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NO, 17
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stock I
Cuban Administratibn Not
Giving Satisfaction,
Relations Between Madrid and Ha
vana Strained.
New York, Jan. 19. According to
the Tribune correspondent at Huvana
badgering the government occupies
the attention of two classes In Cuba
at present. One class Is the conserva
tives, who were predisposed to fault
tinding. Determined to have no share
in the administration of autonomy,
they are now congratulating them
selves. The responsibility of implant
ing that system is indeed a heavy one,
ana tuose wtio do not snare in It are
The other class is a new creation.
Its members call themselves radical
autonomists. They arc dggressive
and critical. If the authorities de
part from the straight path of colon
ial home rule they cry "lapse" from
the housetops. The amnesty such as
has already been extended does not
satisfy them. They demand that
Wcyler and all Ills works be dlsa.
vowed, and nail for reparation in indi
vidual cases. They also insist on im
mediate reform of variious abuses and
the remoyal of the press censorship.
In short, they have a program which
causes them to be called both dis
guised insurgents and embryo rebels
It is unfortunate for the regime of
autonomy that misunderstandings
have arisen between Madrid and Ha
vana. The opposition pretends not
to know the Cuban government is.
Captain-General Blanco or the auton
omist cabinet. Where geuuine doubts
exist they are solved satisfactorily by
electing to rest rest under the author
ity of General -Blanco. But tho mis
understandings between thoSagasta
ministry and the autonomist cabinet
cannot be settled so easily. The au
tonomist constitution is a comprehen
sive one. It may be that its authors
did not thoroughly understand their
The control of the ludiciary was a
delecate matter. The autonomist
cabinet thought it had been organ
ized in favor of home-rule appoint
ments, but the minister of the colo
nics has recently made the nomina
tions of judges and magistrates. The
cabinet protest. Madrid responds, re
gretting the mistake, but explains
that provisional autonomy did not go
into effect until January 1, and these
nominations, though gazetted now,
were in reality made before that
These embarassments, while annoy
ing, are not of a serious nature. If
autonomy was acceptable to a major
ity of the people of Cuba they would
not jeopardize its success. But it
must be stated that the majority of
the people on the island, in tiie In
surgent camps or within the lines of
Spanish sovereignty, arc not paying
much heed to autonomy as a political
system. The government, which
means Captain-General Blanco, and
not the autonomist capitalist, is
asked what the further plans of the
government are, and when they will
be put In force.
The news from Madrid is that the
plans of General Blanco's military op
erations have been published and haye
had a good effect. The plans have not
been published. The army is in igno
rance of the prospective plans. The
intelligent populace has bejSnled to
look for the close of the ingurrcctlon
within a month, but this Is looked
upon as impossible.
The condition In Cuba ia viewed
through 'dllferent glasses. The ru
mor abouc the 'conduct of the war
brings radical autonomists to the
front with their series of Interrogato
ries. Since the insurgents will not
accept autonomy, these radicals want
the government to ask Gomez and his
associate chiefs what they will ac
cept. The newspapers began by pumping
their Inquiries into Senor Galvez, the
president of the autonomist cabinet.
He responded by stopping his sub
scriptions. General Blanco was not a
subscriber, and when the questions
were turned on him that method of
resentment was not open.
The autonomists and reformists,
who formed a fusion organization to
support the government, arc also
asked what their next step Is. Many
think that in trying autonomy. Spain
played her last card, but they were
sure she would not turn trumps.
The conservatives have no plans be
yond picking flaws. They agree that
Blanco's military policy will not
bring peace. They are of one mind
in denouncing the United States for
forbidding a return to Weylcr's policy
but they realize that the prohibition
is an effective one. Some of them
would go to war with the United
States, in order to lose Cuba in a way
that would be consistent with their
Idea of Spain's honor.
Back of all Is the Idea of American
intervention. It can hardly be said
to be longer in the background.
Henceforth it must be discussed as a
probability which all parties in Cuba
recognize. With the insurgents it is
evidently a definite purpose. To
Spain's government in the Antilles it
may present itself either as a refuge
or a retreat. Irreconcilable Spaniards
dread it. The property-owners and'
the commercial classes welcome the
But while this Is the feeling, It
should not He misinterpreted. The
conditions in Cuba will not of them
selves bring about the basis of Inter
vention. The Initial step must b e
taken elsewhere, possible In Maddrli
possibly in Washington, Demoraliz
ation amounting almo.st to anarchy
may continue for a long while with
out either the military authority or
the civil government, as represented
by the autonomist cabinet, asking
foreign aid to restore peace.
xne growing misery or tne people
leads to the hope that Intervention.'
will not be Indefinitely delayed.
Starvation claims Its hundreds of
Victims dally. No effective and per
manent relief can be given .the popu
lations In Cuba until the present con
ditions are reversed.
Rioting Probable.
Washington, Jan. 19. Senor Da
Lome, the Spanish minister, received
an oflloial cablegram from Ilavane
stating that the city is in its normal
condition without the slightest fear
or any further disturbance.
Progress in Marion County tfryan
for Judges and Clerks.
Laiceview, Ore., Jan. 15. (Special
to The Journal.) A meeting of the
People's party and Democratic county
central committees was held at the
court House here today and a Union
of Populists, Democrats and Silver
Republicans was formed on county
ticket without a dissenting voice.
The division of the ticket is to
be as follews: People's party: county
Judge, clerk, treasurer and coroner.
Demecratic: sheriff, commissioner,
assessor, school superintendent, sur
veyor. Each party will maintain a
separate organization but nominate a
Union ticket in a Joint convention.
Following delegates were elected to
the state conventiens:
Peeples: S. P. Moss, A. W. Charlton,
J. C. Oliver.
Demecrats: Hon. B. Daly, M. T.
Waters, Joseph Lane.
The primaries were set for April 16,
ana county convention ioi April zj.
Progress for union in Marlon county
has been rrade the past week. Mr.
Kigdon's address to the People's party
central committee was well received
The People's party is practically a
unit for a union county ticket. The
date set for their primaries is Satur
day, March 12,and county convention,
Wednesday, March 10.
Tho county court, at its present
session, has recognized to a certain
extent the request of a Union com
mittee composed of D. J. Fry (Dem)
Geo. W. Weeks (Pop.) and D. C.
Sherman (Sil. Rep.) for tho appoint
ment of a judge and clerk of election
for the minority party who supported
Bryan. The Bryan voters were the
only party opposed to- ihe Repub
licans and thus had a right to de
mand one clerk and one Judge.
In the presidential election in many
precincts the entire board cf clerks
and judges were supporters of McKIn
ley. The new list, as published else
where, does not do the Bryan voters
justice in some precincts. But tho
county court probably did tho best
they could under the circumstances.
A board of election judges and clerks
all of one party Is not fair, legal, de
cent or just. Yet that was the actual
status in many precincts. For in
stance, the statement is made that
the persons on as Democrats,
in Salem No. 4, were both Mc
Kinley supporters. The are again
on as Democrats.
Tills is not the Intent of the law.
We.do not bclleyc it is -the desire of
the county court to violate the spirit
of the law in the least particular, but
they are besought to appoint certain
persons under outside pressure of Re
publican politicians.
The straight Bryan or Silver organ
ization have asked for nothing but
what is fair and lawful In this matter
and believe they should have had rec
ognition in each precinct. We be
lieve the court has uimed honestly to
do this but has not entirely succeeded.
Another Republican Club Meets.
The Worklngmen's Republican club
of Salem, held a meeting in the police
court room at the city hall, Tuesday
eyening when delegates were elected
to the State Republican League which
meets at Portland, Feburary 1. TI12
club was entitled to thirty-one dele
gates. President Earl Race was
named us a delegate at large and three
delegates were named from each of
the ten Salem precincts as follews:
Salem. No. 1 W. I. Staley, W. T.
Bell, r. 11. Raymond.
Salem. No, 2-C. A. Bort,
Goodc, M. J. Knerr.
Salem, No. 3 L. P, Adams,
Allison, L. b. Winters.
Salem, No. 4 J. A. Evans,
J. F.
J E.
J. P.
i'ones, Aiarx savage.
Prospect C, A. Murphy, S. A.
Hughes, Joseph Schindler.
Englewood A. E. Parker, John
Veatch, W. II. Savugo.
South Salem Geo. F, Mason, A.
Ohmart, John Newsome.
North Salem-C. W. Knox, A. M.
Clough, L. R. Stlnsun.
East Salem E. E. Worrlck, A. E.
Strum; und Louis Folsom.
Yew Park F. L. Thomson, G. R,
Baker and 0. B. Irvine.
A committee consisting of Messrs.
C, A. Murphy, L. R. Stlnton and 11.
Pohlc was named to confer with a like
committee fiom the Salem Republi
can c'nb with a view to receiving a
reduced transportation rate.
Vacancies In the olliccs of vice pres
ident and treafurer were then billed
by the election of A. E. Parker and
P. H. Raymond, respectively.
Speeches were made by Earl Race,
A, E. Parker, P. II. Raymond, J. P.
Fones and others Jin which 'oyalty to
Republican principles as enunciated
by the Republican plutform, und a de
sire for harmony within tho party
were discussed at length. Cj
New Election Precincts
Also Changes Made
in the
Official Description of the
Precinct Lines,
A number of important
were made in the election
of Marlon county which are glvcu be
Tho lines of East Salem wero drawn
by James Culver, the former city en
The new boundaries of E iglewood
precinct us tixed by the county court
Tuesday areas follews:
Beginning at the termination of Lib
erty street in Salem, when said street
Intersects North Mill Creek, thence
north-easterly to Broadway street In
North Salem, thence northerly along
Broadway street to Market; thence
easterly along Market street to Sixth
street; thence northerly along Sixth
street to the Salem and Brooks county
road, thence northerly along said
county road to the center of tho mulu
ditch in Luke Lublsh; thence easterly
following the center of said ditch and
the main channel through the lake to
where it unites with the west
branch of the Pudding river: thence
southerly following up the west
brancli of Pudding river to tho line
betweeu bections 21 und 28 In t7sr
2w, being also the center of the said
county road leading from Salem
through the Capital City fruit forms
to the south end of Howell Prairie,
thence west to the corner-of sections 28
and 29 In 1 7 s r 2w; thence south to
tho southeast corner of the Zacharlah
Pollard claim; thence west to the
southwest corner of the Robbins'
claim; thence northerly to tho south
east corner or the I. Baker claim;
thence westerly along the county road
'eadlug from Salem past tho asylum,
to North MUL creek; thence down
Mill creek to the place of beginning.
The voting place for tho said preolnct
shall be at Wade's store,
Thd county court yesterday
changed the boundaries of this
clnct which will hereafter be as
Beginning at the n. e. corner of
d. I.e. of A. F. Waller in 1 7 sr,
3 w
and running thence north GO degrees
west along tho old claim line to tho
street east of Frlckey's addition to
Salem; thence northerly along tho
said street to the Salem and Asylum
county read; thence easterly along
said county road to tho southeast cor
ner of tho I. Baker D. L. C; thence
southerly along the county road to
the south west corner of the Robbins
claim; thenco easterly along the
county road to the line between sec
tlors28und29in t7sr, 2 w; thence
nortli to the corner of sections 20,
21, 23 and 29 in t 7 s r, 2 w;
thence easterly following tho course
of tho county road through the Capi
tal City Fruit Farms to the west line
of the C. Hagcy d. 1. c, in t7s. r. 2w ;
thenco south along tho west line of
the Ilagey claim to the north line of
the Benjamin Walden Claim; thenco.
west along tho north lino of the
Walden claim to tho northwest
corner of said claim; thence south
along the. west lino of tho said Walden
claim to the county road leading from
Salem via Lien Eoll 's, which road Is
laid along the nortli line of the N.
Shrum claim; thence west along the
county road to the line between sec
tions 27 and 28 In t. 7 s. r. 2w, thonce
south to the southeast corner of sec
tion 33 In t. 7 s. r. 2w., thenco west
one half mile; thenco south one mile;
thence west one and a half mllos;
thence south one mile to tho south
east corner of section 7 In t. 7 s. r. 2w;
thence west to tho county road lead
ing from Salem to Turner; thence
northerly along said county road to
tho line between Simpson's Addition
to Salem and the slute land; thenco
nortli to the place of beginning. The
voting place for said precinct shall bo
at Rickey.
Beginning where the line between
sections 20 and 35, In 1 5 a. r. 3 w Inter
sects tho right bank of the Wlllametto
river thence east to the corner of
sections 23, 2 , 32 and 33 in 15, s. r.
2 w thenco south following tho sec
tion line two miles to tho comer of
sections 4, 5. 8 and 9, in 1 0, s. r. 2 w;
thence east two miles to tho corner
of tactions 2, 3, 10 and 11 in 1 0, s. r.
2 w; thence south ono mile; thence
east to tho center of the main chan
nel and ditch In Lake Lablsh, to the
line between sections 25 and 20 in
to, s. r. 3 w; thence north to the
quarter section corner between said
sections 25 and 20; thence west ono
mile; thence north ono and ono-half
miles to tho cornor of scotions 14, 15,
22 and. 23 In to, s. r. 3 w; thence west
to tho right bank of the Willamette
river; thence down the right bunk to
tho place of beginning. The voting
place of jald precinct shall be Brooks.
Beginning on the Willamette mer
idian at the norlh east corner of sec
tion 12 In 1 0 sr. l.w, thence south fol
lowing the meridian to Ablqua Creek;
then down tho Ablqua creek to Pud
ding River; thenco down Pudding
river to the north boundary oftfis.r,
1 w; thenco soutli one mile; thence
east one mile to the place of beginning.
The yotlng place for said precinctshall
be Mt. Angel.
Beginlng at the Wlilnmette Merid
ian of the northeast cornor of
section 12 in 1 0 s r 1 w, thenco south
following the meridian line to the
Ablqua; thence up the Ablqua to the
juoney linage on the Sllverton nnd
foster county road; thence north
easterly along said county road to
Jack's bridge on Butte creek: thence
down Butte creek to where It unites
wi h Pudding river; thenco up Pud
ding river to the north boundary line
of 1 0 a r 1 w; thence east along the
township linn to the northeast corner
of section 2 in 1 0 s r 1 w, thence south
one mile; thenco east ono mile to the
place of betrlnnlmr. Tlin vntlnirnliir
of said precinct should be at Monitor.
1 he Marlon county commissioner's
court has made several changes In the
precinct boundary lines and created
several new election precincts. This
will cause some Increased expenses for
holding elections. The Journal
opposed maklug any changes this
year, nnd the court did not mnke as
many as were nsked fur. iVn rln nnt.
believe matters have been helped any
by the channes made. Such changes
should be more fully discussed and
only made after both sides of the
question have been fully presented
nnd all objections or apparent taking
of political advantages have been ex
plained oroblvatcd. All voters should
study the lines of tho new bounda
ries. Big Wreck.
Colfax, Cal., Jan. 10. The most
disastrous train wreck ever known in
tins section was caused last evening
jy uiu wtsfc touna passenger tram on
the Central Pacific jumping the track
half a n.ilc east of Colfax. The train
Is known as Pacltic Express No. 2 and
carried a large number of overland
passengers. As a result of the acci
dent ono engineer and ono fireman
were killed, a passenger seriously In
jured and three other trainmen badly
hurt. Two great engines draw the
train over this sectloo of the moun
tain road.
When the train left the track the
boiler cf one or the engines exploded,
scalding Engineer Hackettso severely
that ho died soon after. Hackett'a
fireman, C. F. Brown, was also badly
scalded und crushed. Fireman Light
ner, on tho second engine, was
crushed to death and Engineer O. C.
Brown, cut and bruised about the
head. An invalid lady passenger, rid
ing in tho baggage car, sustained In
ternal Injuries, the extent of which
huvc not yet been determined. II.
Stevens was also hurt internally and
received serious spinal Injuries.
Soon after tho cars left tho track
the mail car caught lire and was
burned The killed arc;
Engineer Don A Hackett and fire
mnn Llghtncr. Tho wounded are:
Engineer C.C. Brown, badly Injured
about the head; Fireman C. F. Brown
badly scalded nnd crushed; Mall Clerk
Stevens, back hurt and Injured Inter
nally: an (rivalled lady in baggage
car, injured Internally
Receelved.this 18th day of Jnnuary,
A. D. 1808. from Sopha E. King, clerk
of Silver Bell Circle No. 43, ono thou
sand dollars (1,000) In full amount of
Beneliclary certificate Issued to Mrs.
Lydla Wright by the Pacific Circle,
Women of Woodcraft.
Dan'l Perry Wriuht,
Sam'l M. Wright,
W. C. Barker,
Guardian for minors.
Clearance Sale
Every Article Reduced.
Remnants' Remnants Remnants
On Friday we inaugurate our annual inventory
remnant sale. Prices cutjonehalf intV?o
tor one day only,
Pontine Percales, In dainty stripes
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aovAi nniKa fowot a eo., tw vosk.
State finances-paying 8 percent in
terest on all stato taxes, while tho
money lies Idle! School finances
paying 7 percent Interest on all school
taxes paid for each current yearl
Paying six and eight per cent on
nil our bonded school debt, and act
ually paying seven per cent on tho
money collected each year for current
expenses, Is a little steep.
Bobbs "You can say what you like
about advertising, but I can tell you
It lias repaid mo threefold "
Dobbs "Why what did you ad
vertise?" Bobbs "About four years ago I
put an ad., in the paper for a type
writer. I now have a wife and two
Small men of smaller minds that's
correct. The waj one of the Hanna
organs answers the charge that Hanna
and other U. S. Senators now use
money to consummlnate their election
to tho Senate, Is by alleging that only
small men of smaller minds dare
make the charge and that In this evil
day even Lincoln or Washington
would bo charged with bribery if they
were to bo put under like conditions.
The question Is whether tho men who
bow down to tho money nowers and
crawl on their knees before such ig
norant, immoral, corrupt plutocrats
as Hanna just becauso of their
wealth are, competent td Judge us to
who arc tho men of small mluds.
Men of small minds usually think all
other men are of small minds and
that they themselves are tho large
minded men. Who are the true men?
Tho men who have minds and prin
ciples of their own. Who do not
grovel and crawl and bow down to
tho money power? Winch Is the real
man? Tho one who sells his vote to
Hanna for $10,000 or the one who says
"my yote la my own and cannnot bo
purchased." Would Lincoln or
Washington say that the $10,000 man
Is the true man?
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