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Cleveland Will Uphold
Canadian Banks Don't Want Our
Washington, Aug. 22. -There Is
excellent iiutliortty for saying that
President Cleveland will write n let
ter to wine friend at the Indianapolis
gold standiud national convention,
posing the cndorbcnient of McKIn-
! ley for his protectionist views and
faulting the nomination of a Demo-
I oral, wlm believes not only In mainte
nance of the present gold standard,
butiiN) for lariu lor revuuuu uiuy. n,
lis Mid, however, he may Include the
ingestion that It may be advisable
.attcr on In tho campaign to with
draw this third ticket, If It shall ap
pear that the gold standard cause Is
thereby Jeopardized.
Don't Want Our Money.
Tohonto, Ont.,Aug. 22. Tho banks
of Toronto arc dally becoming more
suspicions of American money. Not
oneof them will accept any form of
American money at par, to any great
extent. Yestciday the uanK or Mon
treal, in Montreal, refused to take
(United States bill or silver from any
Bryan's Stumping Tour.
I'ppkii Red Hook, Aug. 22. Every
Indication was toward what Is a set
tled fact that W. J. Uryan expects
and lias loeii assured of Eastern sup
port. Letters continue to pour In ask
ing lilm to speak at Eastern points.
Nearly every city of any size between
New York nnd Chicago has asked him
to mako a stop.and without exception
the Invitations camp from Democratic
leaders. Bryan snowed no surprise
till morning at the stories that the
New York state organizations had de
cided to support him. Ho did reflect
a little bit upon tho statement that
Senator Hill had told Danforth that
lie would support and work for him
(Bryan). He said In relation to that
"It Is not Senator Hill's qustom to
speak through others, und I doubt If
Mr. Danforth gave out a statement!
purporting to bo made by Senator
Hill. The senator will probably mako
lil own announcement."
1s reclevlng goods or nil kinds direct
from New York, bought from one of
the largest establishments of tho kind
In the world. AH their goods are
bought for ensh, and sold for cash.
Those buying from such a house get
their goods cheaper than in an ordin
ary tlroo Jiouse; that Is clear. Wo are
also able to sell our goods at cheaper
rates, that also is clear.
Wo keep u luigo line of laces, em
broideries, lace curtains, bed spreads,
linen and -cotton towels, crash, table
linen, ladles vests, and all kinds of
underwear, corsets, white and work
shirts, suspenders, hosiery, purses,
combs, brushes, and n large line of
notions of all kinds, call and see for
yourselves, we sell at close prices.
ybi najrivtf'j'r- lwvw .
It was said today, on very good
authority, that Mr. Hill would" take
part In the demonstration In honor of
Bryan at Albany Tuesday night The
statement needs authentication, how
over. The receipt of a letter from Leader
Sheehan, of Tammany, nsklng Brian"
to speak In New York, added another
chain to the circumstances leading
up to proof of n thorough understand
ing between Bryan and the New York
The published statement that
Itlehnrd Croker had approved Shec
hnn's and Tammany's course In In
dorsing Uryan caused the candidate a
great deal of satisfaction.
Today the party goes to the Tlvoll,
where Mr. Bryan will speak, and on
Sunday they will attend church.
Monday they go to the Wlnnlsook
club, in the Catskills.
Saving McKlnlcy.
Canton, Ohio, Aug. 22. About 2,000
farmers,mcrchantsnnd other artisans,
of Mow Castlc,Elwood and other parts
of Lawrence rounty,Petiiisylvnnlii,cul-
led on McKlnlcy today. Hands played,
and thousands of enthusiastic voices
cheered, cannons boomed nnd steam
callloplcs added noise to the medley.
People stood In the rain for hour wav
ing banners and beating tin helmets.
Among the motto banners were: "Wo
want back good old McKlnlcy times."
"Wo want furnaces and factories
started, not rich men's silver mines."
"Honest money and a chance earn it."
Visitors presented to McKlnlcy by ex
Congressman Jackson.
Bryan's Crowds.
Uppek Hkd Hook, N. Y. Aug. 22.
Tho Democratic piesldentlal candi
date, W. J. Uryan, spoko at Tlvoll
late this afternoon. It was tho first
speech of Importance he has made
since the Madison Square Garden
affair. Bryan's list of callers has In
creased every day. This morning a
perfect stream kept coming and going
Ills mall too, assumed tremendous
Hoke Smith Has Resigned.
Washington, Aug. 22. Tho Asso
ciated Press is In a position to state
definitely and certainly that Secre
tary Hoko Smith . has resigned the
cabinet portfolio und his resignation
has been accepted by President
John M. Roynolds, second assistant
secretary of the Interior -department,
has been mentioned frequently as
Smiths probable successor.
Oregon Gold Democrats.
PoitTLAND, Aug. 22. About one
hundred and llfcygqld Democrats met
at Arlon nnll today for tho purposo
of choosing eight delegates to tho In
dianapolis convention, September 2.
Tho mcotlng was called to order by
L. L. McArthur. Tho convention
was organ ld by the election of 1,.
L. McArthur chairman ami Anton
Pfonner, of Forest drove, secretary.
In accepting the chairmanship, Me-'
Arthur commented on the absence
of a political agltntor'those In whom,
lust for olllce had stilled. every feeling
of manly Indedendeuce." Ho could
not accept the Chicago platform, Tor
the reason that It departed from the
true path of Democracy. Neither
could he support McKlnlcy. Commit
tees on older of business and rc-olu.
tloim were appointed.
The convention then look a recess
tllll:.10p. in.
When the convention reconvened,
reports of the committee on thoso en
titled to seats and order of business
read and adopted. A committee of
fifteen was appointed to recommend
eight delegates, two from each con
gressloual district and from the slate
at large. Tue temporary organlza
tlou made pepmancnt.
The following were elected delegates
to Indianapelis: C. E.S. Wood, L. L.
McArthur, '.on Snow, W. M. Wlild-
den, Multnomah;.!. II. Albcrt.Marlon;
J. W. Bennett, Coos; E. G. Canlleld,
Clackamas; E. R. Sklpworth, Lane.
Bland in Maryland.
Lauiikl, Md., Aug. 22. Tho Dem
ocratic national campaign In this
state wus opened In this city, tho
home of Senator Gorman, tonight,
ex-Congressman Bland, of Missouri
being the principal attraction. Mr.
Bland's speech was mainly devoted to
replying to tho arguments against tho
free coinage of silver at tho ratio of
10 to 1.
Sliver Democratic Primaries.
Kansab City, Aug. 22. In the
Democratic congressional primaries,
held hero yesterday, ex-Mayor W S.
Cowherd, free-silver Democrat, car
ried everything and will bo his party's
nominee for congress. The gold Dcm
ocrnts 'had no candidate before tho
Ross1 Silver Speech.
Chioacjo, Aug. 22. Prorcssor Ross,
of Stanford university, Inst night de
livered an address on coinago to a
number of students of Chicago uni
versity. Prof. Ross spoko for freo
silver. This speech Is, perhaps, tho
forerunner of many others yet to bo
given at tho university on both sides
of tho question.
Severe Storm in South Dakota,
Ciiamqeklain, S. D. Aug. 22. Re
ports from a heavy storm last night,
show that a number of houses havo
been demolished. No lives lost. A
cloudburst accompanied the storm.
Ravines dry for mouths were soon
rushing rivers. Considerable hall
Astoria's First Train,
Astouia, Or., Aug. 22. A largo
force of men are engaged In laying
rails between Young's bay bridge and
this city, and will have tho work com
plete this evening. Tho cars will run
Into Astoria Sunday morning, and the
first excursion, leaving for the seasldo
about 0 a. in., will bo given under tho
auspices of tho Astoria football club.
Burned to Death,
San Diecio, Cal., Aug. 22. FIro de
stroyed an old two-story lodglng-houso
at First and I streets shortly before
midnight and caused tho death of
Nellie Bailey and probably of three
other persons. At 1 o'clock this (Sat
urday) morning tho remains of tho
Bailey woman nnd an unknown man
were taken from tho ruins.
Launch Exploded.
Maiishfikld, Or., Aug. Captain
Wylle wife and Infant child lost their
lives, early Thursday morning, by tho
explosion of A. W. Reed's gasoline
launch, of Smith river.
SamSauyain, tho motorman, and
Bert Rhodes returned last evening
from a ten days outing at McPhllllps
f! rutin
Spanish Gunboat Captures
Havana, Aug. 22. The .gunboat
Agulta.whllc near a river oil Uio coast
of the province of Pluar dcliRlo, cap
tured a number of lusilrg'ehls con
cealed on a sdoop. It Is supposed they
wete hoveling near the coast for the
purpose of exchanging confidential
dispatches between some of the In
surgent leaders. )
Americans" connected wltlf the In
surgent army recently desfl-oVedtho
railroad at lauding places 0( Oil vil
lage of Banes. This is a port fiom
willed the people or llolgiiin opium a
considerable portion of thclrMlppllcs.
An engine was burned and n Kumbcr
of cars, as well as tho biggugo .stored
In them, were destroyed. A.nrtjority
of the Inhabitants are abandoning
the village and taking refuge In the
seaport town tif Glbrara.
Reports from tho province of Plnar
del Rio are to the effect that the Insur
gents have taken Wills from the rail
road tracks for the purpose of, throw
ing upentrenehmentsnear TneoTaeo.
It Is estimated that at least t;o kilo
luetics of track havo been torn up.
For this reason, passenger trains and
two ficlght trnlns havo rtsturjiwl from
Artesma and through trnlllcjbii tho
railroad Is now Interrupted.
Gapcro, a naturalized
citizen, alleged to bo an Insurgent
leader of considerable prominence,
has been served with paper by the
Spanish authorities which will result
In his transfer for trial to thcJSanta
Clnra criminal court. He will be
sent at once, accordingly, to tho Santa
Clara jail, whero ho will remalp until
the charges against him can bc heard
by the Santa Clam Judges.
Reinforcements or tho Spanlsli army
arooxpectcd hero shortly. These re
inforcements consist of 070 Infantry
olllccrs and 34.382 privates, jfgirt; cav
alry olllcors nnd -150 cavalrymen, 34
aitlllcry olllccrs and 1252 artlllcrymon
31 olllccrs In chargo or tho engineer
ing corps and 1C40 men belonging to
tho corps.
According to olllclal advices re
ceived here, Captain Leon del Monte,
one of tho Insurgent leaders In the
province of Mntauzas, has surrendered
to the Spanish suthorJtlcs.
Heavy Rain Storm.
Milwaukee, Aug. 22. A special
from Boscobel, Grant county, Wis.,
says the heaviest rain storm for many
years, was experienced In that section
last night. A small stream which
winds through tho village, overflowed
and swept away bridges, sldowalks
and small buildings. Reports from
nioomlngton Patch Grove and sur
rounding towns, say much damage
was done by water and lightning.
A Portland Man Killed.
Rock Spuinos, Wyo., Aug. 22. Her
nlan EIcli was killed by tho eastbound
passenger train In tho yards this after
noon. Ho was stealing a ride on tho
platform of the baggage car with u
companion. A brakeman appeared
and ordered them off. Though tho
train was moving at full speed, EIcli
let hluiBclfdown until his feet touched
tho ground and let go, when It was
presumed he fell.
He was struck on the forehead by
tho wheels and tho top of his head
torn open, letting his brains out.
Ills right arm was torn In shreds to
tho Jihouldcr, Upon his person was
found papers showing that ho was
employed as a solicitor for tho FJro
Brand, a socialist paper printed at
Portland Or., and was on his wayito
Premature Explosion.
. Pakuv Sound, Ontario, Aug. 22.
While men were blasting a rock out
near hero today a heavy charge of
dynamite prematurely exploded. Two
men named Smith and IIHIman were
Instantly killed. John Olsen was
Injured, and others seriously hurt.
Everybody Is going to tho circus on
a silver basis.
Tit lit-
Hugh and F. J. EldncJge Being Tiled
Tho case ofstnto vs. Hugh and F.
J. Eldrledgo charged with tho theft of
1,000 bushels or wheat and 500 grain
sacks valued at .')2.)vnsicalcd before
Justice II. A. Johnson ''fids morning.
Tho complaining witness Is Vi Gouin.
Attorney II. J. Bigger and Acting
District Attorney .1. II. McNary ap
peared for the state while the de
fendantsjiavo retained J. A. Carson
and W. N. Holmes as counsel. The
case Is being very 'libtly contested.
This morning the sorvlee of .1. C.
Booth were needed as French Inter
preter, one or tho witnesses beluga
Frenchman win has not yet became
acquainted with tho American
tongue. At noon an adjournment was
taken until 2 o'clock when tho trial
was resumed. It Is not probable It will
oo completed oeiorc late tins nrtcfc
A decision will lu rendoied by Jus
tice II. A. Johnson at TioVloik this
Nakhow Escapes. As the 2:20
local was approaching tho dejMit tills
afternoon, a boy of about soveu sum
mers who had been standing In the
mldt of the large crowd, on the plat
form, started to cross t.ho track, not
being aware how eloso tho train wns.
W.J. D'Arey, tho brilliant young
lawyer, who was standing near tho
boy, managed to grasp his cxmt collar
Just in time to Jerk him back from
tho track lu time to prevent a
fatal accident. Justaftcrtho circus
proccssslon had passed up State
street, a woman was struck by a
buggy, at tho Intersection ofStato
and Liberty streets, and knocked to
tho ground, but fortunately sus
tained no serious Injury.
Nkaiily An Accident. When near
Woodburn on her trip up from Port
land last evening, tho Salem local
came near meeting with an accident.
Tho break beam of tho tender beenmo
dqtached and dropped almost to tho
track. Tho engineer discovered tho
ttoublo at once and mado a quick stop
when temporary repairs wcro mado
and tho trip was continued. Had the
beam dropped a few Inches farther, a
serious accident would havo been In
evitable. A Pleasant Event. Last evening
artcr tho usual routine business
had boon transacted, Willamette
Tent No. 0, K. O. T. M. cnrrlcd out,
successfully, a surprise they had plan
ned for Queen Hive No. r, L. O. T.
M. Tho Ladles wcro Invited In when
they partook or delicious watei melon
and enjoyed a season or social con
verse. It wns a very pleasant occa
sion and Ben Taylor, tho mall carrier,
proved himself to bo tho hcro'of the
Tin: First Suit. President J. M.
Wallace or tho Salem Wntcrcompany,
who Is also a largo stockholder In tho
Salem Woolen Mllls.thls morning loft
an order with C. II. Lane, tho Salem
tailor, to mako him a complete suit
out of tho first cloth turned nut of tho
Salem Woolen Mills Worsted Works,
Thero Is nothing small about Mr.
Wallace,whcthor It Is his subscription
to a homo enterprise or tho amount of
cloth It takes for a suit.
NotCabt Out. Tho Soven Dovlls
Mining and Real Estato company, of
Baker Clty.stock 8120,000,1110(1 articles
with tho secretary of state today.
New Notauv. D. C. Southworth,
of Portland, was commissioned by tho
governor today.
Turkish Consul Murdered.
Vienna, Aug. 22. It Is olllolally
announced hero that tho Albanians
murdered the Turkish consul at
Vranlak,Servla, near the Macedonian
The Diacovjiy Saved Ills Life
Mr. G, Cailloutte, Druggist. Heaversvllle,
III., says; "To Dr. King's New Discovery I
owe my life. Was taken with La Grippe
and tried nil the physicians for mllei about,
but of no avail and was given up and told
I could not live. Having Dr.Ktng's New
discovery in my store I tent for a bottle and
began hi use and from the first dose began to
get better and after using three bottles was
up anil about again. It is worth its weight
in gold. We won't keep store or house
without it." Get a free trial at Fred A.
Legg's Drug Store.
This Week,
I will tltfcnd sell tho best Specks lu ;
existence, for $1.60 and 92. Eyes
tested Free.
C. II Hinges, t
17 tf 215 Commercial street.
Notice to Contractors. j
Bids for tho erection of ii poultry
building, at tho stato fair grounds, I
will bo opened, ntmyolllco, Thurs-l
day, August 20th, atl o'clock p. ni.
T 0. H. BuitaaRAF,
18-2t. Architect.
Tlie Movement Spreading all Ovet the
Thure Is a general demand among
the Mends of Bryan that lion. W. T.
Rlgdon -loply to Hon. T. T. Gcerat
the armory some evening next week.
Mr. Rlgdon Is one of the best posted
speakers on the money question In
Oregon. W. T. Rlgdon nnd Mayor
Sherman organize a club at Eola this
IIUHliAltD, Aug. 22 (Special) A
rousing free silver and Bryan club
was organized at this plnco last night
with C7 names on tho roll, nearly all
legal voters wo will swell the list to
over 100 before tho campaign closes
Hon. H. L. Baikloy, Dr. L. W. Gulss
and G. W. Dluilck addressed tho
meeting und the most Intense enthus
iasm prevailed. II. J. Grim, an old
wheelhorso Republican nnd veteran
or tho Into war, was elected president.
When W J. Uryan calls tho roll or
loyal true Americans next, November
Hubbard will answer with n big"
The olllccrs or tho Hubbard Bryan
club are: S. W. Zchnor, soerctnryjJ.
B. Dlmlck and O. .II. Bylaud, vice
presidents; Geo. W. Dlmlck.treasurer.
The armory could not bo pioctircd
until l) o'clock, but that did not pro
vent n grent demonstration or en
thusiasm. otiieii places.
At Chtunpoog n good club was
organized en tho 10th and almost
ovory voter at tho mooting signed tho
roll. F. P. Morcom and Chits. Strain
spoke lu an elTcctivo manner.
Tho Huttovlllo Hryr.n mon will
organize this evening, with II. L
Barkioy as tho principal speaker. A
club will be organinlzcd and Barkley
will speak Wednesday night at Ma
Ovor 100 slgnors havo already been
obtained to n Bryan club at JolTorson
and next Friday night will bo organ
ized, with a speech by Jas. K. Weath
crrord or Albany and E. Horor or
Dr. Cauthorn wlfo and daughter
who' havo bcon camplrigMiehTfortlio
past thrco weeks returned to their
homo lu Portland this morning.
Mrs. Peck, son nnd daughters will
lcavo for tholr homo In San Diego
California tomorrow. Thoy havo
bcon visiting rrlouds und enjoying tho
mountain air nnd scenery ror tho
past thrco months,
Elinor Whlto and Newt Fcrrol, or
Salem, arrived horo Monday noon nnd
proceeded onward toward tho Mt.
Jefferson region tho snme day.
Mr. Eugeuo Willis spont Sunday In
this place. Mr. Willis was qulto III
when arriving hero but after a good
dnyd rest and mcdlcluo procured from
Dr. Cauthorn ho was reeling much
Mr. John Sltcsluger an omployco at
tho saw mill mot with a distressing
accident tho other day. Ono or his
legs was broken In two plnccsandho
was othorwlso bruised. It was fortu
nate that Dr. Cauthorn was camping
near us there Is no resident physician.
Mr. Slteslngcr was taken to tho Port
land Hospital by tho doctor this
Mr. Slater also met with an acci
dent tit tho mill at Enterprise and
was brought to Detroit to receive Dr.
Cutithorusattentlou. Ho was severely
cut ubout tho face and received a
scalp wound.
There was u dance at tho Hall Sat
urday eve which was well attended.
Chinch services woro held at tho
hull last evening.
Mr. Fox left hero yesterday to locate
homo timber claims lu the mountains
east of Lebanon for an eastern colony
ornbout twenty families.
Miss Carrie Haas and Miss Grace
Dlnsmnre will leave on tho morning
train for their Salem homo, Mr.
Dlnsmoor will remain for a few
weeks longer.
Uuckleno Arnica Halve
The best Salve In the world I for
Sores, Bores, Ulcers. Salt Kheum,
aorci, ouic, vibe, tdi, tvucuiu, i-cici
and all Tetter. Chapped hands. Chilblains.
Unties, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
Live per fee satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 35 cents a box For sale by Fred A
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
IVvSi Powder
Talks Before the Working
men's Club,
And Presents His Usual Evasivo
Goldbug Answers.
Hon. T. T. Peer v.n announced (0
speak at the Armory Frld'ayCovonlng
bafore tho Salem Worklnjjmon Re
publican club the regular. Salem
campaign oigaulzatiou ror McKlnlcy
and Hobart. Qnq.xyttuld,, gc tho Im
pression rrom the title or this club
that Salem was a great center of Inbol
organlzatlons,but suoli Is not theense.
Salem has no labor unions to speak of,
many of tho people. Jiving, without la
boring. Senator Patterson, banker B. P,Mc
Cornack and bankor Z. F. Moody were
well up toward tho Iront. At 9:10 Pre
sident Earl Race nnd Jos. Foncs pro
ceeded to tho platrorm with Mr. Gccr,
who wns Introduced.
"Come up this way gentlemcn,"sald
Mr. Fones. "Thoro's plenty scats horo
ror 25 or 30 or you." Tho scats were
all taken, although thero was qulto a
crowd about tho door, whoro they re
mained. Thoro was 11 largo number
of ladles present and somo had to
stand all tho. way through.
"Coming from tho farm, I am glad
to say 1 do not know all about this
question. A great many boforo mo
probably differ from my views, I do
not feel that It Is necessary to abuse
anyone." " A Democrat had asked him
11 he would treat htm well'lf ho came.
Or courso ho would. Our pockets wero
touched. Wo want n remedy nnd wo
want It now. Let us got nt tho bot
tom facts.
Times began to get hard with tho
advent of the Populist party in this
country. They mndo 11 concerted at
tack on a certain class of our people
the class who had tho wealth, tho
money, tho bankers, tho millionaires,
tho plutocrats, tho goldbugs. What
was complained of? Money wns not lu
circulation. Wo could only got it from
those who had It. Wo can't get It
rrom pcoplo who haven't got It. Tho
rich always havo tho money. Tho
money Is never In tho hands of tho
poor. Unless those who opposed tho
Republican party changed tholr tac
tics, and quit lighting tho only mon
who had money, we could got no ro
ller rrom making war on tho rich.
Times wore good about 1802, nnd
changed to tho worso with tho advent
or tho Democratic party under tho
Cleveland administration.
But now to change from tho Demo-'
cratlo to tho Populist party wus like
changing rrom a man who had Just
got out of tho penitentiary ror theft
to ono that was' Indicted for murder In
the first degree. Mr, Gecr repented
his argument that tho silver question
was not the issuo In 1802 but that tho
tariff question wns tho paramount
question now. In 1802 thoro wero $45,
000,000 more of farm productsexportcd
than tho year boforo. Ho would not
dodge tho ilnanclal Issue. Ho was sur
prised at tho amount of education tho
peoplo all needed on this question. At
North YamhlU a man had been led to
bollovo that tho silver dollar was not
a legal tender sdiovo $5. Ho roferretl
IContlnucd on second nago.
W&Sm .
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; ., j ,trftel.