Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, August 17, 1898, Image 4

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Dress Goods
Fall slock how nrnylng
Don't fall to Sec our 25o line of two
tone overshot brocades.
Oaf 50c line or Parlsan novelties,
Bydcr fancies. All wool plaids,
chcKsaiid mixtures.
Beautiful line of blacks In lim
eades nod plain, The best over
shown In Salem.
Th? m7-st"clegarit and tyllsh line
of wattt and trimming silks ever
shown In Salem.
See those new hanrs,in taffetas
with embroidered Hcrrln cord
stripes. Also a superb lino of the
latent' combinations or colorings in
plald'cffects, 75c, 80c, 88c, and $1 per
Over 200 new .pieces of
v Dress Goods 'have arrived
And Ih'cy arc not all here yet.
1 1 mm
lasts until cycry remnant in the house is
gone. To make it a quirk clearing affair
Remnant Prices Are Gut One-Half!
Some four and five vard lenoths. cnouph V. I
for a skirt, at onchalf cost, Don't wait
until they arc all picked over, but get
some of the plums of this sale,
lAll Summer Goods Less Than
j. j. mm
no 1
Count Assessor Hdbart and Ten Depu
ties Hard at Work.
County Assessor J. W. Hobart Is
Industrously busy theso days with
about ten deputies working on I the
county tax rbll preparing the same
for delivery to the county board of
He lias asked the county commis
sioners' court to give him until the
last Monday in September, in have
the bond roll ready forcqiiallzitlon,
and hopes willi his present force to
be able to accomplish the v ork by
that .lime. If (his Is accomplished
the roll can be turned over to the
county clerk the llrst Moi.day In
October. This will give that officer
ample lime of sixty days to prepare
the copy for the state board of
The county board lias several times
In the past equalized from the loose
blanks, but they will probably not be
necessary as the work Is now pro
gressing. The military roll Is already
completed, and can be turned over by
tlie county clerk atiin early date.
The amount cf mortgages and other
securities will probably oe about the
same as last year.
Mysterious Murder.,
Daughter of a New York Con
tractor Killed,
She Was
Robbed of Her Jewelry
ano Money.
Proceedings at the Various Departments
of the Capital County Seat.
E ,1. Chambers, administration of
the estate of Mrs. J. Chambers Tues
day, tiled an appeal from the deci
sion of Judge Terrell allowing the
widow $i:i a monlh besides a pension
of $12 The appeal will be heard at
the October term of Department No,
2, circuit court.
One lone deed was llled today by
Jonli Iloefer and Casper 'orn to H.M.
Smith part of claim 03, sec. 2
t. 4 w, w d Marl.in Co. w d $50.
Mrs, Geo. W. Jones, county Miper
Intendentnf scliooIs,Tuesday awr.rded
certificate)) to the (following poisons,
who took teacher's examination, but
who lived outside the ceunty: P. W.
Iladlcy and Anna M. Gordon, first
grade: Laura Whitney, second grade.
Strong's ruinous New York Ico Cream reduced to 2fu. a quart,
Ice Cream with cake served at 10c.
At Strong's restaurant.
havo your notes and packages
delivered, to ootloot a bill, to go on
erranda for you. Aalc for apodal
rates en merchants' packages.
Charged ronoouablo. Uloyclo ser
vice. Ring Bins boxes or telephone
0, .
Cnokwoott Messenger System, Central
office No. 280 Couimorolnl street.
has removed his music
store to 231 Commercial
street, opposite Bush's
Salem Local
Tonight and Thursday fair.
S. L. Jones the Sail Francisco candy
man left for Eugene today,
E. Cook Pattern took tio Jocnl for
Newport today for it visit with his
Geo. II. Williams returned to Port
land this morning after a day spent
in Salem.
Mrs. M. C. Cross and Mrs. A, I,
Wagner wero passengers to Portland
this morning for a short ylslt,
immB sassaa
Will a dollar go ? I
This la tlio great every
day problem with buy
ers In every line.
You will never know
Iiqw far you can
your dollars go
Until you Wring
thm Iiere,
Our shoes.hnslerv.uuder
wear, laces, ribbons and
Dirt Ions uro better than
you'll expect at our
Osburn'i Racket
f--!BOmmwmc al hlrivl,
make m
Harley White returned homo Mon
day from San Francisco, Hols more
In lovo with Oregon than oyer before
slncQ his ylslt.
Mr. Phillip C. Huiirk, an extensive
colfeo planter of Matagalpa, Nlear
aqua, was In the city .yesterday, tlio
guest of Mr, Albert Manning.
Henry M, Stoudciimeyer, Hlcl aril
Uelley and Levy Card left for Astoria
this morning where they will play
with tlio First Regiment baud during
the regatta.
.1. II. .Campbell, who has been living
on his farm near Zena, Polk ' county,
Is making extensive repairs to hU
dwelling 381 Center street to which
ho will move Ills family as soon as com
pleted. Dr. J. A. Richardson returned from
Castle Craig, Cal on this mornings'
overland where ho was railed to at
tend Mrs. David Tuthlll. Dr. Itlch
iirdson roports Mrs, Tiithlll as pro.
grossing very nicely.
Ralph K. Pinker, a Silent boy well
known here, who Is now attending
StiuifordlJnlverslty has again brought
tho Salem delegation Into notice at,
that college. Mr. Parker Is taking a
special course in civil englnccrlu"
and mechanical drawing and bus
won tho esteem and I'oulldenco of his
professors to such an extent that ho
has been entrusted with the task of
surveying the site fnr tho large now
chapel aid llbaary building thoy tiro
erecting tit Stauto d. For ono who
has been nUStauford only one semester
to bo selected nvor studonts who havo
been there several years Is an honor
which Salt-m should bo piond to claim
as belonging through Mr. Parker, lu
part to her,
Out of Respect for Alderman Buren in
His Bereavement.
Lasteycnlng being the time for the
regular semi-monthly session of the
councl, a quorum was present, and
l;i tho absence of the Mayor, Recorder
Edes presided.
Upon coming to order Alderman
McGrew presented the following res
olution, and .upon adoption of the
same the council adjeurned:
'Whereas, wo deeply sympathize
with Alderman Huron In Ills lie
levcment, through tho dcalh of his
estimable wife, be it
"Resolved. That, out of resnect, to
Alderman Huron, this council do now
Jubilee and plantation songs Is vliat,
pleases the mass of the people nod
when It Is by the colored folks there
Is nothing Unit can equal it for an
cvcnlng'sntertalnmont. Thoie is a
natural chains In-lhc voice of I he uegio
that Is highly pleasing.
Come to ihoi opera house Filday
night and enjoy the best. Admis
sion 2,'i and iru.
In Police Court.
John Dee and Ed Long are boarding
wltli Recoider Kdes for live days on
account of druiikc:inc.ssi
Fcllclon Victor was ariested for
roaming the streets at an caily hour
this morning. Ho Is a Fienciimaii
and claims to be bound for French
prairie where he has work.
Don' fall to hear tho Ouruka Col
ored male quartet at the -opera hou-o
Friday night in their original Clilncio
song. Every lover of music can enjoy
u humorous darkey song of tlio old
plantation kind, and m Kd wards'
Tennessee students can causo initio
laugh. General admission 2.1c.. Hack
seats In gallery I Be- Auspices of Y
M.C. A.
Nnw Yoitic, Aug. 17. EmlllnoO.
Reynolds, a young iiniuartled woman,
about 21 years of age, was found mur
dered In the Orat.d hotel, at Twenty
first street and Broadway, this city,
today. Her death had evidently re
sulted from repeated blows on the
bead with a piece of lead pipe. Tlic
crime had been committed some time
between midnight and ,1 o'clock this
morning, but the police have not as
yet been able lo dcllnltely determine
whether the motive was one of rob-
bsry or otherwise, though they are
Inclined to the former belief.
After some hours of Investigation
and upon statements given by.thc
mother of the dead girl. Dr. Samuel
J. Kennedy, a young dentist of this
city, wasarrested and Is being held
on suspicion of the murder. The fact
that not only the murdered woman
was robbed, but another robbery was
committed on the same Moor, Incline
the police to the belief that the
woman was killed lu an attempt to
prevent the robbery.
The gill, who was 20 years of age.
entered the lintel, accompanied by
a man, who registered as E. E. Max
well and wife, and was shown a room.
Later the girl was seen walking
with a mar. apparently "15 years of
age. Aimut 7 0'ciock tlio couple ler'.
the hotel, but the time of return is
not known. The girl's mother says
her daughter had drawn $.'100froui the
bank in t lie afternoon, and was to u-e
part of it in having work done on her
teeth, Theodore Vail, chief of police
of Atlanta, who occupied' a room
next to the girl's, said ho was nibbed
or $180 during the nlgnt. The case Is
a very mysterious one, and the police
have no clue
A search of the clothing of the
woman was made and revealed a
check on the Garlielil National bank
for 81:1,000, made out to "Emma Rey
nolds" and signed by "Dudley John-sou.'-'
At tlio bank It was said Sthat
the check was no good. Nine dollars
In hills was found under the woman's
corset. One of tho diamond earrings
was found, hut the right car showed
tliat the othcrcarring had been
oughly torn away.
He Was Authorized to Quit Manila by
Permission of His Government.
Madiud, Aug. 17. Sagasta, on
leaving the palace this afternoon, de
nied that Blanco and other generals
were opposing the government's
policy. It Is now known the govern
ment knew yesterday that Manila
capitulated on Saturday, after Gen
eral Jaudcmcs had turned ovcr-thc
command anil Augustln had been au
thntlzcd to quit his post and embark
on j foreign warship for Hong Kong.
Manila apparently capitulated be
cause of lack of food, the population
and garrison havlngsulTcrcd the great
est privations.
m . .
Delaware Poisoning Mystery.
Dovr.n, Del-, Aug. 17. There were
no additional developments in the di
rection of a clearing of the mystery
surrounding the death of (x-Reprc-sentatlve
Pennington's two daugh
ters, Mrs. J. P. Dunning, formerly of
San Francisco, and Mrs. J. I. Deanc,
of this city. The first steps in obtain
ing an analysis of the candy were
taken, when a portion was placed in
the hands of Slate Chemist, Wolfe, at
Newark, Del.
A report was in circulation that
there was a doubt about the. candy
having been mailed in San Francisco.
This is erroneous. There is no doubt,
whatever. The package bears the
postmaik nf that office. The box did
not, corneas third-class matter, but,
was mulled at, letter-rate postage,
hence the use of t lie postolllce mark,
which It is understood is not usually
placed on mail matter stamped with
the lower rates.
At the coroner's Inquest this morn
ing Dr. Wolfe, slate chejnlst, of Del
aware college, testllled that lie bad
analyzed three pieces; of the candy
sent to Mrs. Dunning, and found that
It contained large quantities of
arsenic. One piece of the arsenic, he
stated, was as large as a pea, and he
added that there was enough or the
poison in the three pieces of candy to
kill four persons. The Jury rendered
a verdict of death from pnis'in
at tlio hands of some per.-ons unknown.
. -jj n, funeral clearance sale
Our war on prices is noT enucu, &
closed Saturday, but this week we will offer
special drives in various lines,
Only a few left. Our 8, 9 aiul 10c
wash goods all go 5c,
All our lawns, dimities, lappets,
Swisses, organdies, etc. 15 18 d 20c
values at 10c the yard,
Ladle's sleeveless vesls at 4c, a good
value at 8c, Large line in all colors,
12 1-2
Camping blankets in eray, white and
V-cuna, good values at G7c 88c, $1,15 and
11 U 11 u
If you are after bargains call on us,
Commercial St
cP The Bargain House of Salem
The.stato authorities ill
Investigation tomorrow.
On III I lHu
Tan Shoes
And Oxfords
Are the proper thing to wear dm
In the summer tveather, Ours are
nearly all gone and lo mako a
clean sweep wo will mako dis
count of 2i per cent no nil our tan
tilioes uud oxfords during tho
month or August. Step lively
now before your size Is -old out.
14 ofl,
Summer Underwear,
Wo have the lust stock In Salem,
Wo havo a good assortment yet.
Ladles1 summer sulU, l" cents.
Ladles' vesta 6 to &0 conts, Mon's
utulersullH Miiud W) rents.' Chil
dren's all nIu's uud prices,
K. & O. 0OHSET8,
j.kh dry aoensXNisui:
Septemlvtr Vttttulurd ."" iiciw Tn,
Almost an Accident.
Almost an accident is the substance
of many news Items In some of our
papers but there is no accident aimut
tlio popularity of Geo. Ilros. loo meals
Everyone cats theni,
Mrs. E. Y. CIium", tho secretary of
the Emergency Corps, received letters
of thanks from Capt. Relley and
Lieut. Rutenlcof Mattery 11. Tuesday
expressing the thanks of the battery
for tho supplies Kent them a row days
lias Lost His Ciown,
While Alphnnso may lose his crown
the Salem public- will never cmsent
to Iomi their La Coiona lOo cigars.
Try I hem.
Canned Meats,
Canned Vegetables,
Pork and Beans,
Condensed Milk,
Condensed Soups,
and in fact everything for
comfort in camp life, of
The Grocer,
124 Stato at Telephone SI
Havana Tranquil.
Havaiia, Aug. 17 The city lemalns
entirely tranquil. Everybody has
rcsuui'.d his ordinary duties, and all
arc thinking only of how to u-covej
something of what has -been lo-u.
Conservative natives, and particularly
Spanish residents, realize the neces
sity of such-steps as will save the
social Inlcrests of the island, avoid
future Insuireetlons, and prevent a
complete annihilation of the wealth
partly saved from revolution and war.
There Is no agitation. The report
that an attempt was made lo shoot
the Mrltlsh consul is entirely without
8ome Summer Cute !
20 per cent reduction on all tan shoes,
20 per cent reduction on oxfords,
'Si per cent reduction on gray ciumled ware.
When you recall that our rauket prices to begin with arc mgoli lower
than regular, you will understand that our cut prices mean au Immense
St. Louts, Aug. 17. A telephone
message from St. Anlolne, III., says
that Hon. W. W. Wall ex-state t-en-
atoraud a prominent, hanker and real
estate dealer of that city, was .shot
and killed yesterday afternoon. A
coalman named Schadlclch, a tenant
of Willi's, Is charged with tho crime,
The shooting arose over a trivial
matter. A later message says thai
three men were Implicated In the
murder. A special train with officers
and bloodhounds on board has left
Llchheld ror thesceue of the murder,
where the excitement Is 'great.
Not Shot.
Washington. Aug. 1". A Marin
ette (Wis,) dlspatcn slated a few dais
ago that Alex La Duke, a private of
the Second Wisconsin volunteers, had
been court marthiled and shot for
killing another, soldier during a
drunken quarrel lit Ponce. Mrlgadler
Qcncral Gllmuro cables that this was
au error, La Duke being sentem-ed to
life Imprisonment.
, MlvV.-- s,
Contract to be Let This Af ernoon by
Sec. Gabnelson,
The bids for the new machinery
building at the state fair grounds
were opened today at al 2 p. m.
and the contract will be let to the
lowest bidder this afternoon. The
building Is to be an addition to the
old machinery hall Oust west of the
pavilion and is to be 45x0.") feet. It
is to be finished on or lefore Sept. 12, ;
or ten days upforo the fir opens.
Following is a list of contractors,
.submittlng'bids and the amount of
their calculatien:
A. W. Dennis $343 00
F. 15. Southwlck :il9 80
H.M. Hummer 293 00
John Gray 3G0 00
R. T. Denham 315 00
Moores & Gilliam 457 20
The lowest bidder satisfactory to
tlio management will get, the con
tract and work will lie commenced at
t--i -
Arrived at Ponce.
WAStiiNOTON, Aug. 17. Late last
night Adjutant-General Corbln re
ceived a cablegram announcing the
arrival at Ponce of the transport has been a sulferer from
Alamo, having on board General Fred le wd intelligence was not alto.
D. Grant and stalfand a part of the
First Kentucky, commanded li Col.
nnel Castlein.in.
iJbtfk If 6 fi3V6
h iWfew Y?SrJL 11V 111 I V
ijBjwr iiriUvuU !
we Vnt;nB,,MrP"Ja"! 11 '"? " "'Hlncss as It should
In our line of hud .V " l""""K "J ''(-' po-U)le
wallVaapeKr(:r0()mandlf,Wre''t Prlcr. See what we are doing
248 Commercial Mreet. near State.
IIROWX-At Portland Tuesday Au
gust Hi. J. Henry Ilrown of asthma.
Mrs. I). L. Matheny, of this ci.,y,
this morning recciied a telegram
nun roruami of me death of-her
brother Mr. J. Henry Ilrown, whe is
wen Known lu Salem. Mr. i!mu,n
asthma and
Odered Out,
Santiaho, Aug. 17.-Shaf(cr lies
ordeied the Second Volunteer regi
ment of Immuncs to leave the city an 3
take up camp In tho hills. The men
havo indulged In liquor and their acts
havo yergcij on license. To relieve
Hits unruly regiment, Shaftcr Ipis or
dored the Eighth Illinois volunteers
(colored) Into quarturs in the city.
llgures and you can do your own
Some line ones for handkerchiefs.
When It's In our ad It's so.
Our prices aro all marked lu tpl.ilu
limning on discounts.
NKW Val laces, l8o doreu yards up,
Hair nets for overy one.
Hop gloves and harvest gloves for men and women,
Sweaters from 4flo up. Good heavy worsted ones at IsSc.
THOSK MIKE MARGAINS.-Twoiuoro of thoiii HnappeTl
Some wheels only i-llghlly used at big saying In prices,
up Friday
Lumps from $1.00 up that'll keep policemen a block away from you.
Want to Repair Cable.
"hono Koncj, Aug. 17,-Officlals of
the Manila Cable Company here urn
anxiously awaiting permission to re
pair It aid and a cable steamer Is now
at Singapore uwulllugl lust met Inns.
Big Fire in Russia.
St, PirratSHUKo. Aug. 17. In the
great lire at Kljni Novgorod, north
east or Moscow, t lie city wu'kliniise
was destroyed. Thirteen bodies
round In (he ruins. Many of the
inmates are unaccounted for.
t , ' ii i iarrTnnr-jiiLjimiMjiiiBjj.
VANCOOVint, R. C.,Aug,l7. Marsh
all S. Van Alsltne, .former resident
of Saratoga, Cal.,convlated of bigamy,
ha tieon sentenced to ten iiiouthaj
Right in Front
of Their Eyes.
On tho faces of contented people
you will see a pair or iny spectacles.
Happy, because- tho Irainesare fitted
properly and the lenses absolutely
lf your eyes are falling In any way
consult me u costs you nothing.
Expctt optician.
Mew location, 2fu Commercial street.
3 donr bouth or posloniee.
gciner unexpected. He died yester
day and will probably ,e brought to
Salem for Interment. Mrs, Matheny
left for Portland today and will re
turn wllli the remains this evening.
UIs.?ii!nt Ul,e I,oor f!,rm north or
Saleiii.Tutsday Aug. m, j, i u.U
from near Turner. '
The remains will he taken tn Tur
ner fnr uurliil by the brother or the
h Among arriyalHoday wero follow-
W. P Lord, ISaleiii It n nv,tn
Portland! .Til if-'. ... "".. l "tll.P,
-- - .'iiiim.ii'iin i-i t ,-, I.-
Mirinan, C ilcaeo- W l ,:""
Pertland: Mrs s it r Kcar,'i;i'.
Burned Up His Fences.
A hie was started on tho rami or
Peny La Pallet ton Mission llottoui
Tuesday by some person attempting
to bum out a bee tree. The lire
spread to a lot or dry brush and rrom
there to the htulihlc I'elds, burning
the fences and stubble on tlio farm.
The energetic elTorts or u scoie of
neighbors ami he timely shirting of
the wind saved a larft'cpile of staked
grain, besides several stacks or mi
threshed grain,
' . Loveless. )f Lake county,
aged lo vo.-ira n..,c ,j
.!,.., """"y commuted in
J,: PJkiDBton and Doug Mlnto
f m,i " p' Iu lralt today foi
Chicago. They will combine buainS
Please Notice,
nnrelallTnbulks.r,!J,W0 ""I sell
0-ring ..Mr lii,ckci,lent Mhiui
it tr c- WDJ:7ff MiEsoun.
171 Loiiiiuerolal fct.
i Tn it
n iii gin
iw mmi Yon Hja Ahwn Banphl
To every person
iii wisues ii ror a
bonnet In the hop
yard, by purchasing
at our store colfees,
teas, spices, extracts
etc., to the amount
or CO cents or over.
louget tickets the
" 'Ulllti
New Building.
Lath, Lath,
Fire Clay,
Fire rick,
Lime and Oment.
Eto, Eto
Toinw iteascnable. Now la tlia limo for
D. a. DENTLnY & CO
314 Tiont al.
StMwuor. toJatem ,m,HOverofnl COf ml