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One Dozen
Take advantage of our special bargains in
dress i?oods
50lnch English coverts, worth 51,25, for. . .
36'inch novelty suiting for
34'inch checked suiting for. ,
Every picr-e in stock marked down,
The price sells therm
Biaaest B
Yet offered will be given this week,
I Men's Clothing.
that were originally GO and 75c In
a line of fancy mixtures all
styles, now 45c,
Broken line of corsets ranging
from $1 to $2 25 Don't mls them
nt 50c.
Reduced to almost one-half their
former prices. 1'rlccs range from
$1.09 up.
Men's Underwear
That, cannot he equalled for
quality, heavy fleeced lined Bal
brlggan were 05c, now 49c,
J. J.Dafrumple & 60.
Reduction Sale !
Goods in All Lines
Reduced, ...
The celebrated II. & S. corsets re
duced from SI. 25 to 00c.
Other corsets reduced to 75c, 50c
nnd 35c.
Great reductions In the price of
both ladles and gentlemen's under
wear. Some lines of ladies' kid shoes far
about half orlco.
Look at the prices In both windows,
then come In and see tho prices on
mi: cuuuiein. it win pay you.
Osburn's Racket Store
Next door lo Albert's bank
. nnd hnvo your notos mid pnoltnges
doliverod, to oslloct a bill, to go on
errands for you Aslc for apodal
rnton on merchant' packages
Clinrgos roasonablo. Bloyclo nor
vloo. Ring Blue boxes or telephone
Lockwood Messonger Bystom, Control
offloo No. 200 Commercial etreot
.visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. G,
Thomas, returned to Stay ton today.
Geo. Weeks went to Portland
this m jrnlng to -attend a Hireling of
the state central committee of the
People's Party.
C. Marsh of the Pacific Fruit & Sup
ply Company, returned this after
noon from a business trip to Inde
pendence, Dallas and other West
Side points.
Mr. and Mr. A. N. Moorcs leave
tins evening ror San Francisco to at
tend the Golden Jubilee. They will
also visit points In Southern Cal
ifornia. TheJanctt Waldorf Compiny ar
rived on the morning train rrom
Portland whnrn t.liov imvn w.r., ,.nn,i
satisfaction. Walter MoVey is said
to be a better actor than Louis James.
Mrs. Dr. J.C. Smith and daughters,
of Athena, who have been the guests
of Dr. J. N. Smith and family, left to
day for a visit with her rather, E. N.
TlmilUlS. HI .IntTnr.inn. A I pa U...IM,
says Athena Is a very live town.
Tin: Weatheil- Hard rains
day night, fair Wednesday,
cast for Thursday Is occasional
M. L Cliamberlaln was In Albany
W. II. Dancey returned today from
Geo. W. Davis has returned from
Lincoln county,
C. J. Olmstead was a Portland busi
ness visitor today.
Manager F. R. Anson was a Port
land visitor toi'ay.
Hon. 1). II. Looney, of Jefferson,
was In tho city this afternoon.
Whit Ilolmau returned this uftor-
noon irom Aioany and Corvallls.
It. G. Thomas or tho Club livery
was at Albany on business today.
Supt. and Mrs. Potter, of Chemnwa
Indian school wore in tho city today.
Peter Smlth.nf Sclo.was In this city
today.returnliig homo on tho morning
Miss Anna Haas went to Portland
today where sho will combine business
with pleasure ror several days.
County Commissioner J. N, Davis,
returned to Ills homo In tho north end
of tho county this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W.Ross left this mom.
lug foi Gilliam county, where they
will make their future home.
Mrs. C. O.Henlliie, who has been
Collkoe Athletics. Tho next
tiling prominent In college athletics
Is tile annual Meld riuv moot, in tim
spring. It Is much too early yet to
get an Insight Into the prospects of
tho teams to I in mil. In rim (I..I.1 I... i,n
various schools of tho state, or ccn to
Know just now many schools will en-
iur r.iriy indications point to re
newed Interest in this event. The U.
or O. undoubtedly will bo represented
lllld bV a L'Oncl tn.'im. lulmr rnucnn.iliL,
sum or several events, Judging rrom
past experience. Whether any or the
new men will dcyelop Into prl?e win
ners, the spring tialnlng alone cm
tell. -Eugene Guard.
J'Oii Sai.i:. -Mrs. Poguo's boarding
hoiiho with furniture. Call at cor
ner Court and Front streets. 10 1 w
A Number of Salemltes to Leave Sun
day Others at a Later Date.
The Klondike fever has struck Sa
lem and that it Is contagious no one
questions. There will be a large ex
iodus from Salem during the next few
weeks for Alaskan points The ma
jority of those leaving expect to go
direct to Dawson City and the mining
region. A number, however, will lo
cate In Skagway and other favorable
points and engage In various business
Quite a party uf Salemltes will go
Hundav and others will follow as train
an they can make preparations and
secure transportation.
Among those who will leave Port
land Sunday, the 2.7 rd Inst., via steamer
Oregon, arc David Drager and Ilusell
Coleman, who may decide to go Into
the interior. Waiter Hendricks, Bert
Jones. Chas Cravan. Levi Rainier, and
A. W. MIze will also take nassaue on
the "Oregon" Sunday fr Skagway,
J.O. Rozorth, AdamOhmart and Jack
I.pintnnn will Ip:ivp. I'nrt.lnnrl nn Voh
8th for Dawsoi City.
jas. A, .Moiiiorn, tnc well-known
motorman. havlnu on Tnpid.iv din.
continued work, went to Portland
Lodiiv to sec uboiiL fipenrlnir tho nor.
cessary outfit and transportation for
a trip to the "Land of Gold." He will
leave shortly after the lirst of tho
mouth and will be accompanied by
one or two other gentlemen.
Mr. I'aimcr, Hiciiard iiurford and
Percy lory, all residing south of this
city, are contemplating a trip to
the Klondike and expect to leave
during February.
Henry Myers, Fred Morris, Otto
Martin and Walter Jennings, nil uf
Sclo, will be numbered among the
"Oregon's" passengers Sunday for the
Klondike. They will go direct to tne
The Klondike fever Is not character
istic of any one locality but Instead Is
general throughout the country.
The rollowlng Is takco rrom the Al
bany Democrat or Tuesday:
"James Cochin. T. W. Prlttn. T. W.
Cralk, L. E. Warner, Everett
Kraemer, J. II. and W, T Foster, G.
v. cox, wm. Lewis, John unger, Jas.
Agec and Chris Jarstaad, came down
rrom the Upper Santlam last evening
and left for Portland, whore they will
take the Oregon next Sunday for
Al.icttfn nnil t.lin rmnna fin t.lin ait.tn
steamer there will go rrom Albany for
Alaska, II. J. Sower, C G. Rawllns,
D. 15. Montelth, A Roenlcke, Henry
Williams. W. F. PflefTer nnd .Tnlin
RoIIe. one or the Albany men will
probably go further than Skagway."
Mr. and Mrs, "Tuck" Potter, of
Turner, are visiting at the home of
County Treasurer G. L. Rrown. Mr.
Potter wlil leave tomorrow for Seattle
where lr he Is not suited he will go on
to bKaguay or Dawson City. Mr.
Potter is a carpenter and shipbuilder
bv occunatlon and m:iv find work nt.
F. N. Derby was In Portland Tues
day afternoon where ho purchased
transportation for some prospective
Klondikcrs. Mr. Derby says the. "Or
egon" will have a rull list or passen
gers upon leaving Portland Sunday.
Or the 250 cabin tickets more than a
hair or the number had already been
purchased yesterday and of the 350
steerage tickets a large number had
also been sold.
II. W. .Trine, of (llvrnpr. hn.irrlnrl
the afternoon local Tor Portland, He
will take nnssnirn on Mm stojimnr (lr.
. 0 . ...v W..VU...W. -.-
egtn Sunday forSkaguay.
II. G. Sonneman, tho enterprising
State street grocer, will on Friday be
gin the work or evaporating potatoes
for the Klondike trade. The work
will tin dnnn nn Mm firm nf (I A
Stevens near tho Insane asylum. It
is quite probable that carrots, pars-
nlnq. rnlihiitro nnd nt.linr vuirntnhlna
will also be evaporated. This Is nurelv
i venture but promises to Drove a suc
cessful and a profitable one.
Work of January Term Concluded and
Adjourument Taken.
At the session of the Marlon county
court Tuesday afternoon everai
changes were made In the boundaries
of the various precincts. Changes
were made affecting the boundaries
of the precincts of East Salem. West
Sllverton, Sublimity. Turner, Howell,
Maclcay, W'oodburn, Hubbard, Fair
tJeld.Geryals, Euglewood, Horeb. Elk
horn, Breitenbuh and Silver Falls.
The names of Lincoln and Lablsh
precincts were changed to Aumsville
and Brooks respecthcly. Abiqua
precinct was diMdcdanda new pre
cinct to be known as Mon.torwas
establ Ished. The o her hal f of the orig
inal precinct win ue Known as .Mount
In ttifi mllnf riMltrt ic.lsminf. nt
AU 1.111. UJ .Vlbl J Vl.l. Um.lJllH.IIH Vf.
the nrnnertv of Marlon countv for the
trun. IdllQniirl t l.i ntitnlnifttinnt et nc.
v.ai icujanu tilt: ;in i"J iiju.i w ui ia-
slslanU to the assessor In making such
assessment, the court made an order
similar to the one of last March
wherein the pay of field deputies Is
fixed at S3 per day each and tlio'e In
the otllce at $2 per day and no mores
the appointment or each deputy, to bo
submitted to the court ror Its ap
proval. The asfesoar will be directed
to hae his assessment roll completed
nnrl rendu fn tin cnlinilt tnrl fri Htn
county board or equalization on or be-
lure uic lusi. jtmimuy in August; me
nKQpRftnr Iq nUn rnnitniinrlpd tn fnllnw
the rorm or roll recommended bv llin
secretary or state.
W. II. Fletcher, publisher of the
Weekly Independent, has entcied a
protest against the court's action in
selecting the Jouk.val and the
Statesman as the newspapers In
which to publish the county court
Droceedlmrs, for the current year.
Mr. Tlptnlinr tmene llld f1.tlnt nn Mm
grounds Mint. Ills n.innr Iims t.lin lnnrnst
circulation of any paper published In
.Marion county. The protest will be
beard :lt. Mm rni'ill.ir liVhrimrv tnroi
Of the court. Feb. 1 0 nt 1 n. in. hn Inu
been named for hearing the protest.
ine conrt reconvened tuis morning
tue resignation or u. II. Gilbert as
constable for AiimsvUh. precinct was
accepted and John Smith was ap
pointed to serve the unexpired ttrm
or Mr. Gilbert.
Court adjourned sine die.
I - ?!? "
in the history of Salem have you been offered the bargains in
Muslin iin
That we are offering during our sale.
Buys a good full night dress. That is cheaper than you can buy the ma'
39 terial for. We are showing large lines at1
43c 47c 590 68c- 88c- $i.o8 $1.47 S
These goods we are offering at actual cost,
For Men
50 dozen gents neckwear in puffs and tecks, great
yalucs at
50 dozen gents' neckwear in puffs and tecks, all the latest effects and colorings,
Roman stripes, plaids, etc
Sboee !
Standard L'nnds 11 1, ItiwL-nt nrl.-na fur
Nobody's bills and Interest on old
accounts to pay.
Take a look at some or tho value
you seo lu my south w Induw. Kcry
tiling marked lu plain llgurcs.
Mens' heavy shoes rrom $1.15 to $1.50
that usually cost you 25c a pair more.
Ludle's shoos from 00' to $J 20. You
usually piy 20 porcent more.
Underwear and
at 20 per cent discount to clean up.
The Performance Tonight.
Lovers of high clas3 dramatic art
will be delighted with Managers Pat
ton's offering to their many patrons
at tho opera house when Miss Janet
Waldorf will present -tonight, Sher
idan Knowls celebrated comedy,
"Tim Hnnnhh.ipfr ' nnd nn tsimnrrrii'
evening "Inunmar." will be irlven.
The Great Falls Montana Leader,
speaking of a recent perrormanco says:
mii Luc nuiiity uispiayeu oy Janet
Waldorf as "Julia" In "The Hunch
back" last evening at the Grand is a
fair criterion or her workjwe may ex
pect within a very short time to find
that young lady classed In the very
ironiraiiKs orino worm's actresses.
No woman has ever appeared upon
tho stage InGrcat Falls whoposessed
anything like the histrionic ability
dlsnlaved bv Miss Waldorf Inal, nlirht
Sho takes the part or Julia perfectly,
lu the scenes of love, of mirth, nf nn.
slon and of dlspair Jsho Is powerful.
lovable or naslnnntn as Min sltmitlnn
demands, and through it all she Is
natural and truo to life. What more
can one savor desire In an actress.
"Tho Hunchback" gives scope lor her
uiiouts ami sue Knows now to taice ad
vantago or her opportunities It is
not likely that Miss Waldorr will
visit Great Falls soou again. Wo liu-
agino tliat when her talent becomes
butter known In Mild munlrv Inr.mr
.cities and larger audiences will de
mand all her time. Thoso who neglect
seeing her now are undoubtedly mis
sing an opportunoty.
rne secretary or state has been no
tified that lie is to blame because the
as'iessment rolls or Marion county were
not received in timo ror thu state
board or equalization to act. The
Marlon county court In substance says
the reason why the assessment roll
books rurnlshed by the state were not
USed and Min roilllnr fnrma na l.iM
down wers not rollowed is because or
the nonr nn.il I r.v nf hlnrlin.r nf ..1,1
books as well as the material ol which
they ure made On that account a
now and different form was used and
out of that difference lias grown all
tlic trouble and litigation.
skcketahy kikcaid
Is preparing a reply. The books used
by Marlon county cost about 835
while those furnished by tho state did
not COSt $7 each, nnd linvn hnon nco.l
by nearly all the counties of the state.
iur. iviiicaia win repiy Thursday to
uic uriciures oijuicco.wiy court
New corporations today wererormed
by lilllng articles of incorporation In
tl e otlice of the secretary of state as
Coqullle River and Alaska Mining
Co., organized by twenty or Coos
county's sturdy citizen ror the pur
DOSQ of bllllrllniT n Bhln nnrl nf .,,..,
gating the north Pacific ocean and of
The Alaska Mutual Protective
Association of Portland. Also the
Oregon Oak Lumber Association ot
Oregon city,
All 'Goods
During Our Clearance Sale
educed !
Commercial St.
Tons to b: Dried at Salem for the
Scores of driers In the Piicnf, Knnnri
country are now bulsly engaged dry.
lng all: kinds of vegetables for the
irreat North, inri S;ilnm ii.u i
caught the reyer. U. G. Sonnemann,
tnc &iute street grocer, has contracted
ror the Stevens dryer east or the city,
and Will UPL'ln .it, nnrn nilttlnir im
r---- - w-.ww ,.v.k M,. H
superior article or dried potato bv
the latest and best process. The
potatoes are first boiled and peeled;
then they are forced through a col
lunder. or sieve, after which the
product Is dried, and come?, out or the
kiln looking very much like tine-crumbled
Stone. This Ik mil. nn in ''. nmm.i
screw-top cans and thus placed on the
uiuinci,. 01 r. oiu veils mis mauo some
successrui experiments, and will no
doubt be able to turnout a superior
commercial artlclo Mr. Sonnemann
has orders for all that one dryer can
turn out. This kind of spuds sell at
20 cents a nnunrl In S'pnttln -inrl r,ti.,..
outfitting points, and rorms a large
portion or every Kloudlker's stock or
One Indian Shot and Killed and Anctner
Walla Walla, Wn., Jan. 10.-
ttri. ,nas )ust been received rrom
Wallulaora shooting affray, which
occurred near that place Tuesday
afternoon. From the meager partlc
ulars received, it appears that, about
5 o clock last evening, Indian
Jim, accompanied by his son and
several other Indians, went to the
farm of William F. De Long, with
whom they had had trouble, and
uiul'il'u 11 1 in m vnfiirn t m r ....!. rtr-
rhey tlireatened to burn his house
mm tuiiiiiiut otuer aepredatlotis. De
Long went Into the house, got a gun,
and, In order to protect himself and
property, shot and killed Indian Jim's
son and wounded another Indian.
When the other Indians saw their
companions were -shot, they hurried
away. The report or the shooting
soon reached Walluta, and caused
createxcltenmnt. .-i in.ih n,.i.i...
for Mm n, ,T, "'...." "',?"','" "K
Indians! ' "' "h iu""k
Slieriir Elllngsworth and Deputy
United States Marshal J. B. Wilson
were notified or the shooting at last
night, and will leave early this
morning for the scene.
l'ATTON I1UOS., Managers. Phone 59.
Two Nights Only,
Commencing on Wednesday, January 19,
DovwCurrier Presents
Mrs, Ada
Janei Waldorf.
Wednesday-Hunchb ack."
Thui sdav'ngomar."
fLAUCi Uli-.I'llll'KS-
And Strong
COcFlrst iMlconv.Mc-Second balenn'nn'-quet, 50c; Parquet,
J "v, uuihii. .i.11-
yoo Commercial street.
Second Annual Clearance Sale,
Our auiiiia clcaraiico sulo Is how lu full blast,
this tho bolst time of thu year to buy.
The unusual prices make
Everything in the. store reduced in
.in. a1 v' t tU)ll?.'"lu '; contract Khk1 llko SUuidanl patterns oweptetl.
.1 VMH!U "J.'iT 05'cltyrs goods, 10 Inches wide.
I. ..A .i.U.l.)"l.loa!ll,fu, nml a11 wol ""titles worth 'X and 10c.
f'i $ VAM,AL": W'tX) " 'u)os. latest stylo loos.
. A !U7;lr,s,, l 0,nt luco curtains, regular SI (X) valuos.
I.8?rt..VM,u ."tvy fleeoo lined huso, U'Bulur20o valuos.
JAOlvhiy-At hall price. : 00 ones now $J..W. and soon. I6.00 onos now
AOliNlViBTANDAUl) I'ATTKUNS -host and cheapiaU
miL,L,IS EROS. &, OO
02 Coumierclal street. The.cashtfrygcwxisjand shoivyiuuse.
A l:v Suit. A. J. Baoy and
Mary 11. Wlllard, co-executors of tho
hist will and testament of J. J. Basey
deceased, have Instituted forelosuro
proceedings against Benjamin VInecko
et al. Judgment Is usKed for $SO0,
with Interest nt 10 percent from June
10. 1 fell I: $1(100 in taxes with interest
at to percent rrom Jan. 18, 18U3, and
$100 as special attorneys fees. Maln
tllTs alo Usk that a mortgage on 70 5
rpirp 'acres in i as r aw ua rorecioseu
r1 -'' i The ntununt claimed to bo duo Is al
lodged to be the balance on a note for
saw ovecuted April 23, 1890 and upon
which tho Interest was paid up to
Juno 10, 1801.
SNOW. At the family home In
Highland, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1898,
to Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Snow a son.
Missionary Maltreated.
buiji.lv, Jan. 10. A telegram re
ceived here from Canton says that
xr Ger,1iin, missionary named
Momeyer.belonglng to the Nam Jung,
has been robbed and wounded near a
Place called i.nm rimn ti, ji
patch adds that tneChlne'sn imn."
on the Intervention nr tim n !
COnSUl at Clinton, tolmrrnnl.n .!.
oillcers to take tho measures neces
sary to investigate the matter.
January cliK'
I Hslli 7 rtru "
NohoJT neA Laru Ncurljtl. Oct Dr. Milt
iu i ins iiamu urutfguim. 'IQD
cent dow,"
DRAKE In this city, at 4:20 p. m.
Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1898. B. F. Drake,
nged 73 years, of chronic kidney and
bladder troubles.
Tho doeeiised nnsn nnllvi nf Mi
sacliusetts where he was boru Juh 13,
1SJ5. Hccamoto Oregon in the .oV
settling at Oregon City.
In 1850 he removed to Salem and
established the Salem Iron Works lu
partnership with John Watsou. Two
years later he becainesolo owner, but
In 1864 M:i Inlnorl In t Im hn.'lnnc- I...
John 11. Moores which partnership
continued for rour years since which
time Mr. Drako has conducted tho
btlSlniN4 lint II nnrlv In TY-ifnuttva.. it !..-.
he was obliged to transrerthe property
Into the handsor A. N. Bush.
Deceased was a member or Chemek-
eta Lodge No. 1, I.OO. R, under
whoso aiKpices the runoral will be
conducted. The details of the funeral
will bo determined upon nt the regu
lar meeting of tho lodgo tonight.
Slop that cough Tale warning. Ii may
. .lo consun'Pton. A JJc , bottle of
bhiloh'jCuemiysare) ' fe Said by
D.J. Fry.
Populist Committee Meeting.
Poktlanu, Jan. 19 The Ponulist
State Centr.il r-nn.n.i.f :"Ilu'.,?t
afternoon. The members riUnnL
motion to change date of state con
tention, out, no action was taken,!
-v.tvTV.AnNw ,a70--Wlicat vallei
Jc; alla alia, 71c.
2.10Uerrifb0Ltland' $3,85; SuPrHne,
Oats White35 (a3(5c.
Hay-Good, 31213 per ton.
...n? -ralGc;old crop 4(a0c
OrSriS!"0'' ,4I8c EdStern
Mlllsturi-Bran,$17; shorts, $17.
.uS?nS:ScV,u,xed' &'
r.iikrs urcL'fin. IK- nn. ,in.
""-Oreen, salted 00 lbs,
under GO lbs.0JCa7c;sheep pelts.l
Butter-Best, dairy, 30CM0c; fancv
reamery, 50c(.i55c a foil. ' Cy
a Potatoes, -JScfjnooo per sack
Apples-30(a:Sc a box.
Hoirs Ileavy, $4.50.
ita&i ' " """i a; oressea,
Wheat 67c.
Oats 30c.
Apples.25(r35c in trade.
Hay Baled, cheat, $9iruiio.
taU M.00. w,10lQ!,alc ,Sw. M-S0: re-
Ilogs-dre'sed, 4c.
LUo cattle 2fe'J,.
aiJi. ' WVH,ci "eamery, .
A Common Dishpan
Is not a thing of
beauty but it Is a
necessity. We have
them in all sizes, also
teakettles, brass ket
tles, granite kettles,
etc., etc.
Also a full line of
stoves, tinware and
house furnishing
Corner State and Liberty sts,
Salem, Oregon.
Sheep Lic, 2c a lb.
Wool Best. IKalge.
Hops -Best S((il4c.
Eggs- 15c In trade.
roultry-IIens, Oc; turkeys,
ducks;0c per lb; geese, $i(a$j.
........ .v, auuuiuur, suave.
Potutoes-23c in trade
Better Than Klondike Gold.
Is health and strength -.Mined by tak
ing Hood's Sarsaparilla, the treat
Wood purlHer. It fortlhes the whole
systeiu and gives you ,uch strength
hinh ou Vroubl.es cease- antl w"rk
f'.nia1co,I1t,a"",""' !
Hood's pills are the
cathartic and liyer tonic
liable, sure.
best family
. Oontlc, re-
Tkansfeu a deed
T ...,
.i.r. '",, '.'.""A .Utea Irom
ej lair 50.30 acres In to s r 2w. with
S? ' oration of $3,000, was today tiled
with County Hecorder P. W. Wator,
A mortL'iiirB fn. inn ..!'! V.alors-
day. ,so niea t0
Watch Pumnc- it
Is No Secret.
The reason Is plain. I Kve flrst
class work and goods to match, and
as for price I give the best value for
the money in the city.
The daily increase in the ont.eni iinA
Is evident of the satisfaction given.
Remember my work hall warranto.
Consultatlo i and eyes tested free.
Practical Optician.
303 Commercial street, second dnor
north of postoQlce, Salem, Or.
WX -) i'r -Whiwn iani-ir "- ' - - , ... .- . .w- -m. .,,1, .-g,--.