prin tH tli follewing:
"London, Juno lfl. An unconi'lrmed
rejtort is circulated hero that Aguinaldo
has met a fato similar to that muted
to General Tama two days ago. De
tails of the assassination are lacking.
However, as tho rutmrt was brougt into
Manila by a native, it finds some be
lievers there, nnd tho London pilars
have made every effort to verify it, but
so far Imvo been unsuccessful. It Is sup
posed hoio that tho murder was done
by Luna's friends."
Lo.vnov, June lfl. Tho Italian govern
ment, says tho corrcsomlont of the
Daily Mail, has demanded satisfaction
from Franco for tho arbitrary arrest at
Nice of the Italian general, Ullottu
taken into custody thetoou charge of
I.oniov, June 10. The Calm corres
(Mind of tho Daily News says:
A party of Bedouin Arabs recently at
tacked a convoy of Kgyptlans with the
holy carpet of Mahomet, between Mecca
and Medina. A fierce conflict ensued.
Four soldiers and three civilians of the
convoy were killed, and the rest fled,
The Bedouins hold tho carpet for ran
SivoAi-oitK, June lfl. The cruiser
Olyuipiu, wltli Admiral Dewey on Isiard
sailed trout Hero ut daylight this morn
ing. Tho next stop made by the cruiser
will lm at CoIomlK), Island of Ceylon.
Washington. Juno 1(1. (lenoral Otis
has cabled confirming the assassination
of (ieueral Luna, which he regards us
hound to have u good effect, as Ids large
following will now undoubtedly bo for
Bhuwihliji. June 16. M. Andre the
ex-Belgaiu oonsubgenerul hi Manila
mild that Luna's death Isadodsend to
the I'nltod States, and the future of the
islands, us he was the soul of tho re
Ixillion, uml the most sanguinary man
of all Aguiualdo's army, the man who
Wc Want Your Attention,
If ycAi cannot son well enotiuh. wo hone
you ixiu hear. Wo hoj you will hear
that this is too IKMI place in gut glasses.
This illustration is to attract the atten
tion hut not to sell ulusses. Koine ih
ple urge others to buy goods whether
they need them or not, but in our line
Y,e Mdilom get a chance to urge the buy
ing of glawen until some time after they
ought to have len worn, (ionorall) It
try it the eye sight to use the riidit kind
of glasses when the sight ilrst.boglnK to
fail. Tliis in a fact that most eople
know, but few eople act himui.
W lwi that no one who roads this
wUI po4txii the uetMtmtily of getting
i Jtu DTAiu allium'
- V WM
jr .if is a
tortured Spanish prisoners. M. Andre
says tho assassination of Luna removes
tho principal obstacle to te.ico In the
Paiub, Juno 10. M. Polncan. u-lll In.
form President Iuliet dint ho declines
to form a cabinet. Tlie declination is
understood to Iks duo to tho objection of
the Uadicnls to tho tiresencoof M. Itllxii
and Barthous in the cabinet.
iVstorln is rillvllii' n finnl In imtnt-lnln
tho editors.
Government is to erect nine buildings
r on Stevens.
TIlO f?ll!lllltfntt iwltlnfu ti'tll K.i ..,ilii.
tallied and Imnniiuttivi ut Pirtlumt Mmi.
A now telephone line is nbout to be
built from Kugeno to Florence, I.nuo
county by a Son Francisco firm.
I'nrlltitiil linu n i.iiu.t rt 'ai.inll .i
- . ........ i ..i-u w. aiiii.il jruA.
The case was discovered last Monday
ami was immediately tukon to tho jnist
Till IllllH Alllllllillli Tin itninnnmi of
Portland has been ebsorbed by tho
iioimes ice v coal company and now
uuru is ouiono renin ice company in
ortland. ' '
I lllk lltltl.ljta li.,tt li.in.l l.t ...!.... ..A
inu iiiiiiuwii iiiiiuiiiiitiiuiiu luuiorv, ill
lllinilltll. Illlixl nil nnlnr lnul iiwinlfi tn
80,000 handles for Australia and is work
ing on an order for tlie same amount
ior uiu sumo juaco.
Fully M),000 head of troll sheep, en-
rniltit tr ilt(Tiir.kiil Biult.iitu .if 41. ....1
have passed through Long Creek during
uiu iini uvu ui' ami ro now positing
wiruiiKii imKor cottiivy areoit in itiini
ingtou, from which jMilnt they will lie
loaded on tho cars for shipment across a
H)rtlon of Idaho,
A Compllmcntnty Occurrence.
At n mooting of tho Salem Teacher's
association yesterday afternoon some
very pleasant matters were brought to
to the surface. At tho opportune
incmout Principal D. W. Yoder, of tho
Kast school in a neut talk presented
City Hunt. Peebles wltli u memento on
on behalf of tho city teachers. It wad
a beautiful gold ring witli carbuncle
garnet setting, and was given as u
memento of appreciation, on the event
of Prof Peebles' leaving tliojSnlom schools
to take a higher position in tho Weston
Normal school.
A neut response was elicited from
the professor, who was soiuuwhat
overcome witli Biirprise, His remarks
were mingled wltli sentlmontu of grati
tude mid pathos, and abounded in good
will towards the Halcm teachers and
schools, with ho had been Identified so
many years. A commit too was ap
nointcd to draw tin resolutions of resuict
and commendation of KuiKiriuteudeiit
Peebles, to bo adopted at tho next meet
ing of the teachers.
Buyers of bicycles should not full to
see tho Victor before placing orders for
wheels, since the price lias been reduced
to f U), the purchaser gets full ft0, value,
The samo standard of excellence will lm
maintained as in the past, which has
earned for the Victor the reputation of
iK'Ing tho the "most serviceable wheel
by any linn." sold in Halem by II. 8.
Gilo & Co.
Twenty cases of Siskiyou water just
received. For sale by the case. Cheap
est and best water on earth. Cull and
get u sample free at the Willamette
Mrs. P. Voreler, who liiii been visit
ing hor daughter, Mr. H. L. Hayes, at
Hulsoy, returned homo today.
Mrs. I'M. Shields, of Spokane, who lias
been visiting tier sister, Mrs.
('has. Cal
vert, left for home today,
W. T, Hlater returned fiom F.ugone
ibis afternoon.
I Jos. Meyers & Sons,
Salem's Greatest Store.
Women's Belts
2 Every fashionable sort is here. Thu
m itsMirtmeiit is so largo that space
J forbids full deserlptlon, See our
m white kid belts, lined mid stitched,
that some stores ask M cents for no
m Isttter our irice.
The wanted kinds Madras and
Bilks. Block witli full fuff.
50c. and $1.00
Summer Vests
Buy them hero and savo. White,
cream, pink, light blue, black fanny
strips, ele.
5e. up.
White Piques
S Brisk business brings now assort-
2 ment. narrow strios, figures, pink,
jh Lt, blue, now blue, cardinal, i.hh).
15c to 50c.
I Summery Cottons
2 All fjirloNl remarkable low, lm
Snorted and Domustle Organdies,
floral and luce effects.
15c to 50c.
Mouselaine DeSoie
torn M.00.
av m viifwj II'ITI lfi
Flgurtxl Iiwus.
3 1-2c
278 -280 Commercial St, The Old
r Absolut eiv 'Pure
Makes the food more delkkuis and wholesome
Strike in Cleveland
Thousands ol People Take
a Hand.
Motormeu and Oars Stoned as They
Clkvkland, Juno 10. Thostrcot cars
continue today on regular schedule.
At tho noon hour when the big fac
tories let out, troublo was experienced
nil over the city. At tho cornor of
Wood nnd St. Clair streets, soxoral
hundred factory girls bombarded the
passing cars with bottles, stones and
other missiles from tho shop windows.
A crowd of 2,000 pcoplo blocked tho
cars at Superior and Hank streets and
stoned them, At Vinton nnd Clark
Avenues brick were thrown from tho
crowd and Injured a policeman and a
shurp melee followed.
At Holdeu avenue a crowd of 2,000
peoplo were encountered, The Motor
man wan hit with paving stone- and
volley after volley of stones nnd eggs
were sent into tho car. Police rein
forcements finally arrived and drove
tho mob back.
Carey Martin returned this morning
from attending tho funeral of his father
ittTsiltcoou Lnku In Lane county, near
the coast, lie had a hard trip. Ho left
Salem Monday, having received tho
news of his fathers death just In time
to catch tho 11 o'clock train. From
Kugeno ho drove forty-four miles that
afternoon accompanied by his brother,
and walked 10 miles after dark. Next
morning they rowed a boat IS miles, ar
riving just in time for thu funeral ser
vices. Mr. Hugh A. Hunter, B. A. M. I),,
C. M. arrived tslay from Kasterii Ore
gon, Ho comes to investigate the
coast country. Mr. Hunter Iw a brother
of Mrs. H. H. Gileof our city and during
his stay In Salem will lie a guest at thoir
Judge and Mrs. It, S. Bean returned
today from State university commence
ment at Kugono, accompanied by their
sou Condon, who Is a student at that
Mr. and Mrs. K. P. McCoriiack aro
home from Kugeue,
Bx-U. S.
Senator Dies
t Cotuie
Cottaok GnovE, Juno 10. Ex-Unitcd-
State Senator licnj F. Harding Uidd '
hero this iU.ternoon.af tor a sorinu III. .
11088. r- .
Uonjaman F. Han ing, was tho fourth' .m
secretary of the territory of Oregon. HedP
was Iwrn in Pennsylvania in 1832. Ho3
camo to Oregon in 1840 and settled In 'l
Marlon county, whoro ho was ofctivo and K
conspicuous in public affairs and Infln.;
entiul In tho councils of tho Doniocrotio'
party duglng Ids entire resldcnco there,
for n quarter of a century or more. Ho
was u lawyer by profession, but devoted
much of its thno to politics mid farm
ing, and in Ids prlmo waa regarded as
ono of the shrewdest politicians in Ore
gon. Ho wua United Statea attoraoy
before tho organisation of tho state
government, nnd was threa times "a
moiulwr of tho territorial 1
islaturo. Ho was secretary of tho ter
ritory from l&W, to 1869 by appointment
of President Pierce. In 1802 tho Icels
hitlvo assembly elected him to fill tho
unexpired term of Edward D. llakor,
... t..u W..1U.M mums wMiaio, riancr
having been klllednt thoheadof hlarcgi "
ment in tho battlo at Ball's Buff. Sen
utor Harding non-od out tho term, and"
Jv.Jl8..8.V.(liV'0W,0d' Mnrch 185 by God."
K. Williams.
Soon after tho close of his term in tho
senate, Mr. Harding retired to a farm '.
in Mnrion county, and a few years
later moved to a farm near Cottago
Two Convlcu From Umatilla. v
Deputy Sheriff J. A. Blakely today
brought to tho -penitentiary Judd Par.
sons nnd John Carroll, ach to servo one'
year for lurcony. . -
When the liver's
wrong all's wrong.
CiiicAoo.Juno 10. July 70JJ , Cash 2
red 7I. -
San FnA.vcisco, June, 10. Cash 1.10
I Pil,s-U
make wrong livers 1.M
s i ' "JOt
- - . J 1
Tho new and proper styles Just
opened. TookB, Puffs Four in hands,
Hovvb, Now Hods, New Illites.
25c, 50c, 75c.
Crash Hats
00 dozen for your selection.
25c to 75c.
White and Gray
Crush Hats
Just H waived.
Summer Underwear
Only tho best hero Una cream, bal
brlggaii, 00 cents suit and up.
Fancy Colors
Pink and Light blues $1.70 por suit
Cllllll l.lgl
Columbia Bicycle
Given away July 3.
New Silk
Balhrlgguu underwear. Cannot ba
told from silk hi appearncg
Suit, $3.00
" I .f
I ,,t
White Corner.