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NO 180.
You can get
Full value
When You
They da cash business and mark every article in
the store right down to bed rock. You don't pay you
neighbor's bad debts at a cash store,
You ought to try the spot cash plan in your buying
for a while and notice the result. If you do you will
never go back to the thirty-day credit plan again.
No merchant can buy goods cheaper, and not one
merchant in a thousand will sell at as low a profit as
E. T. BARNES, Prop.
Salem's Cheapest One-Price Cash Store,
Cor. Commercial and Chemeketa Sts.
lr i r-
--4 """"
Wc aro not
Not making Iw Prices on Dead Stock, and blowing about it as a marvel,
but wo aro
Hewint; down a clean, live stock, level with tho dirt which Is associated
with cheap prfces.
Every Shoo in the houto subject to the 20 per cent reduction.
Goods marked in plain lluures.
k. K. tew .
"" yyT "T" "" I T
- wi I I I
V. J v I J I '
CVI!o sure to got our prices if you
Model 57
The fines4 chain wheel ever turnrd out of a factory.
Hartfords, strictly high grade, $35,
Videttcs, fully guaranteed, $25 and $26,
Qor. State and Liberty Sts. Salem, Ore.
Trade With
Shoes! Shoes!
Wo are giving value that terror
ize our opjosltio:i. Wo have the
only flhou stock in the city where
you can llnd Junt whot you want ut
Prices Below Bedrock,
We are sotting them a warm pace
for wo never follow in our line on
prices, styles or quality we shall
continue to lead.
gjk Free ahinen to our customers.
Krausse Brothers,
275 Commercial St.
in mtsssmam
w w " ' " m?
&i 4 L J V t
Cent Reduction
All Shoes,
we do,:
Originator of LowPrloes.
We Shlno thorn Freo.
& White,
Wo aro now handling salt, and at prices
"'at make people stare. Never before
has salt been sold so cheap as we are
helling it. Wholesalo and retail.
uso salt.
Carpenter's Tools
Blacksmith's Tools,
Fine Tools
For Every
Trade at
the Woods
Women and Children Barely
Rescued by a Porter.
The Wreck Catches Fire and a
Many Injured.
II r AmoclulPtl I'renn (n the Jntirnnl.
Kansas City, Juno 0. Forty-eight
passengers wore more or less seriously
and three perhaps fatally injured by
the derailment of a train on the Kansas
City, Pittsburg and Gulf railway, two
miles south of Granvtew, Mo. The in
jured were brought to this city,
The wrecked train left Kansas City
last night at 8 o'clock. Two miles be
yond Granviow the train was derailed
by the spreading of the rails. Jjrhe
smoker which contained most of the
injured una the cnnlr ear turned on
their Bides into a ditch. The Pullman
left the track but remained upright.
The engine, combination, baggage and
mail car remained on the track.
Women ano children were dragged
from the window of the chair car and
attended to as well possible.
L'nder tho circumstances, before all
had lccn taken out a fire started from
a stove In the rear car. Tho porter of
l Jim Win iriiiiicu iirui ifiiuru u.t mn jm-n-!
ittwu. it ffiltiil Iti iinftltir. ii lmlit tlltvkll.rli
V...W W. .....IV. ... .......If,.. ..V.V ...Vft..
the roof, quenching the lire and
rescuing several women.
The scene of tho wreck was in the
woods and thoro was no houno near to
which the injured could bo taken. As
soon us possible news of tho wreck was
scut to Gran view, and a relief train
started from Kansas City.
Wichita, Kan., Juno 0. There Is 1!W
feet of track on the Santa Fu washed oi.t
north of this city. Five thousand acres
oHow land aro under water. The Ar
kansas river is the highest It has been
since 1877.
Declared Delinquent by the County Court
a Great Deal Earlier Than Usual.
The county court Iiuh ordered the
Hheriff to proceed to collect all taxoa for
1808, which aro now declared dollnnuont,
and he will proceed iioxtMo!itlnU'
nuiKO out a delinquent iisi.
Tho county court in taking aggroxHlvo
action to enforce collection of delinquent
taxes. A correct description of all prop-
luxes. a correct description ui 1111 iuui
erty assessed for delliuiueut taxes is ti
bo iniulo out by Countv C'lork Hall 01
tho dohiuiuent list of 18U8. The shcrif
dohiuiuent Hut of 18U8. The Hheriff
collected about $10,000 on tho 1890 and
1897 delinquent Hutu and f7,000 more
could bo collected if there were more
perfect descrlptioiiH.
Tho Hheriff will now proceed to pub-
IIhIi a notice netting forth the order of
the court. iaxoHiiro really uoltnquont
April tlrnt and the issuing of a warrant
by the hheriff bo early as thlH is a new
feature in Marion county and will tend
to put the county on a cah basin.
The action of the court will tend to
put tho county out of debt by tho end of
two years with economical adminlHtra
tion. Hy the end of two years there
mav bo "a new crop of debt. Marion
countv ban a flouting debt of fl'JO.OOO and
there "is due the county $25,000 on de
linquent tax rolls. Tho county is pay
ing 8 percent on about 1 100,000 and 0
ler cent on about f20,000.
Descriptions of jKirsons and property
aro so inaccurate in many cafcos that
tho receipt for payment of taxes 011 that
description is not worth tho paper it is
written on. These descriptions are all
defective and nre to bo jwrfected by the
Waters & I.ce abstract company. Out
of WOO descriptions in the 18IHI and 1JW7
delinquent list not one hundred were
found to lo correct.
This condition of affairs has lieon
made wo rue by Ignorant and incompe
tent assessors and deputies who have
Inien employed in late years. The sher
iff as tax collector is generally hold re
sponsible for all emirs of this kind, but
of course any intelligent inirson would
wish a sheriff to bo as innocent in all
other matters as he Is of such mistaken.
1 -
The Two "Mc'b" of the Marion County
Delegation Mixed Up.
In "Uoundup Nunilwr One," pub
llshed In Thursday Jociwai., a table of
roll calls in the house, one error has
been discovered. In tho twelfth oolumn
giving the roll call on the bill requiring
city ahartors to lw submitted to a popu
lar votos, the votes of MeOourt and Me.
Cullocli are transposed. MeCourt oted
against the bill and MeOtilloch for it.
The biunmary at the right of the table,
however, is oorrwt, ami Mr. McCulloch
is triven credit for this as n "right" oto.
The utmost cart has been used in tho
preisiratioii of this table, but in verify
inglhe 1200 different votw this trunspo
sltHin tscuied notice.
Crop Report.
('. Gibson, a thrifty farmer of near
Hlekoroall, drove in this morning on
businow. Mr. Gibson wisirts crop as
not ui to the avaraae In his taction of
the county and says fall gram oi low
land is nearly a failure and will not
make Iwlf a crop. Sjiring grain all
looks well and will bo a fun erop. Grain
stubbled in looks verj' "0 '"'P ure
.iromUlng flno, rluwslooW ncli aim are
farther advaicud tlun last year sio
far there is no sign of lice or vermin of
any klml
C. Ivong, of Silvrto4i uim ih U at
tend th fruit growers eottVMitfun II
reitoru Kln croi s kxikiwg lr
arouwl Silvsrton titan in many years,
rfally on tlw low lawl.
V. M. Stf&rratt f SHvartfHt, WHj I u
aitwl thFrtiltgrewaw 90HutJwi to-
day. Mr. Starrrett reports crops as" look
king fine, but says there will not bo much
fruit. In tho Crooked-llngor district there
will be quite a large crop of prunes.
Signor Peruglnl Fined $50 by the Sulein
..uiuci. v-
A man named Perugiui, an actor in
tho "Turtle." company, used Insulting
language in seaking to one of tho wait
resses at the Willamette hotel. Peru
glnl was arrested and arraiirned liofore
Keeorder Judah Tuesday afternoon at
4 o'clock. He pleaded guilty and was
lined 150.
"I would like to have a prlvato con
ference with your honor before you lin
imjso the line," said the first of Lilian
Hussolls five ex-husbands.
"I can't grant that request, Signer,
said Ills Honor, Judge Judah. ''You
have plead guilty, the flno has becnliin
iwseii, and you will have to pay or go to
Jail." ' ' "
Ho immediately paid.
The Oregon Canning Company, of
Gardiner. Btock, $10,000, by W. F. Jew
ett, N. J. Cornwall and C. II. Hinsdale ;
the Gold Hill Light & Power Company.
stock f 10.000, by J. H. Iteetnan, J. $.
Hayes and Ja. W. Hayes, filed articles
A Great Success at the Opera Hound by
Local Talent.
At the opertf house Thursday evening
it distinct success was scored bUho
Salem Choral Society and oreheatrai in
"Tho Golden Legend."
Fourteen scenes from Longfellow's
poem with music by Dudley Uuck vjero
presented under tho direction of IJrof.
Francesco Heley, of the College-' of
Tho owra house was well filled on the
lower lloor, and there were a large mini,
ber in tho gallery.
Salem's best people wore present in
force, and the lovers of music weronell
repaid for their attendance. It is some
thing of an agreeable surprise to llnd
that wo have musical talent In our
midst cafiable of handling a purely
musical composition hi the manner that
this was handled, as well as organizing
and executive ability sufllclent to carry
it through with such perfect harmony
and smoothness. Piofessor Seloy 'de
serves not only full credit for his ability,
but tho gratitude of .the community for
his demonstration of thu.fact that such
a production can lw successfully put
ujion the Iwards with local talent.
The leading parts, Klsle, Prince
Henry and Lucifer, were sung by Miss
Ethul Uayniond, soprano, J. W. Dclchor,
tenor, and .1. G. Hammond, baritones
respectively. The cardinal quartet,
Misses Genevieve Hughes, Osklo
Matthews, Kthel Hughes, and Esther
Collins Bting the parts of Bpirlts .of the
Airjtho Chemeketa quartet, Messrs.
W"ongo"r7"H6prr Hiekford ami Linn, the
larts of Monks.
There was nlo a chorus of thirty
Miss Hayiuoiid'H singing of tho part
of Elsie was exceptionally good. She
has a very expressive voice, with some
very sweet notes and no harsh ones.
Her enunciation Is good also, which Ih
appreciated by those who wish to gather
some Idea what a vocalist is singing
about. Her rendition of scene five,
Elsie's Prayer, was very good indeed,
and brought a recall.
Mr. J. W. Helcher In the tenor part
of Prince Henry was flno. It is safe to
say that his is one of the best tenor
voices ever heard in Salem, ills sing
ing of scene second, Prince Henry's
song, was one of the best things of tho
ovonlng. A beautiful bouquet was
handed up to him when next he ap
peared, The thirteenth scene, by Miss Hay
inond ami Mr. Ikilchor was also fine,
and brought an encore.
The Cardinal Quartette, Misses
Hughes, Mathews, Hughes, and Collins,
in their choruses, as spirits of the air
etc., wore fully up to their well-known
high standard of excellence.
The Chemeketa Male quartette, Messrs.
Weuger, Hopf, lliokford and Linn did
good work. On account of the severe
cold from which Mr. Wengor was
suffering, however, tho sailors' song,
hceno eleven, was iiocuMeursly omitted,
and in scene seven, Prof. Seloy took Mr.
Wonger's urt.
Scene nine, by tho whole company
was very llnw.
The orchestral work was without a
11 Haw that could be detected by any
one but an oxMirt, and reflects great
credit upon Mr. Itegiuald L. Hbldeii,
concert uiuator.
In fact it was a finished performance
throughout ami showed great musical
talent with careful tralnim; and oreie
a ration.
Tub Joi'hxai. congratulate Professor
Soley and all who took part under him
on the jxtrfect sua achieved.
i nice souvenir itroeram wits pre.
Minted to each lierson who attended. It
is printed 011 a line quality of white
autHjue jHtpur, with a handkouie purple
cover, printed and decorated in gold. It
is a work of art well worthy of preserva
tion. The arrangement and pruss work are
ixirfect, and the fact that such work run
le done here at homo ought to prevent
any one from sending away for job
printing of any kind, no inutUr how
flue an artk-le U needeil. 'Die work
lears tlie iittpriitt of ('ronii A Conover.
Justice Court.
The Jury in the eate of IWujaiiiiii O.
Whipple v. Mrs. Ketiben Iam, tried ot
TliurHlay afterwioti, brotight in it ver
dict in favor of the idmiitiff for
the amount of his luiiii, f ire M.
This, Frulo)', afternoon, Jntue John
Mil is hearing a chi wltereiu Jautee
Itell mm Wm. ISeiwuii fur a null wood
wu. m
Ta wire I, Grippe, keep wrm, epcUll)
the fecu ud take Dr, AtneV Ntrvtsc.
Canal Commission is
Skeleton Regiments to Be
To Bo
Officered From Among
American Veterans.
llr AnKoHntcil I're u the Jntirnnl.
Wasiiinoton, Juno 0. Tho president
has opiointcd the following commission
to determine tho most feasible and
practicable route for a canal across the
isthmus of Panama: Hear-Admiral
John G. Walekr: Samuel Pascoo of
Florida; Alfred Noble of Illinois : George
S. Morrison of New York ; Col. Peter
Haines; Prof. Win. II. llurr of Con
necticut; Lieut. Col. Oswald Ernest;
Lewis M. Haupt of Pennsylvania;
Prof, Emory It. Johnson of the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania.
Washin(itox, Juno 0: The cabinet in
connection with the possible necessity of
enlisting a forco of volunteers today 'dis
cussed a plan for enlisting several skele
ton regiment in .Manila irom among tne
volunteers, who desire to remain in tno
service and subsequent tilling out the
regiments, witli recruits onllstyd lu this
Gen. Otis will bo irivcn authority to
select tho olllcers of these regiments
irom the volunteers olllcers anil men
seasoned to climate and familiar with
the work to bo done, o Such a forco
doubtless would bo Immeasurably su
ltrier to a forco raw recruits, undis
ciplined and utiai'cllmatcd,
Business Being Transacted at the Court
In Department No. 1, a reply has been
filed by plaintiff's Attorney's Drown.
Wrliihtmun and Myers, In the case of
L. II. McMahon vs Canadian Paclllc
In Department No 2, a reply has been
filed by plaintiff's attorney's, W. T.
Slateraud W. M. lvulsor,iu the action for
divorce entitled Lulu M. Hays vs G. F.
In tho case of Hoofer and Xoru vs A.
Choquettootul, W. T. Slater and W.
Kaiser for defendants have filed a de
murrer to plaintiff's complaint.
- In the matter of the estate of ('. J.
Mulkey, deceased, J. W. IjiIhhi, J. 11.
Itiches and J. M. Drown have been up
Dolntcd annraisers for Marion county.
and John Wyutt, George Cooper ami
I-csllo Lilly, for Denton county.
F. W. Durbin, sheriff, to Coolldge &
McClalno, 10 ucres in section L'8, tils, r
1 e, sheriff's deed, f 2,010.
M. J. Egan toC. II. Ernst and wlfu,
125,00 acres Jn 1 4 s. r .'I w. w. d. l,r0g,
Alma and Martha Schiiidler, to Al
Coolldge, 80 acres in section lit and 25, t
7 h, r 1 w, w. d. $700.
F. L. I.ord to Fred Kobow, 20 acres in
section 33, t s, r ' w, w. l. f IKR).
Druce A. Jones and
wifo to Will It.
Jones, lot No. 1, in
Drooks, w. d. $250.
block No. 7, In
Between England and KrU;er in Uouth
I.O.VIKJN, June 0. The morning papers
are beuiuiiing to talk seriously of the
jsjsslbillty of war in South Africa. Mr.
ChamlMirlaln, secretary of state for the
colonies, in his speech in the house of
commons yesterday, announced that his
reply to tho ietltiou of tho (Mtlaiiders,
which had boon held back (tending the
result of the conference ut Dlncmfoutolii,
would now be presented to the Trans
vaal. This renly is seini-ollleially doscribi-d
as "explicit but conciliatory," but It is
believed to bo in the nature of a practi
cal ultimatum. The resources of di
plomacy ure regarded as exhausted with
tho failure of the conference. Nothiii
is left, it Is felt, but 11 recourse to forco
Commenting editorially 011 the situa
tion, the Daily Mail says: 'If we know
our Kruger aright, he will back down,
and if not, why "
London, June t). Wost-Minlstcr CJu
zette says a rumor is current hero from
a well-informed source that it has Imjoii
projtosed in a responsible quarter that
tho United States meditate iMitween the
Transvaal and Great ilrltain. It is
added that the suggestion Is being con
sidered anil is not lmprnlmhlo that the
meditation may bo undertaken.
the eyes must I in normal condition or
assisted by.
fitted by a graduate optluian.
Chifci roll's eyes should be tested fre
quently. Minor defect of vision, eor
reeted during youth will strengthen
the eight in old age.
We make examinations free, and fit
glaM to all conditions of sight.
Steamer Altona's First Tup Today Since
Being KemodleJ.
The new steamer Altona will arrive
this evening. She is practically a new
boat, being nearly now except the hull.
She was out for fier trial trip vesterdav
and is pronounced a flue craft by the
inspectors. The new craft far exceeds
the expectations of the managers and
olllcers of this line of steamers in looks,
caiwclty and comfort, in fact the
steamer Is now a jHirfect gem lu every
respect. This new boat Is 130 feet long,
20 feet beam and has a depth of t feet
in tho hold. Tho olllcers nre reliable
substantial steamboat men, who thor
oughly understand their business and
are ttcricci eent emeu. llic ootntuiiiv
I cmyloyes none other. Tho craft will bo
miner tno management or Captain J.
W. Graham with A. W. Graham as
purser. J. W. Hollow is chief engineer
and W. It. Smith is stowaiil. Under
such elllcient lnamigeinent as the above
named olllcers the new Isiat can not hut
bo a success as a passenger lmat.
The cabin Is finished in white and
gold and is seated with line new opera
chairs, which are beauties and areas
comfortable as they are elegant to look
upon. The state roomsnro comfortable
and supplied with all modern couveuien
ces.Tliocurtalns and jKirtiers are all In
tholatostllagdadoffocts.Tho seats In the
ineii'scabln are upholstered in peulsato
and tho unhid Is well lighted with the
latest design of windows, coming down
so 0110 can view tho surrounding country
with comfort while seated. The deck
promenades are supplied with convenient
seating capacity on all sides of the bout.
All merrors and fixtures, even to tho
coo;:ig iiieutiais ami uisIich are new
and clean from stum to stern,
The Altona will bring down an ex
cursion from IiuloiH'iidonco Saturday to
attend the Field day siwrts. This new
boat will make alternate trips with the
Pomona which will give this company
the finest steamer line on tho Willa
mette river.
Mr. M. P. Baldwin tho agent horo,
announces iniu tno steamer loft l'ort
land at 0 o'clock today and will atrlvo
at Salem about 0 o'clock this evening.
Drown & Son and West t Collins,
two of SaloniB rustling butcher llrms
shipped a largo lot of dressed meat to
Portland today.
The rlvor stands at 5.5 feet today and
receding at the rate of several Inches a
Tho Ituth brought down 000 sacks of
wheat from Independence for tho Salem
mill, today.
Field Day Tomorrow.
Ixx-al enthusiasm is at a high pitch
over me prospect 01 a granu nay tomor
row, and every body is talking Field
Day. These athletic contests between
teams from tho different colleges nre a
class of sport, clean and wholesome In
every particular, and should lie encour
aged hy the liberal patronage of tho
public. It lias been the custom hereto
fore to close the stores from 1 :!I0 to 5 p.
m. and a canvas to this effect has
met with encouragement. These gamus
bring great crowds of visitor to the city
in which they are hold, and are sought
after by other places than Salem, but if
liberal encouragement Is given hy a
largo attundance. Salem need have no
fear of loosing this annual holiday. Tho
Salem Military baud will play iikhi the
street at l p. 111. and in the grandstand
during tho progress of contests. The
admission is 2fl and 50 cents, grandstand
fiee, and a full program appears in an
other column.
The Modern Beuuty
Thriven 011 good food and sunshine,
with plenty of eseiclse in the opun air.
Her form glows with health and her face
blooms with Its beauty. If her system
needs the demising action of u luxativo
remedy, she uses tho gentle and pleas
ant Sj nip of Figs, made by the Calif
ornia Fig Syrup Co. only.
jjos. Meyers & Sons,!
I Salem's Greatest
r' .
C'.ipjmM !
Uf llm.S.baltur U Mara
1 li I'lran VM B
ft 'wm iLLmi
278-280 Commercial St, The Old
Makes tho food more
Several Salem Committees Ilavo Been
Name.! to Receive Editorial Visitors.
Ths Expected Ouests Will Probably
Kench the Capital City During
the Middle of July.
When it is known Just when tho dole
gates to tho National Editorial Asso
ciation will visit this city, extensive ar
rangements will is.) found havo been to
made by tho Salem public for their re
ception and entertainment while 111 the
Soe'y. Thlelson, secretary of tho Salem
Chamber of Commerce, has been In
communication with the members of
the Portland press association, relative
to a visit from tho national newspaper
writers, and will go to Portland again
when he hopes to delluitely ascertain
when the delegates will visit this city.
G. Stolr. ami Mr. Thlelson, and who
were empowered with the selection of
the several committees made tho fol
lowing aiiiinunceuients.
Executive committee II. D. Tlilelsen,
O. P. Pishop, II. G. Sonnomann, and
II. 11. Drophy.
Deception Mayot C P. Dishop, Gov
omorT. T. Geer, George D. Gray, T.
W. Potter, 11. J. Hendricks, J. II.
Fletcher, E. Hofer, CD Irvine, W P
Ixml, W II Leeds, Z F Moody, N J
Judah, E P McCjrnnck, F It Anson;
MrsWPLonl, Mrs D B Dean, Mrs I L
Patterson, Mrs 0 S Mooro, -Mrs . F
Moody, Mrs 1' U Anson. Mrs O E
ICruusbo and Miss Anna Metschan.
Transportation II G Sonnoinanu,
0 M Epploy, A F McAfee, L D Henry,
E F Parkhurst.
Lunch Mrs George II Diiruett, Mrs
E M LaFore, ami Mlsi Calista Moore,
managing committee, ussisted by Mrs
Win Cherrlngton, Mrs WT Williamson,
Mrs I) A Paine, Mrs W T Gray, Mrs W
II Savage, Mrs O I) Hutton, Mrs F W
Steusloff, Mrs E Htrsch, Mrs J J Mur
phy, Mrs F 1 Dunbar, Mrs U D Glllxirt,
Mrs J 1) Sutherland. Mm W II Dyrd,
Mrs E.P McCornuuk, Mrs T Ilolmau,
Mrs M N Chapman, Mrs Ida Dabcock,
MrsC E Wolverton, Mfs E F Parkhurst.
and Miss Lena Dreyman: Messrs II D
Ilropliy, W II Savage, G W Davis, G II
llitruett, H D Fleming, II S Gilo, J D
Sutherland, ami
Jl L Mor
Two Insane,
Jerry 0Drlen,of Hood Diver, aged 29,
and Miss Pastoor, of Linn county, u
deaf mute, aged 'M, were today brought
to 1111. usyiii
An excursion train will arrive from
Albany and Corvallls about 10:!!0 Sat
tirday morning.
Select your Spring suit
from this elegant new
stock of Hart, Schaffher
& Marx garments and we
guarantee you will have
the best -looking, best
wearing suit you ever
wore. In workmanship
and tailoring the H. S. &
M. clothes are ahead of
any others we ever saw.
Here are all the new pat
terns. It is only a question
of picking out the style
most becoming to you.
delicious and wholesome
SherifT Durbin of Marion County Ordered
to Prepare the Delinquent List.
The court after considering tho mat.
ter for tho year 1898, decided to ordor
tho tax roll closed and tho unpaid por
tions declared delinvueni, and tlio fol
lowing ordor was made and entered of
record :
'Now on this day It opearlng to tho
county court that tho sheriff of Marfon
covnty has had possession of tho tax
roll 1809, sinco the first day of March,
1899, and that sufllclent time han
elapsed to glvo all persons desirous of
paying their taxes, without additional
costs, to pay the samo.
"It Is now therefore, ordered that tho
sherl7 of Marion county roturn to this
court, lu tho manner provided by sec
tions 2809, 2819 and 2811. forthwith
such tax roll.
aneriit utiruin will begiu Monday to
muko out the delinquent tax list, but
will continue to receivo taxes as here
tofore. Mrs. II. E. Ankony, of Eugene, l at
tho Hotel Willamette, chaperoning a
bevy of young ladles for field day.
Funeral Notice.
The funeral services of Lucius
Schmidt will bo held al the Catholic ,
church Saturday nt 9 a. m-
CiiiCAtio, June 0. July 76),, Cash
red 77.
8an Fjiancisco, June, 0. Cash 1,10
To invest in a suit,
but that is all one
of our fine all wool
elegantly finished
cassimeres will cost
you. Some think
theyare good value
for 510, our price
has been 8.50 and
$9, They are yours
for spot cash for
$5.95. They are a
At the insignificant
price, and is onjy
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