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ily Capital Journaj.'lbe Petit m?m.
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THURSDAY. JAN. 20, 1898.
The Statesman asserts that the
Marion county court had $500 worth
of lithographed (stationery 'printed at
tit. Louis, when as goou stationery
could have been printed here nt Sa
lem for much lees money. The same
county court has been usinif books for
the tax rolls that cost as IiIk'1 as$:i5
when the Secretary of State furnishes
them to all the counties for about $7 a
volume. The Statesman Itself under
Mr. (J. iJ. Irvine L'ot $500 for printing
delinquent tax list? that Slier nr
KnlKiit had published for less than
half that sum. We do not believe Mr.
Hendricks, the present manager of
the Statesman, cnaorscs this kind of
raids on t.ie public treasury.
Hut the point wc desire to make
plain and trout; U , that the county
court In uot so much to blame as the
.Republican parly managers who have
a political pull on the court and use
It. for their own bencllt. The spoils
Republican machine holds up the
cotiutj court for such jobs us lltho
graphing, double-price tux lltts, as
sessment rolls that cause the county
litigation and loss, and courthouse
Improvements at fictitious prices.
The Idea of sucli polltlclais Is to
pack primaries nominate men whom
the people will elect, and then In the
name of the Republican party hold
up the public tteisury Who Is to
blame, the court or the party mana
gers V We ticllcve If the county court
were left free from the dictation of
the corrupt bosses It would do far
better than It does. Men In public
oillcc don't want to do wroni;, but the
Republican machine in this county
has been in the hands of meu who
don't winit to do right.
A Daily Paper for the Boys and
Girls of Oregon.
I Vol.1. Salem, Jan. 20, 1808, No. 0.
Candidates ate IHnif brought out
for the olllce of school director, to be
tilled lu March. The fluuticcH "f the
district are in a deplorable condition.
By a chuiiKo lu the laws in 1HM no
levy could be made and the district I
about 10 month behind in its Uniiticcs.
It is not the fault or the present
school board that we are thus com
pelled to iuy Interest on current
taxes Just levied.
Tiik Jouiinal was wrong In saylnK
there wus no law for borrowing the
money at the bank to run tho schools
with. There Is a section penults It.
Rut It Is a great wrong in theory and
practice to mulct the current taxes In
advance of their collection.
It Is a condition the district should
get out of. It Is a disgrace to our
business Intelligence to pay $1000 a
year Interest at 0, 7, 8 and 0 per cent,
when elsewhere similar debts are
carried at half that amount.
If we cut the Interest burden
lu twe, allow school warrants
to draw 0 per cent, then the surplus
money In tho community will always
absorb them. Rut the point wo wish
to make Is that this matter must be
discussed. Tho six mill levy we
charge will not pay tho current ex
penes of tho year and Interest. We
challenge anyone to show by reliable
statistics that It will, and we will ad
mit we are In error If it can be shown.
We arc not only creating deficits
but we nro making no provis
ion to pay tho bonds that fall
duo in 1000. The people want
not candidates lu the interest of
this faction or that so much 11s com
mon honesty of nu r nose, to apply com
mon business principles. This Is in
evitable und must be attended to If tho
credit, honor und Integrity of this
community Is to bo preserved.
Kiigeno Guard; Today tho art of
becoming rich Is the art or keeping
your neighbor poor.
The new Linn county Republican Is
Republican to the core that Is
Mitchell Republican anything to get
there Republican.
Interesting lax paragraphs for peo
ple to study:
Tho tax levy In Josephlno county
has been placed at 27 an 10 -.'10 mills.
That's worso than Dauglas.
Linn county comes to the front
with a 12i mill tax. Rather 11 sharp
contract with Clackamas, a couple of
counties down tho river, with 2l. -
President Nawlcy, of tho Willam
ette, don't seem to know that people
who don't ml in 1 ro Mark llauua have
sons and daughters to educate as well
as those who do, and when a college
President gees to drafting eulogistic
resolutions for a mere plutocrat he
forgets that he represents a cause
higher than politics -tho cause of
publlo education of the masses, lint
even llawley may learn.
Tboedltor of this paper was away
nearly two weeks and has now re
sumed his duties.
The war in Cuba l not over. A
rebellion is now being carried on
against General Wanco.
Two stories are printed below. One
of thru) Is part of a letter that has
some news Items. It is the horse
story and It Is not complete. But it
Is pretty good for a girl twelve years
old. The girl scuds In some news
The fox article Is very well written
but it is not news. Now all try
and send In the best news item of
something that has happened within
24 hours of the time It Is written.
That Is the r.nly kind of a "story,"
that v III win the book prize this
Ed Kid Journal. My teacher
pays that I am uood at writing
stories, and 1 want to be an author
when I irrow up, and I am tfoinir to
take advantage of your kind offer and
make my first attempt through the
column or the "ICiu Journal," by
sending you some Items.
lknow the nicest story about a
horse, It is awful sad but It tells 'how
much a horse thinks of his home und
and master. A farmci moved Into a
house over the road from us, and he
had two of the nicest horses. They
were Just alike, brown horses. One
of tliein cost him $125, and they both
cost him $250. Well the farmer had
to go to work one morning so he told
his wife to take care or them. She
watered them about noon und forgot
to shut the barn door good and one
of the horses got loose and went away
oil and did not come back till next
morning. One of the neighbors living
hue. of us, and opposite the barn
where the horse stayed, had a large
block out In the middle of the road
where ho had been chopping wood
when 'the horse tried to go by, he
slipped and fell und hurt his head on
the block and died. Don't you think
tills was a good horse to come home ?
Mr. Ed. Melyiu has charge of the
road out here and he does lino work.
The roads are not half so bad "as they
UFcd to be. I hope ho Is road boss
next year. I can walk to school this
winter and don't have to wear gum
boots und get them stuck In the mud
like 1 did lust winter und then have
to stand till seme ono comes along aud
pulls me out und have all the people
around here laugh at me
Now 1 will ulvo a riddle to tho
readers of the "Kid Journal" and see
If thev ';an guess what it is:
A blind beggar had a brother, and
that brother went to scu and was
drowned. What relation Is the blind
j eggur to the man that was drowned
My sisters go to Prof. Staley's col
lege. When 1 get big I am going to
go Micro too,
I do wish the end of tho month was
here, I wunt to know who's going to
win that book.
Rachul I), Dovk.
The fox Is an animal Ills only val
uable part Is his fur. He Is also an
aiiimulthat has a go-id opinion of him
self. A fox think? ho is smart. It Issald
that a fox Is the only animal that can
laugh like a person.
A fox Is much dreaded by hens and
their chickens, also by all men and
w mien who keep fowls. A fox spends
his day tlino in his hole. He eats the
fowl he has caught the night before
and plans where ho will go the next
night. He spends his night In carry
ing out the plans he has made.
A fox selects shiftless farmers. He
selects those men that their hens
roost on the fence, or the trees.or who
forget to shut their lion house door.
The fox knows these things as well as
11 person docs. He plans accordingly.
That Is why there is a laying, "As
cunning as a fox," or "As keen us u
fox." 1 do not think It Is a compli
ment to a man, when people say,
"lie Is as keen 11s u fox " If it Is u
man, that man will client you If you
buy a horse of him. If It Is a boy, ho
will mako somo trade with you and
get your marbles or your knife. 1 do
not. think I have ever heard n girl
spoken of us being as keen as a fox. 1
read u story of a iox. It showed that
a fox Is like other folks. A mini had
a tamo fox, but it run uwuy. That
fox afterwards was chased by hunters.
When he gave himself up for lost, ho
turned and run for that man's house
and the man piotccten him. That
shows a fox has memory and can
Roy Lakuon,
Perpetual Motion,
(.1). E. Swank of AiimsYllIu
Delias Invented perpetual
tie left for homo today after
tin order In this city with a
shop to put up 1111 experimental ina-
ciiiuo tiio powr h developed uy
means of a pump which ho has In
vented that will lift water 100 feet us
Berkshire people will be Interested easily us 10 feet.
lu tho following paragraph taken Mr. Swank hits been untitled from
from Leslie's Weekly: Washington that his Invention Is
Recently, ui Troy, IN. 1 ., a lecture patentable, and if he succeeds lu up
of profound Interest 011 prc-hlntorlo
research was delivered by a speaker
who will be 83 years old next February.
It wusdellvered before the Troy scion
tlllo association, and was a lecture "f
rare merit Moreover, It was deliv
ered with great force und eloquence
of utterance. The lecturer, the Hon,
Martin I. Townsond. Is known as "the
grand old man of Troy," aud has a
reputation nut circumscribed by tho
limits of that city. Mr, Tumiimmiu
Plying the power
ho may visit thu 1
ho has discovered
iris exposition
wlih it lu WOO. Ho refines to give
anything sped lie tor publication, tell
ing the reporter ho run across somo
of the machinery that It was "a run
ning gear to a last year's duck's
The report comes from Weston to
the PeiidleMm l&ist Oiegoulan that
Mime little comment lias been oc
has been one of the Republican leaders eiistoued there by the disappearance of
of his party In this state, aud while a 11 young farmer named lley Winn
member uf Congress a low years ago
sprang at once to the front rank as a
debater and an orguuUir. At uoarly
83 years of ago his slop Is tlrui and
elusllc, his eye Is bright, and his
countenance smiling und hopeful. Mr.
Tnwiisctid Is a splendid specimen uf
robust Aiiierieiiu vigor.
Mr. Towiiiuml Is a native of Wll-
lliimsluii und a graduate of Willl.iius
About two months ago he was united
lu murrlago to Miss Alice James
It seems that tho young couple did riot
get along very well with Winn's
uiothor, with whom they lived on a
ranch near Dry Creek, si lie took his
bilde to a private ratiiUy to board
Tho story continues that some
two weeks ago Winn left Woton. and
has not rotu rued He was last s-ooti
college, und has kept 11 lively (meruit In Walla Walla, but his whereabouts
nthu place of uiriu
Ho Is a good sample product or alio
region which bus sunt out uiaTiv strong
(lieu. Sprlngllekl Republican.
Is uuw unknown. Ills voting wlu
was left with un unpaid board bill of
two wuoks and with iibsoltuoly no
iiumey for her support.
Sleighing Is good In Union county.
Gilliam county tax levy Is 20 mills
this year.
Flour Is .selling for 80c a sa-'.k In
The Linn county tax levy is only
12 mills this year.
A carload of dogs passed down the
valley the other day, bound for Klon
dike. Mrs. Mary Laughlln, of The Dalles,
died Tuesday morning. She was 80
years old.
The Gilliam county sheepmen have
an arrangement with that county to
pay all coyote bounties.
W. E. Bull has been appointed
postmaster at Hopewell, Or., vice
John W. Spencer, resigned.
The tax levy for Clackamas county
this year Is 1G mills. Last year It was
15 mills and the year before 14 nulls.
The new paper published at Drain
is called the North Douglas Watch
man. Benton Ml res, of Fossil, is
The Oregon City salmon hatchejy
has Just received 3.000.000 Chinook
salmon eggs. The amount weighed
30 HJ pounas.
On Monday night the postoffice at
Wasco was burglarized. Two dollars
was the amount. The safe was blown
open and the building ransacked.
A new precinct In Linn county was
ordered, to be called Tallman, taken
from North and South Lebanon, Cen
ter and Price, with Tallman as the
voting place. The vote In It will be
about 100.
The town of Helix, eighteen miles
from Pendleton, was swept by a Hood
Tuesday afternoon. The nrlnclole
streets were alloat under water. Two
Inches of rain fell melting the snow
in the hills, water rushing down in
torrents oyer the frozen ground.
1 "Hifl
: S3s?rsvcs; Cv4'a"-"-'"-n J V.
People overlooked the importance
of permanently beneficial effects and
were satisiieu wit 11 trancient action;
but now that it is generally known
that Syrup of Figs will permanently
overcome habitual constipation, well-
In r or mod people win not buy otticr
laxatives, which act fur a time, but
finally injure the system.
The county clerk of Linn county
was ordered to compute the tax on
un the assessable property us equal
ized without regard to the action of
the state board of equalization. The
state board ordered u raise of 10 per
cent on cattle und town lots.
How's Thw!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chkney & Co., Props. To
ledo, O.
We tho undersigned, have known
F. J. Cucney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out an obligation made
by their llrm.
West & Traux,Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo. O.
Waldlng. Klnnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Tojedo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
Price, 75c, per bottle. Sold by al
Druggists. Testimonials free.
To Cure a Cold in one day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lablets. All druggists refund the
money If It falls to cure. 25c. 10-14-flm
Karl'i Clover Hoot Tea. lor Constipation
it's tlie best and if after using it you don't
say so, return the package and get your
money. Sold by D. J. Fry.
At a iccent session of the Lincoln
f,i,..tt, r,llrt. Mm ullnrlfY nrOQ
IfUUIIVJ lV.IV V .11, v..,. ,.
en ted a bill of $8,370.79, oulco fees
turned over to tue county treasurer.
A I'lliiLnriiml.ii rnallltnrt tirirl -l 7(VI wnS
allowed, where upon an Injunction
suit was brought to prevent the pay
ment of tho warrant und also the
warrant drawn in ruvor or ueo. u,
l,irf,r,vtn ttr .ftr.O fnr nrnnrtlrur t.llft
rniwirilu. Tim Mmriw 1q t.lin wnrrnntR
were neither druwn for fees or salary
aud that the session .it which ithey
yuiu uruwiitwus Miefcui.
KJ - II I-
The storms and winds of trouble ami
sickness assail the mariner on life's seas.
He must be clear-headed ami strong-bodied
if lie would successfully combat them.
The man who works with his hands, and
the man who works with his brains, must
have n healthful, wholesome body, or he
will fail. A blacksmith can't do good
work if he is weak and sick from impure
blood, poor digestion and weak lungs
The lawyer cannot strongly plead Ida
client's cause if the brain is full of impur
ities and his nerves are racked by sleep
lessness aud unrest.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
is a money maker because it puts body
and brain in perfect trim for work. It
makes stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys
do their proper work. It helps the food
to digest and supplies blood and nerves
ami brain with just the material each
needs. Weak and nervous men and
women become strong and vigorous with
Us use. Por thirty years it has been
recognized as the best of all tonics and
blood makers.
NUic-teuthiorll the Ills that human flrsh li
hiii la ate due to constipation. If people ucvrr
became roiitlpateil, or promptly relieved that
cotKtiiutlon by a resort to the right remedy, the
itactor wouM itanrc to ttrath Headache, heart
burn. MHir aloiuach, bilioutneu aud thouuud
other ilia are due to coutliruttoa, and constipa
tion la promptly and permanently cured by II r.
llercc'a Pleauut Pelleta. One "retlel" U a
gentle laxative and two a mild cathartic They
tlrvr prlne an.t .In not tft vou un at nlifhL
Druralita acll them, Kolhlnf clu U "juat
at Kuod."
for Infants nnd Children,
The Eac-simile Signature of
Appears on Every Wrapper.
Altona and Ramonn
leaves for Portland daily, ex
cept Sunday al7 'Al u
Quick lime, regular sei
vice and low rates.
Dock between t 'ate
and Court streets.
M. V. , . I
Asuii, "vr"i
So more
CoQln Monopllcsln Salem,
1 l
1 K""" 3" 9
k CO.
Bargains in Real Estate
254 Commercial Street, Salem, Or.
aOWccra pgents for Canadian Pacific Railway.
2600 acre grainand s'.ock farm three miles
from railroad rumrg water, good tprings
aad fair buildings. This is die best bargain in
the Willamette valley. Price only $6.50 per
332 acres, two and one-lialln iles northwest
of Amity 2do acres under cultivation; all
fenced; 2 houses and 2 barns; famdy orchard;
level land running water Price $28 ,00 per
C90 acres adjoining Marion station a fine
stock farm 90 acres under cultivation first
class family orchaid good house; 2 good
barns springs and running water all for $12
per acre.
3u acres, 3 miles nortTi of Scio, 2 miles
from bhelburg at the crosri -g of the O C &
E R R and S P R R. 150 acres in cultivatien:
good house and barn; all under fence! (amity
erchard: good springs and running wa'er.t'rice
loo acres 4 miles southwest of Turner. 10
acres in cultivation; 30 acres in pasture good
house and barn 3 springs; 7 acres of prunes.
Only $25. per acre.
71 acres one-half mile 10m Minto, 20 acres
in cultivation good house and barn; runing
wattr. Price $1300.
20 acres of fine land 3 miles south.- all in
'cod cuIt:vationfor $750.
TO TRADE,-320 acres inUmitilla count)
for improved Salem property.
TOTRADE.-.185 acres on the Alsea foi
city of Salem property, improved or unim
A fine residence, property inside, cheap,
call for prices.
House an 1 3 acres of ground in subuibs 0
city cheap. $700.
A pood new house of 9 rooms for $1000,
$150 cash, balance 8. per month.
House and lot in Yew Park at a bargain a
List your house and farm for rent or for sale
with us.
We sell tickets on tliednadian Pacific rail
road at $5.00 to $7.00 less to eastern points,
Four blocks from Lincoln schocl house,
fine residence half-block in Salem with
piivile e of enclosing half of street, city ."rater
fine fruit trees, if sold within three months
for S300. A bargain'as it commands beaui)
(ul vitw.
256;Commercial street,
Has jut added a full and TOiPl8te
llneV Collins,. Caskets, notes and
evervth ntrprctainiiig i" yy .
taklnV business. Embalming a
Rnecldlty. Needs no recommendation
BPS9! ,...V..i..mi lit nrofession In
Salem for 13 years and that will spe. k
for Itself. I also carry a full line of
?l"l5"ls:nr;i times.
iurs. rncus uu "" "' . . .
K,ii nnri tin convinced. 1'uone ui,
""' """..' . - -v. 1111
store o, VJ-i, at nouso u. i.
The Royal of 'London,
The Home of New York
ri-i ..,. .,tiM ntn nnrtsented by
Gilbert Bros., and are two of the best com-
panics to insure in in we worm. m """
has cash assets of over ten millions. Ihe
RoyU has over twehe millions.
-The Homejwas formerly represented by
C. M. Glenn and was recently purchased by
Gilbert Iiros. , who will be pleased to make
all renewals when the policies expire.
The Koyal nas ueen repreemcu u u.. .,
Urns., for over fifteen vears. Both companies
pay their losses promptly.
28-im Aeents'
It Brings Perfect Manhood to All I
The Greatest Discovery of the Famous
Physicians' Institute,
3T(Jratuitously. gladly sent to all men.wlio.'pced It and who will write for it.
A large percentage of the men of today are sadly in need of the right
kind of medical treatment for tho weakness peculiar to men. Many cases are
duo to early vices, others to excesses, while many of the cases are due to
overwork, worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however,
what tho cause may have been, the fact still remains that they all require
proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY.
Write us at once, giving a description of your case, and we will preparr
you a. course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and SEND
IT TO YOU ABSOLUTELY FREE, In plain sealed package. We can glvo
full strength, development and tone to every portion and organ of the body,
stop all drains nnd losses, and restore you to PERFECT MANHOOD. Fall
ure Is Impossible with our method. We have thousands of testimonials
from all over the world,
Physicians' Institute, Chicage: BLANCHARD. Wash, March Is, aS96.
Dear Sirs. 1 have nearly flnlshe d my course of treatment and find
myself a dllferent man. I cannot II nd words enough to praise and ex
press the deep gratitude I feel towards you. Your treatment Is simply won.
derful. I am perfectly cured, and thank you a hundred times and will
help you all I possibly can. May a od bless you and your work.
Yours truly, C. E. P.
Physicians' Institute, Chicage: LOTEX, La., June 19, 1S96.
My Dear Friends. Please accept my thanks for the kindness you have
done me. Losses have entirely stopped and vigor has returned. I am
all O. K. I nm better than I have been for 15 years. I do not feel like the
some man. All my friends when they meet me say, "What have you been
doing? .Never saw a man come out like you."
Ever your friend, M. P. C.
Physicians' Institute: HAVANA, N. D., Jan. 29, 1S95.
Uvmleinen. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for the result of
my treatment. During the last two weeks that I took your treatment the
improvement was remarkable. I have had no emissions or other symptoms
lnoe taking your medicine. My friends are all surprised at the Improve
ment In my general appearance. Hoping that you may ever prosper, I re
main. Yours sincerely.
Hundreds of similar letters are now on flle In our business ofnee, and
all are bona ilde expressions of permanently cured men. Do not 'delay
writing to us, and remember that we are not only a responsible Institu
tion in every way, but ours is the largest medical Institute in America that
makes a speolalty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents
for postage on medicine, which Is always plainly sealed,
Dept.2005 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL,
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis a': Paul and ben
ver Omaha and Kansas City. Low rates to
eastern citlfi.
For full details call on or address
agents, Salem, Oregon,
Portland San Francisco.
Steamers leave Ainsworth dock, Portland.
Dec 28, Jan. 2, 7. 2i 7. 27i Feb,
1,6, 11, ibi 2' zoi
Fare Cabin, $5 ; steerage, $2.50.
Kuth lor ronianu iuuuuujr, ivcuuctiuar anu
c.;,i, .1 ma. m For Corvallis. Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at 3 p. m. Steamer
Elmore foil's r.land Tuesday, Thursday an
Saturday at 0:45 a-m- ,.
Transfers to street car line at Oregon City
if the steamers are delayed there. Round
trip tickets to allpointsin Oregon, Washing
ton, California or the east. Connecting
made at Portland with all rail, ocean and
river hues, Call on G. AL Powers, agent,
foot Trade street.
Gen'l Pas. Agt. Portland, Or.
Southern Pacific Co
6:00 P M
a. -30 r
7-'45 A
Ml Lv...;
,m) Ar. Sa
'Portland. ..Ar
Satein ....Lv
San Francisco. Lv
(9:30 AM
7.'I0 A M
800 p m
i O "B
are headquarters for Lthom.
aud all work connected
with the business.
214 Commcrcia
Above trains stop at all principal station
bet. Portland and Salem, Turner, Marion
Jcfterson, Albany, Tangent, Shedds, Halsev,
Harrisburc. unction City, Eucene, Creswell
Cottage Orove, Drum, Oakland, and all sta
tions Irom Koseuurg to Asniana, inclusive.
i 2 oo.-P U
( 7.'3Q A M
8.'3o AMI Lv Portland . . Ar
1100 A m Lv.... Salem.... Lv
520 r m 1 Ar ... Roseburg.. Lv
Pullman buffet sleeper and second-class
sleeping cars attached to all through trains
Mail tlains daily except Sunday.
73oamTTv rr7. Portland . . Ar 5 .'50 P M
1215 p m) Ar.... Corvallis.. .Lv) 1. -05 vm
At Albany and Corvallis connect with
trains ol the O. C. & E. Ry.
Notice is hereby given that there are fund s
on hand applicable to the pa)m:nt of 11 war
rants of the city of Salem, endorsed on or be
fore June 6, 1896, drawn upon the general
fund. Please present said warrants forpav
ment at Ladd & Bush bank, as interest on
same will cease from the date of this notice.
A. A. LEE.
City Treasurer.
Sa'em, Dec. 2S, 1S97. " 1 8 lot
To Stockholders of the Thos. Kay Woolen
Thr regular annual meeting ol stockholders
ot this company will bo held at their office
on Tuesday, January 18, 189S, at 2 o'clock p.
m, foi the purrose of electing directors for
fhe ensuing year.
1 8 3w Secretary.
Is made happier still by a pleasant t-ip
across the contient nnd the pleasuro of such
atrip h greatly enhanced by a railway ser
vice, which includes comfor', safety,courteovs
treatment and fast time. These are tho four
most prominmt features of the Northern
Pacific Rai'roid and the features of which
its natrons alwavs rHh fnlk. tr.c,;r,. ah
information as to terms, connections, etc.,
win ue cneenuiey lurmslied, and tickets to
all points eat w'U beproidtd by Thomas,
Watt & Co., 266 Comnurcial Street, Salem.
Trains leae Portland 11 a. m.
Trains arrive Portland 5 p. m.
4:50 PM) Lv ...Portland ...Ar) 825 A M
7.-30 p m Lr. . . McMinnvillc Lv 5.'5o A M
8:30 I'M) ArJ Independence Lv) 4:50 A M
Direct connections at San Francisco with
Occidental aud Oriental and Pacific mail
steamship lines for JAPAN AND CHINA.
bailing dates on application
Rates and tickets to Eastern points and
LULU and AUSTRALUA, can be obtained
(torn W. W. SKINNER, Ticket ent,
R. KOEULER, Manager.
C. II. MARKHAM. G. F. & P. A. Portland
The buffet
smoking car
on tlieilhirlinnlon'ssr. raul-C'ilcaco
wheel?1 'Sa Vt'ri,able cll
The suioklnfc room is a brilliantly
llSi'J? P"ent.S2 feet lonSutl.
- ; vw mni, uuisuexi in niahouanv
and runiWied v,tth easycl.ahS wues
tables and a writing desk. Here vou
uiay lounge. rd. write, gosiKuoke
or nlHy curds from 7.20 p. in. until
midnight and from 6:00 until 0:25 a. nl!
. n'l Agent, Portfand, Or, '
Eastern R. R. Company
Connecting ot Yaq.'ina Bay with the S
Francisco & Yaquina Bay Steamship Co.
Jails from Yaquina every 8 days for San
Francisco, Coos Bay, Poit Orford, Trinidad
and Humbolt Bay.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed.
Shortest route between the Willamette valley
and California,
Fare from Albany or points west to San
Francisce: Cabin, S; steerage, 6.
Hound trip, good 60 days, $17,
To Loos Bay cabin $8i steerage $6.
To Humboldt Bay aad Port Orford, cabin
1 10; steerage $8.
.earner '-Albany" between Portland and
Co.-vallis, through witeout lay-over. Leaving
Corvallis 6:30 a. m. Tuesdays, Tnursdays and
oundays leaves Portland, Yamhill street
dock, 600 a. m. Mondays, Wednesdays and
J. C. MAYO, Supt. River Division.
C.G.COKER. Agent. Salem.
Ccrvallis, Or
Oreffon Short Line!
Quickest and most direct route
jo Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
ruer and all southern and eastern points.
Look at t e time:
Portland to.New York, 4 days.
Poitland to Chicago, yt days.
Portland to St Louis 3 days.
Portland to Denver. zy days
Portland to Salt Lake, iV
Free rerlining chair cars.
Upholstered tourist sleeping cars
Pullman palace sleeping cars.
rJi" '? l)ar'icu,ars bearding rates, time
cards, etc., call on -r address
Agent alem, Or.
,. C O. T ERRY
traveling Paitenger Agent. Portland, Or.
General Agent.
"rr.lroiotsncy.hlMpleMna,. tiSj ,
For Sals aCJdiem ur. bv D J FRY
--MSp8teu.-v v.