Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, June 01, 1899, Image 1

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NO 129.
, , '$mK
Home Made Goods
Specials: A very select
line of Boy's Krfee Pant Suits
or our own gooas maae up in
New York. Get one for
your BOYl
All sizes of Boy's Black Hose,
the very best to be had: Ask
tor them.
"n"-! "" -f-
t i -it rn tj
s Mt
I i r-
Wc are not
Not making I)w Prices on Dead Stock, and blowing alxiut it as a marvel,
but wo are
Hewing down a clean, live stock, level with the dirt which is associated
with cheap prfces.
Kvery Shoo in the house subject to the 20 jxsr cent reduction,
(ioods market! in plain figures.
.. W aWtwtft. iw lw W few
Model 57
The fines chain wheel ever turned out of a factory,
Hartfords, strictly high grade, $35,
Videttes, fully guaranteed, $25 and $26,
He sure to get w prices U you
Cor.State and Liberty Sis. Salem, Ore.
The largest assortment of
Men's Pants: Regular sizes,
extra sizes and extra longs.
No matter what size you call
for we have hin. A special
drive on them.
The finest line of Crash Hats
for Men and Boys to be
found, in Patterns and
Help! Help!
More help must be had at our
store. Our shoe sale has proven
too much for our force. We
are cutting prices as they have
never been cut on the Pacific
Coast. Get your shoes
Nowyou will never buy
them cheaper than at this big
sale: also, Free shines.
Krausse Br os
" -""
if tr
V VV a -V
Cent. Reduction
'All Shoes.
Originator of Low Prloos.
Wo Shine thorn Froo.
1)4 STATU stkket.
sW kw lw
St White,
Wo are now handling suit, and at prlges
that make peoplo stare. Never before
has salt boon sold so uheap iu wo are
Milling it. Wholesale and retail.
uso salt.
Carpenter's Toolsi
Blacksmith's Tools,
Fine Tools
For Every
Trade at
To the Rav Sink
A Chain ol Circumstances
Connected With a Boat '
That Disappeared and Was
ously Returned.
Counsel Win. II. Holmes has un
earthed a chain of circumstances that
may lead to the discovery of a new
theory of the murder of Hay Sink, for
which Win. M. Manors stands con
demned to death.
About thotimooftho disappearance of
Kay Sink a row boat belonging to John
Savage. Jr., was stolen from its fasten
ings and was not returned until u day
or so before the body of Kay Sink was
discovered, floating in the river. Tlio
ours were not taken.
Mr. Savage was seen this afternoon
and closely questioned as to tho disap
pearance of the boat at thu tfnieof tho
Kay Sink murder. He said:
"The boat was taken by pulling the
staple out of tho boat. Tho chain and
lock wore left attached to an Iron rod in
tho logway at tho sawmill.
"In tho afternoon I searched utt as far
as the footwalk over Miuto's slough and
down as far in tho bridge. Hut no trace
of the boat could be found. The next
day I put a notice in the paper that the
bout had dlsapiieared.
IIV 4 .1 ... t . j.. il . I
nuuu.vu wi pu me notice
iiik joDitNAi, .Mel Hamilton told
mo his
sons had found the lsmt or saw it tied
there. I went down and chained it with
same chain, driving in a now staple.
"It was tied with a ropj tho hIzj of a
bad cord 8 or 10 feet long, weathor
beaten, an old rope. It hail u gray up
pauraneo. Tliero was a blood mark on
one of the middle seats as big as a
hand. Some blood had trickled off tho
odgo of tho seat, and tliero wore dark
stains in the bottom of the boat that
woro not mud, but could not say that
iiioy were uioou sjiots. There was a
uood deal of mud and some bhxxl in tlio
boat, and wo washed it out.
"I wont with my son to see Sink in
tlio wator Iwlow the bridge, and had the
sumo boat. Itcameto my mind thou
that my IkmU was connected with tho
murder. I do not recall speaking of it.
It seemed then there wore several day
lacking between tho time the boat was
missing and when tho crime was com
mittcd,thoughI did not know than when
it was said to bo committed. As near asl
can place It, I had not been down to the
boat for f or 0 days lxforo I missed it. 1
remarked about the dates not fitting to
within a few days to Mr. W. I). Mohney.
"Thojoxact timojtlto IkkU was taken was
not known tome, and it might ho ox
tended back a few days, possibly one or
two days, but not to tho time afterwards
Hit for the murder. At the time it did
not $eem as though the lwat could have
l)eeu used to run Sink off with. That
was our conclusion at the time."
Tho lsxly was found on September
20, the day after tho Ixmt was rutiirnwl.
On the evening of the l.'ltli of Septem
ber is tho day he whs soon last by Mr.
Dodo Savage, who wont witlj John
Savugo, jr., in tho lxstt to see the re
mains' of Sink in the wator roiiiomlHirs
distinctly seeing the blood stains in tho
boat hut he did not spook of it ut tho
timo in connection with the crime.
Boys Drowned.
Ilr AucluU'il I'remn lu the Jourunl.
Fox Du Lac, Wis., Juno 1. William
Skinner and Arthur I'ratt, young busi
uoiM men of this cvity, woro drowuod lu
Lake WinnoUigo last night by the cap
sizing of a ltout.
Mil M. Wintinmtutlu, of Nw
Hru, who has Im-oii attending Willam
otto uuivursity, roturnod homo via
htoanier Kluvora this morning.
Mrs. Fox, of Ashland, and Mrs. Dol
man, of St. Holmis, who hav Iiwjii
guiMU at thi Ciiltnor homo, went to
I'ortland this afternoon.
Mies 1W1 Carter, who lw Imwii
ipiito 111 with tho uuKultw, bus gout to
Union county for a vanttlon to rcu pir
ate hor health.
Kv. and Mrs. S. M. FrMiaHd f H
attlo, who liuvi boon gu at ihn J. II.
T. Tilth!!! liomo, !Wt todny for Foret
Spt. J. L. Crtr wHt to ltlHiI
Uita afternoon to aw)t u hnwIw of hm
nib of U IHIhiI talwA (atlM4r ItomM.
Tltoa. 1'OHwroy, Um Miwm MP
gOWr,UiH the city, aiwl reports the
wop teaklHK well.
Business Being Transacted at the Court
H. Gottwald, of Jit. Angel, n nutlvo
of (Jormany, Iiiih Ih'oii nilniittiil to cili
zonship. oThoioosof the clerk's am! recorder's
wiiif ior tno liiont i ol Mav uero,
242.30 urn! f22iJ,:J0, respectively
A marriage license has been
issued to
Ijf Fon-
Allium Lit Floinmo mid
tiuno, of trench Prairie
Tito bicvclo tilL'H linvH lint. vol. lvn rit-
COlveu IU 1110 HilOnl'SO CO 1111(1 tlio
...!..., .-.. i .. ... --.--..
ponulty of fl will not ho utifotwd until
uftor they arrive. There 1h an impres
sion prevailing in some qtinrtura that
this $1 penalty goes into the jiocket of
the sneriff, hut Sheriff Ditrhin says this
is u mistake; It all goes into the hioyle
path fund.
An npiiciil to the circuit court has been
utKun in the matter of the guiinlltiHliiit
of John S. Hawkins, Insane.
Hoard of school land commissioners
to L. L. Itowlnud lotH 1 and 2. section 20,
tHr 2 west fS.21.
United States to Robert Hatty, )i of s.
e )it h 2(1 and n of n e M h.'ITi, t 0 s r
5 i. Homestead.
ThomuH Howe and wife to J. W. Eli
nor, lots No. 1, 2 and 3, in block No. 2.
MathitiH Uulnlu'a addition to the town of
Jit. Angel, w d $100.
Mrs. Kichardson and daughter Her
tliu returned last evening via boat from
Portland where they had been attend
ing to tho funeral of" her daughter.
Under Cross Examination
Stock in
and Patterson Concluded Wiey would not Offer
. Hofers Money, But Try Some Other Way.
l'ago !I2 of dofondant's brief and short hand roport of tostlmony and whut
lows is printed herewith in full:
On cross-examination following questions and answers:
Q. Which acquired an intorest in that stock Ilrst, you or Mr. Davis?
A. I did.
Q. How long uftor you bought yours did ho buy?
A. As a matter ol tact i tiircctcil tlio
"i-kjtoek which he holds.
Q. Did you consult with him about it
A. Vus sir, I dll, and got his consent.
Q. Did ho pay any money?
A. No.
Q. Did you?
A. Yes. " ' "
Q. How much?
A. Tho Kyurs' stock I paid $100 for; the U'aito stonk I paid, I am not sum, I
think f i.'LV), tho amount which tho probate record shows tho stock sold for. I am
not suro as to the amount.
Q. DM you pay that in money or attorney's fees?
A. There was not one cent attorney's fees.
Q. Cash?
A. Cash and cheeks.
Q. Vou woro attorney for Mr. Urcymau in settling up tliu Waito estate?
A. I was not. 1 want to say in that regard that I went dqwnlwul looked at
some papers. .Mr. nroyman toiu me tuai.iuugo iwiso nan linen attending to
some business of tho estate, but since his election ho had gone to Kuhe and Kubo
mis over to the Const.; lie said he did not want to go U any expense in getting
somebody to make out the necessary petition and order; I told lilm It could bo
done at my olllco. It was written ut my otllco. I did not appear as attorney, but
on putting on tlio tile buck the young lady in my olllco put on u lllo buck and en
dorsed my nume as attorney for the plaintiff ; I never knew it ; it escaped my at
tention at the time, until Mr. liroymaii
the attorneys for the estate. I did not
only having tho papers propured in my olllco, tlio papers necessary to got tho au
thority for him to mako a sale. I never
accommodation. I knew something of the
know Unit any sum that was charged would
glad to do anything for Mr. Hreyinaii that
that Mr. Koine was not making any charge.
been very glad to help hor at any time.
(Continued on
Deadman's IslanJ.
Ilr Aoc!nlrtl l'rr lu Hi Jouriiul.
Ottawa, Ontario, Juno I'. Tlio gov
ernment has dUcovorod documents in
connection with Daailiuim's island,
Vancouver, II. ('., which should dispose
of all questions us to tlio validity of tho
claims to the projHtrty. Those are
deeds of the projiorty formerly owned
by tlio linHiriul authoritlud, which woro
handed over in 1802 to Canada, Tho
putMin have been sent to Vancouver.
Brought Hack.
y- Annot'luteil I'ma lit Hip .Imiriml.
Nbw Youk, May 81. Samuel L. Find
loy, tax oollwtor of tho San Luis,
Oolspo county, Cal., from where he dls
upurod .Novomlsir lust, it is claimed
with f lfi.000 of the county's money, ar
rived today from Limu, Peru, ueooin
imnlwl liy a detective, who is acting for
tlio Fidelity and Doxsit Co. of Mary
land. Uunt of Henry George.
Ilr AiUleti I'rras lu the Jourunl.
New Voiik. June I. Tlio unveiling
of the bust of tho late Henry deore.
whieh took place in the rooms of the
Pitonle's Cllib. was attewled by larvjo
KMtlioring. Tho bust was inude by
luulmm lioorgM, u sou ot tlie ueuu iuixr
leader, and whs preeeiiti to tlio oiuit ny
Mj t.,l.i. C ru.lii unit til lllir nil.
Mrs John
veileil. Dr
Crofthv. and bv tier
liilward Mcttlyiiii dellverml
an eulogy
Tan.Miilnppi Congress.
Ilr AuvlnteU 1'rca to the Jourunl.
Whiiiti, Kan., June 1. At the
Traus-MUtiseipid congretw the ollloers
electttd were a follews: President, K.
O. Standard, St. IuUt; first vice presi
dent, Walter Greehani, (lalveston; se
oihI, L. K. l'rinee. NewMexieo; third,
K. V. Smaller , Minne;tu; fourth. J.
Hudson McKnivl't. WU-ltiU.
Williams Held for Tilal.
Ilr Afcoille4 I'rcaa lu Ht Jourunl.
Auuky, Or., Je 1. liwrr WH-
liaiuM uiui arruk'iunl ill JhMlicM FreefK-
teti's court for gltouUK OJutrfe. Furrell
flufriKllian. SraS Wlfli-wrur.
Five Thousand Mine 8 Outwatd Bound
With Treasure.
Ilr Aaaoclntcil Prcaa In tlie Joitvnnl.
Seattlk, Juno 1. The latest advices
from Dawson, brouglit by L. II. Orav,
are dated April 20. At that time evi
dences of the most wonderful output yet
recorded were to be peon on every hand.
Five thousnnd men are paid to bo in
waiting at Dawson to take the Ilrst boats
up the river. Half of them are miners,
win have from 1000 to i0.0O0 eneh in
The White- Pass & Yukon Railroad
Company has isittcd bills of lading on
more than 11,000,000 worth of gold that
is to come out on one of tno Ilrst river
, Princely Qift,
Ilr Anaootnteil Irena to (tie Jnnrnnl.
San Kuancibco, June 1. Mrs, Jane h.
Sanfonl has formally transferred all hor
vast wealth to the university which
bears the name of her dead son. Deeds
representing property valued at
.over $10,000,000 have been given in
trust to tho trustees of Leland Stanford
Ur. University and this added to tho
ireviouso ndoirmentof $10,000,000 makes
t one of the richest instilutlonsof learn-
,ju the world.
Took Carbolic Acid.
V Ammelntcit l'rra to the Journal.
Voitn.ANi), Juno 1. Mrs. O. Larson,
of Alblna, committed suicWo this morn
ing by swallowing carbolic acid. Do
sixmiii'iiey was the cause.
He Tells Why He Bought
The Journal.
stock to Lo put in .Mr. Davis' iiamu,
Ixiforo it was done?
told me that the Hofers said I was one of
upjMtur for the estate; whut I done wits
charged anything for it, it was merely nn
situation of the K. M. Waito estate, and
come from Mrs. Waito. I was very
would save oxjhiiiso. j understood
I knew Mrs. Waito ami I Would have
Page '.'.
Completed After Uixty Years.
Ilr Anaovlnlril I'rra tu tlie Jouriiul,
Nkw Youk, Juno I. After (X) years,
the Thomas l'aiuo mouumout in New
KiMihellu has boon lluished by the crown
ing of the shaft, which was erected In
18IHI. witli a colossal liust of the free
thinker. Alxiut :X) admirers of the
writings of Puiue imidu the trip to tlie
monument Tuesday and particijmted in
tho exorcises. It had lxtou oxjxH'ted
tliut Kolxtrt (i. lugersoll would sixiuk,
but he did not upxur. The placing of
the bust wus under the auspices of the
Llhorar Club of Munhattau and the
lirooklyn Philosophical Hixdoty.
Ciy.tal Ice Wpiks.
Tho Crystal Ice works is now ready to
tmppjy the trade with ice, made from
pure distilled water, at tho ruling price,
whatever that may bo. Telephone '.'071 .
J. Muguiro, proprietor. fi-'JtMlt
cannot be considered Ixjaiitlful if the
eyes are weak and rod. And us those
defeats are removublo no woman should
Iiermit thorn to remain. A thorough
jiowledge of optical fitting enables us
to achieve ulmoet womlerful rosiilts.
Pluce yourtolf in inir hands and aching
ami unsightly eyed will be things of the
tet. Our charges are moderate.
A Face
Figured Out For Vol
unteers. 'Otis Still Insists He Must
Have 30,000 Men.
The Flag Floats Over All -of Negros
lly Aanncluteil I'rtaa In tlio Joiirnttl.
Wahiiisutos, Juno 1. Secretary Alger
has caused tho (imirtormaster general to
make a compilation of mileage the Phil
ippine volunteers from each state would
bo entitled to, bliouM they bo mustered
out at San Francisco. The information
was embodied in a message vabled to
Tli travel pay, exclusive of two
months extra pay, which, each man
will receive uixju muster oitt, iitmroi-
mates for tlio western states as follews:
Oregon $32 to (CI ; Washington $110 to
tt!2: Idaho m to fill. Kuch regiment is
to determine by vote whether thov
niustor out In San Francisco or their
homo state.
Wasiii.noto.v, Juno 1. Keplylng to In
quiries of tho secretary of war. General
Otis telegraphs he Is still of the opinion
that .'10,000 troops are necessary for the
effective control of tlio Philippines,
Manila, June 1. General Luivtou has
been given comuiaud of tliu defense of
the city, and the troops are forming lines
around Manila, which will bo his divis
ion, Mac Arthur commauds tho outly
ing garrisons, and tliu troops are holding
tliu railroad and rivers.
Wahiiinoto.v, Juno 1. The war de
partment lias received the follewing:
"Manila (Ion. Smith -reports from
Negros that he liar punished tlie Insur
gents who murdered Captain Tilly, that
the Kantem coast of the Island Is now
under the American flag and that the
Inhabitants ask JjroU&U(m against .rub
ber bunds. The bauds were pursued
Into tlie mountains by the United
States and native Inxips and severely
Washington. Juno 1. It Ih olllclally
denied at the department of state that
tliero has ix'on any exchanges between
the department and the Cierman gov
ernment, relative to tlie replacement of
the Philadelphia by tho eruisor Newark
at Apia. The subject has not beuu men
uoucu, ami Homing in tno nature
iirotust against the sending of a ship
Samoa, lias been Imlgod.
Wahiiinoto.v, Juno 1. Secretary Alger
In an interview said the regulars now
on the way to the Philippines will
give us 'J5,000 men after the withdrawal
of all the volunteers.
I Tos. Meyers & Sons,!
s Salem's Greatest
tailor Ladies
JUITJ Man tallorisl suits a
few choice styloH
bore's u urtifo (1st:
llluo unliiiisheil
worsted, fancy lluud,
well worth t8.W)
All w(M)l,lliitfiliii(Hergu, tiKlitllttlng
Z basked, threw rcny buUUJUJ li front.
S Hllk )apls. Ittgulur irfiojd f2JA)
m speelul
Wink all wool sjjrgg, llnjki tllrougli
out witli blaok or,luvondt)r ijllk very
ohoUi) at IWiJjQf sKi!ul
I 278 -280 Commercial St.- The Old
Makes the food more
"Where will the additional 5,000 or
0,000 men for whom (Jen. Otis asks
come from?" Tho secretary was asked.
"That has not ljcen definitely doter
mined as yet."
"In case it is decided to calll for vol
unteors, will a call only be made for
G.000 or (1,000 men?
"If volunteers are called for," replied
tho secretary, "The call will probably
bo for ten thousand men."
Tiik Hauuk, Juno 1. Tho Aniorican
mediation scheme was unanimously
adopted at yesterday's sitting of the sub
committee, which embodied the scheme
iiropariHl by the suhcommittee, with
few alterations.
Wasiuniiton. Juno 1. The now Span
ish minister called at tho state douart-
" rASrliiTmS kf C
moms ior presentation to tlio president.
To Our Sending Another Warship to
ll' Aaaorlutril I'rraa tu tlie Journal.
Wasuinoto.v, June 1. Huron von Hoi-
lebeu, the (lernuiu ambassador, has
made diplomatic objection to Secretary
Hay t tlie dispatching of the cruiser
Newark to Samoa. Ah a result, it is not
curtain that the Newark will take the
place of tho cruiser Philadelphia in
Suuioan waters. .Much regret is ex
pressed that tliero Is no way by which to
reach Kcar-Adiulrul Kttutz before his de
parture for San Francisco. It is Haiti
that tlie objection is miidu on the ground
that tho arrival of another American
warship at Samoa will have a bud effect
on the Miituiifutift,
Major Marchand Home.
Ilr Aaauoluteil l'rcaa tn tlie Journal.
. Pauis, June 1. A great concourse of
people assembled at the railway edition
to welcome Major Mareliand, the Afri
can explorer.
A tremendous shout announced tlio ar
rival of tho jxjpilar idol's train. A
carriage covered with dowers and trl
colored Hags convoyed the major to tho
ministry of marine where it lunch wus
given in his honor.
Indians Making Trouble.
Ilr Aaauoluteil l'reaa tu the Jourunl.
Hki.kna, Mont., Juno 1. Tho order
ing out of the soldlursiit Miles City is
said to have been caused by some In
dians resisting arrest by Indian police.
A detuchment of 60 cavalry men lias
left Fort Keogh for Lame Deer in re
sponse to u request frolu Agent Clifford.
Henry Ackcnnan Dead.
Ilr Aanovliitril l'rcaa tu tlio Jourunl,
Poutland, June 1. Henry Ackerman,
a well known real estate agent, died this
morning of heart failure.
Sudden Itichtu.
Ilr Aaaiiolntril l'rraa tn tlie Jourunl,
ViiTouiA, K. 0 Juno 1. Ily tlio al
lowance of the npiHial of the case of
llobbs vs. the Ksqiilmult & Nuuuimo
Hallway Company by the supremo court
of Canada, K. V. llobbs, u second-hand
dealer, of Douglas street, in tills city,
becomes a millionaire. Ills victory en
tities him to tho ownership of what In
known as the l?ast Wellington Exten
sion mine, Duusmuir's finest piece
of underground proiairty.
Tho lmokward spring onuses us to give nuirehlng orders to these three lines. Never before
liiivu our snoolul prices Ixiou so tempting. Ileluteil buyers will Ixmullt by theso original
nsluced imiicos. '
The Crown
Thu Crown parfuot fitting
of nut-
slos il- to 1 1 in a grwt tirriiy
torlala, AH attniytlvoly prfewl
will gain if you am prompt.
40c to 52.18
Our KaifcCuts Deeper Than
Ever Before.
delicious and wholesome
POWBtW CO., HW 10.
Paveral years ago Itobbs bought 100
acres of land, comprised in tho Esqui
mau it Nunalmo railroad grant. Tho
purchase was made without reservation,
but wlion tlio deed was completed, the
company Included tho reservation of all
coal and other minerals. Hobba rofused
to accept this, and also refused tho re
turn ofliis purchiiBO monoy. suing for a
ppeciile porformanco of the contract,
lbo highest tribunal of Canada hnsliow
granted tlio suit, iljcreby affirming
llobbs right to th&VMl) coal deposits
that are being workeUk. beneath, his
priqwrty. . .
Nkw Wk, Juno 1. Memorial day
was signalled as the flnal destruction of
the most sgnal point on the palisades of
tlio river, known as Indian Head. A
blast in which at leaist 10,000 pounds of
dynamite was used, was fired off at tliu
quurrys of fCarixmter Kros.. located
at Coytesvifle, near Fort Leo. Tlio
blast brought down ubout 200,000 tons
of rocks. It was the most successful
effort ever made, and brought out of tho
pallt-udes an area 75 foot front by 150
feet deen.
Tho blast was inado by lifting n ttltuiol
75 feet deep to tho cliffs and crossing a
section of Indian Head. From tho tun
nel two wells wero sunk, ouo at n dis
tance of 25 feet and tho other lit a dis
tance of 85 feet from tho entrance In
to tho wells tho dynamite was packed.
It wiih exploded by means of wires' con
nected with n lmttorv at tho top of tlio
mountain. Tho detonation was scarcely
heard by tho persons present, a volume
of smoke mid a mass of disengaged rock
falling toward tho river being tlio prin
cipal evidence of the work.
is Your Hair
Faffling Out?
Do not worry about tho falling of
your hair, the threatened departure
of youth nnd beauty. And why?
UWAUte, if thoro u a spark of lift
remaining la tho root of tho hair,
HoIp Vigor
will nrouee It Into healthy sethlty.
Tho hair censes to enmo out ; It bo-
gins to grow, and tho glory of your
youth Is restored to you. It will alto
euro damlrutf, mako a rich crowtb,
and reMoro color. $1.00 a Lottie.
Wa liava a txxik on IU Half and III
UUralM. llHItea.
Tho Bant AdvlemFrmm.
It Ton il" ool obtain all Ilia tnfltt
tuu ipbcimI Irotn tlianiaof Ilia Vlfor,
wilta Ilia IXxstor about It. AdJr,i,
UU.J. U. Atl.ll, lAWUl, aiui.
Ciiicaoo. Juno 1, July 70k, Cash 'i
red 80.
San Fuancibco, June, 1. Cash 1.18
Hutlra lino at inturostlng prices.
Sti'W'i wflbiimde skirts possesing oil
the gOojI ijuiiljti.
53,98 '
For an all wool wrgo skirt wortli $3.
For a lino blank
skirt, worth $ 10.
satin or taflctA
A Columbia
(ilven away
froo July 3d.
White Corner,
23 'jMf
B 'vlaaf
1 "B
maiarary" J - to mmi4mkmHm
ipaiiailaimni tiaWiltla!taaiia