Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, March 28, 1896, Image 3

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;ensure of bayard
Vnm thfi SflBGCh of Hon, R.
G. Cousins, in
on Wednesday,
18, 1896,
tMr. Speaker: It Is a matter or great
,'rct that tho nation should bo ;
Mined to sutfer tho humiliation that i
jecessarlly ensues rrom any Inquiry
the congress Into the conduct or
fecial character or a prominent rep-j
,,,,., t m,
tentative of the government. The
01 it Illgll UIIIUHU 19 IWU Ulliy
llsapproval of his misconduct bub Is
kcwlse a confession to tho world
ilch reflects somewhat upon the
Ivernment which Is obliged to make
Nevertheless, tho -duty to dlsap-
9vc a wronir must not bo shirked for
mere sake of avoiding the huml-
on which may possibly attend it.
o subject having been brought to
i attention of this body, It must In
ie manner be disposed of. Either
must approve or we must dlsap-
yc. i' or my pari, i wouiu very
sell prercr that it had never become
eessary ror this subject to be pro
feted Into congress. To bo obliged
kmakc a public record of an excep-
ial perrormance so out or color and
iplng witn tno nigu cnaractcr tuat
heretofore characterized and been
intlancd In our representation at
i court of Great Britain is for mo a
Iter of profound regret.
Hien wo recall tho names of tho
sy and uistlngtiisucd reprcscnta-
who in times past have rcpre-
ed this republic of St. James, wo
that the succession or honor and
ity and ability had not thus been
2ii. But this deliberate and un-
itiplcd breach or diplomatic di
tto this ungrateful, unprovoked,
. unbecoming Insult to a majority
the people or America, to her ills-
julHhed Hying and to her honored
k1, by one who bore their conll-
ce, their mission, and credentials
tust not bo loft unchallenged, since
Has entered the annals or our diplo
ic history. Tho charge on which
resolution rests is not denied. It
hn fact, admitted. Tho answer or
president to tho Inquiry of the
use of representatives contains
th speeches of Mr. Bayard that are
aplaincd of.
riio first speech delivered nt Boston,
gland, is reported in the Boston
rdlan and the Lincolnshire Inde-
Klcnt of August 10, 1693, under the
iwlng headlines:
iston, East and West Tho Amerl-
n Ambassador visits the Borough
peech mv at tno Grammar
Jhool Complimentary Dinner-
Presentations of An Illuminated
Nils account of tho address is au-
itlo, because Mr. Bayard attaches
Ho his letter to tho secretary of
to, Mr. Olney. Ills only explana-
of the silly a flair is that he spoke
Itliout premeditation," that every-
g was "Impromptu," and that "a
sorous postpradlnal tone" pre-
led, and that tho reporters failed
'catch his words, sometimes in
tin, and confused them. Laugh-
fills authenticated account goes on
y that his excellency (Mr.Bayard)
accompanied by his worship the
for, who woro his "robes and chain
nice," and that several of the best
ens were present. It also informs
iliat Mr. Bayard's lineage can be
ed back to tho same family as that
io "ideal chivalry," the Seigneur
rro du Terrall de Bayard, the
valler sans pcur ct sans reproche.
laving thus laid a substantial
nidation for the social standing of
i American amoassaaor exiraoruui-
rand plenipotentiary among the
imar scholars of Lincolnshire, tho
unt further says that:
ir. Bayard's acknowledgment wa3
irked by a depth of feeling, asin-
ty of tone.
whether It was "humorous
postprandial" or with "depth of
feeling" and "sincerity or tone," the
confusion. Mr. Speaker, Is no doubt
satisfactorily explained by the news
paper account of the ambassador at
tached to Ills letter to the socrotnrv of
state, nnd which says that
borne of those which took part in
the evening proceedings lietraycd a
lack or appreciation or tho Import
ance of tho guest, otherwise they
would not have Interrupted his re
marks by tho cracking of llllberts.
Great laughter. (
Iain not quite sure, Mr. Speaker,
that we should hold an ambassador
extraordinary and plenipotentiary,
etc., strictly responsible ror his "post
prandial" Latin jokes delivered to a
grammar bcIiooI or English pupils
while cracking filberts. It Is possible)
that some future generation of'
! Lincolnshire pupils, In a more serious
and thoughtful mood ana in more
. .. ... . . . i
I , , . i
solemn, environments, may translate
, ""-'" """-,'0i """""',
Miu .Lriiiiiii oi ino minister inu genu-
Of courso it la a terrible thing to
perpetrate a joke that may He dorm
nnt In an English community for a
generation until tho pupils who
cracked filberts during Its delivery in
Latin have grown old and passed
away, but, as Mr. Nye suggested,
"even arter that it Is liable to break
out on their posterity." Laughter
and applause. And so time may
eventually vindicate the Latin por
tions or Mr. Bayard's address, and
reconcile his own and the English re
ports and appreciation or It.
Passing oyer Tor tho present cen
tuiy, Mr. Bayard'sracctlous acknowl
edgements, we como to tho evening
speech, which Is mostly in English,
and about which there Is no confusion
and which caused so much or cheer
ing In England and so little lti Amer
ica. Laughter and applause.'
Responding to the toast "The
President of the United States,"
among other things he said:
lie stands In the midst of a strong,
self-confident and oftentimes' violent
people men who seek to have their
own way, and men who seek to haye
that way rrequently obstructed; nndl
tell you plainly that It takes a real
man to govern the peoplo of the Uni
ted States. Fortunately In this case
there Is a real man to govern tho peo
ple of tho United States and hold
their highest olllco. Ho may dis
please a great many, he may dis
appoint and obstruct u great many,
and I hope ho will continue to do so,
Then he proceeds to assuro his Eng
lish audience that tho life of the
president Is "an open one" and
"straightforward," and that "his
honesty has never been questioned,"
and that-"little children cluster
around his kneo" laughter; and that
for four years of his duty to sco Mr.
Cleveland "In the morning and at
noon and at midnight, in the house
hold and out of It," every day, and
that he saw him In times of trials
and of pleasure, .and that he was al
ways "true and steady and manly and
Anasojie loauieu to mo uouoen
Club and tho school or Manchester
and to his prejudice, and told Great
Britain that protection In America
had "banished men or Independent
mind and character from its public
councils." When ho knew that the
list of Its Illustrious advocates, begin
ning with thodlstinqulshcd names of
"Washington, Madison, and Franklin,
had never ceased to grow where
progress marked tho way until It had
recorded in tho register of Independ
ent mind and fame the names of Clay,
or Jackson, or "Webster, or Lincoln, or
Grant, of Garfield, or Randall, and or
Blaine. Loud applause on tho Re
publican side. And he knew that al
most on tho very day he uttered ;that
Indictment, the list or Independent
minds that champion thedoctrlno of
protection In America had grown to
the greatest and most significant ma
jority that ever spoke their Independ
ence at a popular election. Applause
on the Republican side.
He knew when he uttered that libel
on the memory or the greatest states
man of America that If you Bhould
Jjlot out the list of names Identified
with the doctrine of protection In our
history you would leave It a literary
desert a insignificant and barren of
achievement as Disraeli's grandfath
er's Chapter of Events that never
took place, Laughter and applause.
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Polk county Republican primaries,
Friday, April 3.
Polk county Republican convention
at Dallas, April 4.
First congressional district Repub
lican convention at Albany on Tues
day , April 7.
State Democratic convention ut
Portland April Oth,
Republican national convention
meets In St. Louis, June 10.
Democlatlc national- convention
meets In Chicago. July 7.
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Louis, July 22.
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PtAhr's Oastoria,
A Republican convention for the
state of Oregon Is called to meet liv
tho city of Tortland, on Thursday,
April 0. 1800, at 11 o'clock a. m., for
the purpose or nominating candidates
ror the presldontnl electors and state
' nml district olllccs, except congress-
mru, and of electing four delegatesat
liuo to tho Republican national con
vention, and to transact such other
uslncss as may properly como before
che convention. IMie convention will
oimlst of 217 del egates chosen by tho
evcral counties as follews:
Baker G
Benton G
Clackamas.... 12
Clatsop 7
Columbia 6
Coos 4.
Crook 3
Curry 2
Douglas 0
Gilliam .'I
Grant 5
Harney 2
Jackson 7
Josephine '4
Klamath 2
Lake 3
Lane 10
Linn 10
Lincoln 3
Malheur 3
Marlon 10
Morrow 3
Multnomah 48
Polk 8
Sherman 3
Tillamook 3
Umatilla 0
Union 8
Wallowa a
Wasco 7
Washington ....11
Yamhill 0
Tho samo being one delegatc-at-largo
from each county and one dele
gate for every 200 votes and for every
fraction over one-half thereof cast for
tho Republican cimdldato ror governor
at the election held In this state on
Juno 4, 1801.
All voters In favor or tho Republi
can principle or protection to Ameri
can Industries and American labor
the unbuildlnc or a home market, a
sound financial policy and a patriotic
enforcement of tho Monroe doctrlno
aro cordially Invited to unite with us.
George A. Steel
William Kapus, Chairman.
Portland, Or., Feb. 5, 1890.
A tltcmibllcau convention for tho
first congressional district, or tho
state or Oregon, Is hereby called to
meet In the city or Albany on Tues
day, April 7, 1800, at 3 p.m. for the
purpose of nominating a candidate
for congress and two delegates to tho
national Republican convention. The
convention will consist of 122 dclo
gates to Iks chosen by the several
counties, us follews:
Benton f
Coos 4
Curry 2
Clackamas ....12
Josephine .... 4
Jackson 7
Douglas 0
Klamath 2
Lane 11
Lake , . 3
Lincoln 3
Linn 10
Marlon 11)
Polk 8
Tillamook 3
Washington ....11
Yamhill 0
Tho samo being one delegate at
largo for each county,and one for each
200 votes, or fraction over one-half
thcreor, cast ror tho Republican gov
ernor at tho election held Juno 4, 1801.
The commltto recommends that the
primaries and county conventions bo
held In accordance with tho recom
mendation or tho state central com
mittor Thos. II. Tongue, President.
J. A. Wilson, Sccrotary.
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ness is the result, and unless the In
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nu J
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ill '
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