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VOL.. X.
NO 140.
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Full Value
When You
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Herman, M, Destroyed
With Great Loss ol Life
A Once Thriving Town is Reduced to
Hy Afooplnted l'rr tu the .Journal.
A special to tlie lleo from lllair, Neb.,
says :
At 0:15 last night the town of Her
man, 11 miles north of here, was prac
tically wiped off the map. Tho storm
had been gathering for some hours, and
people in lllair and the surrounding
country had noticed two huge funnel
shaped clouds converging toward that
point. At Herman, people scurried in
all directions and sought tho shelter of
tho now cyclone cellars, and instantly
the town was a seething mass of debris.
After tho llrst violent burst of wind, a
torrent of rain fell.
Train No. 2, tho (Iyer on tho Chicago,
St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha, due in
Herman at (kO.'l p. m., pulled in 17 min
utes late and discovered that tho entire
town had been destroyed. Tho train
crew, as well as many of tho passenuors
turned thomeelvcs into a relief corps
and tho train into an emergency hospi
tal. The train, unable to proceed
through the wreckage of tho grain ele
pator blown across the tracks, returned
to Blair with some 88 persons, this
number including one of tho dead and
all of tlie wounded found up to that
Tho llrst damage done was about four
miles west of Herman, at the Hawkins
farm, Mr. Hawkins is dead, and his
barns and outbuildings are a mass of
ruins. In tho village of Herman but
few buildings are left standing. Tlie
business portion and tho residences are
piled up in a heap. That any escaped is
miraculous. Tho bank owned and op
erated by Itopresontative J. II. Cham
bers is in a mass of ruiiiH. It was a sub
stantial uncK Dunning, ins nomo, an
elegant framo building, escaped. Xear
tho depot is a pile of rubbish containing
everything from a pajr of boots to dead
and wounded horses, hogs, cattle, etc.
Tho dead and wounded thus far re
ported :
Dead Mr. Hawkins; V. S. Hichards,
postmaster, Herman; A. H. Hopkins,
Herman; Mrs. A. II. Hopkins, Herman;
John Hopkins, Herman.
Seriously injured Mrs. A. Anderson,
of Herman; Machinist Clouseu, Mis
souri Valley; Tom I lines, lllair; A.
Chrlstenson, Herman; C. West, Her
man; Mrs. Kelso and child, Ponder.
V. S. Hichards probably died from
suffocation. Ho was a very old man,
and had beon postmastmaster in Her
man for tho last 12 years. Mrs Auder
son is suffering from a broken arm and
very serious cuts nlwut tho face and
head. Her condition is critical. Tom
I linos is a mason from this city and
is suffering internal injuries. He is
probably fatally hurt.
Machinist Clausen, from Missouri
Valley, is cut and bruised about tho
head, mid is suffering from internal in
juries. His condition" is very serious,
and he prolxihly cannot live till morn
ing. Immediately upon the arrival of tho
train in lllair thuwoundotl were oarried
to the homes of the residents of Hluir,
and the Christian hotol, nour tho sta
tion. Tho train roturnod to Herman
with medical assistance, all the physic
ians that could be spar!, several min
isters and many of the town -.xtoplu.
Herman is a placo of about 800 inhab
itants, in tho extreme northern iart of
Washington county.
Wires are all down north of Herman,
and it is not known how much furlhur
north tin storm went, but norls are
uoiiilng in to tliw offoot that a large or
lion of the country north of Aermun is
laid waste.
Tho entire Kubtern jorUln of he
brosku is being swept by a torrifle ruin,
wind and electric storm tonight. Tim
street) of Omaha are Hooded, and the
play of lightning is something fearful.
Ad view) received by the Itee to 11
o'clock tonight state that every building
In the town 1 destroyed, except tlw
public school mid one small dwelling,
both of which are on tho outskirts.
The force of tho wind was torriliic. The
Kionoiu the streets of the one thriving
ami beautiful little town ia one of destruc
tion. Wrecked buildings and broken
furniture, scarcely recognizable in ils
dilapidated condition, are strewn alt
around, while dead bodies lie in many
plaaes, tho corpse badly dUflgured and
mm of tliwn hardly reaogHiaiWe- Tlw
looawsofthe injured mingle witl the
talU of the rescuers as they purwe tlteir
humanitarian work in the dark by the
tliekariwg gleam of lantern. t
AM the aiUe of Htelr have thrown
ofMH their hfei to th wwmJtl, and
the unfrUiitatw are brfug eurwl ler uy
ceived but slight injuries.
It is impossible, at this hour owing
to tho confusion, to ascertain the num
ber of the dead.
Superintendent Jayncs, of tho Omaha
road, was at Tckcmoh when ho heard of
tho disaster, amUcftat once for Her
man on a hand'6nrViKkhig two physic
iana along withmprf to assist in suc
coring tho wounded.
A new sanuplpo weighing 10 tons was
carried a block and a Halt, and a largo
iron safe was carriek two blocks. Tho
main street of thu town is a mass of
debris. A freight train left Hlalr, at
midnight with medical aid and other
relief for tho sufferers.
Heiimas, Neb. Juno 14. Ten killed'
and about twcnty-flve wero injured in
last night's tornado. It Is thought all
arc now accounted for unless the storm
has been more disastrous in the country
than is anticipated. Not a single build
ing in the town was left whole.
Omaha, Juno 11. Two traveling men.'
W, K. Anderson and Mr. Erkino, ar
rived hore at 3 a. m. on a train from
Herman. They estimate 25 to 30 dead,
but would not venture an estimate of
the injured. They say 250 people aro
stil in Herman practically without
Not All Recovered Vet.
Nkw Richmond, Juno 14. No organ
ized movement, looking to tho recovery
of thodead, or tho distribution of sup
plies lias Ixsen inaugurated, as yet, but
order is beginning to show amid the
chaos and demoralization, prevailing
since tho storm. A largo numbor of
bodies aro still in tho ruins, tho number
is estimated from 50 to 100.
In the tornado which struck this vil
lage wrecked several houses at
Dane Hollow, where two persons wero
killed and ten reported severely
Tlie Great Smelter Trust Dis
charging; Thousands of
11 y Aaaoclnteil I'rca to tho Journnl.
Dr.NVKit, Juno 14. Threo thousand
employees of the trust Binolters' in Den
ver, Pueblo and Lcadvlllo wero dis
charged today, having lextinguishcd the
tho llrcs in the big furnaces and put
everything in order for a Beason of idle
ness. All shipments of ore and fuel to
smelters have been ordered stopped.
Many coal mines ure preparing to re
duce the production and hoiuu will close.
J. S. 1'iirdom has resigned as night
watchman at the enitentiary, and II.
L. Patterson, of Clackamas county, bus
been employed in his place.
Tho circuit court at Salem continued
tho report of the referee in tho case of
W. K. Mitchell vs. the Oregon Woman's
Flax Fiber Association, and entered a
iiiik'inont uuahiHt tho defeudent for
t-170.74, with auoider to soil theat'ahid
A. A. Homlerson, formerly of (llou
Chester, Mass., but now a resident of
California, is in Astoria to bugin the
development of deep-sea fishing off the
mouth of the Columbia. Hu is thor
oughly familiar with the busiuoss and
expects to begin by catching halibut for
the Eastern markets. Later he will de
vote himself to the extensive codlish
banks that are known to Iks within easy
reach of this ort.
Adjutant-Ueneral H. II. Tuttlo cumn
to muster in the new military company.
It. H. Loaho has had the matter in
charge, mid has enrolled about HO.
General Tuttlo and Colonel A. II. Uillis
examined tlie applicants this evening.
Twenty-six were passed and sworn in,
but as u sulllcleut number was not
bcoured, tho company will not be must
ered in till later in tho week.
Mayor Jones' plan to lease the Toledo,
Ohio, gas plant lias panned the board of
councllmon and Ikjooiiio a luw. Hy this
plan the city clerk is to advertise the
city gas plant for sale or lease. It is
Mayor Jones' plan to have a oornKiuy
of patriotic citizens lease the plant, run
it without oxMtnse to the oity.und what
ever profits uccruenro to be turned into
tho city treasury.
The newly elected grand president of
Natives Sons of Oregon, Sol iilumauer,
Is a native of Portland, 37 years of age.
He is we and fuvorably known all over
the northwest, having been u oomm-r-cinl
traveler for 12 years, during wlinh
tlmu liu vinitttd ovurv citv. town and
hamlet in Oreuon, Washinictoii and !
Idaho. For the nt 10 years he has
been vice-president of the lihuuauer-
KrunL' llrntr Stunt (t . tliM IhuiIiiii
wholenilu drug firm of Portland. He .
married Miss Hattie Flefac-hiier, a
native daughter, nine years age, and has
one daughter 7 years old.
Oregon Contributes.
JtiiiMoi., II. I. .June 11. Oregon' con
tribution to the new cup defender Col
umbia was made Tuesday when an Ore
gon pine mast was suoceWully stepped
Overall), jackets, linen dusters, canvas
helmets, kummer clothing, all at racket
price at the New York Hackee. 'M lw
Important Notice.
On Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
there will I a meeting of the general
cowtiuittee of Ui Fuurth of July U
braUon at tlie oifwe of Chairman . J.
Jttduh in tlw dty hall, wliwi awl where
all chairman awl eoeunlttee mewbers
arexiMtttl t W iirteeiit. Vtwm
of work and apirUiWtm(Mt (A mwijt
HiMeets fctr dfe9Msin. U J '"
ltit S. J. Jwiuii, 0lrw.
competent surgeon. Many of the
jured will die, but some of them
Oregon Boys on Their
62 Dead Left in the Philip
pines. Troops Cheered as the Transports
steamed uut ot the Harbor.
Ilr Anixlnlcil Vrtu to the Jonrnnl.
Manila, Juno 14. The llrst American
volunteer's started for homo today. Tho
transports Newiort and Ohio carrying
thu Oregon regiment and tho llrst vol
unteer signal corps. They sail for San
Francisco by way of Nagasaki, Japan,
and are exacted to arrive at their des
tination on July 12.
Tho Oregon regiment left (12 dead,
being thu total number of its men killed
in the battle and dcadj from disease as
a result of tho year's campaign. Tho
troops wero cheered as tho transits
steamed out of tho harbor.
Washington, Juno 14. Tho following
was received by the war department to te
day: "Manila I.awtons troops under Gen.
Wheaton and Ovenshlno occupy tho
country south to Ilacor. Tho enemy ap
pears to have retired on tho isthmus,
abandoning the bay country. The
lighting yesterday was severe.
Our loss was 10 killed and 40 wounded,
Tho enemy was driven from well con
structed entrenchments which they
held tenaciously. Their loss waH sev
eral bundled, of whom fifty wore burled
this morning. Otis."
Disarmament Not to Ue Seriously Con
sidered, Nkw Yoiik, Juno 14. Tho Ainerici n
projKisal for rendering private property
Inviolable at sea is strongly supported by
tho Dutch dulegates to thu huco confer
ence, according to tho correspondent of
tho Herald nt The Hague, who luw had
luturviewH with prominent momWs ot
tho commission.
Germany, howover, the correspondent
adds, is indifferent and Franco strongly
opposes It. Sho apjicars to think incase
of war against England, of tho possibil
ity which has baun shown by tho Fash
adu incident. Tlie American scheme
would rob her of her principal woaism
against Kngland. In case of a naval
war, it lias always been the idea of the
French to strike on every point of Eng
land's merchant marine and trade.
It is quite certain that Russia supports
the French view, unci probably because
sho considers herself bound In duty to
back her ally. The fate of tho American
process therefore, is very uncertain,
although Germany probably, In tho
end, will be found Hiding with the
United States and England, which may
possibly turn thu scale. At present thu
whole attention of tho conference is con
tent! on the arbitration question.
Tho corrosoudeut says ho read the
Itusslan projHisltlon. It enacts that tho
conference ulndl choose live towers to Imj
called upon to arbitrate Each shall ap
Kiint a judge, the live constituting a
court, to which oa ch of tho two contend
ing jmrties shall he entitled to add a
judge of its own appointment with the
sumo right as the other judges. A or
niaueut arbitration bureau representing
the live original arbitrating oworH will
be instituted, with headquarters lit Tho
Hague, the oxhiiiso to be borne by all
ho signatory itowort in the sumo pro
portion as of tho existing international
iHistollIco bureau.
Wc Want Your Attention,
If you cannot soo well enough, wo hope
you can hoar. Wo hdjKt you will hear
that this is thu Iwwt place to get glasses
This illustration is to attract the atten
tion but not to sell glasMM. home peo
ple urge others to buy good whether
they need thum or not, hut in our line
we seldom get a chance to urge tho buy
ing of glawioH until somu time after they
ought to have boon worn. Generally ft
uvea th eye sight to use the right kind
of giaMM when the sight tlrt logins to
fail, 'fills is h fact that most iooplo
know, hut fow people act tion.
V hope tliat no one who reads this
will MMtXHit) the necttwiity of getting
r 4a lh i I
On tho other hand, it seems that nil
hope of disarmament schemes in any
shape has been definitely relegated to
tho land of Utopia, even tlie timid sug
gestion of delaying for live years unv
transformation or improvident in guns
or war materials, or hi order to save ex
Ihmiscs all around, sceini to be stripped
of tho faintest chance of success. Ger
many and both her Austrian and Italian
allies are strenuously oppoicd to it.
Smelters Close Down,
Dknnkii, June II. This morning the
managers of the Omaha and Grant
smelter, In-gan blowing out the furnaces
and by tomorrow night every plant be
longing to tlie American smelting it
Koilnlng Company, otherwise known us
Smelting Trust, will bo dosed down,
throwing several thousand employes out
of employment, and incidentally a much
larger number of miners, in coal us well
as metaliferous mines, coko burners,
teamsters and other workmen. Indeed,
tho effect of tho shut-down upon Colo
rado can hardly be computed at this
time. Tho shut-down Is tho result of
the eight hour law, which goes into
effect Thursday.
Italian Spy.
Pauis, Juno 14. Tho Italian general
arrested nt Nico Is General GuisscpiH).
Ho was examining tho fortifications on
the frontier, and a number of plans of
fortifications were found on him, he
commands tho Curmoii brigade, in gar
rison at Placontia, and went to Nice on
Henry O. Hnvenieyer Vigor
ously Attacks Customs "
lly Amiirlntcil l'rraa to the Journnl.
Wahainoton, Juno 11. Henry O.
Heveineyer, president of the Sugar lto
fining Company, was examined by the
industrial commission today, in connec
tion with the investigation of trusts.
His testimony related almost wholly
to tho sugar Industry and opened with a
vigorous attack upon tho customs tar
iff, which ho deelureo was tho "mother
all trusts" becoming such by providing
"an inordinate protection to manufac
tured articles."
Fifteen Graduates Receive Diplomas at the
Preparatory Course
At tho First M. K. church Tuesday
evening and Interesting program was
carried out and llfteen grmluatos of the
preparatory course to WlllainettMini
versity received their diplomas.
Tho main feature of tho evening was
an address by Hon. 0. 11. Moores, an
alumnus, and one of tin strongest
friends of the university. 'I hu huhkm I
the graduates and tho coimo taken urcf
Classical Miss Inez Fluid,. H. A. Sic.
wart, i, a. raiiruiiim, Olms.
worthiindH.il. WllkiiiH; Latin
tiflc Miss Kthol Gardner, T. H.
buurd, C. W. I.lvosay ami II.
lord j normal .Miss Krnia M
u ... ii I, . t ., ,.. . .. .1
.uinn iij-i m, wrilgcr, iUISM .UIIIUIOKOSCII-
meidor, .Miss inaKtllwell, Miss Mainrio
Watteiipaugh and It. Ackley.
Your Champion.
homo Champion tin-dark horso others
tue iiK:u, nut wlieu liN)kiug for u
Hinoko ask for "I.lttlo Champions.
Crush suitH, bicycle suits, Crush and
straw hats at the New York Kuckut. Call
and see them.
Id lw
iiBiiiiUKQi(gkuaattiuiiiMaiiHiiiiiiHiBiRHHfliHllgliiIIRHIiaiiliamilllglimmi,lllll, -
fjos. Meyers & Sons,
i Salem's Greatest Store.
Copyrfghl n
Mr Hrt, SNaHar & Mars
1 278-280 Commercial St, The Old
r mj-'mm
Makes the food more
Will Stop
Further Agreement Oyer
Alaskan Affairs.
Pennsylvania Democrats Knock
Chicago Platform.
lly AMiiH'Inlcil l'rrm to tlip JournnL
Sisoroiti:, Junu 14. Admiral Dewey
lauded here this afternoon and bado
fiuowoll to (luvo.'iior Mitchell. Tho
Admiral sails tomorrow for Columbia,
Cuylon. He will probably visit tho
Ley Ion
Hills o
( Ceylon for the benefit of his
Tin: Haoi'K, Juno it. It is now ex
pected that tho peace conference will
not adjourn boforo the middle of July as
it is thought the labors of the delegatus
aro not to bo finished before that tlmu
and there Is the additional question of
tho acceptance of tho decision us adopted
by the conference.
London, Juno 14. Ambassador Clio
ate today received from tho foreign of
fice a communication on thu Alaskan
intention, which is understood to be n
satisfactory aid temporary arrange
nientof the affairs.
Hauhisiiuiui, Ph., Juno 14, The
Democratic Htate convention was called
to order hy State Chairman Hilling.
The mention of tho name of Hryan was
waived with tho wildest applause.
The temporary chuliman llrlntoii said
the freedom of Cuba was duo only to
tue untiring etioris i uio Democratic
minority In congress. Tho platform us
prepared by the executive committee
was adopted,
A motion to amend making n straight
out declaration in favor of the Chicago
platform was defeated. Thu platform
ileitis mainly with state issues.
Ilopi-AM), N. V., Juno 14. Tho situa
tion on thu docks today Is worse than at
any time since the trouble began. The
only Union muii working (ids afternoon
were grain Hhovolers.
Ci.HViiusn, Juno 14. There Is little
change in the street railway strike situ
ation today. Curs mo running mid
new men are constantly arriving
at the company barns. During tho
riot this afternoon, motormmi An
derson, a non-union man was struck
If yon arc going to nucd :i golf or
wheel suit, a light weight, half-lined
suit for warm weather, a thin coat of
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Schaffner"& Marx guaranteed clothing
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delicious and wholesome
KlwCfH CO., Nlw YORK.
ontho head by a brick and was seriously
injured. Tho police-dispersed tho mob.
Sk.vttlk, Juno 14. Tho over duo
steamer Port Albert, arrived hero today.
I lor delay was caused by tho breaking
down of machinery. For 6 days alio
drifted, while tho engineers wero mak
ing temporary repairs.
For the Celebration.
Tho finance commlttco for tho Fourth
of July celebration has been at work
today, and raised another hundred
dollars. They oxiect to put In a fow
days more, and liopo to have a good
round sum for tho event. There will be
u meeting of nil tho committees this
ovenlng ut tho city hall, and mem
bers are urged to bo present. A serious
question will havo to bo confronted in
tho matter of tho numerous prominent
events which will develop in tho im
mediate future. They aro tho return
of tho Oregon Volunteors about the 15th,
tho holding of tho O. N. G. encamp
ment at Salem, from tho 10th to tho
20th and tho excursion of the National
Editorial association during tho samo
time. Tho coining of these three im
portant events so soon after tho Fourth
makes sumo feel liko foregoing the cele
bration In order to bo bcetor ablo to
properly observe those occasions which
only occur onco in many years. Tills
subject may lw considered by tho com
mittees tonight.
" i i mm i im
Mining News.
Vam.aci:, Juno 14. L. troop of the
First United States cavalry goes to
Wardner today to relievo a part of tho
Twenty-fourth infantry there. Helena
and l'risco mines started up today. Tho
Standard and Hcckla aro practically
A full beard isn't
much consolation to
mm with a bald
Hair Vigor
make hair .grow.
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