Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 10, 1899, Image 1

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NO 137.
Home Made Goods
Specials: A very select
line of Boy's Knee Pant Suits
of our own goods made up in
New York. Get one for
your boy!
All sizes of Boy's Black Hose,
the very best to be had: Ask
for them.
-- - - x - - -
We are not
Not milking 1-ow Prices on Dead Stock, and blowing about it us a marvel,
hut we nro
Hewing down clean, live stock, level with the dirt which is associated
with cheap prfees.
Kvery Shoe in the house subject to the 20 per cent reduction,
(ioods marked in plain Iluuro.
G&&&4sV new siro:E stoue,
Xs W tow k.Hk.i.WWk. W w. tt. W W. aw W. kkW
1)1 COl'IlT
f a jrc" -r TT
- in I, ii2 1 II
VTJ ' I J I '
r. - -- -
JWHe sure to get our prlcos if you
Anything in our iiumonso stock of loots and shoes at actual ern-t.
Since in the shoe busineas we have mado it a positive rule to
And we have lxon true to our determination. Notwithstanding others are clam
ing the title of "Originators of Iow Prices," that credit belong to us, for wu ls
gan flrst and have always undersold any eoinjxjtltion fully 20 jnir cent and now in
ordor to protect our customers against thews "fako solos we are going to Mill our
entire stock at actual cost.
Hut simplv to make the shoo busint interesting. Wo win well afford this for
wo are in'suoh position that profits do not worry us.
Don't Miss this CppartunityyAll New Stock.
infants' shoos.
Infants' Shoos
Shoes worth 7fiV now
SJIIUVJI ttUllil l ""
Shoes worth 1.00 now
Rogular f 1.26 I-adios,' lino KW Hioos ; ..
Regular 1 -60 Ladles.' Gents' Mloe' or
Hegular J3.00 Ladies,' Gonte,' MIsmw' or
Regular J2.50 Ladies', Gonta,' Mkstw or
-- . . -.....-!
Keuular ja.uo l-anios uoihh
Kegular $3.60 Indies' Gents
Regular 4.00 Ladles' Gents'
Kogular f5.00 Gents'
Regular $0.00
It Is no difference HOW we do It, wa do It!
88 State St. I.udd & Hush Bank IMilg.
The largest assortment of
Alens rants: Regular sizes,
extra sizes and extra longs.
No matter what size you call
forwe luv hm. A special
drive on them.
The finest line of Crash Hats
for Aten and Boys to be
found, in Patterns and
Shoes! Shoes!
We ure Kivinu value thut terror
i.t'i) our oposition. Wo have the
only bIioo Htook in the city where
you can flint junt whot you want ut
Prices Below Bedrock.
Wo ure duttinis them u warm price
for wo never follow in our line on
priueii, styles or quality we shall
continues to lend.
fjtt" Free shines to our customers.
Krausse. Brothers,
275 Commercial St.
i - " -v
Cent. Reduction
All Shoes.
. to
Originator of Low Prloou.
Wo Shlno thorn Froo.
& White,
Wo are now handling suit, and u! prices
t'1111 nko jwoplo stare. Novor before
has salt Ikhmi told so cheap as we are
MjiHnu it. Wholesale and retail.
use salt.
i f t t ''
- - -' nr
- J"
. . w
Itaye '
t M!f M '
... 200
. . . . 2 CO
8 7
... 4 00
American Forces Still
Two Officers Killed and 21
Privates Wounded,
Intense Suffering From Heat in the
Pbiliipines Many Prostrations.
II) Amtciplnlril l'reni, (o Hip Juuriinl,
Manila, Juno 10. At day break to
day a force of -tSOO men, under Gens.
Ijiwton, Whcaton and Overshine, ad
vanced from San Pedro, Macati, sweep
ing the country between the bay cf Ma
nila and the bay lake south of Manila.
By noon the country had been cleared of
Fillipinos almost to Paranque.
The Americans lost two officers killed
and 21 soldiers wounded. The rebels
resisted despcrutely at the stronger po
sitions and left fifty dead in the
trenches. Many wounded wore loft
behind by the rebels. Tho heat during
the day was over-powering and there
wore many prostrations among the
American soldiers.
General l.awton's force consisted of
battalions of the Twenty-first and the
Nineteenth infantry, six companies of
the Colorado volunteers and a detach
ment of artillery. Tho Nevada cavalry
was under General Wheaton and tho
Thirteenth and Fourteenth infantry and
theFoiirth cavalry and a detachment
of light artillery were under General
Scarcely had dawn appeared when the
troops wound up tho hillside behind the
American trenches and formed in skirm
ish line. Tho advance rebel outposts
fired a few shots before being seen. Tho
artillery, tho Colorado infantry and tho
Nevada cavalry swung around the hill
top on the left and opened the battle.
Tho relwls made no rcsjKiiiHu from
hills and the Colorado men cautiously
advanced until they were confronted
by a trench from which a few weak
volleys wero fired. A spirited response
followed and a charge into the trenches
found them deserted. In meantime, part
of tho Thirteenth and Fourteenth reg
iments formed in skirmish line and
.supported by tho regiments swept down
tho valley and up the hillside toward
another trench.
Approaching through a morals tor
iously hampered the Fourteenth and
the rebels (Kiured in a gulling fire upon
them for !!0 minutes. The Fourteenth
was twice compelled to withdraw for tho
purpose of finding a safe crossing in the
swamp. Finally the trench enfiladed on
both Hunks.
The relnds lied to the woods, sustain
ing Msvero hwhOH. Tho Monadnoek and
three other vessels shelled Paranque
this morning and the rebels promptly
evacuated tho placo.
Manila, Juno 10. First Liuutonant
Richard B. Wwtonudgo, surgeon, died
today of typhoid fever.
Wamiinoton, Juno 10. A cablegram
from Captain Barker, at Manila, an
nounces the douth of Captain Henry
Nichols from sunstroke. Nichols was
commander of the monitor Monadnoek.
Labt Momh Hal Ucen the Heaviest
of All.
Ily Aaaui'lntiMl l'rc lu Hie Joiiriml.
Wasiii.v(.tok. June 10. Tho roport
of Chief Surgeon Lipplncott of the cas
ualties at Manila, during the month
shows; Killed, officers II, enlisted men
71, died from wounds, officers 2, en
listed men 14. Wounded, olllcerM IK,
enlisted men 4H6. Total casualties month
JVWI. Toul sine-outbreak IVtRJ.
Procram of Entertainments at State Pair
Grounds Sunday,
After booming Saturday of .amuse
ment in which the amateur siortiiien
of all westoni Orwgun iwrtlciwtHl, there
is an immwiM) crowd of oile oomiiig
tn &ilum Sunday by the conductor ex-
euMoiw from joint on the Sotitlwrn
All the arrangements liav lnrtin r
faetwl fur a sueoMwul event. TU iiiiwie
will 1m by Brown's i'eerlww Comwl
Onliertru of 20 pieeiw. EntortalHiiient
begittsat i:00 p. in. sliarp, oti rare
track, in front of grand staiul.
rtw..i-twn,,Auiuinuiklu"- Itoaini.
Nortli sJtitr Quart I). II. WasWttg
Umi, ClearetM Etll, Tim Awltrou,
Jae. AiMUruM.
Pn4. Harr)' I- iloliaea "Wvta Ik
"SHrti frow PftJKt."QMUMd.
Mnmw-m nxm, mtmm c urauwr
Aolit4i Al.
Trick bicycle riding, (for prise) Conv
testants E. T. Baisilen.Chicago; Albret
Shaw. Salem: Win. Shaver, Pertland:
Bud Snyder, Tacoina.
. "Scenes from the Serenades" Her
Grand balloon and parachute juini
by Prof. Kiclmrd Earlston, tho World
Renowned Aeronaut.
Grand Colored "Cake Walk," (for
prize:) Will bo lead by 1). B. Washing
ton the Ward McAllister of tho Pacific
Coast, and ceuples:
Tim Anderson and Katie itobinson.
Andrew Clark and Maud Miller.
Thomas Brown and Viola Brown.
Jim Anderson and Elora Estclle.
Fred Taughn Flora Jones.
Clarence Estelle and Jennie.
Waltz "Vienna Woods" Straus.
North Star Quartet 1). B. Washing
ton, Clearance Estelle, Tim Anderson,
ins. Aiuierson.
Baton Drill E. M. Thompson.
Double trick blcyeio riding,
by Baisden and Shaver.
"Home Sweet Home."
Baseball'ganio 11a. m.
Capital Building, Penitentiary and
Asylum Open to visitors.
Leaving time of train is as follews:
For Portland and local stations, leav
ing Salem, 5 p. in.
For Portland und local station Fair
Groundq, 5:10 p. in.
For Sheridan and Independence, leave
Salem, 5:10 p. in.
For Sheridan and Independence, Fair
Grounds 5:20 p m.
For Cottago Grove, leave Fair Ground
5:110 p. m.
For Cottage Grove leaves Salem 5:10
p. in,
JelTries Whips the Great
Champion at New York
in Eleven Rounds.
II AnMK-liitnl l'ren lu the JournitL
Nr.w Yoiik, June 10. At tho Coiioy
Island Athletic club last night tho long
looked for fight between Fitzsluimoiis
and Jeffries was pulled off, tho latter
finishing the great champion in 11
Tho fight by rounds was a follews:
Kounu l rltzsunmouB twice led lor
the stomach and fell short. FltzHiBv
mous leu a nut ami leu snort. Again no
led a left to tho head, but Jeffries ducked
cleverly, Jeffries led a left and fell shoit
Again lie led a left for the jaw, but Fitz.
simmoiH was out of tho way.
Bound 2 Near the close of the round
Jeffrie's knocked Fitzslmmous fiat on his
back with a left on the nose. Tho chain
piou was up in two seconds, am thu
tho bell rang and the round closed.
Hound !l Jeffries was on tho aggros
sivo. They clinched twice without
doing damage. It was scon that Fitz-
simmonswas bleeding from the no-e.
First blood was claimed for Jeffrfos.
After another clinch Fitzsimmons
landed a hard left and repeated it three
times, coining to the center of the ring.
FitZhimmoiis lauded a left swing on tho
jaw and a left hook on tho ear. Jef
fries came back with a left hook on the
side of the head, and they came to a
clinch. After some feinting Jeffries led
to the Inxly and drove FltzsIiinnoiH
back with a left on tho chost. Fitaim
mous lauded a left hook on the body.
Jeffries countered on tho face as the
round ended.
Bound 4 Jeffries sent two hard left
hooks to tho side of Fitzsimmons' head,
jarring tho champion. In the mix-up
Fitziiumous not a left on tho head and a
right on the body. After some feinting
Fitziiumous lauded u left straight on
the eye; was heavily countered on the
IkmIv by Jeffries' right. A hard right
over the heart by Fit.iuiinons wus an
swered by Jeffries by a loft on the neck,
and then Jeffries planted u heavy lefton
the head und Fitziiumous broke ground.
Jeffries kept shooting his left on the jaw.
In the fifth louud Fitz brought blood
from Jeffor es' eye. Tho sixth was
rather wild. In the seventhlind eighth
Jofferies gained ground. In the ninth
Fitz was tho aggressor but quit with
blood. In the tenth F1U wenl wont to
hisbaek twice after a couple of clinches.
Bound 11 Fitzsimmons came up
slowly, but assumed the nggrewive, Jef
fries standing off, evidently waiting for
knockout. They clinched three times.
Joffriu put two hard rights over Fitz
Simmons' heart, sending him Isick, and
then sent a straight left to the neck, fol
lowing with a left on the chest. FiUuiiu
mens crowded in, trying his right for
tlte jaw, but fell short, und only suc
ceeded in blocking the Californian's re
turn. JeffrieM then iiSMimed tho ungres
sive and jabbed his left to the head.
Jeffries then jablsal his left to the head,
and a left on tlte jaw dazed Fitzsim
inons, who stood In the middle of tin
ring. Jeffrie looked at him for a sw
orn!, and then he had him at his im-rr-y
ami swung hi tfeht ami left to the jaw,
ami Fiiwimmorw went down and ut
relimiuUiiiiig tlw clwmpionship i.j the!
California!. The time ol Uie eifveiuii
round was 1 minute aial 82 3-5 M-ondn.
FttftdwuifMU) iii me to himself quickly,
ami Jeffrie walked acre to the de
feated chaMijaWs corner, aial
ImiUi shook hand warmly. Judgiug
from Um exiweariwi wi litziiiimu'
fae lie did not feel uiurh diaaruuthd
at his dJt.
lee eriu at Kill '.ton. IM tat
Mlw ftll Howard, who is Muttoyed
In the Qtm TiMmm Mat Port-
UuuLkvUiiwt i:Mlmu of hr
Germany Hostile to
England Buying American
Excitement in Paris When tho Presi
dent Appears in Public.
llr Aiaurtntrd i'rraa tu the Juurnnl.
Wahiiisutox, June 10. According to
private advices from tho Hague, tlioro
is great danger that all of tho arbitra
tion schemes before tho conference will
fail. His said Germany is markedly
hostile to tho arbitration principle, and
is making an active canvass to securotho
support of some of tho second rate
powers in Iter opposition.
London, June 10. It is understood
thut England bus bought an additional
half million pounds in American eagles
to strengthen its reserve. Tho report
that Bussia is also a buyer of gold in
New York is regarded here as signifi
cant. Paiiis, Juno 10. Prefecture of police
litis issued the announcement that six
thousand1 police, and twenty squadrons
of cavalry and a brigade of infantry will
be stationed tomorrow between Elysso
palace and Paddock, at Long Chumps,
upon tho occasion of President Ixiulmt's
visit to tlie race course.
Trust Investigation.
y Aiielnlctl l'rc to tlir Jmiriml.
WASiiisuroN, June 10. Tho Indus
trial commission hat appointed a sub
committee consisting of Somite r Kyle,
A.T.Harris and F. D. Conger to visit
tho Nortfiwostorn Btates to investigate
tho alleged elevator trusty
Tacoma, Juno 10. Bichard Boodiger
and William Molntyro, former owners
of the Tacoina News today shipped !()
tons of a printing plant to the Klondike,
whore they will establish at Dawson
City News.
Can Factoiy Qurned.
Washington, June 10. Tho rolling
mill of Norton Bros., tin can factory at
May wood, where 11100 men aro on u
strike was burned today. The officials
claim the fire wus sturted by strikers.
Notable Dead,
San Fiiancisco, Juno 10. Timothy
Guy Phelps, chairman of the board
of regents oMho University of California
and formerly collector of customs of this
port died today.
Crop Report.
Washington, June 10. Government
crop roert: The average condition of
spring wheat 01 .1 i winter wheat 117 .!t
Mrs. Meaghei 'a Funeral,
W. W. Henderson, Jay McCormlck
andC. It, Houghun went to Portland
this afternoon, to meet Mr. Meagher
who with his children accompanies the
Insly of Mrs. Meauher. They will ar
rive on the overland train this evening,
und the Issly will bo taken to tho home
of Hiram Smith. The funeral will be
hold Monduy at 2 p. in., Bov. Kuntner
officiating, und theiutermgut will take
place at City View Cemetery.
Hpecial i'ollce.
Chief of Police Gibson has apotiited
as specials for Sunday, Mark Savage, W
L. Sklptou and D. L. Fluster. ,
Win. King Is made a ssial for to
the eyus iimihI I in normul eondltioii or
itnatlsUad by.
Httwl by a graduate optician.
Children's eyes ahould be tested fre
quently. Minor defect- of vision, eor
rvetwl during yotith will strengthen
Ut night in old g.
We HMike examiimtiiHis free, and lit
) to all ewMiitioM of night.
itf&ijlW 1
1 TmifflKiW$JlMi4&e "v&L -i
The College Yell.
With ribbons rich and rare,
Escorted by tho fair,
Wo tiro strictly on a tear,
For wo ara the brains and braw n
Of Or-e-gon !
Wo will paint tho city red,
We will muko the deadest dead,
Before wo go to bed,
For wo are the brains and braw n
Of Or-e-gon i
m ii
Complete Kccovery.
Elmer Downing, tho Kl-year old son
of Henry Downing, of Whiteaker, who
was so severely burned by the explosion
or powder, while blasting stunips, is re.
covering from the severe bums received.
Ills fnco will not bo disfigured, It is
thought, but his right liuhd will bo
crippled for life. Mr. Downing wus
fortunute in not losing his eyesight.
Excursion Train.
Three curs of Field day excursionists,
ulMtut 150, camo down from Corvallis,
reaching Suleui at 10:110 a. in This is
tho largest delegation present from any
ono town. People have been pouring
into town all day by the regular trains
and vehicles from all directions.
Three Ruled Out.
There wenui (number of contests be
tween the rival entries for field day
events heard und decided this forenoon.
McBride, Crawford and Kelly wero
ruled out on protests for varieus: iea
sons, all three men who had entered
for important events.
War-Inevitable if Kreuger Does
Not Recede England
In a Tight Box.
Ily ANitm'liitril I'rcM In llir Jouriiiit.
London, Juno 10. It is not improb
able that the crisis in tho Trunsvuiil will
bo hastened by some untoward incident
at Jouhnnnosburg, J. B. Bobinson, u
South African mine owner, received a
tilegrum today from tho mreiit at
JoahanneHburg saying the situation
there wus most serious.
The consensus of opinion aiuoinr the
prominent iiitlundorHUiid South Afri
can capitalist in l,oiid()ii is, that the
Mritish government is In a tight fix,
that it cannot retreat from tho position
taken and that if Kreugor does not re
cede, Mar is inevitable.
btreet Car Tie-Up,
llr Aamivliilnt I'reim to (lie Joiirniil.
Ci.Kvni,ANi),.!itno 10. The conductors
and motormen of tho Cleveland Elec
tric Ballroad Company have declared a
Htrlko.tylng up the entire system. At fl
o'clock the company made an attempt
to run a car from the Lakevlow barns.
Tho car proceeded but few hundred
feet when it was surrounded by strikers,
yelling und hooting. The car made the
round trip safely but as It was re-enter
ing the barn, a stonestruek Jacob Knit'
a new man, on the hcml. Mo Is In n ser
'ous condition.
Ico cream soda at Ellis & Zlnii. 151
State street.
jjos. Meyers & Sons,
1 Salem's Greatest Store. S
The Saratoga
Tlie most
and fin
est fin
ished wraiiper
"not how
but how
good." A
line line
of nice
in prints
I Ladies Gloves 79c
Not iniiiiv left of those sneolul
values mid goto I fortune to those
who find their nhu ut the ulsjvo
5 A Glove Wonder
A smooth, uhutic velvet cux
leuthur. red silk stitching, Sjxwr
mint liuck two fasteners, well
worth fl.Ml, noKiy thepairf I.Sfi.
5 Ladies summer vests
Silkallsle ribleil, jaire white,
tdeeveliHtH. Cannot m told from
plaitetl silk o(V. values, ssh1uI.
AWri AT III ffKaA 4kLkHJ
i 278 280 Commercial St.' The Old
Mokes the food more delicious and wholesome
hotl twa powmh eo., m vo.
Of Lane County Meet, Talk Jargon and
Assert Their Right to Recognition.
The Kugcno Broudaxo prints the
names of 17 Indian war veterans of Lane
county, who range (II to 78 years, and
that one of them came to Oregon in 1840,
and most of thum cumo in 51, to 5!I.
And all of them were hero to take part
hi tlie Indian wars from 511 to 50, It
would probably surprise tho average
Orcgouluu of today if lie should peep lu
upon those old follows as wo saw Satur
day assembled in the courthouse. They
every ono of course wero grey and
weighted down beneath a loud of years,
but they all were of good physique and
perfect types of stalwart manhood, such
as It required to redeem the Northwest
from the Indians and open it up for
homes for their children. In short they
were a jolly lot of old time pioneers still
possessed of some of tho tiro of youth
und scorned us If again in camp after u
days march after a band of Hoguo river
braves long ogo. They talked over old
times, and crocked their jokes at one
another In good old jargon until timo
admonished them that they would bet
ter proceed to business and hence tho
following proceedings were had: Cap
tain Nolund was called to tho chair, and
J. F. Anils wus mode secretary. Com
rade Mulkoy by request proceeded to
stnto tho object of meeting, und in feel
ing terms rofered to tho service of tho
Indian war veterans. Ho said:
That tho government had not recog
nized their services in fighting Indians
to protect our wives und children on
tho frontier more than -10 years ago,
thut since they hud killed only Indians
und not white men, their services hud
not been recognized. He suld that ho
saw men all around him who wore
drawing ponsioiiH for service in tho
Civil wur, which took place years after
these Indian wars. Ho said that ho
could not understand why tho Indian
War Veterans hud boon thus Ignored by
tho government. If it was said that
those of tho Civil war had saved the na
tion it was no less true that the early
ploncorB who met tho Indians lu eanibut
saved the Northwest. Dr. Nlckllu fol
lowed with a very clear and forcible
statement as to tho necessity of keeping
up the association of Indian War Veter
ans, und thought that wo should ceaso to
petition, hut dumaml recognition by the
government. The doctor suld: He
thought thut if tlie government could
puy 0,000,000 for tho Philippines, It
surely ought to bo uble to puy those In
diuu War Veterans a small pittance dur
ing tho remainder of their lives, who
through their action did so much to
suve the nation Oregon, Washington,
Idaho and Montana, In fact the great
Nothwest of our domain,
Sun Shades
And Umbrellas
In every
stylish color
with swell
Dresden or
Natural wood
bundles, with
or without
silk loops.
New Percales
The washable kinds lovely new
doelgiiri another now lot Just
in 12.&0.
New Crashes.
New Coverts.
New Hand Curved Knits.
Boys Waists
lino Colored Peroalu and While
Ijiwii Wtibjtu. with and without
oollitrs. Purfeut In every iletull.
Imported Pique
Collars and Cuffs on the finer
goods, with deep milling of Em.
broidery the uwollest styleu
Tho meeting then selected Capt. Pleas
Noland, Dr. A. I. Nlckllu and L. B. Row
land us delegates to represent the Lane
county encampment at tho meeting of
tho grand encampment . to bo hold In
Portland on Juno 14, 1809. Capt. Picas
Noland was elected commander of the
Luno county oncampmont and J. F,
Amis, secretary, to hold their respective
olllces until the furthur action of the en
campment. Adjourned to meet on tho 24th day of
June, 18U0, at the court house in Eu
gene at 1 o'clock p. m.
Improving a Bridge.
Tho bridge across North Mill creek on
Commercial street having been abon
doned by tho authorities is being fitted
up by the citizens of Nortli Salem as a
foot and bicycle bridge This is tho
right kind of pluck, thoy want to visit
Sulein nnco in n while.
Not a Politician,
First Citizen Where's tho inectimr
of the State Horticultural society?
Second Citizen Don't know; I've
quit keeping track of political organiza
tion. Law Class.
Tho supremo court will announco
Mtrnday noon tho result of the appli
cants for admission to the bar.
pyy,,yi7,' m
L .JtmmAlitf1tmMeBMmatmtmm
w a
Does Your
Head Achef
Are your nerrca wck? Can't
"ii kIcii tvoiIV Vain In your
liailtV fjiok energy? Appetllo
1 'ry Dijrcstlnu lud? JlolUor
MinpiiM -iiiMoaro Dutaoinoor
;nu ri".ii(l of i-onitlnntlou. If
tlie 'M.vu'scf tlio lxitoliarnot
r'IiM liI frnui tho liodv rnch
tl.iv, u iutt.ro Intended, jiolton
ui.s PuliiMncea aro aura to 1 au
'rVit it.o tho blood, alwara
I'.tiiHitiK HjlTerlnirand frequently
caualtiK Mivoro ducnte,
'Xliem U a couiiuou-ieuM ours.
Thry dully Inimre an eaiy anil
natural tmnemeiitof thobuwvU.
rilco,'Jtc. u Ikix. AlldruRRUU,
Ayof'o SavsaaHlla
w..'.iUn'i .lUwltlhattenrecorcry.
V'r l ilioiloclor Jail bow ronire
ulf!.tiK You will rnl(Uio belt
MimI'i ill mlrtrx without cant.
1)1. J t:. AYEU. LOWtll. JUI.
h y v v V f T T T a
-n - - - -- - -
CiiiCAao,Juue 10, July 76Hi Cush 2
red 77$.
Ban Fkancibco, June, 10. Cash 1.10
Every con
ceivable style.
Negligees, Golfs.
Fancy llosoms, all
over Fancies Silk
(lolfs and Neg
ligees, Silk fronts,
etc. Each
Velvet Grip
ami I
Sumtortors Babies. Misses
Ladles ul ways in stock.
A Columbia
CEIvvn away
free July 3d.
White Corner.
'npri. fMf