Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 03, 1899, Image 1

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YOJj. X.
NO 131.
Home Made Goods
Specials: A very select
line of Boy's Knee Pant Suits
of our own goods made up in
New York. Get one for
your boy!
All sizes of Boy's Black Hose,
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Lui - -- -I -s -n - -n" " " ""
Wc nro not
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but wo tiro
Hewing down a clean, live Htock, level with the illrt which is associated
with cheap prices.
Every Shoo in the house flubject to the 20 per cent reduction.
Hoods marked in plain figures.
Model 5?
The fines chain wheel ever turnrd out of a factory,
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4r V V
Cent Reduction
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& White,
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Trade at
Diplomatic Relations
. Resumed
And America and Spain
Back to Business.
A Notable Event in the History of the
Two Nations.
l!j- Aaaoclnteit Prom to the Journal.
Wasiiixoto.v, June 3. Diplomatic re
lations with Spain, which were broken
off April 21, 1898, were formally resumed
today when President McKinley greeted
Due D Arcos, the newley accredited
minister to the United States in the
blue parlor of the- white house. It was a
notable occasion in tlio world's history.
The resumption of friendly relations
between two natioiiB which had been at
war and in a brief struggle had changed
tho map of the world. The speeches of
today were especially notable. They
were plain spoken and devoid of the
usual hazy diplomatic phraseology. Tho
ceremony was exceedingly simple.
Apia, May 10, via San Francisco,
Juno 3. When Admiral ICuutz Issued
tho proclamation, April 23, directing
Mataafa and his.followera to keep be
yond certain doilned limits around
Apia, and followed by a notification
that unless tho rebels were outside tho
prescribed limits in 21 hours, Jlro would
bo opened on them. The ultimatum
brouuhr immediate and unconditional
complianco with tho admiral's direo
tions. From that time on there has
been no conflict with the rebels.
Mauhid, June .!. Uoriuany pays -,-
000,000 posatas for tho Caroline, Palos
unit Mnriiuiiiu islands. Siutiit retains a
coaling station in each group and Ger
many undertakes to defend the stations
in cafco of war.
Ordered to Manila.
Ily Aaaiicliitcit I'reaa to the Jonrunl.
San Fiiancisco, Juno 3. Troops A
and F, of tho Fourth cavalry, recently
stationed in the Yellowstone Park, have
been ordered to sail for Manila on tho
transport Sheridan, scheduled to de
part on June 7. Two companies of the
Fourteenth infantry and 12" recruits
will go to the Philippines on the Sheri
dan. In pursuance of instructions from
Washington, a board of medical olllcers
has been upiointed to make a careful
examination into tho physical condi
tion of tho troops and recruits now at
tho Presidio und of those who may ar
rive hereafter. Tho board has instruc
tions to eliminate all fetich us may be
found physically imiwrfeet in any re
Pacific Loast Lumber Combination Con
summated, lly Associated I'rraa to tile J oil null
San Fiiancisco, Juno 3. Tho Pacific
coast exjwrt lumber manufacturers have
consummated arrangements which will
make tho price of building matorial
much higher than it has been for a long
time. The combine is comjioflod of all
tho pine lumber companies in Hritish
Columbia, Washington and Oregon.
Under the now schedulo, lumbor was
advanced ior 1,000 feet.
Campbell Acquitted.
Hr Aaaoelnle.1 I'rraa to the Jouruiil.
Colfax, Wash., Juno 3. William G.
Camplwll was acquitted Friday evening
of the ehurgo of murdering James Hard-
wick, January 3. Tho Jury wus out
only fifteen minutes. The trial lasted
two days. The defense set up a plea of
Islands for Germany.
y Associated I'rraa to the Journal.
Maihh, June 3. In a s).oh from
the throne at tho oortaa it Was an
nounced that tho Marianne, Carollno
and Polow islands worn coded to Gar
many by the late cabinet.
Thirty-Eight Millions.
v Associated I'reaa lo the Journal.
Bax Fkancisco, June 3. H. F. Lolb,
president of the Stanford university
trustees, U quoted as saying that the
property dewlwl to that Inrtitution by
Mrs. Stanford is worth 183,000,000, and
eould bo convert! into $16,000,000 cash.
The gift to the trnt of 300,000 slwreti
of Southern Pacific stock will not attest
) management of the railroad. rhe
Soar! Pacific Company are ptadgul to
protect the interest of the fctamlartl of
the unveraty.
It i uiMleratood that aH of Mm.
Stanford's remaining itittfftrtgr will 1"
eourbeof time, mwt a jiart f th an-
versity endowment. Her health is poor
and on Wednesday next she will start
for Europe, where sho will remain for
several months.
Russians Execute Japs.
n Aaanclntetl I'reaa to the Jniirunl.
Skattlk, Juno 3. According to Ori
ental papers received by the Kinshlu
Mariu, Japan is much aroused over the
report from Shanghai that twelve Jap
anese spies had been captured by tho
Russians at a place, called Tosang, pre
sumably on Llao Tung peninsula. Par
ticulars of tho affair are meager, but it
is understood that tho men wero exe
cuted in a fortress witlvut trial.
A Couger In Town.
All the dentists, druggists, merchants,
bartenders, blacksmiths, barbers, law
yers, preachers, landlords, undertakers,
and everybody elso in Cottage Grove
who had a gun and could persuade a
dog to follow them had a hot chase after
a couger last Tuesday evening. It seonis
tho bold animal came into tho margin of
the city and excitement run high for
some time. All the animosities and
grudges were laid aside and tho lion and
the lamb wero alike hot in tho chat-e
after the varmint. To make a long story
short, Mr. Couger got away.
Dreyfus Has Been Granted
Rehearing' New Trial
(! AaanL'littcil I'reaa to tlic Jfiurnnl,
Pauis, Juno 3. Tho court of casea
tion today rendered a verdict in favor of
the revision of tho Dreyfus case and
ordering the court martial for the trial
of the prisoner.
A Hood River man was told that
8 tit would kill the cutworms that in
fested his plants. Ho used it and found
tbut the worms thrived on it.
Pat Rrunnan, of Albany, is seriously
ill. Ho is 00 years old.
There wero 22 graduates who received
diplomas ut Hlllsborro high school lust
evening. '
The fouitlt annual commencement
oxorclhOH at the Ashland Normal school
began yesterday and will conclude on
Wednesday, '
Tho commencement exercises Dalhyi
Creole academy Isjgan yesterday with
the recitals of the musical department;
Tho program for Saturday evening, en
tertainment by tho literary society
Sunday, bacclaureato sermon by Presi
dent Lee, of Albany college; Monday,
alumni realign and banquet; Tuosday
evening, graduation.
The seventh annual commencement
of tho high school was held in P.ugeno
lust evening. Diplomas were given
to eight students.
Mrs. Kliiuhoth Deckanl, one of Ore
gon's pioneer women, died ut her home
in Kugeue this morning, uged 77. She
cajno to Oregon in lWil, locating with
her family In Albany. Her husband
died In 1871.
Yamhill county will build a 2.r00
monument to its soldiers who died in
the Philippines. Tho trustees of the
fund to bo raised are County Judge R.
Bird, ex-Mayor William Chrlsmau
und Rev. G. W. Grunnis, commander of
Custer iost, G, A. R. It is believed
that tho money can bo raised by Janu
ary 1, 1900. About fli0 has been sub.
Wills His Wife to His Brother.
Nuw Yoiik, Juno 3. Sinn. T. Junk
willed his wife to his brother James C,
Jack. The lust testament of the actor
and theatrical manager, proprietor of
rovornl theaters, "Creole" and other
burlesque companies, who died April 27,
has been filed for probate in the olliue
of tho surrogate. It contains this re
markable provisien:
"It is my wish first und foremost that
my brother James and my wife Kmiiiu
shall become husband and wife."
Mrs. Jack, tho "Kinma" of the will
was Miss Ilinina Ward, the favorite act
ross in tho old Lily Clay burlesque com
pany, wliioh was playing at Niblo's in
1802 when Sum T. Jauk married her.
James C, Jack was asked if he would ac
cept the bequost of his brother, but ho
would make no statement.
Tim estate is valued at t7o,000, of
which $110,000 is saiil to be hi bunk in
this city aid Chicago. The testator left
one-third of his property to his wife
Kinma, nue-tliird to bis brother James
C. Jack and divided the remainder
among other relatives.
Eight Hour Day May Cause titrike Be
cause They Will OePaid Accjrdingly.H
Dbkvhh, Juno 3. A notkw has k-on
I'Mtod in tho various smelters to the ef
fect that employes will hereafter Imj paid
by the hour instead of by the day has
resulted in a strike of 160 men ut the
Durango KiuelUir. The eight hour law
goes into effect June 16 and it is jiowible
a general strike of smelter employee will
oeeur in Colorado, numbering over ten
tUuOeflml, which may take place at that
time. The workers oxjxjted the same
lty for an efght luiur day as was pre
viously reeeiml for ten ami twelve
Mr. J. J. Ufelwnledn and daughter
ifctrUHt, returned lat evening from
Portfaud where they had bwn to attend
the fHHeral f a daughter and idgter.
Ambassadore Ciioate
Laboring Hard.
The Valid Title Clause Will
Be Considered.
Germany Alios Herself With Spain in
Protecting Coaling Stations.
ll AaNiit-liitt'il I'rraa to the Journal.
London', Juno 3. A representative of
the Associated Press is informed that
Ambassador Choate, at u conference
with the Marquis of Salisbury yester
day, submitted tho despatches from tho
olllclals ut Washington, who have con
sidered tho points raised by tho Canadi
ans in tho boundary dispute.
Two points were specially treated, tho
first defining tho lino of arbitration to
which it is proposed to submit tho Alas
kan question and tho American view of
tho Lynn canal strip claim.
A 'prominent foreign olllcial said:
"Canada's proposition on tho ilrst point
may bo accepted by both parties, und
that the llfty-yenr valid title clausu will
bo made u base of negotiations, In which
case they will practically proceed on tho
Vcuczulcun lines.
Wasiunoton, Juno 3. Tho opinion
here is that Spain has a good bargain
in tho price obtained fdr tho Paclllc
islands. Tho cubIi compensation is
about five million dollars but In addi
tion tho guarantees afforded by Ger
many mo regarded extraordinary. In
undertaking to protect the coaling
stations in Spain commits Germany In a
sense to an ulllunco with Spain.
An Oregon Musical Entertainment
Which Salem May tie Proud.
At tho opera house next Thursday
evening this beautiful Symphonic Can
tata, by Dudloy Ruck, will bo presented
by tho Salem Choral society, un orches
tra of ten pieces, soloists, the Curdluul
Utiles' Quartet and tho Choiueketu
mule quartet.
The part of Klslo will bo sung
by Miss F.thol Raymond, Lucifer by
J. G. Hammond, und Prince Henry by
Mr. J. W. Relclier, the well-known
tenor, of Astoria. The music is suiierh,
tho chorus splendidly trained, the
orchestra is uu especinl feature und tho
soloists, possessing rich, pleasing voices,
uro till gosl selections for tho parts
Witltih these columns for further
notices ami descriptions of tho cuntutu.
The preparation for this production
hiive occupied tho past four months, ulnl
tho result of this great amount of
work will be shown next Thursday
The nddiii Hsiou including reserved
seats is only toOo. Tho great interest
taken in the "Golden Ugend" indi
cates u full house.
Schley in Ulucago,
II y Aaaoi'liitnl I'reaa It, the Juiirnul.
Ciiicaoo, Juno 3. Hour-Admiral
Schley arrived today from Omaha. A
Ijody of the Chicago naval reserves, who
fought at Santiago and a committee from
the loyal legion and a multitude of citi
zens welcomed him ut tho station.
Wind Storm.
Kansas City, Juno 3. A heavy wind
storm swept over central Kansas today.
At Stafford, Geo. Writer wus killed and
two of his family severely injured, At
Pratt, tho Santa Fe roundhouse wus
leveled to the ground ami barns and
outhouses wore blown down.
A Face
oaunot he considered Iwautlful if the
oyos are weak und rod. And as these
iC. . as iifn rolHAVtlltltt t UfLffltlfl Satlllllil
'lMjrmit them to remain. A thorough
IknowlMlgoof optical fitting enables us
to achieve almost wonderful results.
Place yourself In our ha mis and aching
und unsightly oyM will Ixt tilings oi mo
I Htst. Our charges are moderate.
If B$ $jib ffr
Montana Paper's "Roast" of the Ficnch
Play, "The Tunic "
Of "Tho Turtle," whjoh U booked for
tho Heed next Wednesday, the llutto
Miner, of May 22, says over the follow
ing headlines: "For the Male Sex
Only 'The Turtle,' u Good Thing to
Hring Color to a Woman's Cheeks a
Perfection of Huggestlvenesst"
"People who peruse tho New York
papers will remeinbor what a furore
'The Turtle caused in Now York. So
suggestive and immoiul wus It that it
i coined for awhile as if even Now York
would insist upon its withdrawal,
"After seeing 'Tho Turtle' at the
Grand opera-house last night, tho need
of it censor for tho stage Is apparent.
There wero many ladies there, a num
ber of young girls, flushes wero fre
quent in the Ilrst act, at allusions und
positions. At tho beginning of tho sec
ond act tho face of every modest woman
turned a brilliant crimson and contin
ued ho through the action of the play. U
might be going too fur to suy that no
self-respecting woman knowing what
tho play is would attend, though that
seemed to be tho universal verdict. Rut
most cirtninly no young girl should b
allowed to go, and no unmarried woman
with u gentlemen escort.''
Representative Sherman thinks
Henderson of Iowa Not
Yet Selected.
II Aaauelutcil I'rraa tu the Journal.
Sviiacusi:, N. Y,, Juno 3. Tho Post
Standard prints u signed statement from
Representative Hliermau. He says in
part: "In referonco to tho speakership
contest, unless tho current report with
referonco to Ohio, is correct, I have not
lost tho support of a single member
upon whom I hod counted. Mr. Hend
erson is not yet selected as Republican
choice for speaker, I am certainly still
a candidate,"
Bennett Camp No. 8 Elects Offlcers and
Adopts Hot Resolutions,
At u meeting of the Indian War Vet
erans, held this forenoon in the olllco of
John G. Wright, a good number wore
present. Knthuslustio speeches wero
made by several und the following olll
cers wero elected for lleunett Camp No.
8, to sorvo for the coming year:
J. II. Hlgln, captain; Cluis. Culvert,
Ilrst lieutenant; F. M. Smith, second
lieutenant; J. G. Wright, orderly ser
geant; Win. Townsond, color bearer; C.
Furlow, musician ; representatives to
the. grand encampment, F. M. Smith,
O. Furlow und J. G. Wright.
Tho following resolutions wero unani
mously adopted :
Resolved, That our representatives to
the grand encampment bo instructed to
use their best entleuvors to have every
Indian War Veteran in the Northwest
pledge himself not to support any can
didate for cougrosmuii who is not
pledged to use Ids best energies to se
cure the rights und claims of the Indian
War Veterans of tho Paclllc Northwest.
J Jos. Meyers & Sons,
I Salem's Greatest Store.
Wc don't believe
you can find a suit
of any other make
that will have the
style and appearance
of these Hart,Schaff
ner & Marx suits or
that will wear as
well and cost as little
in the long run.
Come in and see
them and try on
some of the new
I 278 -280 Commercial St, The Old
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
wu Kmo apwota
To Act as. Guards While
Murderer is Being Tried.
Mr AiHoHiilril I'reaa to the Journal.
IiKviNtiTos, Ky., Juno 3. One hun
dred picked rifleuiun, of tho First Ken
tucky regiment und gntlliig-gun battery,
left today for Clay county, to sorvo as a
guard during tho trial of Thos. Hownrd
for murder. Howard Is connected with
parties to a bitter feud and it is re
garded as necessary to liavo troops
present to prevent violence.
Said They Were Fishing fcr Trout, and
Not for Salmon.
OitmioN City, Juno 3. George Him
lor and Pearl Heomuii wero on on trial
for Illegal fishing. Dojuity Fish Com
missioners Morgan and Loughery tes
tilled that they saw tho defendants
with a fish net in tho water and fast
onedto tho boat. Hinder and Rcemnn
denied having n net, but said they were
fishing for trout. The jury brought in
u verdict of not gulfty. Tho deputy
llsh commissioners nro stilt patrolling
tlio Claekuinas. Although thoy have
not succeeded in securing convictions
for Illegal fishing, thoy say that they
have practically put a stop to gill-netting
in the Clackamas.
in a iii 'ai a
About Thirty Indians Drowned, While
Doing to a Pot-Latch,
Layauan, Alberta, Juno 3. Uotwecn
20 and 30 Indians, including men, wom
en und children wero drowned in
hike of Tlio Clouds, wdiilo crossing to
tho reservation to attend a pot-latch.
Two long l)uts collided and both
wero remleied uselesu and the enttro
party was lost. Tho third bout wus
niunned by four Indians, which reached
the spot us the lust survivor slipped
from the capsl.ed bouts and disappeared
into the glacier-fed waters.
The Magers' Case,
Judge lUunott nt Dallas overruled tho
motion for u now trial for W. G. Magors,
convicted of tho murder of Ray Sink,
und sentenced Mugors to bo bunged July
21, Mugur took his mmtouco with in
difference. Mugors' attorneys wore granted 10
days to Illo it bill of exceptions. They
will upiH'iil tho ,cuse to tho supreme
- w -
A, A. Robinson, of Graugervllle,
Idaho, who has been visiting friends In
Salem, wus u passenger to Portland this
morning via the Klinore.
Copyright ity)
Vf Hart, bciuflotf ft Uu
iWtl' ,f ! 'ft v ''''( AwKrrM
.,Jk 4hi.lip .
BSaaK Kit TBSaaV
co., w VOS.H.
S. L.
Scrogffin Stabbed by P. M. Church
man, at Sheridan.
P. M. Churchman stabbed S. L. Scrog
gln Boveral times in tho breast and back
In a row in tlio olllco of tho Yamhill
Milling Company Thursday afternoon.
Scroggin is not dangerously wounded.
Hoth men aro prominent in business cir
cles. Mr. Scroggin is a member o( tho
banking firm of 8croggin & Wortman,
nnd Mr. Churchman is interested in the
Yamhill Milling Company.
Tho men quarreled Wednesday ovor a
wheat deal, and had a rough and tumble
light, but wero separated. Yesterday
Scroggin called at tlio olllco of tlio Mil
ling Cumpuny to ship a couple of cars
of wheat, Churchman was there and tho
quarrel was resumed. Scroggin grabbed
Churchman by tho beard and pulled
him over u railing and threw him
down. Churchman thon stabbed Scrog
gin. Scroggtn's wounds aro Slight, but ho
was weakened by loss of blood, Church
man came out of tho fight with a few
scratches on the face.
Six Blocks Burned.
Hi:i uiii.io, Wn., Juno 3. A fire today
destroyed six blocks, Inflicting a loss of
llfty thousand dollars. Thoflro wan
checked by blowing up buildings with
' Ktery woniliiR I haro n lad taste in my
mouth; m ijiik.io Is rotU tuy hetil
actio und 1 oftun rocliuziy. J li&rti nonjijia
tl to lot bruiklmt.Hudwlut food I rat IU-licuM-j
me, 1 Ilits a liwtjr feeling la my
Mtoiu.irli I nm cutting u ireak tint soma
tluiM I truriMa.iiml mynervr are all un
atruii. I bin Ktttlni; pala and thin. I an
a tlrvil in tlio liiumlns as at night."
Wlutlitlietroiiuloy Impure Mood.
11.M a bottle. AtHdrtW,t.
Tnka one or two of Aycr'a Tills
racli nlclit. Vou cannot b cured
U troubled with constipation.
Writs nt frssly all tha ystllonUn la
our esse. You will recslra a prompt
ifly. I)E.J.C.AYKlt.LuwlI,Mn.
Ciiicaoo, Juno 3. July 77?i. Cash
red 70ki.
San l'ltANciBCO, June, 3. Cash 1. 10
At popular prices is
the standard we
maintain. Men's
sack suit of abso
lutely all wool cas
simeres and chevi
otts. Exclusive
clothiers price
$12.50, our price
Men's high grade
suits in black, clays
and pure worsteds,
etc., linings and
trimmings the best
obtainaable. Exclu
sive clothiers ask
18 and $20 for
none better, our
White Corner.
fif This YmtPi
i y
V4 ---' i aU.
ibjjibf aja,iai.akfMh Jfi .ai..